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Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Aakjer; Thomas (Munich, DE)
Title: Smart memory read out for power saving
Patent Number: 7,277,340

Inventors: Aaltonen; Janne La. (Turku, FI)
Title: Systems, devices, methods and computer program products for downloading content to mobile devices in a roaming environment
Patent Number: 8,023,966

Inventors: Abad; Carlos (Kingswells, GB), Wilson; Alexander (Hardwick, GB)
Title: Downhole polymer foam applications
Patent Number: 9,140,107

Inventors: Abadeer; Wagdi W. (Essex Junction, VT), Kamal, legal representative; Lilian (Saratoga, CA), Ellis-Monaghan; John J. (Grand Isle, VT), Gambino; Jeffrey P. (Westford, VT), Lee; Tom C. (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Semiconductor wafer processing method that allows device regions to be selectively annealed following back end of the line (BEOL) metal wiring layer formation
Patent Number: 8,021,950

Inventors: Abadir; Essam Ernest (Lancaster, PA), Schock; Rosco (Lancaster, PA), Maffett; Ian Dane (Lancaster, PA)
Title: Secure distributed single action payment system
Patent Number: 9,141,945

Inventors: Abbate; Jeffrey Allan (Beaverton, OR)
Title: Active color correction to compensate for near field color cast
Patent Number: 7,277,576

Inventors: Abe; Manabu (Maebashi, JP), Chikaraishi; Kazuo (Maebashi, JP), Tanaka; Atsushi (Maebashi, JP)
Title: Electric power steering device
Patent Number: 7,275,618

Inventors: Abe; Masayuki (Utsunomiya, JP)
Title: Liquid crystal display apparatus
Patent Number: 9,142,173

Inventors: Abedi; Saied (Berkshire, GB)
Title: Method for scheduling uplink transmissions from user equipments by a base station determining a measure of a quality of service, and corresponding base station, user equipment and communication system
Patent Number: 8,023,450

Inventors: Abel; Gnanakumar Robertson (Laguna, CN), Wu; Man Wai (Hong Kong, CN), Lau; Ka Yiu (Hong Kong, CN)
Title: Compressor with vapor injection system
Patent Number: 7,275,385

Inventors: Able; Douglas Anthony (Shelbyille, KY), Kearney, III; William Thomas (Lexington, KY), Maddux; Thomas Paul (Lexington, KY), Schoedinger; Kevin Dean (Lexington, KY)
Title: Method and apparatus for feeding sheets
Patent Number: 7,275,740

Inventors: Adamek; Daniel E. (Bloomington, MN), Cappuyns; Jan (Nossegem, BE), Moreau; Egide Emmanuel Paul Baudry (Jodoigne, BE), Ouyang; Ming (Roseville, MN), Rogers; Robert M. (Minnetonka, MN)
Title: Filter element and method
Patent Number: 8,021,455

Inventors: Adams; David G. (Lindon, UT)
Title: Randomized answer generator toy
Patent Number: 9,138,637

Inventors: Aferzon; Joshua Michael (Stamford, CT)
Title: Anterior intervertebral fusion with fixation system, device, and method
Patent Number: 9,138,331

Inventors: Afshari; Bahram (Los Altos, CA), Asatryan; Karen (Quebec, CA), Clark; Peter P. (Boxborough, MA), Galstian; Tigran (Quebec, CA), Nystrom; Michael J. (San Jose, CA), Presniakov; Vladimir (Quebec, CA), Yakovenko; Sergei (Pleasanton, CA), Zohrabyan; Armen (Quebec, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for testing operation of an optical liquid crystal device
Patent Number: 9,140,920

Inventors: Agarwal; Manoj K. (Noida, IN)
Title: System and method for performance management of large scale SDP platforms
Patent Number: 9,141,456

Inventors: Ageishi; Daisuke (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Method for recovering from PCI bus fault, recording medium and computer
Patent Number: 8,024,619

Inventors: Ahmad; Bilal (San Jose, CA)
Title: Zero overhead back channel for adaptive transmit filter updates in SerDes transceivers
Patent Number: 7,277,477

Inventors: Ahmad; Mudasir (Santa Clara, CA), Hu; Mason (Cupertino, CA), Pattison; Robert (Mountain View, CA), Popovich; David Anthony (San Jose, CA)
Title: Device, apparatus, method and assembly for coupling an electrical component with a circuit board
Patent Number: 7,277,297

Inventors: Ahn; Jin-Yong (Yongin-si, KR), Ryu; Chang-Sup (Yongin-si, KR), Min; Byung-Youl (Seongnam-si, KR), Kang; Myung-Sam (Daejeon, KR)
Title: Mounting substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Patent Number: 8,022,553

