Sunday, February 21 2021

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Aaron; Charles W. (Salado, TX)
Title: Multi function linkage clamping system
Patent Number: 8,328,171

Inventors: Abahri; Tareq Abduljahl (Jaber Al-Ali, KW)
Title: Apparatus and method for measuring the properties of petroleum fractions and pure hydrocarbon liquids by light refraction
Patent Number: 8,332,162

Inventors: Abdulkader; Ahmad (San Jose, CA), Casey; Matthew R. (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Efficient identification and correction of optical character recognition errors through learning in a multi-engine environment
Patent Number: 8,331,739

Inventors: Abe; Masayuki (Utsunomiya, JP)
Title: Liquid crystal display apparatus
Patent Number: 8,330,694

Inventors: Abhishek; Ramkumar (Mountain View, CA), Yoshimizu; Norimasa (Pleasant Hill, CA)
Title: Methods, devices, and systems for measuring physical properties of fluid
Patent Number: 9,518,905

Inventors: Abisdid; Marlene (Marseilles, FR), Abisdid; Charli (Marseilles, FR), Medus; Dominique (L'union, FR), Thebault; Pierre (Ramonville-saint-agne, FR)
Title: Self-lighting device for a cigarette
Patent Number: 9,517,975

Inventors: Aboud; Emad T. (Swaida, SY)
Title: Device for performing an anastomosis
Patent Number: 8,328,828

Inventors: Abreu; Enrique (Stamford, CT)
Title: Distributed battery management system for remote repletion of electric vehicles
Patent Number: 9,517,701

Inventors: Abunassar; Chad (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Optimal ratio of polar and bending moment of inertia for stent strut design
Patent Number: 8,328,863

Inventors: Ackerman; William B. (North Billerica, MA), Dickie; Garth A. (Framingham, MA), Keller; Jeffrey M. (Cambridge, MA)
Title: Hierarchical data compression and computation
Patent Number: 9,519,651

Inventors: Adam; Gorgees (Manukau, NZ), Liang; Jing (Auckland, NZ)
Title: Metal alloy powders production
Patent Number: 8,328,899

Inventors: Adamek; Karel (Brno, CZ), Kanovsky; Petr (Tupesy, CZ), Zaruba; Radek (Decin, CZ), Mlaskac; Martin (Kanice, CZ)
Title: Interconnection fabric with protocol agnostic switch for flexible radio avionics
Patent Number: 9,520,903

Inventors: Adams; Justin F. (Ypsilanti, MI), Avallone; Louis A. (Milford, MI), McKim; Dale W. (Howell, MI), Sell; Jeffrey A. (West Bloomfield, MI), Siekkinen; John W. (Novi, MI), Verdejo; Julian R. (Farmington, MI)
Title: Oxygen sensor heater control methods and systems
Patent Number: 7,467,628

Inventors: Adarsh; Anurag (Bangalore, IN), Janawadkar; Piyush (Bangalore, IN)
Title: Determining spam in information collected by a source
Patent Number: 8,332,415

Inventors: Adrangi; Farid (Lake Oswego, OR), Lortz; Victor B. (Beaverton, OR)
Title: Method and apparatus to use smart phones to securely and conveniently monitor intel pcs remotely
Patent Number: 9,521,552

Inventors: Aganovic; Zijad F. (Delray Beach, FL)
Title: Improving the efficiency of real-time website optimization processes using saliency analysis
Patent Number: 9,519,727

Inventors: Agarwal; Saurabh (Gurgaon, IN), Srivastava; Dhanashree (Pune, IN)
Title: Refining search results for a compound search query
Patent Number: 9,519,703

Inventors: Agnoli; Giovanni M. (San Francisco, CA), Pirazzi; Christopher V. (Menlo Park, CA), Chartock; Howard E. (Palo Alto, CA), Chen; Steve H. (Santa Clara, CA), Chomsky; Harry A. (Albany, CA), Lai; Angela C. W. (Mountain View, CA), Lindsey; Kerrick (Foster City, CA), Pawson; David (San Mateo, CA), Shapiro; Jody J. (San Jose, CA), Weaver; Daniel (Redwood City, CA)
Title: System, method, and computer program product for media publishing request processing
Patent Number: 9,521,176

Inventors: Agoston; Maria (Beaverton, OR), Henricksen; Ronald M. (Beaverton, OR), Zivny; Pavel R. (Portland, OR)
Title: System for independently modifying jitter and noise components in a signal digitizing instrument
Patent Number: 8,332,172

Inventors: Ahmad; Lubna M. (Chandler, AZ), Satterfield; Brent (Bountiful, UT), Martineau; Rhett (Gilbert, AZ)
Title: Method and apparatus for analyzing acetone in breath
Patent Number: 9,518,991

Inventors: Ahn; David (San Francisco, CA), Bieniosek; Michael Paul (Woodinville, WA), Makhanov; Andrei Peter (San Jose, CA), Salvetti; Franco (San Francisco, CA), Thione; Giovanni Lorenzo (San Francisco, CA), Donato; Gianluca (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Indentifying referring expressions for concepts
Patent Number: 8,332,426

Inventors: Ahn; Sang-Chul (Seoul, KR), Kim; Hyoung-Gon (Seoul, KR), Kim; Ig-Jae (Seoul, KR), Hwang; Chang-Sik (Seoul, KR)
Title: Interactive presentation system
Patent Number: 7,468,742

Inventors: Ainsworth; Stephen D. (Wilmington, NC), Assell; Robert L. (St. Paul, MN), Cragg; Andrew H. (Edina, MN), Wessman; Bradley J. (Wilmington, NC)
Title: Assemblies for provision of therapy to motion segments
Patent Number: 8,328,847

Inventors: Aissaoui; Hamed (Pulversheim, FR), Boss; Christoph (Allschwil, CH), Brotschi; Christine (Allschwil, CH), Gude; Markus (Allschwil, CH), Siegrist; Romain (Allschwil, CH), Sifferlen; Thierry (Wentzwiller, FR), Williams; Jodi T (Basel, CH)
Title: Oxazolidinone derivatives
Patent Number: 8,329,706

Inventors: Aizawa; Shunsuke (Kisarazu, JP), Yamagiwa; Kenichi (Kisarazu, JP)
Title: Accumulating unit and print product production device
Patent Number: 9,517,913

Inventors: Akiyama; James (Beaverton, OR), Clifford; William H. (Gig Harbor, WA), Brown; Paul M. (University Place, WA)
Title: Memory micro-tiling request reordering
Patent Number: 8,332,598

