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Expired Patents

Inventors: Abdulhalim; Ibrahim (Kfar Manda, IL), Adel; Mike (Zichron Ya'akov, IL), Friedmann; Michael (Nesher, IL), Faeyrman; Michael (Kiryat Motzkin, IL)
Title: Periodic patterns and technique to control misalignment between two layers
Patent Number: 8,570,515

Inventors: Abe; Shinichi (Kyoto, JP), Yaguma; Hiroshi (Kyoto, JP)
Title: Reference current generating circuit, organic EL drive circuit and organic EL display device employing it
Patent Number: 7,615,932

Inventors: Abe; Tomiya (Hitachi, JP), Yamazaki; Takanori (Mito, JP), Watanabe; Kiyoshi (Hitachi, JP), Kikuchi; Hideyuki (Hitachi, JP), Hanada; Takahiko (Hitachi, JP), Hino; Daisuke (Hitachi, JP)
Title: Insulated wire
Patent Number: 8,569,628

Inventors: Abecassis; Yehuda (Ashdod, IL), Berman; Ronen (Matan, IL)
Title: Foldable shopping cart
Patent Number: 8,567,810

Inventors: Abileah; Adiel (Portland, OR), den Boer; Willem (Hillsboro, OR), Tuenge; Richard T. (Hillsboro, OR), Larsson; Terrance S. (Sherwood, OR)
Title: Light sensitive display with pressure sensor
Patent Number: 8,570,449

Inventors: Abraham; Charles (Los Gatos, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for mitigating interference in a satellite signal receiver
Patent Number: 8,571,153

Inventors: Abravaya; Klara (Kenilworth, IL), Erickson; Brian J. (Kenosha, WI), Huang; Shihai X. (Evanston, IL), Mak; Wai-Bing X. (Cary, IL), Salituro; John A. (Union Grove, WI), Tang; Ning (Libertyville, IL)
Title: Primers and probes for detecting human papillomavirus and human beta globin sequences in test samples
Patent Number: 9,803,232

Inventors: Ackley; H. Sprague (Seattle, WA), Wiklof; Christopher A. (Everett, WA)
Title: Gas sensor using nanotubes
Patent Number: 8,567,232

Inventors: Acres; John F. (Corvallis, OR)
Title: Method and apparatus for displaying player tracking information on an electronic gaming machine display
Patent Number: 8,568,228

Inventors: Adachi; Takafumi (Osaka, JP)
Title: Television receiver embedded with disc device and method for setting viewing limitation level thereof
Patent Number: 7,616,869

Inventors: Adachi; Tomoko (Urayasu, JP), Horisaki; Koji (Yokohama, JP), Sato; Kazumi (Kawasaki, JP), Toshimitsu; Kiyoshi (Yokohama, JP), Namekata; Minoru (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Method of notifying function identification information and communication system
Patent Number: 9,806,981

Inventors: Adair; James (Georgetown, KY)
Title: Portable intravenous device and hanger therefor
Patent Number: 8,567,738

Inventors: Adamson; Peter S. (Portland, OR), Yarvis; Mark D. (Portland, OR), Graumann; David L. (Portland, OR), Sharma; Sangita (Portland, OR)
Title: Techniques for recognizing temporal tapping patterns input to a touch panel interface
Patent Number: 8,570,294

Inventors: Adler; Robert S. (New York, NY), Brown; Rodney N. (Humble, TX), Brandenberger; Philip J. (Montclair, NJ), Lazen; Alexander (Stamford, CT), Chung; Michael (New York, NY)
Title: Disaster recovery framework
Patent Number: 8,572,431

Inventors: Affatato; Kristin Marie (Elmhurst, IL), Cho; Steve (Chicago, IL), Kim; Hyunchul (Chicago, IL), Nally; Patrick Scott (Seattle, WA)
Title: Steamer container system
Patent Number: 9,801,488

Inventors: Agarwal; Deepak K. (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Determining whether to provide an advertisement to a user of a social network
Patent Number: 9,805,391

Inventors: Ahmed; Khaled (Anaheim, CA), Khakifirooz; Ali (Los Altos, CA)
Title: Micro wall light emitting diodes
Patent Number: 9,806,127

Inventors: Ahmed; Mostafa Abdelhamid Mohamed (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Thigh adhesion quantitative measurement system
Patent Number: 9,801,582

Inventors: Ahn; Byeong Hyeon (Gumi-si, KR)
Title: Backlight unit and driving method thereof, and liquid crystal display device having the backlight unit
Patent Number: 7,614,778

Inventors: Ahn; Joon Tae (Daejeon, KR), Seo; Hong-Seok (Daejeon, KR), Park; Bong Je (Daejeon, KR)
Title: Fiber laser system using fiber having dysprosium
Patent Number: 7,616,668

Inventors: Ahn; Kuk-Hwan (Hwaseong-si, KR), Koh; Jai-Hyun (Hwaseong-si, KR), Kim; Heendol (Yongin-si, KR)
Title: Method of correcting color brightness of image, of display apparatus, and apparatus for correcting color brightness in the display of image
Patent Number: 9,805,480

Inventors: Ahn; Minsik (Atlanta, GA), Lee; Chang-Ho (Marietta, GA)
Title: Systems and methods for complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) differential antenna switches using multi-section impedance transformations
Patent Number: 8,570,235

Inventors: Ahne; Adam Jude (Lexington, KY), Chausanski; George (Lexington, KY), Doshi; Jimish (Lexington, KY)
Title: Method for identifying an installed cartridge
Patent Number: 7,614,737

Inventors: Aho; Marc (Aptos, CA), Tran; Daniel (San Jose, CA)
Title: Disc clamping device for multiple standard discs
Patent Number: 7,616,301

Inventors: Aicher; Thomas D. (Ann Arbor, MI), Toogood; Peter L. (Ann Arbor, MI), Hu; Xiao (Northville, MI)
Title: Tetrahydro[1,8]naphthyridine sulfonamide and related compounds for use as agonists of RORy and the treatment of disease
Patent Number: 9,802,958

Inventors: Aiken; Mark A. (Seattle, WA), Pall; Gurdeep S. (Sammamish, WA), Morgan; Dennis A. (Issaquah, WA)
Title: Exposing a bridged network as a single virtual segment
Patent Number: 7,616,633

Inventors: Akabane; Akira (Miyagi, JP), Sato; Kenichi (Miyagi, JP)
Title: Electromagnetic fuel injection valve
Patent Number: 7,614,604

Inventors: Akai; Hiroyuki (Tochigi, JP), Machii; Kouji (Tochigi, JP), Shizuno; Akihito (Tochigi, JP)
Title: Wet sheet for cleaning
Patent Number: 7,614,110

Inventors: Akimoto; Kensaku (Tokyo, JP), Yano; Toru (Tokyo, JP), Sakamaki; Koichi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Dye-sensitized solar cell
Patent Number: 9,805,879

Inventors: Akiyama; Tomoyuki (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Optical repeater
Patent Number: 7,616,377

Inventors: Akiyama; Yasushi (Kakegawa, JP), Noya; Go (Kakegawa, JP), Kuramoto; Katsutoshi (Kawaguchi, JP), Takano; Yusuke (Kakegawa, JP)
Title: Composition for formation of top antireflective film, and pattern formation method using the composition
Patent Number: 8,568,955

Inventors: Akudugu; John M. (Bellville, ZA), Neti; Venkata S. (Lake Hiawatha, NJ), Howell; Roger W. (Millington, NJ)
Title: Method of overcoming therapeutic limitations of nonuniform distribution of radiopharmaceuticals and chemotherapy drugs
Patent Number: 9,804,167

Inventors: Al Faruque; Mohammad Abdullah (Plainsboro, NJ), Dalloro; Livio (Princeton, NJ), Ludwig; Hartmut (West Windsor, NJ)
Title: Aggregator-based electric microgrid for residential applications incorporating renewable energy sources
Patent Number: 8,571,955

Inventors: Al Thalab; Fatemah S. (Alandalous, KW)
Title: Nursing device
Patent Number: 8,568,352

Inventors: Al-Heraibi; Abdulrahman Saleh (Alrabea, KW)
Title: Sandwich holder and knife guide
Patent Number: 8,567,294

Inventors: Al-Mahdawi; Tareef Ibrahim (San Jose, CA)
Title: RFID system with distributed transmitters
Patent Number: 8,570,172

Inventors: Al-Majid; Abdullah Mohammed (Riyadh, SA), Islam; Mohammad Shahidul (Riyadh, SA), Barakat; Assem (Riyadh, SA), Choudhary; Muhammad Iqbal (Riyadh, SA), Yousuf; Sammer (Riyadh, SA)
Title: .alpha.-glucosidase inhibitors
Patent Number: 9,802,894

Inventors: Alberi; James L. (Holmdel, NJ), Agrawal; Hiralal (Bridgewater, NJ)
Title: Automated testing of software with targeting of deep paths
Patent Number: 8,572,555

Inventors: Albertsen; Marc (Grimes, IA), Fox; Tim (Des Moines, IA), Trimnell; Mary (West Des Moines, IA), Wu; Yongzhong (Johnston, IA), Lowe; Keith (Johnston, IA)
Title: MSCA1 nucleotide sequences impacting plant male fertility and method of using same
Patent Number: 9,803,215

Inventors: Alesi; Peter (Zirndorf, DE), Tanz; Torsten (Hilzingen, DE)
Title: Method and apparatus for the controlled transfer of unit loads
Patent Number: 7,614,491

Inventors: Alexander; Brian (Wantirna, AU), Ajay; Kemal (Mount Waverley, AU)
Title: Particle detector with dust rejection
Patent Number: 9,805,570

Inventors: Alexander; Christopher (Canoga Park, CA), Nachenberg; Carey (Northridge, CA)
Title: Protection of sensitive data from malicious e-mail
Patent Number: 7,617,532

Inventors: Alfouzan; Afnan Fouzan (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Electric toothbrush holder for laboratory use
Patent Number: 9,801,461

Inventors: Ali; Shimaa E. (Cairo, EG), Thoen; Even (Holter, NO), Skaar; Ida (Lafayette, CA), Evensen; Oystein (Lafayette, CA)
Title: Treatment for chitin-containing microorganisms
Patent Number: 9,801,908

Inventors: Ali; Walid (Sammamish, WA), Boskovic; Ronald (Issaquah, WA)
Title: Video region of interest features
Patent Number: 8,570,359

Inventors: Allen; David F. (Katy, TX), Bordakov; Georgiy (Richmond, TX)
Title: Method for quantifying resistivity and hydrocarbon saturation in thin bed formations
Patent Number: 7,617,050

Inventors: Allen; Kenneth (Canton, TX)
Title: Art surface and method for preparing same
Patent Number: 7,615,279

Inventors: Allen; Nicholas Alexander (Seattle, WA)
Title: Determinism for distributed applications
Patent Number: 9,804,945

Inventors: Alonso Esteban; Rafael (Huesca, ES), Bunuel Magdalena; Miguel Angel (Saragossa, ES), Ester Sola; Francisco Javier (Saragossa, ES), Garcia Jimenez; Jose-Ramon (Saragossa, ES), Pelayo Zueco; Francisco Javier (Saragossa, ES), Perez Cabeza; Pilar (Saragossa, ES), Planas Layunta; Fernando (Saragossa, ES), Sancho Martinez; Diego (Logrono, ES), Subias Domingo; Jesus Mario (Saragossa, ES), Villuendas Yuste; Francisco (Saragossa, ES)
Title: Inductively heated hob having a metal-coated cover plate
Patent Number: 9,807,822

Inventors: Alpert; Yaron (Hod Hasharon, IL), Zukerman; Gil (Hod-HaSharon, IL)
Title: Apparatus, system and method of simultaneous connectivity to location origin transceivers
Patent Number: 9,807,815

Inventors: Alrutz; Mark E. (Taylorsville, NC)
Title: Upstream noise suppression circuits and related radio frequency subscriber drop equipment and methods
Patent Number: 9,807,467

Inventors: Altman; Sidney (Hamden, CT), Bothwell; Alfred (Guilford, CT), Mamoum; Choukri (Farmington, CT)
Title: Antimicrobial compositions and methods of use thereof
Patent Number: 9,801,948

Inventors: Amacker; Matthew Warren (Santa Clara, CA), Dodd; Dawn R (San Jose, CA)
Title: Quick usage control
Patent Number: 9,805,219

Inventors: Amada; Daitetsu (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Image forming apparatus and image forming method in controlling electronic resistance values for image transfer
Patent Number: 9,804,538

Inventors: Amann; Keith R. (Westminster, CO), Krahn; Oliver J. (Superior, CO)
Title: Apparatus and method for enhanced quality of service in a wireless communications network
Patent Number: 7,616,616

Inventors: Amber; John T. (Jupiter, FL), Porter; Stephan S. (West Palm Beach, FL), Powell; Theodore M. (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
Title: Healing components for use in taking impressions and methods for making the same
Patent Number: 9,801,533

Inventors: Ames, IV; Wilbur R. (Lake Stevens, WA), Wong; Warren Haye (Seattle, WA), Zoellick; Raymond D. (Bothell, WA), Jauch; Norbert Werner (Malterdingen, DE), Ray; Jim T. (Everett, WA)
Title: Electrical switches and methods
Patent Number: 8,569,643

Inventors: Amit; Jonathan (Omer, IL), Halowani; Nir (Holon, IL), Koifman; Chaim (Rishon-Lezion, IL), Marenkov; Sergey (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: Data compression using compression blocks and partitions
Patent Number: 9,805,046

