Sunday, December 24 2017

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Aalto; Mika (Ratingen, DE), Lakso; Marja (Espoo, FI), Nyman; Kai (Espoo, FI)
Title: Internet/intranet access mechanism
Patent Number: 7,606,907

Inventors: Aarnio; Ari (Espoo, FI), Paqvalen; Kenneth (Helsinki, FI), Muhonen; Ahti (Hirvihaara, FI), Vainio; Antti-Pentti (Espoo, FI), Hannikainen; Ari (Lempaala, FI)
Title: System, and associated terminal, method and computer program product for forwarding content and providing digital rights management of the same
Patent Number: 7,606,559

Inventors: Abe; Nobuaki (Saitama, JP), Abe; Tetsuya (Hokkaido, JP)
Title: Arbitrary-shape image-processing device and arbitrary-shape image-reproducing device
Patent Number: 6,959,113

Inventors: Abecassis; David (Huntington, NY)
Title: Method of compatibilizing non polymer solid fillers in polymeric materials and compositions therefrom
Patent Number: 7,605,206

Inventors: Abram; Richard Anthony (West Midlands, GB)
Title: Docking station
Patent Number: 7,606,025

Inventors: Abrams; Zachary W. (Durham, NC), Marum; Matthew G. (Cary, NC), Ross; Pamela S. (Raleigh, NC), Speicher; Steven K. (Holly Springs, NC)
Title: Selectively organizing a recipient list based on external group data
Patent Number: 8,566,319

Inventors: Abreo; Melwyn (Jamul, CA), Harvey; Daniel F. (San Diego, CA), Gschwend; Heinz W. (Santa Rosa, CA), Li; Wenbao (San Diego, CA), Tu; Chi (San Diego, CA), Kamboj; Rajender (Burnaby, CA), Winther; Michael D. (Vancouver, CA), Kodumuru; Vishnumurthy (Burnaby, CA), Hudson; Cindy J. (Buena Park, CA), Kondratenko; Mikhail A. (San Diego, CA), Liu; Shifeng (Port Coquitlam, CA), Raina; Vandna (Vancouver, CA), Sviridov; Serguei (Burnaby, CA), Zhang; Zaihui (Vancouver, CA), Bagherzadeh; Mehran Seid (North Vancouver, CA), Sun; Shaoyi (Vancouver, CA)
Title: Pyridyl derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Patent Number: 7,605,161

Inventors: Acharya; Tinku (Tempe, AZ), Tsai; Ping-Sing (Gilbert, AZ)
Title: Method of inverse quantized signal samples of an image during image decompression
Patent Number: 6,961,472

Inventors: Acosta; John (Shreveport, LA)
Title: Medical access shirt
Patent Number: 8,566,964

Inventors: Adachi; Kaoru (Asaka, JP)
Title: Integrated circuit and method of controlling same
Patent Number: 6,959,357

Inventors: Adams; Mark L. (Sandy, UT), Dang; Kim (Newton, MA)
Title: Medical catheter assembly including a balloon bolster
Patent Number: 8,562,560

Inventors: Admon; Itay (Tel-Aviv, IL)
Title: Detector in parallel with a logic component
Patent Number: 7,606,848

Inventors: Agassi; Yehoshua Dan (Silver Spring, MD)
Title: Strips for imparting low nonlinearity to high temperature superconductor microwave filters
Patent Number: 6,961,597

Inventors: Ahn; Kie Y (Chappaqua, NY), Forbes; Leonard (San Diego, CA)
Title: Barrier-metal-free copper damascene technology using atomic hydrogen enhanced reflow
Patent Number: 7,605,468

Inventors: Akahori; Hiroji (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Clock regenerator for use in demodulating digital modulated signals
Patent Number: 6,959,051

Inventors: Akama; Junichi (Shinagawa, JP), Kumamoto; Tadashi (Shinagawa, JP), Kondo; Takahiro (Shinagawa, JP), Tanaka; Yoko (Shinagawa, JP), Kobayashi; Mitsuru (Shinagawa, JP)
Title: High speed transmission connector
Patent Number: 7,604,510

Inventors: Akino; Hiroshi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Ribbon microphone unit with symmetrical signal paths
Patent Number: 8,565,453

Inventors: Akiyama; Tsutomu (Tokyo, JP), Kodama; Tamotsu (Tokyo, JP), Nishi; Masataka (Tokyo, JP), Okamoto; Hiroshige (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Absorbent composite material and bodily fluid-absorbing article comprising water-absorbent resin particles having specific surface strength
Patent Number: 8,563,127

