Sunday, October 10 2021

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: agutko; Krzysztof W odzimierz (Warsaw, PL)
Title: Method of lighting intensity automatic adjustment and device with lighting intensity automatic adjustment
Patent Number: 9,723,689

Inventors: Abadi; Aharon (Eilat, IL), Ettinger; Ran (Tel Aviv, IL), Feldman; Yishai (Tel Aviv, IL), Goldstein; Maayan (Holon, IL)
Title: Software architecture by untangling undesired code level dependencies using code refactoring
Patent Number: 9,720,690

Inventors: Abdullahi; Wahib (Ashburn, VA)
Title: Magnification system
Patent Number: 9,723,115

Inventors: Abe; Kazuhiro (Tokyo-to, JP), Shibata; Takayuki (Tokyo-to, JP)
Title: Decorative material and decorative sheet
Patent Number: 8,497,011

Inventors: Abou Mahmoud; Alaa (Dracut, MA), Bastide; Paul R. (Boxford, MA), Lu; Fang (Billerica, MA)
Title: Credibility enhancement for online comments and recommendations
Patent Number: 9,721,288

Inventors: Abrams; Daniel (Palo Alto, CA), Peng; Danping (Richmond, CA), Osher; Stanley (Pacific Palisades, CA)
Title: Optimized photomasks for photolithography
Patent Number: 7,571,423

Inventors: Abramson; Andrew (Sunnyvale, CA), Poiesz; Benjamin David (Santa Clara, CA)
Title: Programmatically determining when credits appear during a video in order to provide supplemental information
Patent Number: 9,723,374

Inventors: Abreu; Marcio Marc (Bridgeport, CT)
Title: Biologically fit wearable electronics apparatus and methods
Patent Number: 9,723,391

Inventors: Abuelsaad; Kelly (Somers, NY), DeLuca; Lisa Seacat (Baltimore, MD), Jang; Soobaek (Hamden, CT), Krook; Daniel C. (Fairfield, CT)
Title: Social media message delivery based on user location
Patent Number: 9,722,963

Inventors: Abuelsaad; Kelly (Somers, NY), DeLuca; Lisa Seacat (Baltimore, MD), Jang; Soobaek (Hamden, CT), Krook; Daniel C. (Fairfield, CT)
Title: Social media message delivery based on user location
Patent Number: 9,722,964

Inventors: Abunassar; Chad (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Variable stiffness stent
Patent Number: 9,717,609

Inventors: Acena; Miguel Angel (Valls, ES), Escoda; Jordi (Valls, ES)
Title: Dual energy-storage for a vehicle system
Patent Number: 7,573,151

Inventors: Ackerman; Michael J. (Rochester, MN), Van Driest; Sara (Nashville, TN)
Title: Identifying susceptibility to cardiac hypertrophy
Patent Number: 7,572,586

Inventors: Adam; Christian (Colmar, FR)
Title: Rotation sensor with temperature measuring feature
Patent Number: 7,573,391

Inventors: Adam; Frank (Linsengericht, DE), Eckhoff; Stephan (Alzenau, DE), Mueller; Sebastian (Maintal, DE)
Title: Reduction of N.sub.2O in the exhaust gas of lean-burn petrol engines
Patent Number: 9,719,446

Inventors: Adam; Lindsay Jean-Marie (Akron, OH)
Title: Ergonomic crochet hook
Patent Number: 8,499,586

Inventors: Adams; Christopher (Hamburg, DE)
Title: Piano hammer
Patent Number: 8,497,415

Inventors: Adams; Zachary T. (Plymouth, MN), Nienaber; Kent B. (Ham Lake, MN)
Title: Child mobility chair
Patent Number: 8,496,261

Inventors: Addis; Mark E. (Kennebunk, ME)
Title: Seal for turbine engine
Patent Number: 7,572,099

Inventors: Adusumilli; Praneet (Albany, NY), Jagannathan; Hemanth (Niskayuna, NY), Reznicek; Alexander (Troy, NY), Van Der Straten; Oscar (Guilderland Center, NY), Yang; Chih-Chao (Glenmont, NY)
Title: Metal cap protection layer for gate and contact metallization
Patent Number: 9,722,038

Inventors: Aeschilmann; Peter (Windisch, CH)
Title: Bending wood laminate and bent shaped part produced therefrom
Patent Number: 9,718,257

Inventors: Aeschlimann; Adrian (Hilterfingen, CH), Zwahlen; Reto (Heimberg, CH)
Title: Positioning device
Patent Number: 7,573,161

Inventors: Agetsuma; Masakuni (Yokohama, JP), Nakano; Takahiro (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Storage system having a virtual connection between a virtual network attached process and a management process, and an information processing apparatus and connection method thereof
Patent Number: 8,499,062

Inventors: Agnello; Vincent (Weston, MA)
Title: Prognostic marker for cryoglobulinemic vasculitis and B cell malignancies in HCV infected patients
Patent Number: 9,719,141

Inventors: Agrawal; Dakshi (Monsey, NY), Ganti; Raghu K. (Elmsford, NY), Srivatsa; Mudhakar (White Plains, NY)
Title: Mapping uncertain geometries to graticules
Patent Number: 9,719,790

