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Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Abbott; Michael J. (Sunnyvale, CA), Close; Paul (Mountain View, CA), Smith; Kevin P. (Mountain View, CA)
Title: System and method for media stream indexing and synchronization
Patent Number: 7,272,780

Inventors: Abbott; Michael J. (Sunnyvale, CA), Close; Paul (Mountain View, CA), Smith; Kevin P. (Mountain View, CA)
Title: System and method for media stream indexing and synchronization
Patent Number: 8,015,480

Inventors: Abe; Hiroshi (Kobe, JP)
Title: Golf club head
Patent Number: 8,012,042

Inventors: Abe; Koji (Ube, JP), Shikita; Shoji (Ube, JP), Kawabe; Kazuyuki (Ube, JP), Kondo; Masahide (Ube, JP), Fujino; Tatsuo (Ube, JP)
Title: Nonaqueous electrolyte solution and electrochemical element using same
Patent Number: 9,130,244

Inventors: Abele; Stefan (Allschwil, CH), Schmidt; Gunther (Allschwil, CH)
Title: Process for manufacturing a naphthyridine derivative
Patent Number: 9,127,002

Inventors: Abiri; Sagi (Coconut Creek, FL)
Title: Collapsible shopping cart apparatus
Patent Number: 9,126,610

Inventors: Abiru; Takahiro (Kanagawa, JP), Suzuki; Ryoji (Kanagawa, JP), Makino; Eiji (Kanagawa, JP), Usui; Takayuki (Fukuoka, JP)
Title: Solid-state imaging device and image capture apparatus with anti-blooming pre-shutter operation
Patent Number: 8,013,931

Inventors: Abraham; Santosh Paul (San Diego, CA), Cherian; George (San Diego, CA), De Vegt; Rolf (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Systems and methods for securely transmitting and receiving discovery and paging messages
Patent Number: 9,130,754

Inventors: Ac; Shivaram (Bangalore, IN), Buravalla; Vidyashankar R. (Bangalore, IN), Alexander; Paul W. (Ypsilanti, MI)
Title: Resettable devices
Patent Number: 9,127,483

Inventors: Acevedo; Margarita (Minneapolis, MN), Nguyen-Misra; Mai T. (Shoreview, MN), Gray; Kristen A. (Prescott, WI)
Title: Insulating glass assembly including a polymeric spacing structure
Patent Number: 7,270,859

Inventors: Achacoso; Theodore B. (Washington, DC), Silby; D. Wayne (Washington, DC)
Title: Centrifugal communication and collaboration method
Patent Number: 8,015,495

Inventors: Adachi; Naoto (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Data processing method
Patent Number: 9,130,593

Inventors: Adams; Phillip M. (Afton, WY)
Title: Compact continuous positive airway pressure apparatus and method
Patent Number: 8,011,362

Inventors: Adler; Daniel (San Jose, CA), Adler; Claire (San Jose, CA)
Title: Combined baby bib and supporting bottle holder
Patent Number: 9,125,438

Inventors: Afsahi; Ali (San Diego, CA)
Title: Multiple-path noise cancellation
Patent Number: 9,130,660

Inventors: Agarwal; Vishnu K. (Boise, ID), Sandhu; Gurtej S. (Boise, ID)
Title: Boron incorporated diffusion barrier material
Patent Number: 7,271,092

Inventors: Agassi; Shai (Palo Alto, CA), Heichal; Yoav (Ganey Yehuda, IL)
Title: Battery exchange station
Patent Number: 8,013,571

Inventors: Aguilar; Joseph Gerard (Lawrenceville, NJ), Campana; David A. (Princeton, NJ), Chen; Raymond (Neshanic Station, NJ), Dunn; Robert B. (Quincy, MA), McAulay; Robert J. (Lexington, MA), Sun; Xiaoquin (Plainsboro, NJ), Wang; Wei (Plainsboro, NJ), Watkins; Craig (Hamilton, AT), Zopf; Robert W. (Lawrenceville, NJ)
Title: Scalable and embedded codec for speech and audio signals
Patent Number: 7,272,556

Inventors: Ahn; Jeong-Hoon (Yongin-si, KR), Shin; Heon-Jong (Yongin-si, KR), Lee; Sung-Hoon (Yongin-si, KR)
Title: Semiconductor device having pads
Patent Number: 8,013,455

Inventors: Ahn; Kie Y. (Chappaqua, NY)
Title: Method of fabricating a semiconductor interconnect structure
Patent Number: 7,271,085

Inventors: Aid; James D. (Largo, FL), Cameron; Norman F. (St. Petersburg, FL), Din; Shahid Q. (Palm Harbor, FL)
Title: Towing monitor system
Patent Number: 8,013,759

