Sunday, October 17 2021

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Aaron; Jeffrey A. (Atlanta, GA)
Title: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for utilizing a repeating function to improve quality of service
Patent Number: 8,503,927

Inventors: Abe; Satoshi (Moriguchi, JP), Higashi; Yoshikazu (Moriyama, JP), Fuwa; Isao (Osaka, JP), Takenami; Masataka (Kadoma, JP), Yoshida; Norio (Kitakatsuragi, JP)
Title: Apparatus for producing an integrally laminated three-dimensional object by repeating formation of powder layer and solidified layer
Patent Number: 9,724,758

Inventors: Abe; Shotaro (Kobe, JP)
Title: Mold pin, tire mold and tire manufacturing method
Patent Number: 9,724,885

Inventors: Abella; Jaume (Barcelona, ES), Vera; Xavier (Barcelona, ES), Casado; Javier Carretero (Barcelona, ES), Pineiro; Jose-Alejandro (Barcelona, ES), Gonzalez; Antonio (Barcelona, ES)
Title: Memory content inverting to minimize NTBI effects
Patent Number: 7,577,015

Inventors: Abou-Khalil; Michel J. (Essex Junction, VT), Gauthier, Jr.; Robert J. (Hinesburg, VT), Lee; Tom C. (Essex Junction, VT), Li; Junjun (Williston, VT), Mitra; Souvick (Essex Junction, VT), Putnam; Christopher S. (Hinesburg, VT)
Title: Bi-directional back-to-back stacked SCR for high-voltage pin ESD protection, methods of manufacture and design structures
Patent Number: 8,503,140

Inventors: Abuelsaad; Tamer E. (Somers, NY), Moore; John E. (Brownburg, IN), Singi; Rajeshkumar N. (Marietta, GA), Wentworth; Robert R. (Round Rock, TX)
Title: Cable identification using a unique cable sleeve
Patent Number: 9,726,610

Inventors: Abundis; Paula Bulnes (Puebla, MX), Gomez; Fabiola Gutierrez (Nuevo Leon, MX)
Title: Electrical wire and sheet-metal connector
Patent Number: 8,500,498

Inventors: Abuzaina; Ferass (Shelton, CT)
Title: Speeding cure rate of bioadhesives
Patent Number: 8,500,947

Inventors: Adachi; Kanato (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Zoom optical system, and imaging apparatus incorporating the same
Patent Number: 8,503,090

Inventors: Adachi; Shuntaro (Yokosuka, JP)
Title: Shovel
Patent Number: 9,725,009

Inventors: Adair; David C. (Indianapolis, IN), Gross; Frederick W. (Carmel, IN)
Title: Rotatable hinge
Patent Number: 9,725,939

Inventors: Adair; Randy W. (Valencia, CA), Moberg; Sheldon B. (Thousand Oaks, CA), Srisathapat; Chalirmkiert (Sun Valley, CA)
Title: Medication reservoir
Patent Number: 8,500,716

Inventors: Adam; Achim (Nauheim, DE), Staschko; Klaus (Taunusstein-Seitzenhahn, DE)
Title: Laminated composite material, production and use thereof
Patent Number: 7,575,814

Inventors: Adam; Thomas N. (Slingerlands, NY), Cheng; Kangguo (Schenectady, NY), Khakifirooz; Ali (Mountain View, CA), Reznicek; Alexander (Troy, NY), Sreenivasan; Raghavasimhan (Schenectady, NY)
Title: Semiconductor device including embedded crystalline back-gate bias planes, related design structure and method of fabrication
Patent Number: 9,728,649

Inventors: Adamczyk; Maria (Alpharetta, GA), Silver; Edward (Atlanta, GA)
Title: Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing a locator service
Patent Number: 7,577,519

Inventors: Adams, II; Thomas Alan (Dewitt, MI), Barton; Paul Inigo (Cambridge, MA)
Title: Systems and methods for the separation of carbon dioxide and water
Patent Number: 8,500,868

Inventors: Adderly; Darryl M. (Morrisville, NC), Allen; Corville O. (Morrisville, NC), Tucker; Robert K. (Cambridge, GB)
Title: Question pruning for evaluating a hypothetical ontological link
Patent Number: 9,727,642