Inventors: Akutsu; Eiichi (Ashigarakami-gun, JP), Ohtsu; Shigemi (Ashigarakami-gun, JP), Shimizu; Keishi (Ashigarakami-gun, JP), Yatsuda; Kazutoshi (Ashigarakami-gun, JP)
Title: Process for producing polymer optical waveguide
Patent Number: 7,604,758

Inventors: Akutsu; Masahiko (Tochigi, JP), Fujine; Toshiyuki (Tochigi, JP), Yoshii; Takashi (Osaka, JP)
Title: Liquid crystal display device, signal processing unit for use in liquid crystal display device, program and storage medium thereof, and liquid crystal display control method
Patent Number: 7,605,787

Inventors: Al-Jafar; Ahmad I. S. I. (Al-Quran, KW)
Title: Blind spot monitoring system
Patent Number: 8,564,425

Inventors: Al-Rasheed; Hafeth A. (Bayan, KW)
Title: Portable hygenic ice chest for medical supplies or the like
Patent Number: 8,567,211

Inventors: Aldrich; Bradley C. (Austin, TX), Hartin; Thomas (Austin, TX), George; Adam (Austin, TX)
Title: Method and apparatus for noise management for color data synthesis in digital image and video capture systems
Patent Number: 8,564,680

Inventors: Allen; Jeffrey (Attleborough, GB)
Title: Valve operating mechanism
Patent Number: 7,603,971

Inventors: Allen; Stephen M. (Wilmington, DE), Hitz; William D. (Wilmington, DE), Rafalski; J. Antoni (Wilmington, DE)
Title: Nucleic acid molecules encoding a wheat sucrose transporter
Patent Number: 7,605,247

Inventors: Allner; Ralf (Esslingen, DE), Biber; Thomas (Aalen, DE)
Title: Device for balancing of a radial threaded spindle eccentricity of a spindle drive
Patent Number: 6,959,620

Inventors: Almes.ang.ker; Marieanne (Linkoping, SE), Nystrom; Bengt (Linkoping, SE)
Title: Computer device with a safety function
Patent Number: 6,959,402

Inventors: Altrichter; Ralf (Filderstadt, DE), Augenstein; Oliver (Weilim Schoenbuch, DE), Huetter; Stefan (Weilim Schoenbuch, DE), Oldengott; Hans-Ulrich (Jettingen, DE)
Title: Method and system for scheduling and controlling backups in a computer system
Patent Number: 8,566,285

Inventors: Alvarez; Jose Roberto (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Adaptive non-linear noise reduction techniques
Patent Number: 6,958,783

Inventors: Amanai; Takahiro (Sagaminara, JP)
Title: Imaging device
Patent Number: 6,961,187

Inventors: Amarakoon; Kiri B. (Pittsford, NY)
Title: Photoreceptor for highlight color printing machine
Patent Number: 6,959,161

Inventors: Ameen; Mohammad Mahbubul (Campbell, CA), Khan; Raquib Uddin (Pleasanton, CA)
Title: Disk drive spindle motor having hydrodynamic bearing working surface with low friction layer formed on wear resistant layer
Patent Number: 6,961,213

Inventors: Ameen; Mohammad Mahbubul (Campbell, CA), Khan; Raquib Uddin (Pleasanton, CA)
Title: Refinement of spindle motor bearing gap
Patent Number: 6,961,214

Inventors: Amling; Marc R. (Santa Barbara, CA), Chatenever; David (Santa Barbara, CA), Kennedy; Bruce L. (Santa Barbara, CA), Mirrer; Barry A. (Santa Barbara, CA)
Title: Unified electrical and illumination cable for endoscopic video imaging system
Patent Number: 6,960,161

Inventors: Amodeo; John C. (Des Moines, IA)
Title: Wire rack and grill lifting tool
Patent Number: 6,959,951

Inventors: Amsterdam; Jeffrey David (Marietta, GA), Hammer; Stephen Carl (Marietta, GA), Holladay; Christopher Eythan (Marietta, GA), O'Connell; Brian Marshall (RTP, NC)
Title: Video stream measurement method and system
Patent Number: 8,566,856

Inventors: Anderson; Christopher M. (Simi Valley, CA)
Title: Solar electrolysis power co-generation system
Patent Number: 7,605,326

Inventors: Anderson; Dale Howard (Tucson, AZ), Doatmas; Philip Matthew (Flagstaff, AZ), Groseclose; Michael Robert (Tuscon, AZ), Jennas, II; Paul Anthony (Tucson, AZ), Juarez; Larry (Tucson, AZ), McCain; Brian Sean (Mountain View, CA), Montgomery; David (Tucson, AZ), Peipelman; Jason Lee (Vail, AZ), Rhoades; Joshua Marshall (Tucson, AZ), Sorenson; Todd Charles (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Data migration methodology for use with arrays of powered-down storage devices
Patent Number: 8,566,540

