Sunday, October 28 2018

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Abbott; Ken (Kirkland, WA), Freedman; Josh (Mercer Island, WA), Newell; Dan (Medina, WA), Robarts; Jim (Redmond, WA)
Title: Logging and analyzing context attributes
Patent Number: 7,779,015

Inventors: Abdul; Anis M. (Austin, TX), Ma; Andrea Yin-Shih (Austin, TX), Mahajan; Ajay K. (Austin, TX), Pietraniec; Nicholas A. (Austin, TX)
Title: Failure data management for a distributed computer system
Patent Number: 8,812,916

Inventors: Abdur-Rashid; Kamaluddin (Mississauga, CA), Guo; Rongwei (Mississauga, CA), Chen; Xuanhua (Mississauga, CA), Jia; Wenli (Mississauga, CA)
Title: Iridium catalysts for catalytic hydrogenation
Patent Number: 7,777,083

Inventors: Abe; Teruyoshi (Hitachi, JP), Ito; Motoya (Hitachinaka, JP), Tajima; Fumio (Hitachi, JP), Ishikawa; Yoshihisa (Hitachinaka, JP)
Title: Rotating electrical machine
Patent Number: 7,777,389

Inventors: Abedifard; Ebrahim (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Common wordline flash array architecture
Patent Number: 7,095,653

Inventors: Abel; Christopher J. (Coplay, PA), Mao; Weiwei (Macungie, PA)
Title: Method and apparatus for slew rate control
Patent Number: 7,777,538

Inventors: Abel; Neal (Jacksonville, FL)
Title: Device for adjustably suspending a boat fender from a rod holder
Patent Number: 7,775,176

Inventors: Abernethy; Michael Negley (Pflugerville, TX), Grigsby; Travis M. (Austin, TX), Khalil; Syed-Muasir (Austin, TX), Thai; Truong-An Hoan (Pflugerville, TX)
Title: System and method for fine grain method update of an application to provide continuous availability
Patent Number: 7,779,402

Inventors: Abjanic; John B. (San Diego, CA), Sze; Tak F. (San Diego, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for content based switching
Patent Number: 7,096,270

Inventors: Abney; Michael A. (Bakersfield, CA)
Title: Hair rack
Patent Number: 7,775,377

Inventors: Aboba; Bernard D. (Bellevue, WA), Bahl; Paramvir (Sammamish, WA), Temudo de Castro; Miguel Oom (Cambridge, GB), Narlanka; Gopala S. (Bellevue, WA), Padhye; Jitendra D. (Redmond, WA), Raduvic; Bozidar (Cambridge, GB), Ramjee; Ramachandran (Bangalore, IN), Tan; Kun (Beijing, CN)
Title: Spectrum and medium access allocation for fairness
Patent Number: 7,778,170

Inventors: Abraham; Detlev (Borgsdorf, DE), Mennen; Hans-Josef (Niederkruchten, DE)
Title: Method and system for stopping elevators using AC motors driven by static frequency converters
Patent Number: 7,775,327

Inventors: Abrignani; Sergio (Vagliagli, IT), Grandi; Guido (Segrate, IT)
Title: Hepatitis C receptor protein CD81
Patent Number: 7,097,987

Inventors: Achen; Marc G. (Parkville, AU), Stacker; Steven Alan (Parkville, AU)
Title: Antibodies to truncated VEGF-D and uses thereof
Patent Number: 7,097,986

Inventors: Adams; Phillip M. (Henderson, NV)
Title: Computer-hardware, life-extension apparatus and method
Patent Number: 7,779,407

Inventors: Adams; Robert D. (Cinnaminson, NJ)
Title: Bow mounted vessel propulsion system
Patent Number: 7,096,810

Inventors: Adams; Rodney G. (Rowlett, TX)
Title: System and method for transferring information in a hypertext transfer protocol based system
Patent Number: 7,099,929

Inventors: Addink; John (Riverside, CA), Buhler; Kirk (Riverside, CA)
Title: Automatic irrigation frequency adjustment for deep watering
Patent Number: 7,096,094

Inventors: Aderhold; Wolfgang R. (Cupertino, CA), Ramachandran; Balasubramanian (Santa Clara, CA), Tertitski; Leonid M. (San Jose, CA), Stone; Patrick F. (Fremont, CA)
Title: Semiconductor thermal process control
Patent Number: 7,778,533

Inventors: Adickes; Eric (Capistrano Beach, CA)
Title: Architectural glass panels with embedded objects and methods for making the same
Patent Number: 7,776,412

Inventors: Adrangi; Farid (Lake Oswego, OR), Elgebaly; Hani (Beaverton, OR), Rajamani; Krishnan (San Diego, CA), Rao; Vijay (Beaverton, OR)
Title: Dual operating system computing system
Patent Number: 7,779,243

Inventors: Afzali-Ardakani; Ali (Ossining, NY), Avouris; Phaedon (Yorktown Heights, NY), Farmer; Damon B. (White Plains, NY), Lin; Yu-Ming (West Harrison, NY), Zhu; Yu (West Harrison, NY)
Title: Graphene transistors with self-aligned gates
Patent Number: 8,809,153

Inventors: Afzali-Ardakani; Ali (Yorktown Heights, NY), Dimitrakopoulos; Christos D. (Ossining, NY)
Title: Organic field-effect transistor and method of making same based on polymerizable self-assembled monolayers
Patent Number: 7,776,646

Inventors: Agrawal; Dharma P. (Cincinnati, OH), Venkataraman; Lakshmi (San Jose, CA)
Title: Authentication scheme for ad hoc and sensor wireless networks
Patent Number: 7,096,359

Inventors: Aherne; Damian John (County Dublin, IE), Ledwith; Deirdre Marie (County Offaly, IE), Kelly; John Moffat (County Dublin, IE)
Title: Process for preparing nanoparticles
Patent Number: 8,808,420

Inventors: Ahling; Jay (Firestone, CO)
Title: Dual-function alignment layer for liquid crystal devices to improve degradation resistance to radiation
Patent Number: 8,810,758

Inventors: Ahn; Bum Mo (Busan, KR), Kyung; Ki Uk (Gwangyang-si, KR), Kim; Jung (Daejeon, KR), Kwon; Dong Soo (Daejeon, KR)
Title: Device and method for transmitting shape information of image through tactile sensation using rheological fluid
Patent Number: 7,777,137

Inventors: Ahn; Chang-Bum (Yongin-si, KR)
Title: Electrode assembly and secondary battery using the same
Patent Number: 8,808,922