Inventors: Ammann; Kelly G. (Longmont, CO), Burns; Ralph E. (Boulder, CO), Hansberry; Ernest V. (Evergreen, CO), Horner; Glenn A. (Boulder, CO), Jakub; Cheryl A. (Golden, CO), Kling; John E. (San Diego, CA), Nieglos; Donald J. (Superior, CO), Schneider; Robert E. (Erie, CO), Smith; Robert J. (Louisville, CO)
Title: Method for performing an assay with a nucleic acid present in a specimen
Patent Number: 8,569,019

Inventors: Ammann; Kelly G. (Longmont, CO), Burns; Ralph E. (Boulder, CO), Hansberry; Ernest V. (Evergreen, CO), Horner; Glenn A. (Boulder, CO), Jakub; Cheryl A. (Golden, CO), Kling; John E. (San Diego, CA), Nieglos; Donald J. (Superior, CO), Schneider; Robert E. (Erie, CO), Smith; Robert J. (Louisville, CO)
Title: Method for simultaneously performing multiple amplification reactions
Patent Number: 8,569,020

Inventors: An; Kwang-Hyup (Rexford, NY), Couture; Aaron Judy (Schenectady, NY), Parthasarathy; Gautam (Niskayuna, NY), Zhao; Ri-An (Niskayuna, NY), Liu; Jie Jerry (Niskayuna, NY)
Title: Organic X-ray detector with barrier layer
Patent Number: 9,806,132

Inventors: Anami; Akira (Nagano-ken, JP), Shiota; Takayuki (Nagano-ken, JP), Ukita; Mamoru (Nagano-ken, JP), Oki; Narihiro (Nagano-ken, JP), Nakata; Satoshi (Tokyo, JP), Otsuka; Kazuo (Nagano-ken, JP)
Title: Recording apparatus with movable discharge tray
Patent Number: 7,614,739

Inventors: Anan; Taizo (Kawasaki, JP), Kuraki; Kensuke (Kawasaki, JP), Nakagata; Shohei (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Image encrypting device, image decrypting device and method
Patent Number: 8,571,212

Inventors: Anand; Seema B. (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)
Title: Frequency synthesizer for integrated circuit radios
Patent Number: 7,616,068

Inventors: Anandani; Rahul (Schaumburg, IL)
Title: SIP parser/genesys-SIP parser-to parse SIP telephony events and decrypt the userdata in IP telephony
Patent Number: 8,571,017

Inventors: Anantharam; Sushma (Cupertino, CA), Ghosh; Nirapada (Sunnyvale, CA), Kamath; Dayavanti Gopal (Santa Clara, CA), Kamble; Keshav Govind (Fremont, CA), Leu; Dar-Ren (San Jose, CA), Mendon; Chandarani J. (San Jose, CA), Pandey; Vijoy A. (San Jose, CA), Peethambaram; Nandakumar (Santa Clara, CA)
Title: Remote procedure call for a distributed system
Patent Number: 9,804,907

Inventors: Anders; Dominik (Mannheim, DE), Wechsler; Simon (Mannheim, DE)
Title: Receiving device for receiving a magnetic field and for producing electric energy by magnetic induction
Patent Number: 9,806,540

Inventors: Anderson; Dennis W. (Goshen, OH), Ewing; Patti L. (Memphis, TN)
Title: Film for wrapping, methods of making and using
Patent Number: 8,568,842

Inventors: Anderson; Eric (Enumclaw, WA)
Title: Gauge mount bracket with air vents
Patent Number: 8,567,545

Inventors: Anderson; Eric C. (Gardnerville, NV), Morris; Robert P. (Raleigh, NC)
Title: Automatically configuring a web-enabled portable device to access the internet
Patent Number: 8,572,663

Inventors: Anderson; Gary (Arden Hills, MN), Anderson; Roger Alan (Lino Lakes, MN), Li; Yonglin (Oakdale, MN)
Title: Systems and methods for video messaging and confirmation
Patent Number: 8,572,196

Inventors: Anderson; Peter J. (Raleigh, NC)
Title: Vehicle wash system
Patent Number: 9,802,579

Inventors: Anderson; Peter R. (Chicago, IL), Jaffe; Joel R. (Evanston, IL)
Title: Gaming machine with synchronized display feature
Patent Number: 7,614,949

Inventors: Anderson; Ross (North Melbourne, AU)
Title: Method and structure for managing multiple electronic forms and their records using a static database
Patent Number: 9,805,112

Inventors: Anderson; Terry L. (Santa Rosa Beach, FL), Coleman; John Andrew (Santa Rosa Beach, FL), Berke; Neal S. (Chelmsford, MA)
Title: Processed mineral additive for reducing concrete permeability and increasing strength
Patent Number: 8,568,527

Inventors: Andres; Michael (Inver Grove Heights, MN)
Title: Low resistance low wear test pin for test contactor
Patent Number: 9,804,194

Inventors: Andrews; Christopher Charles (Lake Elsinore, CA), Becker; Neil M. (Fallbrook, CA), Smith; Gayla Ann (Canyon Lake, CA)
Title: Notched cutter for guide catheter removal from lead
Patent Number: 7,615,057

Inventors: Andros; Matthew James (Santa Margarita, CA), Stapp; Garett John (San Luis Obispo, CA), Klippenstein; Thomas (Los Osos, CA)
Title: Device and method for creating a planting rope from plant root material
Patent Number: 8,567,170

Inventors: Anerousis; Nikolaos (Chappaqua, NY), Bai; Kun (Hartsdale, NY), Franke; Hubertus (Cortlandt Manor, NY), Hwang; Jinho (Ossining, NY), Moreira; Jose E. (Irvington, NY), Vukovic; Maja (New York, NY)
Title: Performing server migration and dependent server discovery in parallel
Patent Number: 9,804,879

Inventors: Anholt; Micha (Tel Aviv, IL), Teitel; Moti (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: Cubic root of a galois field element
Patent Number: 9,804,828

Inventors: Annapragada; Ananth (Manvel, TX), Eriksen; Jason L. (Houston, TX), Tanifum; Eric A. (Katy, TX), Dasgupta; Indrani (Frederick, MD), Cook; Stephen C. (Houston, TX)
Title: Lipid-based nanoparticles
Patent Number: 9,801,957

Inventors: Annereau; Jean-Philippe (Toulouse, FR), Barret; Jean-Marc (Castres, FR), Guminski; Yves (Lagarrigue, FR), Imbert; Thierry (Viviers les Montagnes, FR)
Title: Fluorescent derivatives of polyamines, method for preparing same and applications thereof as diagnosis tools in the treatment of cancerous tumors
Patent Number: 8,569,011

Inventors: Ansari; Nirwan (Montville, NJ), Lo; Chun-Hao (Riverdale, NJ)
Title: Decentralized controls and communications for autonomous distribution networks in smart grid
Patent Number: 9,804,623

Inventors: Antonelli; John L. (Ocoee, FL)
Title: Easy-opening solar collector having temperature-responsive mount for polymer absorber
Patent Number: 9,803,892

Inventors: Antoniono; Carolyn Ashley (Greenville, SC), Byrne; William Lawrence (Greer, SC), Fadde; Elizabeth Angelyn (Greenville, SC)
Title: System and method for a turbine combustor
Patent Number: 9,803,865

Inventors: Aoki; Hirofumi (Tokyo, JP), Senda; Yuzo (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Video encoding device, video encoding method, and video encoding program
Patent Number: 9,807,422

Inventors: Aoki; Hiroshi (Minato-ku, JP), Ooi; Kazuya (Minato-ku, JP)
Title: Displacement information derivation device, occupant restraint system, vehicle, and displacement information derivation method
Patent Number: 7,614,652

Inventors: Appelshaeuser; Joerg (Mainz, DE), Werwein; Viktor (Bensheim, DE)
Title: Synchronizing device of a transmission
Patent Number: 8,567,275

Inventors: Arai; Takahisa (Ebina, JP)
Title: Apparatus for and method of capturing radiation image
Patent Number: 7,615,756

Inventors: Araki; Takahiro (Nara, JP), Watatani; Chika (Nara, JP)
Title: Sock
Patent Number: 7,614,257

Inventors: Aranovich; Jorge (Verona, PA), Cooper, Jr.; Frank W (Johnstown, PA), Villoria; Jose Jorge Gayarre (Barcelona, ES)
Title: Vertical axis wind turbine system with one or more independent electric power generation units
Patent Number: 9,803,622

Inventors: Arar; Khalil (Meudon, FR)
Title: Methods and compositions for the tandem synthesis of two or more oligonucleotides on the same solid support
Patent Number: 7,615,629

Inventors: Arase; Kenichi (Hyogo, JP), Katou; Eigo (Hyogo, JP), Takeuchi; Masato (Hyogo, JP)
Title: Gas turbine and method for opening chamber of gas turbine
Patent Number: 8,568,094

Inventors: Archer; Charles J. (Rochester, MN), Blocksome; Michael (Rochester, MN), Cernohous; Bob R. (Rochester, MN), Ratterman; Joseph D. (Rochester, MN), Smith; Brian E. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Pipelining protocols in misaligned buffer cases
Patent Number: 8,572,276

Inventors: Archer; Charles J. (Rochester, MN), Carey; James E. (Rochester, MN), Sanders; Philip J. (Rochester, MN), Smith; Brian E. (Knoxville, TN)
Title: Collective operation management in a parallel computer
Patent Number: 9,807,131

Inventors: Archer; Charles J. (Rochester, MN), Carey; James E. (Rochester, MN), Sanders; Philip J. (Rochester, MN), Smith; Brian E. (Knoxville, TN)
Title: Collective operation management in a parallel computer
Patent Number: 9,807,132

Inventors: Arima; Hisao (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Information processing apparatus and display control method
Patent Number: 9,804,708

Inventors: Armingaud; Francois-Dominique (Paris, FR), Pedrazzoli Pazos; Fernando Daniel (Madrid, ES)
Title: System for real-time healing of vital computer files
Patent Number: 7,617,258

Inventors: Armstrong; William J. (Rochester, MN), Basso; Claude (Raleigh, NC), Cors; Josep (Rochester, MN), Eisenhauer; Daniel G. (Austin, TX), Fuente; Carlos F. (Hampshire, GB), Lucke; Kyle A. (Oronoco, MN), Vojnovich; Theodore B. (Cary, NC)
Title: Hardware accelerated data frame forwarding
Patent Number: 8,571,408

Inventors: Arndt; Christoph (Moerlen, DE), Kuck; Detlef (Inden, DE)
Title: Method and device for electronic communication between at least two communication devices
Patent Number: 8,571,476

Inventors: Arnold; Jeremy Alan (Rochester, MN), Barsness; Eric Lawrence (Pine Island, MN), Dettinger; Richard Dean (Rochester, MN), Santosuosso; John Matthew (Rochester, MN)
Title: Optimization of database network traffic based upon data-use analysis
Patent Number: 7,617,181

Inventors: Arvin; Charles L. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Cox; Harry D. (Rifton, NY), Merryman; Arthur G. (Hopewell Junction, NY), Schuler; Jennifer D. (Poughquag, NY)
Title: Filtering lead from photoresist stripping solution
Patent Number: 9,804,498

Inventors: Asada; Tetsuo (Kuwana, JP)
Title: Feeding apparatus and image recording apparatus
Patent Number: 7,614,621

Inventors: Asai; Fumitoshi (Nishitokyo, JP), Sugidachi; Atsuhiro (Kawasaki, JP), Ogawa; Taketoshi (Tokyo, JP), Inoue; Teruhiko (Ube, JP)
Title: Method of treatment with coadministration of aspirin and prasugrel
Patent Number: 8,569,325

Inventors: Asai; Motoo (Gifu, JP), Hiramatsu; Yasuji (Gifu, JP), Wakihara; Yoshinori (Gifu, JP), Yamada; Kazuhito (Gifu, JP)
Title: Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Patent Number: 7,615,162

Inventors: Asai; Takahiro (Yokosuka, JP), Oda; Yasuhiro (Yokohama, JP), Sugiyama; Takatoshi (Yokohama, JP), Yoshino; Hitoshi (Yokosuka, JP)
Title: Controller and transmission and reception method for radio communications in a transceiver for radio communications
Patent Number: 7,616,554

Inventors: Asakura; Kentaro (Tokyo, JP), Hasegawa; Shunsuke (Shizuoka, JP), Takahashi; Shigeyuki (Osaka, JP), Doba; Yoshihiro (Tokyo, JP), Fukudome; Masao (Tokyo, JP), Kobayashi; Kazuto (Nagano, JP), Yamaguchi; Toshiaki (Kanagawa, JP), Yamaguchi; Yasuo (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Ink drying method and ink drying device
Patent Number: 9,803,920

Inventors: Asao; Kei (Osaka, JP), Nakanishi; Yoshinori (Osaka, JP)
Title: Switching amplifier
Patent Number: 8,570,102

Inventors: Ashcraft; David (Twin Bridges, MT)
Title: Cattle immobilization apparatus
Patent Number: 9,801,353

Inventors: Ashford; Clinton B (Athens, GA)
Title: Method and apparatus for providing incentives to physicians under an accountable care model
Patent Number: 8,571,889

Inventors: Ashikaga; Hideaki (Ashigarakami-gun, JP)
Title: Image processing device with image dilation processing, image processing system, image processing method and computer readable medium
Patent Number: 8,570,609

Inventors: Askonen; Arto (Kemi, FI)
Title: Waste collection container
Patent Number: 8,567,633

Inventors: Asmus; Robert A. (Hudson, WI), Hobbs; Terry R. (St. Paul, MN)
Title: Antimicrobial compositions
Patent Number: 8,569,384