Inventors: Ahuja; Sandeep (University Place, WA), Sauciuc; Ioan (Phoenix, AZ), Smith; Susan F. (Olympia, WA)
Title: Transient thermal management systems for semiconductor devices
Patent Number: 9,142,482

Inventors: Aicher; Thomas D. (Superior, CO), Boyd; Steven Armen (Longmont, CO), Chicarelli; Mark Joseph (Longmont, CO), Condroski; Kevin Ronald (Broomfield, CO), Hinklin; Ronald Jay (Longmont, CO), Singh; Ajay (Longmont, CO)
Title: 2-aminopyridine analogs as glucokinase activators
Patent Number: 8,022,223

Inventors: Aicher; Thomas D. (Superior, CO), Boyd; Steven Armen (Longmont, CO), Chicarelli; Mark Joseph (Longmont, CO), Condroski; Kevin Ronald (Lafayette, CO), Garrey; Rustam Ferdinand (Loveland, CO), Hinklin; Ronald Jay (Longmont, CO), Singh; Ajay (Aurora, CO), Turner; Timothy M. (Longmont, CO)
Title: Glucokinase activators
Patent Number: 8,022,222

Inventors: Aichinger; Georg (Asten, AT), Eder; Thomas (Traun, AT), Heckmann; Hado (Linz, AT), Millner; Robert (Loosdorf, AT), Schenk; Johannes Leopold (Linz, AT), Schmidt; Martin (Leonding, AT), Wieder; Kurt (Schwertberg, AT), Wurm; Johann (Bad Zell, AT)
Title: Process and apparatus for producing liquid pig iron or liquid primary steel products
Patent Number: 9,139,884

Inventors: Aida; Eiji (Tokyo, JP), Yoshioka; Keiri (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Slot machine
Patent Number: 7,275,988

Inventors: Aiken; John E. (Monroeville, PA)
Title: Fatty acid alkyl ester production from oleaginous seeds
Patent Number: 8,022,236

Inventors: Aiso; Fumiki (Mie-ken, JP)
Title: Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Patent Number: 9,142,561

Inventors: Akelbein; Jens-Peter (Bodenheim, DE), Haustein; Nils (Soergenloch, DE)
Title: System and method for managing data using a hierarchical metadata management system
Patent Number: 8,024,354

Inventors: Akino; Hiroshi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Vibrating plate of dynamic microphone, method of manufacturing the vibrating plate and dynamic microphone comprising the same
Patent Number: 7,277,556

Inventors: Akioka; Koji (North Adelaide, AU)
Title: Liquid developer and image forming device
Patent Number: 8,021,815

Inventors: Akita; Koji (Kanagawa, JP), Horikawa; Seiichiro (Kanagawa, JP), Kasami; Hideo (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Card device
Patent Number: 9,141,781

Inventors: Akiyama; Ryota (Tokyo, JP), Saito; Kazuta (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Method of producing segmented chips
Patent Number: 8,021,964

Inventors: Al-Shahrani; Sarah O. (Khamis Mushayt, SA)
Title: Clothes drying rack
Patent Number: 9,140,497

Inventors: Al-Yami; Abdullah Saleh Hussain (Dhahran, SA), Schubert; Jerome (College Station, TX)
Title: Systems and methods for expert systems for well completion using Bayesian decision models (BDNs), drilling fluids types, and well types
Patent Number: 9,140,112

Inventors: Alao; Emmanuel Adedolapo (Annadale, VA)
Title: Wireless headband audio player
Patent Number: 9,143,854

Inventors: Albeck; Michael (Ramat Chen, IL), Sredni; Benjamin (Kfar Saba, IL)
Title: Biologically active complex
Patent Number: 7,276,628

Inventors: Albrecht; Thomas R. (San Jose, CA), Baumgart; Peter M. (San Jose, CA), Knigge; Bernhard E. (San Jose, CA)
Title: Method of feedback control for active damping of slider air bearing vibrations in a hard disk drive slider
Patent Number: 7,277,252

Inventors: Alexander; Mark (Paradise, UT)
Title: Recreational/athletic training system and strike pod therefor
Patent Number: 8,021,280

Inventors: Allen-Ware; Malcolm S. (Austin, TX), Carter; John B. (Austin, TX), Huang; Wei (Austin, TX), Lefurgy; Charles R. (Austin, TX), Silva; Guillermo J. (Austin, TX)
Title: Minimizing aggregate cooling and leakage power with fast convergence
Patent Number: 9,141,159

