Sunday, November 08 2020

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Aaron; Charles W. (Salado, TX), Villar; Christopher M. (Liberty Hill, TX)
Title: Side dump and bottom dump railroad cars
Patent Number: 8,256,354

Inventors: Abad; Andre R. (Johnston, IA), Dong; Hua (Johnston, IA), Kapka-Kitzman; Deirdre M. (Ankeny, IA), Lo; Sue B. (West Des Moines, IA), Shi; Xiaomei (Johnston, IA)
Title: Bacillus thuringiensis gene with lepidopteran activity
Patent Number: 8,252,972

Inventors: Abad; Andre R. (West Des Moines, IA), McCutchen; Billy F. (Clive, IA), Wong; James F. (Johnston, IA), Yu; Cao Guo (Urbandale, IA)
Title: Methods of using non-plant lipase encoding nucleic acids
Patent Number: 7,423,197

Inventors: Abe; Mikiko (Tokyo, JP), Shigemasa; Tsuyoshi (Tokyo, JP), Ujiie; Masahiro (Tokyo, JP), Okuyama; Taro (Tokyo, JP), Kato; Yoshinaga (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Terminal, terminal system, and non-transitory computer-readable medium for updating a terminal using multiple management devices
Patent Number: 9,430,215

Inventors: Abel; David S. (Allentown, PA)
Title: System and method for interactive voice response unit table-based programming
Patent Number: 9,432,508

Inventors: Abinader, Jr.; Fuad Mousse (Manaus, BR), Choudhury; Sayantan (Berkeley, CA), Chaves; Fabiano de Sousa (Manaus, BR), Cavalcante; Andre Mendes (Manaus, BR), de Almeida; Erika Portela Lopes (Brasilia, BR), Vieira; Robson Domingos (Brasilla, BR), Doppler; Klaus Franz (Albany, CA)
Title: Interference avoidance between overlapping wireless networks
Patent Number: 9,432,854

Inventors: Abouelsaadat; Wael (Toronto, CA)
Title: System and method for enhancing prayer and healing rituals
Patent Number: 9,427,101

Inventors: Abrams; Tinya (Emeryville, CA), Barsanti; Paul (Emeryville, CA), Duhl; David (Emeryville, CA), Faure; Michel (Emeryville, CA), Renhowe; Paul A. (Danville, CA), Walter; Annette Olga (Emeryville, CA)
Title: Kinesin inhibitors as cancer therapeutics
Patent Number: 8,252,832

Inventors: Abramson; Brian (Brampton, CA), Inglis; James R. (Brampton, CA)
Title: Method for the production of railway ties
Patent Number: 8,252,216

Inventors: Abushanab; Samy Khalil (Jeddah, SA), Al-Attas; Sami Hussain Salem (Jeddah, SA), Alireza; Muammer Mustafa (Jeddah, SA)
Title: Distributed storage
Patent Number: 8,255,420

Inventors: Acar; Cenk (Irvine, CA), Shkel; Andrei M. (Irvine, CA)
Title: Torsional nonresonant z-axis micromachined gyroscope with non-resonant actuation to measure the angular rotation of an object
Patent Number: 7,421,898

Inventors: Ackley; Raymond (Melbourne, FL)
Title: Three-wheeled motorcycle
Patent Number: 8,256,555

Inventors: Adachi; Masakazu (Osaka, JP), Nakatsuka; Tadayoshi (Osaka, JP)
Title: High-frequency switching apparatus
Patent Number: 7,423,499

Inventors: Adam; Georgius Abidal (Edensor Park, AU), Sjong; Angele (Louisville, CO), Carlson; William Brenden (Seattle, WA), Wan; Feng (Issaquah, WA), Londergan; Timothy Martin (Seattle, WA)
Title: Hydrophilic self-cleaning coating compositions
Patent Number: 9,428,666

Inventors: Adams; Julian (Boston, MA), Gao; Yun (Southborough, MA), Evangelinos; Asimina T. Georges (Chestnut Hill, MA), Grenier; Louis (Newton, MA), Pak; Roger H. (Boxborough, MA), Porter; James R. (Rowley, MA), Wright; James L. (Lexington, MA)
Title: Analogs of benzoquinone-containing ansamycins and methods of use thereof
Patent Number: 8,252,779

Inventors: Adkins; Rick L. (Hurricane, WV)
Title: Polyether polyols containing pendant amine groups and a process for their preparation
Patent Number: 7,423,112

Inventors: Affholter; Joseph A. (Midland, MI), Hill; Gilman A. (Englewood, CO)
Title: In situ retorting and refining of hygrocarbons
Patent Number: 9,429,004

Inventors: Afzali-Ardakani; Ali (Ossining, NY), Franklin; Aaron D. (Croton on Hudson, NY), Tulevski; George S. (White Plains, NY)
Title: DNA sequencing using a suspended carbon nanotube
Patent Number: 9,428,805

Inventors: Ag ndez Dominguez; Jose Luis (Madrid, ES), Renero Quintero; Jes s (Getafe Madrid, ES)
Title: Consistent and fault tolerant distributed hash table (DHT) overlay network
Patent Number: 8,255,736

Inventors: Agarwala; Sandip (Cupertino, CA), Butler; Eric K. (San Jose, CA), Chavda; Kavita (Roswell, GA), Gopisetty; Sandeep (Morgan Hill, CA)
Title: Allocation of storage resources in a networked computing environment based on energy utilization
Patent Number: 9,432,300

