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Expired Patents

Patent Number: 8,783,519

Patent Number: 8,784,547

Patent Number: 8,784,777

Patent Number: 8,785,131

Patent Number: 8,785,136

Patent Number: 8,785,137

Patent Number: 8,787,968

Patent Number: 8,788,785

Inventors: Abd Elhamid; Mahmoud H. (Grosse Pointe Woods, MI), Dadheech; Gayatri Vyas (Rochester Hills, MI), Mikhail; Youssef M. (Sterling Heights, MI)
Title: Passivated metallic bipolar plates and a method for producing the same
Patent Number: 8,785,080

Inventors: Abdel-Ghaffar; Hisham S. (Eatontown, NJ)
Title: Method of determining a time offset estimate between a central node and a secondary node
Patent Number: 7,765,422

Inventors: Abe; Koichi (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Peripheral apparatus control system, peripheral apparatus, information processing apparatus, peripheral apparatus control method, and program
Patent Number: 8,786,876

Inventors: Achour; Maha (San Diego, CA), Gummalla; Ajay (San Diego, CA), Stoytchev; Marin (San Diego, CA), Birkner; Franz (Encinitas, CA)
Title: Antennas, devices and systems based on metamaterial structures
Patent Number: 7,764,232

Inventors: Adachi; Katsumi (Ikoma-gun, JP)
Title: Ion generating element, with independent heating electrode, and charging device and image forming apparatus using ion generating element
Patent Number: 7,764,298

Inventors: Adamek; Frank C. (Spring, TX)
Title: Bellows type adjustable casing
Patent Number: 8,783,362

Inventors: Adams; John H. (Tampa, FL), Ntumngia; Francis B. (Tampa, FL), Schloegel; Jesse L. (Five Dock, AU), Barnes; Samantha J. (Tampa, FL), McHenry; Amy M. (Keene, TX), Chootong; Patchanee (Bangkok, TH)
Title: Synthetic antigen based on the ligand domain of the Plasmodium vivax duffy binding protein
Patent Number: 8,784,832

Inventors: Adams; Robert Edward (San Mateo, CA), Dhami; Mandeep Singh (San Jose, CA), Jiang; Kanzhe (Los Altos Hills, CA)
Title: System and methods for forwarding packets through a network
Patent Number: 8,787,388

Inventors: Agarwal; Sheetal K. (Maharashtra, IN), Kumar; Arun (Tamil Nadu, IN), Manwani; Priyanka (Noida, IN)
Title: Systems and methods for editing telecom web applications through a voice interface
Patent Number: 8,788,272

Inventors: Agnoli; Giovanni M. (San Francisco, CA), Pirazzi; Christopher V. (Redwood City, CA), Chartock; Howard (Palo Alto, CA), Chen; Steve (Santa Clara, CA), Chomsky; Harry (Albany, CA), Lai; Angela C. (Mountain View, CA), Lindsey; Kerrick (Foster City, CA), Pawson; David (San Mateo, CA), Shapiro; Jody (San Jose, CA), Weaver; Daniel (Redwood City, CA)
Title: System, method, and computer program product for media publishing request processing
Patent Number: 8,788,575

Inventors: Agrofoglio; Luigi A. (Orleans, FR), Roy; Vincent (Pussay, FR), Pradere; Ugo (Lusignan, FR)
Title: Phosphonates synthons for the synthesis of phosphonates derivatives showing better bioavailability
Patent Number: 8,785,629

Inventors: Ahlander; John Lyman (Draper, UT), Valimaki; Mikko (Draper, UT)
Title: Filtering cached content based on embedded URLs
Patent Number: 8,788,528

Inventors: Ahn; Byung Du (Hwaseong-si, KR), Lim; Jun Hyung (Seoul, KR), Park; Jin Seong (Cheonan-si, KR)
Title: Method for manufacturing a thin film transistor array panel
Patent Number: 8,785,243

Inventors: Aime; Silvio (Carignano, IT), Terreno; Enzo (Bidiana, IT)
Title: MRI contrast agents endowed with concentration independent responsiveness
Patent Number: 8,784,778

Inventors: Akhtar; Shahid (Richardson, TX)
Title: Resource profile adjustment for pre-fetching of assets to user equipment
Patent Number: 8,787,882

Inventors: Akitomo; Dai (Fujinomiya, JP)
Title: Fixing device and catheter set
Patent Number: 8,784,379

Inventors: Al-Zeghayer; Yousef Saleh (Jeddah, SA), Bashir; Sami M. (Jeddah, SA), Yaser; Ahmed V. (Jeddah, SA), El Dekki; Hassan M. (Jeddah, SA), Al-Masry; Waheed A. (Jeddah, SA), Trabzuni; Fadi M. (Jeddah, SA)
Title: Photocatalyst comprising TiO.sub.2 and activated carbon made from date pits
Patent Number: 8,785,349