Inventors: Ahn; Hojin (San Jose, CA)
Title: Apparatus and method for advertising in digital photo frame
Patent Number: 8,812,365

Inventors: Ahn; Seung-young (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Printed circuit board assembly
Patent Number: 7,778,040

Inventors: Ahn; Sun-Yul (Anyang-si, KR), Kang; Kyong-Rim (Seongnam-si, KR), Kim; Tae-Sung (Suwon-si, KR), Kim; Young-Ho (Yongin-si, KR), Lee; Jung-Hoon (Hwaseong-si, KR)
Title: Copolymers, polymer resin composition for buffer layer method of forming a pattern using the same and method of manufacturing a capacitor using the same
Patent Number: 7,776,685

Inventors: Aiello; Anthony J. (Aptos, CA), Grantz; Alan Lyndon (Aptos, CA), Kloeppel; Klaus D. (Watsonville, CA), Flores; Paco (Felton, CA)
Title: Single thrust magnetically biased fully recirculating self purging fluid dynamic bearing motor
Patent Number: 7,095,147

Inventors: Aiello; William A. (Vancouver, CA), Kalmanek, Jr.; Charles Robert (Short Hills, NJ), Leighton, III; William J. (Scotch Plains, NJ), McDaniel; Patrick (State College, PA), Sen; Subhabrata (New Providence, NJ), Spatscheck; Oliver (Randolph, NJ), Van Der Merwe; Jacobus E. (New Providence, NJ)
Title: Reverse firewall with self-provisioning
Patent Number: 8,813,213

Inventors: Aigner; Sebastian (Iffeldorf, DE), Mehdianpour; Mohammad (Munich, DE)
Title: Device for fitting substrates with electric components
Patent Number: 7,096,572

Inventors: Aikawa; Masayoshi (Saga, JP), Nishiyama; Eisuke (Saga, JP), Asamura; Fumio (Saitama, JP), Oita; Takeo (Saitama, JP)
Title: Planar array antenna
Patent Number: 7,095,373

Inventors: Akabane; Akira (Miyagi, JP)
Title: Electromagnetic fuel injection valve
Patent Number: 7,097,151

Inventors: Akahane; Shinichi (Hachioji, JP), Miyamoto; Takahisa (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Switch and network fault recovery method
Patent Number: 7,778,266

Inventors: Akahori; Hiroji (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Automatic frequency control apparatus for determining loop gain constant based on absolute phase error
Patent Number: 7,099,639

Inventors: Akasawa; Mitsuyuki (Hachioji, JP)
Title: Image pickup device, picked-up image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium for performing a correction process on a picked-up image
Patent Number: 7,777,785

Inventors: Akimoto; Kengo (Atsugi, JP), Takayama; Toru (Atsugi, JP), Yamaguchi; Tetsuji (Atsugi, JP), Yamazaki; Shunpei (Setagaya, JP)
Title: Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Patent Number: 7,098,087

Inventors: Akinaga; Makoto (Mihara, JP)
Title: Optical pickup apparatus and electronic equipment having the same
Patent Number: 7,778,142

Inventors: Akita; Masanori (Shizuoka, JP), Nakai; Tomoaki (Shizuoka, JP)
Title: Image forming method and apparatus for setting an image forming parameter based on a printing medium
Patent Number: 7,095,968

Inventors: Akiyama; Takashi (Osaka, JP), Wang; Chao-Yang (State College, PA)
Title: Dynamically controllable direct oxidation fuel cell systems and methods therefor
Patent Number: 7,776,482

Inventors: Akkiraju; Rama Kalyani T. (San Jose, CA), Bhandar; Manisha Dattatraya (Yorktown Heights, NY), Dhoolia; Pankaj (Uttar Pradesh, IN), Ghosh; Nilay (West Bengal, IN), Mitra; Tilak (Coconut Creek, FL), Mohan; Rakesh (Cortlandt Manor, NY), Saha; Dipankar (West Bengal, IN), Zhao; Wei (Bejing, CN)
Title: System and a method for cross-platform porting of business application and making them contextually-aware on target platforms
Patent Number: 8,813,024

Inventors: Al-Araji; Saleh R. (Alpharetta, GA), Skrobko; John (Berkeley Lake, GA)
Title: Laser modulation control to improve system dynamic range
Patent Number: 7,099,588

Inventors: Albazz; Imaddin Othman (Markham, CA), Mirlas; Lev (Thornhill, CA)
Title: Method, system, and computer program product for managing an electronic contract
Patent Number: 7,778,883

Inventors: Albean; David (Indianapolis, IN)
Title: Multi-use input
Patent Number: 8,810,058

Inventors: Aldissi; Matt (Belleair Beach, FL)
Title: Polymers having an ordered structural state
Patent Number: 7,097,757

Inventors: Aldrich; Bradley C. (Austin, TX), Hartin; Thomas (Austin, TX), George; Adam (Austin, TX)
Title: Method and apparatus for color data synthesis in digital image and video capture systems
Patent Number: 8,810,680

Inventors: Alexander; Paul (San Jose, CA)
Title: Bell jar extraction tool method and apparatus for thin film photovoltaic materials
Patent Number: 8,809,096

Inventors: Alfred; Joseph A. (Somerset, NJ), Sommer; Joseph M. (Rutherford, NJ)
Title: Method and apparatus for providing broadband signals to a portable user device
Patent Number: 8,811,889

Inventors: Ali; Syed S. (Allentown, PA), Jampanaboyana; Lakshmi Narayana (Allentown, PA), Greybush; James J. (Allentown, PA)
Title: Retrieval of deleted voice messages in voice messaging system
Patent Number: 8,811,576

Inventors: Alizon; Franck M. (Verneuil sur Seine, FR), Marchal; Caroline (Montigny le Bretonneux, FR), Deruy; Didier M. (Vanves, FR)
Title: Battery pack for an electric powertrain vehicle
Patent Number: 8,808,898

Inventors: Allen; Charles D. (Broomfield, CO)
Title: Removable ink for surgical instrument
Patent Number: 8,808,285

Inventors: Allen; David H. (Rochester, MN), Dewanz; Douglas M. (Rochester, MN), Paulsen; David P. (Dodge Center, MN), Sheets, II; John E. (Zumbrota, MN)
Title: Method for implementing deep trench enabled high current capable bipolar transistor for current switching and output driver applications
Patent Number: 8,809,156

Inventors: Allen; James Robert (Bellaire, MI), Eckerle; Brian John (Petoskey, MI), Booher; Jason Allen (Atlanta, MI)
Title: Break-away pedal assembly
Patent Number: 7,775,555