Inventors: Anderson; Kaare J. (Farmington, MN), Miller; Mark S. (Apple Valley, MN), Renken; Christopher H. (Prior Lake, MN), Snyder; Brian L. (Jordan, MN), Socha, Sr.; David M. (Champlin, MN)
Title: Multi-sensor fire detector with reduced false alarm performance
Patent Number: 6,958,689

Inventors: Ando; Masamichi (Kyoto, JP), Wada; Takaya (Kyoto, JP), Komaki; Kunihiro (Nagaokakyo, JP)
Title: Multiple-mode dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, and communication device
Patent Number: 7,605,678

Inventors: Andreev; Alexandre (San Jose, CA), Nikitin; Andrey (Moscow, RU), Scepanovic; Ranko (Saratoga, CA), Vikhliantsev; Igor A. (San Jose, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for generating memory models and timing database
Patent Number: 8,566,769

Inventors: Antonelli; David Michael (Cardiff, GB)
Title: Metal hydrazide materials
Patent Number: 8,562,717

Inventors: Aoki; Masaki (Osaka, JP), Kawamura; Hiroyuki (Osaka, JP), Sugimoto; Kazuhiko (Kyoto, JP), Otani; Mitsuhiro (Osaka, JP), Hibino; Junichi (Osaka, JP)
Title: Plasma display apparatus, fluorescent material, and fluorescent material manufacturing method
Patent Number: 6,960,309

Inventors: Arai; Kazuhiko (Kanagawa, JP), Ichikawa; Junichi (Kanagawa, JP), Hara; Kenji (Kanagawa, JP), Tanaka; Yasuyuki (Kanagawa, JP), Imoto; Yoshiya (Kanagawa, JP), Ishii; Akira (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Image processing apparatus and image processing method adapted to correct color unevenness
Patent Number: 7,605,949

Inventors: Archer; Charles J. (Rochester, MN), Blocksome; Michael A. (Rochester, MN), Ratterman; Joseph D. (Rochester, MN), Smith; Brian E. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Performing a scatterv operation on a hierarchical tree network optimized for collective operations
Patent Number: 8,565,089

Inventors: Archer; Charles J. (Rochester, MN), Blocksome; Michael A. (Rochester, MN), Ratterman; Joseph D. (Rochester, MN), Smith; Brian E. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Processing communications events in parallel active messaging interface by awakening thread from wait state
Patent Number: 8,566,841

Inventors: Armoundas; Antonis A. (Lincoln, MA), Cohen; Richard J. (Chestnut Hill, MA)
Title: Method and apparatus for treatment of cardiac tachyarrhythmias
Patent Number: 8,565,876

Inventors: Armstrong; Randolph K. (Houston, TX), Armstrong; Scott A. (Danbury, TX), Inman; D. Michael (Gainesville, FL), Scott; Timothy L. (Sugar Land, TX)
Title: Power supply monitoring for an implantable device
Patent Number: 8,565,881

Inventors: Armstrong; William Joseph (Kasson, MN), Nayar; Naresh (Rochester, MN), Stamschror; Kevin Patrick (Wabasha, MN)
Title: Management of a concurrent use license in a logically-partitioned computer
Patent Number: 6,959,291

Inventors: Arnold; Todd W. (Charlotte, NC), Dames; Elizabeth A. (Concord, NC), Frehr; Carsten D. (Farum, DK), Kerr; Kenneth B. (New Paltz, NY), Kisley; Richard V. (Charlotte, NC), Kelly; Michael J. (Staatsburg, NY), Rossman; Eric D. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Smith; Eric B. (Concord, NC)
Title: Secure key management
Patent Number: 8,566,913

Inventors: Arp; Andreas (Nufringen, DE), Braun; Florian (Echterdingen, DE), Hutzl; Guenther (Sindelfingen, DE), Koch; Michael V. (Ehningen, DE), Ringe; Matthias (Tuebingen, DE)
Title: Automation of interconnect and routing customization
Patent Number: 8,566,771

Inventors: Arsenault; Robert G. (Redondo Beach, CA), Loner; Patrick J. (Torrance, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for in-line detection of satellite signal lock
Patent Number: 6,961,538

Inventors: Asai; Takahiro (Yokosuka, JP), Furuno; Tatsuo (Zushi, JP), Tanaka; Tetsu (Zushi, JP), Suda; Hirohito (Yokosuka, JP)
Title: Repeating station, a communication apparatus, and a directivity control method
Patent Number: 7,606,531