Inventors: Akiyama; Kazuhiro (Kanagawa, JP), Igarashi; Hatsuhide (Kanagawa, JP), Okamoto; Seiichi (Kanagawa, JP), Miyashita; Toshiyuki (Kanagawa, JP), Seki; Kazumi (Kanagawa, JP), Uchino; Tatsuya (Kanagawa, JP), Kajimoto; Shigeki (Osaka, JP)
Title: Semiconductor device for IC tag, IC tag, and control method for IC tag for detecting and executing command from radio wave
Patent Number: 7,468,668

Inventors: Akutsu; Hiroaki (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Storage system with rebuild operations
Patent Number: 9,519,554

Inventors: Al-Hakim; Muneer (Macon, GA)
Title: System for delivering cold beverages to a vehicle cabin
Patent Number: 9,517,923

Inventors: Albers; Oliver (Oakland, CA), Lin; Kun Shu Jeffrey (Taipei, TW)
Title: Airtight canister lid with flexible seal-breaking bulb
Patent Number: 9,517,865

Inventors: Albornoz; Jose (Iver Heath, GB)
Title: Computing device, method, and program for distributing computational load
Patent Number: 9,521,191

Inventors: Alexander; Gregory W. (Pflugerville, TX), Blanchard; Anton (Marrickville, AU), Miller, II; Milton D. (Austin, TX), Venton; Todd A. (Austin, TX), Wright; Kenneth L. (Austin, TX)
Title: Branch target preloading using a multiplexer and hash circuit to reduce incorrect branch predictions
Patent Number: 9,519,480

Inventors: Alhumaid; Fawaz (Lake Oswego, OR)
Title: Cautery needle for separating and/or penetrating the pericardium
Patent Number: 9,517,102

Inventors: Ali; Yusuf (Hudson, OH), Barnhart; Ronald A. (Mogadore, OH), Cline; Mojgan (Copley, OH)
Title: Skin sanitizing antimicrobial alcoholic compositions
Patent Number: 8,329,758

Inventors: Allegaert; Rudi (Erembodegem, BE), De Mulder; Dirk (Kruishoutem, BE)
Title: Film structure with high oxygen barrier properties and method for manufacturing such a film structure
Patent Number: 8,329,288

Inventors: Allen; Jennifer R. (Newbury Park, CA), Bourbeau; Matthew Paul (Woodland Hills, CA), Chen; Ning (Thousand Oaks, CA), Hu; Essa (Camarillo, CA), Kunz; Roxanne (Santa Monica, CA), Rumfelt; Shannon (Camarillo, CA)
Title: Pyrazine compounds as phosphodiesterase 10 inhibitors
Patent Number: 8,329,700

Inventors: Allen; Robert David (San Jose, CA), DiPietro; Richard Anthony (Campbell, CA), Dubois; Geraud Jean-Michel (Los Gatos, CA), Hart; Mark Whitney (San Jose, CA), Miller; Robert Dennis (San Jose, CA), Sooriyakumaran; Ratnam (San Jose, CA)
Title: Imprint process using polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane based imprint materials
Patent Number: 7,468,330

Inventors: Alliss; George E. (Fairmont, NC)
Title: Straight through line feed vegetation trimmer apparatus
Patent Number: 9,516,807

Inventors: Almohizea; Saad Ibrahim (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Apparatus and method for transdermal delivery of bioactive solution
Patent Number: 9,517,297

Inventors: Alocilja; Evangelyn C. (East Lansing, MI), Zhou; John C. (Northville, MI)
Title: Synthesis of conducto-magnetic polymers as nano-transducers in biosensor design
Patent Number: 7,468,150

Inventors: Alonso-Rubio; Jose (Stockholm, SE), Gunnarsson; Fredrik (Linkoping, SE)
Title: Automatic handover oscillation control
Patent Number: 8,331,936

Inventors: Alpert; Martin A. (Beachwood, OH)
Title: Apparatus and method for radiant heating and cooling for vehicles
Patent Number: 9,517,681

Inventors: Altshuler; Gregory B. (Lincoln, MA), Zenzie; Henry H. (Dover, MA)
Title: System for electromagnetic radiation dermatology and head for use therewith
Patent Number: 8,328,794

Inventors: Altshuler; Gregory B. (Lincoln, MA), Zenzie; Henry H. (Dover, MA)
Title: Light energy delivery head
Patent Number: 8,328,796

Inventors: Amar; Salomon (Brookline, MA), Tang; Xiaoren (Winchester, MA)
Title: PIMAP39 modulates LPS-induced inflammatory response
Patent Number: 8,329,643

Inventors: Ammann; Rainer (Bobingen, DE)
Title: Method for detaching or separating a sealing film or foil sealingly attached to the rim of the neck of a bottle, or the like, and a screw cap for implementation of said method
Patent Number: 9,517,869

Inventors: Anders; Juanita J. (Potomac, MD), Ilev; Ilko K. (Rockville, MD), Waynant; Ronald W. (Clarksville, MD), Byrnes; Kimberly R. (Gaithersburg, MD)
Title: Method for treating a patient having a spinal cord injury using phototherapy
Patent Number: 8,328,857

Inventors: Anderson, Jr.; Don R. (Indianapolis, IN), Markisohn; David B. (Indianapolis, IN), Reinke; Robert E. (Indianapolis, IN)
Title: Communication test framework
Patent Number: 9,521,062

Inventors: Anderson; Michael S. (Hillsboro, OR), Naineni; Malahal R. (Cedar Park, TX), Seetharaman; Chandra (Round Rock, TX)
Title: Load balancing logical units in an active/passive storage system
Patent Number: 9,519,580

Inventors: Andry; Paul S. (Yorktown Heights, NY), Chang; Leland (New York, NY), Colgan; Evan G. (Chestnut Ridge, NY), Knickerbocker; John U. (Yorktown Heights, NY), Webb; Bucknell C. (Yorktown Heights, NY), Wisnieff; Robert (Ridgefield, CT)
Title: Three-D power converter in three distinct strata
Patent Number: 9,520,779

Inventors: Angros; Lee (Bethany, OK)
Title: In situ heat induced antigen recovery and staining apparatus and method
Patent Number: 8,329,100

Inventors: Ankori; Yaron (Holon, IL)
Title: Method and device for measuring water currents
Patent Number: 7,467,545

Inventors: Ansari; Hazim (Tustin, CA), Ansari; Nadia (Tustin, CA), Ansari; Kamran (Tustin, CA)
Title: Methods and systems of enabling users to actively allocate advertising resources and promote follower tracking
Patent Number: 8,328,612

Inventors: Antkowiak; Ryan (Chicago, IL), Kahley; Kevin (Chicago, IL)
Title: Wagering game machine with a type driven interface
Patent Number: 8,328,625

Inventors: Anuff; Ed (San Francisco, CA), Harbaugh; Edith (Oakland, CA), Vonderweid; Ethan (San Francisco, CA), Petersen; John (San Francisco, CA), Phillips; Amy (Oakland, CA), Guyot; Noah (San Francisco, CA), Moses; Dean (San Francisco, CA), MacLeod; Dave (Oakland, CA), Chaudhary; Siddharth Rishi Raj (San Francisco, CA)
Title: System and method for provisioning user access to web site components in a portal framework
Patent Number: 9,521,046