Inventors: Agazzi; Giovanni (Fidenza, IT)
Title: Apparatus and method for performing at least one geometric dimension of an object
Patent Number: 9,430,849

Inventors: Agee; Michael (Pineville, LA)
Title: Height adjustable table
Patent Number: 8,256,359

Inventors: Agevik; Markus (Malmo, SE), Lundquist; Anders (Malmo, SE)
Title: Stand for a camera device
Patent Number: 7,422,379

Inventors: Aghasaryan; Armen (Nozay, FR), Bouzid; Makram (Nozay, FR), Kothari; Mohit (Gujarat, IN), Nandi; Animesh (West Bengal, IN)
Title: Method and apparatus for privacy protected clustering of user interest profiles
Patent Number: 9,430,671

Inventors: Aharoni; Asaph (Tel-Aviv, IL), Dixit; Chital (Wageingen, NL), Pereira; Andy (Ede, NL)
Title: Shine clade of transcription factors and their use
Patent Number: 8,252,978

Inventors: Ahmad; Lubna (Chandler, AZ)
Title: Thermoelectric sensor for analytes in a gas and related method
Patent Number: 9,429,578

Inventors: Ahmad; Subutai (Palo Alto, CA), Cohen; Jonathan (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Web based video enhancement apparatus, method, and article of manufacture
Patent Number: 8,255,801

Inventors: Ahmed; Hatim (Cairo, EG), Elgamal; Ali A.S.A. (October City, EG), Elshishiny; Hisham E. (Cairo, EG), Ibrahim; Mahmoud Rashad (Giza, EG)
Title: Verification of backward compatibility of software components
Patent Number: 9,430,228

Inventors: Ahmed; Shafaat (Newburgh, NY), Chowdhury; Murshed M. (Fremont, CA), Dasgupta; Aritra (Wappingers Falls, NY), Hasanuzzaman; Mohammad (Beacon, NY), Khan; Shahrukh Akbar (Danbury, CT), Nag; Joyeeta (Wappingers Falls, NY)
Title: Formation of finFET junction
Patent Number: 9,431,485

Inventors: Ahn; Kye-hyun (Daejeon-si, KR), Kim; Seung-hwan (Daejeon-si, KR), Kim; Yong-tae (Daejeon-si, KR), Han; Kyeong-eun (Daejeon-si, KR), Kim; Kwang-joon (Daejeon-si, KR)
Title: Ethernet device and lane operating method
Patent Number: 8,254,291

Inventors: Ahn; Samuel S. (Torrance, CA)
Title: Shift timing indicator system for vehicular manual transmission
Patent Number: 8,255,133

Inventors: Aisa; Valerio (Fabriano, IT)
Title: Device, system and method for monitoring a household electric appliance
Patent Number: 7,423,546

Inventors: Aizaki; Shinichiro (Tokyo, JP), Sakurai; Junzo (Tokyo, JP), Kojima; Jitsunari (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Microscopic image capturing apparatus, microscopic image capturing method, and storage medium having a microscope image capturing program stored thereon
Patent Number: 8,253,789

Inventors: Akimoto; Hajime (Oume, JP), Hiraki; Mitsuru (Kodaira, JP), Nakahara; Hitoshi (Nagoya, JP), Akioka; Takashi (Akishima, JP), Kaneko; Yoshiyuki (Hachiouji, JP), Tsumura; Makoto (Hitachi, JP), Mikami; Yoshiro (Hitachi, JP)
Title: Image display device
Patent Number: 7,423,623

Inventors: Akimoto; Shogo (Iwata, JP), Nishiki; Taku (Iwata, JP)
Title: Processing method and bearing
Patent Number: 9,427,832

Inventors: Akino; Hiroshi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Microphone connector
Patent Number: 9,431,738

Inventors: Akino; Hiroshi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Condenser microphone
Patent Number: 9,432,765

Inventors: Akirav; Shay (Tel Aviv, IL), Bachar; Yariv (Tel Aviv, IL), Edelstein; Ron (Tel Aviv, IL), Levy; Asaf (Tel Aviv, IL), Sonin; Oded (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: User initiated replication in a synchronized object replication system
Patent Number: 9,430,542

Inventors: Akita; Hidenori (Tikyo, JP), Fukuta; Masaya (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Reference sequence construction for fast cell search
Patent Number: 8,254,344

Inventors: Akita; Tatsuhiko (Okazaki, JP), Kurata; Naoki (Nishikamo-gun, JP)
Title: Fuel supply apparatus and fuel supply method of an internal combustion engine
Patent Number: 8,256,398

Inventors: Alameh; Rachid Mohsen (Crystal Lake, IL)
Title: Electronic device and method for managing voice entered text using gesturing
Patent Number: 9,431,015

Inventors: Alan; Mark (Portland, OR), Mahalingappa; Jennifer R. (Bethesda, MD)
Title: Floating golf ball
Patent Number: 8,251,837

Inventors: Albert; Ernst (Sand, DE)
Title: Linear roller bearing with bonded rolling surface parts
Patent Number: 8,251,589

Inventors: Albert; Sean J (Barrington, NH), Bialecki; Dennis M (Oxford, CT)
Title: Needle guard clip with heel
Patent Number: 8,251,950