Inventors: Atlas; Les (Seattle, WA), McVittie; Patrick (Seattle, WA)
Title: Detecting objects in shipping containers by vibration spectral analysis
Patent Number: 8,571,829

Inventors: Au; Jonson Chung-shun (Fremont, CA), Li; Melvin Sik Yu (Fremont, CA)
Title: Security system, modules and method of operation thereof
Patent Number: 8,570,145

Inventors: Audebert; Patrick (Varces Allieres et Risset, FR), Rostaing; Jean-Pierre (La Cote Saint Andre, FR)
Title: Radiation detecting system with double resetting pulse count
Patent Number: 7,615,753

Inventors: Augenstein; Oliver (Horgen, CH), Prause; Thomas (Rottenburg, DE)
Title: Methods and infrastructure for performing repetitive data protection and a corresponding restore of data
Patent Number: 8,572,040

Inventors: Avci; Serhat Nazim (Sunnyvale, CA), Westphal; Cedric (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for reducing response time in information-centric networks
Patent Number: 9,806,987

Inventors: Averill; Keith A. (Reno, NV)
Title: Sighting apparatus and method
Patent Number: 9,803,961

Inventors: Averill; Richard Francis (Seymour, CT), Eisenhandler; Jon (Bristol, CT), Goldfield; Norbert Israel (Northampton, MA)
Title: Method of grouping and analyzing clinical risks
Patent Number: 8,571,892

Inventors: Ayton; Ian (Santa Ynez, CA), Evans; Scott (Santa Ana, CA), Nguyen; Tuan (Orange, CA)
Title: Method and device for compacting an intraocular lens
Patent Number: 7,615,056

Inventors: Azevedo; Miguel (Ann Arbor, MI)
Title: Double wall self-contained liner
Patent Number: 9,803,583

Inventors: Aziz; Danish (Stuttgart, DE), Ambrosy; Anton (Tiefenbronn, DE)
Title: Handover method between a preferred base station and alternatives base stations
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Owner: Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 86316108

Owner: Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 86316127

Serial Number: 86366883

Owner: Advanced Food Concepts, Incorporated
Serial Number: 86365828

Owner: Advanced Medical Technology Association
Serial Number: 76702699

Owner: Advanced Sports Technology, LLC
Serial Number: 86329921

Serial Number: 86387431

Owner: Advantage Brands Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 86343191

Owner: Advantage Smiles for Kids
Serial Number: 86341979

Serial Number: 74075197

Owner: Adventist Health System/Sunbelt, Inc.
Serial Number: 86387600

Owner: Adventist Health System/Sunbelt, Inc.
Serial Number: 86387641

Owner: Adventist Health System/Sunbelt, Inc.
Serial Number: 86387646

Owner: Adventist Health System/Sunbelt, Inc.
Serial Number: 86365747

Serial Number: 86345905

Owner: Advluence LLC
Serial Number: 86363546

Serial Number: 72371870

Serial Number: 86374288

Owner: Aegis Media Norge AS
Serial Number: 86352347

Owner: Aequ, Llc
Serial Number: 86371370

Owner: Aerial Inspection Resources
Serial Number: 86390198

Owner: Aeroforward LLC
Serial Number: 86349036

Owner: Aerotech Inc
Serial Number: 86394043

Owner: AEZ Leichtmetallrader GmbH
Serial Number: 75941463

Owner: Affordable Enterprises of Westchester
Serial Number: 86376817

Owner: AFG Distribution, Inc.
Serial Number: 86401405

Serial Number: 86294425

Owner: After Midnight Girl Entertainment, LLC
Serial Number: 86381233

Owner: Agashiwala, Julie
Serial Number: 86360784

Owner: AgeCheq Inc.
Serial Number: 86361379

Serial Number: 75422250

Serial Number: 73183013

Owner: Agilysys NV, LLC
Serial Number: 86372462

Owner: Agis Automatisering B.V.
Serial Number: 86387461

Serial Number: 86348067

Owner: Agrihorizon, Inc.
Serial Number: 86388398

Owner: Agro Value Limited
Serial Number: 86354975

Owner: AGS LLC
Serial Number: 86382703

Owner: Aguila, Reinaldo
Serial Number: 86336548

Serial Number: 75786819

Serial Number: 86379817

Owner: Ahlquist, Margot
Serial Number: 86368540

Owner: Ahlquist, Margot
Serial Number: 86369232

Owner: Ahn, Jason
Serial Number: 86376104

Serial Number: 86334408

Serial Number: 86350021

Owner: Ahold Licensing Sarl
Serial Number: 86362787

Serial Number: 86338317

Serial Number: 86380702

Owner: AIMCO Properties, L.P.
Serial Number: 86376420

Serial Number: 86384829

Owner: Airburst, Inc.
Serial Number: 86379959

Owner: Airooh Pty Ltd
Serial Number: 86385993

Owner: Airport Parking Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 86353651

Owner: Akers, Kara N
Serial Number: 86347528

Owner: Akira Systems Inc.
Serial Number: 86332999

Serial Number: 86288028

Serial Number: 72356620

Serial Number: 86335950

Owner: Alaeddin Mohseni
Serial Number: 86356990

Owner: Alairewear
Serial Number: 86346679

Owner: Alaman, Gherald
Serial Number: 86392459

Owner: Alan Whitson
Serial Number: 86362084

Owner: Alana, Fields
Serial Number: 86373204

Owner: Albee Baby Carriage Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 86379622

Owner: Alberto D. Cuellar
Serial Number: 86328228

Owner: Albertville Quality Foods, Inc.
Serial Number: 86344593

Owner: Aldelano IP Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 86339710

Owner: Aldgate Insurance Services LLC
Serial Number: 86377176

Owner: ALDI Inc.
Serial Number: 86370949

Owner: ALDI Inc.
Serial Number: 86363356

Owner: Alejandrino, Abel
Serial Number: 86353129

Owner: Alert Marketing, Inc.
Serial Number: 86395127

Owner: alessandro International GmbH
Serial Number: 86353328

Owner: Alethea Spectacle LLC
Serial Number: 86366888

Owner: Alethea Spectacle LLC
Serial Number: 86366960

Owner: Alexander "Alfrank" Catucci
Serial Number: 86386176

Owner: Alexander Skyline, LLC
Serial Number: 86373288

Owner: Alexander Skyline, LLC
Serial Number: 86373313

Owner: Alexandre, Jhasmidah
Serial Number: 86340432

Owner: Alf International Enterprises, LLC
Serial Number: 86398936

Owner: Ali-Salaam, Saladin
Serial Number: 86367376

Owner: Alice Entertainment LLC
Serial Number: 86395934

Owner: Alice Entertainment LLC
Serial Number: 86398550

Serial Number: 86373997

Owner: Alkis, Eray
Serial Number: 86371685

Owner: All 4 Pest Control Environmental Service, Inc.
Serial Number: 86389677

Owner: All Star Hookah Lounge, Inc.
Serial Number: 86361517

Owner: All Things Proper
Serial Number: 86399437

Owner: All Things Waterfowl
Serial Number: 86368999

Owner: All Tressed Up Blowdry & Beauty Bar
Serial Number: 86384487

Owner: Allegiant Travel Company
Serial Number: 86366901

Serial Number: 75448248

Owner: Allegis Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 86349425

Serial Number: 86359511

Owner: Allen, Arline
Serial Number: 86368463

Owner: Allen, Charisse R
Serial Number: 86393044

Owner: Allen, Daniel L.
Serial Number: 86339623

Serial Number: 86378790

Owner: Alliance Communications Cooperative, Inc
Serial Number: 86365958

Owner: Alliance Communications Cooperative, Inc.
Serial Number: 86365751

Owner: Alliance Communications Cooperative, Inc.
Serial Number: 86366620

Owner: Alliance Global LLC
Serial Number: 86369713

Serial Number: 86387039

Owner: Allianz SE
Serial Number: 86372043

Owner: Allied Importers USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 86367041

Owner: Allied Lomar, Inc.
Serial Number: 86380476

Owner: Allied Tube & Conduit Corporation
Serial Number: 86347005

Owner: AlliedBarton Security Services, LLC
Serial Number: 86357759

Owner: Allison Galer
Serial Number: 86357119

Owner: Allmand Law PLLC
Serial Number: 86395935

Owner: Alloy Blends, LLC
Serial Number: 86395069

Owner: Alloy Blends, LLC
Serial Number: 86396033

Owner: Allstar Marketing Group, LLC
Serial Number: 86367077

Serial Number: 86354263

Owner: Almirall, S.A.
Serial Number: 86352510

Owner: Almirall, S.A.
Serial Number: 86392414

Owner: ALNO AG
Serial Number: 86323017

Owner: Alok International, Inc.
Serial Number: 86375298

Owner: Alonso, Erik X.
Serial Number: 86363355

Owner: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Serial Number: 86314595

Owner: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Serial Number: 86314609

Owner: Alpha Mortgage USA, Inc
Serial Number: 86395388

Owner: Alpine Investment Management, LLC
Serial Number: 75638367

Owner: ALS-Veterans Support Foundation Inc
Serial Number: 86363185

Serial Number: 86360456

Serial Number: 86336023

Owner: Alterdesk Holding B.V.
Serial Number: 86344055

Owner: Alternative Methods LLC
Serial Number: 86379607

Owner: Alternative Staffing, Inc.
Serial Number: 86375925

Serial Number: 76070172

Owner: Altruology, LLC
Serial Number: 86361700

Serial Number: 86354497

Serial Number: 86351778

Owner: Alvarez, Ana Maria
Serial Number: 86392635

Owner: AMAA Productions, LLC
Serial Number: 86390443

Owner: Amanda Love, LLC
Serial Number: 86392510

Owner: Ambient Water, Inc.
Serial Number: 86317696

Owner: Ambistia, Inc.
Serial Number: 86353591

Owner: America Learns, LLC
Serial Number: 86369523

Owner: America Real Estate Investment Group LLC
Serial Number: 86373958

Owner: American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
Serial Number: 86384034

Owner: American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, Inc.
Serial Number: 86389688

Owner: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF Clinical Endocrinologists, Inc.
Serial Number: 86338477

Owner: American Auto Hail Repair
Serial Number: 86359642

Owner: American Blue Private Car Service, Inc.
Serial Number: 86374851

Owner: American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine
Serial Number: 86389189

Owner: American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California
Serial Number: 86328677

Owner: American Craft Smokehouse, Inc.
Serial Number: 86343857

Serial Number: 86336824

Owner: American Express Marketing & Development Corp.
Serial Number: 86358558

Owner: American Forests
Serial Number: 86283845

Owner: American Forests
Serial Number: 86283908

Owner: American Home Care Associates, Inc.
Serial Number: 86368122

Owner: American Indian Science and Engineering Society
Serial Number: 86379060

Owner: American Indian Science and Engineering Society
Serial Number: 86379075

Owner: American Muscle Supply, Inc.
Serial Number: 86398844

Owner: American Nutrition, Inc.
Serial Number: 86401544

Owner: American Sleep Apnea Association
Serial Number: 86401675

Owner: American Society of Transplantation
Serial Number: 86336488

Owner: American Time & Signal Co.
Serial Number: 74067975

Serial Number: 86394345

Owner: American Veterinary Medical Association
Serial Number: 75791238

Serial Number: 86382186

Owner: Americas Franchising Group, LLC
Serial Number: 86371180

Owner: AmeriGas Propane, L.P.
Serial Number: 86345710

Owner: AmeriGas Propane, L.P.
Serial Number: 86345797

Owner: Ameriplus Finance LLC
Serial Number: 86386815

Owner: AmeriQuote Incorporated
Serial Number: 86398897

Serial Number: 86338974

Owner: Amiee Brooke Boland
Serial Number: 86393124

Owner: Amiee Lynn, Inc
Serial Number: 86351394

Owner: Amiee Lynn, Inc
Serial Number: 86352487

Owner: Amigo Credit, LLC
Serial Number: 86352417

Owner: Amini Innovation Corp.
Serial Number: 86281351

Owner: AMKEX Chemical Corporation
Serial Number: 86331673

Owner: Amniotic Therapies, Inc.
Serial Number: 86350973

Owner: Amphion Medical Solutions, LLC
Serial Number: 86395278

Owner: Amplimark, LLC
Serial Number: 86351263

Owner: Amsco Steel Company, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 86366465

Owner: Amsco Steel Company, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 86367211