Inventors: Alpert; Yaron (Hod Hasharon, IL)
Title: System and method for autonomous connectivity to improve location-based information
Patent Number: 8,812,026

Inventors: Alsbury; Quinton (Venice, CA), Becerra; David (Venice, CA)
Title: Displaying pie charts in a limited display area
Patent Number: 8,810,574

Inventors: Altenbach; Robert J. (Chicago, IL), Black; Lawrence A. (Libertyville, IL), Chang; Sou-Jen (Prairie View, IL), Cowart; Marlon D. (Round Lake Beach, IL), Faghih; Ramin (Lake Forest, IL), Gfesser; Gregory A. (Lindenhurst, IL), Ku; Yi-Yin (Buffalo Grove, IL), Liu; Huaqing (Buffalo Grove, IL), Lukin; Kirill A. (Mundelein, IL), Nersesian; Diana L. (Gurnee, IL), Pu; Yu-ming (Gurnee, IL), Curtis; Michael P. (Kenosha, WI)
Title: Bicyclic-substituted amines having cyclic-substituted monocyclic substituents
Patent Number: 7,098,222

Inventors: Altmann; Stephan Maxmilian (Grafenwohr, DE), Horber; Johann Karl Heinrich (Weiltingen, DE)
Title: Multiple local probe measuring device and method
Patent Number: 7,098,678

Inventors: Alvarez-Gomariz; Husayn (Meridian, ID), Futrell; John R. C. (Boise, ID)
Title: Method and device for checking lithography data
Patent Number: 7,096,452

Inventors: Alvarez; Andy (Torrance, CA), Dohner; Thomas (Covina, CA), Rashba; Marc (Oak Park, CA)
Title: Spindle packaging
Patent Number: 7,775,352

Inventors: Amarakoon; Kiri (Pittsford, NY), Edmunds; Cyril (Webster, NY), Triplett; Roger (Penfield, NY)
Title: Digital scanning control method and system
Patent Number: 7,777,921

Inventors: Amemiya; Shinichi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Method of sector probe driving and ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
Patent Number: 7,775,112

Inventors: Ames; Lawrence L. (San Jose, CA), Dutta; Kalyan (Los Altos Hills, CA)
Title: Apodization of beams in an optical interferometer
Patent Number: 7,095,504

Inventors: Amin; Sandip (Austin, TX), Bargoti; Ajay K. (Bangalore, IN), Kedia; Rishika (Bangalore, IN), Mani; Anbazhagan (Bangalore, IN)
Title: Managing storage providers in a clustered appliance environment
Patent Number: 8,812,900

Inventors: Amin; Umesh (Redmond, WA), Buhrmann; Michael (Redmond, WA)
Title: Method and system for providing power to a communications device
Patent Number: 7,099,707

Inventors: Amon; Peter (Munchen, DE), Hutter; Andreas (Munchen, DE)
Title: Method and device for establishing a coded output video stream from at least two coded input video streams and use of the device and coded input video stream
Patent Number: 8,811,482

Inventors: Ananda; Mohan (Westlake Village, CA)
Title: System and method for transferring items having value
Patent Number: 7,778,924

Inventors: Anderson; Brent A. (Jericho, VT), Bryant; Andres (Burlington, VT), Liang; Jiale (Stanford, CA), Nowak; Edward J. (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Partially depleted (PD) semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) field effect transistor (FET) structure with a gate-to-body tunnel current region for threshold voltage (Vt) lowering and method of forming the structure
Patent Number: 8,809,954

Inventors: Anderson; James E. (Meridian, ID), Forcier; Rich (Nampa, ID), Pentecost; Robert E. (Boise, ID), Livingston; Kris R. (Boise, ID), Muguira; Mark (Boise, ID)
Title: Methods and arrangements for providing and using printer configuration status information
Patent Number: 7,099,034

Inventors: Anderson; Jon James (Boulder, CO), Willis; Daniel James (Lafayette, CO), Baker; Kenneth Robert (Boulder, CO)
Title: Airlink sensing watermarking repeater
Patent Number: 7,778,596

Inventors: Anderson; Mark L (Spring Valley, WI), Harmon; John (Elmwood, WI), Wellstein; Wayne (Menomonie, WI)
Title: Dispenser container technology
Patent Number: 7,097,071

Inventors: Anderson; Ray W. (Liberty Hill, TX), Pafumi; James A. (Leander, TX), Rosales; Jacob J. (Austin, TX), Vallabhaneni; Vasu (Austin, TX)
Title: Virtual machine updates
Patent Number: 8,813,076

Inventors: Andersson; Sven (Hassleholm, SE), Andre; Hans (Helsingborg, SE), Dahlberg; Tomas (Helsingborg, SE)
Title: Plate heat exchanger
Patent Number: 7,775,264

Inventors: Ando; Hirotake (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Optical deflection apparatus, image forming apparatus, and method of driving optical deflection apparatus
Patent Number: 7,775,433

Inventors: Ando; Masanobu (Kanagawa-ken, JP), Gotoda; Toru (Kanagawa-ken, JP), Kita; Toru (Chiba-ken, JP)
Title: Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and apparatus for manufacturing same
Patent Number: 8,809,981

Inventors: Andrasic; Sinisa (Kitchener, CA), Krempels; Uwe (Boeblingen, DE), Ziegs; Maya (Ammerbuch, DE), Zwiener; Stefan (Neuhausen, DE)
Title: Bumper having a roll-formed ridge
Patent Number: 7,097,221

Inventors: Andre; Xavier (Antwerpen, BE), Loccufier; Johan (Zwijnaarde, BE)
Title: Polymeric dispersants and non-aqueous dispersions
Patent Number: 8,809,419

Inventors: Andreev; Alexander E. (San Jose, CA), Scepanovic; Ranko (San Jose, CA), Vukovic; Vojislav (Santa Clara, CA)
Title: Decomposer for parallel turbo decoding, process and integrated circuit
Patent Number: 7,096,413

Inventors: Ang; Swee Keng (Singapore, SG), Mohamed; Hanif Bin Mohamed (Singapore, SG), Tan; Joo Ming Jackson (Singapore, SG)
Title: System and method for measuring tool performance
Patent Number: 7,778,798

Inventors: Ang; Wanleng (Toyota, JP)
Title: Electric motored vehicle and method for controlling electrically charging the same
Patent Number: 8,810,206