Inventors: Aladas; Mohamad Motaz (Ottawa, CA)
Title: Wireless push button device for pedestrian crosswalk signal system
Patent Number: 8,786,466

Inventors: Alevizos; Ilias (Chevy Chase, MD), Illei; Gabor (Rockville, MD)
Title: Differentially expressed microRNAs as biomarkers for the diagnosis and treatment of Sjogren's syndrome
Patent Number: 8,785,414

Inventors: Alexander; Clayton (Westlake Village, CA), Mundell; Brandon S. (Austin, TX), Rippey, III; Robert (Westlake Village, CA)
Title: LED light module for use in a lighting assembly
Patent Number: 8,783,938

Inventors: Alfonso; Zeni (Temecula, CA), Fraser; John K. (San Diego, CA)
Title: Methods of using adipose tissue-derived cells in the treatment of the lymphatic system and malignant disease
Patent Number: 8,784,801

Inventors: Ali; Syed Wajahat (Brooklyn, NY), Sassatelli; John Matthew (Valley Falls, NY), Tomko; Andrew John (Glenville, NY)
Title: Coil cutting tool and method
Patent Number: 8,783,149

Inventors: Almgren; Magnus (Sollentuna, SE), Skillermark; Per (Stockholm, SE)
Title: Method and apparatus for controlling the activation of an amplifier arrangement in a repeater device disposed in a radio communication system
Patent Number: 8,787,825

Inventors: Amburn; Dean W. (Commerce Township, MI)
Title: Method and apparatus for automated trading of equity securities using a real time data analysis
Patent Number: 8,788,398

Inventors: Amer; Maher (Nepean, ON, CA)
Title: Parallel convolutional encoder
Patent Number: 7,765,457

Inventors: An; Alex Lon (San Jose, CA), Wertz; Darrell Lynn (Chandler, AZ)
Title: Electrical connector with X-type dual spring contacts for lower profile and lattice shielding therewith
Patent Number: 8,784,117

Inventors: Ando; Hideo (Tokyo, JP), Unno; Hiroaki (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Patent Number: 7,764,867

Inventors: Andrea; Davide (Boulder, CO)
Title: Cell modules for detecting temperature and voltage of cells
Patent Number: 8,786,261

Inventors: Anthony; James M. (Denver, CO), Jelic; Ralph G. (Boulder, CO), Kovach; Joseph E. (Brighton, CO), Simons; Robert A. (Littleton, CO)
Title: System for confining lift cords in coverings for architectural openings
Patent Number: 8,783,330

Inventors: Antonsson; Per (Malmo, SE), Spence; Paul A. (Louisville, KY)
Title: Method of replacing native heart valve tissue
Patent Number: 8,784,479

Inventors: Anvari; Kiomars (Walnut Creek, CA)
Title: Reconditioning equalizer filter for non-constant envelope signals
Patent Number: 8,787,438

Inventors: Aoki; Shinji (Sunto-gun, JP), Takahashi; Masashi (Yokohama, JP), Hiroki; Masashi (Yokohama, JP), Watanabe; Takeshi (Ichikawa, JP)
Title: Image forming apparatus
Patent Number: 7,764,297

Inventors: Aoki; Yasuhiko (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Optical apparatus and optical cross connect apparatus
Patent Number: 7,764,881

Inventors: Aoyagi; Kenichiro (Yokosuka, JP)
Title: Network device and radio base station
Patent Number: 8,787,955

Inventors: Appleby; Brent (Holliston, MA), Paradis; Rosemary D. (Vestal, NY), Szczerba; Robert J. (Endicott, NY)
Title: Mission planning system for vehicles with varying levels of autonomy
Patent Number: 7,765,038

Inventors: Araki; Shigeo (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Updateable printer driver, information processing apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium recording therein printer driver
Patent Number: 8,786,869

Inventors: Aram; Farbod (Los Altos Hills, CA)
Title: Broadband low noise amplifier
Patent Number: 7,764,124

Inventors: Arima; Kiyokuni (Nagano, JP)
Title: Information processing apparatus
Patent Number: 8,787,010

Inventors: Armenta-Pitsakis; Jesus Humberto (Painted Post, NY), Clark; Valerie Jean (Bath, NY), Feldman; James Anthony (Campbell, NY), George; Jacob (Horseheads, NY), Halder; Amit (Ithaca, NY), Terwilliger; Brett Alan (Corning, NY)
Title: Methods of making a honeycomb structure
Patent Number: 8,782,921

Inventors: Armes; David (Phoenix, AZ), Bishop; Fred (Glendale, AZ), Edelen; Jeffrey Alan (Glendale, AZ), Schwarz; Bill (Scottsdale, AZ)
Title: System and method for selection of payment systems from a payment system directory to process a transaction
Patent Number: 8,788,417

Inventors: Armstrong; Peter (Portland, OR), Armstrong; Wayne (Portland, OR)
Title: Custom-fitted prosthetic socket devices and methods for producing same
Patent Number: 8,784,708