Inventors: Aoki; Junichi (Kanagawa, JP), Yamada; Naoto (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Developer container package body and package container
Patent Number: 8,331,831

Inventors: Aoki; Roger Kei (Coto De Caza, CA), Cui; Minglei (Irvine, CA), Jenkins; Stephen W. (Mission Viejo, CA)
Title: Neuropathic pain treatment method
Patent Number: 7,468,189

Inventors: Arahira; Shin (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Optical m-ary modulator
Patent Number: 8,331,798

Inventors: Arai; Atsushi (Toyama, JP)
Title: Connector
Patent Number: 7,467,965

Inventors: Arai; Masahiro (Osaka, JP)
Title: Lighting device for display device and display device
Patent Number: 8,330,706

Inventors: Araki; Hiroshi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Line accommodating apparatus and temperature control method
Patent Number: 9,521,471

Inventors: Aram; Farbod (Los Altos Hills, CA)
Title: Multi-amplifier circuit
Patent Number: 7,468,633

Inventors: Archambault; Roch Georges (North York, CA), Cui; Shimin (Toronto, CA), Gao; Yaoqing (North York, CA), Silvera; Raul Esteban (Woodbridge, CA), Zhao; Peng (Markham, CA)
Title: Procedure control descriptor-based code specialization for context sensitive memory disambiguation
Patent Number: 8,332,833

Inventors: Ariga; Michihiro (Anjo, JP), Sayo; Syoichi (Toyota, JP), Habuchi; Ryoji (Okazaki, JP)
Title: Vehicle power transmission device
Patent Number: 8,328,668

Inventors: Ariizumi; Masahiro (Tokyo, JP), Hashiguchi; Noriyasu (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Patent Number: 9,519,974

Inventors: Arimilli; Ravi K. (Austin, TX), Basso; Claude (Raleigh, NC), Calvignac; Jean L. (Raleigh, NC), Dreps; Daniel M. (Georgetown, TX), Seminaro; Edward J. (Milton, NY)
Title: Supporting multiple high bandwidth I/O controllers on a single chip
Patent Number: 8,332,552

Inventors: Armentano; Vincent (Glastonbury, CT), Demumbrum; Carol (Redington Shores, FL), Steingiser; Russell (Glastonbury, CT), Grivers; Stanley (South Windsor, CT), Lawton; Lisa (Naugatuck, CT), Morgan; Julie (Lyme, CT)
Title: Method and system for enhanced medical triage
Patent Number: 8,332,234

Inventors: Arnold; Lee D. (Niantic, CT), Dinges; Jurgen (Grayslake, IL), Dixon; Richard W. (Jefferson, MA), Djuric; Stevan W. (Libertyville, IL), Ericsson; Anna M. (Schrewsbury, MA), Fischer; Kimba (Longmont, CO), Gasiecki; Alan F. (Vernon Hills, IL), Gracias; Vijaya J. (Lindenhurst, IL), Holms; James H. (Gurnee, IL), Takeshita; Makoto (Fukui, JP), Michaelides; Michael R. (Libertyville, IL), Muckey; Melanie A. (Trevor, WI), Rafferty; Paul (Westborough, MA), Steinman; Douglas H. (Morton Grove, IL), Wada; Carol K. (Gurnee, IL), Xia; Zhiren (Gurnee, IL), Akritopoulou-Zanze; Irini (Lake Bluff, IL), Zhang; Henry Q. (Grayslake, IL)
Title: Tricyclic pyrazole kinase inhibitors
Patent Number: 7,468,371

Inventors: Arpino; Mario Peter (Pinner, GB)
Title: Walk-with apparatus
Patent Number: 8,327,961

Inventors: Arsanjani; Ali P. (Fairfield, IA), Jalaldeen; Ahamed (Karnataka, IN), Purohit; Siddharth (Allen, TX)
Title: Service re-factoring method and system
Patent Number: 8,332,813

Inventors: Asano; Mitsuyasu (Tokyo, JP), Nishi; Tomohiro (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Liquid crystal display device
Patent Number: 9,520,096

Inventors: Astrand; Per Emil (Lund, SE)
Title: Selective exposure to USB device functionality for a virtual machine by filtering descriptors
Patent Number: 8,332,846

Inventors: Athsani; Athellina (San Jose, CA), Jones; M. Cameron (San Jose, CA), Tesler; Lawrence Gordon (Portola Valley, CA), Churchill; Elizabeth F. (San Francisco, CA)
Title: System and method for conducting a profile based search
Patent Number: 9,519,716

Inventors: Atoro; Takashi (Osaka, JP), Okawa; Yohei (Osaka, JP)
Title: Waveform observing apparatus
Patent Number: 8,332,171

Inventors: Aumente; Julio Aumente (Llucmajor, ES)
Title: Luggage control and verification system and methods of use
Patent Number: 9,518,861

Inventors: Avanzino; Steven (Cupertino, CA), Pangrle; Suzette K. (Cupertino, CA), Rathor; Manuj (Milpitas, CA), Chen; An (Sunnyvale, CA), Haddad; Sameer (San Jose, CA), Tripsas; Nicholas (San Jose, CA), Buynoski; Matthew (Palo Alto, CA)
Title: Test structures for development of metal-insulator-metal (MIM) devices
Patent Number: 7,468,525

Inventors: Avloni; Jamshid (Moraga, CA)
Title: Electroconductive woven and non-woven fabric
Patent Number: 7,468,332

Inventors: Axel; Leon (Philadelphia, PA)
Title: Gradient coil arrangement and method for using the same
Patent Number: 7,468,644

Inventors: Axland; Mark (Charlotte, NC), Axland; Cheryl (Charlotte, NC), Dahlquist; Kevin (Charlotte, NC), Bizzell; Daniel Lee (Davidson, NC), Kovacevich; Ian D. (Charlotte, NC)
Title: Mountable power strips with rotationally biased arm sections
Patent Number: 8,330,041

Inventors: Azegami; Takayuki (Akashi, JP), Abe; Taro (Akashi, JP)
Title: Exchangeable head cutting tool
Patent Number: 9,517,514

Inventors: Baba; Masaki (Osaka, JP)
Title: Data compression device and image reading device
Patent Number: 8,331,702

Inventors: Babbar; Uppinder Singh (San Diego, CA), Char; Rashmi (San Diego, CA), Viswanathan; Senthil (San Diego, CA), Mudireddy; Srinivas Reddy (San Diego, CA)
Title: Efficient modification of packet filters in a wireless communication network
Patent Number: 8,332,926

