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Expired Patents

Inventors: Abbey; Philippa G. N. (Suwanee, GA), Lyons; Justina Mazza (Alpharetta, GA)
Title: Garment with built in cushion to comfort spine
Patent Number: 7,568,966

Inventors: Abo; Hiroyuki (Tokyo, JP), Yonemoto; Taichi (Isehara, JP), Koyama; Shuji (Kawasaki, JP), Furusawa; Kenta (Yokohama, JP), Kishimoto; Keisuke (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Liquid composition, method of producing silicon substrate, and method of producing liquid discharge head substrate
Patent Number: 8,492,281

Inventors: Adachi; Hitoshi (Osaka, JP), Okada; Shusuke (Osaka, JP), Otani; Tomohiro (Osaka, JP)
Title: Engine
Patent Number: 8,494,752

Inventors: Adachi; Shuichiro (Ibaraki, JP), Yoshida; Masato (Ibaraki, JP), Nojiri; Takeshi (Ibaraki, JP), Kurata; Yasushi (Ibaraki, JP), Tanaka; Tooru (Ibaraki, JP), Orita; Akihiro (Ibaraki, JP), Hayasaka; Tsuyoshi (Ibaraki, JP), Hattori; Takashi (Tokyo, JP), Matsumura; Mieko (Tokyo, JP), Watanabe; Keiji (Tokyo, JP), Morishita; Masatoshi (Tokyo, JP), Hamamura; Hirotaka (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Composition for forming passivation layer, semiconductor substrate having passivation layer, method of producing semiconductor substrate having passivation layer, photovoltaic cell element, method of producing photovoltaic cell element and photovoltaic cell
Patent Number: 9,714,262

Inventors: Adam; Boris (Gaeufelden, DE), Henzler; Stephan (Gomaringen, DE), Schuerer; Martin (Aichtal, DE), Brandt; Tobby (Boeblingen, DE)
Title: Air-pressure sensor for side-impact detection
Patent Number: 7,568,393

Inventors: Adams; David (Bad Soden, DE)
Title: Continuous emulsion polymerization reactor and pigging system
Patent Number: 9,714,300

Inventors: Adrianov; Michail N. (Moscow Region, RU), Litvinskaya; Vera V. (Moscow Region, RU), Popov; Vitaly P. (Moscow Region, RU), Zaruchejskaya; Natalya M. (Moscow Region, RU), Chebykin; Valentin V. (Moscow Region, RU), Shmatko; Pavel A. (Moscow Region, RU), Carev; Valery A. (Moscow Region, RU)
Title: Method of fabrication of modified activated carbon
Patent Number: 7,569,514

Inventors: Aekbote; Krishnakanth E. (Farmington Hills, MI), Le; Jialiang (Canton, MI), Rao; Manoharprasad K. (Novi, MI), Cheng; James Chih (Troy, MI)
Title: Variable lateral thickness airbag, system comprising same, and method of deploying same
Patent Number: 8,491,007

Inventors: Agarwal; Kanak B. (Austin, TX), Jamsek; Damir A. (Austin, TX), Martin; Andrew K. (Austin, TX), Rieke; Reiner (Althengstett, DE), Vogt; Joerg-Stephan (Holzgerlingen, DE), von Boehn; Gunnar (Sulz am Neckar, DE)
Title: Efficient context save/restore during hardware decompression of DEFLATE encoded data
Patent Number: 9,715,539

Inventors: Agarwal; Uday Shankar (Maharashtra, IN), Mishra; Ved Prakash (Maharastra, IN), Rao; Krishna Srinivas (Maharashtra, IN), Venkatachalam; Subbiah (Maharashtra, IN), Dixit; Rajiv (Maharashtra, IN), Jain; Ashwin Kumar (Maharashtra, IN), Kelkar; Anil Krishna (Maharashtra, IN)
Title: Continuous polymerization process using intensely stirred vessels
Patent Number: 9,714,321

Inventors: Agazzi; Oscar E. (Irvine, CA), Creigh; John L. (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA), Hatamian; Mehdi (Mission Viejo, CA), Kruse; David E. (Utrecht, NL), Abnous; Arthur (Irvine, CA), Samueli; Henry (San Juan Capistrano, CA)
Title: Multi-pair gigabit ethernet transceiver
Patent Number: 7,570,701