Serial Number: 86373849

Serial Number: 86372450

Owner: Ana Casas M.D. International LLC
Serial Number: 86364788

Serial Number: 86339202

Serial Number: 86339254

Owner: Analytics Partners, Inc.
Serial Number: 86330519

Owner: Ancile Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 86358021

Serial Number: 75737573

Owner: Andegavia Cask Wines, LLC
Serial Number: 86375770

Owner: Anderson & Middleton Company
Serial Number: 86365654

Owner: Anderson & Middleton Company
Serial Number: 86365629

Owner: Anderson, Darrell
Serial Number: 86378442

Owner: Anderson, Nicole
Serial Number: 86389824

Owner: Andiamo Advisors LLC
Serial Number: 86341965

Owner: Andrea Hess LLC
Serial Number: 86377174

Owner: Andrew J. Liles
Serial Number: 86352548

Owner: Andrews Federal Credit Union
Serial Number: 86362454

Owner: Andrianoff, Samantha
Serial Number: 86382585

Owner: Anesthesia Services Associates, PLLC
Serial Number: 86352081

Owner: Anews, Inc.
Serial Number: 86400979

Owner: Angel Dough Holdings LLC
Serial Number: 86371071

Serial Number: 86364881

Owner: Angelone, Anne
Serial Number: 86391808

Owner: Angelraise LLC
Serial Number: 86354393

Serial Number: 86370221

Owner: Anhing Corporation
Serial Number: 75922665

Owner: Anil, Inc.
Serial Number: 86391308

Owner: Animal Edge, LLC
Serial Number: 86395675

Serial Number: 86350692

Owner: Animosity
Serial Number: 86346848

Owner: Anirav Enterprises Inc.
Serial Number: 86342621

Owner: Anirav Enterprises Inc.
Serial Number: 86342635

Owner: Anisha Munoz
Serial Number: 86337291

Owner: Anita Patel, MD, Inc.
Serial Number: 86370076

Serial Number: 86367428

Owner: Ankem of Texas
Serial Number: 86372910

Owner: Anketell, Kenneth
Serial Number: 86340715

Owner: Ankle & Wrist Sweaters by Greta, Inc.
Serial Number: 86354870

Owner: Anml Hse Design Group
Serial Number: 86359498

Serial Number: 86370417

Owner: ANRC, LLC
Serial Number: 86331922

Owner: Ansell Limited
Serial Number: 86394636

Owner: Ansell Limited
Serial Number: 86394662

Owner: Antelope Oil Tools & Mfg. Co., LLC
Serial Number: 86355436

Owner: Anxin Chen
Serial Number: 86367783

Serial Number: 86383182

Serial Number: 86383979

Serial Number: 86398180

Serial Number: 75183425

Serial Number: 86373406

Serial Number: 86345145

Owner: Apogee LLC
Serial Number: 86398579

Owner: App Maister Inc
Serial Number: 86342751

Owner: APPA: The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers
Serial Number: 86370618

Owner: Appalatch Outdoor Apparel Company
Serial Number: 86361620

Owner: Appdator Mobile Ltd.
Serial Number: 86335593

Owner: Appepic LLC
Serial Number: 86339348

Owner: Appleton, Monece
Serial Number: 86387784

Owner: Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc.
Serial Number: 86379059

Owner: Applied Fitness Solutions, Inc
Serial Number: 86347823

Owner: Applied Materials Technologies Inc.
Serial Number: 86330887

Owner: Applied OLAP, Inc.
Serial Number: 86373201

Owner: Aqua-Excellence LLC
Serial Number: 86393208

Owner: Aqua-Fit Aquatic Enterprises, LLC
Serial Number: 86313934

Serial Number: 86376732

Serial Number: 86391094

Serial Number: 86351712

Owner: Araceli Zapata
Serial Number: 86336828

Serial Number: 86308304

Owner: Arbill Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 86391936

Serial Number: 74070562

Owner: Arch Wood Protection, Inc.
Serial Number: 86388946

Serial Number: 86361852

Owner: Archibald Sisters
Serial Number: 86401087

Owner: Archiport LLC
Serial Number: 86282753

Owner: Arena Pharmaceuticals GmbH
Serial Number: 86330788

Owner: Arena Pharmaceuticals GmbH
Serial Number: 86330795

Owner: Arias, Maria Celia
Serial Number: 86365827

Serial Number: 75771244

Owner: Arizona Hemophilia Association, Inc.
Serial Number: 86360143

Serial Number: 86388194

Owner: Arlen, Michael
Serial Number: 86328672

Owner: Arlen, Michael
Serial Number: 86328678

Owner: Arline Allen
Serial Number: 86368458

Owner: Armed Alliance
Serial Number: 86384101

Owner: Armendariz, Anthony M
Serial Number: 86335118

Owner: Armistice Real Estate, Inc.
Serial Number: 86380309

Owner: Armor Steel Buildings Corporation
Serial Number: 75509301

Owner: Armorshield Auto Spa LLC
Serial Number: 86391504

Owner: Armorshield Auto Spa LLC
Serial Number: 86391519

Owner: Arnaud, Roger R
Serial Number: 86339911

Owner: Arnold, Lori
Serial Number: 86362247

Owner: Aromas del Peru
Serial Number: 86351884

Owner: Arqball LLC
Serial Number: 86387169

Owner: Arrange It Once
Serial Number: 86341517

Owner: Array BioPharma Inc.
Serial Number: 86372661

Owner: Arrieta, Jorge
Serial Number: 86391880

Owner: Arrive In Style, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 86358645

Owner: Arrott, Elizabeth
Serial Number: 86371774

Owner: Arrow Media LP
Serial Number: 86374956

Owner: Arshia Fatima Haq
Serial Number: 86362248

Owner: Art Eye View Productions
Serial Number: 86335973

Owner: Art Smith, LLC
Serial Number: 86364060

Owner: Art with Sara
Serial Number: 86351667

Owner: Articulate Enterprises
Serial Number: 86401492

Owner: Artisan Soaps, LLC
Serial Number: 86395749

Owner: Artisan Sweets, Inc.
Serial Number: 86382939

Owner: Artware Inc.
Serial Number: 86356732

Serial Number: 76078871

Serial Number: 86401838

Owner: ASAT, Inc.
Serial Number: 86399318

Owner: Asbury Automotive Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 86376095

Owner: Ascension Strategies
Serial Number: 86394685

Serial Number: 86372136

Serial Number: 86368087

Owner: Asch, Anne M
Serial Number: 86367303

Owner: ASCO, L.P.
Serial Number: 72354879

Owner: Asheim, David C.
Serial Number: 86375534

Owner: Ashley Conrad Inc
Serial Number: 86369047

Owner: Ashley Nicole Heard
Serial Number: 86368602

Owner: Ashley, Andrew
Serial Number: 86349829

Serial Number: 86381510

Owner: Asinor, Amanda
Serial Number: 86367810

Owner: Asinor, Amanda
Serial Number: 86359138

Owner: ASOE Hose Manufacturing Inc.
Serial Number: 86381941

Owner: ASR Enterprise LLC
Serial Number: 86352506

Serial Number: 86352326

Serial Number: 86352398

Serial Number: 86360185

Owner: Associated Students, California State University, Long Beach
Serial Number: 86347588

Owner: Association Evaluation, LLC
Serial Number: 86347161

Owner: Association of American Universities
Serial Number: 86383935

Serial Number: 86364836

Serial Number: 86365867

Owner: Aston, Lance Edward
Serial Number: 86400793

Owner: Astudillo, Renato
Serial Number: 86348300

Owner: AT Healthcare Holdings, INC
Serial Number: 86397265

Serial Number: 86356647

Serial Number: 86363728

Serial Number: 86363747

Serial Number: 86364202

Owner: ATCI, Incorporated
Serial Number: 86336400

Owner: Atcomedia, LLC
Serial Number: 86396752

Owner: Atcomedia, LLC
Serial Number: 86371379

Owner: Atcomedia, LLC
Serial Number: 86371388

Owner: Atcomedia, LLC
Serial Number: 86371391

Owner: Athena Karsant
Serial Number: 86341852

Owner: Athletic Foodie, LLC
Serial Number: 86350088

Owner: ATI Pharma
Serial Number: 86365071

Owner: Atkins, Dale
Serial Number: 86331979

Owner: Atkins, David B
Serial Number: 86361394

Owner: Atlantic Coast Business Resources LLC
Serial Number: 86360175

Owner: Atlantic Regional Federal Credit Union
Serial Number: 86356785

Serial Number: 86370630

Owner: Atmos Nation LLC
Serial Number: 86386970

Owner: Atomic Austria GmbH
Serial Number: 86336446

Owner: ATR Investment Group
Serial Number: 86390192

Owner: AttackIQ, Inc.
Serial Number: 86387395

Serial Number: 86387601

Owner:, Inc.
Serial Number: 86387603

Owner: Audino Antonella
Serial Number: 86361437

Owner: Audy Global Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 86302470

Owner: augustus,eric,j
Serial Number: 86350537

Owner: Aural Endeavors, LLC
Serial Number: 86328167

Owner: Auri's Ideas LLC
Serial Number: 86382204

Owner: Auro Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Serial Number: 86309602

Owner: Aurora Kitchens & Interiors, LLC
Serial Number: 86339805

Owner: Austin, Amy
Serial Number: 86368215

Owner: Austin, Ray C.
Serial Number: 86379164

Serial Number: 75504650

Owner: Authentic Angels Corporation
Serial Number: 86333922

Owner: Authoria, Inc.
Serial Number: 86365581

Owner: Autism Behavioral Services Inc.
Serial Number: 86356129

Owner: Autoclaims Direct, Inc.
Serial Number: 86390481

Owner: Automotive Technicians Connection, LLC
Serial Number: 86335968

Serial Number: 86373446

Owner: Auxilium US Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 86377183

Owner: Auxilium US Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 86377210

Owner: AvaTech, Inc.
Serial Number: 86370077

Owner: Avaya Holdings Limited
Serial Number: 75873511

Serial Number: 86344257

Serial Number: 86393162

Serial Number: 86380739

Serial Number: 86344386

Owner: Aviles, Danilo
Serial Number: 86356393

Owner: Avilleira, Luis
Serial Number: 86397998

Owner: Avita Coffee & Provision, Inc.
Serial Number: 86354443

Owner: Avita Drugs, LLC
Serial Number: 86337759

Owner: Avita Drugs, LLC
Serial Number: 86337954

Serial Number: 86385577

Serial Number: 86360841

Owner: Axelson Tactical LLC
Serial Number: 86334841

Owner: Axial II LLC
Serial Number: 86386321

Owner: Ayers, Jana
Serial Number: 86400457

Owner: AYMARD, Florence
Serial Number: 86349080

Owner: Azca Embroidery, Inc.
Serial Number: 86348336

Serial Number: 86351306

Serial Number: 86348312

Owner: B-Fly Active Wear LLC
Serial Number: 86332861

Serial Number: 86390444

Owner: B. Side Swimwear LLC
Serial Number: 86376035

Owner: B.E.T. Trucking, Inc.
Serial Number: 86377052

Owner: B.E.T. Trucking, Inc.
Serial Number: 86377263

Owner: b.good LLC
Serial Number: 86276537

Owner: B.R. Cohn Winery, Inc.
Serial Number: 86363306

Owner: B601 V2 Inc.
Serial Number: 86343668

Owner: Babbini, Laura L
Serial Number: 86368389

Serial Number: 86400584

Owner: Babe's Boat Care Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 86363552

Serial Number: 86333277

Owner: Babke, Christine
Serial Number: 86395296

Serial Number: 76017452

Serial Number: 86366739

Serial Number: 86286625

Owner: Bacchetta, Jason
Serial Number: 86340803

Owner: Bacchus Marketing Coastal
Serial Number: 86387622

Owner: Bach Choi Arts, LLC
Serial Number: 86360988

Owner: Back 2 Basics Wellness LLC
Serial Number: 86351714

Serial Number: 86355415

Owner: Backer Capital
Serial Number: 86349531

Owner: Backstories Studio
Serial Number: 86376350

Owner: Backyard Box LLC
Serial Number: 86367546

Owner: Bad Dog Beats, LLC
Serial Number: 86366169

Owner: Badilla, Michael
Serial Number: 86354684

Owner: BadWolf Brewing Company
Serial Number: 86390138

Owner: BAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems Integration Inc.
Serial Number: 86288716

Owner: Bageard Appliance Service Inc.
Serial Number: 86365978

Owner: Bagla, Kelly
Serial Number: 86339444

Serial Number: 86340776

Serial Number: 86340779

Owner: Bailey, Brad
Serial Number: 86381082

Owner: Bailey, Kevin F.
Serial Number: 86375524

Owner: Bailey, Matthew Alexander
Serial Number: 86356820

Owner: Bailsnbyrds Co, LLC
Serial Number: 86380755

Owner: Baker Leyman
Serial Number: 86393670

Owner: Baker White Inc.
Serial Number: 86362593

Owner: Baker, Andrew
Serial Number: 86386142

Owner: Baker, Andrew
Serial Number: 86386150

Serial Number: 86367718

Serial Number: 86385528

Owner: Baker, Jeana
Serial Number: 86334263

Owner: Bakkavor Foods USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 86354243