Inventors: Babcock; Jonathan M. (Carmel, IN)
Title: Equipment designs for applying agricultural management materials
Patent Number: 9,516,873

Inventors: Bache; John C. (Stourbridge, GB)
Title: Grit trap
Patent Number: 7,468,136

Inventors: Bachmann; Stephan (Allschwil, CH), Hildbrand; Stefan (Gelterkinden, CH), Jappy; James (Surry, GB), Patel; Dinesh Maganbhai (Berkshire, GB), Pfleger; Christophe (Mulhouse, FR), Tidswell; Robert John Ernest (Surry, GB), Trussardi; Rene (Birsfelden, CH)
Title: Process for the preparation of halogenated benzoic acid derivatives
Patent Number: 8,329,939

Inventors: Baciu; Assaf (Berkeley, CA), Pandya; Hetal (Cupertino, CA), Stone; Kevin M. (Mountain View, CA), Winarsky; David A. (San Jose, CA)
Title: System, method, and software program product for tracking call failures on a wireless phone
Patent Number: 8,331,919

Inventors: Bacon; Raymond (Hampshire, GB)
Title: Medicament container
Patent Number: 8,329,271

Inventors: Bader; Andreas (Austin, TX), Zhao; Jane (Austin, TX)
Title: Sorafenib-microRNA combination therapy for liver cancer
Patent Number: 9,517,245

Inventors: Baker; Michael Thomas (Medford, WI), Steiert; Dak Brandon (Edwards, CO)
Title: Laser level eyewear apparatus
Patent Number: 9,519,160

Inventors: Baker; Thomas C. (Grover Beach, CA), Derocher; Diane M. (Peoria, AZ), Hoffman; Lawrence Stanton (Scottsdale, AZ), Jimenez; Bruno (Litchfield Park, AZ), More; Yogesh R. (Phoenix, AZ), Raffaele; Pauline (Waddell, AZ), Saporito; Andrea M. (New York, NY), Wybraniec; Jennifer Lynne (New York, NY)
Title: System and method for transferring a line of credit balance to a cash account
Patent Number: 8,332,316

Inventors: Bakir; Muhannad S. (Atlanta, GA), Martin; Kevin P. (Atlanta, GA), Meindl; James D. (Marietta, GA)
Title: Devices having compliant wafer-level input/output interconnections and packages using pillars and methods of fabrication thereof
Patent Number: 7,468,558

Inventors: Bakk; Istvan (Torokbalint, HU)
Title: Cooling system for electronic components and led lamp having the same
Patent Number: 9,521,777

Inventors: Balakrishnan; Karthik (White Plains, NY), Cheng; Kangguo (Schenectady, NY), Hashemi; Pouya (White Plains, NY), Reznicek; Alexander (Troy, NY)
Title: Fabrication of fin structures having high germanium content
Patent Number: 9,520,469

Inventors: Balasubramanian; Ganesh (Singapore, SG), Bashir; Yazid Mohamed (Singapore, SG), Varnes; Bjorn Staale (Tau, NO)
Title: Coiled tubing deployed gas injection mandrel
Patent Number: 9,518,456

Inventors: Balasubramanian; Vijaykumar (Chennai, IN), Subramaniam; Sasidhar (Chennai, IN)
Title: Systems and methods for implementing WLAN power saving using an alternate wireless protocol
Patent Number: 9,521,619

Inventors: Bandic; Zvonimir Z. (San Jose, CA), Childress; Jeffery Robinson (San Jose, CA), Franca-Neto; Luiz M. (Sunnyvale, CA), Katine; Jordan Asher (Mountain View, CA), Robertson; Neil Leslie (Palo Alto, CA)
Title: Implementing magnetic memory pillar design
Patent Number: 9,520,444

Inventors: Banks; Andrew Douglas (Corning, NY), Boek; Heather Debra (Corning, NY), Howles; Jason Arthur (Corning, NY)
Title: Controlled atmosphere when sintering a frit to a glass plate
Patent Number: 8,329,303

Inventors: Banning; Jeffrey H. (Hillsboro, OR), Drappel; Stephan V. (Mississauga, CA), Meinhardt; Michael B. (Mountain Circle, OR), Bridgeman; Randall R. (Tualatin, OR), Kugel; Alex J. (Fargo, ND)
Title: Compounds suitable for use in inks and inks having such compounds
Patent Number: 8,328,923

Inventors: Baptiste; Francois (Gennevilliers, FR)
Title: Method for generating symbols for the automatic gain control of a signal to be transmitted
Patent Number: 9,521,027

Inventors: Barale; Jean-Christophe (Paris, FR), Uzureau; Pierrick (Wepion, BE), Braun-Breton; Catherine (Montpellier, FR)
Title: Methods for detecting virulent Plasmodium, for evaluating Plasmodium virulence, and for screening new drugs employing the 3' UTR of Plasmodium SUB2 and the Plasmodium SUB2 serine protease
Patent Number: 8,329,883

Inventors: Baratono; Ronald (Allen Park, MI), Abbas; Mossad (Ridgefield, GB)
Title: Combined rear view mirror and telephone
Patent Number: 8,331,998

Inventors: Barbosa; Manuel (Novi, MI), Layton; Charles T. (Beverly Hills, MI), Ansari; Muhammad Farooq (Farmington Hills, MI)
Title: Disc brake pad return spring
Patent Number: 7,467,693

Inventors: Barbut; Denise R. (New York, NY), Keith; Peter T. (St. Paul, MN), Berhow; Steven W. (St. Michael, MN), St. Germain; Jon P. (Elk River, MN)
Title: Partial aortic occlusion devices and methods for cerebral perfusion augmentation
Patent Number: 7,468,027

Inventors: Barkie; Eric J. (Cary, NC), Fletcher; Benjamin L. (Denver, CO), Wyskida; Andrew P. (Fishkill, NY)
Title: Web document annotation service
Patent Number: 9,519,632

Inventors: Barner; Paul Keith (Valencia, CA), Howard; Joshua Dale (Chatsworth, CA)
Title: Lead anchors and systems and methods employing the lead anchors
Patent Number: 9,517,334

Inventors: Barraclough; Roger (Liverpool, GB), Barraclough; Dong Liu (Liverpool, GB), Rudland; Philip (Liverpool, GB)
Title: Antibodies to an epitope of AGR2, assays and hybridomas
Patent Number: 8,329,875

Inventors: Barrett; Ronald (Fenelton, PA)
Title: Impact pad for metallurgical vessels
Patent Number: 7,468,157

Inventors: Barth; Karl (Hochstadt, DE), Wessels; Gerd (Effeltrich, DE)
Title: Method for virtual adaptation of an implant to a body part of a patient
Patent Number: 8,331,634