Inventors: Armstrong; William J. (Rochester, MN), Nayar; Naresh (Rochester, MN), Ricard; Gary R. (Chatfield, MN)
Title: Replacing a failing physical processor
Patent Number: 7,765,428

Inventors: Asami; Yoshinobu (Kanagawa, JP), Yokoi; Tomokazu (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Photoelectric conversion device and energy conversion layer for photoelectric conversion device
Patent Number: 8,785,766

Inventors: Asano; Tosiya (Utsunomiya, JP), Shibata; Yugo (Utsunomiya, JP), Kimura; Atsushi (Funabashi, JP)
Title: Positioning apparatus
Patent Number: 8,786,831

Inventors: Atkin; Stephen Lawrence (Hull, GB), Beckett; Stephen Thomas (Wigginton, GB), Mackenzie; Grahame (Hull, GB)
Title: Topical formulations containing sporopollenin
Patent Number: 8,784,851

Inventors: Atungsiri; Samuel Asangbeng (Hampshire, GB), Robert; Joerg (Vreden, DE), Stadelmeier; Lothar (Stuttgart, DE)
Title: Frame and data pattern structure for multi-carrier systems
Patent Number: 8,787,141

Inventors: Audigie; Jean-Charles (Bouxwiller, FR), Renault; Stephane (Allenwiller, FR), Kauff; Martin (Wolschheim, FR)
Title: Single seeder with a foldable chassis and at least one distribution head arranged at the rear of the seeder
Patent Number: 8,783,197

Inventors: Avital; Shlomo (Doar N'a Harie Yehuda, IL), Ratner; Miri (Ramat-Gan, IL), Markovits; Ofer (Haifa, IL), Rayzman; Giora (Portland, OR), Sudak; Eran (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: Method apparatus and system for reducing power consumption of a wireless device
Patent Number: 8,787,228

Inventors: Awatsuji; Yasuhiro (Kyoto, JP), Tahara; Tatsuki (Kyoto, JP)
Title: Method and apparatus for polarization imaging
Patent Number: 8,786,755

Inventors: Aybay; Gunes (Los Altos, CA)
Title: Systems and methods for accessing a multi-bank SRAM
Patent Number: 8,787,376

Inventors: Azami; Munehiro (Kanagawa, JP), Nagao; Shou (Kanagawa, JP), Tanada; Yoshifumi (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Pulse output circuit, shift register and display device
Patent Number: 8,786,533

Inventors: Babcock; John (Houston, TX), Bierhaus; Bud (Katy, TX), Mayfield; Mark (Houston, TX), Ishoey; Thomas (Houston, TX)
Title: Microbial enhanced oil recovery delivery systems and methods
Patent Number: 8,783,345

Inventors: Backer; Alejandro (Altadena, CA), Ammons; Reginald Keith Swinford (Portland, OR)
Title: Seller-driven method for a bid set system
Patent Number: 8,788,401

Inventors: Backholm; Ari (Redwood City, CA), Liang; Sheng (Redwood City, CA)
Title: Application discovery on mobile devices
Patent Number: 8,787,947

Inventors: Badre; Chantal (Guttenberg, PA), Hough; Lawrence (Philadelphia, PA), Alsayed; Ahmed (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Title: Polymer compositions, polymer films, polymer gels, polymer foams, and electronic devices containing such films, gels and foams
Patent Number: 8,784,690

Inventors: Bae; Hopil (Sunnyvale, CA), Ge; Zhibing (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Scanning orders in inversion schemes of displays
Patent Number: 8,786,586

Inventors: Bailey; Darrel P (Big Flats, NY), Brennan; John Harold (Horseheads, NY), Dailey, Jr.; Michael Joseph (Painted Post, NY), Deming; Scott Winfield (Elmira, NY), Ehemann; Karl David (Horseheads, NY), Gaylo; Keith Raymond (Painted Post, NY), Kuhn; David Joseph (Prattsburg, NY), Sheehan; Brian Christopher (Elmira Heights, NY), Ukrainczyk; Ljerka (Painted Post, NY), Wasson; Kevin Lee (Elmira, NY), Yurkovsky; Yuriy (Corning, NY)
Title: Glass molding system and related apparatus and method
Patent Number: 8,783,066

Inventors: Bainbridge; David K. (Acton, MA), Taylor; Adam L. (Acton, MA), Hembrough; Shannon I. (Cambridge, MA)
Title: Automated management of network addresses in a broadband managed access environment
Patent Number: 7,765,288

Inventors: Bakalash; Reuven (Shdema, IL), Shaked; Guy (Beer Sheva, IL), Caspi; Joseph (Herzlyia, IL)
Title: Data aggregation module supporting dynamic query responsive aggregation during the servicing of database query requests provided by one or more client machines
Patent Number: 8,788,453

Inventors: Baker; Mark (Essex, GB), Gullick; Dan (Chelmsford, GB)
Title: Display device for displaying two graphics
Patent Number: 8,783,884

Inventors: Balan; Bindu (Basking Ridge, NJ), Oza; Nishit (North Andover, MA)
Title: Caller name identification using data structure synchronization of a wireline network and a wireless network
Patent Number: 8,787,545

Inventors: Balasubramaniam; Ravikumar (Alpharetta, GA), Marellapudi; Seshagiri R (Norcross, GA), Williams; David M (Alpharetta, GA), Terricciano; Paul (Roswell, GA)
Title: System controller database manager with query stacking and caching for electrical distribution system
Patent Number: 7,765,202

Inventors: Balasubramanian; Srinivasan (San Diego, CA), Deshpande; Manoj M. (San Diego, CA), Nanda; Sanjiv (Ramona, CA), Chen; Jen Mei (San Diego, CA)
Title: Centralized mobile access point acquisition
Patent Number: 8,787,306

Inventors: Balasuriya; Senaka (Westmont, IL)
Title: Multi-modal communication using a session specific proxy server
Patent Number: 8,788,675

Inventors: Balog; Carl (Portland, OR)
Title: Light emitting electrosurgical scalpel
Patent Number: 8,784,416

Inventors: Bampton; Clifford C. (Thousand Oaks, CA), Cotton; James D. (Issaquah, WA), Majumdar; Barun (Redmond, WA)
Title: Micro-grained, cryogenic-milled copper alloys and process
Patent Number: 8,784,728

Inventors: Banas; Matthew Ronald (Tampa, FL), Witiak; Paul A. (Brooksville, FL)
Title: Charcoal grill having re-chargeable charcoal feed for continuous operation
Patent Number: 8,783,242

Inventors: Banton; Martin E. (Fairport, NY), Mashtare; Dale R. (Bloomfield, NY), Hosier; Paul A. (Rochester, NY)
Title: Gloss and differential gloss measuring system
Patent Number: 7,763,876

Inventors: Barak; Jakob (Oranit, IL), Naveh; Yoav (Wellington, NZ), Ehrlich; Sharon (Beit-Herot, IL)
Title: Portable ambulant pneumatic compression system
Patent Number: 8,784,346

Inventors: Bardiot; Dorothee (Leuven, BE), Chaltin; Patrick (Zetrud-Lumay, BE), Christ; Frauke (Heverlee, BE), Debyser; Zeger (Heverlee, BE), De Maeyer; Marc (Heverlee, BE), Marchand; Arnaud (Korbeek-LO, BE), Marchand; Damien (Kessel-LO, BE), Voet; Arnout (Heverlee, BE)
Title: Thieno [2, 3-B] pyridine derivatives as viral replication inhibitors
Patent Number: 8,785,638

Inventors: Barnes; Michael S. (San Ramon, CA), Bluck; Terry (Santa Clara, CA)
Title: System and method for dual-sided sputter etch of substrates
Patent Number: 8,784,622

Inventors: Barnett; Larry R. (Normandy, TN)
Title: Electro-permanent magnet for power microwave tubes
Patent Number: 7,764,020

Inventors: Barr; Joseph B. (Everett, WA), Coon; Daniel M. (Seattle, WA), Dainard; Richard N. (Stanwood, WA), Griffin; Richard D. (Monroe, WA), Hewett; Gregory W. (Marysville, WA), Mann; William B. (Lake Stevens, WA), Robbins; Thomas Eugene (Marysville, WA), Sang; Dean W. (Everett, WA), Schaefer; Karl J. (Everett, WA), Soto; Ralph M. (Cinton, WA), Taylor, III; Jody A. (Lake Stevens, WA)
Title: Sliding puck for seating assembly
Patent Number: 8,783,612

Inventors: Barrett; Karen (Sydney, AU), Brunson; Gordon R. (Broomfield, CO), Buckley; Siobhan (Sydney, AU), Gannon; Ciaran (Killara, AU), Minhazuddin; Muneyb (Quakers Hill, AU)
Title: Selection of wireless network travel paths
Patent Number: 8,787,917

Inventors: Barrett; Michael Richard (Phoenix, AZ), Armes; David (Phoenix, AZ), Bishop; Fred (Glendale, AZ), Shelby; James (Phoenix, AZ), Glazer; Elliott (Chesterfield, VA), Seitz; Philip W (Scottsdale, AZ), Gibbons; Stephen P (Glendale, AZ)
Title: Method and system for implementing and managing an enterprise identity management for distributed security
Patent Number: 7,765,232

Inventors: Barth; Hans-Joachim (Munich, DE)
Title: Three-dimensional multichip module
Patent Number: 8,786,104

Inventors: Barton; Augusto E. (Webster, NY), Padula; James J. (Webster, NY)
Title: Fuser belt assembly
Patent Number: 7,764,914

Inventors: Bassett; Jonathan D. (Fort Collins, CO), Dean; Ronald P. (Fort Collins, CO), Searby; Tom J. (Eaton, CO)
Title: System that accommodates non-volatile storage devices of different sizes
Patent Number: 7,764,492

Inventors: Basu; Shubhayu (Mountain View, CA), Michal; Eugene T. (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Methods and devices for forming treatment agent carriers
Patent Number: 8,784,894

Inventors: Bateman; Timothy (Dymchurch, GB), Field; Stephen James (Canterbury, GB)
Title: Tracheostomy tubes
Patent Number: 8,783,254

Inventors: Batrouny; Talal (Sammamish, WA), Shields; Kevin (Bellevue, WA), Azera; Frederic (Kirkland, WA), Cirrincione; Cory (Redmond, WA), Cox; Elyssa (Kirkland, WA)
Title: Maintaining accurate channel line-up by persistently monitoring availability of accessible channels
Patent Number: 7,765,570

Inventors: Batson; James D. (Saratoga, CA), Bushell; John S. (San Jose, CA), Chapman; Gregory R. (San Jose, CA), Flick; Christopher L. (San Jose, CA)
Title: Time synchronization of multiple time-based data streams with independent clocks
Patent Number: 7,765,315

Inventors: Bauer; Jamie D. (Edgewater, NJ)
Title: Dispenser for product packages
Patent Number: 8,788,091

Inventors: Bauer; Joerg (Teltow, DE), Napier; Johnathan A. (Preston Hertfordshire, GB), Sayanova; Olga (St. Albans Hertfordshire, GB)
Title: Desaturase and method for the production of polyunsaturated fatty acids in transgenic organisms
Patent Number: 8,785,727

Inventors: Baumann; Otto (Leinfelden-Echterdingen, DE), Schmid; Hardy (Stuttgart, DE)
Title: Hand-held power tool, particularly a rotary and/or chisel hammer, having a vibration absorbing unit
Patent Number: 8,783,377

Inventors: Bearup; Adam Dean (Lakewood, CO), Schmierer; Glenn Richard (Longmont, CO), Pedlar; Roger (Lakewood, CO), Arellano; Agustin Garcia (Monterrey N.S., MX), Gradwohl; Jerry G. (Vancouver, WA), Gonzalez Chapa; Gerardo Angel (Apodaca N.L., MX)
Title: Mobile washer unit
Patent Number: 8,783,587

Inventors: Becker; Scott T. (Scotts Valley, CA), Mali; Jim (Morgan Hill, CA), Lambert; Carole (Campbell, CA)
Title: Integrated circuit including cross-coupled transistors having gate electrodes formed within gate level feature layout channels with electrical connection of cross-coupled transistors through same interconnect layer
Patent Number: 8,785,978

Inventors: Becker; Scott T. (Scotts Valley, CA), Mali; Jim (Morgan Hill, CA), Lambert; Carole (Campbell, CA)
Title: Integrated circuit including cross-coupled transistors having gate electrodes formed within gate level feature layout channels with two inside positioned gate contacts and two outside positioned gate contacts and electrical connection of cross-coupled transistors through same interconnect layer
Patent Number: 8,785,979

Inventors: Beers; Craig M. (Wethersfield, CT), Merritt; Brent J. (Southwick, MA)
Title: Air cycle machine bearing cooling inlet plate
Patent Number: 8,784,048

Inventors: Behrens; Bernd-Arno (Harsum, DE), Schmidt; Hagen (Hannover, DE), Silberkuhl; Philipp (Hannover, DE), Schnier; Dietmar (Garbsen, DE)
Title: Device and non-cutting shaping method for introducing an outside profile into a workpiece
Patent Number: 8,783,079

Inventors: Beiriger; Michael J (Pittsburgh, PA)
Title: Systems and methods for compensation of compliant behavior in regenerative dialysis systems
Patent Number: 8,784,668

Inventors: Belaiche; Vincent (Vitre, FR)
Title: Method for a telecommunication system, a telecommunication system, a base station for communicating and a communication method of a base station having a plurality of transport channels and using a first parameter relating to a rate matching ratio and a second parameter corresponding to a maximum percentage of bits punctured
Patent Number: 8,787,179

Inventors: Belaiche; Vincent (Vitre, FR)
Title: Method for a telecommunication system having a plurality of transport channels that transforms at least one data block size based on a rate matching ratio and a maximum percentage of bits to be punctured
Patent Number: 8,787,322

Inventors: Belisle; William Redvers (New Orleans, LA)
Title: Gulf oil spill underwater oleophilic hydrophobic oil-capturing water permeable drag-net
Patent Number: 8,785,347

Inventors: Bell; Ryan J. (Pinellas Park, FL), Short; R. Timothy (St. Petersburg, FL), Toler; Strawn K. (Bradenton, FL), Byrne; Robert H. (St. Petersburg, FL)
Title: Method and apparatus for measuring multiple parameters in-situ of a sample collected from environmental systems
Patent Number: 8,785,207