Inventors: Adelsbach; Scott (Glen Ellyn, IL)
Title: Drill rig and methods of manufacture and use of same
Patent Number: 9,725,956

Inventors: Aden; Tim C. (Longmont, CO), Godfrey; Patricia A. (Boulder, CO), Klarfeld; Jack B. (Boulder, CO), Peverley; Robert W. (Louisville, CO), Reeves; Miranda C. (Longmont, CO)
Title: Performing multiple actions on a spool file by assigning a particular action to be performed on each segment of the spool file
Patent Number: 7,577,693

Inventors: Adhikari; Suranjit (San Diego, CA), Hsiao; Eric (San Diego, CA)
Title: Music-visualizer system and methods
Patent Number: 8,502,826

Inventors: Afzali-Ardakani; Ali (Ossining, NY), Balakrishnan; Karthik (White Plains, NY), Bedell; Stephen W. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Hashemi; Pouya (White Plains, NY), Hekmatshoartabari; Bahman (White Plains, NY), Reznicek; Alexander (Troy, NY)
Title: Superhydrophobic electrode and biosensing device using the same
Patent Number: 9,726,634

Inventors: Agarwal; Deepak (San Jose, CA), Elango; Pradheep (Mountain View, CA), Ramakrishnan; Raghu (Santa Clara, CA), Park; Seung-Taek (San Jose, CA), Chen; Bee-Chung (Mountain View, CA)
Title: Framework to evaluate content display policies
Patent Number: 8,504,558

Inventors: Aggarwal; Gaurav (Bangalore, IN), Kellerman; Marcus (San Diego, CA), Erickson; David (San Clemente, CA)
Title: Hits stream rewind
Patent Number: 7,577,204

Inventors: Agrawal; Dakshi (Yorktwon Heights, NY), Moore; Victor S. (Boca Raton, FL), Nicholson; Robert B. (Winchester, GB)
Title: Optimization of mobile data communication using byte caching
Patent Number: 9,729,661

Inventors: Ahmed; Walid Khairy Mohamed (Tinton Falls, NJ), Auslender; Ori (Tel Aviv, IL), Abramsky; Victor Alexander (Edison, NJ), Hande; Prashanth (Somerset, NJ), Iron; Ran (Tel Aviv, IL), Raz; Yeuda (Hod-Hasaron, IL)
Title: Techniques for modifying transceiver power during digital pre-distortion training
Patent Number: 9,730,165

Inventors: Ahn; Byung Chul (Ahnyang-shi, KR), Chang; Youn Gyoung (Uiwang-shi, KR), Cho; Heung Lyul (Suwon-shi, KR)
Title: Liquid crystal display of horizontal electronic field applying type with storage capacitor covering the gate line and common line and fabricating method thereof
Patent Number: 8,502,944

Inventors: Ahn; Gye Young (Seoul, KR)
Title: Thin type injection molding skin manufacturing apparatus and skin taking out method of the same
Patent Number: 9,724,860

Inventors: Aidun; Mehrdad (Oak Hill, VA)
Title: No data loss IT disaster recovery over extended distances
Patent Number: 7,577,868

Inventors: Airaksinen; Veli Matti (Espoo, FI), Makinen; Jari (Espoo, FI)
Title: Method for depositing one or more polycrystalline silicon layers on substrate
Patent Number: 9,728,452

Inventors: Aiso; Toshiharu (Tokyo, JP), Saitoh; Hajime (Tokyo, JP), Mizuno; Atsushi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Steel for machine structure use excellent in cutting tool lifetime and machining method of same
Patent Number: 9,725,783

Inventors: Ajmera; Jitendra (Bangalore, IN), Gupta; Ajay (Bangalore, IN), Joshi; Sachindra (New Delhi, IN)
Title: Utilizing dependency among internet search results
Patent Number: 9,727,652

Inventors: Ajmera; Jitendra (New Delhi, IN), Indurthi; Sathish R. (Bangalore, IN), Joshi; Sachindra (Gurgaon, IN), Raghu; Dinesh (Chennai, IN)
Title: Knowledge-based editor with natural language interface
Patent Number: 9,727,554