Inventors: Agee; Michael (Pineville, LA)
Title: Height adjustable table
Patent Number: 8,490,555

Inventors: Agrawal; Dakshi (Monsey, NY), Branch; Joel (Hamden, CT), Lee; Kang-won (Nanuet, NY), Zerfos; Petros (New York, NY)
Title: Quality of service management of end user devices in an end user network
Patent Number: 8,495,428

Inventors: Agrawal; Dharma P. (Cincinnati, OH)
Title: Apparatus for instantaneous translation of sign language
Patent Number: 8,493,174

Inventors: Ahmad; Anis (Moline, IL)
Title: Use of carvedilol for treatment of diabetes mellitus
Patent Number: 8,492,426

Inventors: Ahrens; Matthias (Lippetal, DE)
Title: Milking parlour and method for the production thereof
Patent Number: 8,490,576

Inventors: Ai; Xin (San Jose, CA), Bass; John David (Union City, CA), Kim; Ho-Cheol (San Jose, CA), Miller; Robert Dennis (San Jose, CA), Scott; John Campbell (Los Gatos, CA), Song; Qing (San Jose, CA)
Title: Method of purifying nanoparticles in a colloid
Patent Number: 8,491,768

Inventors: Aibazov; Oleg Umarovich (Moscow, RU)
Title: Payment card
Patent Number: 8,490,866

Inventors: Aiello; Mike Dale (Riverton, UT)
Title: Modular trailer apparatus
Patent Number: 9,714,060

Inventors: Aihara; Toru (Yokohama, JP), Sugimoto; Kazutoshi (Machida, JP)
Title: Method and system for constructing virtual space
Patent Number: 8,493,380

Inventors: Aipperspach; Anthony G. (Minnesota, MN), Behrends; Derick G. (Rochester, MN), Christensen; Todd A. (Rochester, MN), Scherer; Jeffrey M. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Detecting maximum voltage between multiple power supplies for memory testing
Patent Number: 9,715,905

Inventors: Aizawa; Hiroaki (Hachioji, JP), Sugimoto; Yasuaki (Hachioji, JP)
Title: Image processing apparatus with a change processing section and a change requesting section for processing instructions of change
Patent Number: 8,493,597

Inventors: Ajika; Natsuo (Hyogo, JP), Shukuri; Shoji (Hyogo, JP), Shimizu; Satoshi (Hyogo, JP), Ogura; Taku (Hyogo, JP)
Title: Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Patent Number: 8,492,826

Inventors: Akahoshi; Kenji (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Media recording/reading device and media recording/reading method
Patent Number: 8,493,828

Inventors: Akers; Paul (Bellingham, WA)
Title: Cover piece and method for coffee cup lids
Patent Number: 8,490,818

Inventors: Akiyama; Toshikazu (Nagano-ken, JP)
Title: Electronic timepiece, time adjustment method for an electronic timepiece, and control program for an electronic timepiece
Patent Number: 8,493,816

Inventors: Akka; Robert (Sausalito, CA), Feldman; Mark H. (Walnut Creek, CA)
Title: Tiled view-maps for autostereoscopic interdigitation
Patent Number: 7,570,260

Inventors: Al Watban; Alaa Abdulkareem (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Evaporative air cooler with multi stages cooling and or heating with or without cooling coil
Patent Number: 8,490,422

Inventors: Al-Hasan; Khaled J. (Al-Zahra, KW)
Title: Electrical power generating system
Patent Number: 8,492,917

Inventors: Al-Hellani; Rabie (Ludwigshafen, DE), Bruchmann; Bernd (Freinsheim, DE), Schoenfelder; Daniel (Brussels, BE), Cristadoro; Anna (Heppenheim, DE), Leyrer; Reinhold J (Dannstadt-Schauernheim, DE), Arisandy; Cristofer (Ilvesheim, DE)
Title: Copolymers, their use as thickeners, and methods for their preparation
Patent Number: 8,492,497

Inventors: Al-Jafar; Ahmed I. S. I. (Al-Quran, KW)
Title: Wheelchair with toilet for use in a confined area with a sewage disposal means
Patent Number: 8,490,224

Inventors: Al-Rasheed; Abdullah Khalid (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Systems and methods for cerebrospinal fluid collection
Patent Number: 8,491,854