Inventors: Allen; Donald Giles (Morgan Hill, CA), Contreras; Richard Jule (San Jose, CA), Feldbaum; Michael (San Jose, CA), Ramasubramanian; Murali (San Jose, CA)
Title: Damascene method for forming write coils of magnetic heads
Patent Number: 7,275,306

Inventors: Allen; John Gordon (Newbury Park, CA), Briner; Karin (Indianapolis, IN), Cohen; Michael Philip (Indianapolis, IN), Galka; Christopher Stanley (Carmel, IN), Hellman; Sarah Lynne (Indianapolis, IN), Martinez-Grau; Maria Angeles (Alcobendas, ES), Reinhard; Matthew Robert (Indianapolis, IN), Rodriguez; Michael John (Indianapolis, IN), Rothhaar; Roger Ryan (Reelsville, IN), Tidwell; Michael Wade (Indianapolis, IN), Victor; Frantz (Indianapolis, IN), Williams; Andrew Caerwyn (Basingstoke, GB), Zhang; Deyi (Carmel, IN), Mazanetz; Michael Philip (Notts, GB)
Title: 6-substituted 2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1H-benzo[d]azepines as 5-HT.sub.2C receptor agonists
Patent Number: 8,022,062

Inventors: Allen; Joseph (Murrieta, CA)
Title: Shopping cart corral for displaying one or more advertisements and method of providing same
Patent Number: 9,138,081

Inventors: Allen; Joseph H. (Belmont, MA), Matsa; Moshe M. E. (Cambridge, MA), Perkins; Eric D. (Boston, MA)
Title: Garbage collection of interned strings
Patent Number: 9,141,540

Inventors: Altshuler; Mark (Gannot Hadar, IL), Marinchenco; Oleg (Modiin, IL), Shousterman; Leonid (Herzlia, IL)
Title: Wireless communications network base station extension
Patent Number: 9,143,949

Inventors: Amato; Frank (Winter Springs, FL)
Title: Quality control material monitor
Patent Number: 8,021,039

Inventors: Ambo; Tsugio (Saitama, JP), Tanaka; Yoshikazu (Saitama, JP), Hirose; Tetsu (Saitama, JP)
Title: Electrical connector having large locking force
Patent Number: 8,021,199

Inventors: Amit; Jonathan (Yehud, IL), Demidov; Lilia (Yehud, IL), Halowani; Nir (Yehud, IL)
Title: Table boundary detection in data blocks for compression
Patent Number: 9,141,631

Inventors: Amrhein; Dustin K. (Cedar Park, TX), Burckart; Erik J. (Raleigh, NC), Ivory; Andrew (Wake Forest, NC), Shook; Aaron K. (Raleigh, NC)
Title: Persisting annotations within a cobrowsing session
Patent Number: 9,141,710

Inventors: Amrhein; Dustin K. (Cedar Park, TX), Burckart; Erik J. (Raleigh, NC), Ivory; Andrew J. (Wake Forest, NC), Shook; Aaron K. (Raleigh, NC)
Title: Persisting annotations within a cobrowsing session
Patent Number: 9,141,711

Inventors: Anand; Vaijayanthimala K. (Austin, TX), Heyrman; Peter Joseph (Rochester, MN), Olszewski; Bret R. (Austin, TX)
Title: Virtual machine dispatching to maintain memory affinity
Patent Number: 8,024,728

Inventors: Andersen; Carsten (Vaerloese, DK), Poulsen; Thomas Agersten (Ballerup, DK)
Title: Alpha-amylases
Patent Number: 9,139,822

Inventors: Andersen; Kirk (Orlando, FL)
Title: Funnel device for rooftop drain covers
Patent Number: 9,139,365

Inventors: Anderson; Brent Alan (Jericho, VT), Rankin; Jed Hickory (Richmond, VT)
Title: Multi-chip reticle photomasks
Patent Number: 8,021,803

Inventors: Andle; Jeffrey C (Falmouth, ME), Haskell; Reichl B (Nashua, NH)
Title: Asymmetric composite acoustic wave sensor
Patent Number: 8,022,595

Inventors: Andou; Tadanao (Kawasaki, JP), Asada; Takeshi (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Relay device, wireless communication system and multicast relay method
Patent Number: 8,023,433

Inventors: Angelopoulos; Marie (Cortlandt Manor, NY), Huang; Wu-Song (Poughkeepsie, NY), Mahorowila; Arpan P. (Bronxville, NY), Moreau; Wayne (Wappingers Falls, NY), Pfeiffer; Dirk (Dobbs Ferry, NY), Sooriyekumaren; Ratnam (San Jose, CA)
Title: Silicon-containing compositions for spin-on arc/hardmask materials
Patent Number: 7,276,327