Inventors: Alberth, Jr.; William P. (Crystal Lake, IL)
Title: Visual interface control based on viewing display area configuration
Patent Number: 8,253,654

Inventors: Albertson; Aaron T. (Rochester, MN), Miller; Robert (Rochester, MN), Nordland; Brian A. (Rochester, MN), Thayib; Kiswanto (Rochester, MN)
Title: Implementing synchronization for remote disk mirroring
Patent Number: 9,430,163

Inventors: Alby; Albert (Paris, FR)
Title: Implant for osteosynthesis device and tool for setting such implant
Patent Number: 7,422,597

Inventors: Alessio; Davide (Rennes, FR), Joye; Marc (Fougeres, FR)
Title: Public key encryption system based on the quadratic residuosity assumption
Patent Number: 9,432,191

Inventors: Alexander; Dan (Schaumburg, IL), Parikh; Aditya Ashok (Prospect Heights, IL), Cassaidy; Kevin (Mt. Prospect, IL), Yoesep; Jaklin (Arlington Heights, IL)
Title: Method for making a solenoid actuator
Patent Number: 8,253,063

Inventors: Alexander; Thomas (Mulino, OR), Wong; David (Vancouver, CA), Kimbrow; James Whitney (West Linn, OR)
Title: Efficient virtual concatenation datapath for SONET/SDH
Patent Number: 7,424,036

Inventors: Alfille; Jean-Pascal (Dijon, FR)
Title: Apparatus and method for laser cutting with a laser implementing gas pulses, the frequency or pressure of which is controlled
Patent Number: 9,427,823

Inventors: Aliberti; David A. (Verona, PA), Lederer; Joshua (Pittsburgh, PA)
Title: Drink mixer bottle and agitator
Patent Number: 9,427,112

Inventors: Alkov; Christopher S. (Austin, TX), Bell; Denise A. (Austin, TX), Farrell; Brian (Austin, TX), Grigsby; Travis M. (Austin, TX), Jenkins; Jana H. (Raleigh, NC)
Title: Spatially-oriented traversal animations for network address transitions
Patent Number: 9,430,118

Inventors: Allen; Paul G. (Seattle, WA), Boyden; Edward S. (Cambridge, MA), Hyde; Roderick A. (Redmond, WA), Ishikawa; Muriel Y. (Livermore, CA), Malaska; Stephen L. (Redmond, WA), Rivet; Dennis J. (Portsmouth, VA), Stordal; Leif T. (Issaquah, WA), Wood, Jr.; Lowell L. (Bellevue, WA)
Title: Methods, compositions, and kits for collecting and detecting oligonucleotides
Patent Number: 8,252,528

Inventors: Alptekin; Emre (Fishkill, NY), Pranatharthiharan; Balasubramanian (Watervliet, NY), Kanakasabapathy; Sivananda (Niskayuna, NY), Ramachandran; Ravikumar (Pleasantville, NY), Yu; Mickey H. (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Method for forming merged contact for semiconductor device
Patent Number: 9,431,399

Inventors: Alsewailem; Fares D. (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Efficient polymer composites based on natural wool
Patent Number: 9,428,633

Inventors: Ameri; Masoud (Maple Plain, MN)
Title: MRI shielding in electrodes using AC pacing
Patent Number: 8,255,055

Inventors: Amiri; Mohammad Saeid (Edmonton, CA), Brown; Trevor Gordon (Edmonton, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for continuous online monitoring of a pulsating pump
Patent Number: 9,429,452

Inventors: Ammon; Urs (Ebikon, CH), Cholinski; Andrzej (Ebikon, CH), Luthi; Christian (Lucerne, CH)
Title: Drive unit for an elevator
Patent Number: 7,422,089

Inventors: Amutham; Velayutham Kadal (Chennai, IN)
Title: System for locating computing devices
Patent Number: 8,255,574

Inventors: An; Hyung-Su (Geoje-si, KR), Kim; Nam-Su (Suwon-si, KR), Yun; Jin-Yeol (Geoje-si, KR), Kim; Hyun-Jin (Gwangju-si, KR), Park; Hyun-Ki (Geoje-si, KR)
Title: Operating system of liquefied natural gas ship for subcooling and liquefying boil-off gas
Patent Number: 8,256,230

Inventors: Anchel; Yael (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: System, method, and computer program for rerating customer events in parallel with executing one or more open sessions in a consumer telecommunication network
Patent Number: 9,432,523

Inventors: Andel; David F. (Lawrenceville, GA), Bradley; Keith J. (Atlanta, GA)
Title: Respiratory system heater unit
Patent Number: 8,253,076

Inventors: Anderson, Jr.; Tazwell L. (Atlanta, GA), Wood; Mark A. (Boca Raton, FL)
Title: Audio/video entertainment system and method
Patent Number: 8,253,865

Inventors: Ando; Masao (Shizuoka, JP)
Title: Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Patent Number: 9,429,883

Inventors: Andoh; Toshiyuki (Kanagawa, JP), Hashimoto; Takashi (Kanagawa, JP), Hodoshima; Takashi (Kanagawa, JP), Noguchi; Hidetaka (Hyogo, JP), Hoshino; Seiji (Kanagawa, JP), Oikawa; Tatsuhiko (Kanagawa, JP), Watanabe; Tetsuo (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Image forming apparatus for controlling movement of a moving member
Patent Number: 8,254,811

Inventors: Andreasson; Mans Folke Markus (Lund, SE), Bengtsson; Henrik (Lund, SE), Backlund; Erik Johan Vendel (Gantofta, SE), Apelqvist; Johan (Hjarup, SE)
Title: Device and method for handling messages
Patent Number: 8,254,972

Inventors: Anwar; Azam (Dallas, TX)
Title: System and method for providing embolic protection
Patent Number: 8,252,016

Inventors: Aoki; Kazuyoshi (Yokohama, JP), Yamamoto; Yasushi (Yokohama, JP), Menju; Takashi (Kawasaki, JP), Fukuda; Mii (Tokyo, JP), Yukawa; Atsushi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Solid-liquid separator
Patent Number: 8,252,179

Inventors: Aoki; Ryotaro (Hamamatsu, JP)
Title: Sound processing apparatus and sound processing method
Patent Number: 9,431,986

Inventors: Aoki; Shigenori (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Optical module and mounting deviation compensation method for optical waveguide part
Patent Number: 7,424,188

Inventors: Aoki; Yasuyuki (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Memory embedded logic semiconductor device having memory region and logic circuit region
Patent Number: 8,252,641

Inventors: Aoyama; Taro (Susono, JP)
Title: Method of determining cetane number of fuel in internal combustion engine
Patent Number: 7,421,884

Inventors: Arch; Robert (Saint Louis, MO), Carven; Gregory (Maynard, MA), Kuai; Jun (Lexington, MA), Mosyak; Lydia (Newton, MA), Ogawa; Shinji (Setagaya, JP), Ponsel; Dirk (Germering, DE), Rauchenberger; Robert (Farchant, DE)
Title: Platelet-derived growth factor B specific antibodies and compositions and uses thereof
Patent Number: 9,428,577

Inventors: Arif; Maxwell Olgun (Manjimup, AU)
Title: Support assembly
Patent Number: 9,428,372

Inventors: Arimilli; Lakshminarayana B. (Austin, TX), Arimilli; Ravi K. (Austin, TX), Lewis; Jerry D. (Round Rock, TX), Maule; Warren E. (Cedar Park, TX)
Title: Claiming coherency ownership of a partial cache line of data
Patent Number: 8,255,635

Inventors: Arippol; Giuseppe Jeffrey (Sao Paulo, SP, BR)
Title: Package with a re-sealable closure for opening and closing
Patent Number: 7,422,142

Inventors: Aritomi; Yuuji (Hachioji, JP), Uezawa; Kuniaki (Hamura, TW)
Title: Production method for organic electroluminescent element
Patent Number: 9,431,611

Inventors: Ariyoshi; Yuji (Osaka, JP), Noda; Yosuke (Tokyo, JP), Yoshida; Norikatsu (Hyogo, JP), Nishi; Tatsuro (Osaka, JP)
Title: Double-sided recording/reproducing disk drive
Patent Number: 7,424,728

Inventors: Arnold; Stephen C. (Honeoye Falls, NY)
Title: Acoustic imaging probe incorporating photoacoustic excitation
Patent Number: 8,251,909

Inventors: Arora; Atul (Piscataway, NJ), Smith, Sr.; Mitchell W. (Newton, NH), Chrisman; Kenneth (Monroe, CT), Mierzejewski; Kenneth J. (Harwinton, CT), Seebauer; David (Southington, CT), Wysmuller; John (Wethersfield, CT), Vincent; Glen (Torrington, CT)
Title: Method and machine for producing packaging cushioning
Patent Number: 9,427,928

Inventors: Arvidsson; Erik V. (San Francisco, CA), Palay; Andrew J. (Mountain View, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus that enables a web-based client-server application to be used offline
Patent Number: 8,255,921

Inventors: Arvin; Charles L. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Dutka; Stephen G. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Palmatier; Phillip W. (Hopewell Junction, NY), Pennacchia; John R. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Torres; Freddie (Beacon, NY)
Title: Apparatuses, systems and methods that allow for selective removal of a specific metal from a multi-metal plating solution
Patent Number: 9,428,841

Inventors: Arwe; John E. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Breiter; Gerd (Wildberg, DE), Chodorowski; Marek (Debno Polskie, PL), Dross; Felix (Bochum, DE), Kokhlikyan; Narine (Karlsruhe, DE), Le; Hoang Anh (Karlsruhe, DE), Lindquist; David B. (Raleigh, NC), Moser; Simon (Stuttgart, DE), Schwertle; Isabell (Metzingen, DE), Spatzier; Thomas (Sindelfingen, DE)
Title: Instantiating resources of an IT-service
Patent Number: 9,432,247

Inventors: Asakura; Suguru (Wako, JP), Arie; Shinichi (Wako, JP), Yamane; Katsuyasu (Wako, JP), Asakura; Masahiko (Wako, JP), Ueda; Shinichi (Wako, JP), Kamikura; Akira (Wako, JP)
Title: Vehicle control device
Patent Number: 8,255,116

Inventors: Asayama; Go (Kanagawa, JP), Fukushima; Noriyuki (Kanagawa, JP), Nitta; Yoshikazu (Tokyo, JP), Muramatsu; Yoshinori (Kanagawa, JP), Amano; Kiyotaka (Tokyo, JP)
Title: DA converter, AD converter, and semiconductor device
Patent Number: 7,423,570

Inventors: Asciolla; Thomas J. (Monroe Township, NJ), Paterno; Lawrance J. (Middle Town, NJ)
Title: Dryer exhaust duct alarm
Patent Number: 8,256,133

Inventors: Ashton; Paul (Newton, MA)
Title: Method for treating and/or preventing retinal diseases with sustained release corticosteroids
Patent Number: 8,252,307

Inventors: Asokan; Ram (Cary, NC)
Title: Methods, systems and computer program products for suspending packet-switched sessions to a wireless terminal
Patent Number: 8,254,356

Inventors: Astles; Peter Charles (Hampshire, GB), Guidetti; Rossella (Hampshire, GB), Hollinshead; Sean Patrick (Indianapolis, IN), Tidwell; Michael Wade (Lakehills, TX)
Title: Purine compounds
Patent Number: 8,252,798

Inventors: Atri; Sunil (Folsom, CA), Woo; Nicholas (Albuquerque, NM), Sowa; Kurt (Shingle Springs, CA), Illendula; Ajith (Albuquerque, NM)
Title: Device, system and method for power loss recovery procedure for solid state non-volatile memory
Patent Number: 7,424,643

Inventors: Atta; Islam (Toronto, CA), Baldini Soares; Ioana M. (Irvington, NY), Gopalakrishnan; Kailash (San Jose, CA), Srinivasan; Vijayalakshmi (New York, NY)
Title: Pre-computation slice merging for prefetching in a computer processor
Patent Number: 9,430,240

Inventors: Attwater; Iain J. (Arnold, MD), Cayocca; Iver D. (Coral Gables, FL), Shanks; Richard J. (Arnold, MD)
Title: Method of operating a shiplift
Patent Number: 8,251,608

Inventors: Attwater; Iain J. (Arnold, MD), Cayocca; Iver D. (Coral Gables, FL), Shanks; Richard J. (Arnold, MD)
Title: Method of operating a shiplift
Patent Number: 8,251,609

Inventors: Attwater; Iain J. (Arnold, MD), Cayocca; Iver D. (Coral Gables, FL), Shanks; Richard J. (Arnold, MD)
Title: Method of operating a shiplift
Patent Number: 8,256,303

Inventors: Aucouturier; Jerome (Chatenay Malabry, FR), Ganne; Vincent (La Varenne Saint Hilaire, FR), Trouve; Gerard (Castres, FR)
Title: Vaccine composition of surfactants as adjuvant of immunity
Patent Number: 7,422,748

Inventors: Audet; Ronald (North Smithfield, RI), Curran; Sean (Leominster, MA), Scalzi; Theresa Savoia (Concord, MA)
Title: Sink dish drainer set
Patent Number: 9,427,135

Inventors: Augereau; Jean Michel (Toulouse, FR), Geslin; Michel (Villeneuve Tolosane, FR), Courtemanche; Gilles (Saubens, FR)
Title: 1-amino-phthalazine derivatives, the preparation and the therapeutic use thereof
Patent Number: 7,423,030

Inventors: Auner; Norbert (Glashutten, DE), Holl; Sven (Guckigen, DE), Bauch; Christian (Bitterfeld-Wolfen, DE), Lippold; Gerd (Leipzig, DE), Deltschew; Rumen (Leipzig, DE), Gebel; Thoralf (Dresden, DE), Mohsseni; Javad (Bitterfeld-Wolfen, DE)
Title: Method for producing halogenated oligomers and/or halogenated polymers of elements of the third to fifth main group
Patent Number: 9,428,618

Inventors: Auslander; Judith D. (Westport, CT), Cordery; Robert A. (Danbury, CT)
Title: Fluorescent hidden indicium
Patent Number: 7,422,158

Inventors: Austin; Rickey G. (Lisbon, IA), Danielson; Arvin D. (Solon, IA)
Title: Portable electronic printer
Patent Number: 8,253,969

Inventors: Avni; Yossi (Herzelia, IL), Suchard; Eytan (Kyriut Byalik, IL)
Title: Apparatus for and method of pattern recognition and image analysis
Patent Number: 7,424,462

Inventors: Avudaiyappan; Karthikeyan (Sunnyvale, CA), Abdallah; Mohammad (San Jose, CA)
Title: Systems and methods for supporting a plurality of load accesses of a cache in a single cycle
Patent Number: 9,430,410

Inventors: Axnix; Christine (Dettenhausen, DE), Gaertner; Ute (Schoenaich, DE), Lang; Jakob C. (Altdorf, DE), Nunez Mencias; Angel (Stuttgart, DE), Raisch; Christoph (Gerlingen, DE), Smith; Christopher S. (Tamm, DE)
Title: Encrypted data exchange between computer systems
Patent Number: 9,432,183

Inventors: Babcock; Carl P. (Campbell, CA), Kye; Jongwook (Pleasanton, CA)
Title: Optical proximity correction (OPC) technique to compensate for flare
Patent Number: 7,422,829

Inventors: Babcock; Raymond F. (Rochester, MN), Boraas; Michael A. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Carriage chassis with a tri-lobed torsion stop
Patent Number: 8,254,131

Inventors: Baccini; Andrea (San Biagio di Callalta, IT)
Title: Method for the production and control of plates for electronics and related apparatus
Patent Number: 8,256,375

Inventors: Bach; Terry Lee (Custer, OK)
Title: Hay strapping hook
Patent Number: 9,428,096

Inventors: Bachinski; Thomas J. (Lakeville, MN), Butler; Gary Lee (Silver Lake, MN), Waddell; Robert S. (Faribault, MN), Maiello; Dennis R. (Apple Valley, MN), Smith; Steven G. (Lakeville, MN), Gross; Paul J. (Lake City, MN)
Title: Fireplace front panel assembly for reducing temperature
Patent Number: 7,422,011

Inventors: Bacon; Edward R. (Audubon, PA), Chatterjee; Sankar (Wynnewood, PA), Iqbal; Mohamed (Malvern, PA), Lesur; Brigitte (Champs sur Marne, FR), Louvet; Philippe (Montgeron, FR)
Title: Bicyclic aromatic sulfinyl derivatives
Patent Number: 7,423,176

Inventors: Bagabas; Abdulaziz A (Riyadh, SA), Mohamed; Reda M. (Cairo, EG), Aboud; Mohamed F. A. (Cairo, EG), Mostafa; Mohamed Mokhtar M. (Cairo, EG), Alshammari; Ahmad S. (Riyadh, SA), Al-Othman; Zeid A. (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Synthesis of zinc-oxide nanoparticles and their use for photo catalytic degradation of cyanide
Patent Number: 8,252,256

Inventors: Bahattab; Mohammed Abdullah (Riyadh, SA), Al-Najjar; Ibrahim M (Riyadh, SA), Bagabas; Abdulaziz A (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Combination catalysts based on iron for the substantial synthesis of multi-walled carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor deposition
Patent Number: 8,252,713

Inventors: Baier; Martin (Ettlingen, DE), Ose; Lutz (Sternenfels, DE)
Title: Heating device for a planar heater with induction heating elements
Patent Number: 7,423,244

Inventors: Baijense; Cornelis Roeland (CJ Gameren, NL), Johnson; Geoffrey (Aberdeen, NJ), Moini; Ahmad (Princeton, NJ)
Title: Process for the preparation of a supported catalyst
Patent Number: 7,422,995

Inventors: Baiocco; Christopher V. (Newburgh, NY), Chudzik; Michael P. (Danbury, CT), Nair; Deleep R. (Fishkill, NY), Shah; Jay M. (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Title: Method and structure to reduce FET threshold voltage shift due to oxygen diffusion
Patent Number: 9,431,289

Inventors: Bajpay; Paritosh (Edison, NJ), Chang; Chuan-Chuen (Holmdel, NJ), Hossain; Monowar (Middletown, NJ), Hunt; Mark (Plano, TX), Ilango; Thiru (Holmdel, NJ), Lambert; Michael R. (Springtown, TX), Lu; David H. (Morganville, NJ), Yang; Chen-Yui (Marlboro, NJ)
Title: Method and apparatus for managing packet congestion
Patent Number: 8,254,260

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Owner: Bagstage Accessories, Inc. By: Franco Franchi, President
Serial Number: 76698447

Serial Number: 78635294

Serial Number: 75627000

Owner: BASF SE
Serial Number: 77132032

Serial Number: 77178528

Serial Number: 77763249

Owner: Bear, Suzan J.
Serial Number: 77553658

Owner: Beauty Holding LLC
Serial Number: 77162753

Owner: Berenson, Robert
Serial Number: 75490087

Owner: Bertrand, Annette M
Serial Number: 77511928

Owner: BestFit International Inc.
Serial Number: 77787483

Serial Number: 77191103

Owner: Biermann Productions LLC
Serial Number: 78468375

Owner: Bio Green USA
Serial Number: 77779133

Serial Number: 77782150

Owner: Bischoff, Thomas D.
Serial Number: 77457612

Owner: Body Confections, LLC
Serial Number: 77275032

Owner: Bohrer, James R.
Serial Number: 77180923

Serial Number: 77700253

Owner: Briareos, Inc.
Serial Number: 77978562

Owner: buySAFE, Inc.
Serial Number: 77528551

Owner: California Traffic Safety Institute
Serial Number: 77807550

Owner: Casey Flat Estates LLC
Serial Number: 77394257

Owner: Castline, Inc.
Serial Number: 77787006

Owner: Chesbrough, Christopher C
Serial Number: 77782512

Owner: Chewy Software LLC
Serial Number: 77714736

Owner: Christopher J. Kalis
Serial Number: 77754854

Serial Number: 77430923

Serial Number: 77430943

Serial Number: 78939379

Serial Number: 77696569

Owner: Clasamar, Inc.
Serial Number: 77712911

Owner: CMC Rescue, Inc.
Serial Number: 77446639

Owner: Codonics, Inc.
Serial Number: 77367525

Owner: Columbus Homes For You, Inc.
Serial Number: 77780341

Serial Number: 76649751

Owner: Cosi, Inc.
Serial Number: 77779734

Serial Number: 77423712

Serial Number: 77463425

Serial Number: 77733736

Serial Number: 77003383

Serial Number: 78189192

Serial Number: 77514184

Serial Number: 77514189

Serial Number: 77514183

Serial Number: 77514182

Serial Number: 77514174

Owner: DAKE, LLC
Serial Number: 77333004

Owner: Davis Instruments Corporation
Serial Number: 77782551

Owner: DEJ Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 77508505

Owner: DEJ Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 77509149

Owner: DEJ Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 77508497

Owner: DEJ Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 77508498

Owner: DEJ Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 77508501

Owner: DEJ Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 77508504

Owner: DEJ Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 77508506

Owner: DEJ Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 77508509

Owner: DEJ Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 77509121

Owner: DEJ Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 77509131

Owner: DEJ Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 77509144

Owner: Dele Ojelabi
Serial Number: 77714836

Owner: Delfin Spa
Serial Number: 77786271

Owner: Derek Sanderson
Serial Number: 77522136

Serial Number: 75368347

Owner: Diaz, Michael, Jr.
Serial Number: 77219374

Owner: Digi International Inc.
Serial Number: 77474540

Serial Number: 77776654

Serial Number: 78959756

Serial Number: 77559235

Owner: EcoFactor, Inc.
Serial Number: 77201724

Serial Number: 77790033

Serial Number: 77343340

Owner: ERS, Inc.
Serial Number: 77785824

Owner: Escort Inc.
Serial Number: 77517805

Owner: ETA Advertising, Inc.
Serial Number: 77785251

Serial Number: 77538983

Serial Number: 77781697

Owner: Farricker, Inc.
Serial Number: 77251910

Owner: Fasanella, Diana S.
Serial Number: 77153204

Owner: Fighterdiet, Inc.
Serial Number: 77780415

Owner: FlashPeak Inc.
Serial Number: 77784434

Owner: Foundation Care
Serial Number: 77780441

Serial Number: 77784261

Owner: GarbageMan Inc.
Serial Number: 77495144

Owner: Garza, David B.
Serial Number: 77575535

Owner: Generations of Sonoma, LLC
Serial Number: 77516203

Owner: Genuine Health Inc.
Serial Number: 77496771

Owner: Geomechanics and Beyond LLC
Serial Number: 77250778

Owner: Global Marketing Resources, Inc.
Serial Number: 77324693

Owner: Global Marketing Resources, Inc.
Serial Number: 77324826

Serial Number: 77742155

Owner: Graham, Stuart Elliot
Serial Number: 77125356

Owner: Guangzhou Echom Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 77346045

Owner: Hadley, Daniel Patrick
Serial Number: 78743912

Owner: Health New England, Inc.
Serial Number: 78980985

Owner: HealthCare Appraisers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77720847

Owner: Heska Corporation
Serial Number: 78981276

Owner: Hoffman, David N
Serial Number: 77713149

Owner: Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.
Serial Number: 77756484

Owner: Holly Roark
Serial Number: 77711198

Serial Number: 76688785

Owner: Hoomana Naauao o Hawaii
Serial Number: 77783256

Owner: Horizon Group USA Inc.
Serial Number: 76660978

Owner: Horizon Group USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 77449323

Owner: Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP
Serial Number: 77775837

Owner: ICAN Corp
Serial Number: 77286194

Owner: ISI Brands, Inc.
Serial Number: 77322195

Owner: J2F Productions, Inc.
Serial Number: 77777159

Owner: Jacobsen, Gay N.
Serial Number: 77723092

Serial Number: 77769911

Owner: Jayden Riley Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77253217

Owner: JC USA INC.
Serial Number: 76698560

Owner: John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.)
Serial Number: 77788102

Serial Number: 77771240

Serial Number: 77262372

Serial Number: 77446887

Serial Number: 77450931

Serial Number: 77776129

Owner: Kijiji International Limited
Serial Number: 77177759

Owner: Kuo, Angela Y.
Serial Number: 77463694

Owner: LaCar Sales and Marketing, Inc.
Serial Number: 77783238

Serial Number: 78810606

Owner: Leveragenet LLC
Serial Number: 77757931

Owner: Levy Premium Foodservice Limited Partnership
Serial Number: 77374917

Owner: LF, LLC
Serial Number: 78811405

Owner: LG Electronics Inc.
Serial Number: 77739202

Owner: Lioele Cosmetic Co., LTD.
Serial Number: 77478432

Serial Number: 75536259

Owner: Loco Patron, LLC
Serial Number: 77776946

Owner: Lola New York, Inc.
Serial Number: 77288441

Owner: Los Diablos International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77576924

Owner: LTL Wholesale, Inc.
Serial Number: 77786636

Owner: Maden Tech Consulting, Inc.
Serial Number: 77699279

Owner: Malone, Ian Carter
Serial Number: 77138038

Serial Number: 78876671

Serial Number: 77693072

Serial Number: 77782354

Owner: Matthew D. Powell, P.A.
Serial Number: 77497466

Owner: McBassi & Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77720553

Serial Number: 77739500

Serial Number: 77799534

Owner: McLaughlin Gormley King Company
Serial Number: 77771410

Serial Number: 75606611

Serial Number: 75606748

Serial Number: 77333837

Owner: Miramar Labs, Inc.
Serial Number: 77415589

Owner: Mo's Nose, LLC
Serial Number: 77733742

Owner: Molina Healthcare, Inc.
Serial Number: 77800698

Owner: Montana State University
Serial Number: 77145232

Owner: Moshenberg, Terry
Serial Number: 77516228

Owner: Murgatroyd, George William
Serial Number: 77494909

Owner: Nantucket Sun, LLC
Serial Number: 77784901

Owner: Nantucket Sun, LLC
Serial Number: 77784928

Serial Number: 77728817

Owner: Nautilus, Inc.
Serial Number: 77228104

Owner: Navarro, Jose Ciro
Serial Number: 77531439

Owner: New York Creations and Designs Inc.
Serial Number: 77779285

Owner: Nicoll, Laurie L
Serial Number: 77505794

Serial Number: 78789021

Serial Number: 77513637

Owner: Novo Strategic LLC
Serial Number: 77253488

Owner: Nu-Life Rx, LLC
Serial Number: 77780883

Serial Number: 77504984

Serial Number: 77504978

Owner: Oceaneering International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77763693

Owner: Old Louisville Candy Company, LLC
Serial Number: 77737406

Serial Number: 73810702

Owner: OneIMS, Inc.
Serial Number: 77702635

Owner: Original Crispy Pizza Crust Co. of Boston, Inc.
Serial Number: 77782514

Owner: Orrett, Cean
Serial Number: 77783870

Owner: Paula K. Verbit
Serial Number: 77523751

Owner: Pearl, Eric
Serial Number: 77781912

Owner: Pearson Education, Inc.
Serial Number: 77784605

Owner: Pfizer Inc.
Serial Number: 77796420

Owner: Phoenix Customs Design And Machine, LLC
Serial Number: 77706140

Serial Number: 75310243

Serial Number: 77312877

Owner: Point6 LLC
Serial Number: 77820815

Owner: Preston, Heather
Serial Number: 77700858

Serial Number: 77152185

Serial Number: 77783908

Owner: Priority Vision, Inc.
Serial Number: 76674606

Serial Number: 77780317

Owner: RAS Retail Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77779520

Owner: Rayner Intraocular Lenses Limited
Serial Number: 77745413

Serial Number: 77451283

Owner: Real Medicine Inc.
Serial Number: 77784734

Owner: Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH
Serial Number: 77153056

Owner: Rice, Valerie Jane
Serial Number: 77741238

Owner: Ritz Paris Hotel, Limited, The
Serial Number: 78291230

Owner: Robert A. Pedersen
Serial Number: 77781740

Serial Number: 77781939

Owner: Rodgers, James H.
Serial Number: 77976861

Serial Number: 77547487

Owner: Roush, Kimberly
Serial Number: 77781441

Serial Number: 77084460

Serial Number: 77978516

Owner: Rudolph Group, LLC
Serial Number: 77738526

Owner: S. Graham & Associates, LLC
Serial Number: 77424194

Serial Number: 76649960

Owner: Sassy Seasonings, Inc.
Serial Number: 77814175

Serial Number: 75399118

Serial Number: 77204247

Owner: SerialIO, LLC
Serial Number: 76686619

Serial Number: 76684810

Owner: Shirran, Martin
Serial Number: 77768830

Serial Number: 76698536

Serial Number: 77781335

Owner: Sizemore, Inc.
Serial Number: 77762756

Owner: Smiths Medical ASD, Inc.
Serial Number: 77721761

Owner: Smooth-On, Inc.
Serial Number: 77513183

Serial Number: 77707408

Serial Number: 77780478

Serial Number: 77350816

Serial Number: 77042912

Owner: Stardock Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 77466435

Owner: Starz Media, LLC
Serial Number: 77282745

Serial Number: 78823150

Serial Number: 77321238

Serial Number: 77500314

Owner: Synopsys, Inc.
Serial Number: 77529769

Owner: Systematic Art, LLC
Serial Number: 77785301

Owner: Tao, Sherman
Serial Number: 77331339

Owner: Tap Plastics, Inc.
Serial Number: 77698815

Serial Number: 76688655

Owner: Teal, Sharon C.
Serial Number: 78817144

Serial Number: 77369383

Owner: The Coca-Cola Company
Serial Number: 77977988

Owner: The Corporate Marketplace, Inc.
Serial Number: 77317571

Serial Number: 77517596

Owner: The Greens Music, LLC
Serial Number: 77734923

Owner: The Honest Kitchen, Inc.
Serial Number: 77785294

Serial Number: 77568757

Owner: The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company
Serial Number: 77708347

Serial Number: 73794456

Owner: The Wyoming Club Development, LLC
Serial Number: 77770404

Serial Number: 77366801

Serial Number: 77754039

Owner: Thomsen, Daniel
Serial Number: 77737888

Owner: Tierra Negra oHG
Serial Number: 77781738

Owner: Torosian, Nadine
Serial Number: 77782495

Serial Number: 77717887

Serial Number: 77519455

Owner: Trinity Health Corporation
Serial Number: 77786217

Owner: Tyrolia Technology GmbH
Serial Number: 77310102

Owner: U.S. Transport and Logistics
Serial Number: 77433356

Owner: Unimet GmbH
Serial Number: 78332694

Serial Number: 77421167

Serial Number: 77765023

Owner: Veterinary Business Advisors
Serial Number: 77768122

Serial Number: 76669565

Serial Number: 77777961

Owner: WEG S.A.
Serial Number: 77193343

Serial Number: 73785943

Serial Number: 77790508

Owner: Woodbridge Grilling Company Inc.
Serial Number: 76672247

Owner: Wrangler Apparel Corp.
Serial Number: 78325706

Owner: Wrangler Apparel Corp.
Serial Number: 78921750

Serial Number: 77528274

Owner: XAD, INC.
Serial Number: 77742903

Serial Number: 77098524

Serial Number: 77090904