Owner: Bald Eagle Health Group, LLC
Serial Number: 86393468

Owner: Baldor Electric Company
Serial Number: 75796129

Owner: Ball Horticultural Company
Serial Number: 75586962

Owner: Ballerz Condoms, LLC
Serial Number: 86391632

Serial Number: 86329267

Owner: Ballooms, LLC
Serial Number: 86387898

Owner: Ballooms, LLC
Serial Number: 86387953

Owner: Baltus Creative, LLC
Serial Number: 86356524

Owner: Band Against MS, Inc.
Serial Number: 86365082

Serial Number: 86388449

Owner: Bandgees LLC
Serial Number: 86394161

Owner: Bandwidth Bangers, LLC
Serial Number: 86354181

Serial Number: 86365485

Owner: Banger's Sport Shop LLC
Serial Number: 86378715

Owner: Banham, Isabelle Louise
Serial Number: 86359256

Serial Number: 86364756

Owner: Banki, Naader
Serial Number: 86378940

Owner: Banks, Rodney Lee
Serial Number: 77193827

Owner: Bantam Cider Company
Serial Number: 86388510

Owner: Barberton Consultores e Serviços LDA.
Serial Number: 86402263

Owner: Barcelona Publishers LLC
Serial Number: 86384494

Owner: Barco NV
Serial Number: 86382382

Serial Number: 86378575

Serial Number: 75736603

Serial Number: 75736607

Serial Number: 75747472

Owner: Barn Light Electric Company, LLC
Serial Number: 86336551

Owner: Barnabas Health, Inc.
Serial Number: 86400339

Owner: Barre Relevé, LLC
Serial Number: 86379019

Owner: Barrow, Karen Jo Byers
Serial Number: 86343783

Owner: Barry Ira Geller Productions
Serial Number: 86370294

Owner: BarterSugar, Inc.
Serial Number: 86332260

Owner: Bartholomew County Public Hospital
Serial Number: 86349973

Owner: Bashful Bear Soap, LLC
Serial Number: 86391003

Owner: Basinger Richard D
Serial Number: 86382221

Owner: Bass Brigade
Serial Number: 86378930

Serial Number: 75665317

Owner: Baterna Farms LLC
Serial Number: 86391194

Owner: Bath Bricks LLC
Serial Number: 86372218

Owner: Batter, Jeremy
Serial Number: 86363724

Owner: Battiade, Giacomo
Serial Number: 86373959

Owner: Battiade, Giacomo
Serial Number: 86373972

Owner: Battiade, Giacomo
Serial Number: 86346163

Owner: Battle Bred Designs, LLC
Serial Number: 86372599

Owner: Battles, Landon
Serial Number: 86354775

Owner: Bauer Compressors Inc.
Serial Number: 86374827

Owner: Bauer Compressors Inc.
Serial Number: 86346852

Owner: Baum Squad Fitness
Serial Number: 86371757

Owner: Baxendell, Douglas
Serial Number: 86369910

Owner: Bayessoft Inc.
Serial Number: 86348848

Owner: Bbeautiful
Serial Number: 86401682

Owner: Bbeautiful
Serial Number: 86401691

Owner: BBK Tobacco& Foods, LLP
Serial Number: 86324902

Owner: BCM Hair, LLC
Serial Number: 86333169

Owner: BCM ONE, INC.
Serial Number: 86364967

Owner: BCY, Inc.
Serial Number: 86372482

Owner: BDSRCO, Inc.
Serial Number: 86379853

Owner: Be Kind Living
Serial Number: 86393724

Serial Number: 86368556

Serial Number: 86376149

Serial Number: 86367229

Owner: Beaulieu, Stephen
Serial Number: 86398120

Serial Number: 86360833

Owner: Beck, Storm
Serial Number: 86288559

Serial Number: 86299790

Owner: Beckom Investment Group, Incorporated
Serial Number: 86400773

Owner: Becoming Inc
Serial Number: 86378352

Owner: Beer, Kenneth
Serial Number: 86376435

Owner: Beerded Brothers Brewing, LLC
Serial Number: 86391980

Owner: Beijing Cheese Mobile Technology Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 86360741

Owner: Beijing Create Fortune Science and Technology Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 86351826

Owner: Beijing Feiteng Yuxiang Restaurant LLC
Serial Number: 86383430

Serial Number: 86376642

Owner: Bejelly LLC
Serial Number: 86352113

Owner: Bel Marra Nutritionals Inc.
Serial Number: 86400462

Owner: Bel Marra Nutritionals Inc.
Serial Number: 86385651

Owner: Bel Marra Nutritionals Inc.
Serial Number: 86296540

Owner: Bel Marra Nutritionals Inc.
Serial Number: 86348564

Owner: Belgian Sweets, LLC
Serial Number: 86359945

Owner: Bell, Celise
Serial Number: 86374136

Owner: Bell, Rodger
Serial Number: 86333929

Owner: Bella's Concessions, LLC
Serial Number: 86374197

Serial Number: 86352929

Serial Number: 86365453

Owner: Benexchange Financial Group, Corp
Serial Number: 86366301

Owner: Benitez, Antonio
Serial Number: 86373866

Owner: Benjamin Glick
Serial Number: 86357262

Owner: Benjamin Glick
Serial Number: 86357265

Owner: Benjamin Rush Institute
Serial Number: 86346161

Owner: Benna, Andrew
Serial Number: 86366050

Owner: Benner, Garrett F
Serial Number: 86397739

Owner: Bennett, Jacqueline
Serial Number: 86372898

Owner: Bennett, LeRoy
Serial Number: 86342198

Owner: Benson, Natalie
Serial Number: 86382640

Owner: Bento, Devin Joseph
Serial Number: 86276468

Serial Number: 86356559

Owner: Beresford, Sara
Serial Number: 86353439

Owner: Bergamot Spa & Boutique, LLC
Serial Number: 86373919

Serial Number: 86352702

Owner: Bergman, Jacqueline
Serial Number: 86346540

Owner: Berkeley Square Capital Management, LLC
Serial Number: 86331233

Owner: Bernese Mountain Dog Club Of The Rockies
Serial Number: 86368498

Owner: Berry, John
Serial Number: 76714330

Owner: Berryman, Franklin
Serial Number: 86334238

Owner: Bespoke Search Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 86354294

Owner: Best Brands 4 Less Inc.
Serial Number: 86339842

Owner: Best Home Services of SW Florida, LLC
Serial Number: 86363641

Owner: Best Silver, Inc.
Serial Number: 86362587

Serial Number: 72343783

Serial Number: 72343785

Owner: Betco Corporation
Serial Number: 86334714

Owner: Beth Littlejohn
Serial Number: 86363479

Owner: Better Business Globally, LLC
Serial Number: 86381482

Owner: Better Than Sex, Inc.
Serial Number: 86351296

Owner: BetterWorks Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 86331711

Owner: BetterWorks Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 86331726

Owner: BetterWorks Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 86331728

Owner: BetterWorks Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 86331731

Owner: Beverly E. Hirt
Serial Number: 86377315

Owner: Beyond Security Ltd.
Serial Number: 86358308

Owner: BeyondCurious, Inc.
Serial Number: 86377425

Owner: BH Cosmetics, Inc.
Serial Number: 86353258

Owner: Bibelot Games LLC
Serial Number: 86380219

Owner: Bibelot Games LLC
Serial Number: 86380394

Owner: BiBo Labs, Inc
Serial Number: 86361902

Owner: Bid2Win Software, Inc.
Serial Number: 86358159

Owner: Bidlane LLC
Serial Number: 86377668

Serial Number: 76065567

Owner: Big Biscuit PDR, LLC
Serial Number: 86343407

Owner: Big Dog Domains, LLC
Serial Number: 86393851

Owner: Big Grills On Wheels
Serial Number: 86386760

Owner: Big Kid Digital, Inc.
Serial Number: 86335678

Serial Number: 86365219

Owner: BigBoyMusic, Inc
Serial Number: 86287553

Owner: Bigshot Archery LLC
Serial Number: 86355036

Serial Number: 86368678

Owner: Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation
Serial Number: 86359339

Owner: Bilskey, Brandi
Serial Number: 77594917

Owner: Binder, Richard
Serial Number: 86344668

Serial Number: 73238383

Serial Number: 73256651

Owner: BioChemics, Inc.
Serial Number: 75111610

Owner: Biomet 3i, LLC
Serial Number: 86386186

Owner: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.
Serial Number: 74076312

Owner: Bionostics, Inc.
Serial Number: 86393507

Owner: Biotherm
Serial Number: 86301052

Owner: Bioverse, Inc.
Serial Number: 86345472

Owner: Bioverse, Inc.
Serial Number: 86345749

Owner: Birchwood Genetics, Inc.
Serial Number: 86358551

Owner: Birchwood Genetics, Inc.
Serial Number: 86358563

Owner: Bird Infinity Group, LLC
Serial Number: 86305441

Owner: Bird Refrigeration
Serial Number: 86344145

Serial Number: 86386729

Serial Number: 86390916

Owner: Birkhead, Michael
Serial Number: 86396568

Serial Number: 86350638

Owner: Bison Baseball, Inc.
Serial Number: 86347023

Serial Number: 86282346

Serial Number: 86354907

Serial Number: 86371568

Owner: Bit Stew Systems Inc.
Serial Number: 86347458

Owner: Bitches Who Brunch LLC
Serial Number: 86377531

Owner: Bitches Who Brunch LLC
Serial Number: 86383150

Owner: BitCrane Technologies Co. Limited
Serial Number: 86366906

Owner: BitCrane Technologies Co. Limited
Serial Number: 86366917

Owner: BitMango Corporation
Serial Number: 86326486

Owner: Bits of Proof Zrt.
Serial Number: 86358497

Serial Number: 86314368

Owner: Biztory, LLC
Serial Number: 86361265

Owner: BJS Enterprise, LLC.
Serial Number: 86339030

Serial Number: 86365268

Owner: BL Applied Engineering, Inc.
Serial Number: 86358292

Owner: Black Broadway, LLC.
Serial Number: 86360615

Owner: Black Card LLC
Serial Number: 86349731

Owner: Black Eagle Security Team, Inc.
Serial Number: 86382414

Owner: Black Elk LLC
Serial Number: 86394839

Owner: Black Owl Marketing and Management, LLC
Serial Number: 86399670

Owner: Black-Meller, Lisa Marie
Serial Number: 86390937

Owner: Blackbaud, Inc.
Serial Number: 86381263

Owner: BlackBox Biometrics, Inc.
Serial Number: 86334311

Owner: Blake Kuhre
Serial Number: 86383908

Owner: Blankenship, Mick, S
Serial Number: 86335668

Owner: Bleank
Serial Number: 86333103

Owner: Blephex, LLC
Serial Number: 86383735

Owner: Bleulili Home LLC
Serial Number: 86316987

Owner: Blewett, Nicholas A.
Serial Number: 86338234

Owner: Bling-A-Gogo, LLC
Serial Number: 86344589

Serial Number: 86347013

Serial Number: 86397749

Owner: Blokart International Limited
Serial Number: 86380810

Serial Number: 86335932

Owner: Bloom Media, LLC
Serial Number: 86397599

Owner: Blooming Minds Ventures, LLC
Serial Number: 86353557

Owner: Bloss, Desmond
Serial Number: 86347861

Serial Number: 75696012

Serial Number: 75896700

Owner: Blu Salt LLC
Serial Number: 86378040

Owner: Blu Salt LLC
Serial Number: 86378043

Serial Number: 86365908

Owner: Blue Green Brands, LLC
Serial Number: 86363392

Owner: Blue Hook, LLC
Serial Number: 86365323

Owner: Blue Island, LLC
Serial Number: 86367082

Owner: Blue Line Arts
Serial Number: 86354322

Serial Number: 86364213

Serial Number: 86333751

Owner: Blue Rose Compass, Inc.
Serial Number: 86385266

Owner: Blue Rose Compass, Inc.
Serial Number: 86385278

Owner: Blue Sail Inc.
Serial Number: 86356127

Owner: Blue Star Potables LLC
Serial Number: 86377140

Owner: Bluebird Video Productions, LLC
Serial Number: 86351829

Owner: Bluefin Consulting
Serial Number: 86362516

Serial Number: 86380659

Owner: BMB International, LLC
Serial Number: 86343735

Owner: Bo-Mar Tool & Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 73220312

Owner: Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System
Serial Number: 86348782

Owner: Board of Regents of The University System of Georgia
Serial Number: 75842037

Owner: Board of Trustees of Harvey Mudd College, The
Serial Number: 86386611

Owner: Board of Trustees of Harvey Mudd College, The
Serial Number: 86388071

Owner:, LLC
Serial Number: 86385315

Owner: Bob Baker Marionettes LLC
Serial Number: 86369612

Serial Number: 86390780

Owner: Bobbi Brown Professional Cosmetics, Inc.
Serial Number: 75980329

Owner: BOBST S.A.
Serial Number: 75884677

Owner: Boden Plumbing Inc.
Serial Number: 86394455

Owner: Boden Plumbing Inc.
Serial Number: 86365208

Owner: Body & Mind Healing LLC
Serial Number: 86384699

Owner: Body Creations
Serial Number: 86394429

Owner: BodyZone LLC
Serial Number: 86315680

Owner: Boehm's, Inc.
Serial Number: 86354163

Serial Number: 76703245

Serial Number: 86383378

Owner: Bogan, Jr, Luther
Serial Number: 86360949

Owner: Bokeno, Brandy
Serial Number: 86331167

Owner: Bolongaita, Loretta K
Serial Number: 86341646

Owner: Bomount LLC
Serial Number: 86372841

Owner: Bona Fide Pomade, Inc.
Serial Number: 86379621

Owner: Bonaparte Point Productions
Serial Number: 86348250

Serial Number: 75653663

Owner: Bongo's Popcorn, LLC
Serial Number: 86351818

Owner: Bongos Sportfishing LLC
Serial Number: 86400193

Owner: Bonomo Turkish Taffy, LLC
Serial Number: 86349704

Serial Number: 86381683

Owner: Bonser, Susan
Serial Number: 86401531

Owner: Bonvita USA, LLC
Serial Number: 86331697

Owner: Book Snob, LLC
Serial Number: 86362234

Owner: Bookey, John R
Serial Number: 86354510

Owner: Boom Running
Serial Number: 86390033

Owner: Boom Running
Serial Number: 86390066

Owner: BoomBox, Inc.
Serial Number: 86394624

Owner: Boomerang Impact LLC
Serial Number: 86347591

Owner: Boone, Tabitha
Serial Number: 86347190

Owner: Boot Brands
Serial Number: 86371606

Serial Number: 86398556

Owner: Borders, Russ
Serial Number: 86339937

Owner: Bosco Inc.
Serial Number: 86375878

Owner: Boss Printing Inc.
Serial Number: 86302075

Owner: Boston Beer Corporation
Serial Number: 86375804

Owner: BOSYMO, Inc
Serial Number: 86358155

Owner: Bouchez, Tishia M
Serial Number: 86311294

Owner: Boundless Pursuits, Inc.
Serial Number: 86341071

Owner: Boundless Spatial, Inc.
Serial Number: 86341944

Owner: Bova, Peter
Serial Number: 86364646

Owner: Bow Tie Medical, LLC
Serial Number: 86334912

Owner: Bowden, Kevin, K
Serial Number: 86355892

Owner: Bowen, Derek James
Serial Number: 86401208

Owner: Bower, Llance C
Serial Number: 86392701

Owner: Bowling Green Cheernastics, Inc.
Serial Number: 86389485

Owner: Bowling Green Cheernastics, Inc.
Serial Number: 86389486

Owner: Boy Keeps Girl
Serial Number: 86329979

Owner: Boy Scouts of America
Serial Number: 86296451

Owner: Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks, LLC
Serial Number: 86398045