Inventors: Barton; James M. (Los Gatos, CA), McInnis; Roderick James (Milpitas, CA), Moskowitz; Alan S. (Oakland, CA), Goodman; Andrew Martin (Portola Valley, CA), Chow; Ching Tong (Los Altos, CA), Kao; Jean Swey (Cupertino, CA)
Title: Digital security surveillance system
Patent Number: 9,521,356

Inventors: Baseman; Robert J. (Brewster, NY), Nowicki; Tomasz J. (Fort Montgomery, NY)
Title: Foreign material contamination detection
Patent Number: 8,328,950

Inventors: Basu; Anirban (Legrangeville, NY), Cohen; Guy M. (Ossining, NY)
Title: Charge carrier transport facilitated by strain
Patent Number: 9,520,496

Inventors: Bates; Susan (Bebington, GB), Treloar; Robert Lindsay (Bebington, GB)
Title: Method and apparatus for generating a model of an object
Patent Number: 8,332,186

Inventors: Batrol; Raymond (Les Ormes, FR)
Title: Adsorption box for single distillation column within the insulating enclosure
Patent Number: 8,328,914

Inventors: Battles; Christopher A. (Seymour, CT)
Title: Seal device with adjustable aperture
Patent Number: 8,328,717

Inventors: Bauer; Michael (Nittendorf, DE), Heitzer; Ludwig (Regensburg, DE), Stuempfl; Christian (Schwandorf, DE)
Title: Electronic component of VQFN design and method for producing the same
Patent Number: 8,330,260

Inventors: Bauer; Monika (Koenigs Wusterhausen, DE), Kuschel; Frank (Halle, DE), Mueller; Joachim (Berlin, DE)
Title: Display cell with compartmentalized liquid-crystal layer, method for its production and a liquid-crystal material-containing mixture suitable therefor
Patent Number: 8,330,902

Inventors: Baumatz; David (Carmei Yosef, IL)
Title: Sensing/emitting apparatus, system and method
Patent Number: 8,330,646

Inventors: Baxter; William Ronald Stuart (Cambridge, GB), Eve; Richard William (Cambridge, GB)
Title: Printing apparatus and method
Patent Number: 7,467,847

Inventors: Bayley; Robert D. (Fairport, NY), Sweeney; Maura A. (Rochester, NY), Kmiecik-Lawrynowicz; Grazyna (Fairport, NY)
Title: Processes for forming latexes and toners, and latexes and toner formed thereby
Patent Number: 7,468,232

Inventors: Beardsley; Brent C. (Tucson, AZ), Benhase; Michael T. (Tucson, AZ), Gupta; Lokesh M. (Tucson, AZ), Hyde, II; Joseph S. (Tucson, AZ), Williams; Sonny E. (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Management of write cache using stride objects
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Inventors: Beasley; Adrian Carl (Reading, GB)
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Owner: Allsup, Inc.
Serial Number: 77568508

Owner: Aloe Vera of America, Inc.
Serial Number: 77709897

Serial Number: 77652016

Owner: Alvarez, Antonio Vargas
Serial Number: 77767599

Serial Number: 77767415

Owner: American Energy Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 75213470

Owner: American Financial Group, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77812992

Owner: American Society for Dermatologic Surgery
Serial Number: 77711617

Owner: American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Serial Number: 77663413

Owner: American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Serial Number: 77663414

Owner: American Specialty Health Incorporated
Serial Number: 77682624

Serial Number: 77836495

Owner: Ametek Programmable Power, Inc.
Serial Number: 77701431

Owner: Animated Earth, LLC
Serial Number: 77638655

Serial Number: 77662803

Owner: Annie Aft
Serial Number: 77754668

Serial Number: 78631524

Owner: Antonello, Jean
Serial Number: 77715071

Serial Number: 77847762

Owner: Arizona Boiler Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 77843935

Serial Number: 77557326

Owner: ART VPS Limited
Serial Number: 77667136

Serial Number: 73782760

Owner: AthenaHealth, Inc.
Serial Number: 77793543

Serial Number: 77850715

Owner: Atlas Paper Mills, LLC
Serial Number: 77769226

Owner: Axis Mobile Ventures LLC
Serial Number: 77817179

Serial Number: 77751303

Owner: Beverly's Best Bakery Inc
Serial Number: 77848941

Serial Number: 77703408

Owner: Biermann Productions LLC
Serial Number: 78468382

Serial Number: 77848357

Owner: Big Horn Prospecting, Inc.
Serial Number: 77839113

Serial Number: 78650618

Owner: Billy Boy Food Corp.
Serial Number: 77759888

Serial Number: 77565249

Serial Number: 77807284

Owner: Blue Lizard Group, LLC
Serial Number: 77756870

Serial Number: 77723800

Owner: BountyJobs, Inc.
Serial Number: 77029945

Owner: Brainsqueeze, LLC
Serial Number: 77420692

Owner: Breakthrough College Counseling, LLC
Serial Number: 77828439

Owner: BrownGold, Theresa
Serial Number: 77842379

Owner: Burg, Gregory
Serial Number: 77726918

Serial Number: 77841204

Owner: C. & J. Clark America, Inc.
Serial Number: 77360804

Owner: C.A.S. IBERIA, INC.
Serial Number: 77531760

Owner: CA, INC.
Serial Number: 77796201

Owner: Cable News Network, Inc.
Serial Number: 77632247

Owner: Cacique Inc.
Serial Number: 77801701

Serial Number: 77626467

Owner: Callaway Golf Company
Serial Number: 77679763

Owner: Calvert, Kenneth Everett
Serial Number: 76697586

Owner: Campbell University, Incorporated
Serial Number: 77865153

Serial Number: 77861905

Serial Number: 77562495

Owner: Cardinal Health Technologies, LLC
Serial Number: 77396124

Owner: CardioDx, Inc.
Serial Number: 77330937

Owner: Caretech, Inc.
Serial Number: 77852282

Owner: Carlisle Intangible Company
Serial Number: 77755449

Owner: Carlos Abreu
Serial Number: 77499314

Serial Number: 76686067

Owner: Cato of Texas, LP
Serial Number: 77849283

Serial Number: 77603479

Owner: Channel Four Television Corporation
Serial Number: 78648459

Owner: Chen, Candace
Serial Number: 77234968

Serial Number: 77689249

Serial Number: 77507959

Owner: Chipworks, Inc.
Serial Number: 77721782

Owner: Christopher B. Harmon, M.D., P.C.
Serial Number: 77738160

Owner: Cisco Technology, Inc.
Serial Number: 77490109

Serial Number: 75619349

Owner: Clean Earth, Inc.
Serial Number: 77823767

Owner: Clean Earth, Inc.
Serial Number: 77823800

Owner: Clean Earth, Inc.
Serial Number: 77823831

Owner: cleverbridge AG
Serial Number: 78871213

Serial Number: 77846642

Owner: Colorado Asphalt Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 77850970

