Sunday, February 04 2018

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Abel; Jeff (Evanston, WY)
Title: Fish net with length measuring scale
Patent Number: 7,624,529

Inventors: Abraham; Moby (Duluth, GA)
Title: Method and system for capturing data to create Serial ATA eye diagram
Patent Number: 6,973,407

Inventors: Abraham; Moshe (Mobile Post Ephraim, IL), Stahl; Zeev (Pisgat Zeev, Jerusalem, IL), Fredkin; Binyamin (Alon Shvut 90433, IL)
Title: Tool for repairing damaged screw threads
Patent Number: 7,625,291

Inventors: Adams; Cheryl (Cary, NC), Scardino; Patricia (Apex, NC)
Title: Digital image crop and order linked to a physical cropping tool
Patent Number: 7,627,174

Inventors: Ader; Robert (Pittsford, NY)
Title: Method and device for administering medication and/or placebo
Patent Number: 6,973,374

Inventors: Ahn; Sang-beom (Seoul, KR)
Title: Video display apparatus and method for driving lamp in advance of watching
Patent Number: 7,625,092

Inventors: Aihara; Yasuki (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Patent Number: 7,625,789

Inventors: Aikens; John (La Grance Park, IL), Turner; Robert J. (Aurora, IL)
Title: Method of producing a fermentable sugar
Patent Number: 8,597,914

Inventors: Aikens; John (La Grance Park, IL), Turner; Robert J. (Aurora, IL)
Title: Transgenic photosynthetic microorganisms
Patent Number: 8,597,951

Inventors: Aksamit; Randy J. (Chandler, AZ)
Title: Low leakage state retention circuit
Patent Number: 7,626,434

Inventors: Alacqua; Stefano (Rivoli Cascine Vica, IT), Butera; Francesco (Turin, IT), Zanella; Alessandro (Turin, IT), Capretti; Gianluca (Orbassano, IT)
Title: Lock device with shape memory actuating means
Patent Number: 7,625,019

Inventors: Albaugh; Pamela Ann (Carlsbad, CA), Dominguez-Manzanares; Esteban (Alcobendas, ES), Hong; Jian Eric (Carmel, IN), Hornback; William Joseph (Fishers, IN), Jiang; Delu (Carmel, IN), Ornstein; Paul Leslie (Carmel, IN), Thompson; Michelle Lee (Greenwood, IN), Tromiczak; Eric George (Carmel, IN), Wu; Zhipei (Noblesville, IN), Zarrinmayeh; Hamideh (Carmel, IN), Zimmerman; Dennis Michael (Zionsville, IN), Castano Mansanet; Ana Maria (Alcobendas, ES), Huffman; Larry Gene (Indianapolis, IN), Miller; William David (Indianapolis, IN)
Title: Pyrrole and pyrazole derivatives as potentiators of glutamate receptors
Patent Number: 7,625,932

Inventors: Albrecht; Volker (Notzingen, DE), Nau; Dieter (Rechberghausen, DE), Odermatt; Stefan (Hechingen, DE)
Title: Method and device for predicting a failure frequency
Patent Number: 7,627,452

Inventors: Alexandrov; Felix I. (Bedford, MA)
Title: Programmed ballast with resonant inverter and method for discharge lamps
Patent Number: 7,626,344

Inventors: Allan; Robert A. (Kitchener, CA)
Title: Carbon nanotube composite material-based component for wet electrostatic precipitator
Patent Number: 8,597,416

Inventors: Amano; Toru (Tokyo, JP), Iino; Yoshikazu (Kanagawa, JP), Shirata; Atsushi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Portable terminal device
Patent Number: 7,627,355

Inventors: Amar; Salomon (Brookline, MA)
Title: Transcription factor regulating TNF-.alpha.
Patent Number: 7,626,007

Inventors: Ambrose; Roger A. (St. Petersburg, FL)
Title: Pipe coupler for in-wall central vacuuming system
Patent Number: 7,624,472

Inventors: Anandakumar; Krishnasamy (San Diego, CA), Morris; Martin George (Vista, CA), Singamsetty; Suresh Kumar (Carlsbad, CA), Chung Kwan; Dennis Ching (San Diego, CA), Law; Hock Thye (Carlsbad, CA)
Title: Wireless transceiver system for computer input devices
Patent Number: 7,626,576