Inventors: Anklesaria; Kaiomars P. (Bloomingdale, GA)
Title: Fluid detection device
Patent Number: 9,140,658

Inventors: Anoshkina; Elvira V. (Winter Springs, FL), Subramanian; Ramesh (Oviedo, FL)
Title: Impact resistant thermal barrier coating system
Patent Number: 8,021,742

Inventors: Anthony; Anthony A. (Erie, PA), Anthony; William M. (Erie, PA)
Title: Arrangement for energy conditioning
Patent Number: 8,023,241

Inventors: Anzai; Aya (Tsukui Kanagawa, JP), Osame; Mitsuaki (Kanagawa, JP), Tanada; Yoshifumi (Kanagawa, JP), Miyagawa; Keisuke (Kanagawa, JP), Seo; Satoshi (Kanagawa, JP), Yamazaki; Shunpei (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Light emitting device and drive method thereof
Patent Number: 7,276,856

Inventors: Aoki; Katsuaki (Kanagawa-ken, JP), Hayamizu; Naoya (Kanagawa-ken, JP), Hattori; Kei (Mie-ken, JP), Oka; Yukihiro (Mie-ken, JP), Kanetaka; Hidemi (Mie-ken, JP), Hasegawa; Makoto (Kanagawa-ken, JP)
Title: Surface treatment method, etching method, and method for manufacturing electronic device
Patent Number: 8,021,565

Inventors: Aoki; Shinji (Chiryu, JP), Yamanaka; Yasushi (Nakashima-gun, JP), Kamiya; Toshifumi (Takahama, JP)
Title: System for limiting an increase in the inside air temperature of passenger compartment of vehicle
Patent Number: 7,275,983

Inventors: Aoki; Shinji (Kariya-city, Aichi-pref., JP)
Title: Air conditioning unit for seat
Patent Number: 7,275,984

Inventors: Aono; Takanori (Mohka, JP), Okada; Ryoji (Kasumigaura, JP), Kazama; Atsushi (Mohka, JP), Takada; Yoshiaki (Mohka, JP)
Title: Semiconductor sensor device and method for manufacturing same
Patent Number: 8,022,433

Inventors: Aoyagi; Kenichiro (Yokosuka, JP), Kawabe; Yasuhiro (Yokosuka, JP), Nakamura; Yuichiro (Zushi, JP), Matsutani; Hideyuki (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Mobile communication system, controller and method
Patent Number: 9,144,021

Inventors: Aoyagi; Toshitaka (Tokyo, JP), Shirai; Satoshi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Semiconductor laser
Patent Number: 7,277,465

Inventors: Aoyama; Takahisa (Kanagawa, JP), Nishio; Akihiko (Kanagawa, JP), Fukui; Akito (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Wireless communication base station apparatus, wireless communication mobile station apparatus, wireless communication method, and wireless communication system
Patent Number: 8,023,470

Inventors: Appelman; Barry (Arlington, VA)
Title: Caching signatures
Patent Number: 8,024,484

Inventors: Arai; Alan Y. (Fremont, CA), Cho; Gyu C. (Ann Arbor, MI), Xu; Jingzhou (Ann Arbor, MI), Yoshino; Fumiyo (San Jose, CA), Zhang; Haibin (Portland, OR), Bovatsek; James (San Jose, CA), Yoshida; Makoto (Ann Arbor, MI)
Title: Transparent material processing with an ultrashort pulse laser
Patent Number: 9,138,913

Inventors: Arai; Daisuke (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Portable terminal and function limiting method
Patent Number: 7,275,695

Inventors: Arai; Masae (Hachioji, JP)
Title: Radio communications terminal apparatus
Patent Number: 8,022,926

Inventors: Arai; Yasuyuki (Kanagawa, JP), Tachimura; Yuko (Kanagawa, JP), Akiba; Mai (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Inspection system, inspection method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Patent Number: 7,276,929

Inventors: Arakawa; Yuki (Tokyo, JP), Konishi; Gen-Ichi (Tokyo, JP), Nakajima; Shunpei (Tokyo, JP), Kang; Sungmin (Tokyo, JP), Watanabe; Junji (Tokyo, JP), Matsumoto; Takuya (Tokyo, JP), Nishimura; Suzushi (Tokyo, JP), Toyooka; Takehiro (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Diacetylene derivative and liquid crystalline polymer having diacetylene structure
Patent Number: 9,139,774

Inventors: Araki; Yoshitaka (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Compound dispersing method and apparatus
Patent Number: 7,275,704