Serial Number: 76665953

Owner: Conceptual Product Development, Inc.
Serial Number: 77846463

Owner: Confi-Chek, Inc.
Serial Number: 77864890

Serial Number: 77721190

Owner: Cosmetic Warriors Limited
Serial Number: 77499449

Owner: Cowles Publishing Company
Serial Number: 77544293

Owner: Craftmaster Restoration, Inc.
Serial Number: 77451563

Owner: Creador Pictures, LLC
Serial Number: 77786961

Owner: Creador Pictures, LLC
Serial Number: 77786993

Owner: Croswell Brim
Serial Number: 77847863

Serial Number: 77738626

Serial Number: 77514172

Owner: CSI International
Serial Number: 77324326

Owner: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Serial Number: 77847259

Owner: D.A. International Casting, Inc.
Serial Number: 77728054

Owner: D.A. International Casting, Inc.
Serial Number: 77728056

Owner: Daius Limited
Serial Number: 77574173

Owner: Daius Limited
Serial Number: 77574179

Serial Number: 77797342

Owner: Danisco US Inc.
Serial Number: 77776039

Owner: David Kirsch Wellness Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 77687402

Owner: David Wu Investments, Inc.
Serial Number: 77849798

Owner: Delta T Corporation
Serial Number: 77699913

Owner: DeLucia, Elizabeth D
Serial Number: 77665498

Owner: DestiNY USA Enterprises, LLC
Serial Number: 78710055

Owner: deviantART, Inc.
Serial Number: 77514035

Owner: Division ONE Sports
Serial Number: 77843944

Owner: Docu Prep, Inc.
Serial Number: 77690980

Owner: Document Security Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 77773624

Serial Number: 77545696

Owner: Dominick Distributors, Inc.
Serial Number: 77782699

Serial Number: 77125185

Owner: Doyle Research, Inc.
Serial Number: 77812160

Serial Number: 77634039

Owner: Dunn, Roberta
Serial Number: 77450653

Owner: Eagle Crest, Inc.
Serial Number: 77892049

Owner: Eagle Property Advisors LLC
Serial Number: 77892906

Owner: Earl Campbell Meat Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 77870032

Serial Number: 75610382

Owner: Eaton Corporation
Serial Number: 77577954

Owner: EBSCO Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 77714717

Owner: Ellery Homestyles LLC
Serial Number: 77601550

Serial Number: 77597171

Owner: En Tu Cara
Serial Number: 77719526

Serial Number: 77705640

Serial Number: 77705648

Owner: Engine No. 6 Pizza Co. LLC
Serial Number: 76700260

Serial Number: 77871955

Serial Number: 77315686

Serial Number: 77090822

Serial Number: 77773587

Owner: Everly, Phillip Jason
Serial Number: 77644127

Serial Number: 77602044

Serial Number: 77849550

Owner: Exelon Corporation
Serial Number: 77614711

Owner: Famous Smoke Shop-PA, Inc
Serial Number: 77758751

Owner: Fat Belly Products LLC
Serial Number: 77835072

Owner: Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Serial Number: 77214737

Owner: Fei, Joan L.
Serial Number: 77847959

Owner: Figg Bridge Engineers, Inc.
Serial Number: 78873445

Serial Number: 77851723

Owner: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited
Serial Number: 77836593

Owner: Flournoy, Marina
Serial Number: 78780720

Owner: Flournoy, Marina
Serial Number: 78780721

Serial Number: 73684723

Owner: FlyBranson Travel, LLC
Serial Number: 77780736

Owner: FOH, Inc.
Serial Number: 77668540

Owner: Food For Life Baking Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 77856546

Owner: Food For Life Baking Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 77856507

Owner: Ford Motor Company
Serial Number: 77718509

Owner: Fredini Corp
Serial Number: 77848956

Owner: Freeman, Dan
Serial Number: 77583014

Serial Number: 77445995

Serial Number: 77667306

Owner: Frykberg, Robert
Serial Number: 77926763

Serial Number: 77848399

Serial Number: 77798015

Serial Number: 77798036

Serial Number: 77798054

Serial Number: 77478316

Serial Number: 77518954

Owner: Global Research Solutions Inc.
Serial Number: 77624413

Owner: GlobalVetLink, L.C.
Serial Number: 77526696

Owner: Gold Eagle Co.
Serial Number: 77649061

Serial Number: 77410086

Serial Number: 77145819

Owner: Graham and Rollins, Incorporated
Serial Number: 76696907

Owner: Great Healthworks, Inc.
Serial Number: 77639367

Owner: Griffith, Steven
Serial Number: 77625021

Owner: Grove Street Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77683635

Owner: Gulf Oil Limited Partnership
Serial Number: 78740768

Owner: Gulf Oil Limited Partnership
Serial Number: 78740885

Owner: Gulf Pacific, Inc.
Serial Number: 77779318

Owner: H-E-B, LP
Serial Number: 77052026

Serial Number: 77560326

Serial Number: 77887453

Serial Number: 77515899

Owner: Hans und Ottmar Binder GbR
Serial Number: 77586000

Owner: Hansen Medical, Inc.
Serial Number: 77219752

Owner: Harry L. Tolley, III
Serial Number: 77654564

Serial Number: 78941227

Serial Number: 77831219

Serial Number: 77672530

Serial Number: 77672534

Owner: HealthRock LLC
Serial Number: 77735983

Serial Number: 77823877

Owner: Heinrich Deichmann-Schuhe GmbH & Co. KG
Serial Number: 77645619

Serial Number: 77638011

Serial Number: 77770477

Owner: Heritage Mint, Ltd
Serial Number: 78899709

Owner: Hermann, Suzanne J.
Serial Number: 77754631

Owner: Hershey Canada Inc.
Serial Number: 77621514

Owner: HIBU INC.
Serial Number: 75632019

Serial Number: 77138003

Serial Number: 77832715

Owner: Hoffman, Richard T.
Serial Number: 78968315

Owner: Hoffman, Richard T.
Serial Number: 78968236

Owner: Hofstra Group, Ltd. Co.
Serial Number: 77756892

Owner: Housegreening Inc.
Serial Number: 77664824

Owner: Houston International Hostel, Inc.
Serial Number: 77738510

Owner: Houston International Hostel, Inc.
Serial Number: 77743458

Owner: Humphreys & Partners Architects, L.P.
Serial Number: 77630043

Owner: Huth, Dee Rouse
Serial Number: 77701423

Serial Number: 77853393

Owner: I&J Fisnar, Inc.
Serial Number: 77660398

Owner: IGT
Serial Number: 77638853

Owner: IGT
Serial Number: 77662231

Owner: Imagine Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 77549794

Serial Number: 77742345

Owner: Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc.
Serial Number: 76680291

Serial Number: 77675458

Owner: InovoBiologic Inc.
Serial Number: 78959041

Owner: Institute for Options Research Inc.
Serial Number: 75760172

Serial Number: 77868038

Owner:, Inc.
Serial Number: 77563876

Owner: Interlink Products International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77846770

Owner: International Business Machines Corporation
Serial Number: 77312944

Serial Number: 78662168

Owner: Investment Management Consultants Association
Serial Number: 77844830

Owner: Iowa Department of Transportation
Serial Number: 77414648

Owner: Iowa Department of Transportation
Serial Number: 77414860

Owner: Iseghohi, Amen
Serial Number: 77848242

Owner: Jackson Family Wines, Inc.
Serial Number: 77851025

Serial Number: 77138226

Serial Number: 77607222

Serial Number: 77685547

Serial Number: 77759794

Serial Number: 77571453

Owner: JBN, LLC
Serial Number: 77634705

Owner: JBN, LLC
Serial Number: 77634711

Owner: Jeda Media Group, LLC
Serial Number: 77401499

Serial Number: 77775854

Owner: Johnson, Stephen W.
Serial Number: 77724553

Owner: Jones, Michael Wayne
Serial Number: 77531455

Owner: Jordan, Rudelle
Serial Number: 77484675

Owner: Julie Mellor
Serial Number: 77921647

Serial Number: 77846852

Owner: Kaavo, Inc.
Serial Number: 77853064

Owner: Kabushiki Kaisha Sony Computer Entertainment
Serial Number: 78855935

Owner: Kathy Poling
Serial Number: 77736768

Owner: Kessler Crane, Inc.
Serial Number: 77736916

Owner: Kevin Propper
Serial Number: 77356203

Owner: Kforce Inc.
Serial Number: 77684550

Owner: Khalil Gibran Centennial Foundation
Serial Number: 77832103

Owner: Kik Holdco Company
Serial Number: 77691719

Serial Number: 77687057

Owner: KIN, INC.
Serial Number: 75558287

Owner: Konami Gaming, Inc.
Serial Number: 77555458

Owner: Konami Gaming, Inc.
Serial Number: 77559178

Owner: Konami Gaming, Inc.
Serial Number: 77586245

Owner: Konami Gaming, Inc.
Serial Number: 77586273

Owner: L'Oreal USA Creative, Inc.
Serial Number: 77668178

Owner: La Riva, Antonio
Serial Number: 78920853

Owner: Lai, James Chee Fai
Serial Number: 77703642

Owner: Lai, James Chee Fai
Serial Number: 77703647

Serial Number: 77758545

Serial Number: 77330299

Serial Number: 77526686

Owner: League Infosight, Inc.
Serial Number: 77796486

Owner: LG Corp.
Serial Number: 77667170

Serial Number: 77825386

Owner: Lite-On Technology Corporation
Serial Number: 77581494

Serial Number: 77979300

Serial Number: 77649977

Owner: LRP Publications, Inc.
Serial Number: 77720423

Owner: Lumasteel Products, LLC
Serial Number: 77837281

Serial Number: 77792218

Owner: Mackey Komara & Dankovich, LLC
Serial Number: 77784892

Owner: Magco Incorporated
Serial Number: 77758365

Owner: Mailsoft Inc.
Serial Number: 77821895

Owner: Manhattan Trading, Inc.
Serial Number: 77498905

Owner: Marc DeVincent
Serial Number: 77721753

Owner: Mary Kay Inc.
Serial Number: 77882949

Owner: MASHIKO SHOYU Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 77638645

Serial Number: 77746307

Serial Number: 77311506

Serial Number: 77520233

Serial Number: 77520236

Serial Number: 77520239

Owner: Mattress Firm, Inc.
Serial Number: 77859596

Owner: Mattress Firm, Inc.
Serial Number: 77859600

Serial Number: 77605788

Serial Number: 77735224

Serial Number: 77644363

Owner: Messengers of Recovery MC
Serial Number: 77845777

Owner: Metalworks, Inc.
Serial Number: 77735065

Serial Number: 77310559

Serial Number: 77778745

Serial Number: 75589249

Owner: Millerman, vladimir
Serial Number: 77846085

Owner: milon industries GmbH
Serial Number: 77445797

Owner: Minnick Hills Vineyard, LLC
Serial Number: 77850618

Owner: Miranda Gems e Mine
Serial Number: 77851024

Serial Number: 77546241

Serial Number: 77505668

Owner: Monarch Beverage Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 77848112

Owner: Monarch Beverage Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 77848111

Owner: Moneytree, Inc.
Serial Number: 77852150

Serial Number: 77288562

Owner: MPWR10 Partners, LLC
Serial Number: 77788665

Serial Number: 77718777

Serial Number: 77390493

Owner: Multiplex Inc.
Serial Number: 77848942

Owner: Mutual Parking, Inc.
Serial Number: 77837904

Owner: N'TAKE, INC.
Serial Number: 77681980

Serial Number: 77030432

Serial Number: 77030450

Owner: National Association of Independent Schools
Serial Number: 77842285

Owner: National Association of Independent Schools
Serial Number: 77842305

Serial Number: 77666345

Owner: National Success Marketing Inc.
Serial Number: 77849215

Serial Number: 77575582

Owner: NaturalMotion Ltd
Serial Number: 77454214

Owner: Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 77744870

Owner: Nautica Apparel, Inc.
Serial Number: 77501734

Owner: NBA Development League, LLC
Serial Number: 77532780

Owner: New WinCup Holdings, Inc.
Serial Number: 77706666

Owner: New York Show Tickets Inc.
Serial Number: 77833976

Owner: News America Marketing Properties L.L.C.
Serial Number: 77848523

Owner: Next Door Garage Apartments, LLC
Serial Number: 77716299

Owner: Next Door Garage Apartments, LLC
Serial Number: 77716308

Serial Number: 77684758

Serial Number: 76695688

Owner: Norma C. Thorelli
Serial Number: 77979322

Owner: Nova Produce LP
Serial Number: 77598319

Serial Number: 77124854

Owner: Nowstalgic Toys, Inc.
Serial Number: 77839034

Serial Number: 77758942

Serial Number: 77758965

Owner: O'Hara-Salyers, Melanie
Serial Number: 77928404

Owner: O.C. Tanner Company
Serial Number: 77415868

Owner: OA Manager, Inc.
Serial Number: 77849936

Serial Number: 77458605

Owner: Oregon Brewing Company
Serial Number: 77802539

Owner: Otis Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 77886445

Owner: OurPet's Company
Serial Number: 77862677

Serial Number: 77625036

Owner: Outbox Technology CRB Inc.
Serial Number: 77545066

Owner: OutWest Promotions Inc.
Serial Number: 77786493

Serial Number: 77568797

Owner: Patrick Chemoul
Serial Number: 77689071

Owner: Patrick Plastics Inc.
Serial Number: 77851855

Owner: Pei Qun Qi
Serial Number: 77849956

Owner: Pei Qun Qi
Serial Number: 77850002

Serial Number: 77864946

Serial Number: 77848656

Serial Number: 77848262

Serial Number: 77848268

Serial Number: 77848670

Owner: Perfect 10 Antenna Company
Serial Number: 76696444

Owner: Performance Review Institute
Serial Number: 77706370

Owner: Pergo (Europe) AB
Serial Number: 77684677

Serial Number: 77782163

Owner: PermaLoc Corporation
Serial Number: 77851963

Owner: Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc.
Serial Number: 78745079

Serial Number: 77836507

Owner: Piera Paine (Piera F. Paine)
Serial Number: 77757399

Owner: Pixelworks, Inc.
Serial Number: 77656946

Owner: Pizza Inn, Inc.
Serial Number: 77717493

Owner: PlayPhone, Inc.
Serial Number: 77760696

Owner: PMG Software Professionals, LLC
Serial Number: 77796311

Serial Number: 77868530

Serial Number: 77651913

Owner: Professional Reliable Nurses, Inc.
Serial Number: 77779891

Owner: Professional Systems Corporation
Serial Number: 77796134

Serial Number: 77397466

Serial Number: 77397469

Serial Number: 77783738

Serial Number: 77070475

Owner: RAMp Sports LLC
Serial Number: 77979230

Serial Number: 77704432

Owner: Remrylie Licensing, Inc.
Serial Number: 77847921

Serial Number: 77779790

Owner: Riverwoods IP, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 77850020

Owner: Royal Bank of Canada
Serial Number: 77297253

Owner: Royal Bank of Canada
Serial Number: 77297229

Owner: Russell, Jane
Serial Number: 77662366

Owner: Ryan, LLC
Serial Number: 77682553

Owner: S&S HealthCare Strategies, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77720282

Owner: S&S HealthCare Strategies, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77721882

Serial Number: 77593861

Owner: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 77734177

Serial Number: 77777281

Serial Number: 77603929

Owner: Sayre Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77730098

Serial Number: 77853238

Owner: Schlumberger Technology Corporation
Serial Number: 77851477

Serial Number: 77327701

Serial Number: 77719061

Owner: Sealed Air Corporation (US)
Serial Number: 77509119

Owner: Seaside Endeavors
Serial Number: 77717715

Owner: Seaside Endeavors
Serial Number: 77717766

Owner: SEB
Serial Number: 77767533

Owner: Second Child, Inc.
Serial Number: 77844002

Owner: Seidio, Inc.
Serial Number: 77794528

Owner: SelectMark, Inc.
Serial Number: 77882633

Owner: Senizergues, Pierre Andre
Serial Number: 77194702

Serial Number: 77634206

Serial Number: 77128581

Serial Number: 77403870

Serial Number: 77547971

Serial Number: 77647248

Serial Number: 77713424

Owner: Shiseido Company, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77643222

Serial Number: 77743265

Owner: Slayer
Serial Number: 77415304

Serial Number: 77796651

Owner: Smilo, Sherry D.
Serial Number: 77815702

Serial Number: 77622338

Serial Number: 77466656

Serial Number: 77773041

Owner: Sokule Inc.
Serial Number: 77788004

Serial Number: 77589883

Serial Number: 77590264

Owner: Sonomatic Limited
Serial Number: 77347653

Owner: Source Media Inc.
Serial Number: 77527150

Serial Number: 77700358

Owner: Spinal Elements, Inc.
Serial Number: 77010060

Serial Number: 77668345

Owner: Springflex, LLC
Serial Number: 77740129

Owner: Starz Media, LLC
Serial Number: 77588574

Owner: STEELE, Justin
Serial Number: 77851151

Owner: Stephenson, Carl Fredrick
Serial Number: 77718971

Serial Number: 78900689

Serial Number: 77663362

Owner: Stuart B. Maxfield
Serial Number: 77819608

Owner: Sunwell Engineering Company Limited
Serial Number: 78751056

Serial Number: 77854382

Owner: Synstelien, Jade R.
Serial Number: 77848976

Owner: Talent Plus, Inc.
Serial Number: 77452239

Owner: Taylored Faith
Serial Number: 77846949

Serial Number: 77497425

Serial Number: 77590069

Owner: Telnic Limited
Serial Number: 77415964

Serial Number: 77490318

Owner: Terry Verduin
Serial Number: 77795656

Serial Number: 77767804

Serial Number: 75772098

Owner: The Big Company, LLC
Serial Number: 77367135

Owner: The Eagle Leasing Company
Serial Number: 77659855

Serial Number: 77814332

Owner: The Humane Society of Canada
Serial Number: 77606043

Serial Number: 77729587

Serial Number: 77055014

Owner: The Smiley Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77541735

Owner: The Wine Group, LLC
Serial Number: 77682322

Owner: Theatre-Hikes
Serial Number: 77702357

Owner: Toffee International Pty Ltd
Serial Number: 77978511

Serial Number: 77851377

Serial Number: 77276403

Owner: Tree House Humane Society
Serial Number: 77803264

Serial Number: 77560233

Owner: Trillium Research, Inc
Serial Number: 77832740

Serial Number: 77784694

Owner: Trusted Choice, Inc.
Serial Number: 76668604

Serial Number: 77464752

Owner: Ultradent Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 77832467

Owner: Union Pacific Railroad Company
Serial Number: 77696867

Serial Number: 77782655

Owner: United States Gypsum Company
Serial Number: 77867885

Serial Number: 77091366

Owner: Univar USA Inc.
Serial Number: 77648137

Owner: USA Nutraceuticals Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77851828

Owner: USA Nutraceuticals Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77862726

Serial Number: 77661280

Serial Number: 77736610

Owner: Wades Wines
Serial Number: 77798049

Owner: Watters Environmental Group Inc.
Serial Number: 78875074

Owner: Wedding Details, Inc.
Serial Number: 77734603

Owner: Weiser Group, LLC
Serial Number: 77694982

Owner: Wente Bros.
Serial Number: 77552707

Owner: Women's Health & Laser Aesthetic Center, LLC
Serial Number: 77121086

Owner: Woodland Group Outdoor Products LLC
Serial Number: 77741141

Serial Number: 77697873

Owner: WSFS Financial Corporation
Serial Number: 77706492

Owner: Xpress Distribution Inc.
Serial Number: 77850510

Owner: YOUnited MEdia
Serial Number: 77737859

Serial Number: 77659453

Owner: Zavala, Eduardo A.
Serial Number: 77428935

Serial Number: 77680774

Owner: Zimmerman, Henry Michael
Serial Number: 77907643

Owner: Zumba Fitness, LLC
Serial Number: 77876774