Inventors: Akagi; Hidemori (Nagaokakyo, JP)
Title: Circuit module and measurement method
Patent Number: 8,502,619

Inventors: Akahane; Fujio (Nagano, JP), Takashima; Nagamitsu (Nagano, JP), Hakeda; Kazushige (Nagano, JP), Uesugi; Ryoji (Nagano, JP), Koike; Yasunori (Nagano, JP)
Title: Liquid ejection head having improved ejection performance
Patent Number: 7,575,305

Inventors: Akita; Hiroshi (Musashino, JP), Itagaki; Seiko (Hachioji, JP), Minegishi; Natsuko (Hachioji, JP), Saito; Hiroyuki (Itabashi-ku, JP)
Title: Image forming apparatus with a toner contamination detecting device
Patent Number: 8,503,901

Inventors: Al-Qaffas; Qasem A. (Al Salaam, KW)
Title: Portable washer for beverage containers
Patent Number: 8,500,919

Inventors: Alani; Laman (Hillsborough, CA), Gauwitz; Donald P. (McHenry, IL), Kaul; Dilip (Hillsborough, NJ), Lipari; John M. (Racine, WI), Ghosh; Soumojeet (Gurnee, IL), Marsh; Kennan C. (Lake Forest, IL), Whelan; Richard H. (Norfolk, MA), Petrossian; Vanik D. (Waban, MA)
Title: Flavoring systems for pharmaceutical compositions and methods of making such compositions
Patent Number: 8,501,219

Inventors: Albers; Oliver (Oakland, CA)
Title: Nesting and reconfigurable wine glass
Patent Number: 9,723,938

Inventors: Alderson; Jeffrey Donald (Austin, TX)
Title: Digital mixer system and method
Patent Number: 7,577,419

Inventors: Alec; Birkbeck (Leeds, GB)
Title: Bone cement collector and method of use
Patent Number: 8,500,820

Inventors: Alexander; Harold (Short Hills, NJ), Ricci; John L. (Middleton, NJ), Mamidwar; Sachin (Edison, NJ)
Title: Method for manufacturing particles for use in forming a resorbable implant for stimulating bone growth
Patent Number: 7,575,780

Inventors: Alfaro; Nelson B. (Mustang, OK)
Title: Magnetized hand tools
Patent Number: 8,505,420

Inventors: Alferness; Clifton A. (Redmond, WA), Raman; Jai Shankar (North Baldwyn, AU), Power; John Melmouth (Williamstown, AU)
Title: Cardiac support device with anti-fibrosis coating
Patent Number: 7,575,547

Inventors: Algreatly; Cherif Atia (Fremont, CA)
Title: Nanotechnology clothing for human-computer interaction
Patent Number: 9,727,138

Inventors: Alkins; James N. (Holley, NY), Pitas; Jeffrey Allan (Macedon, NY), No; Young (Pittsford, NY)
Title: Electrophotographic printer with charging-roller cleaner
Patent Number: 8,503,902

Inventors: Allen; Donald G. (Morgan Hill, CA), Baer; Amanda (Campbell, CA), Feldbaum; Michael (San Jose, CA), Guthrie; Hung-Chin (Saratoga, CA), Hsiao; Wen-Chien David (San Jose, CA), Hsu; Yimin (Sunnyvale, CA), Jiang; Ming (San Jose, CA), Liu; Yinshi (Foster City, CA), Neuhaus; Aaron (San Jose, CA), Nikitin; Vladimir (Campbell, CA), Pentek; Aron (San Jose, CA), Pentek; Katalin (San Jose, CA), Zheng; Yi (San Ramon, CA)
Title: Perpendicular magnetic write head having a magnetic write pole with a concave trailing edge
Patent Number: 7,576,951

Inventors: Allen; Eddie E (Street, MD), Strade; Thomas D (Orchard Park, NY), Coley; Christopher (Morgan Hill, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for increasing effective contrast radio and brightness yields for digital light valve image projectors
Patent Number: 7,575,330

Inventors: Allen; Nicholas A. (Redmond, WA), Dar; Affan Arshad (Woodinville, WA), Taylor; John A. (Bellevue, WA)
Title: Coordinating resources using a volatile network intermediary
Patent Number: 8,505,030