Inventors: Aramaki; Tatsuo (Higashiyamato, JP)
Title: Terminal device and control program thereof for displaying display information in a display section capable of performing three-dimensional display
Patent Number: 9,143,768

Inventors: Archer; Charles J. (Rochester, MN), Carey; James E. (Rochester, MN), Sanders; Philip J. (Rochester, MN), Smith; Brian E. (Knoxville, TN)
Title: Collective operation management in a parallel computer
Patent Number: 9,141,183

Inventors: Arianpour; Ashkan A. (San Diego, CA), McCanna; James P. (San Diego, CA), Windmiller; Joshua R. (Del Mar, CA), Litvin; Semeon Y. (Encinitas, CA)
Title: Photovoltaic device employing a resonator cavity
Patent Number: 8,022,292

Inventors: Ariff; Fauziah B (New York, NY), Voltmer; Theodore S (Caldwell, NJ), Antonucci; Donna A (Hoboken, NJ), Greenhut; Scott M (New York, NY), Hayes; John (Alendale, NJ), Sneddon; Kendall (Summit, NJ), Ciccarone; Christine D (Robbinsville, NJ), Ewell; Jason (Ridgewood, NJ), Lam; Johnson (Ridgewood, NJ), Zaiac; Joanne (New York, NY), Lang; Laura (Fairfield, CT), Bharwani; Seraq (Boston, MA), Zeisser; Michel P (New York, NY), Fernandes; Joseph (New York, NY), Segel; Elizabeth Hilton (New York, NY)
Title: System and method for networked loyalty program
Patent Number: 8,024,220

Inventors: Arimilli; Lakshminarayana B. (Austin, TX), Arimilli; Ravi K. (Austin, TX), Lewis; Jerry D. (Round Rock, TX), Maule; Warren E. (Cedar Park, TX)
Title: Partial cache line accesses based on memory access patterns
Patent Number: 8,024,527

Inventors: Arimoto; Hiroshi (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Semiconductor circuit design method and semiconductor circuit manufacturing method
Patent Number: 8,024,674

Inventors: Arlotta; Angelo (Ottawa, CA), Bundza; Nicholas Adam (Ottawa, CA), De Cecco; Stefano (Ottawa, CA), Serjak; Peter (Stittsville, CA), Schmidt; Bevin (Dunrobin, CA)
Title: Sealed expansion module
Patent Number: 8,023,271

Inventors: Armstrong; Charles Thomas (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA), Young; Chihsin Steven (Irvine, CA)
Title: Systems and methods for updating a user interface for a printing device
Patent Number: 9,141,314

Inventors: Armstrong; Rocky E (Morton, WA), Garcia; David J (Morton, WA)
Title: Travel trailer stabilizer system
Patent Number: 9,139,060

Inventors: Armstrong; William Joseph (Rochester, MN), Francois; Christopher (Apple Valley, MN), Nayar; Naresh (Rochester, MN)
Title: System for correct distribution of hypervisor work
Patent Number: 8,024,726

Inventors: Arroyo; Diana J. (Austin, TX), Blakley, III; George R. (Round Rock, TX), Jamsek; Damir A. (Austin, TX), Muppidi; Sridhar R. (Austin, TX), Simon; Kimberly D. (Austin, TX), Williams; Ronald B. (Austin, TX)
Title: Authorizing information flows
Patent Number: 8,024,565

Inventors: Arroyo; Jesse P. (Rochester, MN), Kotta; Srinivas (Hyderabad, IN), Guttahalli Krishna; Anjam Kumar (Hyderabad, IN)
Title: Isolating a PCI host bridge in response to an error event
Patent Number: 9,141,493

Inventors: Arroyo; Jesse P. (Rochester, MN), Kotta; Srinivas (Hyderabad, IN), Guttahalli Krishna; Anjan Kumar (Hyderabad, IN)
Title: Isolating a PCI host bridge in response to an error event
Patent Number: 9,141,494

Inventors: Arvelo; Amilcar R. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Brandon; Mark A. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Campbell; Levi A. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Doan; Tan D. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Ellsworth, Jr.; Michael J. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Kemink; Randall G. (Poughkeepsie, NY), McKeever; Eric J. (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Title: Selective clamping of electronics card to coolant-cooled structure
Patent Number: 9,144,178

Inventors: Asai; Motoo (Gifu, JP), Noda; Kouta (Gifu, JP), Inagaki; Yasushi (Gifu, JP)
Title: Interlayer insulating layer for printed wiring board, printed wiring board and method for manufacturing same
Patent Number: 8,021,748

Inventors: Asanuma; Yutaka (Tokyo, JP), Terabe; Shigeo (Hachioji, JP)
Title: Mobile radio terminal and mobile communication system
Patent Number: 8,023,900