Inventors: Anderson; James (Minneapolis, MN)
Title: Torque mechanism actuated bioabsorbable vascular closure device
Patent Number: 8,597,340

Inventors: Anspach; Steve S. (Tampa, FL)
Title: Standard telephone equipment (STE) based deployable secure communication system
Patent Number: 7,626,977

Inventors: Antonucci; Jonathan (Mansfield, MA)
Title: Exercise training device
Patent Number: 8,597,165

Inventors: Aoki; Hiroyuki (Saitama, JP), Yokota; Katsunari (Saitama, JP), Kawaguchi; Yukinori (Saitama, JP), Kamio; Toshihiko (Saitama, JP)
Title: 3-dimensional image display device and 3-dimensional image display equipment
Patent Number: 7,626,607

Inventors: Aoki; Toru (Shiojiri, JP)
Title: Electro-optic device, method for driving the same, and electronic device
Patent Number: 7,626,567

Inventors: Aoyama; Takashi (Tokyo, JP), Seto; Hidekazu (Tokyo, JP), Omori; Kiyoshi (Tokyo, JP), Tsuji; Kiyoaki (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Disk drive
Patent Number: 7,627,875

Inventors: Archambeau; Gregory J. (Puyallap, WA), Watson; Richard L. (McPherson, KS), Wood; Anthony B. (Dallas, TX)
Title: Methods of wound care and treatment
Patent Number: 8,597,689

Inventors: Arecco; Fulvio (Monza, IT), Viscardi; Valerio (Paderno Dugnao, IT)
Title: Autoprotected optical communication ring network
Patent Number: 6,973,267

Inventors: Arnold; William D. (San Diego, CA), Bounaud; Pierre (San Diego, CA), Chen; Chixu (San Diego, CA), Eastman; Brian (San Diego, CA), Gosberg; Andreas (San Marcos, CA), Gradl; Stefan N. (San Diego, CA), Hopkins; Stephanie (Poway, CA), Li; Zhe (San Diego, CA), McDonald; Ian (Killarney Heights, AU), Sprengeler; Paul A. (San Diego, CA), Steensma; Ruo W. (La Jolla, CA), Wilson; Mark E. (Ramona, CA)
Title: Fused ring heterocycle kinase modulators
Patent Number: 7,626,021

Inventors: Asam; Michael (Wollomoos, DE)
Title: Apparatus and method for compensating for the offset of a mixer
Patent Number: 6,973,293

Inventors: Ashby; Mark (Laguna Niguel, CA), Cragg; Andrew (Edina, MN), Urquidi; Luis (Laguna Hills, CA), Chi-Sing; Eduardo (Dana Point, CA), Lee; Eric (Irvine, CA)
Title: Depth and puncture control for system for hemostasis of blood vessel
Patent Number: 7,625,352

Inventors: Asher; Michael (Green Cove Springs, FL), Giddens; Charles (Conyers, GA), Eslambolchi; Hossein (Los Altos Hills, CA), Stewart; Harold J. (Alpharetta, GA)
Title: Geocoding method using multidimensional vector spaces
Patent Number: 7,627,545

Inventors: Atarashi; Hirofumi (Shioya-gun, JP)
Title: Electric motor and method of driving the same
Patent Number: 7,626,298

Inventors: Atesoglu; Ali (Milpitas, CA)
Title: High speed level shift
Patent Number: 7,626,440

Inventors: Atlas; Michael (Arlington, MA)
Title: Flush catheter with flow directing sheath
Patent Number: 7,625,366

Inventors: Au; Jessie L.-S. (Columbus, OH), Wientjes; M. Guillaume (Columbus, OH)
Title: Methods and compositions for modulating cell proliferation and cell death
Patent Number: 7,625,860

Inventors: Aubert; Jerome (Grasse, FR), Clary; Laurence (La Colle sur Loop, FR), Mauvais; Pascale (Antibes, FR), Rivier; Michel (Nice, FR), Thoreau; Etienne (Saint Vallier de Thiey, FR), Boiteau; Jean-Guy (Saint Aunes, FR)
Title: Biaromatic compounds which activate PPAR.gamma.-type receptors and cosmetic/pharmaceutical compositions comprised thereof
Patent Number: 7,626,054