Inventors: Almstedt; Henning (Mulheim an der Ruhr, DE), Dumstorff; Peter (Bochum, DE), Kuhn; Martin (Neuss, DE), Muller; Thomas (Heiligenhaus, DE), Potter; Rudolf (Essen, DE), Thamm; Norbert (Essen, DE), Zander; Uwe (Mulheim an der Ruhr, DE)
Title: Disabling circuit in steam turbines for shutting off saturated steam
Patent Number: 9,726,041

Inventors: Alvarez Berenguer; Antonio (Madrid, ES), Casado Barrasa; Aurora Maria (Alcobendas, ES), Esteban Cubillo; Antonio (Madrid, ES), Gravalos Moreno; Javier (Alcobendas, ES), Sanchez Rojo; Antonio Jose (Alcobendas, ES), Santaren Rome; Julio (Madrid, ES), Vera Agullo; Jose (Alcobendas, ES)
Title: Process for the preparation of an additive comprising supported and dispersed TiO2 particles
Patent Number: 9,724,672

Inventors: Alvarez; Manuel H. (Santa Ana, CA)
Title: Beverage container covers, methods and uses thereof
Patent Number: 9,725,216

Inventors: Amano; Takuya (Osaka, JP), Nagashima; Miyuki (Osaka, JP)
Title: Electronic device
Patent Number: 9,729,768

Inventors: Amarasinghe; Amal Shirley (Beecroft, AU)
Title: Headgear
Patent Number: 8,505,538

Inventors: Amin; Samuel (Seattle, WA), Crites; Brian D. (Redmond, WA), Debique; Kirt A. (Seattle, WA), Mohammed; Sohail Baig (Redmond, WA), Nayak; Niranjan S. (Bellevue, WA), Rudolph; Eric H. (Woodinville, WA), Wilson; Mei L. (Redmond, WA)
Title: Managing topology changes in media applications
Patent Number: 7,577,940

Inventors: Amir; Gideon (Ness Ziona, IL), Shaham; Noam (Ness Ziona, IL), Krasnovsky; Lior (Ness Ziona, IL), Alon; Gershon (Ness Ziona, IL)
Title: Data transfer system, method of transferring data, and system
Patent Number: 9,727,287

Inventors: Amirouche; Farid (Highland Park, IL), Gonzalez; Mark H. (Chicago, IL)
Title: System and method for prosthetic fitting and balancing in joints
Patent Number: 7,575,602

Inventors: Amit; Gal (Bat Yam, IL), Yedid-Am; Tsafrir (Jerusalem, IL), Shelef; Eyal (Tel-Aviv, IL), Waidman; Ran (Rehovot, IL), Harush; Shlomo (Nes-Ziona, IL)
Title: Printing with continuous color calibration
Patent Number: 9,727,015

Inventors: Ammerlaan; Adrianus Martinus Jozeph (De Lier, NL)
Title: Lettuce variety 81-64 RZ
Patent Number: 9,723,804

Inventors: Amos; Stephen E. (Minneapolis, MN), D'Souza; Andrew S. (Shoreview, MN), Mata; Clara E. (Lindstrom, MN)
Title: Fluid composition comprising glass microspheres and method of making and using the same
Patent Number: 9,725,636

Inventors: Amrein; Beat (Ruenenberg, CH), Foser; Stefan (Steinhausen, CH), Lang; Kurt (Penzberg, DE), Metzger; Friedrich (Freiburg, DE), Regula; Joerg Thomas (Munich, DE), Schaubmar; Andreas (Penzberg, DE), Hesse; Friederike (Munich, DE), Kuenkele; Klaus-Peter (Marzling, DE), Lanzendoerfer; Martin (Tutzing, DE)
Title: Conjugates of insulin-like growth factor-1 and poly(ethylene glycol)
Patent Number: 9,724,425

Inventors: Amsterdam; Jeffrey D. (Marletta, GA), Holladay; Christopher E. (Marietta, GA), Whitman; Ryan L. (Sunny Side, GA)
Title: Switching media streams in a client system based on environmental changes
Patent Number: 9,729,600