Inventors: Ashikaga; Toru (Saitama, JP), Hirata; Kazushige (Saitama, JP)
Title: Discharge lamp lighting device
Patent Number: 8,022,642

Inventors: Aslot; Vishal Chittranjan (Austin, TX), Prasad; Aravinda (Mysore, IN)
Title: Reducing application startup time by optimizing spatial locality of instructions in executables
Patent Number: 9,141,358

Inventors: Asoma; Akira (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Imaging apparatus, imaging method, and program for selectively controlling gain in a normal imaging mode and a combined imaging mode
Patent Number: 8,023,004

Inventors: Assaf; Musaid A. (McLean, VA)
Title: System and method that minimizes hazards of blind spots while driving
Patent Number: 9,139,135

Inventors: Assaf; Nadine (Paris, FR)
Title: Picture segment coding with motion prediction
Patent Number: 7,277,487

Inventors: Atkinson; Anthony (Guildford, GB), Cripps; Roger (Guildford, GB), Eley; Kirstin (Guildford, GB), Rudd; Brian (Welwyn Garden City, GB), Todd; Martin (Welwyn Garden City, GB)
Title: Thermophilic micro-organisms for ethanol production
Patent Number: 8,021,865

Inventors: Auerbach; Daniel J. (San Jose, CA), Ng; Spencer W. (San Jose, CA)
Title: Non-volatile cache in disk drive emulation
Patent Number: 8,024,515

Inventors: Aufranc; Richard (Albany, OR), Stephens; Bruce A. (Corvallis, OR), Way; Olan (Eugene, OR)
Title: Defining a bounding box for projected images
Patent Number: 8,020,997

Inventors: Auman; Barney Jeffery (Logan, UT)
Title: Split column reassembly system
Patent Number: 7,275,349

Inventors: Avery; Kenytt D. (Newport Beach, CA), Bader; Edward L. (Los Angeles, CA), Trinh; Kevin N. (Garden Grove, CA)
Title: System for on-line archiving of content in an object store
Patent Number: 9,141,623

Inventors: Avory; Michelle E (Wendover, GB), Wadsworth; Harry John (Stortford, GB), Nairne; Robert James Domett (Amersham, GB)
Title: Radioiodinated fatty acids
Patent Number: 9,138,493

Inventors: Awada; Faisal M. (Round Rock, TX), Brown; Joe Nathan (Austin, TX), Burkes; Philip Bernard (Round Rock, TX), Espinoza, Jr.; Victor (Pflugerville, TX)
Title: Free resource error/event log for autonomic data processing system
Patent Number: 8,024,544

Inventors: Ayazi; Farrokh (Atlanta, GA), Lavasani; Seyed Hossein Miri (Atlanta, GA)
Title: Integrated circuit oscillators having microelectromechanical resonators therein with parasitic impedance cancellation
Patent Number: 8,022,779

Inventors: Aybay; Gunes (Los Altos, CA), Siddhaye; Shreeram (Sunnyvale, CA), Gadgil; Srinivas (Cupertino, CA), Mowat; Euan F. (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Systems and methods for automated sensor polling
Patent Number: 8,024,499

Inventors: Azad; Mina (Ottawa, CA)
Title: Label switched path OAM wrapper
Patent Number: 8,024,457

Inventors: Aziz; Pervez M. (Dallas, TX), Malipatil; Amaresh V. (San Jose, CA), Annampedu; Viswanath (Schnecksville, PA)
Title: Clock and data recovery architecture with adaptive digital phase skew
Patent Number: 9,143,367

Inventors: Baarsch; Byron Keith (Lebanon, OR), Baarsch; Jennette (Lebanon, OR)
Title: Scraper attachment for sponges
Patent Number: 9,138,121

Inventors: Baba; Mamoru (Morioka, JP)
Title: Light-detectable solid thin-film secondary battery
Patent Number: 7,276,312

Inventors: Babej; Jiri (Lich, DE), Vieth; Michael (Bad Vilbel, DE), Humpert; Richard (Rosbach v.d.H., DE)
Title: Section for the manufacture of hollow body elements, hollow body element and component assembly
Patent Number: 8,021,092

Inventors: Bacher; Helmut (St. Florian, AT), Schulz; Helmuth (Linz, AT), Wendelin; Georg (Linz, AT)
Title: Apparatus for treating plastics material
Patent Number: 7,275,857

Inventors: Bade; Steven A. (Georgetown, TX), Dayka; John C. (New Paltz, NY), Jaquette; Glen Alan (Tucson, AZ), Guski; Richard Henry (Red Hook, NY)
Title: Encrypted tape access control via challenge-response protocol
Patent Number: 9,141,819