Inventors: Ajitomi; Daisuke (Tokyo, JP), Aizu; Hiroyuki (Kanagawa-ken, JP), Minami; Keisuke (Kanagawa-ken, JP), Ise; Kotaro (Kanagawa-ken, JP)
Title: Apparatus and method for automatic conversion of content address and associated action thereof for social television sharing
Patent Number: 9,131,261

Inventors: Al-Shannag; Mohammad J. M. (Riyadh, SA), Alhozaimy; Abdulrahman M. (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Machine for deforming and cutting plastic strips for enhancing concrete
Patent Number: 9,127,457

Inventors: Alaimo; Lisa (Los Altos, CA), Alves; Veronica (Pleasant Hill, CA), Andre; Patrick (San Mateo, CA), Phillips; David (San Mateo, CA), Prasad; Sri R. (Palo Alto, CA), Wagner; Denisa D. (Dover, MA)
Title: Compounds and methods for the modulation of CD154
Patent Number: 7,271,152

Inventors: Albers; Robert Joseph (Park Hills, KY), Ruiz; Rafael (Mason, OH), Boyle; Marcia (Lebanon, OH), Glynn; Christopher Charles (Hamilton, OH)
Title: Methods and apparatus for maintaining rotor assembly tip clearances
Patent Number: 7,269,955

Inventors: Albert; Sean J. (Barrington, NH), Bialecki; Dennis M. (Oxford, CT)
Title: Needle guard clip with heel
Patent Number: 9,126,017

Inventors: Albertson; William C. (Clinton Township, MI), Moon; Joseph J. (Clawson, MI), Zahdeh; Akram R. (Rochester Hills, MI)
Title: Eight-stroke engine cycle
Patent Number: 8,011,331

Inventors: Albrecht; Thomas B. (Galveston, TX), Chen; Zhenping (Galveston, TX)
Title: Inhibition of cellular proteases
Patent Number: 7,271,148

Inventors: Aleo; Dino D. (Windsor, CA)
Title: Adjustable wall-hanger assembly
Patent Number: 8,011,635

Inventors: Alexander; J. Byron (Berkeley Lake, GA)
Title: Oral hygiene device
Patent Number: 8,012,111

Inventors: Alfonso; Daniele (Monza, IT), Rovati; Fabrizio (Cinisello Balsamo, IT)
Title: Programmable system for motion vector generation
Patent Number: 7,272,184

Inventors: Allan; Tapsak Mark (Orangeville, PA)
Title: Methods and systems for the production of diesters from triacylglyceride esters
Patent Number: 9,126,922

Inventors: Allemand; Pierre-Marc (San Jose, CA)
Title: Devices including, methods using, and compositions of reflowable getters
Patent Number: 8,013,526

Inventors: Allikmets; Rando L. (Cornwall on Hudson, NY), Hageman; Gregory S. (Coralville, IA), Dean; Michael C. (Frederick, MD), Gold; Albert M. (Frederick, MD)
Title: Variants in complement regulatory genes predict age-related macular degeneration
Patent Number: 8,012,683

Inventors: Almeida; Noel J. (Bangalore, IN), Basak; Jayanta (New Delhi, IN), Krishnapuram; Raghuram (New Delhi, IN), Majumdar; Debapriyo (Kolkata, IN), Padmanabhan; Deepak S. (Kerala, IN), Visweswariah; Karthik (Bangalore, IN)
Title: System and method for example based targeted marketing
Patent Number: 9,129,292

Inventors: Almoney; Bret (Endicott, NY)
Title: Frequency resolver
Patent Number: 9,130,639

Inventors: Alneaimi; Abeer E. M. (Kuwait, KW)
Title: Push button actuated toilet for motor vehicle
Patent Number: 9,126,548

Inventors: Alon; Alex (Binyamina, IL), Alon; Irina (Binyamina, IL), Bezdin; Haim (Rishon Lezion, IL)
Title: Optics for an extended depth of field
Patent Number: 8,014,084

Inventors: Amo; Stephen D. (Oakville, CA), Lacheur; Dean L. (Toronto, CA), Lacheur; Neil S. (Toronto, CA)
Title: Elevator display system
Patent Number: 7,270,219

Inventors: Amos; Sylvan J. (Kalamazoo, MI), Yuan; Yingqin (St. Joseph, MI)
Title: Method and apparatus to detect an over-suds condition
Patent Number: 9,127,392

Inventors: Anderson; Emory V. (Danville, CA), Nemec; Edward (Duluth, GA), Lapointe; Jerome P. (Oakland, CA), DeSieno; Duane (La Jolla, CA), Martinez; Ricardo R. (Santa Cruz, CA), Marzolf; Gail (Cupertino, CA), Pong; Ronald (San Jose, CA), Jones; Lynn (Mountainview, CA), Hussa; Robert (Sunnyvale, CA), Senyei; Andrew (La Jolla, CA)
Title: Point of care diagnostic systems
Patent Number: 7,270,970