Owner: Bracamonte, Jerry W
Serial Number: 86340104

Owner: Bradley, James
Serial Number: 86359622

Owner: Bradley, John F.
Serial Number: 86358190

Owner: bradley, red keith
Serial Number: 86377856

Serial Number: 86376405

Owner: Braganza Pearl Tea LLC
Serial Number: 86349842

Serial Number: 77168475

Owner: Branch, Daniel
Serial Number: 86378659

Serial Number: 86399163

Owner: Brandography.Com, LLC
Serial Number: 86391782

Owner: Brands, Chris
Serial Number: 86386640

Owner: Brandt's Fruit Trees, Inc.
Serial Number: 75463075

Owner: Bratt, Dara
Serial Number: 86392481

Serial Number: 86384668

Owner: BRAZIL, Carolyn
Serial Number: 86374832

Serial Number: 86344108

Owner: Breg, Inc.
Serial Number: 86323753

Owner: Brenner, Hillary
Serial Number: 86382907

Owner: Breve Espresso Company, Inc., The
Serial Number: 75874492

Owner: BrewCycle LLC
Serial Number: 86400328

Owner: BrewCycle LLC
Serial Number: 86400354

Owner: Brian Ades
Serial Number: 86380141

Owner: Brian Esper
Serial Number: 86389415

Owner: Brian Konopka
Serial Number: 86391268

Serial Number: 86359786

Owner: Brick Betty LLC
Serial Number: 86392926

Owner: Brickyard Trademarks, Inc.
Serial Number: 86366357

Owner: Brickyard Trademarks, Inc.
Serial Number: 86366361

Owner: Bridge II Sports
Serial Number: 86383753

Owner: Bridges Communications Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 86351004

Owner: Bridgeway Commercial Realty, LLC
Serial Number: 86349513

Owner: Bright Bands Limited Liability Company
Serial Number: 86370927

Serial Number: 86288114

Serial Number: 86377181

Owner: Brilliant, Philip
Serial Number: 86369027

Owner: Brilliant, Philip
Serial Number: 86369071

Serial Number: 86352156

Serial Number: 86352176

Owner: Brinkman, Aaron
Serial Number: 86394049

Owner: Briody, Robert T.
Serial Number: 86354642

Owner: Bristlecone Capital Management, LLC
Serial Number: 86335020

Owner: Bristol-Myers Squibb
Serial Number: 86371621

Owner: Broadcast Depot Corp.
Serial Number: 86396250

Owner: Broadcast Interview Source, Inc
Serial Number: 86376996

Owner: Broadside Music LLC
Serial Number: 86354506

Owner: BROH Productions Inc
Serial Number: 86388847

Serial Number: 86332863

Serial Number: 86371537

Owner: Brooks, Lauren
Serial Number: 86344442

Owner: Brookseed Partners, Inc.
Serial Number: 86342021

Owner: Brookwood School, Inc.
Serial Number: 86365794

Owner: Brookwood School, Inc.
Serial Number: 86360868

Owner: Brotte, Laurent
Serial Number: 86355261

Owner: Brotte, Laurent
Serial Number: 86355295

Owner: Brouton, Peter
Serial Number: 86400854

Owner: Brown Bear Coffee Limited
Serial Number: 86394169

Owner: Brown Group Retail, Inc
Serial Number: 86348315

Serial Number: 86365150

Serial Number: 86365158

Serial Number: 86348194

Owner: Brown, Cameron K
Serial Number: 86357070

Owner: Browser Media, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 86372946

Owner: Bru-V, Inc.
Serial Number: 86361207

Serial Number: 86385511

Owner: Bryan Bunch LLC
Serial Number: 86349255

Owner: Bryan E. Thomas
Serial Number: 86347825

Owner: Bryan Exhaust Service, Inc.
Serial Number: 86381186

Owner: Bryan Software Development LLC
Serial Number: 86379352

Owner: Bryan, Chester
Serial Number: 86345297

Owner: Bryant, Leidia
Serial Number: 86346451

Owner: Bryheem Charity
Serial Number: 86376469

Owner: Bryson, Richard
Serial Number: 86351615

Owner: Brzostowska-Komorek, Marzena
Serial Number: 86343559

Owner: BSCorbett Consulting, LLC
Serial Number: 86354785

Owner: BSCorbett Consulting, LLC
Serial Number: 86354853

Owner: BTS Design Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 86369477

Owner: Bucato, LLC
Serial Number: 86343056

Serial Number: 86338207

Owner: Bugsy's Blinds, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 86344707

Owner: Build-A-Bear Retail Management, Inc.
Serial Number: 86378113

Owner: Building Products Inc., of Iowa
Serial Number: 86400307

Owner: Building Products Inc., of Iowa
Serial Number: 86400443

Owner: BUM Gardening
Serial Number: 86369212

Owner: Bumgarner, Josh
Serial Number: 86382340

Serial Number: 86364860

Owner: Bundy, Tylor
Serial Number: 86322669

Owner: Bungay, Anoop Kumar
Serial Number: 86329003

Owner: Burble Software Company, LLC
Serial Number: 86348313

Owner: Burd, Allan
Serial Number: 86364568

Owner: Buretti LLC
Serial Number: 86377689

Owner: Burger Boss Inc.
Serial Number: 86399916

Owner: Burger Burger One Nine, LLC
Serial Number: 86363567

Serial Number: 86339378

Serial Number: 86339385

Owner: Burgess Manufacturing, Ltd.
Serial Number: 86337394

Owner: Burgos, Jose
Serial Number: 86361119

Owner: Burleson Seminars LLC
Serial Number: 86372674

Owner: Burning Bridges LLC
Serial Number: 86378931

Owner: Burns, Daniel Keith
Serial Number: 86350800

Owner: Burns, Daniel Keith
Serial Number: 86350796

Owner: Busch, Frederic J
Serial Number: 86344289

Owner: Business Monitor International Ltd.
Serial Number: 86371504

Owner: Busiplanit Inc
Serial Number: 86401374

Owner: Buss, Andrew
Serial Number: 86344838

Owner: Butanding Inc.
Serial Number: 86372917

Serial Number: 86335131

Serial Number: 86374834

Serial Number: 86374852

Owner: Buy The Sun Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 86352987

Owner: Buzz About Relationships
Serial Number: 86352382

Owner: Buzzable, LLC
Serial Number: 86352899

Owner: Buzzing Along, LLC
Serial Number: 86365147

Owner: BWSS, Inc
Serial Number: 86337251

Owner: BYCI - San Antonio, LP Socio Development, LLC
Serial Number: 86393359

Owner: BYG Outdoors LLC
Serial Number: 86401789

Owner: Byrd Corporation
Serial Number: 86374733

Owner: Bytematter LLC
Serial Number: 86343799

Owner: C Trimming USA Inc
Serial Number: 86380129

Owner: C Win Technologies LLC
Serial Number: 86375685

Owner: C-Bar-Eight Country Candy
Serial Number: 86385793

Owner: C.X.C. XI, LLC
Serial Number: 86381430

Owner: C/HCA, Inc.
Serial Number: 86367494

Owner: C2 Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 86334994

Owner: C2O Pure Coconut Water
Serial Number: 86370805

Owner: CA, INC.
Serial Number: 76081640

Owner: Cabell Publishing Company
Serial Number: 86387996

Owner: Cabell Publishing Company
Serial Number: 86388007

Owner: Cabin Creek, LLC
Serial Number: 86373701

Owner: Cabin Creek, LLC
Serial Number: 86379545

Owner: Cabinetry By Design, Inc.
Serial Number: 86345116

Serial Number: 86330670

Owner: Cabrera, Blas Jacob
Serial Number: 86335574

Serial Number: 86396607

Serial Number: 75487917

Owner: Cafe 169, Inc.
Serial Number: 86383547

Owner: Cafe Con Leche American Company
Serial Number: 86380735

Owner: Cafferelli, Bryan, T
Serial Number: 86299252

Owner: Cafyne, Inc.
Serial Number: 86397929

Owner: Cal Leather Jobbing Corp .
Serial Number: 86396223

Owner: Calcados Bibi Ltda
Serial Number: 86344477

Owner: Calcados Bibi Ltda
Serial Number: 86344482

Owner: Cale, Chris
Serial Number: 86369155

Serial Number: 86376621

Serial Number: 86346429

Owner: Caliber Design, Inc.
Serial Number: 86382869

Owner: Calico Jacks LLC.
Serial Number: 86387199

Owner: California Mustang Sales and Parts, Inc.
Serial Number: 86364183

Owner: California Tamil Academy
Serial Number: 86343293

Serial Number: 86367515

Owner: Calix, Inc.
Serial Number: 86390435

Owner: Callahan, Thomas
Serial Number: 86402091

Owner: Callahan, Wendy
Serial Number: 86398545

Owner: Callegenix LLC
Serial Number: 86358246

Owner: Calls From The Heart, LLC
Serial Number: 86345476

Owner: Calvary Christian Center, Incorporated
Serial Number: 86378978

Owner: Calvary Farm And Tack, LLC
Serial Number: 86380279

Owner: Calvert, Debra A.
Serial Number: 86398704

Owner: Calvin, Deon
Serial Number: 86399017

Owner: Calzado-Evangelis, Luis C & Gordon Perugachi, Victor Hugo
Serial Number: 86308169

Owner: CAM2 International, LLC
Serial Number: 86381011

Owner: Camacho, Michael
Serial Number: 86385849

Serial Number: 73244746

Serial Number: 86395445

Serial Number: 86398237

Serial Number: 86370463

Owner: Campbell, Matthew
Serial Number: 86362263

Owner: Campbell, Michael
Serial Number: 86396356

Owner: Camper, S.L.
Serial Number: 86400283

Owner: Campisi Financial Network, LLC
Serial Number: 86322226

Owner: Campless, LLC
Serial Number: 86371647

Owner: Campus Apartments Inc.
Serial Number: 86282126

Owner: Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc.
Serial Number: 86350610

Owner: Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc.
Serial Number: 86350612

Owner: Campus Outreach Services
Serial Number: 86381993

Owner: CAN'T LLC
Serial Number: 86388844

Owner: CAN'T LLC
Serial Number: 86386045

Owner: Canadian Energy Services LP
Serial Number: 86373497

Serial Number: 86331591

Serial Number: 86363324

Owner: Candelore, Craig
Serial Number: 86328723

Owner: Candy Atlas LLC
Serial Number: 86337873

Owner: Canine Adventure LLC
Serial Number: 86401242

Owner: Canine Freestyle Federation, Inc
Serial Number: 86350499

Serial Number: 75556719

Serial Number: 86335218

Owner: Cape Cod Ready Mix
Serial Number: 86353286

Owner: Cape Négociants
Serial Number: 86372056

Serial Number: 86381820

Owner: Capital One Financial Corporation
Serial Number: 86396860

Owner: Capital Plan, Inc.
Serial Number: 86379474

Owner: Capitol Works, Inc.
Serial Number: 86381406

Owner: Capote, Carlos R
Serial Number: 86401032

Owner: Capote, Carlos R
Serial Number: 86401100

Owner: Capote, Carlos R
Serial Number: 86401102

Owner: Capstone Direct LLC
Serial Number: 86371277

Owner: Capsule LLC
Serial Number: 86335077

Owner: Captain William G. MacDonald
Serial Number: 86354938

Owner: Captain William G. MacDonald
Serial Number: 86376711

Owner: Captains Excursions LLC
Serial Number: 86396366

Owner: Car Cafe Co.
Serial Number: 86337816

Owner: Carbonell Cornejo, Ricardo A.
Serial Number: 75460445

Owner: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.
Serial Number: 75729764

Serial Number: 75611426

Owner: CardioDX, Inc.
Serial Number: 86346327

Owner: CareCore National LLC
Serial Number: 86362615

Serial Number: 86365063

Owner: Carey, Bojana O.
Serial Number: 86395987

Owner: Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation
Serial Number: 86390373

Owner: Carity Companies, LLC
Serial Number: 86364348

Owner: Carity Companies, LLC
Serial Number: 86364356

Owner: Carlen Altman
Serial Number: 86380821

Owner: Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 86376023

Serial Number: 74692649

Owner: Caro Nut Company
Serial Number: 86393647

Owner: Carolina Guitars
Serial Number: 86400067

Owner: Carolina Shooters Supply, Inc.
Serial Number: 86355293

Owner: Carolina Speech Source, LLC
Serial Number: 86372948

Owner: Carpenter, Don
Serial Number: 86384447

Owner: Carpenter, Karson L.
Serial Number: 86350946

Owner: Carrick, James Bradley
Serial Number: 86400785

Serial Number: 73245658

Owner: Carroll, Kevin J.
Serial Number: 86368799

Owner: Carroll, Kevin J.
Serial Number: 86369903

Owner: Carry Me Boldly
Serial Number: 86376641

Owner: Carry Me Productions
Serial Number: 86398429

Owner: Carto Funeral Home, Inc.
Serial Number: 86400342

Owner: Carto Funeral Home, Inc.
Serial Number: 86400371

Owner: Caruso, David
Serial Number: 86346363

Owner: Casa Gran Real Estate INC
Serial Number: 86348600

Owner: Cascade Integrated Services, LLC
Serial Number: 86334450

Owner: Case Western Reserve University
Serial Number: 86387701

Owner: Casini, Maria
Serial Number: 86367451

Owner: Casini, Maria
Serial Number: 86367452

Owner: Casini, Maria
Serial Number: 86367455

Owner: Casla Consumer Holdings, LP
Serial Number: 86379421

Serial Number: 86336719

Owner: Castañeda, Juan Pablo
Serial Number: 86400612

Owner: Castaneda, Leonard J.
Serial Number: 86348992

Owner: Caster & Wheel Supply Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 86368828