Inventors: Bader; Martin (Penzberg, DE), Falkenstein; Roberto (Munich, DE), Schantz; Christian (Penzberg, DE)
Title: Shortened tetranectin-apolipoprotein A-1 fusion protein, a lipid particle containing it, and uses thereof
Patent Number: 9,139,640

Inventors: Bae; Hyoung Oh (Daejeon, KR), Kim; Dae Ho (Daejeon, KR), Kim; Yeong Jin (Daejeon, KR)
Title: Apparatus and method for fast fourier transform/inverse fast fourier transform
Patent Number: 8,023,401

Inventors: Bailey; Wayne E. (Fredericksburg, VA)
Title: Radon exhaust system with a diagnostic bypass filter apparatus
Patent Number: 9,140,461

Inventors: Bajpai; Ashna (Mumbai, IN), Nigam; Arun Kumar (Mumbai, IN)
Title: Chromium dioxide (CrO.sub.2) and composites of chromium dioxide and other oxides of chromium such as CrO.sub.2/Cr.sub.2O.sub.3 and CrO.sub.2/Cr.sub.2O.sub.5) and process for manufacturing the same
Patent Number: 7,276,226

Inventors: Baker; Nicola Jane (Thetford, GB), Parker; David Myatt (Hereford, GB)
Title: Oral compositions comprising a viscosity modifier for reduction of tooth erosion
Patent Number: 7,276,229

Inventors: Bakx; Johannes Leopoldus (Eindhoven, NL)
Title: Disc drive and photo-detector circuits
Patent Number: 8,023,373

Inventors: Baldauf; Albert (Hanau, DE), Schwarzbach; Ronald (Frankfurt, DE), Graeser; Norbert (Frankfurt, DE)
Title: Attaching unit and knob for a heating unit of a cigar lighter
Patent Number: 8,022,340

Inventors: Balfour; Stuart (Lunnister, GB)
Title: Improvements relating to masts
Patent Number: 9,139,256

Inventors: Bando; Kazunori (Sanmu, JP), Taguchi; Kazumi (Sanmu, JP)
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Owner: Peggy Levee Umbrellas, Inc.
Serial Number: 77427182

Serial Number: 78950448

Owner: Penguin Random House LLC
Serial Number: 77308775

Serial Number: 77231873

Owner: Piester, Chad
Serial Number: 77559014

Owner: Pivot Incorproated
Serial Number: 77394850

Owner: Plant Development Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 77304991

Owner: Polar Wrap, LLC
Serial Number: 77507753

Owner: Poof-Summit Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 76672755

Owner: Porter III, Robert J.
Serial Number: 77312387

Serial Number: 73686793

Serial Number: 77109988

Serial Number: 77109646

Owner: Purelee, Inc.
Serial Number: 77094300

Owner: Quadrant Information Services, LLC
Serial Number: 77509866

Owner: Raoux, Sebastien Marie
Serial Number: 77084176

Owner: Ray, Tina K.
Serial Number: 77198090

Owner: Reach Publishing, LLC
Serial Number: 77369540

Serial Number: 76683257

Serial Number: 76683279

Serial Number: 76683280

Owner: Reduxion Theatre Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77509279

Owner: Reduxion Theatre Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77509316

Owner: Web Site Promotion, LLC
Serial Number: 77499966

Owner: RelateNow, LLC
Serial Number: 77394796

Owner: Reliance Worldwide Corporation, through its division Cash Acme
Serial Number: 78934217

Owner: Renewable Choice Energy, Inc.
Serial Number: 77334928

Serial Number: 78980806

Owner: Retailwire LLC
Serial Number: 77495382

Owner: Revur International
Serial Number: 77510402

Owner: Rice Field Corporation
Serial Number: 78704793

Owner: Rimbach Publishing, Inc.
Serial Number: 76642421

Serial Number: 77221390

Owner: RLWM, LLC
Serial Number: 77501958

Owner: Rochester Chapter National Tooling and Machining Association, Inc.
Serial Number: 77330725

Serial Number: 77327047

Owner: Ronald R Starr
Serial Number: 77213963

Owner: Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
Serial Number: 77029222

Serial Number: 77528628

Serial Number: 77528632

Owner: RSVP Style, LLC
Serial Number: 77391355

Serial Number: 77245371

Owner: S.A.F.E. Alternatives, LLC
Serial Number: 77479405

Owner: S.A.F.E. Alternatives, LLC
Serial Number: 77484869

Owner: S.A.F.E. Alternatives, LLC
Serial Number: 77484878

Serial Number: 77505230

Serial Number: 77509059

Owner: Sarpa-Feldman Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77502760