Inventors: Agrawal; Dakshi (Monsey, NY), Pappas; Vasileios (Elmsford, NY)
Title: System and method for assisting virtual machine instantiation and migration
Patent Number: 9,720,724

Inventors: Aher; Ravindra Dattatray (Pune, IN), Kumar; Boopathi Senthil (Pune, IN), Sudalai; Arumugam (Pune, IN), Lalwani; Komal Girdhari (Pune, IN)
Title: Substituted 5 membered heterocyclic compounds and preparation thereof
Patent Number: 9,718,773

Inventors: Ahmed; Mohamed Nooman (Louisville, KY)
Title: Encoding documents using pixel classification-based preprocessing and JPEG encoding
Patent Number: 7,574,055

Inventors: Ahn; Chi-Young (Seoul, KR), Kim; Young S. (Los Altos, CA), Hwang; Chang-Hwan (Goyang-si, KR)
Title: Sliding/folding-type portable apparatus
Patent Number: 7,574,241

Inventors: Ajika; Natsuo (Hyogo, JP), Shukuri; Shoji (Hyogo, JP), Mihara; Masaaki (Hyogo, JP), Nakashima; Moriyoshi (Hyogo, JP)
Title: Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Patent Number: 7,573,742

Inventors: Ajmera; Jitendra (New Delhi, IN), Indurthi; Sathish R. (Bangalore, IN), Joshi; Sachindra (Gurgaon, IN), Raghu; Dinesh (New Delhi, IN)
Title: Knowledge-based editor with natural language interface
Patent Number: 9,720,906

Inventors: Akahori; Sadato (Kanagawa-ken, JP)
Title: Apparatus, program, and recording medium for learning data to form a self-organizing map comprised of reference vectors corresponding to features of an image and used for determining objects in an image
Patent Number: 7,574,036

Inventors: Akavaram; Vikrant (Foster City, CA), Bradley; Lisa M. (Cary, NC), Lei; Lillian Y. (Moss Beach, CA), Louie; Lawrence (San Jose, CA)
Title: Intelligent parking space identification and notification
Patent Number: 9,721,470

Inventors: Akirav; Shay (Petach-Tikva, IL), Barsky; Roman (Netanya, IL), Buchbinder; Rafael (Tel Aviv, IL), Melamed; Dan (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: Securing crash dump files
Patent Number: 9,720,757

Inventors: Al-Harthi; Mamdouh Ahmad (Dhahran, SA), Shehzad; Farrukh (Dhahran, SA)
Title: Method for polymerizing ethylene using BaFe12O19 nanoparticles, and a polyethylene-barium ferrite nanocomposite made therefrom
Patent Number: 9,718,942

Inventors: Al-Taq; Ali A. (Qatif, SA), Nakhli; Ayman R. (Dammam, SA), Haji; Habeeb H. (Qatif, SA), Saleem; Jaffar A. (Saihat, SA)
Title: VDA/acid system for matrix acid stimulation
Patent Number: 8,496,061

Inventors: Alarcon Ramos; Juvenal (Grenoble, FR), Viala; Bernard (Sassenage, FR)
Title: Radio tag
Patent Number: 9,721,128

Inventors: Alberty; Mark William (Houston, TX)
Title: Method to detect casing point in a well from resistivity ahead of the bit
Patent Number: 8,499,830

Inventors: Albisu; Luis F. (Fairfax Station, VA), DeVere; Patricia M. (Warrenton, VA), Gula; Walter J. (Alpharetta, GA), Singel; David A. (Annandale, VA)
Title: Enterprise desktop security management and compliance verification system and method
Patent Number: 8,499,330

Inventors: Alger; James (Coral Springs, FL), Gvalog; Frank J. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), Wright; Lora (Hollywood, FL), Arora; Rajesh (Weston, FL), Rajasekhar; Rejesh N (Weston, FL), Varma; Shailendra (Pembroke Pines, FL)
Title: System and method for change management process automation
Patent Number: 7,574,483

Inventors: Alhadeff; Laurent Daniel (New York, NY), Smullen; Richard Adam (New York, NY)
Title: Virtual community for incentivized viewing of multimedia content
Patent Number: 8,499,241

Inventors: Ali; Muhammad Amzad (San Ramon, CA)
Title: Insulation system
Patent Number: 9,719,626

Inventors: Allen, Jr.; Arthur L (Statesboro, GA)
Title: Remote actuation device for spray cans
Patent Number: 8,500,039

Inventors: Allen; Corville O. (Morrisville, NC), Haggar; Jeffrey D. (Holly Springs, NC), Min; Eileen J. (Morrisville, NC), Skeen; Michael M. (Raleigh, NC), Woods; Eric (Durham, NC)
Title: Real-time social group based bidding system
Patent Number: 9,721,276

Inventors: Almqvist; Hans O. (Southbury, CT)
Title: Cooling garment having phase change material in its extremity portions
Patent Number: 8,499,367