Serial Number: 86395139

Serial Number: 86395318

Owner: Castleberry Enterprises LLC
Serial Number: 86361887

Owner: Castro, Gerardo Arturo Quintana
Serial Number: 86400720

Owner: Catalano, Tammy
Serial Number: 86276524

Owner: Cate & Co., LLC
Serial Number: 86393592

Owner: Cathcart, James M
Serial Number: 86352538

Owner: Catherine Litke LLC
Serial Number: 86388138

Serial Number: 86358671

Serial Number: 86398760

Owner: CAZE, LLC
Serial Number: 86359323

Owner: CB Tax Franchise Systems, LP
Serial Number: 86337656

Serial Number: 86396632

Owner: CBOCS Properties, Inc.
Serial Number: 86391570

Owner: CBOCS Properties, Inc.
Serial Number: 86391572

Owner: CCC Information Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 86393374

Owner: CDI Technology
Serial Number: 86323708

Owner: CDI Technology
Serial Number: 86326241

Owner: Cecil Richard Rogers Jr.
Serial Number: 86377175

Owner: Cecil Richard Rogers Jr.
Serial Number: 86377223

Owner: Cedar Grove Composting, Inc.
Serial Number: 86398092

Owner: Celebrity Cruises Inc.
Serial Number: 86392973

Owner: Celebrity Cruises Inc.
Serial Number: 86392976

Owner: Celebrity Cruises Inc.
Serial Number: 86357865

Owner: Celeste Blackman and Associates
Serial Number: 86352188

Owner: Celestial Seasonings, Inc.
Serial Number: 86393649

Owner: Celestial Seasonings, Inc.
Serial Number: 86389698

Owner: Celestine, Errol
Serial Number: 86400034

Owner: Celgene Corporation
Serial Number: 86389687

Owner: Celgene Corporation
Serial Number: 86378256

Owner: Celgene Corporation
Serial Number: 86340009

Owner: Cell-nique Corporation
Serial Number: 86394026

Owner: Celluon, Inc.
Serial Number: 86380566

Owner: Center for High Performance, LLC
Serial Number: 86341236

Owner: Centerx Productions, Inc.
Serial Number: 86333112

Owner: Centor, Elana
Serial Number: 86401238

Owner: Central Jersey Blood Center, Inc.
Serial Number: 86389211

Owner: Century City Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
Serial Number: 86390005

Owner: CEO Lux, LLC
Serial Number: 86349095

Owner: CEO Lux, LLC
Serial Number: 86355400

Owner: CEO Lux, LLC
Serial Number: 86355428

Owner: Cereal City, LLC
Serial Number: 86386950

Owner: Certifix Management Inc.
Serial Number: 86342645

Owner: Cervesia Gratis, Inc.
Serial Number: 86282593

Serial Number: 86330466

Owner: CESCO Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 86338898

Serial Number: 86385788

Owner: CG Garment Designs, LLC
Serial Number: 86400344

Owner: CG Holding Ventures
Serial Number: 86362761

Serial Number: 86351311

Owner: Chadbourne & Parke LLP
Serial Number: 86327269

Owner: Chadwick Optical, Inc.
Serial Number: 86378464

Owner: Chae, Won Young and Yoon, Kern Sik
Serial Number: 86321443

Owner: Challenger Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 86384330

Owner: Chamberlin-Rymer, Luisa
Serial Number: 86375914

Owner: Chan, Frank
Serial Number: 86377088

Owner: Chan, Frank
Serial Number: 86373670

Owner: Chanel, Inc.
Serial Number: 86379987

Owner: Chang, Yong Y.
Serial Number: 86365406

Serial Number: 86366976

Serial Number: 86336430

Owner: Chapko, Celeste
Serial Number: 86332135

Owner: Chapman, Steve
Serial Number: 86336305

Owner: Chappell, Nicole K
Serial Number: 86373293

Serial Number: 86382043

Serial Number: 86303754

Owner: Charles Hill
Serial Number: 86384652

Owner: Charley King's, LLC
Serial Number: 86399077

Owner: Charlie's Brownies
Serial Number: 86334575

Owner: Charly's Blanket
Serial Number: 86339970

Owner: Charly's Blanket
Serial Number: 86339992

Serial Number: 86366825

Owner: Charter Communications Holding Company L.L.C.
Serial Number: 86373486

Owner: Chaudhary Group Llc
Serial Number: 86337867

Owner: Chavan & Associates, LLP
Serial Number: 86401255

Owner: Chavez, Christopher
Serial Number: 86385195

Serial Number: 86372499

Owner: Check Savers, Inc.
Serial Number: 73204327

Owner: Cheetah Brixxs Technology LLC
Serial Number: 86366321

Owner: Chef Driven Restaurant, Inc.
Serial Number: 86369401

Owner: Chef Driven Restaurant, Inc.
Serial Number: 86369402

Owner: Chelsea Kusky Photography & Design, Ltd.
Serial Number: 86331412

Serial Number: 86390193

Owner: Chen Yu De
Serial Number: 86366217

Owner: Chen, Bruce
Serial Number: 86347722

Owner: Chen, Michael
Serial Number: 86396849

Owner: Chen, Michael
Serial Number: 86397761

Owner: Chen, Michael
Serial Number: 86397991

Owner: Chen, Michael
Serial Number: 86399122

Owner: Cheng Lili
Serial Number: 86374144

Serial Number: 86385696

Owner: Cheng, Preston
Serial Number: 86355456

Owner: ChengChao Fang
Serial Number: 86379293

Owner: Chengdu Xicang Consignment Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 86349340

Owner: Cherry Hill Sales Co.
Serial Number: 86337079

Owner: Cherry Man Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 86340709

Owner: Cheung, Jason
Serial Number: 86363309

Owner: Chibi's Inc.
Serial Number: 86365963

Owner: Chicago Architecture Foundation
Serial Number: 86338552

Owner: Chicago Petroleum Oil LLC
Serial Number: 86394301

Owner: Chico Wealth, Inc.
Serial Number: 86358606

Owner: Chien, Christine
Serial Number: 86386342

Owner: Childers, Ben
Serial Number: 86390551

Serial Number: 86389160

Owner: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Inc.
Serial Number: 86351018

Owner: Chillax, LLC
Serial Number: 86367765

Owner: Chin, Kelsey
Serial Number: 86375538

Serial Number: 86373166

Owner: Chinese Christian Herald Crusades, Inc.
Serial Number: 86391086

Owner: Chinese Christian Herald Crusades, Inc.
Serial Number: 86393211

Owner: Chip Ganassi Racing Teams, Inc.
Serial Number: 86393484

Owner: Chkechkov, Eitan
Serial Number: 86351413

Owner: Chocolate Printing Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 86368470

Serial Number: 86357124

Serial Number: 86357472

Serial Number: 86357430

Owner: Choose Local Media, Inc.
Serial Number: 86351214

Owner: Choose Wisely Group, LLC
Serial Number: 86380877

Owner: Chop Daddy's Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 86384772

Owner: Chosen Foods, Inc.
Serial Number: 86360307

Owner: Christel Nzitchoum
Serial Number: 86377472

Owner: Christensen and Nielsen Trading Co.
Serial Number: 86400845

Owner: Christensen Computer Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 86392294

Owner: Christensen, Chanda
Serial Number: 86356021

Owner: Christian Investors Financial
Serial Number: 86394876

Owner: Christian Investors Financial
Serial Number: 86397270

Owner: Christina Chance
Serial Number: 86384106

Owner: Christman, Steven
Serial Number: 86371231

Serial Number: 86356150

Owner: Christopher B. Jones, Jr.
Serial Number: 86362624

Owner: Christopher Carpenter
Serial Number: 86370653

Owner: Christopher Licata
Serial Number: 86388505

Owner: ChuGeng,Zheng
Serial Number: 86360951

Owner: Churgery Limited
Serial Number: 86386062

Serial Number: 86371472

Owner: Chutzpah Films, Inc.
Serial Number: 86360852

Owner: Chutzpah Films, Inc.
Serial Number: 86360853

Owner: Cianna Medical, Inc.
Serial Number: 86363107

Owner: Ciappina, Antonino
Serial Number: 86386030

Serial Number: 86332605

Serial Number: 86332614

Owner: Cigna Intellectual Property, Inc.
Serial Number: 86378886

Serial Number: 86385298

Serial Number: 76000182

Owner: Cinderella's Closet of Lilburn, Inc.
Serial Number: 86361473

Owner: Cindy Rodriguez
Serial Number: 86332580

Owner: Cinegrain, LLC
Serial Number: 86346344

Owner: Cinergy Cinemas, LP
Serial Number: 86358100

Serial Number: 86329811

Serial Number: 77665250

Owner: Cintas Holdings LLC
Serial Number: 86393045

Owner: Cintas Holdings LLC
Serial Number: 86393055

Owner: Cintas Holdings LLC
Serial Number: 86393063

Owner: Cintas Holdings LLC
Serial Number: 86393066

Owner: Cintas Holdings LLC
Serial Number: 86393071

Owner: Cintas Holdings LLC
Serial Number: 86393192

Owner: Cintas Holdings LLC
Serial Number: 86393199

Owner: Cintas Holdings LLC
Serial Number: 86393204

Owner: Cintas Holdings LLC
Serial Number: 86393209

Owner: Cintas Holdings LLC
Serial Number: 86393215

Owner: Cintas Holdings LLC
Serial Number: 86393225

Owner: Circa 6 & Associates, LLC
Serial Number: 86359252

Serial Number: 75213637

Owner: Circle Dove Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 86347267

Serial Number: 86397508

Serial Number: 86352377

Owner: Cirro Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 86397892

Owner: Citadel Insurance Services
Serial Number: 86366802

Serial Number: 75752290

Owner: CitiFid-o
Serial Number: 86401477

Owner: Citigroup Inc.
Serial Number: 86353741

Owner: City Of Huntington, West Virginia
Serial Number: 86363835

Owner: City of League City, Texas
Serial Number: 86392314

Serial Number: 86369644

Owner: City of Palm Coast
Serial Number: 86325604

Owner: City of Rockport
Serial Number: 86376425

Owner: City of Rockport
Serial Number: 86376437

Owner: Civitella & Associates LLC
Serial Number: 86396639

Owner: CJH Wholesale, LLC
Serial Number: 86389294

Owner: CKLA, LLC.
Serial Number: 86385837

Owner: CLAD Innovations
Serial Number: 86337295

Owner: Clairvista LLC
Serial Number: 86344202

Owner: Clairvista LLC
Serial Number: 86344233

Owner: ClanOGraphy
Serial Number: 86367923

Owner: Clare Medland
Serial Number: 86357763

Serial Number: 86306841

Serial Number: 86362979

Serial Number: 72097989

Owner: Clark Enterprises 2000, Inc.
Serial Number: 86382876

Owner: Clarke, Bryan
Serial Number: 86378818

Owner: Clay, Ricky
Serial Number: 86279325

Owner: Clayton, Aaron
Serial Number: 86363760

Owner: Clean-Fuel Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 86361181

Owner: Cleanse Tec
Serial Number: 86394487

Owner: Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc.
Serial Number: 86363096