Inventors: Angelopoulos; Marie (Cortlandt Manor, NY), Dimitrakopoulos; Christos Dimitrios (West Harrison, NY), Furman; Bruce Kenneth (Williston, VT), Graham; Teresita Ordonez (Irvington, NY), Lien; Shui-Chih Alan (Briarcliff Manor, NY)
Title: Patterns of electrically conducting polymers and their application as electrodes or electrical contacts
Patent Number: 7,095,474

Inventors: Angermann; Gerold (Spittal/Drau, AT)
Title: Abseiling device
Patent Number: 7,097,005

Inventors: Aoki; Dion K. (Henderson, NV), Gilmore; Jason C. (Scottsdale, AZ), Kopera; Thomas M. (Villa Park, IL), Olsen; Christy Juinsuk (Henderson, NV)
Title: Wagering game with shared payoff based on multiple player selections
Patent Number: 7,775,873

Inventors: Aoki; Hisashi (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Moving picture processor, method, and computer program product to generate metashots
Patent Number: 7,778,470

Inventors: Aoki; Masahiko (Miyagi, JP), Sanui; Jiro (Miyagi, JP)
Title: Float type steam trap
Patent Number: 7,096,880

Inventors: Aoki; Masahiro (Kamakura, JP), Kato; Hideyuki (Kamakura, JP), Sudoh; Masayuki (Kamakura, JP), Tsukuda; Takuo (Kamakura, JP), Masubuchi; Miyako (Kamakura, JP), Kawasaki; Kenichi (Kamakura, JP)
Title: Remedy for viral disease
Patent Number: 7,776,918

Inventors: Aoki; Taro (Tokorozawa, JP), Yamaguchi; Junji (Higashimurayama, JP), Sasaki; Yusuke (Higashimurayama, JP)
Title: Hyperlipemia therapeutic agent
Patent Number: 7,776,881

Inventors: Aoki; Tsuyoshi (Kawasaki, JP), Kato; Masayuki (Kawasaki, JP), Yamagishi; Yasuo (Kawasaki, JP), Akahoshi; Tomoyuki (Kawasaki, JP), Cooray; Nawalage Florence (Kawasaki, JP), Kurashina; Mamoru (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Method for production of optical module and optical module
Patent Number: 7,097,366

Inventors: Aosawa; Takashi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Service providing system, computer which executes program providing service and repository service control program
Patent Number: 7,778,991

Inventors: Aoyama; Tomohiro (Kosai, JP), Ito; Yasuhide (Hamamatsu, JP), Yamamoto; Toshio (Kosai, JP)
Title: Short-circuit member assembly, commutator, and motor
Patent Number: 7,777,390

Inventors: Apostol, Jr.; George (Santa Clara, CA), Kolluru; Mahadev S. (San Jose, CA), Vu; Tom (San Jose, CA)
Title: On-chip inter-subsystem communication including concurrent data traffic routing
Patent Number: 7,095,752

Inventors: Aradi; Allen A. (Glen Allen, VA), Roos; Joseph W. (Mechanicsville, VA), Meffert; Michael W. (Chesterfield, VA)
Title: Method of using nanoalloy additives to reduce plume opacity, slagging, fouling, corrosion and emissions
Patent Number: 7,775,166

Inventors: Arai; Koji (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Communication method and apparatus for a radio local area network system using macrodiversity
Patent Number: 7,095,711

Inventors: Araki; Daisuke (Saitama, JP), Nagano; Hideki (Saitama, JP), Yanagida; Eiji (Saitama, JP), Katchi; Kazuhisa (Saitama, JP), Noguchi; Akitoshi (Saitama, JP), Nakamigawa; Tsutomu (Saitama, JP), Yamamoto; Katsuichi (Saitama, JP), Matsumoto; Takehide (Saitama, JP)
Title: Car air conditioner
Patent Number: 7,096,924

Inventors: Araki; Motohisa (Akishima, JP), Kitazawa; Kenichi (Hino, JP)
Title: Communication system and server apparatus and terminal apparatus
Patent Number: 7,778,623

Inventors: Araki; Tatsuya (Omihachiman, JP), Takahama; Kimihiro (Ibaraki, JP), Miyata; Hiroshi (Kyoto, JP), Hashimoto; Mitsuhiro (Kyoto, JP), Nakamura; Toshiaki (Nagaokakyo, JP), Kamitake; Takahiro (Osaka, JP)
Title: X-ray equipment with cassette storage box locking means
Patent Number: 7,097,355

Inventors: Aramaki; Takashi (Yokohama, JP), Shirasaki; Yoshimasa (Fujisawa, JP)
Title: Base station apparatus and network identifier assignment method
Patent Number: 7,099,694

Inventors: Arao; Tatsuya (Atsugi, JP), Suzawa; Hideomi (Atsugi, JP)
Title: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Patent Number: 7,095,047

Inventors: Archer; Charles J. (Rochester, MN), Blocksome; Michael A. (Rochester, MN), Parker; Jeffrey J. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Direct memory access transfer completion notification
Patent Number: 7,779,173

Inventors: Archer; Charles J. (Rochester, MN), Lynam; Benjamin E. (Rochester, MN), Ricard; Gary R. (Chatfield, MN)
Title: Parallel execution of operations for a partitioned binary radix tree on a parallel computer
Patent Number: 7,779,016

Inventors: Arigliano; Antonello (Germering, DE)
Title: Domino asynchronous successive approximation ADC
Patent Number: 7,098,840

Inventors: Arik; Mehmet (Niskayuna, NY), Weaver, Jr.; Stanton Earl (Northville, NY), Becker; Charles (Schenectady, NY)
Title: Light emitting diode apparatuses with heat pipes for thermal management
Patent Number: 7,095,110

Inventors: Arima; Yukio (Osaka, JP), Yamamoto; Akira (Osaka, JP)
Title: ACS circuit
Patent Number: 7,779,339

Inventors: Arimilli; Lakshminarayana B. (Austin, TX), Arimilli; Ravi K. (Austin, TX), Drerup; Bernard C. (Austin, TX), Joyner; Jody B. (Austin, TX), Lewis; Jerry D. (Round Rock, TX)
Title: Dynamic routing based on information of not responded active source requests quantity received in broadcast heartbeat signal and stored in local data structure for other processor chips
Patent Number: 7,779,148

Inventors: Arimoto; Katsuyuki (Okayama, JP), Ohta; Yoshihito (Okayama, JP), Kobayashi; Takahiro (Okayama, JP), Murao; Tsugio (Habikino, JP)
Title: Liquid crystal display and its driving method
Patent Number: 7,098,934