Inventors: Asano; Hideo (Tokyo, JP), Laroia; Rakesh (Los Gatos, CA), Yamazaki; Takashi (Kanagawa-ken, JP), Mitsuhashi; Roh (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Method and apparatus for controlling data read/write between a hard disk and a hard disk controller
Patent Number: 6,961,198

Inventors: Asano; Hiroyuki (Kanagawa, JP), Yoshikawa; Yasuo (Kanagawa, JP), Hoshino; Yasuhiro (Kanagawa, JP), Higuchi; Hirokazu (Kyoto, JP), Nitta; Takayuki (Kyoto, JP)
Title: Endoscopic duct cleaning tool
Patent Number: 8,566,995

Inventors: Ash; Kevin J. (Tucson, AZ), Ripberger; Richard A. (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Techniques for managing data in a storage controller
Patent Number: 8,566,525

Inventors: Aslam; Nazish (Edinburgh, GB), Muir; Mark (Edinburgh, GB)
Title: System and method for two-way data filtering
Patent Number: 8,566,310

Inventors: Assefa; Solomon (Ossining, NY), Kanakasabapathy; Sivananda K. (Niskayuna, NY)
Title: Forming a self-aligned hard mask for contact to a tunnel junction
Patent Number: 8,563,225

Inventors: Assink; Gerrit Jan Barend (Amsterdam, NL), Kramer; Gert Jan (Amsterdam, NL), Nijmeijer; Arian (Amsterdam, NL), Van Sint Annaland; Martin (Enschede, NL)
Title: Process and reactor for the production of hydrogen and carbon dioxide and a fuel cell system
Patent Number: 8,563,185

Inventors: Athalye; Jay A. (San Jose, CA), Nagpal; Abhinay R. (Pune, IN), Patil; Sandeep R. (Pune, IN), Stein; Yan W. (San Jose, CA)
Title: Cooling appliance rating aware data placement
Patent Number: 8,566,619

Inventors: Atsumi; Takenori (Ushiku, JP), Numasato; Hidehiko (Odawara, JP), Abe; Jiro (Sagamihara, JP)
Title: Magnetic disk apparatus
Patent Number: 6,961,205

Inventors: Atsuumi; Hiromichi (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Scanning optics with optical elements formed of resin and optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Patent Number: 6,961,164

Inventors: August; Clifford J. (Vancouver B.C., CA)
Title: Socket/plug in DTMF tone dialer
Patent Number: 6,961,425

Inventors: Auvenshine; John J. (Tucson, AZ), Bartholomy; Erik (Superior, CO), Hourselt; Andrew G. (Tucson, AZ), Olson; John T. (Tucson, AZ), Puckett, III; Harley D. (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Methods and physical computer storage media for transferring de-duplicated data organized in virtual volumes to a target set of physical media for forming a bitmap and creating a volume map
Patent Number: 8,566,291

Inventors: Axenov; Andrei Anatolyevich (Moscow, RU), Belov; Nikolay Alexandrovich (Moscow, RU), Zolotorevskij; Vadim Semenovich (Moscow, RU)
Title: Aluminum-based material and a method for manufacturing products from aluminum-based material
Patent Number: 7,604,772

Inventors: Babaev; Eliaz (Minnetonka, MN)
Title: Method for debriding wounds
Patent Number: 8,562,547

Inventors: Babbs; Ronald J. (Grovertown, IN), Babbs; Diane (Grovertown, IN)
Title: Fishing rod holder with hook setting capability
Patent Number: 8,567,108

Inventors: Bach; Ferdinand (Wedel, DE), Fischer; Joseph (Freehold, NJ)
Title: Method for sorting tumor cells
Patent Number: 7,604,933

Inventors: Baer; Amanda (Campbell, CA), Nikitin; Vladimir (Campbell, CA), Pentek; Aron (San Jose, CA), Robertson; Neil Leslie (Palo Alto, CA)
Title: Optical lapping guide for use in the manufacture of perpendicular magnetic write heads
Patent Number: 7,603,762

Inventors: Bahari; Habib (Rockville, MD), Tadayon; Saied (Potomac, MD)
Title: Wind turbines with diffusers for the buildings or structures
Patent Number: 8,564,154

Inventors: Bahner; Andreas (Weinstadt, DE), Lingen; Andreas (Althutte, DE), Nickel; Hans (Weissach, DE), Nickel, legal representative; Barbel (Weissach, DE), Naegele; Claus (Stuttgart, DE)
Title: Carburetor and method of operating the same
Patent Number: 7,603,983

Inventors: Bai; Shwang-Shi (Tainan, TW), Huang; Yu-Pei (Tainan, TW), Liang; Shen-Yao (Tainan, TW)
Title: Control system for multiple fluorescent lamps
Patent Number: 7,605,545

Inventors: Baier; John Joseph (Mentor, OH), Kui; Karen (Surrey, CA), Gordon; Kevin George (Vancouver, CA), Hobbs; Mark David (Hartford, WI), Fevang; Monte Leroy (Surrey, CA), Schouten; Teunis Hendrik (Langley, CA)
Title: Method and system of a human-machine interface
Patent Number: 8,566,748

Inventors: Bailey; Daniel M. (Hampton, NH), Vernot; Philippe (Saint Privat, FR), Lefebvre; Sebastien (Saint Saturnin, FR)
Title: Supporting structures for preparative chromatography columns
Patent Number: 8,562,826

Inventors: Bailey; George R. (Gaithersburg, MD), Zhou; Terry (Germantown, MD)
Title: System and method for locating and determining discontinuities and estimating loop loss in a communications medium using frequency domain correlation
Patent Number: 6,959,037

Inventors: Bak; Hyo-Rim (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Center pin for secondary battery and secondary battery having the same
Patent Number: 8,563,156

Inventors: Balizer; Edward (Bethesda, MD)
Title: Polyurethane electrostriction
Patent Number: 6,960,865

Inventors: Ball; Carsten (Munchen, DE), Muellner; Robert (Munchen, DE), Ivanov; Kolio (Munchen, DE)
Title: Dynamic load control for downlink signaling channels
Patent Number: 8,565,177

Inventors: Banerjee; Robindranath (Portland, OR)
Title: Low temperature coefficient resistor
Patent Number: 6,960,979

Inventors: Banhart; John (Klein-Machnow, DE), Garcia-Moreno; Francisco (Berlin, DE)
Title: Method for the powder-metallurgical production of metal foamed material and of parts made of metal foamed material
Patent Number: 8,562,904

Inventors: Banik; Joachim (Oconomowoc, WI)
Title: Container system
Patent Number: 7,604,142

Inventors: Bankaitis; Jonas (Horseheads, NY), Moore; Michael John (Corning, NY), Stone; Jeffery Scott (Addison, NY), Williamson; Paul Jeffrey (Corning, NY), Zhang; Chunhe (Horseheads, NY)
Title: Methods and apparatus for edge chamfering of semiconductor wafers using chemical mechanical polishing
Patent Number: 8,562,849

Inventors: Bankes; Steven C. (Los Angeles, CA)
Title: System and method for performing compound computational experiments
Patent Number: 6,961,688

Inventors: Banks; Andrew D. (Romsey, GB), Beardall; Gavin D. (Alresford, GB), Dick; Adrian D. (Southampton, GB), Vanstone; Ian C. (Eastleigh, GB)
Title: Scalable publish/subscribe messaging systems and methods
Patent Number: 8,566,423

Inventors: Barbachyn; Michael Robert (Kalamazoo, MI), Ruble; J. Craig (Greenwood, IN), Romero; Arthur Glenn (Chesterfield, MO), Thomasco; Lisa Marie (Groton, CT), Hurd; Alexander Ross (Ann Arbor, MI), Palmer; John Raymond (Fishers, IN), Toogood; Peter Laurence (Ann Arbor, MI), McNamara; Dennis Joseph (Ann Arbor, MI), Sherry; Debra Ann (Chelsea, MI), Dobrowolski; Paul Joseph (Saline, MI)
Title: Tricyclic tetrahydroquinoline antibacterial agents
Patent Number: 7,605,157

Inventors: Bardy; Gust H. (Seattle, WA)
Title: System and method for patient monitoring using a reference baseline for use in automated patient care
Patent Number: 6,960,167

Inventors: Barmettler; Mark G. (Cedar Hill, TX)
Title: Measurement connector for test device
Patent Number: 6,960,919

Inventors: Barnes; Lloyd (West Valley City, UT)
Title: Old construction box
Patent Number: 8,563,857

Inventors: Barnes; Ronald L. (Owens Cross Roads, AL)
Title: Combined chlorine and ozone generator sterilization system
Patent Number: 7,604,735

Inventors: Barzel; Adi (Moshav Nir-Tzvi, IL), Privman; Eyal (Yavne, IL), Burstein; David (Tel Aviv, IL), Gophna; Uri (Tel Aviv, IL), Kupiec; Martin (Tel Aviv, IL), Pupko; Tal (Herzelia, IL)
Title: Method for searching for homing endonucleases, their genes and their targets
Patent Number: 8,566,040

Inventors: Basso; Claude (Raleigh, NC), Calvignac; Jean Louis (Raleigh, NC), Chang; Chih-jen (Apex, NC), Damon; Philippe (Raleigh, NC), Fuhs; Ronald Edward (Rochester, MN), Vaidhyanathan; Natarajan (Carrboro, NC), Verplanken; Fabrice Jean (La Gaude, FR), Verrilli; Colin Beaton (Apex, NC), Willenborg; Scott Michael (Stewartville, MN)
Title: System and method for computing a blind checksum in a host ethernet adapter (HEA)
Patent Number: 7,606,166

Inventors: Bates; Cary L. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Resuming a prior debug session
Patent Number: 8,566,799

Inventors: Bates; Mark C. (Charleston, WV), Hogendijk; Michael (Palo Alto, CA)
Title: Proximal catheter assembly allowing for natural and suction-assisted aspiration
Patent Number: 6,960,189

Inventors: Bates; W. Douglas (Wilmington, DE), Dobrick; Brett Collin (Beaumont, TX)
Title: Film of poly(trimethylene arylate)/polystyrene blends and process for making
Patent Number: 8,563,655

Inventors: Batori; Yoshiyuki (Mishima, JP), Hara; Nobuyoshi (Mishima, JP)
Title: Dismounting and mounting methods for coupling and electrophotographic photosensitive drum unit
Patent Number: 8,565,640

Inventors: Bauer; Bruno (Reno, NV)
Title: Electro-less discharge extreme ultraviolet light source
Patent Number: 7,605,385

Inventors: Bauer; Frederick T. (Holland, MI), Turnbull; Robert R. (Holland, MI)
Title: Power supply for electrochromic mirrors in high voltage automotive power systems
Patent Number: 6,958,844

Inventors: Baugh; Lisa S. (Ringoes, NJ), Berluche; Enock (Phillipsburg, NJ), Hinkle; Paul V. (Wallingford, PA), Rix; Francis C. (League City, TX)
Title: Transition metal polymerization catalysts, their synthesis and use in olefin polymerization
Patent Number: 7,605,105

Inventors: Baum; Thomas H. (New Fairfield, CT), Xu; Chongying (New Milford, CT)
Title: Method of fabricating iridium-based materials and structures on substrates, and iridium source reagents therefor
Patent Number: 7,605,093

Inventors: Baumgart; Peter Michael (San Jose, CA), Davis; Charles Raymond (San Jose, CA), Herbst; Gary Allan (San Jose, CA), Knigge; Bernhard E. (San Jose, CA), Mate; Charles Mathew (San Jose, CA), Wilson; Bruce Alexander (San Jose, CA)
Title: Method and system for detecting a change in a rotational velocity of a magnetic disk or a spindle coupled to the magnetic disk
Patent Number: 7,605,996

Inventors: Baumgartner; Jason R. (Austin, TX), Case; Michael L. (Pflugerville, TX), Mony; Hari (Austin, TX), Roessler; Paul J. (Austin, TX)
Title: Enhanced analysis of array-based netlists via phase abstraction
Patent Number: 8,566,764

Inventors: Beack; Seung Kwon (Seoul, KR), Seo; Jeongil (Daejeon, KR), Jang; Inseon (Daejeon, KR), Jae; Dae Young (Daejeon, KR), Park; Hochong (Seongnam, KR), Kang; Sang-One (Seongnam, KR), Park; Young-Cheol (Wonju, KR), Hong; Jin Woo (Daejeon, KR)
Title: Lossless audio coding/decoding apparatus and method
Patent Number: 7,605,722

Inventors: Beardsley; Brent C. (Tucson, AZ), Benhase; Michael T. (Tucson, AZ), Gupta; Lokesh M. (Tucson, AZ), Hyde, II; Joseph S. (Tucson, AZ), Williams; Sonny E. (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Intelligent write caching for sequential tracks
Patent Number: 8,566,518

Inventors: Beardsley; Brent C. (Tucson, AZ), Benhase; Michael T. (Tucson, AZ), Gupta; Lokesh M. (Tucson, AZ), Williams; Sonny E. (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Systems and methods for destaging storage tracks from cache
Patent Number: 8,566,535

Inventors: Beatson; David T. (Kennett Square, PA), Frasch; E. Walter (Perkasie, PA), Schlosser; Paul J. (Oreland, PA), Singh; Jai R. (Trumbull, CT), McKenna; David W. (Newark, DE), Emmons; Craig (Monroe, CT)
Title: Macrocomposite guideway and gib produced therefrom
Patent Number: 6,960,022

Inventors: Beausoleil; Raymond G. (Redmond, WA), Munro; William J. (Bristol, GB), Spiller; Timothy P. (Bristol, GB), Harrison; Keith A. (Chepstow, GB)
Title: Methods and systems for avoiding transmission-channel disruptions
Patent Number: 7,606,272