Inventors: August; James Kermit (Arvada, CO), Vasudevan; Krishna (Golden, CO)
Title: Reliability tools for complex systems
Patent Number: 7,627,388

Inventors: August; Jason (Toronto, CA), Waterhouse; Paul (Selkirk, CA), Stevens; John K. (Stratham, NH)
Title: RF tags for tracking and locating travel bags
Patent Number: 7,626,505

Inventors: Avery; Randall N. (Bogart, GA), Booth; Charlie (Walkinsville, GA)
Title: Heat driven concentrator with alternate condensers
Patent Number: 8,597,471

Inventors: Axland; Mark (Charlotte, NC), Kovacevich; Ian D. (Charlotte, NC), Dahlquist; Kevin J. (Charlotte, NC), Bizzell; Daniel Lee (Davidson, NC), Axland; Cheryl (Charlotte, NC)
Title: Mountable power strips with offset arm sections
Patent Number: 7,625,241

Inventors: Axland; Mark (Charlotte, NC), Kovacevich; Ian D. (Charlotte, NC), Dahlquist; Kevin J. (Charlotte, NC), Bizzell; Daniel Lee (Davidson, NC), Axland; Cheryl (Charlotte, NC)
Title: Mountable power strips having arm sections and lever arm
Patent Number: 7,625,242

Inventors: Baba; Tatsuro (Otawara, JP), Kamiyama; Naohisa (Otawara, JP)
Title: Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and a method of generating ultrasonic images
Patent Number: 8,597,191

Inventors: Badr; Hassan Mohamed (Dhahran, SA), Ahmed; Wael Hasan (Dhahran, SA)
Title: Dual injection airlift pump
Patent Number: 8,596,989

Inventors: Bae; Jun Kye (Seongnam-si, KR), Lee; Young Jun (Daegu, KR), Kim; Sang Hyuck (Seoul, KR), Lee; Sang Bae (Seoul, KR)
Title: Tunable dispersion and dispersion slope compensator in optical telecommunication system
Patent Number: 7,627,211

Inventors: Bae; Seong Won (Seoul, KR), Huh; Deok (Gyeonggi-do, KR)
Title: Silencer
Patent Number: 7,624,841

Inventors: Baerlocher; Anthony J. (Reno, NV), Kaminkow; Joseph E. (Reno, NV), Palmer; Gregg J. (Reno, NV)
Title: Gaming device having improved award offer bonus scheme
Patent Number: 7,625,282

Inventors: Bagsby; Denis (Waterloo, IL), Klein; Adam (Cedar Park, TX), Chow; Lee M. (Chicago, IL)
Title: System and method of service product offer management
Patent Number: 7,627,501

Inventors: Bak; Hyo-Rim (Yongin-si, KR), Park; June-Hyoung (Yongin-si, KR)
Title: Rechargeable battery
Patent Number: 8,597,809

Inventors: Banerjee; Sukanta (North Brunswick, NJ), Podual; Kairali (North Brunswick, NJ), Seul; Michael (Fanwood, NJ)
Title: Directed assembly of functional heterostructures
Patent Number: 7,625,765

Inventors: Bao; Mingquan (Vastra Frolunda, SE), Li; Yinggang (Askim, SE)
Title: Transconductance stage arrangement
Patent Number: 7,626,461

Inventors: Barany; Francis (New York, NY), Lubin; Matthew (Rye Brook, NY), Barany; George (Falcon Heights, MN), Hammer; Robert P. (Baton Rouge, LA)
Title: Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain reactions
Patent Number: 8,597,890

Inventors: Barany; Francis (New York, NY), Lubin; Matthew (Rye Brook, NY), Barany; George (Falcon Heights, MN), Hammer; Robert P. (Baton Rouge, LA)
Title: Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain reactions
Patent Number: 8,597,891

Inventors: Barbison; James M. (Brampton, CA)
Title: Suspension with integrated leveling and stabilization mechanisms
Patent Number: 7,624,995

Inventors: Bardos; Gary M. (Remus, MI)
Title: Reducing machine rotor assembly and methods of constructing and operating the same
Patent Number: 7,624,490