Inventors: Anderson; Greg (Brisbane, CA), Haapanen; Tom (Heidelberg, CA), Hagiwara; Kenji (Edgewater, NJ)
Title: Device management system, apparatus and method configured for customizing a power filter
Patent Number: 9,130,838

Inventors: Anderson; Vernon J. (Alexandria, MN), Bauer; Michael Paul (Alexandria, MN), Corle; Gene Allen (Farwell, MN), Davis; Christopher Todd (Carlos, MN), Jiang; Simin (Alexandria, MN), Pazdernik; Irvan Leo (Alexandria, MN), Peterman; Thomas Harold (Alexandria, MN)
Title: Transfer device metering apparatus and methods
Patent Number: 8,011,495

Inventors: Ando; Haru (Kodaira, JP), Sekimoto; Nobuhiro (Kokubunji, JP), Hasegawa; Takashi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Information management server and information distribution system
Patent Number: 8,014,716

Inventors: Andrew; Felix G. T. I. (Seattle, WA), Koch; Zeke (Seattle, WA), Brown; Christopher R. (Seattle, WA), Maquire, III; Justin M. (Seattle, WA)
Title: System and method for timed profile changes on a mobile device
Patent Number: 7,272,388

Inventors: Angelopoulos; Marie (Cortlandt Manor, NY), Huang; Wu-Song (Poughkeepsie, NY), Mahorowila; Arpan P. (Bronxville, NY), Moreau; Wayne (Wappingers Falls, NY), Pfeiffer; Dirk (Dobbs Ferry, NY), Sooriyakumaran; Ratnam (San Jose, CA)
Title: Silicon-containing compositions for spin-on ARC/hardmask materials
Patent Number: 7,270,931

Inventors: Anikitchev; Serguei (Belmont, CA)
Title: Line imaging systems and methods for laser annealing
Patent Number: 8,014,427

Inventors: Anilovich; Igor (Walled Lake, MI), Siekkinen; John W. (Novi, MI), Dokter; Michael John (Okemos, MI), Vollstaedt; Jens (Eppstein, DE), Schellong; Michael (Russelsheim, DE), Blom; Per-Olof (Trollhattan, SE)
Title: System and method for determining oxygen sensor heater resistance
Patent Number: 8,014,930

Inventors: Annis; Gary David (Landenberg, PA)
Title: Method for preparing substituted pyrimidines
Patent Number: 8,013,155

Inventors: Anzai; Iwao (Fukushima, JP), Yamaki; Noboru (Fukushima, JP)
Title: Bushing temperature controller
Patent Number: 7,269,974

Inventors: Aoki; Yosuke (Hachioji, JP), Ishimoda; Isao (Hachioji, JP)
Title: Lens group positioning method and image capturing apparatus
Patent Number: 8,014,088

Inventors: Aonuma; Takahiro (Fuchu-cho, JP), Nozaki; Tatsuo (Fuchu-cho, JP)
Title: Shroud supporting structure and shroud mounting method
Patent Number: 7,270,368

Inventors: Aoshima; Tomoyasu (Hamakita, JP)
Title: Anisotropic wet etching of silicon
Patent Number: 7,270,763

Inventors: Aoshima; Toshihide (Haibara-gun, JP), Oya; Toyohisa (Haibara-gun, JP)
Title: Planographic printing plate precursor
Patent Number: 8,012,668

Inventors: Aota; Keiji (Shiga, JP), Asano; Yoshinari (Shiga, JP)
Title: Field element
Patent Number: 8,013,700

Inventors: Aoyama; Sachio (Hadano, JP), Tabata; Taichi (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Camera-equipped cellular telephone
Patent Number: 7,271,845

Inventors: Aoyama; Takeshi (Abiko, JP), Murakami; Ayumu (Abiko, JP), Magata; Shoko (Toride, JP), Yamamoto; Yuichi (Toride, JP)
Title: Image scanner with image scanning device positioning
Patent Number: 8,014,045

Inventors: Armand; Michel (Montreal, CA), Michot; Christophe (Grenoble, FR)
Title: Ionic perfluorovinyl compounds and their uses as components of ionic conductors of the polymer type, of selective membranes or of catalysts
Patent Number: 7,271,228

Inventors: Arndt; Richard Louis (Austin, TX), Shempert; Craig Henry (Austin, TX)
Title: Means of control bits protection in a logical partition environment having a first and second distinct operating system
Patent Number: 7,272,671

Inventors: Aronsson; Par-Anders (Malmo, SE), Ek; Martin (Lund, SE), Jendbro; Magnus (Staffansturp, SE), Landqvist; Magnus (Lund, SE), Stenberg; Par (Lund, SE), Thorn; Ola (Limhamn, SE)
Title: Presenting three dimensional depth
Patent Number: 9,129,442