Inventors: Anand; Vaijayanthimala K. (Austin, TX), Burdick; Dean J. (Austin, TX), Mealey; Bruce G. (Austin, TX), Michel; Dirk (Austin, TX)
Title: Closed-loop feedback mechanism for achieving optimum performance in a consolidated workload environment
Patent Number: 9,727,361

Inventors: Anandakumar; Krishnasamy (Dallas, TX), McCree; Alan (Dallas, TX), Paksoy; Erdal (Richardson, TX)
Title: Adaptive voice playout in VOP
Patent Number: 7,577,565

Inventors: Andersen; Jack B. (Cedar Park, TX), Craven; Peter (Thakeham, GB), Kost; Michael A. (Cedar Park, TX), Chieng; Daniel L. W. (Austin, TX), Hand; Larry E. (Meridian, MI), Taylor; Wilson E. (Austin, TX)
Title: Digital PWM amplifier having a low delay corrector
Patent Number: 7,576,606

Inventors: Andersson; Carolina Hanna Matilda (Sverige, SE), Ezzelarab; Mona (Sverige, SE), Johansson; Cecilla Eva Maria (Sverige, SE), Aften; Carl Wilhelm (Marietta, GA), Watson; Walter Philip (Kennesaw, GA), Lalama; Richard Anthony (Canton, GA), Monteith; Geoffrey Allen (Midland, GA), Schinkel; Frank (Hamburg, DE)
Title: Well treatment fluid compositions and methods of use that include a delayed release percarbonate formulation
Patent Number: 8,501,670

Inventors: Andrews; Jeff (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Methods and systems for rendering computer graphics
Patent Number: 7,576,746

Inventors: Angerer; Christian (Sierning, AT), Heigl; Hannes (Prambachkirchen, AT), Kreuzer; Harald (Linz, AT), Wolf; Christoph (Linz, AT)
Title: Method for recognizing the load of an island inverter and island inverter
Patent Number: 7,577,005

Inventors: Angiulo; Barbara-Jay (Lynn, MA), Rodrigues; Michael P. (Quincy, MA)
Title: Shoe having removable and interchangeable heel assemblies with kit
Patent Number: 8,505,218

Inventors: Aniolek; Kenneth William (Painted Post, NY), Beall; Douglas Munroe (Painted Post, NY), Jain; Priyank Paras (Corning, NY), Miller; Kenneth Richard (Addison, NY), Nickerson; Seth Thomas (Elmira, NY), Stephens, II; Alan Thomas (Beaver Dams, NY)
Title: Radial cell ceramic honeycomb structure
Patent Number: 7,575,793

Inventors: Annunziata; Anthony J. (Stamford, CT), Kilaru; Rohit (New York, NY), Marchack; Nathan P. (White Plains, NY), Miyazoe; Hiroyuki (White Plains, NY)
Title: Magnetic tunnel junction patterning using low atomic weight ion sputtering
Patent Number: 9,728,717

Inventors: Anthapadmanabhan; Nagaraj Prasanth (Bridgewater, NJ), Suvakovic; Dusan (Pleasanton, CA), Chow; Hungkei Keith (Livingston, NJ), Van Veen; Doutje T. (New Providence, NJ)
Title: Method and apparatus for processing bit-interleaved data traffic in a communication network
Patent Number: 9,729,360

Inventors: Anthony; Michael P. (Andover, MA)
Title: Common-mode charge control in a pipelined charge-domain signal-processing circuit
Patent Number: 7,576,586

Inventors: Anwar; Majid (Glasgow, GB)
Title: User interface systems and methods for viewing and manipulating digital documents
Patent Number: 7,576,730

Inventors: Aoki; Makoto (Yokohama, JP), Hayashi; Takahiro (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Information processing system and access method
Patent Number: 7,577,158

Inventors: Aoki; Takayoshi (Tachikawa, JP), Kitagawa; Satoshi (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Hub unit
Patent Number: 9,724,963

Inventors: Aono; Kiyomi (Kawasaki, JP), Iwasaki; Osamu (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Inkjet printing apparatus with ink ejection control based on ink temperature
Patent Number: 8,500,228

Inventors: Aoshima; Chikara (Zama, JP), Mochizuki; Naoto (Minamikoma-gun, JP)
Title: Motor having small size and high output, and light amount adjustment device equipped with the motor
Patent Number: 8,503,104

Inventors: Appling; William M. (Granville, NY)
Title: Blood treatment catheter assembly
Patent Number: 7,575,563

Inventors: Arai; Michio (Saitama-Ken, JP)
Title: Helmet
Patent Number: 7,574,754

Inventors: Arai; Tadashi (Kumagaya, JP), Saito; Shinichi (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Manufacturing method of semiconductor device having organic semiconductor film
Patent Number: 7,575,952

Inventors: Arai; Tsunenori (Yokohama, JP), Hosokawa; Shuntaro (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Abnormal electrical conduction blocking apparatus using photodynamic therapy (PDT)
Patent Number: 9,724,537

Inventors: Arao; Tatsuya (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Semiconductor device
Patent Number: 8,502,231

Inventors: Araujo Da Silva; Carlos Jose (Pont-du-Chateau, FR), Blanchard; Christiane (Chateaugay, FR), Mignani; Gerard (Lyons, FR), Pagano; Salvatore (Gunma-ken, JP), Tardivat; Jean-Claude (Clermont-Ferrand, FR)
Title: Tire rubber composition comprising a coupling agent having a polythiosulfenamide function
Patent Number: 7,576,153

Inventors: Arbuckle; Ivan (Columbus, IN), Willats; Robin (Columbus, IN), Callahan; Joseph E. (Greenwood, IN), Morales; Anthony (Columbus, IN)
Title: Pressed assembly for passive valve installation
Patent Number: 7,575,096

Inventors: Archetti; Graziano (Darmstadt, DE), Taugerbeck; Andreas (Darmstadt, DE), Bender; Renate (Darmstadt, DE), Fortte; Rocco (Frankfurt am Main, DE), Kirsch; Peer (Seeheim-Jugenheim, DE), Saito; Izumi (Darmstadt, DE)
Title: Liquid-crystal displays and liquid-crystalline media having homeotropic alignment
Patent Number: 9,726,933

Inventors: Arif; Muhammad (Ridgefield, CT)
Title: Pulse to pulse energy equalization of light beam intensity
Patent Number: 8,502,957

Inventors: Arifuku; Motohiro (Chikusei, JP), Watanabe; Itsuo (Chikusei, JP), Gotou; Yasushi (Chikusei, JP), Kobayashi; Kouji (Chikusei, JP), Kojima; Kazuyoshi (Chikusei, JP)
Title: Circuit connecting material, film-form circuit connecting material using the same, circuit member connecting structure and method of manufacturing the same
Patent Number: 8,501,045

Inventors: Arinobu; Katsuhiro (Kanagawa, JP), Tanikawa; Tadao (Osaka, JP), Amano; Katsushige (Kyoto, JP)
Title: Virtual machine control device, virtual machine control program, and virtual machine control circuit for managing interrupts of plural virtual machines
Patent Number: 8,504,752

Inventors: Arippol; Jeffrey (05329-0000, Sao Paulo, SP, BR)
Title: Label structure and label structure obtaining method
Patent Number: 7,575,649

Inventors: Armanino; Frederick Michael (San Antonio, TX), Convis; Tomoko O. (Danville, CA), Savoor; Raghvendra G. (Walnut Creek, CA), Hoffmann; James Edward (Indianapolis, IN), Osato; Jerold Daizo (Pinole, CA), Berendsen; David (Glendale, WI), Hawthorne; Richard E. (New Berlin, WI), Biederstedt; Randal D. (Indianapolis, IN), Curry; David W. (Indianapolis, IN)
Title: Method of detecting misrouted inter-office transport facility routes in a telecommunications system
Patent Number: 7,577,245

Inventors: Armstrong; Robin Elizabeth (Minnetrista, MN)
Title: Manipulative system for teaching musical notation
Patent Number: 9,728,099

Inventors: Arnborg; Torkel (Stockholm, SE)
Title: Low phase noise buffer for crystal oscillator
Patent Number: 8,502,565