Inventors: Barfurth; Dieter (Rheinfelden, DE), Mack; Helmut (Rheinfelden, DE), Standke; Burkhard (Lorrach, DE)
Title: Composition acting as coupling agent for filled and peroxidically crosslinking rubber compounds
Patent Number: 7,625,975

Inventors: Barksdale; John (Charlotte, NC)
Title: Extendable pour cap
Patent Number: 7,624,899

Inventors: Bartley; Gerald Keith (Rochester, MN), Becker; Darryl John (Rochester, MN), Dahlen; Paul Eric (Rochester, MN), Germann; Philip Raymond (Oronoco, MN), Maki; Andrew Benson (Rochester, MN), Maxson; Mark Owen (Mantorville, MN)
Title: Memory controller for daisy chained memory chips
Patent Number: 7,627,711

Inventors: Barwick; David (Durham, GB), Teare; Declan Oliver Hastings (Durham, GB), Badyal; Jas Pal Singh (Wolsingham, GB)
Title: Method for producing a grafted polymer coating and substrates formed in accordance with the method
Patent Number: 8,597,736

Inventors: Baucum, Jr.; William E. (Tullahoma, TN), Baucum, III; William E. (Crossville, TN)
Title: Alternative alternating current power supply and method of its use
Patent Number: 7,626,283

Inventors: Bauer; Thomas Michael (Belle Mead, NJ), Caldwell; Charles David (Asbury Park, NJ), Hawkins; Walter H. (Freehold, NJ), Sayko; Robert J. (Colts Neck, NJ), Wattenbarger; Blake Lane (Fair Haven, NJ)
Title: Method and system for allowing simultaneous usage of prepaid services
Patent Number: 7,627,529

Inventors: Baumann; Jonathan M. (Peoria, IL), Fee; David M. (Groveland, IL)
Title: Cast groove electric motor/generator cooling mechanism
Patent Number: 7,626,292

Inventors: Beaumont; E. Larry (Littleton, CO), Champagne; Edward P. (Westfield, MA), Giardina; Joseph A. (Cheshire, MA), Halek; Chester L. (Lee, MA), McCarthy; Joseph W. (North Andover, MA), O'Rourke; Kevin J. (Wilbraham, MA), Porter; E. Scott (Wilbraham, MA), Rice; Mark N. (Chester, MA), Rousseau; Kevin G. (Windsor, MA)
Title: Starved air inclined hearth combustor
Patent Number: 7,624,690

Inventors: Bebbington; David (Newbury, GB), Charrier; Jean-Damien (Wantage, GB), Golec; Julian (Swindon, GB), Miller; Andrew (Didcot, GB), Knegtel; Ronald (Abingdon, GB)
Title: Pyrazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Patent Number: 7,625,913

Inventors: Becerra; Juan J. (Altamont, NY), DeFilippis; Michael S. (Delmar, NY)
Title: Fuel container and delivery apparatus for a liquid feed fuel cell system
Patent Number: 7,625,655

Inventors: Becker; Burkhard (Ismaning, DE)
Title: Method for equalization of a data signal taking into account a disturbance channel
Patent Number: 7,627,062

Inventors: Behrends; Derick G. (Rochester, MN), Ehrenreich; Sebastian (Schoenau, DE), Pille; Juergen (Stuttgart, DE), Wagner; Otto Martin (Altdorf, DE)
Title: Method to improve performance of SRAM cells, SRAM cell, SRAM array, and write circuit
Patent Number: 7,626,851

Inventors: Belden, Jr.; Dennis D. (Canton, OH), Fawcett; Christopher J. (Charlotte, NC)
Title: Security display with central control system
Patent Number: 7,626,500

Inventors: Belenkii; Mikhail (San Diego, CA), Bruns; Donald (San Diego, CA), Brinkley; Timothy (San Diego, CA)
Title: Celestial weapons orientation measuring system
Patent Number: 8,597,025

Inventors: Benhase; Michael Thomas (Tucson, AZ), Chen; James Chien-Chiung (Tucson, AZ), Hsu; Yu-Cheng (Tucson, AZ), Kalos; Matthew Joseph (Tucson, AZ), Spanel; Carol (San Jose, CA), Walls; Andrew Dale (San Jose, CA)
Title: Method, system, and program for an adaptor to read and write to system memory
Patent Number: 7,627,716

Inventors: Berkman; William H. (New York, NY), