Sunday, November 10 2019

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Abbink; Henry C. (Westlake Village, CA), Kuhn; Gabriel M. (West Hills, CA), Ge; Howard (Alhambra, CA), Sakaida; Daryl (Simi Valley, CA)
Title: Method for optimizing direct wafer bond line width for reduction of parasitic capacitance in MEMS accelerometers
Patent Number: 8,007,166

Inventors: Abel; Leo William (Houston, TX)
Title: Method for rapid installation of a smaller diameter pressure control device usable on blow out preventers
Patent Number: 7,267,179

Inventors: Abiko; Naofumi (Yokohama, JP), Futatsuyama; Takuya (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Nonvolatile semiconductor memory system
Patent Number: 8,009,480

Inventors: Ables; Jesse (Anthem, AZ)
Title: Backpack frame extender
Patent Number: 9,119,460

Inventors: Abramov; Anatoli A. (Painted Post, NY), Sun; Yawei (Horseheads, NY), Xu; Wei (Painted Post, NY), Zhou; Naiyue (Painted Post, NY)
Title: Laser scoring of glass sheets at high speeds and with low residual stress
Patent Number: 8,011,207

Inventors: Abramov; Vladimir (Burnsville, MN)
Title: Gear box apparatus
Patent Number: 8,011,274

Inventors: Abri; Omid (Berlin, DE), Schrader; Stephan (Kleinmachnow, DE), Verkin; Julian (Neuendorf, DE), Karge; Thorsten (Berlin, DE)
Title: Display apparatus for an operating room
Patent Number: 9,122,142

Inventors: Accapadi; Jos M. (Austin, TX), Dunshea; Andrew (Austin, TX), Weber; Lynne M. (Austin, TX), Zimmer; Linda A. (Austin, TX)
Title: Secure application partitioning enablement
Patent Number: 9,122,534

Inventors: Adachi; Fumiya (Ritto, JP)
Title: Conductive paste and glass circuit structure
Patent Number: 7,267,713

Inventors: Adachi; Yusuke (Osaka, JP)
Title: Drive unit
Patent Number: 8,008,840

Inventors: Adams; Ronald D. (Holliston, MA), Sullivan, III; Roy H. (Millville, MA), Main; Lauren O. (Somerset, MI), Kratsch; Peter K. (Sunrise, FL), Nunez; George A. (Miami, FL), Kortenbach; Jurgen A. (Miami Springs, FL), Solar; Matthew S. (Cooper City, FL), Buess; Gerhard F. (Tubingen-Bebenhausen, DE), Schurr; Marc O. (Tubingen, DE)
Title: Method and device for full thickness resectioning of an organ
Patent Number: 8,006,889

Inventors: Adderly; Darryl M. (Morrisville, NC), Kashyap; Prasad (Apex, NC), Murray; Brian J. (Raleigh, NC), Qiao; Wenjian (Cary, NC)
Title: Key code for a conference operation
Patent Number: 9,124,705

Inventors: Adkisson; James W. (Jericho, VT), Ellis-Monaghan; John J. (Grand Isle, VT), Krishnasamy; Rajendran (Essex Junction, VT), Mulugeta; Solomon (Essex Junction, VT), Musante; Charles F. (South Burlington, VT), Rassel; Richard J. (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Pixel sensor cell with frame storage capability
Patent Number: 8,009,215

Inventors: Adkisson; James W. (Jericho, VT), Ellis-Monaghan; John J. (Grand Isle, VT), Krishnasamy; Rajendran (Essex Junction, VT), Mulugeta; Solomon (Essex Junction, VT), Musante; Charles F. (South Burlington, VT), Rassel; Richard J. (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Pixel sensor cell with frame storage capability
Patent Number: 8,009,216

Inventors: Aduri; Pavankumar (Maharashtra, IN), Uppara; Parasu Veera (Maharashtra, IN), Sakhalkar; Mangesh (Maharashtra, IN), Ratnaparkhi; Uday (Maharashtra, IN)
Title: Process for preparing alditol acetals
Patent Number: 9,120,809

Inventors: Aehle; Wolfgang (Leiden, NL), Goedegebuur; Frits (Leiden, NL), Dankmeyer; Lydia (Leiden, NL), Mitchinson; Colin (Half Moon Bay, CA), Neefe; Paulien (Leiden, NL), Kelemen; Brad (Menlo Park, CA), Caldwell; Robert (Belmont, CA), Teunissen; Pauline (Leiden, NL)
Title: Variant Hypocrea jecorina CBH2 cellulases
Patent Number: 8,008,056

Inventors: Agarwal; Vikas (Austin, TX), Dubey; Sanjay (Austin, TX), Gheedia; Ankit K. (Bangalore, IN), Kejriwal; Nikhil (West Bengal, IN), Kommareddi; Sankara Reddy S. (Bangalore, IN)
Title: Isolating faulty decoupling capacitors
Patent Number: 8,009,398

Inventors: Agarwal; Vikas (Cedar Park, TX), Gangopadhyay; Samantak (Atlanta, GA), Kumar; Manish (Bangalore, IN)
Title: Stacked multiple-input delay gates
Patent Number: 9,122,823

Inventors: Agichtein; Yevgeny (New York, NY), Lawrence; Stephen R. (New York, NY)
Title: Method for retrieving answers from an information retrieval system
Patent Number: 7,269,545

Inventors: Ahern; David Gregory (Welney, GB), Cocker; Robin Craig (Oldham, GB)
Title: Thoracic access port including foldable anchor
Patent Number: 9,119,665

Inventors: Ahern; Frank W. (Scottsdale, AZ)
Title: System enabling device communication in an expanded computing device
Patent Number: 7,269,680

Inventors: Ahn; Kie Y. (Chappaqua, NY), Forbes; Leonard (Corvallis, OR)
Title: Open pattern inductor
Patent Number: 8,009,006

Inventors: Ahn; Min-Wook (Seoul, KR), Jin; Tai-Song (Seoul, KR), Ahn; Hee-Jin (Seoul, KR)
Title: Apparatus and method for reducing overhead caused by communication between clusters
Patent Number: 9,122,474

Inventors: Ahne; Adam Jude (Lexington, KY)
Title: Imaging apparatus having interface device for print mode selection
Patent Number: 7,269,371

Inventors: Aisenbrey; Thomas (Littleton, CO)
Title: Low cost electrical motor components manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Patent Number: 7,268,461

Inventors: Aisenbrey; Thomas (Littleton, CO)
Title: Low cost lighting circuits manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Patent Number: 7,268,479

Inventors: Aisenbrey; Thomas (Littleton, CO)
Title: Low cost detectible pipe and electric fencing manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Patent Number: 7,268,562

Inventors: Aisenbrey; Thomas (Littleton, CO)
Title: Low cost RF oscillator devices manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Patent Number: 7,268,637

Inventors: Ajit; Janardhanan S. (Irvine, CA)
Title: System and method for compensating for the effects of process, voltage, and temperature variations in a circuit
Patent Number: 7,268,595

Inventors: Akelbein; Jens-Peter (Nackenheim, DE), Haustein; Nils (Soergenloch, DE), Mueller-Friedt; Wolfgang (Meisenheim, DE)
Title: Operating cloud computing and cloud computing information system
Patent Number: 9,122,685

Inventors: Akhtar; Sami (Tokyo, JP), Murata; Kiyoshi (Tokyo, JP), Sugaya; Tomoyuki (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Testing module, testing apparatus and testing method
Patent Number: 8,010,851

Inventors: Akiyama; Yoshiki (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Library apparatus and control method thereof
Patent Number: 9,123,378

Inventors: Akoubians; Mariana (Glendale, CA), Manssourian; Grigoris (Glendale, CA)
Title: Eyewear frame ornamentation
Patent Number: 9,122,081

Inventors: Aksamit; Slavek P. (Durham, NC), Medina; Cristian (Durham, NC)
Title: Expandable display having rollable material
Patent Number: 7,268,491

Inventors: Al-Nesafi; Abdullah M. S. (Al Farwaniya, KW)
Title: Float-operated pump switch
Patent Number: 9,121,398

Inventors: Al-Shemmeri; Mohammad Ali (Andalous, KW)
Title: Electric device for producing successive positive and negative electric charges
Patent Number: 9,119,963

Inventors: Alatorre; Gabriel (Long Beach, CA), Corrao; Ann (Raleigh, NC), Mandagere; Nagapramod S. (San Jose, CA), Olson; James E. (Seymour, CT), Singh; Aameek (University Place, WA)
Title: Resource allocation for migration within a multi-tiered system
Patent Number: 9,122,527

Inventors: Alcorn; Allan E. (Portola Valley, CA), Jenkins; Harry H. (Glendale, CA)
Title: Gaming apparatus with portrait-mode display
Patent Number: 7,267,612

Inventors: Alewine; Neal J. (Lake Worth, FL), Badt; Daniel E. (Atlantis, FL)
Title: Providing speech recognition data to a speech enabled device when providing a new entry that is selectable via a speech recognition interface of the device
Patent Number: 8,010,345

Inventors: Aliseychik; Pavel Aleksandrovich (Moscow, RU), Parfenov; Denis Vasilevich (Moscow, RU), Filippov; Alexander Nikolaevich (Moskow, RU), Petyushko; Alexander Alexandrovich (Moscow, RU), Parkhomenko; Denis Vladimirovich (Moscow, RU)
Title: Trapping-set database for a low-density parity-check decoder
Patent Number: 9,124,297

Inventors: Allmendinger; Otto Karl (Texarkana, TX)
Title: Apparatus including a preformed one-piece seal
Patent Number: 7,267,092

Inventors: Amano; Yasuhiro (Ibaraki, JP), Morita; Miki (Ibaraki, JP), Kimura; Yuta (Ibaraki, JP)
Title: Dicing die bond film
Patent Number: 9,123,794

Inventors: Ames; Ryan Christopher (Greensburg, IN), Campbell; John (East Liberty, OH), Handa; Yozo (Mie, JP), Hicks; David Wayne (Shelbyville, IN), Kawaguchi; Hiroshi (Indianapolis, IN), Lewis; Joseph P. (Indianapolis, IN), Minamikawa; Masahiko (Columbus, IN), Swank; Steven Michael (Springfield, OH), Tanaka; Toshihide (Indianapolis, IN), Nagura; Yasushi (Indianapolis, IN)
Title: Synchronous and optimum line delivery utilizing tact information
Patent Number: 8,010,220

Inventors: Amick; Darryl D. (Albany, OR)
Title: Ductile medium-and high-density, non-toxic shot and other articles and method for producing the same
Patent Number: 7,267,794

Inventors: Amsterdam; Jeffrey D. (Marietta, GA), Freeman; William C. (Marietta, GA), Morgan; William D. (Atlanta, GA)
Title: Representing characteristics of an animated object moving through a three-dimensional coordinate system
Patent Number: 9,123,170

Inventors: An; Sung Yong (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Hahn; Jin Woo (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Kim; Jeong Wook (Busan, KR), Kim; Sung Lyoung (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Song; So Yeon (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Son; Soo Hwan (Seoul, KR), Kim; Ic Seob (Gyeonggi-do, KR)
Title: Ferrite composition for high frequency bead and chip bead comprising the same
Patent Number: 9,123,460

Inventors: Ananthapadmanabh; Madhu B. (Bangalore, IN), Bhat; B. G. Prashanth (Bangalore, IN)
Title: Detecting and handling unintentional touching of a touch screen
Patent Number: 9,122,328

Inventors: Ananthapadmanabh; Madhu B. (Bangalore, IN), Bhat; B. G. Prashanth (Bangalore, IN)
Title: Detecting and handling unintentional touching of a touch screen
Patent Number: 9,122,333

Inventors: Anderson; David W. (Brooklyn Park, MN), Timm; Gerald W. (Minneapolis, MN)
Title: Vessel occlusive device and method of occluding a vessel
Patent Number: 8,007,429

Inventors: Anderson; Frank Edward (Sadieville, KY), Buchanan; Jeffery James (Lexington, KY), Droege; Curtis Ray (Richmond, KY), Greer; David Emerson (Lexington, KY), Kwan; Kin Ming (Lexington, KY), Long; Gregory Alan (Georgetown, KY), Phatak; Ganesh Vinayak (Lexington, KY), Spivey; Paul Timothy (Lexington, KY), Sullivan; Carl Edmond (Stamping Ground, KY), Ubellacker; Kent Lee (Georgetown, KY), Waldeck; Melissa Marie (Lexington, KY)
Title: Multi-fluid ejection device
Patent Number: 7,267,431

Inventors: Anderson; Todd Alan (Niskayuna, NY)
Title: System and method for detecting rail break/vehicle
Patent Number: 7,268,565

Inventors: Andersson; Anders (Kungalv, SE)
Title: Method and a system for providing a certain quality of service to a mobile station in a mobile communication system
Patent Number: 8,009,675

Inventors: Ando; Shigeo (Chohshi, JP), Ando; Masao (Chohshi, JP), Ando; Toyoroku (Chohshi, JP)
Title: Injection valve of high pressure homogenizer and injection valve unit of the same
Patent Number: 8,006,717

Inventors: Andres; Lillian K. (Trenton, NJ), Underwood; Valerie (Mount Laurel, NJ)
Title: Governor for elimination of repetitive requests
Patent Number: 9,122,519

Inventors: Anei; Shin (Takarazuka, JP)
Title: Method for measuring object based on image and photographing apparatus
Patent Number: 7,269,281

Inventors: Anex; Deon (Livermore, CA), Paul; Phillip (Livermore, CA), Neyer; David W. (Castro Valley, CA)
Title: Electrokinetic device having capacitive electrodes
Patent Number: 7,267,753

Inventors: Angele; Jurgen (Herxheim, DE), Madche; Alexander (76135 Karlsruhe, DE)
Title: Computer system
Patent Number: 7,269,592

Inventors: Angell; Robert L. (Salt Lake City, UT), Friedlander; Robert R. (Southbury, CT), Kraemer; James R. (Albuquerque, NM)
Title: Generating deportment and comportment cohorts
Patent Number: 9,122,742

Inventors: Ankenbauer; Waltraud (Penzberg, DE), Svetlichny; Vitaly (Bayreuth, DE), Bonch-Osmolovskaya; Elizaveta (Moscow, RU), Ebenbichler; Christine (Antdorf, DE), Angerer; Bernhard (Rosenheim, DE), Schmitz-Agheguian; Gudrun (Bernried, DE), Laue; Frank (Paehl-Fischen, DE)
Title: Thermostable nucleic acid polymerase from Thermococcus gorgonarius
Patent Number: 8,008,054

Inventors: Anraku; Takafumi (Kawasaki, JP), Yamana; Fumiaki (Sunnyvale, CA), Kondou; Hiroshi (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Information processing apparatus, information processing method and medium storing program
Patent Number: 9,122,597

Inventors: Ansorge; Ralf (Dingolshausen, DE), Zeidlhack; Rudolf (Essleben, DE)
Title: Double-row angular contact anti-friction bearing comprising a split outer bearing ring and a one-piece inner bearing ring
Patent Number: 8,007,183

Inventors: Anzai; Hisao (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Semiconductor package, printed board mounted with the same, and electronic apparatus having the printed board
Patent Number: 7,268,427

Inventors: Aoki; Hidemitsu (Tokyo, JP), Tomimori; Hiroaki (Tokyo, JP), Okada; Norio (Tokyo, JP), Usami; Tatsuya (Tokyo, JP), Ohto; Koichi (Tokyo, JP), Tanikuni; Takamasa (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Patent Number: 7,268,087

Inventors: Aoki; Isao (Sagamihara, JP), Uchiyama; Akio (Yokohama, JP), Arai; Kenichi (Shiogama, JP), Ishiyama; Kazushi (Sendai, JP), Yabukami; Shin (Sendai, JP)
Title: Detecting system of position and posture of capsule medical device
Patent Number: 8,010,182

Inventors: Aoki; Isao (Sagamihara, JP), Uchiyama; Akio (Yokohama, JP), Arai; Kenichi (Shiogama, JP), Ishiyama; Kazushi (Sendai, JP), Yabukami; Shin (Sendai, JP)
Title: Detecting system of position and posture of capsule medical device
Patent Number: 8,010,183

Inventors: Aoki; Kazunori (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Pipe coupling and coupling member thereof
Patent Number: 9,121,534

Inventors: Aoyagi; Kenichiro (Tokyo, JP), Abeta; Sadayuki (Tokyo, JP), Watanabe; Yasuyuki (Tokyo, JP), Matsutani; Hideyuki (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Communication device and communication method
Patent Number: 9,124,376

Inventors: Aoyama; Seiki (Toyohashi, JP)
Title: Side collision detecting apparatus for vehicle
Patent Number: 8,006,797

Inventors: Ara; Kuniaki (Higashi-Ibaraki-gun, JP), Konomura; Mamoru (Higashi-Ibaraki-gun, JP), Chikazawa; Yoshitaka (Higashi-Ibaraki-gun, JP), Aizawa; Kousuke (Higashi-Ibaraki-gun, JP), Aizawa; Rie (Yokohama, JP), Taguchi; Junzo (Yokohama, JP), Katsuki; Kenji (Fujisawa, JP), Takeshima; Noriyuki (Yokohama, JP), Shimizu; Takeshi (Kisarazu, JP)
Title: Electromagnetic flowmeter including electrodes and magnetic pole placed in proximity on one side of the outer wall
Patent Number: 7,267,012

Inventors: Arai; Kenji (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Aqueous liquid detergent composition
Patent Number: 7,268,106

Inventors: Arakelian; Richard (Kenthurst, AU)
Title: Electrical connector with magnet
Patent Number: 9,124,032

Inventors: Araki; Tadashi (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Content browsing system, content browsing method, and computer program product
Patent Number: 8,009,179

Inventors: Arata; Ken (Anjo, JP), Morioka; Yasuhiro (Anjo, JP), Oda; Jiro (Anjo, JP), Nishido; Noriyuki (Anjo, JP), Shibahara; Ken (Anjo, JP)
Title: Magazines in fastener driving tools
Patent Number: 8,006,881

Inventors: Archer; Charles J. (Rochester, MN), Carey; James E. (Rochester, MN), Markland; Matthew W. (Rochester, MN), Sanders; Philip J. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Performing collective operations in a distributed processing system
Patent Number: 9,122,840

Inventors: Ariav; Arie (Doar-Na Hof Ashkelon, IL)
Title: Sensor system for high-precision measurements of temperature, composition, and/or pressure of a fluid
Patent Number: 7,266,989

Inventors: Arima; Yukio (Kadoma, JP), Ishibashi; Koichiro (Warabi, JP), Yamashita; Takahiro (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Power management for circuits with inactive state data save and restore scan chain
Patent Number: 7,269,780

Inventors: Arndt; Frank (Berlin, DE), Kruger; Ursus (Berlin, DE), Stier; Oliver (Berlin, DE)
Title: Component with a detection structure for mechanical damage
Patent Number: 8,008,932

Inventors: Arnold; Gregory W. (Texarkana, TX), Li; Yu (Texarkana, TX), Cline, legal representative; Cheryl (Texarkana, TX), Osterchill; Jeffery Lyle (Texarkana, AR), Allmendinger; Otto Karl (Texarkana, TX), Cline, deceased; Robert T. (Texarkana, TX)
Title: Dynamic effortless pull starting
Patent Number: 7,267,091

Inventors: Artini; Franck (Toulouse, FR)
Title: Method and device for automatically determining a capture trajectory of a flight trajectory for an aircraft, as well as a procedure and system for automatic guidance of an aircraft
Patent Number: 7,269,486

Inventors: Artini; Franck (Toulouse, FR), Strongman; Edward (Bretx, FR)
Title: Method and device for assisting in the piloting of an aircraft flying along a path with rectilinear segments
Patent Number: 8,010,241

Inventors: Arustamov; Arthur Eduardovich (Sergiev Posad, RU), Vasendin; Demetrius Rudolfovich (Sergiev Posad, RU), Gorbunov; Valeriy Alekseevich (Sergievo-Posadsky raion, RU), Dmitriev; Sergey Aleksandrovich (Moscow, RU), Lifanov; Fyodor Anatolevich (Sergiev Posad, RU), Kobelev; Alexander Pavlovich (Sergievo-Posadsky raion, RU), Polkanov; Mikhail Anatolevich (Sergiev Posad, RU)
Title: Radioactive waste reprocessing method and device
Patent Number: 8,006,631

Inventors: Arzel; Matthieu (Plouzane, FR), Seguin; Fabrice (Morlaix, FR), Lahuec; Cyril (Plougonvelen, FR)
Title: Method and a device for decoding slice codes
Patent Number: 8,009,769

Inventors: Asakage; Hideyasu (Tokyo, JP), Saito; Nobuhisa (Tokyo, JP), Nakamura; Yukio (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Process for producing high-purity epoxy resin and epoxy resin composition
Patent Number: 7,268,192

Inventors: Asakura; Nobuyuki (Shizuoka, JP), Sakaguchi; Tadahisa (Shizuoka, JP)
Title: Shielded cable-grounding structure
Patent Number: 7,268,298

Inventors: Asano; Masato (Osaka, JP), Masaki; Kiyoshi (Hyogo, JP)
Title: Optical disc signal processing device, optical disc signal processing method, optical disc reproduction and recording device, and optical disc reproduction and recording method
Patent Number: 8,009,525

Inventors: Ashibe; Yuuichi (Osaka, JP)
Title: Method of constructing a normal joint structure of a superconducting cable
Patent Number: 8,007,186

Inventors: Ashkenazi; Avi (San Mateo, CA), Helmy; Karim Yussef (San Francisco, CA), Fong; Sherman (Alameda, CA), Goddard; Audrey (San Francisco, CA), Gurney; Austin L. (San Francisco, CA), Katschke, Jr.; Kenneth James (Millbrae, CA), Van Lookeren; Menno (San Francisco, CA), Wood; William I. (Hillsborough, CA)
Title: Treatment of complement-associated disorders
Patent Number: 8,007,798

Inventors: Ashpis; David E (Beachwood, OH)
Title: Dust removal from solar cells
Patent Number: 9,123,845

Inventors: Aso; Keigo (Osaka, JP)
Title: Communication handover method and communication message processing method
Patent Number: 8,009,629

Inventors: Assefa; Solomon (Ossining, NY), Costrini; Gregory (Hopewell Junction, NY), Jahnes; Christopher Vincent (Upper Saddle River, NJ), Rooks; Michael J. (Briarcliff Manor, NY), Sun; Jonathan Zanhong (Shrub Oak, NY)
Title: Methods for fabricating contacts to pillar structures in integrated circuits
Patent Number: 8,008,095

Inventors: Ateca; Steven J. (Oak Park, IL)
Title: Keypsafe
Patent Number: 8,006,832

Inventors: Atoro; Takashi (Osaka, JP), Asada; Shinya (Osaka, JP)
Title: Waveform observing apparatus
Patent Number: 8,008,905

Inventors: Atwood; Jerry Lee (Columbia, MO), Tian; Jian (Richland, WA), Dagarno; Scott John (Edinburgh, GB)
Title: Method for transforming pharmaceutical crystal forms
Patent Number: 9,119,769

Inventors: Au; Stephen (San Diego, CA), Li; Dandan (San Diego, CA)
Title: Method and system for implementing a PLL using high-voltage switches and regulators
Patent Number: 8,009,785

Inventors: Audet; Jacques (Bromont, CA)
Title: Organo-mineral soil amendment
Patent Number: 8,007,558

Inventors: Axt; Matthias (Armidale, AU), Doderlein; Leonhard (Schriesheim, DE), Jacobs; Josef (Bedburg-Hau, DE), Lauer; Peter (Kleve, DE)
Title: Insole
Patent Number: 7,266,913

Inventors: Baartmans; Sean T. (Chandler, AZ), White; Bryan R. (Chandler, AZ)
Title: Customizable event creation logic for hardware monitoring
Patent Number: 7,269,756

Inventors: Babich; John W. (New York, NY), Zimmerman; Craig (Topsfield, MA), Joyal; John L. (Melrose, MA), Lu; Genliang (Winchester, MA), Hillier; Shawn (Danvers, MA), Maresca; Kevin P. (Tewksbury, MA), Marquis; John (Nashua, NH)
Title: Metal complexes of poly(carboxyl)amine-containing ligands having an affinity for carbonic anhydrase IX
Patent Number: 9,120,837

Inventors: Bachand; William R (Scottsdale, AZ)
Title: Systems and methods for transcoding music notation
Patent Number: 9,123,315

Inventors: Bae; Jae-cheol (Suwon-si, KR), Kim; Tae-kyung (Seoul, KR), Park; Kyong-tae (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Hologram optical device, compatible optical pickup including the hologram optical device, and optical information storage medium system including the compatible optical pickup
Patent Number: 8,009,543

Inventors: Bae; Yu-Dong (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Lee; Eun-Hwa (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Yun; In-Kuk (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Kim; In (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Kim; Po-Ra (Seoul, KR)
Title: Method and apparatus for generating vibrations in portable terminals
Patent Number: 9,120,009

Inventors: Baek; Chung-guk (Suwon-si, KR), Yoo; Yong-back (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Transfer unit mounting device and image forming apparatus having the same
Patent Number: 7,269,378

Inventors: Bailey; Chris (Brewster, WA)
Title: Multiple-way bottle cap opener and method
Patent Number: 9,120,659

Inventors: Bailey; Kirk Matthew (Brigham City, UT), Ewing; Mark Earl (Perry, UT)
Title: Roofing material with directionally dependent properties
Patent Number: 8,007,898

Inventors: Bailey; Scott J. (Scott's Valley, CA), Strom; Nikko (Mountain View, CA)
Title: Coarticulated concatenated speech
Patent Number: 7,269,557

Inventors: Bailey; Sheldon Ray (Rochester, MN), Bishop; Bradley W. (Rochester, MN), Kitamorn; Alongkorn (Austin, TX), Lo; Erlander (Austin, TX), Segura; Allegra R. (Austin, TX)
Title: Hardware recovery responsive to concurrent maintenance
Patent Number: 8,010,838

Inventors: Bain; Juliana (Arlington, VA)
Title: Helmet for reducing concussive forces during collision
Patent Number: 9,119,431

Inventors: Baird; Michael T. (Temecula, CA)
Title: Water purification system utilizing a carbon block pre-filter
Patent Number: 7,267,769

Inventors: Baker; John D. (Bennett, CO), Baker; Reed W. (Strasburg, CO), Gregory; Michael J. (Aurora, CO)
Title: Surveying and leveling device
Patent Number: 9,121,700

Inventors: Bakke; Brian E. (Rochester, MN), Gerhard; Adrian C. (Rochester, MN), Moertl; Daniel F. (Rochester, MN), Weckwerth; Rick A. (Oronoco, MN)
Title: Implementing hardware auto device operations initiator
Patent Number: 9,122,413

Inventors: Balan; Chellappa (Niskayuna, NY), Bowman; Michael John (Niskayuna, NY), Hibshman, II; Joell Randolph (Delanson, NY), Evulet; Andrei Tristan (Clifton Park, NY), Molaison; Jennifer Lynn (Marietta, GA)
Title: Systems and methods for power generation with carbon dioxide isolation
Patent Number: 7,266,940

Inventors: Balasubramanian; Sridhar (Wichita, KS), Mereddy; Pramodh (Wichita, KS)
Title: Serial port initialization in storage system controllers
Patent Number: 8,010,708

Inventors: Balasundharam; Sri Hari Prasadh (Coimbatore, IN)
Title: Detachable and changeable hem
Patent Number: 8,011,038

Inventors: Baldemair; Robert (Solna, SE), Gerstenberger; Dirk (Stockholm, SE), Larsson; Daniel (Solna, SE), Parkvall; Stefan (Stockholm, SE)
Title: Compromise resource allocation field size when aggregating component carriers of differing size
Patent Number: 9,125,184

Inventors: Baldwin; Timothy J. (Southampton, GB)
Title: Resilient mock object creation for unit testing
Patent Number: 9,122,805

Inventors: Baliarda; Carles Puente (Barcelona, ES), Borau; Carmen Borja (Barcelona, ES), Pros; Jaume Anguera (Barcelona, ES), Castany; Jordi Soler (Mataro, ES)
Title: Multilevel antennae
Patent Number: 8,009,111

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