Inventors: Arita; Miki (Iizuka, JP), Kurohmaru; Shunichi (Fukuoka, JP)
Title: Motion vector detection apparatus for performing checker-pattern subsampling with respect to pixel arrays
Patent Number: 7,099,393

Inventors: Arless; Steven G. (Beaconsfield, CA), Milder; Frederic L. (Brookline, MA), Abboud; Marwan (Pierrefonds, CA), Wittenberger; Dan (Pierrefonds, CA), Carroll; Sean (Beaconsfield, CA)
Title: Catheter with cryogenic and heating ablation
Patent Number: 7,097,641

Inventors: Arnaud; Johnny (Houston, TX)
Title: Apparatus for enhancing venturi suction in eductor mixers
Patent Number: 7,776,213

Inventors: Aroian; Raffi V. (San Diego, CA), Hu; Yan (San Diego, CA)
Title: Combination therapy to combat helminth resistance
Patent Number: 8,809,268

Inventors: Aronovich; Lior (Ramat Gan, IL), Asher; Ron (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: Resolving messaging deadlock in a distributed shared memory
Patent Number: 8,812,794

Inventors: Arsenault; Peter (Dracut, MA)
Title: Personal hygiene cleansing and irrigation device
Patent Number: 7,774,871

Inventors: Asai; Akimasa (Tokyo, JP), Matsumura; Koyoshi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Display support arm and ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Patent Number: 7,775,485

Inventors: Asakawa; Koji (Kawasaki, JP), Hiraoka; Toshiro (Yokohama, JP), Akasaka; Yoshihiro (Kawasaki, JP), Hotta; Yasuyuki (Funabashi, JP)
Title: Method for manufacturing porous structure and method for forming pattern
Patent Number: 7,097,781

Inventors: Asamura; Yoshinori (Tokyo, JP), Yoneoka; Isao (Tokyo, JP), Matoba; Takashi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Multi-screen display device
Patent Number: 8,810,478

Inventors: Asano; Shigetaka (Kasugai, JP)
Title: Delay adjusting circuit and control method of the same
Patent Number: 7,777,539

Inventors: Asano; Yasuhisa (Toyama, JP), Inoue; Atsushi (Niigata, JP)
Title: L-amino acid amide asymmetric hydrolase and DNA encoding the same
Patent Number: 7,776,570

Inventors: Ash; Kevin J. (Tucson, AZ), Benhase; Michael T. (Tucson, AZ), Gupta; Lokesh M. (Tucson, AZ), Todd; Kenneth W. (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Managing track discard requests to include in discard track messages
Patent Number: 8,812,785

Inventors: Ashcraft; Kenneth Michael (Meadow Vista, CA), Berstis; Viktors (Austin, TX), Burke; Erin Christine (Dallas, TX), Rao; Santhosh (Austin, TX), Schwerdtfeger; Richard Scott (Round Rock, TX)
Title: Method and data processing system for recognizing and correcting dyslexia-related spelling errors
Patent Number: 7,779,354

Inventors: Asjad; Moin U. (Troy, MI)
Title: Collapsing vehicle tow hook
Patent Number: 7,775,546

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Owner: EBSCO Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 78908225

Owner: Edelbrock, LLC
Serial Number: 76678592

Owner: Edelbrock, LLC
Serial Number: 76678593

Owner: Edge Games, LLC
Serial Number: 78788735

Serial Number: 76529161

Serial Number: 77165662

Owner: EMI (IP) Limited
Serial Number: 78682844

Owner: EMS Database Management Solutions, LTD.
Serial Number: 78761199

Owner: Encinal, Inc.
Serial Number: 78960652

Serial Number: 77174303

Serial Number: 78901494

Serial Number: 78893605

Owner: Eurasia Group
Serial Number: 77005410

Serial Number: 78703290

Owner: EZ Ville, Ltd.
Serial Number: 78801250

Serial Number: 78909907

Owner: Flambeau, Inc.
Serial Number: 77163158

Owner: Florri Feme Pharmaceuticals Limited
Serial Number: 77003847

Owner: FMR LLC
Serial Number: 78761340

Owner: Foos, John
Serial Number: 77159422

Serial Number: 78241321

Owner: Garnet Hill, Inc.
Serial Number: 76555839

Owner: Gateway Mapping, Inc.
Serial Number: 78615274

Owner: GCM, Inc.
Serial Number: 77148838

Serial Number: 78677684

Owner: Gel-Del Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 78191266

Owner: Gemaire Distributors, LLC
Serial Number: 78775501

Owner: Gemology Headquarters International, LLC
Serial Number: 78800509

Serial Number: 78927627

Owner: Genghis Grill Franchise Concepts, LP
Serial Number: 77018313

Owner: Genghis Grill Franchise Concepts, LP
Serial Number: 77018319

Owner: GenSpera, Inc.
Serial Number: 77173736

Serial Number: 77137388

Owner: Gignosko Healthcare Solutions, LLC
Serial Number: 78761611

Owner: Girls In Bloom
Serial Number: 77012531

Owner: Glory Communications International
Serial Number: 74684532

Serial Number: 78766632

Owner: Good's Furniture House, Inc.
Serial Number: 77165031

Owner: Graham, Maurice
Serial Number: 78926342

Serial Number: 73634206

Owner: Granite Creek Partners, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 77185177

Owner: Great Impact, Inc.
Serial Number: 76676233

Owner: Great Seats Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 77159497

Owner: Great Seats Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 77159596

Owner: Greenbridge Capital LLC
Serial Number: 78803421

Owner: Groupe Electropoli
Serial Number: 78845725

Owner: Gulf Chemical & Metallurgical Corporation
Serial Number: 77165454

Owner: Gutnik, Susan
Serial Number: 78737042

Serial Number: 77174549

Owner: Hadad, Guy
Serial Number: 78476958

Owner: Hain Pure Protein Corporation
Serial Number: 78952063

Serial Number: 78404379

Serial Number: 78675706

Serial Number: 78675735

Owner: Harkham Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 78979369

Owner: Harmonia, Inc.
Serial Number: 77167641

Serial Number: 76666697

Owner: Haugh, Mary
Serial Number: 78857469

Owner: Hawks View Lodging, LLC
Serial Number: 77171625

Owner: Hayata of North America, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77115963

Owner: Haynes and Boone, LLP
Serial Number: 78839710

Serial Number: 78710638

Serial Number: 77163416

Owner: Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Corporation
Serial Number: 78687580