Inventors: Arora; Surinder Kumar (Maharashtra, IN), Shabade; Samir Shanteshwar (Maharashtra, IN), Kumar; Gaurav (Maharashtra, IN), Ray; Purna Chandra (Maharashtra, IN), Singh; Girij Pal (Maharashtra, IN)
Title: Process for preparation of substantially pure fosamprenavir calcium and its intermediates
Patent Number: 9,127,029

Inventors: Arroyo; Jean (Meylan, FR), Bloch; Didier (Biviers, FR), Laurent; Jean-Yves (Claix, FR), Marsacq; Didier (Grenoble, FR)
Title: Method for making a fuel cell with large active surface and reduced volume
Patent Number: 7,270,686

Inventors: Arsenault; Andre (Toronto, CA), Ozin; Geoffrey Alan (Toronto, CA)
Title: Photonic crystal electrical property indicator
Patent Number: 9,130,227

Inventors: Arts; Theodore A. M. (Williamsville, NY), Chirayath; Paul J. (Key West, FL)
Title: Integrated air processing devices and isolation containment systems using such devices
Patent Number: 7,270,691

Inventors: Arumugham; Rasappa G. (Chapel Hill, NC), Prasad; A. Krishna (Chapel Hill, NC), Hagen; Michael (Pittsford, NY)
Title: A-.beta. immunogenic peptide carrier conjugates and methods of producing same
Patent Number: 9,125,847

Inventors: Arunachalam; Krishnarajan (Idappadi, IN), Biener; Adam S. (Vestal, NY), Cason; Stanley P. (Johnson City, NY), Joshi; Sunil (Marietta, GA)
Title: Graphical user interface in keyword search
Patent Number: 9,129,024

Inventors: Asai; Makoto (Kariya, JP)
Title: Physical quantity sensor
Patent Number: 7,271,459

Inventors: Asano; Masayasu (Yokohama, JP), Maruyama; Tetsuya (Kawasaki, JP), Yamamoto; Masayuki (Sagamihara, JP)
Title: Computer system, data migration monitoring method and data migration monitoring program
Patent Number: 8,015,381

Inventors: Asano; Masayoshi (Kawasaki, JP), Suzuki; Yoshiyuki (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Patent Number: 8,012,849

Inventors: Asao; Takahiro (Yokkaichi, JP)
Title: Electrical junction box
Patent Number: 9,130,360

Inventors: Asao; Yoshihito (Tokyo, JP), Kitamura; Yutaka (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Vehicle power supply system
Patent Number: 8,011,467

Inventors: Ashby; Valerie (Durham, NC), Olson; David (Minneapolis, MN)
Title: Polyester based degradable materials and implantable biomedical articles formed therefrom
Patent Number: 8,013,061

Inventors: Ashworth; Jamie (Freehold, NJ), Thompson; Eric Michael (Central, SC), Moreland; James H. (Central, SC), Moreland; Jeffrey Charles (Simpsonville, SC)
Title: Perspiration control glove
Patent Number: 9,127,382

Inventors: Asogawa; Minoru (Tokyo, JP), Matsumoto; Toru (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Method for immobilizing compound onto column carrier
Patent Number: 8,013,180

Inventors: Aspelmayr; Josef (Ried/Riedmark, AT), Falke; Bernd (Pentling, DE)
Title: Method for the generation of electrical pulses
Patent Number: 7,271,558

Inventors: Atienza; Genevieve R. (Laguna, PH), Cabalo; Michele (Laguna, PH), Capuyan-Agtina; Sharon (Laguna, PH), De Guzman-Aguirre; May A. (Taguig, PH), Del Rosario; Sharon (Las Pinas, PH), Velacion; Jamie (Cavite, PH)
Title: FTIR and EDX spectrum library of contaminants found on a HDD and their potential sources
Patent Number: 8,014,975

Inventors: Atkin; Steven Edward (Austin, TX), Stading; Tyron Jerrod (Austin, TX)
Title: System and method for securing code and ensuring proper execution using state-based encryption
Patent Number: 7,272,228

Inventors: Atkinson; Aaron W. (Royal Oak, MI), Palazzolo; Joseph (Livonia, MI)
Title: Differential assembly
Patent Number: 7,270,026

Inventors: Au; How Kee (Ottawa, CA), Kuang; Randy (Kanata, CA), Wang; Guo Qiang (Kanata, CA)
Title: Technique for transferring information in a passive optical network
Patent Number: 7,272,315

Inventors: Aufderheide; Ronald C. (Delaware, OH)
Title: Process for casting a metal
Patent Number: 7,270,172

Inventors: Augarten; Mike (Goleta, CA)
Title: Electronically enhanced access port for a fluid filled implant
Patent Number: 9,125,718

Inventors: Aura; Anssi Tuomas (Cambridge, GB)
Title: Mobile authentication system with reduced authentication delay
Patent Number: 7,272,381

Inventors: Aymar; Brandon (Santee, CA)
Title: Externally adjustable internal bypass shock absorber
Patent Number: 7,270,222

Inventors: Azadet; Kameran (Morganville, NJ), Hijazi; Samer (Bethlehem, PA), Kopparthi; Sunitha (Whitehall, PA), Molina; Albert (Madrid, ES), Sanchez; Ramon (Madrid, ES)
Title: Methods and apparatus for performing reduced complexity discrete fourier transforms using interpolation
Patent Number: 8,015,226

Inventors: Ba-abbad; Mazen A. (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Stirring apparatus for stirring microorganisms in a culturing medium
Patent Number: 9,127,243

Inventors: Baars; Peter (Dresden, DE), Tegen; Stefan (Dresden, DE), Muemmler; Klaus (Dresden, DE)
Title: Method for producing an integrated circuit and arrangement comprising a substrate
Patent Number: 8,013,377

Inventors: Baba; Satoru (Kariya, JP), Satake; Yasuyuki (Kariya, JP)
Title: Coil, stator, and method for manufacturing coil
Patent Number: 9,130,416

Inventors: Bacher; Utz (Weil im Schoenbuch, DE), Rao; Akshay V. (Wood-Ridge, NJ), Spatzier; Thomas (Holzerlinen, DE)
Title: Determining a storage location based on frequency of use
Patent Number: 9,128,966

Inventors: Bachmann; Michel Andre (Vaux sur Morges, CH)
Title: Surgical ring featuring a reversible diameter remote control system
Patent Number: 8,012,162

Inventors: Bacon; David Colin (Northallerton, GB), Wilkinson; Geoffrey (Stockton On Tees, GB)
Title: Pipeline pig and launching apparatus
Patent Number: 9,127,802

Inventors: Baek; Ingyu (Seoul, KR), Lee; Yeong-Taek (Seoul, KR), Kim; KyungMin (Goyang-si, KR)
Title: Resistive memory devices and methods of operating the same
Patent Number: 9,129,675

Inventors: Baer; Mark E. (Trout Run, PA), Liu; Li H. (South Williamsport, PA), Miller; Jonathan (Williamsport, PA)
Title: Vacuum with rechargeable battery
Patent Number: 8,015,661

Inventors: Baggen; Mark Constant Johannes (Eindhoven, NL), Van Den Biggelaar; Petrus Marinus Christianus Maria (Nuenen, NL), Tso; Yin Tim (Eindhoven, NL), Heertjes; Marcel Francois (Best, NL), Kamidi; Ramidin Izair (Eindhoven, NL), Houben; Dennis Andreas Petrus Hubertina (Maastricht, NL), Baggen; Constant Paul Marie Jozef (Venlo-Blerick, NL), Van De Molengraft; Marinus Jacobus Gerardus (Eindhoven, NL)
Title: Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Patent Number: 8,014,881

Inventors: Baik; Hyun-ki (Seongnam-si, KR), Kwon; Nyeong-kyu (Daejeon, KR), Varaganti; Kiran (Daejeon, KR), Kumar; Kalyan K. (Daejeon, KR)
Title: Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding an image
Patent Number: 8,014,619

Inventors: Baik; Young-Ki (Seoul, KR), Koo; Hyung-Il (Seoul, KR), Kim; Duck Hoon (Seoul, KR)
Title: Image cache
Patent Number: 9,129,177

Inventors: Bailey; John M. (Dunlap, IL)
Title: Wall flow particulate trap system
Patent Number: 7,269,942

Inventors: Baker; David (Chapel Hill, NC), Basoglu; Christopher (Bothell, WA), Cutler; Benjamin (Seattle, WA), Deeley; Richard (San Jose, CA), Gervasio; Gregorio (Sunnyvale, CA), Kawaguchi; Atsuo (San Jose, CA), Kojima; Keiji (Sagamihara, JP), Lee; Woobin (Lynnwood, WA), Miyazaki; Takeshi (Tokyo, JP), Mundkur; Yatin (Sunnyvale, CA), Naik; Vinay (Austin, TX), Nishioka; Kiyokazu (Odawara, JP), Nojiri; Toru (Tokyo, JP), O'Donnell; John (Seattle, WA), Padalkar; Sarang (San Jose, CA)
Title: Integrated multimedia system
Patent Number: 7,272,670

Inventors: Balamurugan; Ganesh (Hillsboro, OR), O'Mahony; Frank P. (Portland, OR), Casper; Bryan K. (Portland, OR)
Title: Clock and data recovery (CDR) method and apparatus
Patent Number: 8,015,429

Inventors: Balasubramanian; Swaminathan (Southfield, MI), Morgan; Robert A. (Orlando, FL), Roberson; Kenneth W. (North Richland Hills, TX), Vasudevan; Cheranellore (Bastrop, TX)
Title: Configuring assembly of a system using supplied architectural artifacts
Patent Number: 9,128,724

Inventors: Baldackin; Mary-Ellen (Parrysound, CA), Bosley; Mike (Parrysound, CA)
Title: Helmet system
Patent Number: 8,015,624

Inventors: Baldauf; Georg (Laer, DE)
Title: Laminate material element for a hook and loop closure, particularly a diaper closure
Patent Number: 8,012,297

Inventors: Balestra; Michael (Wilmington, DE), Bernstein; Peter (Wilmington, DE), Ernst; Glen E. (Wilmington, DE), Frietze; William (Wilmington, DE), McCauley; John P (Wilmington, DE), Shen; Lihong (Wilmington, DE), Nugiel; David (Wilmington, DE)
Title: Ethanamine compounds and methods of using the same 545
Patent Number: 8,013,165

Inventors: Ballabio; Andrea (Naples, IT), Settembre; Carmine (Naples, IT), Medina Sanabria; Diego Luis (Naples, IT)
Title: TFEB variants and uses thereof
Patent Number: 9,127,074

Inventors: Ballard; Curtis C. (Eaton, CO), Fleischmann; Mike P. (Fort Collins, CO), Reasoner; Kelly J. (Fort Collins, CO), Maddocks; Steven (Windsor, CO)
Title: Information sharing between a backup storage device and a management appliance
Patent Number: 8,015,373

Inventors: Balliet; James Leroy (Perkasie, PA)
Title: Strip all window and screen removal tool
Patent Number: 9,126,315

Inventors: Bamberg; Joe Timothy (East Palo Alto, CA), Hermann; Johannes Cornelius (Jersey City, NJ), Lemoine; Remy (San Francisco, CA), Soth; Michael (Glen Rock, NJ)
Title: Pyrrolopyrazinyl urea kinase inhibitors
Patent Number: 8,012,974

Inventors: Bankers; David M. (Sioux Falls, SD), Silverberg; Sanford L. (Sioux Falls, SD), Kolbeck; Gary L. (Canton, SD), Pelletier; Brian P. (Brandon, SD), Califf; Randall J. (Sioux Falls, SD)
Title: Lodging entertainment system with guest-selected time shifting
Patent Number: 7,272,844

Inventors: Baraldi; Pier Giovanni (Ferrara, IT), Borea; Pier Andrea (Ferrara, IT)
Title: Adenosine A.sub.3 receptor modulators
Patent Number: 7,271,171

Inventors: Barale; Jean-Christophe (Paris, FR), Uzureau; Pierrick (Wepion, BE), Braun-Breton; Catherine (Montpellier, FR)
Title: Methods for detecting virulent Plasmodium, for evaluating Plasmodium virulence, and for screening new drugs employing the 3'UTR of Plasmodium SUB2 and the Plasmodium SUB2 serine protease
Patent Number: 8,012,706

Inventors: Barany; Francis (New York, NY), Cao; Weiguo (Central, SC), Tong; Jie (Forest Hills, NY)
Title: High fidelity thermostable ligase and uses thereof
Patent Number: 9,127,269

Inventors: Barbero Castro; Narciso (Barcelona, ES)
Title: System for stimulating hair growth
Patent Number: 9,126,038

Inventors: Bardelli; Alberto (Turin, IT), Martini; Miriam (Turin, IT)
Title: MLK4 gene, a new diagnostic and prognostic marker in cancers
Patent Number: 9,127,319

Inventors: Barenbrug; Bart Gerard Bernard (Eindhoven, NL), Peters; Franciscus Johannes (Eindhoven, NL)
Title: Depth perception
Patent Number: 8,013,873

Inventors: Barrett; Ronald L. (Fenelton, PA)
Title: Refractory component for lining a metallurgical vessel
Patent Number: 9,126,265

Inventors: Barthold; Mark (Torrance, CA)
Title: Design game with deductive component
Patent Number: 7,270,329

Inventors: Bartlett, II; Rush L. (Mountain View, CA), Greco, Jr.; Peter M. (Palo Alto, CA), Davignon; Barry J. (Terre Haute, IN)
Title: Reconstitution devices
Patent Number: 9,125,995

Inventors: Baschy; Leo Martin (Copperopolis, CA)
Title: User interface driven access control system and methods for multiple users as one audience
Patent Number: 9,129,088

Inventors: Bascom; Thomas Layne (McLean, VA)
Title: User interface for presenting and searching relationships between document objects located on a network
Patent Number: 9,128,934

Inventors: Basnayake; Chaminda (Windsor, CA), Yasan; Eray (Canton, MI), Hay; Curtis L. (Clarkston, MI), Sun; Debo (Windsor, CA)
Title: Estimation of vehicle location
Patent Number: 9,127,952

Inventors: Bassiri; Masoud (Singapore, SG), Jeevarathinam; Ravikumar (Singapore, SG)
Title: Wireless communication system and lift system having the same
Patent Number: 8,014,718

Inventors: Bastide; Paul R. (Boxford, MA), Broomhall; Matthew E. (Goffstown, NH), Loredo; Robert E. (North Miami Beach, FL)
Title: Focused real time collaboration
Patent Number: 9,131,020

Inventors: Batchu; Bhaskara V. (Hyderabad, IN), Gude; Venkata Siva Prasad (Hyderabad, IN), Rajurkar; Anand (Hyderabad, IN)
Title: Optimized page matching
Patent Number: 9,131,444

Inventors: Batchu; Bhaskara V. (Hyderabad, IN), Shahi; Sharad (Rajasthan, IN), Rajurkar; Anand (Hyderabad, IN)
Title: Method and apparatus for efficient and dynamic system reselection procedure for M2M stationary devices
Patent Number: 9,131,432

Inventors: Bates; Cary Lee (Rochester, MN), Buenger; Paul W. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Hierarchical breakpoint groups
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Owner: Firebox Research & Strategy LLC
Serial Number: 76690422

Owner: First National of Nebraska, Inc.
Serial Number: 77253944

Serial Number: 77295721

Owner: Fox Chapel Publishing Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 77555834

Owner: Franklin Resources, Inc.
Serial Number: 77503509

Owner: Freed, Pamela
Serial Number: 77496168

Owner: Fruit Essentials, Inc.
Serial Number: 77530624

Owner: Gary West's Numistreasure, Inc
Serial Number: 77508483

Owner: Gibby Media Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77496934

Serial Number: 77215345

Owner: Glaser Media LLC
Serial Number: 77493171

Serial Number: 77494440

Owner: Graduate Management Admission Council
Serial Number: 77495029

Owner: Grand Circle LLC
Serial Number: 77100011

Serial Number: 77203111

Owner: Greenlaw, Inc.
Serial Number: 77492905

Owner: GSH Mpls Full Service, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 76688871

Owner: Gunther, Johan M.
Serial Number: 76684461

Owner: Guru Denim Inc.
Serial Number: 77113843

Owner: HawaiiaNet Group, LLC
Serial Number: 77492727

Owner: Hearst Communications, Inc.
Serial Number: 78792840

Owner: Heylin, K.C.
Serial Number: 78646849

Owner: HighSpans Engineering, Inc.
Serial Number: 77493642

Owner: Hilite International, Inc.
Serial Number: 76589785

Serial Number: 77108210

Serial Number: 78887572

Serial Number: 77208841

Owner: Hungry Howie's Pizza & Subs, Inc.
Serial Number: 77496282

Owner: Huron Consulting Group Inc.
Serial Number: 77019741

Serial Number: 77265243

Serial Number: 77497274

Serial Number: 77293731

Serial Number: 77244711

Owner: It Server Center, LLC
Serial Number: 78930205

Owner: It Works Marketing
Serial Number: 77495203

Owner: Janine J. Weins
Serial Number: 77498606

Owner: JC Cellars
Serial Number: 77492756

Serial Number: 77137274

Serial Number: 77514983

Serial Number: 77532188

Serial Number: 77151497

Owner: Johnson, Rachel
Serial Number: 77494795

Owner: Juice Tyme, Inc.
Serial Number: 77272285

Owner: Just Wheels & Tire Co.
Serial Number: 77276413

Owner: Kabushiki Kaisha Miyake Design Jimusho
Serial Number: 77275319

Serial Number: 78731088

Serial Number: 77271345

Owner: King of Fans, Inc.
Serial Number: 77493248

Serial Number: 76676374

Owner: L'Oreal
Serial Number: 78877885

Serial Number: 76681124

Serial Number: 77226246

Serial Number: 78783189

Serial Number: 78783254

Serial Number: 78936805

Serial Number: 78936833

Owner: Limetree Enterprises Inc
Serial Number: 77185585

Serial Number: 77133208

Serial Number: 77494690

Owner: Lubell, Robert M.
Serial Number: 77497090

Owner: Lueders, Tamara D.
Serial Number: 78825450

Serial Number: 77306956

Serial Number: 78902318

Owner: MasterCard International Incorporated
Serial Number: 78242719

Owner: maura daniel, inc.
Serial Number: 77276779

Serial Number: 77498313

Owner: Medi-Tech International Corporation
Serial Number: 77159587

Owner: Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Serial Number: 77274673

Owner: Michael Brein, Inc.
Serial Number: 78915085

Serial Number: 77078971

Serial Number: 77081476

Owner: Miracle-Ear, Inc.
Serial Number: 78923822

Serial Number: 77495131

Owner: Molecular Biology Resources Inc.
Serial Number: 77183972

Owner: Music Notes Academy, LLC
Serial Number: 77494256

Owner: MZE Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
Serial Number: 77319656

Owner: National Agricultural Aviation Association
Serial Number: 77494348

Owner: Natural Polymer International Corp.
Serial Number: 77498678

Owner: NE Colorado Cellular, Inc., d.b.a. Viaero Wireless
Serial Number: 78903737

Owner: NSS Music, Inc.
Serial Number: 77207935

Owner: optionsXpress Holdings, Inc.
Serial Number: 76680607

Owner: Orange Electronic Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 76685461

Owner: Oregon Pacific Banking Co.
Serial Number: 77494576

Owner: Overview, LLC
Serial Number: 78767855

Owner: Park, Othili
Serial Number: 77494205

Serial Number: 77495708

Serial Number: 77071125

Owner: Plaudits!, Inc.
Serial Number: 76690835

Serial Number: 77364214

Serial Number: 78837166

Owner: PRL USA Holdings, Inc.
Serial Number: 78839369

Owner: PRL USA Holdings, Inc.
Serial Number: 78932926

Serial Number: 77496825

Owner: ProCure Treatment Centers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77492786

Owner: ProCure Treatment Centers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77492819

Owner: ProCure Treatment Centers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77492932

Owner: ProCure Treatment Centers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77493073

Owner: ProCure Treatment Centers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77497528

Owner: ProCure Treatment Centers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77497561

Owner: Protea Biosciences, Inc.
Serial Number: 77497421

Owner: Purple States
Serial Number: 77496856

Serial Number: 77498509

Owner: Regent Hospitality Worldwide, Inc.
Serial Number: 73712308

Owner: Resounding Joy, Inc.
Serial Number: 77284544

Owner: Restornation LLC
Serial Number: 76677274

Owner: Restornation, LLC
Serial Number: 76677276

Owner: S. C. JOHNSON & SON, INC.
Serial Number: 73683102

Serial Number: 77094157

Serial Number: 76682103

Owner: Scale Auto
Serial Number: 77493079

Owner: Scholastic Inc.
Serial Number: 77297506

Owner: Scholastic Inc.
Serial Number: 77315710

Serial Number: 76668150

Owner: Sierra Health Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 77495685

Owner: Sifuentes, John M.
Serial Number: 78790904

Serial Number: 77504009

Serial Number: 77511172

Owner: Silver Creek Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 77497278

Serial Number: 76688244

Owner: Soft Surfboards, Inc.
Serial Number: 77496627

Serial Number: 76686869

Owner: Sony Kabushiki Kaisha
Serial Number: 78808213

Owner: Sorenson BioScience, Inc.
Serial Number: 76690749

Serial Number: 78895493

Owner: Spano, Gabrielle
Serial Number: 77492703

Owner: Spartan Motors Chassis, Inc.
Serial Number: 77493944

Serial Number: 77498822

Serial Number: 76671073

Owner: Starhaven, LLC
Serial Number: 77505992

Owner: Stryker Corporation
Serial Number: 78447657

Owner: Superior Cigars USA Inc.
Serial Number: 77284948

Serial Number: 77536197

Owner: Syngenta Participations AG
Serial Number: 77501938

Serial Number: 77003223

Serial Number: 77102545

Serial Number: 77202197

Owner: That's Good HR, Inc.
Serial Number: 77497430

Serial Number: 77219155

Owner: The Language Workshop for Children-Cercle Franco-Americain, Inc.
Serial Number: 77495218

Serial Number: 76474586

Owner: The Murano Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77498707

Owner:, LLC
Serial Number: 78980823

Owner: Therapeutic Peptides, Inc.
Serial Number: 77494329

Owner: Thomas L. Vater, D.O., Ltd.
Serial Number: 77499028

Owner: TMI, LLC
Serial Number: 77499880

Owner: Total Synergy Pty Ltd
Serial Number: 77186340

Serial Number: 78651410

Serial Number: 78959271

Owner: Troegs Brewing Co
Serial Number: 77274459

Owner: Tudor, Grace M.
Serial Number: 77272441

Owner: Unified Grocers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77569298

Owner: United Space Alliance, LLC
Serial Number: 77493404

Serial Number: 77286027

Serial Number: 77286038

Serial Number: 77530168

Serial Number: 77520088

Owner: US Wealth Management, LLC
Serial Number: 77270857

Serial Number: 76660857

Serial Number: 77550689

Serial Number: 77328608

Owner: Virginia's Heritage Music Trail: The Crooked Road, Inc.
Serial Number: 77176435

Owner: Vocollect Healthcare Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 78980112

Serial Number: 77494167

Owner: Walker, Patrick G.
Serial Number: 78896501

Owner: Wayne Farms LLC
Serial Number: 77534002

Serial Number: 77075237

Serial Number: 77093441

Owner: Winco Fireworks International, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 76685458

Serial Number: 77159291

Serial Number: 77204614

Serial Number: 77495083

Serial Number: 77254533

Owner: Yomega Corp.
Serial Number: 78587142

Serial Number: 77497013