Owner: Clear Global Solutions
Serial Number: 86397590

Owner: Clear Mountain Software, Inc
Serial Number: 86331857

Owner: ClearCaptions LLC
Serial Number: 86331215

Owner: Cleargrid Innovations Inc.
Serial Number: 86374760

Owner: Clearstone Coating, Inc.
Serial Number: 86346410

Owner: Click Ready Marketing, LLC
Serial Number: 86398278

Owner: Clickstop, Inc.
Serial Number: 86387678

Owner: Clickstop, Inc.
Serial Number: 86387681

Owner: ClinEdge, LLC
Serial Number: 86343939

Owner: Clinical Innovations, LLC
Serial Number: 86376406

Owner: Clinical Resolution Laboratory Inc.
Serial Number: 86353813

Owner: Clinical Resolution Laboratory, Inc.
Serial Number: 86353756

Owner: Clinical Resolution Laboratory, Inc.
Serial Number: 86331253

Serial Number: 75775761

Owner: Clinton, Michelle A
Serial Number: 86401086

Serial Number: 86399420

Serial Number: 86393469

Owner: Clocktower Media, Inc.
Serial Number: 86394758

Owner: ClormoIndustries Music Group, LLC
Serial Number: 86363532

Serial Number: 86376897

Serial Number: 86359771

Serial Number: 72364387

Owner: Cloudred Multimedia LLC
Serial Number: 86356505

Owner: Cloudstead, Inc
Serial Number: 86358274

Owner: CM Holistic Wellness, Inc.
Serial Number: 86352861

Serial Number: 86388904

Serial Number: 86365628

Owner: Cmelik, Michael J.
Serial Number: 86393539

Owner: CMG Media Agency LLC
Serial Number: 86388941

Owner: CMH Designs, LLC
Serial Number: 86383965

Owner: CND America Inc.
Serial Number: 86391205

Owner: CNS Visions, LLC
Serial Number: 86349552

Owner: Coastal Home Furnishings Inc.
Serial Number: 86392271

Owner: Coates Golf, LLC
Serial Number: 86369332

Owner: Cobb, Tony
Serial Number: 86366538

Serial Number: 86392848

Owner: Cocary Shabushabu Restaurant, Inc.
Serial Number: 86352831

Owner: Cochran, Mary
Serial Number: 86394496

Owner: Cochran, Mary
Serial Number: 86401236

Owner: Cochrane, Thomas
Serial Number: 86364100

Owner: Cockrell, Timothy S
Serial Number: 86330682

Owner: Cococopia Restaurant LLC
Serial Number: 86364112

Owner: Coconut Bird, Inc.
Serial Number: 86395503

Owner: Code 2 Action, Inc
Serial Number: 86386212

Owner: code/op LLC
Serial Number: 86394794

Owner: CodeCombat Inc.
Serial Number: 86358889

Owner: Coffey, Eric L
Serial Number: 86381761

Serial Number: 86338712

Owner: Cohen, Alan
Serial Number: 86338984

Owner: Cohen, Marcos I.
Serial Number: 86381466

Owner: Coin Services LLC
Serial Number: 86370632

Owner: Coinvent, Inc.
Serial Number: 86369758

Owner: Coko Creates
Serial Number: 86387863

Owner: Colavita USA LLC
Serial Number: 86332078

Owner: Cold Pressed Juices Ltd.
Serial Number: 86398945

Owner: Colden Corporation
Serial Number: 86331694

Serial Number: 73237569

Serial Number: 73236694

Owner: Cole, Perry
Serial Number: 86368628

Owner: Coleman, Derek Riccardo
Serial Number: 86362023

Owner: Coleman, Diane
Serial Number: 86398559

Owner: Colgate-Palmolive Company
Serial Number: 72101803

Owner: Colkitt & Company
Serial Number: 86350497

Owner: BV
Serial Number: 86284676

Serial Number: 86359999

Serial Number: 86364763

Serial Number: 86372518

Owner: College of William and Mary in Virginia, The
Serial Number: 74069240

Owner: Colley, Gerald
Serial Number: 86333546

Owner: Collide Agency, LLC
Serial Number: 86356392

Serial Number: 75878692

Owner: Collins, Corey D.
Serial Number: 86335522

Owner: Colombette Confections
Serial Number: 86351170

Serial Number: 86353687

Serial Number: 76085822

Owner: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, The
Serial Number: 86371627

Owner: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, The
Serial Number: 86371646

Serial Number: 86396044

Serial Number: 86389074

Serial Number: 86389100

Serial Number: 74044176

Owner: Columbia Bible College Broadcasting Co.
Serial Number: 86356675

Owner: Columbus International Inc.
Serial Number: 86368438

Owner: Columbus International Inc.
Serial Number: 86368487

Owner: Colupon LLC
Serial Number: 86397931

Owner: Colwell, Ember
Serial Number: 86373771

Owner: Coman Trading Co., Ltd
Serial Number: 86337044

Serial Number: 86389048

Serial Number: 76029309

Serial Number: 86389831

Owner: CommNet Corporation
Serial Number: 86387000

Owner: Community Blood Bank of Erie County
Serial Number: 86389167

Serial Number: 86399200

Serial Number: 77403350

Owner: Comora, Louise
Serial Number: 86390268

Owner: Companion Bridge Inc
Serial Number: 86350980

Serial Number: 75577522

Serial Number: 86378493

Serial Number: 86378530

Owner: Compass Wines LLC
Serial Number: 86343687

Owner: Compel Fitness LLC
Serial Number: 86358739

Owner: Complete Within Him Ministries
Serial Number: 86365490

Serial Number: 86371268

Owner: Compliment, LLC
Serial Number: 86393847

Owner: Component Electronics Corporation
Serial Number: 86395126

Serial Number: 86379849

Owner: Compumatrice Inc.
Serial Number: 86383446

Serial Number: 72327861

Owner: Computer Upgrade Corporation (CUC)
Serial Number: 86381032

Serial Number: 72037224

Serial Number: 72037225

Owner: ConcernTrak, Inc.
Serial Number: 86390693

Owner: ConcernTrak, Inc.
Serial Number: 86390828

Owner: Conch Fritter King LLC
Serial Number: 86335470

Serial Number: 86328683

Serial Number: 86371369

Serial Number: 86331785

Owner: Cong Wu
Serial Number: 86360925

Serial Number: 77602395

Owner: Conlan, Arthur
Serial Number: 86367980

Owner: Connect The Dots Occupational Therapy, PLLC
Serial Number: 86378620

Owner: Connected Signals, Inc.
Serial Number: 86336855

Owner: Connecticut Experiential Learning Center(CELC) (CELC)
Serial Number: 86400189

Owner: Connecticut Valley Tobacconist LLC
Serial Number: 86384136

Owner: Connie Hertz
Serial Number: 86399737

Owner: Connolly, Grant
Serial Number: 86333157

Owner: ConnXus, Inc.
Serial Number: 86337420

Owner: ConnXus, Inc.
Serial Number: 86394873

Owner: ConnXus, Inc.
Serial Number: 86368102

Owner: Conrex Pharmaceutical Corp.
Serial Number: 86363154

Owner: Conscious Connections LLC
Serial Number: 86395884

Serial Number: 86350830

Owner: Consensus Conflict Management & Mediation Services, LLC
Serial Number: 86336199

Owner: Conshohocken Brewing Company
Serial Number: 86328968

Owner: Conshohocken Brewing Company
Serial Number: 86328980

Owner: Consolidated Research of Richmond, Inc.
Serial Number: 86338633

Owner: Consortium For School Networking
Serial Number: 86360992

Owner: Constance M. Brown
Serial Number: 86395858

Owner: Contagious Atmosphere LLC
Serial Number: 86340724

Owner: Content Fleet GmbH
Serial Number: 86349755

Owner: Continental Automotive GmbH
Serial Number: 86308269

Serial Number: 74081913

Owner: Continuum Energy Services, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 86348875

Owner: Contractor's Edge LLC
Serial Number: 86349393

Serial Number: 77361675

Owner: Convergence Products Inc
Serial Number: 86394543

Owner: Convergence, LLC
Serial Number: 86386268

Owner: Convergent Law Group LLP
Serial Number: 86361771

Owner: Convergent Law Group LLP
Serial Number: 86361775

Owner: Conversation Academy
Serial Number: 86344192

Serial Number: 86335878

Owner: Convoy Games, LLC
Serial Number: 86355762

Owner: Convoy Games, LLC
Serial Number: 86356656

Owner: CookingWorker
Serial Number: 86338050

Owner: CookTek Induction Systems, LLC
Serial Number: 86278676

Owner: Coop Diamonds LLC
Serial Number: 86365168

Owner: Coop Diamonds LLC
Serial Number: 86365207

Owner: Cooperative Educational Service Agency No. 6
Serial Number: 86392210

Owner: Cope, Richard Bradley
Serial Number: 86368832

Serial Number: 86367549

Owner: Copter Kids, LLC
Serial Number: 86401304

Owner: COR-COM, INC.
Serial Number: 75838238

Owner: COR-COM, INC.
Serial Number: 75838239

Owner: Cordes, John L.
Serial Number: 86397842

Owner: Cordim, LLC
Serial Number: 86379938

Owner: CorePower Yoga, LLC
Serial Number: 86345399

Owner: CorePower Yoga, LLC
Serial Number: 86345441

Owner: Corey, Bill
Serial Number: 86367885

Owner: Corey, Bill
Serial Number: 86367890

Owner: Coreyce Long
Serial Number: 86368574

Owner: Corley, Matt
Serial Number: 86375520

Owner: Corner, Thomas
Serial Number: 86344868

Owner: Cornfields To Cocktails Wedding And Event Planning
Serial Number: 86369920

Owner: Corning Data Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 75919176

Owner: Corona, Frank
Serial Number: 86388968

Owner: Corona, Michael
Serial Number: 86396988

Owner: Coronado Transportation Systems Inc.
Serial Number: 86338283

Serial Number: 86325127

Owner: Corporate Renegade LLC
Serial Number: 86359738

Owner: Corporation Marketing Essentials Limited
Serial Number: 86334558

Owner: Corporation Of The President Of The Peyote Way Church Of God, Inc
Serial Number: 86344930

Owner: Correa, Harold E
Serial Number: 86279096

Owner: Correlytix LLC
Serial Number: 86369731

Owner: Correlytix LLC
Serial Number: 86369741

Owner: Correlytix LLC
Serial Number: 86370290

Owner: Correlytix LLC
Serial Number: 86370296

Serial Number: 86389247

Owner: Corrugated Chemicals, Inc.
Serial Number: 86389753

Owner: Corrugated Chemicals, Inc.
Serial Number: 86390898

Owner: Corrugated Chemicals, Inc.
Serial Number: 86390954

Owner: Corrugated Chemicals, Inc.
Serial Number: 86391000

Owner: Corstan Agriculture Technology Inc.
Serial Number: 86354527

Serial Number: 86331579

Serial Number: 86348084

Owner: Cosmedicine, LLC
Serial Number: 86370052

Owner: Cosmedicine, LLC
Serial Number: 86371272

Owner: Cospace Two Limited
Serial Number: 86394077

Owner: Costco Wholesale Corporation
Serial Number: 75621974

Owner: Couch Call LLC
Serial Number: 86366531

Owner: Couch Call LLC
Serial Number: 86363790

Owner: Couch Call LLC
Serial Number: 86363436

Owner: Council Brewing Company
Serial Number: 86389182

Serial Number: 86337318

Serial Number: 86337326

Owner:, LLC
Serial Number: 76030410

Owner: CoupSmart, LLC
Serial Number: 86401616

Owner: Courage Worldwide, Inc.
Serial Number: 86337814

Owner: Court Sentinel Inc.
Serial Number: 86388594

Serial Number: 86361155

Serial Number: 86354673

Owner: Covell, Emylee
Serial Number: 86396736

Owner: Cox Automotive, Inc.
Serial Number: 86394373

Owner: Cox, Elizabeth
Serial Number: 86343739

Owner: CP Squared Games
Serial Number: 86351584

Serial Number: 72363524

Owner: Crabtree, Rowe & Berger, P.C.
Serial Number: 86337229

Serial Number: 86362564

Owner: Craft Commander, LLC
Serial Number: 86342826

Owner: Craft Commander, LLC
Serial Number: 86342935

Owner: Crafted Events, LLC
Serial Number: 86337469

Serial Number: 75537050

Owner: Craig Fear
Serial Number: 86363045

Owner: Crandall, Laura A.
Serial Number: 86353282

Owner: Crane, David
Serial Number: 86348829

Owner: Crashmob Mobile Media, Inc.
Serial Number: 86392989

Owner: Crawford, Julie M
Serial Number: 86387990

Serial Number: 86347339

Owner: Creative Dreams Inc.
Serial Number: 86392969

Owner: Creative Microsystems
Serial Number: 86363422

Owner: Crispin Porter & Bogusky LLC
Serial Number: 86395719

Owner: Crispin Porter & Bogusky LLC
Serial Number: 86395721

Owner: Crispy Games Private Limited
Serial Number: 86342883

Owner: Cristina Bartolucci
Serial Number: 86339659

Owner: Croatian Fraternal Union of America
Serial Number: 86393680

Serial Number: 86393807

Owner: Cross Train
Serial Number: 86359404

Owner: Cross, Jayson
Serial Number: 86356445

Serial Number: 86369374

Owner: Crowley, Lynn
Serial Number: 86397253

Owner: Crown Philanthropic Solutions, LLC
Serial Number: 86364182

Owner: Cruisers Place
Serial Number: 86348728

Owner: Cryo Nation
Serial Number: 86385873

Owner: Cryptofish, LLC
Serial Number: 86353805

Owner: Crystal's Vision Rocks, Inc.
Serial Number: 86377569

Owner: CSC Brands LP
Serial Number: 86393389

Serial Number: 86396331

Serial Number: 86396402

Serial Number: 86396418

Serial Number: 86396490

Serial Number: 86389060

Serial Number: 86354319

Serial Number: 86354328

Owner: Cuicani
Serial Number: 86397102

Owner: Culdesac Chauffeur Service
Serial Number: 86348376

Owner: Culture Change Consultants, Inc.
Serial Number: 86337729

Owner: Cunitz, Gary
Serial Number: 86363221

Owner: Cup'd Up Calls LLC
Serial Number: 86368041

Owner: Curious Cat Learning Toys, LLC
Serial Number: 86358169

Owner: Curl Collection, LLC
Serial Number: 86309596

Owner: Curriculum Project, Inc., The
Serial Number: 75544376

Owner: Currier, Steven
Serial Number: 86370251

Owner: Currington, Ken A
Serial Number: 86385945

Owner: Custom Fit Body Sculptors
Serial Number: 86358592

Serial Number: 86389828

Owner: CustomVine Corp.
Serial Number: 86346694

Owner: CustomVine Corp.
Serial Number: 86346703

Owner: CustomVine Corp.
Serial Number: 86349543

Owner: Cute in LLC
Serial Number: 86349052

Owner: CW Entertainment USA, LLC
Serial Number: 86388843

Owner: CW Entertainment USA, LLC
Serial Number: 86388848

Owner: CW Entertainment USA, LLC
Serial Number: 86388850

Owner: CW Entertainment USA, LLC
Serial Number: 86388855

Serial Number: 86370416

Owner: Cyber Huntsville Corporation
Serial Number: 86367110

Serial Number: 86389775

Serial Number: 75763079

Owner: Cycle Hub, LLC
Serial Number: 86359454

Owner: Cyclops Vapor, LLC
Serial Number: 86395220

Owner: Cyclops Vapor, LLC
Serial Number: 86367680

Serial Number: 86397699

Owner: Cyplik, Michael
Serial Number: 86339734