Owner: High Pressure Integrity, Inc.
Serial Number: 77137639

Owner: HLS Restaurant Corporation
Serial Number: 77173134

Owner: Holmes Chad Laney
Serial Number: 77161564

Owner: Holy Disciples of Yahoshua Foundation
Serial Number: 78671843

Owner: Hooper, Mark S.
Serial Number: 78820662

Owner: Hot Mama, Inc
Serial Number: 78793571

Owner: Hussein, Fatmah S.
Serial Number: 77133713

Owner: Huthwaite, Inc.
Serial Number: 78896298

Serial Number: 78458644

Owner: Icynene Inc.
Serial Number: 78442421

Owner: iGlobe Partners, Inc.
Serial Number: 77071671

Owner: IGT
Serial Number: 78670004

Owner: Immunospec Corporation
Serial Number: 78897764

Serial Number: 78477716

Owner: Innovative Lifts, Inc.
Serial Number: 78912769

Owner: Intec Corporation
Serial Number: 77101168

Serial Number: 77171118

Owner: IntelliThink LLC
Serial Number: 78824619

Owner: International Association of Drilling Contractors
Serial Number: 77155116

Serial Number: 77120397

Owner: International Surf Ventures Inc.
Serial Number: 77151122

Owner: Interstate Battery System International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77045626

Owner: IPT Group
Serial Number: 77115534

Owner: Jackson Fish Market
Serial Number: 77168825

Owner: James, Matthew
Serial Number: 77059753

Owner: JAZZD, INC.
Serial Number: 77067836

Serial Number: 78824999

Serial Number: 77170520

Serial Number: 77024718

Serial Number: 78809338

Serial Number: 78913220

Owner: John R. Wood, Inc.
Serial Number: 78307623

Serial Number: 77135048

Owner: Jonathan W. Prestidge
Serial Number: 77173179

Owner: Joneca Corporation
Serial Number: 77157976

Owner: Jordan, Stephanie M.
Serial Number: 76659556

Serial Number: 77128606

Serial Number: 77128572

Serial Number: 77158321

Owner: Juno Online Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 78259721

Owner: Just Jen, Inc.
Serial Number: 77158971

Serial Number: 77105194

Owner: K&H LLC
Serial Number: 77170766

Owner: Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
Serial Number: 78918125

Owner: Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation
Serial Number: 76667850

Owner: Kel-Gar, Inc.
Serial Number: 77161587

Owner: Keys to Abundant Life, Inc.
Serial Number: 77006504

Serial Number: 77161978

Owner: Kia Incorporated
Serial Number: 78743036

Owner: Kittrich Corporation
Serial Number: 78576404

Serial Number: 78345248

Owner: Konami Gaming, Inc.
Serial Number: 77009410

Owner: Koolance, Inc.
Serial Number: 77068815

Owner: Krogman & Associates
Serial Number: 77027447

Owner: Kuhn, Debora K
Serial Number: 77100978

Owner: Kyle Wilkin
Serial Number: 77216162

Serial Number: 77197510

Serial Number: 76661864

Owner: Laboratoires de Biologie Vegetale Yves Rocher
Serial Number: 78779867

Owner: Laika, LLC
Serial Number: 77163663

Owner: Lanctot, Krista
Serial Number: 78779734

Owner: Lanexa Management, LLC
Serial Number: 77163483

Owner: Laus Apparel Inc.
Serial Number: 76665114

Owner: LawLers Southern Foods III, Inc.
Serial Number: 77100849

Owner: Leakey, Katy
Serial Number: 77161061

Owner: Lifestyle Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 76665194

Serial Number: 78951507

Owner: Living The New Life Ministries
Serial Number: 78780787

Serial Number: 78425457

Serial Number: 76654280

Owner: Long Lines, LLC
Serial Number: 78759063

Owner: Lori Weitzner Design Inc.
Serial Number: 77107443

Owner: Loudermilk, Inc.
Serial Number: 78979201

Serial Number: 78761585

Owner: Lubrication Engineers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77089336

Owner: Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots - U.S.
Serial Number: 77140507

Owner: LVC Acquisition Corp.
Serial Number: 78968535

Owner: Lybarger, Carolyn S
Serial Number: 77161305

Serial Number: 78916804

Owner: MainStreet Bank
Serial Number: 77172392

Owner: Malawi Connection
Serial Number: 77155929

Owner: Malawi Connection
Serial Number: 77155932

Owner: Mannington Mills, Inc.
Serial Number: 76603185

Owner: Marcil, William Christ, Jr
Serial Number: 78763262

Owner: Margolin, Allison B.
Serial Number: 78972718

Owner: Marilyn H. Yonker
Serial Number: 78932950

Owner: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.
Serial Number: 78611968

Owner: Martin, William Louis
Serial Number: 77085942

Owner: Mary Breon dba HolyHell
Serial Number: 77178554

Owner: Mary Breon dba HolyHell
Serial Number: 77178557

Owner: MasterCard International Incorporated
Serial Number: 77076817

Serial Number: 77050830

Owner: Mathieson & Associates Inc.
Serial Number: 77062220

Serial Number: 78946281

Owner: Matthews Software, Inc.
Serial Number: 78705875

Serial Number: 77013230

Owner: McDermott, Diane, E.
Serial Number: 78903390

Owner: Mechanical Allied Crafts
Serial Number: 77156464

Owner: Medidata Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 78874793

Owner: Medidata Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 78874809

Owner: Medtronic, Inc.
Serial Number: 78331252

Owner: Medtronic, Inc.
Serial Number: 78397857

Owner: Medtronic, Inc.
Serial Number: 77178504

Owner: Megel, Inc.
Serial Number: 78775895

Owner: Mennen Medical Corp.
Serial Number: 77057917

Owner: Merchants Distributors, Inc.
Serial Number: 78743493

Owner: META4 SPAIN, S.A.
Serial Number: 78970439

Owner: Metro Brokers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77054433

Serial Number: 73584604

Owner: Mia America Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 77164429

Serial Number: 76675672

Serial Number: 76675673

Serial Number: 77151581

Serial Number: 77162798

Owner: Mike's Cigars Distributors, Inc.
Serial Number: 77161375

Serial Number: 76676311

Owner: Miss Meghan Media, Inc.
Serial Number: 77178664

Serial Number: 75176975

Owner: MJM Global Search, LLC
Serial Number: 78799003

Serial Number: 73070298

Owner: Molinos de El Salvador, Sociedad Anonima de Capital Variable
Serial Number: 76642140