Inventors: Arndt; Richard Louis (Austin, TX), Biran; Giora (Zichron-Yaakov, IL), Kiel; Harvey Gene (Rochester, MN), Makhervaks; Vadim (Austin, TX), Recio; Renato John (Austin, TX), Shalev; Leah (Zichron-Yaakov, IL), Srikrishnan; Jaya (Wappingers Falls, NY)
Title: Method, system, and computer program product for virtual adapter destruction on a physical adapter that supports virtual adapters
Patent Number: 7,577,764

Inventors: Arneson; Michael R. (Finksburg, MD), Bandy; William R. (Gambrills, MD), Davenport; Roger A. (Plantation, FL), Powell; Kevin J. (Annapolis, MD), Sloan; Michael C. (Ellicott City, MD)
Title: System for manufacturing a swallowable sensor device
Patent Number: 9,730,336

Inventors: Aronowitz; Jack L. (Delray Beach, FL), Mitchen; Joel R. (Pompano Beach, FL), Weiss; John (Holtsville, NY), Weitman; Irwin (East Northport, NY)
Title: Noninvasive transdermal systems for detecting an analyte in a biological fluid and methods
Patent Number: 7,577,469

Inventors: Arteaga; Jose (Dearborn, MI), Mishra; Suman (Dearborn, MI), Bozzi; Lloyd Anthony (Saline, MI)
Title: Multi-frequency quarter-wave resonator for an internal combustion engine
Patent Number: 9,726,125

Inventors: Aruga; Hiroshi (Chiyoda-ku, JP), Shimoi; Yasuko (Chiyoda-ku, JP)
Title: Wavelength conversion film, agricultural film, structure and coating film forming composition
Patent Number: 8,501,313

Inventors: Asakawa; Hitoshi (Ishikawa, JP), Fukuma; Takeshi (Ishikawa, JP)
Title: Cantilever excitation device and scanning probe microscope
Patent Number: 8,505,111

Inventors: Asakura; Hirotaka (Nagoya, JP), Natsuhara; Kenji (Nagoya, JP)
Title: Three-dimensional color and shape measuring device
Patent Number: 7,576,845

Inventors: Asano; Shigetaka (Kasugai, JP), Kikuta; Kazuyoshi (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Delay circuit
Patent Number: 7,576,585

Inventors: Asbury; William S. (Dallas, TX)
Title: Enhanced vane bundle design
Patent Number: 8,500,837

Inventors: Ash; Kevin J. (Tucson, AZ), Gupta; Lokesh M. (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Increased destaging efficiency for smoothing of destage tasks based on speed of disk drives
Patent Number: 9,727,272

Inventors: Ashida; Hiroshi (Fujisawa, JP), Ohashi; Yoji (Fucyu, JP)
Title: Wireless communication module, wireless communication system, and communication method
Patent Number: 9,727,762

Inventors: Ashirgade; Akshay (Northborough, MA), Jiang; Zhiping (Westford, MA)
Title: Multi-region battery separators
Patent Number: 9,728,756

Inventors: Ashoori; Maryam (Richmond Hill, CA), Li; Jin (Markham, CA)
Title: Scalable visualization of a product and its variants
Patent Number: 9,727,596

Inventors: Asikkala; Kai (Vantaa, FI), Maatta; Tuomo (Vantaa, FI), Tammela; Simo (Vantaa, FI)
Title: Burner nozzle, burner and a surface treatment device
Patent Number: 9,726,372

Inventors: Aslam; Muhammad Sohaib (Ajax, CA), Langridge; Steve (Markham, CA), Salo; Tiia (Cary, NC)
Title: Remote direct memory access (RDMA) optimized high availability for in-memory data storage
Patent Number: 9,727,523

Inventors: Aslam; Muhammad Sohaib (Ajax, CA), Langridge; Steve (Markham, CA), Salo; Tiia (Cary, NC)
Title: Remote direct memory access (RDMA) optimized high availability for in-memory data storage
Patent Number: 9,727,524

Inventors: Assmann; Stefan (Erlangen, DE), Ekinci; Okan (Uttenreuth, DE)
Title: Magnetic resonance data acquisition system and method with recursively adapted object-specific measurement parameter adjustment during patient movement through the MRI system
Patent Number: 8,502,532

Inventors: Athalye; Sanjeev Arvind (San Diego, CA)
Title: Method for efficient assessment of communication service levels in a mobile station having multiple communication interfaces
Patent Number: 8,504,119