Inventors: Ben-Haim; Shlomo (Haifa, IL), Darvish; Nissim (Haifa, IL), Mika; Yuval (Haifa, IL), Fenster; Maier (Petach Tikva, IL), Felzen; Bella (Haifa, IL), Shemer; Isaac (Ramat-Gan, IL)
Title: Method of controlling blood pressure
Patent Number: 7,765,008

Inventors: Benes; Michael J. (Irvington, NJ)
Title: System and method for dissipating energy on the primary side of a bi-directional switching power supply
Patent Number: 8,787,047

Inventors: Benjebbour; Anass (Kanagawa, JP), Okumura; Yukihiko (Kanagawa, JP), Ohwatari; Yusuke (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Radio communication system, centralized station, control station apparatus, radio base station and coordinated transmission method for determining an assignment of cluster patterns
Patent Number: 8,787,279

Inventors: Bennett; Jeremy (Mountain View, CA), Geiger; Robert (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Dynamic security deputization
Patent Number: 7,765,594

Inventors: Bennett; Nicholas Luke (Manly Vale, AU), Bryant; Natalie (Cherrybrook, AU)
Title: Gaming machine with win change symbol
Patent Number: 8,784,184

Inventors: Bentley; James K. (Eagle, ID)
Title: Forend with sight tunnel
Patent Number: 8,782,942

Inventors: Bentley; Simon R. (East Sussex, GB), Craft; Deborah Louise (Brooklyn, NY), Dunn; Melanie Anne (New York, NY), Kayode; Adeyemi O. (Litchfield Park, AZ), Mehta; Chintan M. (Phoenix, AZ), Perracchio; Denis George (Peoria, AZ), Vora; Sejal Dilip (New York, NY)
Title: System, method and computer program product for an acquisition partner interface for integrating multiple partner channels into a transaction account issuer platform
Patent Number: 8,788,376

Inventors: Berdelle-Hilge; Peter (Constance, DE)
Title: Method and device for sorting objects by means of intermediate storage units
Patent Number: 8,785,800

Inventors: Berg; Allan (Atlantic Beach, NY)
Title: Pillow with inflatable bladder assembly
Patent Number: 8,782,834

Inventors: Bergman; Avi (Carlsbad, CA)
Title: System and method for obtaining map coordinates to fixed location
Patent Number: 8,788,195

Inventors: Beri; Michael (North York, CA)
Title: Brake shoe and brake lining blocks with keyed connection
Patent Number: 8,783,428

Inventors: Bernard; Dominique (Paris, FR), Castiel; Isabelle (Nice, FR), Simonetti; Lucie (Vincennes, FR)
Title: Cosmetic use of apolipoprotein D type proteins
Patent Number: 8,785,397

Inventors: Bernhardt; Gunther (Regensburg, DE), Ertel; Miriam (Munich, DE), Buschauer; Armin (Regensburg, DE), Nink; Jorg (Holzkirchen, DE)
Title: Prodrugs of (1S,9S)-9-[[(1S)-1-carboxy-3-phenylpropyl]amino]octahydro-10-oxo-6H-pyrid- azino[1,2-a][1,2]diazepine-1-carboxylic acid and their use in transdermal therapeutic systems
Patent Number: 8,785,431

Inventors: Berres; Michael (Bergisch Gladbach, DE), Gro.beta.budde; Frank (Wuppertal, DE), Stemmer; Jurgen (Remscheid, DE), Stilleke; Martin (Recklinghausen, DE), Rabbach; Andreas (Solingen, DE)
Title: Drive unit for a vehicle seat
Patent Number: 8,783,774

Inventors: Bertagnolli; Kenneth E. (Sandy, UT), Schmidt; Scott M. (Draper, UT)
Title: Apparatuses and methods relating to cooling a subterranean drill bit and/or at least one cutting element during use
Patent Number: 8,783,380

Inventors: Bertosa; Thomas (Chardon, OH), Roberts; Bob (South Euclid, OH), Gessner; Michael (Akron, OH), Lancki; Alfred L. (North Olmsted, OH)
Title: Code connect information access
Patent Number: 8,788,137

Inventors: Bessho; Takeshi (Toyota, JP), Kumagai; Kyoko (Kariya, JP), Yoshida; Takashi (Kariya, JP), Osamura; Manabu (Kariya, JP), Shimo; Toshihisa (Kariya, JP)
Title: Resin board to be subjected to ozone treatment, wiring board, and method of manufacturing the wiring board
Patent Number: 8,784,638

Inventors: Bessler; Cornelius (Dusseldorf, DE), Wieland; Susanne (Dormagen-Zons, DE), Maurer; Karl-Heinz (Erkrath, DE)
Title: Alpha-amylase variants stabilized against dimerization and/or multimerization, method for the production thereof, and detergents and cleansers containing these alpha-amylase variants
Patent Number: 8,785,365