Inventors: Becker; Bettina (Monheim, DE), Rossini; Angela (I-Mailand, IT), Moeller; Thomas (Duesseldorf, DE), Huver; Thomas (Duesseldorf, DE), Schubert; Georg (Moenchengladbach, DE)
Title: Method for forming moldings from dimer fatty acid free polyamides
Patent Number: 6,960,315

Inventors: Becker; Christopher Henry (Calgary, Alberta, CA), Bleile; Leonard George (Calgary, Alberta, CA), Lopp; Carl G. (New York, NY)
Title: Docking station for enabling landline telephones to send/receive calls via a docked mobile telephone
Patent Number: 6,959,172

Inventors: Becker; Peter E. (Coatesville, PA), Supplee; Stephan S. (Coatesville, PA)
Title: User equipment and base station performing data detection using a scalar array
Patent Number: 7,606,207

Inventors: Becq; Frederic (Poitiers, FR), Meijer; Laurent (Roscoff, FR), Kunick; Conrad (Hamburg, DE)
Title: Use of paullone derivatives for the production of medicaments for the treatment of mucoviscidosis and diseases related to protein addressing errors in cells
Patent Number: 7,605,153

Inventors: Beeston; Ralph Thomas (Tucson, AZ), Bish; Thomas William (Tucson, AZ), Dain; Joseph Whitney (Vail, AZ)
Title: Apparatus, system, and method for link maintenance
Patent Number: 8,565,067

Inventors: Begim; Moshe Yair (Los Angeles County, CA)
Title: Reusable environmentally friendly package and storage album
Patent Number: 6,959,809

Inventors: Beintner; Jochen (Wappingers Falls, NY), Divakaruni; Rama (Ossining, NY), Faltermeier; Johnathan (Lagrange, NY), Flaitz; Philip L. (Newburgh, NY), Gluschenkov; Oleg (Wappingers Falls, NY), Heenan; Carol J. (Lagrangeville, NY), Jammy; Rajarao (Wappingers Falls, NY), Kim; Byeong (Lagrangeville, NY), Seitz; Mihel (Wappingers Falls, NY), Sudo; Akira (Yokohama, JP), Takegawa; Yoichi (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Pitcher-shaped active area for field effect transistor and method of forming same
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Owner: RentalSite LLC
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Serial Number: 78408572

Serial Number: 78639977

Owner: Ritchey, Jeff
Serial Number: 78895324

Owner: Roaring Eagle, Inc.
Serial Number: 78837699

Owner: Rockwood Pigments NA, Inc.
Serial Number: 78903066

Owner: Rosati, Robert A.
Serial Number: 76414333

Owner: Rosco Inc.
Serial Number: 78638802

Serial Number: 78475711

Serial Number: 78666091

Serial Number: 78902483

Serial Number: 78903081

Owner: Rubimed AG
Serial Number: 78765902

Owner: S. C. JOHNSON & SON, INC.
Serial Number: 78500158

Owner: Sacred Power Corporation
Serial Number: 78884018

Owner: Sadler Motorsports, Inc.
Serial Number: 78781555

Owner: Sage Team Incorporated
Serial Number: 78630400

Owner: Salins, Anselm
Serial Number: 78901743

Owner: Sapien Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 78754356

Owner: Sapporo Holdings Limited
Serial Number: 78737993

Owner: Schenk Packing Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 78935329

Owner: Schlumberger Technology Corporation
Serial Number: 77009905

Owner: Sea Quest Lures, Inc.
Serial Number: 78435552

Owner: Securitized Funding Corporation
Serial Number: 78887634

Owner: SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc.
Serial Number: 78899858

Owner: Semperlux Aktiengesellschaft Lichttechnische Werke
Serial Number: 78214998

Owner: Serverless Office LLC
Serial Number: 78856833

Owner: SGE, Incorporated
Serial Number: 78745745

Owner: Shadow Rods, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 76648210

Serial Number: 78428340

Serial Number: 78900990

Owner: SHOE M.G.K., LLC
Serial Number: 78872854

Owner: SHOE M.G.K., LLC
Serial Number: 78872857

Owner: Sidley Austin Holding LLP
Serial Number: 76661111

Owner: Signature Associates, Inc.
Serial Number: 78713834

Serial Number: 78702843

Serial Number: 78734497

Serial Number: 78907743

Owner: SnS Design, Inc
Serial Number: 78709339

Owner: Sogrape Vinhos, S.A.
Serial Number: 78723265

Serial Number: 78873877

Serial Number: 78785505

Serial Number: 78642088

Owner: Solutions 4 Hiring, Inc.
Serial Number: 78889924

Owner: Songsurfer Corporation
Serial Number: 78878140

Owner: Sorowell Production Services LLC
Serial Number: 78768147

Serial Number: 78890463

Serial Number: 78546412

Owner: Spiral Solutions Ltd.
Serial Number: 78869838

Serial Number: 74477390

Owner: SRATS, Inc.
Serial Number: 78902538

Owner: Stackley Devices, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 78867556

