Sunday, October 07 2018

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Aaron; Jeffrey (Atlanta, GA)
Title: Methods, systems, and computer program products for controlling software application installations
Patent Number: 8,793,682

Inventors: Abbott; Peter Edward James (Cleveland, GB), Fernie; Martin John (Cleveland, GB)
Title: Process for the production of hydrocarbons
Patent Number: 7,087,652

Inventors: Abdelhadi; Sanaa F. (Austin, TX), Borunda; Maritza (Austin, TX), Rojas; Hypatia (Round Rock, TX)
Title: Method and apparatus for printing web pages
Patent Number: 7,085,801

Inventors: Abdennadher; Salem (Sacramento, CA)
Title: Testing a multi-channel device
Patent Number: 7,088,091

Inventors: Abdullah; Siti Nor Akmar (Selangor, MY), Cheah; Suan Choo (Putra Jaya, MY), Abd. Wahab; Nurniwalis (Ampang, MY)
Title: Expression regulatory elements
Patent Number: 8,791,330

Inventors: Abe; Daisuke (Suwa, JP)
Title: Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus having a plurality of pixel sections disposed in a staggered manner
Patent Number: 7,763,899

Inventors: Abe; Yuko (Asaka, JP)
Title: Edge detecting apparatus and method, and image size enlarging and reducing apparatus and method
Patent Number: 7,764,839

Inventors: Abe; Yumiko (Soka, JP), Oowada; Takuo (Soka, JP), Ishikawa; Norio (Kasukabe, JP), Aoki; Hidemitsu (Kanagawa, JP), Tomimori; Hiroaki (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Post-CMP washing liquid composition
Patent Number: 7,087,562

Inventors: Addison; Todd Michael (Freeport, IL), Hendren; Robert Andrew (Freeport, IL), Hudson; Curtis James (Macomb Twp., MI)
Title: Recliner assembly for vehicle seats
Patent Number: 7,086,699

Inventors: Adhiprakasha; Edwin (Mountain View, CA)
Title: Removal of silicon nitrides during manufacturing of semiconductor devices
Patent Number: 8,795,542

Inventors: Adjani; Ariana (London, GB), Allen; Simon (London, GB)
Title: Hygienic and therapeutic vaginal cleansing and hydromassaging device
Patent Number: 7,762,997

Inventors: Adkisson; Huston D. (St. Louis, MO)
Title: Cartilage composites and methods of use
Patent Number: 7,087,227

Inventors: Afar; Daniel E. H. (Pacific Palisades, CA), Hubert; Rene S. (Los Angeles, CA), Jakobovits; Aya (Los Angeles, CA), Raitano; Arthur B. (Los Angeles, CA)
Title: C-type lectin transmembrane antigen expressed in human prostate cancer and uses thereof
Patent Number: 7,087,718

Inventors: Agarwal; Parminder (Evansville, IN), Ellington; Donald Howard (Evansville, IN), Gallucci; Robert Russell (Mt. Vernon, IN), van Gisbergen; Josephus Gerardus M. (Noord Brabant, NL), Juikar; Vishvajit Chandrakant (Karnataka, IN), Odeh; Ihab (Evansville, IN), Ranganathan; Sathish Kumar (Tamilnadu, IN), Miller; Kenneth Frederick (Posey, IN), Srinivasan; Veeraraghavan (Bangalore, IN)
Title: Moldable polyester compositions, processes of manufacture, and articles thereof
Patent Number: 8,791,189

Inventors: Agarwal; Vishnu K. (Boise, ID), Sandhu; Gurtej S. (Boise, ID)
Title: Boron incorporated diffusion barrier material
Patent Number: 7,084,504

Inventors: Aggarwal; Charu C. (Ossining, NY)
Title: Method and apparatus for generating test data sets in accordance with user feedback
Patent Number: 7,085,981

Inventors: Agha; Salim Ahmed (Rochester, MN), Tiefenthaler; Brent Robert (Rochester, MN)
Title: Preservation of error data on a diskless platform
Patent Number: 7,765,431

Inventors: Agnes; Michael (Bel Air, MD), Boyce; Allyn (Baldwin, MD), Du; Hung (Reisterstown, MD), Ortt; Earl (Bel Air, MD), Verbrugge; Brandon (Towson, MD), Walter; Richard H. (Baldwin, MD), Wang; Ren T. (Timonium, MD), Zhang; Jiaqi (Cockeysville, MD)
Title: Field assembly for a motor and method of making same
Patent Number: 7,088,024

Inventors: Agombar; John P. (Hampshire, GB), Beeken; Christopher B. (Hampshire, GB), Scales; William J. (Hampshire, GB), Wilkinson; John P. (Hampshire, GB)
Title: Multiple cascaded backup process
Patent Number: 8,793,453

Inventors: Agostini; Matthew Felix (Philadelphia, PA), Fosbenner; Mary Ellen Gertrude (Riverton, NJ), Henry; Robert Jude (Riverside, NY), Sisolak; Gregory John (Mount Laurel, NJ), Dougherty; William Francis Michael (Oakford, PA)
Title: Lever and wheel activated toy vehicles
Patent Number: 7,762,867

Inventors: Aguera y Arcas; Blaise H. (Seattle, WA), Dughi; Jonathan R. (Seattle, WA), Ressler; Bryan (Sammamish, WA), Gilman; Ian A. (Seattle, WA), Astort; Alfred (Seattle, WA), Gedye; David M. (Seattle, WA)
Title: User interface for navigating through images
Patent Number: 7,764,849

Inventors: Aharon; Shmuel (West Windsor, NJ), Lenglet; Christophe (Chauny, FR)
Title: Collision detection method for deformable objects in a scene
Patent Number: 7,088,358

Inventors: Ahlem; Mark K. (Turlock, CA), Dinis; Francisco M. (Hilmar, CA), Kindberg; Michael A. (Hilmar, CA)
Title: Milking hose support
Patent Number: 8,794,183

Inventors: Ahn; Kie Y. (Chappaqua, NY), Forbes; Leonard (Corvallis, OR)
Title: Method of forming low-loss coplanar waveguides
Patent Number: 7,084,058

Inventors: Ahn; Kie Y. (Chappaqua, NY), Forbes; Leonard (Corvallis, OR)
Title: Atomic layer deposited lanthanide doped TiOx dielectric films
Patent Number: 7,084,078

Inventors: Ailisto; Heikki (Oulu, FI), Lindholm; Mikko (Oulu, FI)
Title: Automatic fingerprint identification method
Patent Number: 7,085,403

Inventors: Aisenbrey; Thomas (Littleton, CO)
Title: Low cost inductor devices manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Patent Number: 7,084,826

Inventors: Akiba; Takesada (Hachioji, JP), Ueda; Shigeki (Hachioji, JP), Tachibana; Toshikazu (Tachikawa, JP), Horiguchi; Masashi (Koganel, JP)
Title: Semiconductor memory circuit
Patent Number: 7,088,636

Inventors: Akins, III; Glendon L. (Fort Collins, CO)
Title: Downloadable remotely stored device drivers for communication with set-top box peripherals
Patent Number: 7,765,280

Inventors: Akiyama; James (Beaverton, OR), Osborne; Randy B. (Beaverton, OR), Clifford; William H. (Gig Harbor, WA)
Title: Memory micro-tiling
Patent Number: 7,765,366

Inventors: Akiyoshi; Kozo (Tokyo, JP), Akiyoshi; Nobuo (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Method and apparatus for coding and decoding image data
Patent Number: 7,085,419

Inventors: Akram; Salman (Boise, ID), Farnworth; Warren M. (Nampa, ID), Wood; Alan G. (Boise, ID), Brooks; J. Michael (Caldwell, ID), Cloud; Eugene H. (Boise, ID)
Title: Electrical device allowing for increased device densities
Patent Number: 7,084,351

Inventors: Akram; Salman (Boise, ID), Wood; Alan G. (Boise, ID)
Title: Method for conducting heat in a flip-chip assembly
Patent Number: 7,087,511

Inventors: Al Nashef; Inas Muen (Riyadh, SA), Al Zahrani; Saeed M. (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Method for the preparation of reactive hydrogen peroxide in deep eutectic solvents
Patent Number: 7,763,768

Inventors: Al-Khoraidly; Abdulaziz (Dhahran, SA), Ibrahim; Mohammad K. (Dhahran, SA)
Title: Method for communicating securely over an insecure communication channel
Patent Number: 7,764,785

Inventors: Alain; Christine (Quebec, CA), Picard; Francis (St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, CA), Jerominek; Hubert (Quebec, CA)
Title: Light modulating microdevice
Patent Number: 7,088,493

Inventors: Alatalo; Jukka (Jarvenpaa, FI), Heikola; Asko (Jokela, FI)
Title: Method and device for calibrating the position of blades of a slitter-winder of a paper or board machine
Patent Number: 7,086,173

Inventors: Albenda; Abe (Brooklyn, NY)
Title: Apparatus for playing sports-related, table and floor games
Patent Number: 7,762,556

Inventors: Albert; Laurent (Vallangoujard, FR), Dutot; Antoine (Notre Dame de Bondeville, FR), Renard; Nicolas (Carrieres Sous Poissy, FR)
Title: Poppet valve
Patent Number: 8,794,590

Inventors: Albright; Robert B. (Chalfont, PA), Sabnis; Shobhan (Pennington, NJ)
Title: Versatile high load concentrate compositions for control of ecto- parasites
Patent Number: 7,763,267

Inventors: Alexander; Stefan (Boeblingen, DE), Pietzsch; Rene (Leipzig, DE), Schaefer; Sebastian (Boeblingen, DE), Trinks; Andreas (Boeblingen, DE), Wilbert; Henning (Boeblingen, DE)
Title: Evaluation of graphical output of graphical software applications executing in a computing environment
Patent Number: 8,793,647

Inventors: Alghazi; Ahmad AlSayed M. (Santa Clara, CA)
Title: Portable multifunctional mobility aid apparatus
Patent Number: 8,794,252

Inventors: Ali; Imtiaz (Lathrup Village, MI), Serkh; Alexander (Troy, MI)
Title: Transmission and constant speed accessory drive
Patent Number: 7,086,981

Inventors: Allam; Abdul (Raleigh, NC), Brown; William A. (Raleigh, NC), Harishankar; Raman (Blacklick, OH), Kantamneni; Siva P. (Largo, FL)
Title: Identifying services and associated capabilities in a networked computing environment
Patent Number: 8,793,378

Inventors: Allcock; Harry R. (State College, PA), Hofmann; Michael A. (Brookhaven, PA), Ambler; Catherine M. (State College, PA), Andrew; Maher E. (Little Britian, CA), Wood; Richard M. (State College, PA), Welna; Daniel T. (State College, PA)
Title: Synthesis of polyphosphazenes with sulfonimide side groups
Patent Number: 7,763,702

Inventors: Allen; William H. (Pleasanton, CA), Crockett; Susanne Marie (Buffalo Grove, IL), Lasken; Robert B. (Schaumburg, IL)
Title: International origin dependent customized routing of calls to toll-free numbers
Patent Number: 7,764,778

Inventors: Alliman; Mark C. (Tamarac, FL)
Title: Auto window side-wiper and washer system
Patent Number: 7,761,952

Inventors: Alpert; Charles J. (Austin, TX), Kim; Myung-Chul (Austin, TX), Li; Zhuo (Cedar Park, TX), Viswanathan; Natarajan (Austin, TX), Ward; Samuel I. (Austin, TX)
Title: Placement of structured nets
Patent Number: 8,793,636

Inventors: Alsaffar; Abdulreidha (Mubaraka Alkabeer, KW)
Title: Method and system for wastewater treatment and disposal
Patent Number: 8,795,518

Inventors: Alstat; Edward K. (Sandy, OR)
Title: Method and apparatus for reclaiming effluent from a freeze-drying process, and uses for effluent
Patent Number: 7,086,177

Inventors: Altshuler; Gregory B. (Lincoln, MA), Zenzie; Henry H. (Dover, MA)
Title: Light energy delivery head
Patent Number: 7,763,016

Inventors: Alvarado; Alfredo (Weston, FL)
Title: Laparoscopic inguinal hernia prosthesis
Patent Number: 8,795,383

Inventors: Amberg; Sean M. (Corvallis, OR), Dai; Dongcheng (Corvallis, OR), Bolken; Tove C. (Keizer, OR), Hruby; Dennis E. (Albany, OR)
Title: Anti-arenaviral compounds
Patent Number: 8,791,110

Inventors: Ambuel; Jack (Madison, WI)
Title: High speed analyzer using near infrared radiation transmitted through thick samples of optically dense materials
Patent Number: 7,087,901

Inventors: Amerson; Frederic C (Los Altos, CA), Hubel; Paul M. (Mt. View, CA), Stavely; Donald J (Windsor, CO), McConica; Charles H (Corvallis, OR), Gennetten; K Douglas (Ft Collins, CO), Hunter; Susan (Fort Collins, CO), Campbell; David K. (Loveland, CO)
Title: System and method for using multiple images in a digital image capture device
Patent Number: 7,084,910

Inventors: Ananthanarayanan; Arulmozhi Kasi (San Diego, CA), Gill; Harleen K. (San Diego, CA)
Title: Reduced paging cycles in a wireless communication system
Patent Number: 7,764,969

Inventors: Anazawa; Kazunori (Nakai-machi, JP), Manabe; Chikara (Nakai-machi, JP), Watanabe; Hiroyuki (Nakai-machi, JP), Kashimura; Hirotsugu (Nakai-machi, JP), Shimizu; Masaaki (Nakai-machi, JP)
Title: Active electronic device and electronic apparatus
Patent Number: 7,087,921

Inventors: Anderson, III; Edward H. (Raleigh, NC), Anderson; Jason L. (Milpitas, CA), Boss; Gregory J. (Saginaw, MI), Echtenkamp; Timothy R. (Lincoln, NE), Jemiolo; Daniel E. (Chapel Hill, NC), Koch; Lynn M. (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Identifying optimal virtual machine images in a networked computing environment
Patent Number: 8,793,377

Inventors: Anderson; Brent A. (Jericho, VT), Bryant; Andres (Burlington, VT), Nowak; Edward J. (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Circuit with stacked structure and use thereof
Patent Number: 8,791,721

Inventors: Anderson; James (Leeds, GB), Green; Ivan (Leeds, GB), Moore; Gary (Leeds, GB)
Title: Support structure implant for a bone cavity
Patent Number: 8,795,362

Inventors: Anderson; James J. (Anchorage, AK)
Title: System and method of geospatially mapping topological regions and displaying their attributes
Patent Number: 7,085,650

Inventors: Anderson; Paul E. (Eden Prairie, MN)
Title: Method of forming a feature having a high aspect ratio
Patent Number: 7,086,138

Inventors: Anderton; John (Livingston, GB)
Title: Semiconductor chip and a mobile telephone including said semiconductor chip
Patent Number: 7,085,593

Inventors: Ando; Hideo (Hino, JP), Morita; Seiji (Yokohama, JP), Takazawa; Koji (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Patent Number: 8,792,320

Inventors: Ando; Hideo (Hino, JP), Uyama; Kazuyuki (Kumagaya, JP), Ito; Yuuji (Ota-ku, JP), Kikuchi; Shinichi (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Recording medium of stream data, and recording method and playback method of the same
Patent Number: 7,085,473

Inventors: Ando; Mitsuhiro (Toyohashi, JP), Tanaka; Hiroyuki (Nagoya, JP), Kogure; Shunsuke (Toyota, JP), Oshima; Kazuhiko (Nagoya, JP)
Title: Load detection device
Patent Number: 7,762,151

Inventors: Andreae-Jackering; Michael (Munster, DE)
Title: Air vortex mill for mill drying a flowable product and method for using the mill
Patent Number: 7,762,483

Inventors: Andreu; David (Montarnaud, FR), Cauvet; Philippe (Caen, FR), Flottes; Marie-Lise (St Georges d'orques, FR), Noun; Ziad (Baalbeck, LB), Bernard; Serge (St Georges d'orques, FR)
Title: System and method for wirelessly testing integrated circuits
Patent Number: 8,792,835

Inventors: Andrews; Richard M. (Long Valley, NJ), Buljan; Sergej-Tomislav (Acton, MA), Geary, Jr.; Earl G. (Framingham, MA), Owen; Robert L. (Horse Shoe, NC), Skeem; Marcus R. (Sandy, UT)
Title: Brazed diamond dressing tool
Patent Number: 8,795,034

Inventors: Andreyushchenko; Tatyana N. (Portland, OR), Cadien; Kenneth (Portland, OR), Fischer; Paul (Portland, OR), Dubin; Valery M. (Portland, OR)
Title: Method to fabricate interconnect structures
Patent Number: 7,087,517

Inventors: Andrieu; Jeremie (Munich, FR), Kirstadter; Andreas (Ebersberg, DE), Cozannet; Goneri Le (Paris, FR)
Title: Distribution compartments for an efficient and failsafe traffic distribution in a packet-switched network
Patent Number: 7,764,598

Inventors: Anex; Deon Stafford (Livermore, CA), Schwimmer; Charles Martin (Los Gatos, CA), Black; David Laurence (Los Gatos, CA), Rush; Richard Dean (Belmont, CA), Gearhart; Michael James (Fremont, CA)
Title: Electrokinetic pump designs and drug delivery systems
Patent Number: 8,794,929

Inventors: Anson; Bruce (Scottsdale, AZ), Vhora; Mohamad Hanif Y. (Chandler, AZ), Jansen; Harvey B. (Mesa, AZ)
Title: Fuel metering pump calibration method
Patent Number: 7,762,080

Inventors: Aoshima; Sadahito (Toyonaka, JP), Nakazawa; Ikuo (Kawasaki, JP), Sato; Koichi (Atsugi, JP), Ikegami; Masayuki (Atsugi, JP), Kanaoka; Shokyoku (Kyotanabe, JP), Yoshida; Tomohide (Mito, JP), Matsuda; Yasuhiro (Kakogawa, JP), Kanazawa; Arihiro (Amagasaki, JP)
Title: Process for producing polyalkenyl ether
Patent Number: 7,763,686

Inventors: Appelman; Barry (Great Falls, VA)
Title: User definable co-user lists with status indicators
Patent Number: 8,793,595

Inventors: Apps; William P. (Alpharetta, GA)
Title: Pallet assembly
Patent Number: 7,086,340

Inventors: Arai; Akira (Shimosuwa-machi, JP), Kato; Hiroshi (Okaya, JP)
Title: Magnetic powder and isotropic bonded magnet
Patent Number: 7,087,185

Inventors: Arai; Hideyuki (Osaka, JP), Nakabayashi; Takashi (Osaka, JP), Ohtsuka; Takashi (Osaka, JP)
Title: Semiconductor memory and method for manufacturing the same
Patent Number: 7,763,922

Inventors: Arakawa; Kenichi (Aichi, JP)
Title: Game machine, display control method, and display control program
Patent Number: 8,795,074

Inventors: Arana; Leonel R. (Phoenix, AZ), Zou; Yuelin Lee (Phoenix, AZ), Heck; John (Berkeley, CA)
Title: Microfabricated hot wire vacuum sensor
Patent Number: 7,087,451

Inventors: Arao; Takashi (Tokyo, JP), Koyanagi; Kenichi (Tokyo, JP), Komeda; Kenji (Tokyo, JP), Nakanishi; Naruhiko (Tokyo, JP), Gomi; Hideki (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Method for manufacturing semiconductor storage device comprising a slow cooling step
Patent Number: 7,763,500

Inventors: Archambault; Roch G. (North York, CA), Blainey; Robert J. (Newmarket, CA), Gao; Yaoqing (North York, CA)
Title: Compiler with cache utilization optimizations
Patent Number: 7,765,534

Inventors: Archdekin; James M. (Ladera Ranch, CA), Benas; Robin Charles (Carlsbad, CA)
Title: Apparatus and method for control of high intensity discharge lighting
Patent Number: 7,084,587

Inventors: Argyris; Jason (Barcelona, ES)
Title: Lettuce variety carini (LS9499)
Patent Number: 8,791,332

Inventors: Arimura; Tadashi (Kyoto, JP), Miyazaki; Hiroshi (Hikone, JP), Ito; Masatoshi (Hikone, JP), Okamura; Yukihiko (Hirakata, JP), Sakamoto; Kenji (Toyonaka, JP)
Title: Electric tool
Patent Number: 7,086,483

Inventors: Ariyur; Kartik B (Minnetonka, MN), Fregene; Kingsley O. C. (Andover, MN)
Title: Method and system for autonomous tracking of a mobile target by an unmanned aerial vehicle
Patent Number: 7,765,062

Inventors: Arnold; W. Craig (Parkersburg, WV)
Title: Modular reusable vehicle shipping crate
Patent Number: 7,762,416

Inventors: Arnold; W. Craig (Parkersburg, WV)
Title: Modular reusable vehicle shipping crate
Patent Number: 7,762,417

Inventors: Arora; Himanshu (Santa Clara, CA)
Title: Clocking technique of multi-modulus divider for generating constant minimum on-time
Patent Number: 7,764,094

Inventors: Arora; Narain D. (San Jose, CA), Pirogova; Rimma A. (San Jose, CA)
Title: Non-contact method and apparatus for on-line interconnect characterization in VLSI circuits
Patent Number: 7,088,121

Inventors: Arsovski; Igor (Williston, VT), Bonaccio; Anthony Richard (Shelburne, VT), Cranford, Jr.; Hayden C. (Cary, NC), Degbotse; Alfred (Colchester, VT), Iadanza; Joseph Andrew (Hinesburg, VT), Leonard; Todd Edwin (Williston, VT), Thiagarajan; Pradeep (South Burlington, VT), Ventrone; Sebastian Theodore (South Burlington, VT)
Title: Environmental and computing cost reduction with improved reliability in workload assignment to distributed computing nodes
Patent Number: 8,793,365

Inventors: Arya; Satya Prakash (San Jose, CA), Pan; Tzong-Shii (San Jose, CA)
Title: Laminated suspension load beam design with dual primary metal layers sandwiching intermediate secondary layer
Patent Number: 7,088,553

Inventors: Asai; Yoshikazu (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
Patent Number: 7,764,576

Inventors: Ashida; Hiroyuki (Kyoto, JP), Tsuji; Yasuhiko (Kyoto, JP)
Title: Oscillation circuit and electronic equipment comprising semiconductor integrated device with clock function including the oscillation circuit
Patent Number: 7,088,196

Inventors: Ashida; Youichi (Nukata-gun, JP), Takahashi; Shigeki (Okazaki, JP)
Title: Semiconductor device having lateral insulated gate bipolar transistor
Patent Number: 8,791,500

Inventors: Ashikawa; Masanori (Tokyo, JP), Tagashira; Junya (Tokyo, JP), Koketsu; Akiyasu (Tokyo, JP), Morimoto; Toshiharu (Tokyo, JP), Kitamura; Takahiro (Shizuoka, JP), Takemura; Syunji (Tokyo, JP), Watanabe; Gen (Tokyo, JP), Nishiyama; Tatsuaki (Tokyo, JP), Goda; Satoshi (Tokyo, JP), Yamabi; Masaki (Tokyo, JP), Doi; Takeshi (Tokyo, JP), Ishiwata; Hiroyuki (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Prophylactic and/or therapeutic agent for anemia comprising tetrahydroquinoline compound as active ingredient
Patent Number: 8,791,090

Inventors: Ashok; Rohith K. (Apex, NC), Brabson; Roy F. (Raleigh, NC), Chan; Wei L. (Cary, NC)
Title: Allocation and balancing of storage resources
Patent Number: 8,793,372

Inventors: Aubry; Jean-Marcel (Bourogne, FR)
Title: Proximity detection device for a motor vehicle
Patent Number: 8,791,801

Inventors: Aupperle; Bryan Eric (Cary, NC), Mathewson, II; James Merwin (Chapel Hill, NC)
Title: Collective personal articles tracking
Patent Number: 7,088,242

Inventors: Aurora; Rajeev (Wildwood, MO), Donlin; Maureen J. (Kirkwood, MO), Tavis; John E. (Kirkwood, MO)
Title: Sequence covariance networks, methods and uses therefor
Patent Number: 8,793,074

Inventors: Austin; David C. (Taos, NM)
Title: Combined tidal vertical flow and horizontal flow wastewater treatment system and method
Patent Number: 7,087,169

Inventors: Austin; John S. (Winooski, VT), Feng; Kai D. (Hopewell Junction, NY), Ho; Shiu Chung (Essex Junction, VT), Jin; Zhenrong (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: High frequency CMOS programmable divider with large divide ratio
Patent Number: 8,791,728

Inventors: Ayachitula; Naga A. (Elmsford, NY), Chen; Ying (Beijing, CN), Puri; Rajeev (Huntersville, NC), Venugopal; Cashchakanithara (Naperville, IL), Xia; Li Jun (Tangshan, CN), Yang; Bo (Beijing, CN), Zeng; Sai (Yorktown Heights, NY)
Title: Determining best practices for applying computer software patches
Patent Number: 8,793,681

Inventors: Azadet; Kameran (Morganville, NJ), Yu; Meng-Lin (Morganville, NJ), Yu; Zhan (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Low power vector summation method and apparatus
Patent Number: 7,085,794

Inventors: Baba; Masahiro (Yokohama, JP), Nonaka; Ryosuke (Yokohama, JP), Sano; Yuma (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Display apparatus
Patent Number: 8,791,967

Inventors: Babcock; Raymond F. (Stewartville, MN), Boraas; Michael A. (Zumbrota, MN)
Title: Carriage chassis with a tri-lobed torsion stop
Patent Number: 8,792,243

Inventors: Bach; Lars (Ullersdorf, DE)
Title: Integrated circuit and methods of manufacturing a contact arrangement and an interconnection arrangement
Patent Number: 7,763,987

Inventors: Bachellerie; John R. (Oroville, CA), Buhler; Steven A. (Sunnyvale, CA), Fitch; John S. (Los Altos, CA), Lean; Meng H. (Santa Clara, CA), Littau; Karl A. (Palo Alto, CA)
Title: Piezoelectric diaphragm structure with outer edge electrode
Patent Number: 7,084,555

Inventors: Bachmann; Wolfgang (Grevenbroich, DE), Krump; Gerhard (Schwarzach, DE), Regl; Hans-Juergen (Regensburg, DE), Ziganki; Andreas (Mettmann, DE)
Title: Door with structural components configured to radiate acoustic Energy
Patent Number: 7,088,836

Inventors: Bachrach; Ran (Houston, TX)
Title: Estimating anisotropic parameters
Patent Number: 8,792,302

Inventors: Back; Kyoungwhan (Gwangju, KR), Jang; Sun-Mi (Jeollanam-do, KR)
Title: Method for biosynthesizing the serotonin derivatives in plants
Patent Number: 7,084,322

Inventors: Bae; Jin Ho (Icheon-si, KR), Kim; Ki Young (Seongnam-si, KR), Nam; Jong Hyun (Icheon-si, KR)
Title: Stacked semiconductor package
Patent Number: 8,791,558

Inventors: Bahlmann; Claus (Princeton, NJ), Li; Xianlin (Raleigh, NC), Okada; Kazunori (Los Angeles, CA)
Title: System and method for local pulmonary structure classification for computer-aided nodule detection
Patent Number: 7,764,819

Inventors: Bain; Peter (Ottawa, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for processing communication protocol frame input
Patent Number: 7,764,710

Inventors: Baird; Eldon E. (W. Columbia, SC), Dervan; Peter B. (San Marino, CA)
Title: Design, synthesis and use of specific polyamide DNA-binding ligands
Patent Number: 7,087,378

Inventors: Balachandran; Uthamalingam (Hinsdale, IL), Wang; Shuangyan (Hinsdale, IL), Dorris; Stephen E. (LaGrange Park, IL), Lee; Tae H. (Naperville, IL)
Title: Hydrogen production by high temperature water splitting using electron conducting membranes
Patent Number: 7,087,211

Inventors: Balakrishnan; Sreeram V. (Los Altos, CA), Busch; Michael (San Jose, CA), Hinrichs; Christopher J. (San Jose, CA), Jacopi; Tom W. (San Jose, CA), Neumann; Andreas (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Searching documents using a dynamically defined ignore string
Patent Number: 8,793,271

Inventors: Balasubramanian; Swaminathan (Troy, MI), Hamilton, II; Rick A. (Charlottesville, VA), O'Connell; Brian M. (Research Triangle Park, NC), Walker; Keith R. (Austin, TX)
Title: Program code library selection in an integrated development environment
Patent Number: 8,793,653

Inventors: Baldwin; Brian Eugene (Centennial, CO), Smith; Randall Wallace (Lakewood, CO), Baldwin; Gregory John (Greenwood Village, CO)
Title: Swabable fluid connectors and fluid connector pairs
Patent Number: 7,763,013

Inventors: Ballard; Richard N. (Cincinnati, OH)
Title: Roller cam assembly
Patent Number: 7,086,304

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Serial Number: 78825374

Serial Number: 78866101

Owner: Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency
Serial Number: 77146356

Serial Number: 78576994

Owner: Optria, LLC
Serial Number: 78950558

Owner: Oregon Aero, Inc.
Serial Number: 78782740

Serial Number: 77131652

Serial Number: 77131667

Owner: Original Diamond Designs, Inc.
Serial Number: 77073893

Owner: Osric Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 78979320

Owner: Overland Storage, Inc.
Serial Number: 78721507

Owner: Owyang, Mon Spencer
Serial Number: 77192833

Owner: Owyang, Mon Spencer
Serial Number: 77194714

Serial Number: 74360526

Serial Number: 76672652

Owner: P.S. Koveralls, Inc.
Serial Number: 78898127

Owner: Pacific Cycle, LLC
Serial Number: 78371205

Owner: Paling-en zalmfileerderij J. Foppen Jzn. B.V.
Serial Number: 78216900

Owner: Panel Processing, Inc.
Serial Number: 77155093

Owner: Pardot LLC
Serial Number: 77175369

Owner: Patriot Equities, L.P.
Serial Number: 78731416

Owner: Paul I Cripe, Inc.
Serial Number: 77003571

Owner: Paw Print Inn, Inc.
Serial Number: 77026520

Owner: Pearce, Robert
Serial Number: 77141563

Owner: Pearson Education Inc.
Serial Number: 77143523

Serial Number: 76601675

Owner: Pergo (Europe) AB
Serial Number: 78719335

Serial Number: 78401142

Owner: Pet Ventures LLC.
Serial Number: 77047297

Serial Number: 76665001

Owner: PG Music Inc.
Serial Number: 78950599

Serial Number: 77029680

Serial Number: 78712551

Owner: Phoenix Custom Promotions, Inc., A California Corporation
Serial Number: 77049259

Owner: Phoenix Manufacturing, Inc.
Serial Number: 78820966

Owner: Pirelli Tyre S.p.A
Serial Number: 76441627

Owner: Pixar
Serial Number: 78979256

Owner: Plant Development Services Inc.
Serial Number: 78735732

Owner: Playboy Enterprises International, Inc.
Serial Number: 78697734

Owner: Playboy Enterprises International, Inc.
Serial Number: 78697744

Owner: Pliant Corporation
Serial Number: 78886624

Owner: Poitras, Norman L.
Serial Number: 78848925

Owner: Polaris Industries Inc.
Serial Number: 78728645

Owner: PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.
Serial Number: 78937981

Serial Number: 76670824

Serial Number: 78543969

Serial Number: 77138206

Serial Number: 78597710

Serial Number: 78932259

Owner: Press Ganey Associates, Inc.
Serial Number: 77188230

Owner: PrimalWear, Inc.
Serial Number: 77078295

Owner: Privaris, Inc.
Serial Number: 78887313

Serial Number: 78875009

Owner: Productos Indy SA de CV
Serial Number: 78816645

Owner: Project Simplify
Serial Number: 77073042

Owner: Propel Software Corporation
Serial Number: 77161680

Serial Number: 77127150

Owner: Publishing House of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Serial Number: 78782190

Owner: publishingSOFT, Inc.
Serial Number: 76648368

Owner: Punchkick Interactive, Inc.
Serial Number: 77055852

Serial Number: 76492941

Serial Number: 77126115

Serial Number: 78807886

Serial Number: 77121782

Owner: Real Estate License Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 76545216

Owner: Realty Platinum Professionals, Inc.
Serial Number: 78805444

Owner: Rechargeable Battery Corporation
Serial Number: 78924917

Owner: Red Rocks Technology Partners, LLC
Serial Number: 78639592

Serial Number: 77134821

Serial Number: 78783879

Owner: Republic Bank & Trust Company
Serial Number: 77139941

Owner: Rexnord Industries, LLC
Serial Number: 77158223

Owner: RIC Investments, LLC
Serial Number: 78621138

Serial Number: 78873389

Owner: richterstudio, inc
Serial Number: 77059310

Owner: Rigalt S.A.
Serial Number: 78778521

Serial Number: 78954594

Owner: Robert A. Stehlik
Serial Number: 77127797

Owner: Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
Serial Number: 77040502

Owner: Roberts, Julie, C
Serial Number: 78875656

Owner: Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P.
Serial Number: 77193956

Owner: Robinson, LaTonia A.
Serial Number: 77126894

Owner: Rogers, Andrew
Serial Number: 78737516

Owner: Rounsavell, Wayne
Serial Number: 77051874

Owner: Royal Mouldings Limited
Serial Number: 78952661

Owner: RRM Enterprises LP
Serial Number: 76667785

Serial Number: 78815319

Serial Number: 77131081

Owner: Rx Events, Inc.
Serial Number: 78932097

Serial Number: 76646607

Serial Number: 78887480

Owner: Savage, Robert
Serial Number: 78979086

Owner: SawHorse Business Services LLC
Serial Number: 77143004

Owner: Schenk Packing Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 78904382

Serial Number: 77136891

Serial Number: 78304825

Owner: Science Center of Iowa
Serial Number: 77101234

Serial Number: 77139934

Owner: Scripps Networks, LLC
Serial Number: 78908392

Owner: Sean Hogle PC
Serial Number: 77133745

Owner: SELUX Corporation
Serial Number: 77122355

Owner: Sequoia Insurance Company
Serial Number: 78938029

Owner: Server Technology, Inc.
Serial Number: 78937084

Owner: SGWS, LLC
Serial Number: 78439908

Owner: Shanalyst Corporation
Serial Number: 78957130

Owner: Shanestock LLC
Serial Number: 78889871

Serial Number: 76659880

Owner: Shots FX, LLC
Serial Number: 77028675

Owner: ShyDog Co. Ltd.
Serial Number: 76586217

Owner: Shymatta, David R.
Serial Number: 77126362

Serial Number: 77129696

Serial Number: 77129729

Serial Number: 77129775

Serial Number: 77129842

Serial Number: 77128177

Serial Number: 77141939

Serial Number: 78885335

Serial Number: 78788480

Owner: Slingger, Inc.
Serial Number: 78835707

Owner: Slingger, Inc.
Serial Number: 78835713

Serial Number: 78905236

Owner: Snow Time, Inc.
Serial Number: 77099250

Serial Number: 78891626

Owner: So Sports, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 78722533

Serial Number: 77131137

Serial Number: 78248343

Owner: Sokcheat Chim
Serial Number: 77060797

Owner: Sokol, Brent D.
Serial Number: 78245172

Serial Number: 78871981

Serial Number: 77196536

Owner: Sony Online Entertainment LLC
Serial Number: 77141723

Serial Number: 78593791

Serial Number: 78778539

Serial Number: 78778475

Serial Number: 78789981

Owner: SPS Marketing, Inc.
Serial Number: 78863736

Owner: SSM Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 77054202

Owner: Stamped Fittings, Inc.
Serial Number: 78855763

Serial Number: 78723236

Owner: Stanford, Alan G.
Serial Number: 78600055

Serial Number: 76649859

Serial Number: 78583937

Owner: Star Diamonds, Inc DBA Ari Diamonds
Serial Number: 77144148

Serial Number: 78759372

Serial Number: 78760384

Serial Number: 78761042

Serial Number: 78761047

Serial Number: 78818150

Owner: Stick With It Fitness, Inc.
Serial Number: 78792334

Owner: Stoll, Walter
Serial Number: 78853365

Serial Number: 78821005

Serial Number: 78952485

Owner: SVB Financial Group
Serial Number: 78810947

Serial Number: 78678011

Serial Number: 77143177

Serial Number: 75049534

Owner: Syntellus Dataworks, LLC
Serial Number: 77150833

Owner: T Y H Holding Ltd.
Serial Number: 78822424

Serial Number: 77020288

Owner: Taki Kastanis
Serial Number: 77137839

Serial Number: 77111675

Owner: Tataurov Vjacheslav Sergeevich
Serial Number: 77139527

Serial Number: 78786636

Serial Number: 77110160

Serial Number: 78670127

Serial Number: 78948118

Owner: Texas Allied Holdings, Inc.
Serial Number: 78882415

Serial Number: 77078982

Serial Number: 77079008

Owner: THE 1201 GROUP, INC.
Serial Number: 77141085

Owner: The Access Fund
Serial Number: 78753638

Owner: The American College of Merger and Acquisition Counsel
Serial Number: 77018068

Owner: The American Institute of Architects
Serial Number: 78630784

Owner: The Bazar Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77125361

Owner: The California Wine Club
Serial Number: 78866240

Serial Number: 76659637

Serial Number: 78886580

Owner: The Florida Lipid Institute, P.A.
Serial Number: 77094246

Owner: The Font Bureau, Inc./Co-Applicant
Serial Number: 77145000

Serial Number: 77081026

Owner: The International Kitchen, Inc.
Serial Number: 78592717

Serial Number: 78851778

Owner: The Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank
Serial Number: 78649396

Owner: The Neuropathy Association
Serial Number: 77142674

Owner: The partnership of Amy B Cady and Aaron Cady
Serial Number: 77107826

Owner: The Sugar Association, Inc.
Serial Number: 76645146

Owner: The Valence Group, LLC
Serial Number: 78312047

Serial Number: 77132035

Owner: The Ziegenfelder Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77142256

Owner: Think Tank, Inc.
Serial Number: 77136290

Owner: Third Horizon Consulting Partners Pty Ltd
Serial Number: 77040114

Owner: Thng, Rick
Serial Number: 77139517

Owner: Thomas, Michael
Serial Number: 78631492

Owner: Thy Kingdom Come, Inc.
Serial Number: 77075330

Owner: Time Inc.
Serial Number: 78926977

Serial Number: 78884992

Owner: Todd, David A
Serial Number: 78339827

Serial Number: 78452700

Owner: Toner Plastics Inc.
Serial Number: 77139538

Owner: Topco Associates, LLC
Serial Number: 78589820

Owner: topLingo, Inc.
Serial Number: 78776693

Owner: TrackAbout, Inc.
Serial Number: 78767267

Owner: TRAK Kayaks Inc.
Serial Number: 78876015

Serial Number: 77158177

Serial Number: 78615240

Serial Number: 78729405

Owner: True Value Company
Serial Number: 78783841

Owner: TSI Holdings (IP), LLC
Serial Number: 78839839

Owner: TSI, Inc.
Serial Number: 78972548

Owner: Tullahoma Industries, LLC
Serial Number: 78656764

Owner: Turfgrass Management, Inc.
Serial Number: 78938276

Owner: TWG Warranty Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 78948666

Serial Number: 78833075

Serial Number: 77150099

Serial Number: 78957716

Owner: Unique Dynamics, Inc.
Serial Number: 77050078

Owner: Universal Beauty Products Incorporated
Serial Number: 76673230

Owner: Universal Forest Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 78484205

Owner: Universal Windows Direct, Inc.
Serial Number: 78932739

Owner: University General Hospital, LP
Serial Number: 77036027

Owner: University of South Carolina
Serial Number: 78716643

Owner: University of Vermont
Serial Number: 78944912

Serial Number: 78889442

Owner: Up Do's for I Do's, LLC
Serial Number: 77126855

Serial Number: 78498315

Serial Number: 78721370

Owner: USA Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 78912781

Owner: Vaclav Hrbek-BODY HF
Serial Number: 76494612

Serial Number: 78957288

Owner: Valli Construction, Inc.
Serial Number: 78954619

Serial Number: 78796294

Serial Number: 78769902

Serial Number: 78809530

Serial Number: 78337621

Owner: Vemma Nutrition Company
Serial Number: 77165818

Serial Number: 78901986

Serial Number: 77003535

Owner: Vida Shoes International, Inc.
Serial Number: 78936066

Owner: Villa Furniture Manufacturing Company
Serial Number: 78791921

Owner: Villa Furniture Manufacturing Company
Serial Number: 78791929

Owner: Vinigalicia, S.L.
Serial Number: 78727620

Owner: Vintage Hardwoods, LLC
Serial Number: 77002686

Serial Number: 76673693

Serial Number: 77066097

Owner: WANG, Neng Feng
Serial Number: 77144423

Owner: Wariner, Wade
Serial Number: 77143148

Owner: Warrior Custom Golf, Inc
Serial Number: 77130621

Owner: Washington, DC Economic Partnership
Serial Number: 77141646

Serial Number: 78724347

Owner: Wells Fargo & Company
Serial Number: 77030737

Owner: Wells Fargo & Company
Serial Number: 77030745

Owner: Werner Co.
Serial Number: 78820679

Owner: Westfalia Technologies, Incorporated
Serial Number: 78891067

Owner: Westminster, Inc.
Serial Number: 78603277

Owner: Williams & Conner
Serial Number: 78873272

Owner: Winbolt, Scott
Serial Number: 78938754

Serial Number: 78846652

Serial Number: 78846663

Serial Number: 76671095

Owner: Window-Fix, Inc.
Serial Number: 76670369

Serial Number: 78550638

Owner: Wolpa, Mark E.
Serial Number: 77051755

Serial Number: 78738753

Serial Number: 78856419

Serial Number: 78856423

Serial Number: 76674272

Owner: World Confections Inc.
Serial Number: 76365845

Owner: World Diamond Source, Inc.
Serial Number: 77209850

Owner: Wrangler Apparel Corp.
Serial Number: 77183479

Serial Number: 78560010

Owner: Wyle Laboratories,Inc.
Serial Number: 77055765

Owner: X-M Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 78725773

Owner: Yeadon Engineering Services, PC
Serial Number: 78927848

Serial Number: 78914518

Serial Number: 77045104

Owner: Zoorob, George K
Serial Number: 77140420