Inventors: Alonzo; Victor G. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Chan; Yuk L. (Rochester, NY), Cheng; Gisela C. (Rhinebeck, NY), Ng; Kin (Wappingers Falls, NY), Page; Vaughn C. (Wappingers Falls, NY)
Title: Inter-platform management of computing resources
Patent Number: 9,723,068

Inventors: Aloumanis; Peter (Boca Raton, FL), De La Cruz; Moises (Miramar, FL), Mor; Tal (Coral Springs, FL), Padin; Guillermo (Coral Springs, FL), Verma; Amit (Sunrise, FL)
Title: Enabling a true surround view of a 360 panorama via a dynamic cylindrical projection of the panorama
Patent Number: 9,723,206

Inventors: Alter; Martin (Los Altos, CA)
Title: Transistors fabricated using a reduced cost CMOS process
Patent Number: 7,573,098

Inventors: Altmann; Markus (Moos, DE), Mauch; Markus (Aichwald, DE)
Title: Device for fastening a component to a steering column jacket
Patent Number: 7,571,664

Inventors: Amanuma; Teiji (Kanagawa, JP), Sugawara; Hidetoshi (Kanagawa, JP), Arima; Satoshi (Kanagawa, JP), Yoshizawa; Kosuke (Kanagawa, JP), Hasegawa; Naoichi (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Signal processor, method of signal processing and computer program
Patent Number: 7,574,326

Inventors: Amarilio; Lior (Yokneam, IL), Khazin; Alexander (Nesher, IL)
Title: Time-constrained data copying between storage media
Patent Number: 9,721,625

Inventors: Ambrosio; Archel (San Antonio, TX), Payne; Joanna (San Antonio, TX)
Title: Method of promoting new tissue growth and/or wound healing using bioresorbable dressing comprising microspheres or microparticles
Patent Number: 8,496,959

Inventors: Ambrosius; Volker (Radebeul, DE), Dingel; Oliver (Chemnitz, DE), Neukirchner; Heiko (Chemnitz, DE), Semper; Torsten (Dresden, DE)
Title: Charging device for internal combustion engines
Patent Number: 9,719,413

Inventors: Among; Frank (Honolulu, HI), Freitas; Jeffrey (Honolulu, HI)
Title: Methods and apparatus for managing a tour product purchase
Patent Number: 7,574,372

Inventors: Amritt; Sarah H (Miami, FL)
Title: Automated reflective device for monitoring a baby in a bassinet
Patent Number: 9,717,346

Inventors: An; Jin-Yong (Daejeon, KR), Ryu; Chang-Sup (Yongin-si, KR), Hong; Jong-Kuk (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Method of manufacturing a package substrate
Patent Number: 8,499,444

Inventors: Anandakumar; Krishnasamy (Dallas, TX), Viswanathan; Vishu R. (Plano, TX), McCree; Alan V. (Dallas, TX)
Title: Arranging CELP information of one frame in a second packet
Patent Number: 7,574,351

Inventors: Anandan; Munisamy (Austin, TX)
Title: Suppression of color mixing in UV LED based color pixel backlight for liquid crystal display
Patent Number: 8,496,367

Inventors: Anderson; Jason L. (San Jose, CA), Belfoure; Vincent A. (Lakewood, CO), Boss; Gregory J. (Saginaw, MI), Singh; Animesh (Santa Clara, CA)
Title: Management of cloud provider selection
Patent Number: 9,722,886

Inventors: Ando; Hideo (Tokyo, JP), Unno; Hiroaki (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Patent Number: 7,574,107

Inventors: Ando; Hideo (Tokyo, JP), Unno; Hiroaki (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Patent Number: 7,574,108

Inventors: Ando; Hideo (Tokyo, JP), Unno; Hiroaki (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Information recording method information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Patent Number: 7,574,109

Inventors: Ando; Hideo (Tokyo, JP), Unno; Hiroaki (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Patent Number: 7,574,110

Inventors: Ando; Hideo (Tokyo, JP), Unno; Hiroaki (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Patent Number: 7,574,111

Inventors: Ando; Hideo (Tokyo, JP), Unno; Hiroaki (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Patent Number: 7,574,112

Inventors: Ando; Hiroaki (Kariya, JP), Inayoshi; Kiminobu (Kariya, JP), Takeuchi; Tetsuichi (Chiryu, JP), Makino; Naoto (Anjo, JP), Sueyoshi; Tetsuya (Okazaki, JP), Katoh; Kenichi (Kasugai, JP), Nishio; Keisuke (Tokai, JP)
Title: Electronic device for vehicle
Patent Number: 9,723,731

Inventors: Ando; Muneki (Kawasaki, JP), Takahashi; Ryosuke (Sagamihara, JP), Fujinaka; Kinshiro (Ebina, JP), Tanaka; Katsumasa (Isehara, JP), Ohki; Takashi (Atsugi, JP)
Title: Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Patent Number: 9,723,286

Inventors: Andrade; Henrique (Yorktown Heights, NY), Challenger; Jim (White Plains, NY), Gedik; Bugra (Yorktown Heights, NY), Grimm; Robert (New York, NY), Hirzel; Martin J. (Yorktown Heights, NY), Kumar; Vibhore (Yorktown Heights, NY), Soule; Robert (Yorktown Heights, NY), Wu; Kun-Lung (Yorktown Heights, NY)
Title: Virtual execution environment for streaming languages
Patent Number: 8,499,292