Serial Number: 78535770

Serial Number: 77105330

Serial Number: 77174489

Serial Number: 77174512

Owner: Morris, Kenneth
Serial Number: 78934442

Owner: Mortgage Data Management Corporation
Serial Number: 77147153

Serial Number: 77047743

Owner: Mountain Shades Inc.
Serial Number: 78959553

Owner: Multi SE Corp
Serial Number: 77070967

Owner: Murray, John
Serial Number: 77201797

Owner: MWI Veterinary Supply Co.
Serial Number: 77130176

Owner: My Dream Home Registry
Serial Number: 77148432

Owner: National Council for Interior Design Qualification, Inc.
Serial Number: 77088126

Serial Number: 75320140

Serial Number: 76668118

Owner: National Organizations for Youth Safety
Serial Number: 77120436

Owner: Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Serial Number: 77207230

Owner: Nationwide Real Estate Tax Service, Inc.
Serial Number: 77044668

Serial Number: 76670394

Owner: Nature's Blessing, Inc.
Serial Number: 77012793

Owner: Nature's Blessing, Inc.
Serial Number: 77012818

Serial Number: 75983661

Serial Number: 78674234

Owner: Neu Aura, Inc.
Serial Number: 77160265

Owner: Nevatia, Kapil S.
Serial Number: 78522330

Owner: New Glarus Brewing Company
Serial Number: 77138543

Serial Number: 78746102

Serial Number: 76666247

Owner: NextArts
Serial Number: 77163029

Serial Number: 78863264

Owner: Niska Gas Storage Canada, ULC
Serial Number: 78867829

Owner: No-Limit,LLC
Serial Number: 77165824

Serial Number: 78653438

Owner: Nordic Naturals
Serial Number: 78672805

Serial Number: 78749418

Serial Number: 78560901

Serial Number: 78742273

Owner: Oak Harbor Freight Lines, Inc.
Serial Number: 75154191

Owner: Obergoenner, David
Serial Number: 77161748

Owner: OCMP, Inc.
Serial Number: 78632138

Serial Number: 77119842

Owner: Olathe Health System, Inc.
Serial Number: 77007476

Owner: Olson, Michael
Serial Number: 77184486

Owner: OMS Investments, Inc.
Serial Number: 77079403

Owner: OMX, Inc.
Serial Number: 78956525

Serial Number: 76645319

Owner: Opaltone Australasia Pty. Ltd.
Serial Number: 77065874

Owner: Oregon Community Credit Union
Serial Number: 77171036

Owner: Outcome Sciences, Inc.
Serial Number: 77181198

Owner: Outerluxe, Inc.
Serial Number: 76676548

Owner: Outrigger Hotels Hawaii
Serial Number: 77178224

Owner: Pacific Rim Publishing Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77171063

Owner: Panel Processing, Inc.
Serial Number: 77153019

Owner: Papers by Design, LLC
Serial Number: 77040754

Owner: Paradise Creek (Proprietary) Limited
Serial Number: 78553648

Serial Number: 78880455

Serial Number: 78617151

Owner: Pearl Exporting
Serial Number: 77169159

Serial Number: 77163807

Serial Number: 78606226

Owner: Philip Morris USA Inc.
Serial Number: 77201271

Owner: Philip Morris USA Inc.
Serial Number: 77235685

Serial Number: 77008645

Serial Number: 78811382

Owner: Placo Corporation Limited
Serial Number: 76661938

Owner: Placo Corporation Limited
Serial Number: 76661941

Serial Number: 76666512

Owner: Playtime Industries, LLC dba PlayTime for Kids
Serial Number: 77042342

Owner: Plotkin, Owen
Serial Number: 78968039

Owner: Plus Holding International Limited
Serial Number: 78745181

Owner: Polacek, Michael
Serial Number: 77165380

Serial Number: 77100761

Owner: PRC-DeSoto International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77028958

Serial Number: 77190708

Owner: Premier Dental Products Company
Serial Number: 77019902

Owner: Premiere Speakers Bureau, Inc.
Serial Number: 77099589

Serial Number: 77177574

Owner: Primrose School Franchising Company
Serial Number: 78958572

Owner: Princeton Theological Seminary
Serial Number: 78969936

Owner: Priore, Ronald J.
Serial Number: 78578287

Owner: Prosper, Inc.
Serial Number: 77163901

Owner: Prospera Financial Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 76675840

Owner: Proton Engineering, Inc.
Serial Number: 78922429

Owner: PSS, World Medical, Inc.
Serial Number: 77023007

Owner: Publishing House of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Serial Number: 78965092

Owner: Pure Fun, Inc.
Serial Number: 77168626

Serial Number: 78861018

Owner: Q Software Global Limited
Serial Number: 78733593

Owner: Quinten van de Vrie
Serial Number: 78550174

Owner: R & R Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 77172100

Owner: Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery LLC
Serial Number: 77162206

Serial Number: 78740884

Owner: Razorsight Corporation
Serial Number: 78728725

Owner: Real Estate Capital Partners, LP
Serial Number: 78953562

Serial Number: 78823792

Serial Number: 78823799

Serial Number: 77058770

Serial Number: 76650904

Serial Number: 78718978

Owner: Repotting, LLC
Serial Number: 77173141

Owner: Resound Marketing LLC
Serial Number: 78823245

Owner: Resources First Foundation
Serial Number: 78827394

Owner: Reynolds, Gil
Serial Number: 77160053

Owner: Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc.
Serial Number: 78877770

Serial Number: 78320707

Serial Number: 78291144

Owner: Rick Lawrence and Jean Lawrence
Serial Number: 76672198

Owner: River's Edge Golf Club & Plantation, Inc.
Serial Number: 76656010

Owner: Robert F. Sharpe & Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 76660617

Owner: Rodichev, Alexander Yurievich
Serial Number: 78972598

Owner: Rody & Company Marketing, Inc.
Serial Number: 76648419

Owner: Romo, Abraham
Serial Number: 77172492

Owner: Rosenau Beck, Inc.
Serial Number: 77019037

Serial Number: 77030286

Serial Number: 75028401

Owner: RVing Solutions, LLC
Serial Number: 77149100

Owner: S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
Serial Number: 77189872

Owner: S.R. Innovative Products Inc.
Serial Number: 78832138

Serial Number: 77111006

Owner: Safari Classics Productions, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 76653330