Inventors: Beurguet; Laurent (Plaisir, FR), Cavillac; Amelie (Plaisir, FR), Mondoly; Valerie (Plaisir, FR)
Title: Inflatable evacuation mattress
Patent Number: 8,782,833

Inventors: Beutnagel; Mark Charles (Mendham, NJ), Mohri; Mehryar (New York, NY), Riley; Michael Dennis (New York, NY)
Title: Speech synthesis from acoustic units with default values of concatenation cost
Patent Number: 8,788,268

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Title: Meta-Web
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Title: Scheduling the uploading of information from a client to a server
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Title: System and method for quantifying and detecting non-normative behavior
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Title: Optical coupling lens
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Title: Disc brake for a tape measure
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Title: THz wave generation device
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Title: Devices, systems, and methods for removing empyema from a pleural cavity
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Title: Switch device
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Title: Stent delivery system
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Title: Connection terminal structure, method for manufacturing connection terminal structure, and connection terminal structure substrate
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Title: Image forming device
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Title: Solid-state imaging apparatus having a comparator comparing a generated reference signal with an analog signal from a pixel and its driving method
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Title: Method of recycling silicon component for plasma etching apparatus and silicon component for plasma etching apparatus
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Title: Optical interference filter that performs excellent color separation, and liquid crystal display, electroluminescence display and projection display apparatus having the optical interference filter
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Title: Information processing device, program for operating the same, document scanning device, and document scanning system
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Title: Mobile phone
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Title: Charging apparatus and image forming apparatus
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Title: Layer forming device, image forming apparatus, and computer readable medium
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Title: Sputtering target and oxide semiconductor film
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Title: Material for organic electroluminescence device and organic electroluminescence device using the same
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Title: Saddle-type electric vehicle
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Title: Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic device
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Title: Base station apparatus and communication control method
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Title: Die processing method, die, objective lens, and optical pick-up device
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Title: Apparatus with electronic information transfer function or the like, program for electronic information transfer, and method for electronic information transfer
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Title: Control system of transmission
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Title: Hydraulic control device
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Title: Image reading method and image reading apparatus
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Title: Absolute rotary encoder
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Title: Mobile electronic device, control method, and storage medium storing control program
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Title: Liquid jet head, liquid jet apparatus, and piezoelectric element
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Title: Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and transmitting medium
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Title: Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
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Title: Display device
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Title: Control system for internal combustion engine
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Title: Turbine installation method
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Title: Device for driving switching elements
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Title: Computer system storing data on multiple storage systems
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Title: Scroll type booster
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Title: Image processing device, image processing method and program
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Title: Cascaded content addressable memory array having multiple row segment activation
Patent Number: 8,787,059

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Title: Imaging apparatus
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Title: Liquid missile projectile for being launched from a launching device
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Title: System and method for rate assignment
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Title: Method of rapidly visualizing essential neural pathways
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Title: Safety carpule system with integral retractable needle
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Title: Media display system for ski-lift chair
Patent Number: 8,782,933

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Title: Codec circuit for POTS system
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Title: Central repository for searches
Patent Number: 8,788,451

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Title: Treating post-seizure patients
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Title: Estimating values of assets
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Title: Self-matched band reject filter
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Title: Square to pseudo-sinusoidal clock conversion circuit and method
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Title: Weight lifting free fall restraint system
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Title: Fishing lure
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Title: Visitor detector
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Title: Combination game controller and point of sale input device
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Title: Media delivery system and method for transporting media to desired target devices
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Title: Combination archer bow field carry device/stabilizer/counterbalance
Patent Number: 8,783,238

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Title: Optimized channel implant for a semiconductor device and method of forming the same
Patent Number: 8,786,026

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Title: Injector calibration method for operating an internal combustion engine
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Title: Method and apparatus for efficient handling of product return transactions
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Title: Binarizing an image
Patent Number: 8,787,690

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Title: Tooth for dental arch model and method for producing the same
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Title: Printing apparatus and printing method
Patent Number: 8,783,812

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Title: Wireless communication system and method for communicating disaster information
Patent Number: 8,786,430

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Title: Optical communication network and supervisory control device
Patent Number: 8,787,757

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Title: System and method for scheduling harvesting of personal information
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Serial Number: 85940668

Serial Number: 85941309

Serial Number: 85943956

Serial Number: 85947036

Serial Number: 85957581

Serial Number: 85958625

Serial Number: 85962126

Serial Number: 85962380

Serial Number: 85964112

Serial Number: 85966289

Serial Number: 85967769

Serial Number: 85968623

Serial Number: 85976053

Serial Number: 85976089

Serial Number: 85980964

Serial Number: 85981214

Serial Number: 85982902

Serial Number: 85983967

Serial Number: 86002702

Serial Number: 86003693

Serial Number: 86003853

Serial Number: 86011986

Serial Number: 86012227

Serial Number: 86014119

Serial Number: 86021616

Serial Number: 86028028

Serial Number: 86028190

Serial Number: 86028517

Serial Number: 86030063

Serial Number: 86030741

Serial Number: 86030743

Serial Number: 86030744

Serial Number: 86030745

Serial Number: 86030986

Serial Number: 86034240

Serial Number: 86034374

Serial Number: 86034379

Serial Number: 86038167

Serial Number: 86040382

Serial Number: 86050390

Serial Number: 86053380

Serial Number: 86057837

Serial Number: 86065484

Serial Number: 86065502

Serial Number: 86066183

Serial Number: 86068298

Serial Number: 86069233

Serial Number: 86078270

Serial Number: 86080359

Serial Number: 86082660

Serial Number: 86084539

Serial Number: 86086871

Serial Number: 86094429

Serial Number: 86094617

Serial Number: 86097823

Serial Number: 86098230

Serial Number: 86098235

Serial Number: 86098238

Serial Number: 86098245

Serial Number: 86098254

Serial Number: 86098267

Serial Number: 86098293

Serial Number: 86098309

Serial Number: 86104277

Serial Number: 86107501

Serial Number: 86109488

Serial Number: 86110453

Serial Number: 86111377

Serial Number: 86112537

Serial Number: 86113339

Serial Number: 86113797

Serial Number: 86113999

Serial Number: 86115245

Serial Number: 86116122

Serial Number: 86117391

Serial Number: 86119431

Serial Number: 86121289

Serial Number: 86123721

Serial Number: 86123995

Serial Number: 86124136

Serial Number: 86130207

Serial Number: 86131371

Serial Number: 86131582

Serial Number: 86134987

Serial Number: 86141699

Serial Number: 86143052

Serial Number: 86143089

Serial Number: 86146180

Serial Number: 86147347

Serial Number: 86148623

Serial Number: 86150521

Serial Number: 86151437

Serial Number: 86152583

Serial Number: 86152592

Serial Number: 86157595

Serial Number: 86161367

Serial Number: 86161457

Serial Number: 86162506

Serial Number: 86162544

Serial Number: 86162566

Serial Number: 86162777

Serial Number: 86163065

Serial Number: 86163071

Serial Number: 86163073

Serial Number: 86164538

Serial Number: 86165257

Serial Number: 86166686

Serial Number: 86168184

Serial Number: 86168593

Serial Number: 86175407

Serial Number: 86175950

Serial Number: 86177586

Serial Number: 86177933

Serial Number: 86178201

Serial Number: 86178569

Serial Number: 86178728

Serial Number: 86179947

Serial Number: 86180946

Serial Number: 86181858

Serial Number: 86183344

Serial Number: 86184557

Serial Number: 86187205

Serial Number: 86187723

Serial Number: 86187919

Serial Number: 86190410

Serial Number: 86192139

Serial Number: 86192571

Serial Number: 86193163

Serial Number: 86194711

Serial Number: 86197148

Serial Number: 86198005

Serial Number: 86201700

Serial Number: 86206811

Serial Number: 86208745

Serial Number: 86213119

Serial Number: 86213402

Serial Number: 86214884

Serial Number: 86216890

Serial Number: 86218589

Serial Number: 86218745

Serial Number: 86227563

Serial Number: 86234655

Serial Number: 86235200

Serial Number: 86236845

Serial Number: 86236847

Serial Number: 86236850

Serial Number: 86238824

Serial Number: 86239582

Serial Number: 86239610

Serial Number: 86242183

Serial Number: 86242647

Serial Number: 86243808

Serial Number: 86244496

Serial Number: 86245070

Serial Number: 86246809

Serial Number: 86247153

Serial Number: 86248397

Serial Number: 86251200

Serial Number: 86253951

Serial Number: 86254059

Serial Number: 86254108

Serial Number: 86254228

Serial Number: 86255240

Serial Number: 86257235

Serial Number: 86258680

Serial Number: 86258853

Serial Number: 86260563

Serial Number: 86261219

Serial Number: 86261239

Serial Number: 86262418

Serial Number: 86262493

Serial Number: 86263352

Serial Number: 86265983

Serial Number: 86266495

Serial Number: 86267581

Serial Number: 86269299

Serial Number: 86269327

Serial Number: 86269752

Serial Number: 86270158

Serial Number: 86271309

Serial Number: 86272496

Serial Number: 86273471

Serial Number: 86275205

Serial Number: 86276807

Serial Number: 86276896

Serial Number: 86277457

Serial Number: 86277645

Serial Number: 86278424

Serial Number: 86279731

Serial Number: 86281086

Serial Number: 86281846

Serial Number: 86460528

Serial Number: 86461404

Serial Number: 86461477

Serial Number: 86461682

Serial Number: 86461900

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Serial Number: 86469466

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