Inventors: Andrews; James Richard (Wellington, NZ), Mawson; Andrew Douglas (Wellington, NZ), Gower; Campbell Douglas (Newton, NZ)
Title: Attachable scooter
Patent Number: 8,500,139

Inventors: Anghel; Andreea S. (Adliswil, CH), Prisacari; Bogdan (Adliswil, CH), Rodriguez Herrera; German (Adliswil, CH)
Title: Datacenter scheduling of applications using machine learning techniques
Patent Number: 9,720,738

Inventors: Anglin; Matthew J. (Tucson, AZ), Fruchtman; Barry (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Data replication across servers
Patent Number: 9,723,077

Inventors: Annese; Marco (Vignate, IT), Montanini; Pietro (Milan, IT), Depetro; Riccardo (Domodossola, IT)
Title: Method for manufacturing a vertical-gate MOS transistor with countersunk trench-gate
Patent Number: 7,572,703

Inventors: Anthony; Thomas (Sunnyvale, CA), Leoni; Napoleon J. (San Jose, CA), Birecki; Henryk (Palo Alto, CA), Gila; Omer (Cupertino, CA), Lee; Michael H. (San Jose, CA)
Title: Ink composition, digital printing system and methods
Patent Number: 8,496,324

Inventors: Antrobus; Craig (Summerland, CA), Dincer; Ibrahim (Oshawa, CA), zadeh; Reza Mohammadali (Oshawa, CA), Zamfirescu; Calin (Oshawa, CA)
Title: Pneumatic power and drag system
Patent Number: 9,718,341

Inventors: Anuszewski; William E. (Franktown, CO), Humberto; Portillo C. (Upper Saddle River, NJ)
Title: Method and system for transferring money in business-to-business internet transactions
Patent Number: 7,574,389

Inventors: Aoki; Mitsuo (Shizuoka, JP)
Title: Lifting hook device
Patent Number: 8,496,279

Inventors: Aoki; Takashi (Kyoto, JP), Okawara; Katsuhiro (Kyoto, JP)
Title: Video reproduction method and video reproduction device
Patent Number: 8,498,521

Inventors: Aonuma; Hidenori (Osaka, JP), Ohwaki; Yasuhito (Osaka, JP)
Title: Production method of suspension board with circuit
Patent Number: 7,571,540

Inventors: Aoyama; Katsuhiko (Kawasaki, JP), Akaboshi; Fumihiko (Kawasaki, JP), Gotoh; Kunichirou (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Polishing machine, workpiece supporting table pad, polishing method and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Patent Number: 7,572,172

Inventors: Appenzeller; Guido (Menlo Park, CA), Pauker; Matthew J (Menlo Park, CA), Spies; Terence (Palo Alto, CA), Kacker; Rishi R (Menlo Park, CA)
Title: Identity-based-encryption messaging system
Patent Number: 7,571,321

Inventors: Applegate; David L. (Maplewood, NJ), Archer; Aaron F. (South Orange, NJ), Gopalakrishnan; Vijay (Summit, NJ), Lee; Seungjoon (Basking Ridge, NJ), Ramakrishnan; Kadangode (Berkeley Heights, NJ)
Title: Content placement
Patent Number: 9,723,343

Inventors: Arai; Dai (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Supporting plate, stage device, exposure apparatus, and exposure method
Patent Number: 7,573,560

Inventors: Arai; Katsutoshi (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Printing system using media integrated information, an information update method thereof, and a storage medium storing a program therefor
Patent Number: 8,497,998

Inventors: Arai; Nobuyuki (Kanagawa, JP), Tatsuno; Hibiki (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Patent Number: 8,497,894

Inventors: Arai; Shinya (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Optical waveguide, optical interconnection component, optical module, opto-electric hybrid board, and electronic device
Patent Number: 9,720,171

Inventors: Arai; Youichi (Honjyo, JP)
Title: Optical element holding apparatus, barrel, exposure apparatus, and manufacturing method for device
Patent Number: 8,498,067

Inventors: Arai; Yuji (Osaka, JP), Takano; Takashi (Osaka, JP)
Title: Seamless steel tube for an airbag accumulator and process for its manufacture
Patent Number: 8,496,763

Inventors: Arakawa; Shota (Kanagawa, JP), Oda; Takafumi (Kanagawa, JP), Otaki; Ryoji (Kanagawa, JP), Ishii; Kentaro (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Multilayer injection-molded body
Patent Number: 9,718,259

Inventors: Arakelian; Richard (New South Wales, AU)
Title: Portable water resistant multi-function lead-acid battery box
Patent Number: 7,573,229

Inventors: Araki; Katsumi (Shizuoka-ken, JP)
Title: Colorant-containing curable composition, color filter and manufacturing method thereof
Patent Number: 7,572,559

Inventors: Araki; Masatoshi (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Nozzle check pattern and liquid droplet ejection apparatus
Patent Number: 7,571,976