Serial Number: 78897411

Serial Number: 78549616

Serial Number: 78805488

Serial Number: 78805507

Owner: Steven Albert Blanchard
Serial Number: 78724741

Serial Number: 76634995

Owner: Sunbeam Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 78824346

Owner: Sunkist Growers, Inc.
Serial Number: 78868954

Owner: Superstation, Inc.
Serial Number: 78399631

Owner: Sutten, Von, S.
Serial Number: 78776534

Owner: Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 76357656

Owner: T.A.B.C. - School
Serial Number: 78713025

Owner: T.F. Hudgins, Incorporated
Serial Number: 76648167

Owner: TACO Communications Inc.
Serial Number: 78759159

Owner: Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc.
Serial Number: 78761025

Owner: Tan, JunHao
Serial Number: 78829453

Owner: TarHong Direct
Serial Number: 78843733

Owner: Teacher Created Resources, Inc.
Serial Number: 78615938

Serial Number: 78955744

Serial Number: 78853704

Owner: TeleTech Holdings, Inc.
Serial Number: 78842525

Owner: Terrio Physical Therapy-Fitness, Inc.
Serial Number: 78523186

Owner: Thatcher, Paul, D.
Serial Number: 78888616

Serial Number: 78745633

Serial Number: 78745654

Owner: The Columbus Zoological Park Association
Serial Number: 78744287

Serial Number: 78839035

Owner: The House On F Street, LLC
Serial Number: 77020620

Owner: The Magni Company
Serial Number: 78551884

Owner: The Nurtured Family, LLC
Serial Number: 78843301

Owner: The Shutter Shoppe, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 78754423

Owner: The Shutter Shoppe, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 78754506

Serial Number: 78751771

Owner: The Sunshine House, Inc.
Serial Number: 78745808

Serial Number: 76526378

Owner: Thompson, Jesse
Serial Number: 78898030

Owner: Thrash, William R., Jr.
Serial Number: 78868590

Owner: Time Inc.
Serial Number: 78734547

Owner: Time Inc.
Serial Number: 78734552

Serial Number: 78768106

Owner: Toda Kogyo Corporation
Serial Number: 78569379

Owner: Toller, Kevin A
Serial Number: 78899947

Serial Number: 78869874

Serial Number: 78674314

Serial Number: 78719895

Owner: Trans World International, Inc.
Serial Number: 78565023

Owner: Trans-India Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 78619385

Owner: Triad Telecom, Inc.
Serial Number: 78833028

Owner: Trilogy Marketing, Inc.
Serial Number: 78574322

Serial Number: 78886405

Owner: True Value Company
Serial Number: 78733795

Serial Number: 78740592

Owner: Ubisoft, Inc.
Serial Number: 76650527

Serial Number: 76658137

Serial Number: 78977175

Owner: United States Government Printing Office
Serial Number: 78838037

Owner: University City Science Center
Serial Number: 78748529

Serial Number: 75346357

Serial Number: 78904216

Serial Number: 78904252

Serial Number: 78596572

Owner: Venture Measurement Company, LLC
Serial Number: 76649095

Serial Number: 77005110

Owner: Vishinsky, Adam S.
Serial Number: 78900110

Serial Number: 78893695

Serial Number: 78584021

Owner: Volcano Island Honey Company, LLC
Serial Number: 78698978

Owner: W.R. Grace & Co.-Conn.
Serial Number: 78756032

Owner: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Serial Number: 78757502

Serial Number: 78844493

Owner: Warren, Rod
Serial Number: 78640633

Owner: Washington Square Associates, Inc.
Serial Number: 76665596

Owner: Wear-Concepts, Inc.
Serial Number: 78870587

Owner: Weeks, Jeffrey L.
Serial Number: 78899558

Owner: White Castle Management Co.
Serial Number: 76641728

Owner: Willoughby Supply Company
Serial Number: 78742749

Owner: Winners Bee Pollen Co.
Serial Number: 78537418

Serial Number: 78722251

Owner: Wyatt, Paul
Serial Number: 78728155

Serial Number: 78934529

Owner: Your Airport Valet
Serial Number: 78905340

Serial Number: 76446965

Owner: Zerovoc Technology, LLC
Serial Number: 76656031

Serial Number: 78900102

Owner: Zoorob, George K.
Serial Number: 78850902