Inventors: Auernhammer; Florian A. (Rueschlikon, CH), McDonald; Joseph G. (Raleigh, NC)
Title: Bridge and method for coupling a requesting interconnect and a serving interconnect in a computer system
Patent Number: 9,727,498

Inventors: Aumo; Jeannette (Porvoo, FI), Matikainen; Pasi (Espoo, FI), Bartke; Michael (Halle, DE), Elovirta; Tom (Porvoo, FI), Vijay; Sameer (Helsinki, FI), Lylykangas; Mikko (Vantaa, FI), Elo; Pertti (Jarvenpaa, FI), Huhtanen; Lauri (Loviisa, FI)
Title: Process for olefin polymerization
Patent Number: 8,501,881

Inventors: Averett; Devron R. (Cardiff By The Sea, CA)
Title: Administration of TLR7 ligands and prodrugs thereof for treatment of infection by hepatitis C virus
Patent Number: 7,576,068

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Owner: The Kroger Co. of Michigan
Serial Number: 85016065

Owner: The Linux Box Corporation
Serial Number: 85070881

Owner: The Missouri Civil War Museum
Serial Number: 77937594

Serial Number: 77544247

Serial Number: 77550445

Serial Number: 77819225

Owner: The Seasoned Woman, Inc
Serial Number: 77024158

Serial Number: 77168874

Owner: The Tomorrow Project, LLC
Serial Number: 77954679

Owner: The Tomorrow Project, LLC
Serial Number: 77954695

Owner: The Tomorrow Project, LLC
Serial Number: 77954712

Owner: The Trustee of Calvin Klein Trademark Trust
Serial Number: 85061842

Owner: The trustees of the Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI) Training Trust
Serial Number: 77955863

Owner: Thomas Publishing Company
Serial Number: 85040580

Owner: Thought Solutionsmarketing, Inc.
Serial Number: 77743208

Owner: Threece Corporation
Serial Number: 77836761

Serial Number: 77903503

Owner: Tire Mart, Inc.
Serial Number: 85097233

Serial Number: 85082572

Owner: Trademarks Information International LLC
Serial Number: 85132223

Serial Number: 77967477

Owner: Tseng, Michael
Serial Number: 77609381

Serial Number: 77795869

Owner: Turman, Geneva
Serial Number: 76695445

Owner: Twosome Tees, LLC
Serial Number: 85091765

Owner: Tyson Foods, Inc.
Serial Number: 77864013

Serial Number: 77457488

Owner: University of South Carolina
Serial Number: 77583314

Owner: UTECO, INC.
Serial Number: 85006208

Serial Number: 85028170

Owner: Valencia Trademark Corporation
Serial Number: 77144107

Owner: Valley Lodge, Inc
Serial Number: 85063112

Serial Number: 77724591

Serial Number: 77620494

Owner: Vast Aviation, LLC
Serial Number: 85006863

Owner: VerveLabs-Santa Fe, LLC
Serial Number: 85073236

Owner: VerveLabs-Santa Fe, LLC
Serial Number: 85073239

Owner: Vestcom New Century LLC
Serial Number: 77794350

Owner: Via Chic LLC
Serial Number: 85071022

Owner: Video Gaming Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 77726650

Serial Number: 85075429

Serial Number: 85044398

Serial Number: 76701384

Serial Number: 76701385

Serial Number: 77829804

Owner: VTech Communications, Inc.
Serial Number: 77906008

Owner: Vtech Communications, Inc.
Serial Number: 77910046

Owner: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
Serial Number: 78055280

Owner: Walsh, Patricia
Serial Number: 77833839

Owner: Warrantech Corporation
Serial Number: 77911850

Owner: Webb, Kent
Serial Number: 77824439

Owner: Wilner, Eli
Serial Number: 77968115

Owner: WMK Holdings, Inc.
Serial Number: 77688697

Owner: WNBA Enterprises, LLC
Serial Number: 85074169

Serial Number: 85069915

Serial Number: 77948448

Serial Number: 77948465

Owner: Xerox Corporation
Serial Number: 77927826

Serial Number: 77852153

Serial Number: 77868639

Owner: YZY Inc
Serial Number: 77807764

Serial Number: 85030877