Inventors: Aratani; Masahiro (Okazaki, JP)
Title: Current sensor
Patent Number: 7,573,274

Inventors: Arcand; Benjamin Y. (Minneapolis, MN), Huelman; Justin H. (Lino Lakes, MN), DeMarchi; Janet L. (Minnetonka, MN)
Title: Adjustable pessary device and method
Patent Number: 9,717,582

Inventors: Archer; Charles J. (Rochester, MN), Carey; James E. (Rochester, MN), Weaver; Matthew R. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Implementing updates to source code executing on a plurality of compute nodes
Patent Number: 9,720,676

Inventors: Archer; Charles J. (Rochester, MN), Carey; James E. (Rochester, MN), Weaver; Matthew R. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Implementing updates to source code executing on a plurality of compute nodes
Patent Number: 9,720,677

Inventors: Archer; Eirik (Oslo, NO), Bjorn; Marius (Oslo, NO)
Title: Subsea cooling apparatus, and a separately retrievable submersible pump module for a submerged heat exchanger
Patent Number: 9,719,698

Inventors: Ardestany; Barry Bahram (Chandler, AZ)
Title: Coupler device for in-line skate for all-terrain surfaces
Patent Number: 8,500,137

Inventors: Arditi; Marcel (Geneve, CH), Frinking; Peter (Geneva, CH), Rognin; Nicolas (Geneve, CH)
Title: Perfusion assessment method and system based on bolus administration
Patent Number: 8,496,591

Inventors: Arifuku; Motohiro (Chikusei, JP), Mochizuki; Nichiomi (Chikusei, JP), Nakazawa; Takashi (Chikusei, JP), Kobayashi; Kouji (Chikusei, JP), Fujinawa; Tohru (Chikusei, JP), Tatsuzawa; Takashi (Chikusei, JP)
Title: Circuit connection material, circuit member connecting structure and method of connecting circuit member
Patent Number: 8,497,431

Inventors: Arik; Mehmet (Niskayuna, NY), Icoz; Tunc (Schenectady, NY), Rivas Davila; Juan Manuel (Niskayuna, NY), Seeley; Charles Erklin (Niskayuna, NY), Utturkar; Yogen Vishwas (Niskayuna, NY), Weaver, Jr.; Stanton Earl (Northville, NY)
Title: Heat sinks with distributed and integrated jet cooling
Patent Number: 8,496,049

Inventors: Arimilli; Ravi K. (Austin, TX), Chaudhary; Piyush (Highland, NY)
Title: Management of process-to-process communication requests
Patent Number: 8,499,029

Inventors: Armand; Michel (Montreal, CA), Michot; Christophe (Grenoble, FR), Ravet; Nathalie (Montreal, CA)
Title: Electrode materials derived from polyquinonic ionic compounds and their use in electrochemical generators
Patent Number: 9,722,240

Inventors: Arnold; Brent D. (Grapevine, TX), Reinle; Brian K. (Flower Mound, TX), Galaise; Scott H. (Grapevine, TX)
Title: Managing advertising devices
Patent Number: 8,497,773

Inventors: Aronstam; Peter S. (Houston, TX), Fincher; Roger W. (Conroe, TX)
Title: Axial magnetic suspension
Patent Number: 9,721,710

Inventors: Arozena Bergaretxe; Alberto (Guipuzcoa, ES)
Title: Floor and roof formwork system
Patent Number: 7,571,888

Inventors: Arroyo; Jesse P. (Rochester, MN), Engel; Christopher J. (Rochester, MN), Naderi; Kaveh (Austin, TX)
Title: Determining cable connections in a multi-cable link
Patent Number: 9,720,871

Inventors: Arroyo; Jesse P. (Rochester, MN), Graham; Charles S. (Rochester, MN), Kommineni; Prathima (Hyderabad, IN), Schimke; Timothy J. (Stewartville, MN)
Title: Migrating interrupts from a source I/O adapter of a computing system to a destination I/O adapter of the computing system
Patent Number: 9,720,862

Inventors: Arroyo; Jesse P. (Rochester, MN), Graham; Charles S. (Rochester, MN), Kommineni; Prathima (Hyderabad, IN), Schimke; Timothy J. (Stewartville, MN)
Title: Migrating MMIO from a source I/O adapter of a source computing system to a destination I/O adapter of a destination computing system
Patent Number: 9,720,863

Inventors: Arsenault; Peter (Dracut, MA)
Title: Articulating toothbrush
Patent Number: 8,499,402

Inventors: Aruga; Hisashi (Fujimi-machi, JP)
Title: Manufacturing system and controller, controlling method, controlling system, and control program for the manufacturing system
Patent Number: 7,574,279

Inventors: Arumugam; Prabhu U. (Fayetteville, AR), Fritsch; Ingrid (Fayetteville, AR)
Title: Electrochemistry using permanent magnets with electrodes embedded therein
Patent Number: 7,572,355

Inventors: Arvan; Gary J. (Rochester Hills, MI)
Title: Rocker arm assembly for internal combustion engine
Patent Number: 8,495,979