Inventors: Alatorre; Gabriel (Long Beach, CA), Richardson; Laura (Ridge Manor, FL), Singh; Aameek (University Place, WA)
Title: System, method and program product to manage transfer of data to resolve overload of a storage system
Patent Number: 8,495,260

Inventors: Albert; Mark (Wake Forest, NC), Howes; Richard A. (Roswell, GA), Jordan; James A. (Roswell, GA), Kersey; Edward A. (Alpharetta, GA), LeBlanc; William M. (Athens, GA), Menditto; Louis F. (Raleigh, NC), O'Rourke; Chris (Morrisville, NC), Tiwari; Pranav Kumar (Raleigh, NC), Tsang; Tzu-Ming (Chapel Hill, NC), Wong; Bruce F. (Athens, GA)
Title: Backup service managers for providing reliable network services in a distributed environment
Patent Number: 7,570,586

Inventors: Albitar; Maher (Coto De Caza, CA)
Title: Myeloperoxidase detection in diagnosis and prognosis of hematopoietic disorders
Patent Number: 7,569,353

Inventors: Albright; John (Niceville, FL), Taylor; David Wayne (Niceville, FL)
Title: Heat resistant and fire retardant materials and methods for preparing same
Patent Number: 8,492,471

Inventors: Alfred; Steven J. (Longmont, CO), Watt, Jr.; Charles R. (Longmont, CO)
Title: Adaptively adjusting seek function control parameters based on off-track write events
Patent Number: 7,570,445

Inventors: Alhanati; Theresa L. (Lake Forest, CA), Alhanati; Joe E. (Lake Forest, CA)
Title: Article securing apparatus
Patent Number: 8,490,255

Inventors: Ali; Anwar (San Jose, CA), Lau; Tauman T (San Jose, CA), Doddapaneni; Kalyan (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus of power ring positioning to minimize crosstalk
Patent Number: 7,569,472

Inventors: Allan; Douglas Clippinger (Corning, NY), Borrelli; Nicholas Francis (Elmira, NY), Koch, III; Karl William (Elmira, NY), Wight, Jr.; John Forrest (Corning, NY)
Title: Magnetic photonic crystal structure for providing spatial frequency asymmetry for light propagating in different directions
Patent Number: 7,570,414

Inventors: Allen; Kevin M. (Bartlesville, OK)
Title: High-speed snap ring and snap ring retention method
Patent Number: 9,714,681

Inventors: Alonzo; Victor G. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Chan; Yuk L. (Rochester, NY), Cheng; Gisela C. (Rhinebeck, NY), Ng; Kin (Wappingers Falls, NY), Page; Vaughn C. (Wappingers Falls, NY)
Title: Inter-platform management of computing resources
Patent Number: 9,716,747

Inventors: Amada; Haruo (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Patent Number: 8,492,176

Inventors: Amadio; Donald W. (Oaklyn, NJ), Mendillo; James V. (Medford, NJ), Chan; Yuk Kei (New Territories, HK)
Title: Modular toy vehicle
Patent Number: 7,568,962

Inventors: Aman; Yasutomo (Kanagawa, JP), Onagi; Nobuaki (Kanagawa, JP), Murata; Shozo (Kanagawa, JP), Sugimoto; Yasunori (Kanagawa, JP), Tokumaru; Haruki (Tokyo, JP), Koide; Daiichi (Tokyo, JP), Takano; Yoshimichi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Disk rotating device, disk, disk assembly, disk cartridge, and recording and reproducing device
Patent Number: 8,495,669

Inventors: Amano; Masaaki (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Elevator control device interfacing with a security gate system
Patent Number: 8,490,754

Inventors: Amemiya; Yasuo (Hartsdale, NY), Hosking; Jonathan R. M. (Scarsdale, NY), Min; Wanli (Mount Kisco, NY), Wynter; Laura (Chappaqua, NY)
Title: Method and system for forecasting using an online analytical processing database
Patent Number: 9,715,710

Inventors: Amerson; Sandra A. (Miramar, FL)
Title: Urine collection assembly
Patent Number: 9,713,548

Inventors: Amick; Douglas J. (Troy, MI), Goscicki; John T. (Sterling Heights, MI), Kiester; Timothy A. (Sterling Heights, MI), West; Kenton L. (Orion, MI)
Title: Inertia lock for a console armrest
Patent Number: 9,714,530

Inventors: Ampomah; George (Worchester, MA)
Title: Electronic tracking system
Patent Number: 9,715,768

Inventors: Amtmann; Franz (Graz, AT), Berger; Dominik J. (Graz, AT), Eber; Wolfgang (Graz, AT), Posch; Stefan (Graz, AT), Rechberger; Robert (Gratwein, AT)
Title: Data carrier provided with at least two decoding stages
Patent Number: 7,570,716

Inventors: An; Jae-Hyuck (Daegu, KR), Park; Jin-Wan (Daegu, KR)
Title: Flat wiper blade and coupling method thereof
Patent Number: 9,714,008

Inventors: Ananthanarayanan; Rajagopol (San Jose, CA), Eshel; Marc M. (San Jose, CA), Haskin; Roger L. (Morgan Hill, CA), Hildebrand; Dean (San Jose, CA), Naik; Manoj P. (San Jose, CA), Schmuck; Frank B. (Campbell, CA), Tewari; Renu (San Jose, CA)
Title: Asynchronous file operations in a scalable multi-node file system cache for a remote cluster file system
Patent Number: 8,495,250

Inventors: Anchan; Kirankumar (San Diego, CA), Bhaskaran; Hamsini (San Diego, CA), Gantman; Alexander (San Diego, CA), Hughes; Patrick J. (San Diego, CA)
Title: Securing messages associated with a multicast communication session within a wireless communications system
Patent Number: 8,495,363

Inventors: Andersen; Mette Dahl (Vaerloese, DK), Noerby; Peder Lisby (Birkeroed, DK), Kjaergaard; Kristian (Ballerup, DK), Grell; Susanne Nedergaard (Soeborg, DK), Gruhler; Albrecht (Frederikssund, DK), Buchardt; Jens (Gentofte, DK), Andersen; Henrik Sune (Holte, DK), Padkjaer; Soeren (Vaerloese, DK), Kastrup; Jesper (Stenloese, DK), Haakansson; Katarina (Bagsvaerd, DK), Hornum; Lars (Bagsvaerd, DK), Friedrichsen; Birgitte (Gentofte, DK), Baunsgaard; Dorrit (Bagsvaerd, DK)
Title: Antagonistic DR3 ligands
Patent Number: 9,713,644

Inventors: Anderson; Brent A. (Jericho, VT), Bryant; Andres (Burlington, VT), Ho; Herbert L. (New Windsor, NY), Nowak; Edward J. (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Integrated circuit and a method using integrated process steps to form deep trench isolation structures and deep trench capacitor structures for the integrated circuit
Patent Number: 8,492,820

Inventors: Anderson; James Arthur Dean Wallace (Reading, GB)
Title: Multi-processor systems communicating using data and control tokens
Patent Number: 8,495,340

Inventors: Anderson; Lawrence Everett (Arlington, VA)
Title: Foil configuration device and method
Patent Number: 8,490,458

Inventors: Andersson; Jan (Vaster{dot over (a)}s, SE)
Title: Fastening means for terminals for electrical resistance elements
Patent Number: 8,494,026

Inventors: Andle; Jeffrey C (Falmouth, ME), Wall; Bert W. A. (Potsdam, DE)
Title: Compensation of resonators for substrate and transducer asymmetry
Patent Number: 7,569,971

Inventors: Andre; Jean-Francois (Villette de Vienne, FR)
Title: Method and machine for manufacturing paste, in particular carbon paste for making aluminum production electrodes
Patent Number: 9,713,882

Inventors: Andrew; Felix G. T. I. (Seattle, WA)
Title: Providing emergency data
Patent Number: 7,570,744

Inventors: Annunziata; Anthony J. (Stamford, CT), Chudow; Joel D. (Bronx, NY), Worledge; Daniel C. (New York, NY)
Title: Magnetic field sensor based on topological insulator and insulating coupler materials
Patent Number: 9,716,221

Inventors: Ante; Johannes (Regensburg, DE), Bierl; Rudolf (Regensburg, DE), Herrmann; Markus (Regensburg, DE), Ott; Andreas (Steinsberg, DE), Reitmeier; Willibald (Hohenschambach, DE), Schaedlich; Denny (Neustadt, DE), Weigl; Manfred (Viehhausen, DE), Wildgen; Andreas (Nittendorf, DE)
Title: Method for the on-board functional diagnosis of a soot sensor in a motor vehicle and/or for the detection of further constituents in the soot
Patent Number: 8,490,465

Inventors: Anthony; Michael P. (Andover, MA), Kurtze; Jeffery D. (Hudson, NH)
Title: Charge-domain pipelined analog-to-digital converter
Patent Number: 7,570,192

Inventors: Antony; George (Cochin, IN), Rangarajan; Sridhar H. (Bangalore, IN), Suess; Alexander J. (Hopewell Junction, NY)
Title: Native threshold voltage switching
Patent Number: 8,495,553

Inventors: Aoki; Kazuo (Anjo, JP), Tsuruoka; Junji (Anjo, JP), Yasui; Seiji (Nagoya, JP), Kabata; Yasushi (Sakai, JP)
Title: Heating element cooling structure and drive device having the cooling structure
Patent Number: 7,569,957

Inventors: Apostolopoulos; John (Palo Alto, CA), Liang; Yi (Palo Alto, CA)
Title: Media communication converting burst losses to isolated losses
Patent Number: 7,570,589

Inventors: Arai; Toshiaki (Shiga, JP), Hasumi; Taroh (Shiga, JP)
Title: Liquid crystal display cell and liquid crystal display
Patent Number: 7,570,330

Inventors: Araujo Da Silva; Jose Carlos (Pont-du-Chateau, FR), Longchambon; Karine (Beaumont, FR), Sterin; Sebastien (Saint Cyr au Mont d'or, FR)
Title: Rubber composition for tire comprising an organosiloxane coupling agent
Patent Number: 8,492,475

Inventors: Aravena; Ines (Santa Rosa Valley, CA)
Title: Drill limit system and method of using same
Patent Number: 9,713,510

Inventors: Archer; Charles J. (Rochester, MN), Blocksome; Michael A. (Rochester, MN), Ratterman; Joseph D. (Rochester, MN), Sidelnik; Albert (Champaign, IL), Smith; Brian E. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Generating an executable version of an application using a distributed compiler operating on a plurality of compute nodes
Patent Number: 8,495,603

Inventors: Archetti; Graziano (Darmstadt, DE), Klasen-Memmer; Melanie (Heuchelheim, DE), Fortte; Rocco (Frankfurt am Main, DE), Schoen; Sabine (Herten, DE)
Title: Liquid-crystalline medium
Patent Number: 9,714,381

Inventors: Arditti; Kanael (Tel Aviv, IL), Zvibel; Liran (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: Preparing and preserving a system configuration during a hot upgrade
Patent Number: 8,495,351

Inventors: Arendt; Albert L. (West Seneca, NY), Jones, Jr.; John L. (East Aurora, NY), Zielinski; Michael B. (West Seneca, NY)
Title: Children's ride-on vehicles with reconfigured bodies and methods for forming the same
Patent Number: 7,568,753

Inventors: Arima; Kiyoshi (Tokyo, JP), Itoh; Hiroaki (Tokyo, JP), Taniguchi; Tatsuya (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Cleaning method of coloring device of optical fiber, and coloring device of optical fiber
Patent Number: 8,491,725

Inventors: Armstrong; William J. (Rochester, MN), Krieger; Orran Y. (Newton, MA), Ostrowski; Michal (Austin, TX), Swanberg; Randal C. (Round Rock, TX)
Title: Partition adjunct for data processing system
Patent Number: 8,495,632

Inventors: Arnold; Kristin Anne (Morrisville, PA), Feng; Hengsheng (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Title: Methods of use of fenofibric acid
Patent Number: 7,569,612

Inventors: Arnold; Ralph (Oldenburg, DE)
Title: Structural element for a fuselage cell structure of an aircraft, comprising at least one positioning aid
Patent Number: 8,493,554

Inventors: Arnold; Todd W. (Charlotte, NC), Dames; Elizabeth A. (Harrisburg, NC), Marik; Mark D. (Denver, NC)
Title: Cipher text translation
Patent Number: 9,716,585

Inventors: Arroyo; Jesse P. (Rochester, MN), Graham; Charles S. (Rochester, MN), Kommineni; Prathima (Hyderabad, IN), Schimke; Timothy J. (Stewartville, MN)
Title: Migrating interrupts from a source I/O adapter of a source computing system to a destination I/O adapter of a destination computing system
Patent Number: 9,715,469

Inventors: Arunagiri; Kumara (Bangalore, IN), Bartholomew; Robert P. (Bangalore, IN), Gowda; Guruprasad (Shankar Nagar, IN), Kumar; Nitish (Bangalore, IN), Reid; Derek A. (Tulsa, OK)
Title: Monitoring and reporting productivity in enterprise environment
Patent Number: 9,715,669

Inventors: Arvin; Charles L. (Hopewell Junction, NY), Blander; Alexandre (Bromont, CA), Brofman; Peter J. (Hopewell Junction, NY), Henderson; Donald W. (Ithaca, NY), Hougham; Gareth G. (Yorktown Heights, NY), Liu; Hsichang (Hopewell Junction, NY), Perfecto; Eric D. (Hopewell Junction, NY), Reddy; Srinivasa S. N. (Hopewell Junction, NY), Semkow; Krystyna W. (Hopewell Junction, NY), Srivastava; Kamalesh K. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Sundlof; Brian R. (Verbank, NY), Sylvestre; Julien (Bromont, CA), Weisman; Renee L. (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Title: Additives for grain fragmentation in Pb-free Sn-based solder
Patent Number: 8,493,746

Inventors: Asai; Kazuaki (Kanazawa, JP)
Title: Method of mounting a face plate on a female-die, and a positioning-jig used to mount the face plate on the female-die
Patent Number: 8,490,274

Inventors: Asakawa; Chieko (Kanagawa-ken, JP), Ifukube; Tohru (Tokyo, JP), Ino; Shuichi (Fuchu, JP), Takagi; Hironobu (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Voice output device, information input device, file selection device, telephone set, and program and recording medium of the same
Patent Number: 8,494,860

Inventors: Asakura; Kenji (Kyoto, JP), Yamaji; Hiroyuki (Nara, JP), Kagawa; Toshiaki (Nara, JP)
Title: Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
Patent Number: 7,570,909

Inventors: Asami; Yoshikazu (Susono, JP)
Title: Abnormality determination apparatus and abnormality determination method for internal combustion engine
Patent Number: 8,490,599

Inventors: Ashok; Rohith (Apex, NC), Hogstrom; Matthew R. (Cary, NC), Whalley; Ian N. (Pawling, NY)
Title: System for securing virtual machine disks on a remote shared storage subsystem
Patent Number: 8,495,356

Inventors: Asmussen; Michael L. (Fairfax County, VA)
Title: Method and apparatus for locally targeting virtual objects within a terminal
Patent Number: 7,568,210

Inventors: Atad; Effi (Tel-Aviv, IL), Afek; Tomer (Tel-Aviv, IL), Segev; Doron (Tel-Aviv, IL), Waxman; Yaron (Even-Yehuda, IL), Birnboim; Michael (Holon, IL)
Title: Methods, circuits, devices, systems and associated computer executable code for composing composite content
Patent Number: 9,715,900

Inventors: Atala; Anthony (Winston Salem, NC)
Title: Bladder reconstruction
Patent Number: 7,569,076

Inventors: Atarashi; Hiroyuki (Yokohama, JP), Abeta; Sadayuki (Yokosuka, JP), Sawahashi; Mamoru (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Transmission control apparatus and transmission control method
Patent Number: 7,570,957

Inventors: Atkinson; Ian (Ely, GB), Xie; Cheng-gang (Sawston, GB)
Title: Gas pressure determination in a gas/liquid flow
Patent Number: 8,494,788

Inventors: Atsmon; Alon (Yehud, IL), Antebi; Amit (Ramat-Gan, IL), Cohen; Moshe (Tel-Aviv, IL), Shimoni; Sharon (Tel-Aviv, IL)
Title: Interactive toys
Patent Number: 7,568,963

Inventors: Atsumi; Tomoaki (Kanagawa, JP), Nagatsuka; Shuhei (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Semiconductor device, method for driving semiconductor device, and electronic device
Patent Number: 9,716,100

Inventors: Atsumi; Yoshihiko (Daito, JP)
Title: Mobile communication terminal
Patent Number: 9,716,786

Inventors: Auh; Jin (Seoul, KR), Han; Chang-Kyun (Seoul, KR), Shin; Young-June (Gimhae, KR), Moon; Hyo-Jin (Suwon, KR), Lee; Jong-Wook (Suwon, KR), Yi; Tae-Hoo (Seoul, KR), Lee; Kang-Jin (Seoul, KR), Leem; Kang-Hyun (Seoul, KR)
Title: Preventing or treating periodontal diseases by herbal extract
Patent Number: 8,491,942

Inventors: Awad; Manal Ahmed Gasmelseed (Riyadh, SA), Ahmed; Mohamed Mahmoud Hafez (Riyadh, SA), Al-Shabanah; Othman A. (Riyadh, SA), Hassan; Zeinab Korany Mohamed (Cairo, EG)
Title: Synthesis of rutin nanotubes
Patent Number: 9,713,624

Inventors: Awad; Yassin Aden (Tokyo, JP), Ahluwalia; Jagdeep Singh (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Control channel communications in a cellular communications network
Patent Number: 8,494,517

Inventors: Awalt; Kimberly Reuter (Bainbridge Island, WA), Pramod; Venkatram (Auburn, WA), Bongiorno; Christian Peter (Issaquah, WA), Cheung; Peggy Pui-ki (Issaquah, WA), Konganda; Somana P. (Seattle, WA), Lai; Chin Man (Issaquah, WA), Nieswandt; Marcella H. (Seattle, WA)
Title: Dynamic classifier for tax and tariff calculations
Patent Number: 8,495,068

Inventors: Axnix; Christine (Dettenhausen, DE), Gaertner; Ute (Schoenaich, DE), Lang; Jakob C. (Altdorf, DE), Nunez Mencias; Angel (Stuttgart, DE)
Title: Protecting contents of storage
Patent Number: 9,715,462

Inventors: Ayers; Joseph (Nahant, MA), Witting; Jan (Nahant, MA), Ryder; Stephane (Del Mar, CA), Olcott; Christopher (Lynn, MA)
Title: Process and architecture of robotic system to mimic animal behavior in the natural environment
Patent Number: 8,494,676

Inventors: Aykroyd; Timothy Nicholas (Brookline, MA), Doyle; Colleen M. (Stevensville, MI), Wright; Tremitchell (Elkhart, IN), Luckman; Joel Adam (Benton Harbor, MI), Kaeding; Janice M. (Lawrence, MI), Hendrickson; Michael Stephen (St. Joseph, MI)
Title: Timing control and timed wash cycle for an automatic washer
Patent Number: 8,490,440

Inventors: Ayon; Arturo A. (San Antonio, TX), Hallam; Cory (San Anotnio, TX), Ginn; Dylan (San Antonio, TX)
Title: Impact-resistant surface-mounted roof sensors
Patent Number: 9,714,875

Inventors: Ayoub; Ihab (Houston, TX)
Title: Tow coupling system and method
Patent Number: 7,568,717

Inventors: Azar; Dimitri T. (Chicago, IL), Chang; Jin-Hong (Clarendon Hills, IL)
Title: Neostatins
Patent Number: 8,492,141

Inventors: Azeyanagi; Yuta (Kanagawa, JP), Amemiya; Ken (Tokyo, JP), Hatori; Satoshi (Kanagawa, JP), Koike; Toshio (Tokyo, JP), Arai; Yuji (Kanagawa, JP), Okamoto; Michiya (Kanagawa, JP), Iwasaki; Takuma (Kanagawa, JP), Fujimori; Akira (Kanagawa, JP), Yoshino; Kaoru (Tokyo, JP), Tawada; Takaaki (Kanagawa, JP), Fujishiro; Takatsugu (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Lubricant applicator, process unit including the lubricant applicator, transfer unit including the lubricant applicator, and image forming apparatus including the process unit or the transfer unit
Patent Number: 8,494,428

Inventors: Azria; Moise (Basel, CH), Bateman; Simon D (Randolph, NJ), Mcleod; James F (Morristown, NJ)
Title: Oral administration of calcitonin
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Title: Stabilization of a mast for vehicles and ships
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Inventors: Zysman; Steven H. (Amston, CT), Kohlenberg; Gregory A. (Meriden, CT)
Title: Modulating flow through gas turbine engine cooling system
Patent Number: 8,490,382

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