Owner: Safe & Sound Home Modifications, LLC
Serial Number: 77180010

Owner: Safety Solution Consultants, Inc.
Serial Number: 77167290

Serial Number: 78627170

Serial Number: 78627179

Owner: Sante International, Inc.
Serial Number: 76605918

Serial Number: 76657759

Owner: SAVDS, INC.
Serial Number: 78874832

Owner: Schultz, Paul
Serial Number: 77161286

Owner: Scotto's Holding Corp.
Serial Number: 77166109

Owner: Sean T. Boerner
Serial Number: 78830464

Owner: SecurityCoverage, Inc.
Serial Number: 77174514

Serial Number: 78709783

Owner: SelectHealth, Inc.
Serial Number: 78875276

Owner: SelectNY, LP
Serial Number: 77166232

Serial Number: 78461431

Owner: Shapira Dental Care, Ltd.
Serial Number: 78727991

Owner: Sharon, Lisa J.
Serial Number: 77174028

Owner: Shimano Inc.
Serial Number: 78932359

Owner: Shimano Inc.
Serial Number: 77017571

Owner: Shiseido Company, Ltd.
Serial Number: 78936368

Owner: Shop Vac Corporation
Serial Number: 77022561

Owner: Shoptext, Inc.
Serial Number: 77158467

Owner: Shorn Industries, LLC
Serial Number: 77030213

Owner: Shun Tat Enterprises Limited
Serial Number: 78808754

Owner: SIG Networks Corporation
Serial Number: 77083697

Owner: Silverman, Star
Serial Number: 77077605

Owner: SINT, LLC
Serial Number: 78698744

Owner: Skyline Software Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 77166383

Serial Number: 76666210

Owner: Smith International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77160520

Owner: Societe des Produits Nestle S.A.
Serial Number: 77109671

Owner: Solenacor Global LLC
Serial Number: 77169810

Serial Number: 78915803

Serial Number: 77004996

Owner: Soul Reborn Inc
Serial Number: 77059644

Owner: SpaceClass
Serial Number: 78946190

Serial Number: 77053292

Owner: Spark Unlimited, Inc.
Serial Number: 77013025

Owner: Speed Wire Inc.
Serial Number: 77017983

Owner: Speed Wire, Inc.
Serial Number: 77017769

Owner: Speedo Holdings B.V.
Serial Number: 78931978

Serial Number: 78793077

Owner: St. Dalfour International Incorporated
Serial Number: 78909853

Serial Number: 78404031

Owner: Star Legacy Funeral Network, Inc.
Serial Number: 78739977

Serial Number: 77226514

Serial Number: 77228507

Serial Number: 77229732

Serial Number: 77230020

Serial Number: 77027984

Owner: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
Serial Number: 77179847

Owner: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
Serial Number: 77179913

Owner: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
Serial Number: 77176686

Serial Number: 78823126

Serial Number: 78823158

Serial Number: 78968275

Owner: Stefferson, Warren R.
Serial Number: 77173440

Owner: Stollenwerk, Michael
Serial Number: 78909785

Owner: Strachman, Daniel
Serial Number: 77177581

Owner: Strange Invisible Perfume, LLC
Serial Number: 77165548

Owner: Stringer's. LLC
Serial Number: 77016216

Owner: Stuart, Deborah
Serial Number: 77046222

Owner: Styles, Christi Ann
Serial Number: 77158926

Owner: Styles, Christi Ann
Serial Number: 77158975

Serial Number: 77213344

Owner: Sullivan, Susanne
Serial Number: 78864819

Serial Number: 78877174

Serial Number: 76636533

Owner: Surgical Specialties Corporation
Serial Number: 77233298

Owner: Syngenta Limited
Serial Number: 77023488

Owner: T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 77104684

Owner: T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 77104693

Owner: T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 77104697

Owner: T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 77104702

Owner: Tablecraft Products Company
Serial Number: 77167161

Owner: Taiwan Liposome Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 76667517

Serial Number: 78956233

Owner: Tatiana Pages
Serial Number: 78955900

Owner: Tato Restaurant Holdings, Inc.
Serial Number: 78948681

Owner: TCG International Inc.
Serial Number: 77061468

Serial Number: 78824372

Owner: Team Termite & Pest Control, Inc.
Serial Number: 77174730

Owner: Tektronix, Inc.
Serial Number: 77020803

Owner: Telemark Ventures Inc.
Serial Number: 78966755

Serial Number: 77172904

Owner: The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc.
Serial Number: 76667989

Serial Number: 76669426

Serial Number: 76669431

Serial Number: 76669432

Owner: The Madden Corporation
Serial Number: 77006955

Serial Number: 78818967

Owner: The Ranger Publishing Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77170310

Owner: The Solski Group Ltd.
Serial Number: 78730501

Owner: The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.
Serial Number: 77179924

Serial Number: 77164170

Serial Number: 77153565

Serial Number: 78507616

Serial Number: 78740866

Owner: Tin Man Multi-Media, LLC
Serial Number: 77136946

Serial Number: 77032826

Owner: TNT Fitness, LLC
Serial Number: 77096457

Serial Number: 77009659

Owner: Topco Associates, LLC
Serial Number: 77177801

Serial Number: 78605894

Serial Number: 78891285

Serial Number: 78951579

Owner: Trish McEvoy Ltd.
Serial Number: 78300270

Owner: Trish McEvoy Ltd.
Serial Number: 78300280

Owner: Trish McEvoy Ltd.
Serial Number: 78300288

Owner: Tronjen Technology Inc.
Serial Number: 78930021

Owner: Unica Corporation
Serial Number: 77158184

Owner: United Beauty Products Ltd
Serial Number: 78442426

Owner: University Corporation For Advanced Internet Development
Serial Number: 77095480

Serial Number: 77000991

Owner: USB-Sewer Equipment Corporation
Serial Number: 77159270

Serial Number: 77083716

Owner: Van Briggle, Robert, B
Serial Number: 78212577

Owner: Vertafore, Inc.
Serial Number: 78927809

Serial Number: 78651032

Serial Number: 78140824

Owner: Wabash Valley Service Company
Serial Number: 77057045

Owner: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Serial Number: 77133545

Owner: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Serial Number: 77133550

Serial Number: 76644605

Serial Number: 76663627

Serial Number: 76659748

Serial Number: 78952768

Owner: Werner Communications Inc
Serial Number: 77173591

Owner: Western States Learning Corporation
Serial Number: 77136903

Owner: Weyer, Frank Michael
Serial Number: 77064512

Owner: Wicked Fashions, Inc.
Serial Number: 78934297

Serial Number: 77162939

Owner: Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards, Inc.
Serial Number: 77144925

Serial Number: 77156793

Owner: Wolverine World Wide, Inc.
Serial Number: 78662416

Owner: X-Rite, Incorporated
Serial Number: 76661036

Owner: Yale Security Inc.
Serial Number: 78721249

Owner: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha
Serial Number: 78777594