Inventors: Asayama; Sako (Osaka, JP), Matsuo; Mitsuharu (Ehime, JP), Matsuo; Keisuke (Nara, JP)
Title: Key input device for remote control apparatus, key input method of key input device for remote control apparatus, program, and recording medium
Patent Number: 8,497,766

Inventors: Ashida; Takashi (Yamato, JP), Hasegawa; Tohru (Tokyo, JP), Itagaki; Hiroshi (Yokohama, JP), Mitsuma; Shinsuke (Tokyo, JP), Watanabe; Terue (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Method of managing, writing, and reading file on tape
Patent Number: 9,721,610

Inventors: Astier; Yann (Irvington, NY), Hu; Huan (Yorktown Heights, NY), Li; Ning (White Plains, NY), Sadana; Devendra K. (Pleasantville, NY), Smith; Joshua T. (Croton on Hudson, NY), Spratt; William T. (Ossining, NY)
Title: Nanopillar microfluidic devices and methods of use thereof
Patent Number: 9,719,926

Inventors: Atkins; Andrew Farquhar (Steyning, GB), Shepherd; Simon (Leamington Spa, GB), Davis; Jonathan (North Chailey, GB)
Title: Energy storage system having a flywheel for a vehicle transmission
Patent Number: 9,718,343

Inventors: Aubauer; Roland (81669 Munchen, DE), Klinke; Stefano Ambrosius (50169 Kerpen, DE)
Title: Method and apparatus for controlling the reproduction in audio signals in electroacoustic converters
Patent Number: 7,574,009

Inventors: Aubreville; Simon (Cologne, DE)
Title: Method of producing a deflector device for fuel-refilling systems and construction kit with prefabricated components for producing a deflector device prototype
Patent Number: 9,718,348

Inventors: Aust; Matthias Andreas (Hannover, DE), Siemens; Eduard (Sehnde, DE), Kubsch; Stefan (Hohnhorst, DE)
Title: Method and apparatus for accessing files stored in a storage access network (SAN) or network attached storage (NAS)
Patent Number: 8,499,074

Inventors: Aviani; James (Santa Barbara, CA), Champagne; Jean-Philippe (Goleta, CA), Gnagy; Matthew (Milpitas, CA), Hall; Michael (Austin, TX), Ithal; Ravishankar Ganesh (Fremont, CA)
Title: Method and system for preventing operating system detection
Patent Number: 7,574,741

Inventors: Aviles; Josue V (Philadelphia, PA)
Title: Baffle-type grease filter for kitchen ventilators
Patent Number: 7,571,721

Inventors: Avis; Deborah K. (Palm Beach, FL)
Title: Automatic power control module for battery powered devices
Patent Number: 7,573,212

Inventors: Azumi; Kohei (Tokyo, JP), Mizuhashi; Hiroshi (Tokyo, JP), Kurasawa; Hayato (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Sensor-equipped display device and method of controlling the same
Patent Number: 9,720,536

Inventors: Babaev; Eilaz P. (Minnetonka, MN)
Title: Apparatus and methods for the selective removal of tissue using combinations of ultrasonic energy and cryogenic energy
Patent Number: 7,572,268

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Serial Number: 77908164

Owner: Fashionizer Spa Ltd.
Serial Number: 77908240

Serial Number: 85069868

Serial Number: 85058717

Serial Number: 85094973

Owner: Fleetwood Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77733773

Owner: Fleetwood Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77733812

Owner: Florida State University
Serial Number: 85083260

Owner: Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP
Serial Number: 85064387

Serial Number: 77817431

Serial Number: 77817435

Serial Number: 77818416

Serial Number: 77849611

Serial Number: 85062991

Owner: Fusion, LLC
Serial Number: 85003050

Owner: G. Loomis, Inc.
Serial Number: 77981001

Owner: G. Loomis, Inc.
Serial Number: 77981002

Serial Number: 77948096

Owner: Garbutt, Scott A.
Serial Number: 77773450

Serial Number: 85068149

Serial Number: 76700913

Serial Number: 77932853

Owner: Glue Dots International, LLC
Serial Number: 77812278

Owner: Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A.
Serial Number: 85065237

Owner: Grape Technology Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77783526

Serial Number: 85069982

Owner: Griffin-Moore, Susan
Serial Number: 85063763

Serial Number: 85061552

Owner: Gulf Oil Limited Partnership
Serial Number: 85049501

Owner: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 77873510

Owner: Harris Pillow Supply, Inc.
Serial Number: 77883913

Owner: Hawkesworth, Bryan
Serial Number: 85055786

Owner: HazelTree Fund Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 85053762

Owner: Heavenly Helper, LLC
Serial Number: 76702730

Owner: Herbapol Lublin S.A.
Serial Number: 77775393

Serial Number: 85069627

Serial Number: 77903668

Serial Number: 85065202

Serial Number: 77890523

Serial Number: 77980996

Serial Number: 77932516

Owner: IDTRONIX, Corp.
Serial Number: 77711293

Serial Number: 77963254

Owner: Independent SALT Alliance
Serial Number: 77238470

Serial Number: 77904879

Serial Number: 78855948

Serial Number: 85029105

Serial Number: 77966362

Owner: Jafferson, Inc.
Serial Number: 85041093

Owner: Jeanine (Nina) Alleece Roesner
Serial Number: 77579946

Owner: Jeunesse Global Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 85082858

Serial Number: 85067557

Owner: Johnson Products Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77784906

Owner: Johnson Products Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77817462

Owner: Jostens, Inc.
Serial Number: 77954840

Serial Number: 77435881

Serial Number: 77851384

Serial Number: 77578295

Owner: King, Margaret
Serial Number: 85061151

Serial Number: 77804175

Serial Number: 77804191

Serial Number: 77267399

Serial Number: 75701349

Owner: Kone Construction Inc
Serial Number: 77950953

Owner: Kyong Mi Choi
Serial Number: 85068641

Owner: Kyong Mi Choi
Serial Number: 85065789

Owner: LaPrise, Vincent A.
Serial Number: 85061369

Owner: Lau, T Norman
Serial Number: 85042739

Owner: Lazarex Cancer Foundation
Serial Number: 77921714

Owner: Leading Edge Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 85065677

Serial Number: 75678888

Owner: Leuze, Kai
Serial Number: 85000668

Owner: LF, LLC
Serial Number: 77721847

Serial Number: 77752411

Serial Number: 85063278

Owner: Longfield Gardens LLC
Serial Number: 77903396

Serial Number: 85066331

Serial Number: 77691208

Owner: M&M Mass Spec Consulting LLC
Serial Number: 85071514

Owner: Male Rose Place Inc.
Serial Number: 85056441

Serial Number: 77712925

Owner: Mangiamele, Inc.
Serial Number: 77865109

Owner: Mario Lavandeira
Serial Number: 77875101

Serial Number: 76696988

Owner: Masterbuilt Manufacturing, Inc.
Serial Number: 85975042

Serial Number: 77919062

Serial Number: 77700515

Owner: Medina, Michael A.
Serial Number: 77657600

Serial Number: 85051989

Owner: Mercedes Sanchez
Serial Number: 77876815

Serial Number: 85062171

Owner: Metro Corp.
Serial Number: 85069921

Owner: Meyer Sound Laboratories, Incorporated
Serial Number: 77725530

Serial Number: 77890775

Serial Number: 77903718

Serial Number: 85066588

Owner: Moksha Music Limited
Serial Number: 85069107

Serial Number: 85058241

Serial Number: 77734532

Owner: NAME RITE, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 75425397

Owner: National Architectural & LED Lighting Associates, Inc.
Serial Number: 77726468

Owner: Natural Aloe de Costa Rica, S.A.
Serial Number: 85007057

Owner: Nature's Appeal Manufacturing Corporation
Serial Number: 85032083

Owner: nKline Inc.
Serial Number: 85067075

Owner: NorthRidge Church
Serial Number: 77896753

Owner: NorthRidge Church
Serial Number: 77896783

Owner: Northwestern Memorial HealthCare
Serial Number: 85019022

Owner: NPI Ventures, LLC
Serial Number: 85059168

Owner: NRV, Inc.
Serial Number: 85067098

Owner: One Source Industries, LLC
Serial Number: 85028592

Owner: One80 Real Estate Services, LLC
Serial Number: 85054571

Serial Number: 85068655

Serial Number: 77240638

Serial Number: 77240640

Owner: OrthoHelix Surgical Designs, Inc.
Serial Number: 77756441

Owner: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, LLC
Serial Number: 77877718

Owner: Pacific International Vegetable Marketing, Inc.
Serial Number: 77833154

Owner: PANOS Brands LLC
Serial Number: 85045182

Serial Number: 85061445

Serial Number: 78927558

Owner: Paramount Pictures Corporation
Serial Number: 77455803

Owner: Party Bluprints Inc.
Serial Number: 77120772

Owner: Pasta Lensi S.R.L.
Serial Number: 77789320

Owner: Patsystems (UK) Ltd.
Serial Number: 85076238

Owner: Pfau, James
Serial Number: 77733676

Owner: PGA Service Corporation
Serial Number: 76703526

Owner: Phillips Media Relations LLC
Serial Number: 85061704

Owner: Phonefusion, Inc.
Serial Number: 85067753

Serial Number: 76656176

Owner: Pink Light Design, LLC
Serial Number: 85069118

Owner: Plachov, Dimitrij
Serial Number: 76478566

Serial Number: 85056567

Owner: PMS Systems Corporation
Serial Number: 85068048

Owner: Powers, James A.
Serial Number: 85067745

Serial Number: 85064602

Owner: Preferred Home Buyers Network, Inc.
Serial Number: 77742994

Serial Number: 76669020

Owner: Profound Wellness, LLC
Serial Number: 77704298

Serial Number: 85059616

Owner: Qingdao Haoyuan Group Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 85011202

Owner: Quantix Consulting, Inc.
Serial Number: 85058826

Owner: RC & ST Living Trust
Serial Number: 77881599

Owner: RD2, LLC
Serial Number: 77564530

Serial Number: 77893431

Serial Number: 77869358

Owner: Recreation Publications, Inc.
Serial Number: 85052692

Owner: Resources for Learning, LLC
Serial Number: 77929002

Owner: Richardson Products Inc.
Serial Number: 77754322

Owner: Ritchie, Robert J.
Serial Number: 77777018

Owner: Ritchie, Robert J.
Serial Number: 77818188

Owner: Road ID, Inc.
Serial Number: 85065669

Owner: Robert W. Aamodt
Serial Number: 85054096

Serial Number: 77903847

Owner: Robinson, Dixie
Serial Number: 77281519

Owner: Rock Hard Wood, Inc
Serial Number: 85062703

Owner: Rock The Tea Franchise, LLC
Serial Number: 85064696

Owner: Rock The Tea Franchise, LLC
Serial Number: 85065785

Owner: Rule Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 73244343

Serial Number: 77775927

Owner: Salty Inc
Serial Number: 85068519

Owner: Sam Farha, Inc.
Serial Number: 85061373

Owner: San Diego County Office of Education
Serial Number: 76700026

Owner: Sartor, Michelle Morrison
Serial Number: 85067138

Serial Number: 76701874

Owner: Schwartz, Douglas
Serial Number: 85068483

Owner: SeaSpace Corporation
Serial Number: 85056709

Owner: Selway Fabrication, LLC
Serial Number: 85070364

Serial Number: 77650021

Owner: Severdia, Ron
Serial Number: 85076658

Serial Number: 77678221

Owner: SimErgy Consulting LLC
Serial Number: 85067272

Serial Number: 77721719

Serial Number: 85050458

Serial Number: 85069219

Owner: Smith, Tiffany J.
Serial Number: 85064889

Serial Number: 85066392

Owner: Software Freedom Law Center
Serial Number: 85065581

Serial Number: 85062843

Serial Number: 77813510

Serial Number: 77746765

Owner: StageLight Inc.
Serial Number: 77907328

Serial Number: 77756647

Owner: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.
Serial Number: 77602022

Owner: Stover, Andrew James
Serial Number: 77738768

Serial Number: 77741720

Serial Number: 77664152

Serial Number: 77694621

Owner: Sunset Retirement Communities, Inc.
Serial Number: 77898287

Serial Number: 77758558

Owner: Superline, Inc.
Serial Number: 85057375

Serial Number: 77590883

Serial Number: 77843148

Owner: T. Marzetti Company
Serial Number: 77925827

Serial Number: 77628273

Owner: Tangraph Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 85064908

Owner: Target Brands, Inc.
Serial Number: 77710599

Owner: Target Brands, Inc.
Serial Number: 77718546

Serial Number: 85059547

Serial Number: 77809658

Serial Number: 77981012

Owner: Televisa, S.A. de C.V.
Serial Number: 85084661

Owner: The Euclid Chemical Company
Serial Number: 77943223

Owner: The Jewelry Group LLC
Serial Number: 77788964

Serial Number: 77968455

Owner: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Serial Number: 77788307

Serial Number: 77705476

Serial Number: 78858575

Owner: TIO Networks Corporation
Serial Number: 77305391

Owner: Titan Equipment Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 77592505

Owner: Titan Equipment Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 77592509

Serial Number: 85065187

Owner: Tresanti, Tiziano
Serial Number: 77872929

Owner: Trestle Capital Partners LLC
Serial Number: 76703568

Owner: Trippe Manufacturing Company
Serial Number: 77893340

Owner: Trisomy 18 Support, Inc.
Serial Number: 85104797

Owner: Tristram, Tris
Serial Number: 77157537

Owner: Troon Pain Management
Serial Number: 85013217

Serial Number: 77842503

Owner: TRUPER, S.A. DE C.V.
Serial Number: 77963205

Serial Number: 77697698

Owner: Twosome Tees, LLC
Serial Number: 85067036

Owner: U.S. BANK N.A.
Serial Number: 85064302

Owner: U.S. Security Associates, Inc.
Serial Number: 77044898

Owner: UHS of Delaware, Inc.
Serial Number: 85042184

Owner: Urban Policy Development, LLC
Serial Number: 77897672

Owner: Van Drie, KD
Serial Number: 85065533

Owner: Van Drie, KD
Serial Number: 85065698

Owner: Varanese, John
Serial Number: 77909134

Serial Number: 77963014

Serial Number: 85034440

Owner: Ventech, LLC
Serial Number: 77737310

Owner: Vestcom International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77610755

Owner: Vestcom International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77610793

Owner: Vienna Health And Beauty, Inc.
Serial Number: 77809050

Owner: Wann, Marilyn
Serial Number: 77865732

Owner: Wansley, Gary
Serial Number: 85029037

Owner: WePartner
Serial Number: 85060054

Serial Number: 85064170

Owner: Winmar, Inc.
Serial Number: 77899624

Owner: Winmar, Inc.
Serial Number: 77899639

Serial Number: 77766139

Serial Number: 85069027

Owner: Wood, James Burke
Serial Number: 77655286

Owner: WorkComp Coach, LLC
Serial Number: 77729144

Owner: xplair Technology, LLC
Serial Number: 77722093

Owner: Yalwa GmbH
Serial Number: 77834856

Owner: Z-Best Bakery, LLC
Serial Number: 77822570

Serial Number: 77945772