Owner: Sasha Cosmetics Corporation
Serial Number: 77159379

Serial Number: 77304870

Owner: School Zone Publishing Company
Serial Number: 78931564

Owner: Schulenberg, Michael T.
Serial Number: 77510789

Owner: Scottrade, Inc.
Serial Number: 77371298

Owner: SDG Creations, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77291725

Serial Number: 78916910

Owner: Sentilles, Ann S.
Serial Number: 77510433

Owner: SFC, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77366376

Serial Number: 77165550

Owner: Sixth Street Music, LLC
Serial Number: 77279660

Owner: Smart Beauty Holdings Limited
Serial Number: 78870128

Serial Number: 77331315

Serial Number: 78871763

Serial Number: 77208706

Owner: Solis, Patricia S.
Serial Number: 77275888

Serial Number: 77508938

Serial Number: 77453379

Serial Number: 77453479

Serial Number: 77001361

Serial Number: 77555533

Serial Number: 77508642

Owner: STB LIfesaving Technologies Inc.
Serial Number: 77507804

Owner: STB LIfesaving Technologies Inc.
Serial Number: 77507819

Owner: Stronghold Fitness, LLC
Serial Number: 77491047

Owner: Sun-Times Media IP, LLC
Serial Number: 77357260

Serial Number: 77472902

Serial Number: 75116423

Owner: SynchroNet Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 77504263

Owner: TAB Boards International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77455440

Owner: Targeted Medical Pharma Inc.
Serial Number: 77507919

Owner: Targeted Medical Pharma Inc.
Serial Number: 77507939

Owner: TechSmith Corporation
Serial Number: 77288542

Owner: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.
Serial Number: 77510243

Serial Number: 77319701

Owner: The Aspen Institute, Inc.
Serial Number: 77118605

Owner: The Baker Company
Serial Number: 77411418

Owner: The Belo Company
Serial Number: 77134681

Serial Number: 78800015

Serial Number: 77280733

Owner: The Common Good Institute, Inc.
Serial Number: 77452229

Serial Number: 77091828

Owner: The Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria
Serial Number: 77507398

Owner: The Gordian Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77533264

Owner: The MathWorks, Inc.
Serial Number: 77363679

Owner: The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.
Serial Number: 77509043

Owner: The Vanguard Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77194058

Owner: Thompson Tree Tools LLC
Serial Number: 76690844

Serial Number: 77363670

Owner: Tippmann Sports, LLC
Serial Number: 77409492

Owner: TomTom International B.V.
Serial Number: 77501930

Owner: Traditions Capital, LLC
Serial Number: 78883940

Owner: Tranquil Space Foundation
Serial Number: 76663677

Serial Number: 77284292

Serial Number: 77284298

Serial Number: 77534805

Owner: Trenberth, Gayle
Serial Number: 77388050

Serial Number: 78399043

Serial Number: 77348149

Owner: Trove, Inc.
Serial Number: 77354607

Owner: Truth Hardware Corporation
Serial Number: 77302930

Owner: Two Hands Wines Pty. Ltd.
Serial Number: 77460230

Serial Number: 77144415

Owner: UBM LLC
Serial Number: 77395343

Owner: Ultimate Product Corporation
Serial Number: 77508047

Owner: UltraDNS Corp.
Serial Number: 77343365

Owner: Univision Communications Inc.
Serial Number: 77560698

Owner: UPL NA INC.
Serial Number: 77313343

Owner: USA Cooks, Inc.
Serial Number: 77506255

Serial Number: 77193442

Serial Number: 77193585

Owner: Utility Integration Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 77377266

Serial Number: 76683013

Serial Number: 76683224

Owner: ViaVanti, LLC
Serial Number: 77506046

Serial Number: 77501940

Serial Number: 73679856

Serial Number: 77278080

Owner: Washington Realty Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77308666

Owner: Washington Realty Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77308713

Serial Number: 76193261

Serial Number: 77174040

Owner: William C. Eriksen, DC
Serial Number: 77336427

Serial Number: 77109694

Owner: Wisage Technology Limited
Serial Number: 77066077

Owner: WSI Corporation
Serial Number: 77500747

Owner: YANG, BEN
Serial Number: 77185256

Owner: Zanzeta, LLC
Serial Number: 77491441

Owner: ZenCat Productions, LLC
Serial Number: 77052024

Serial Number: 77288500

Owner: Zuckerbraun, Eliezer
Serial Number: 77488323

Owner: Zweifel Chips + Snacks Holding AG
Serial Number: 77012635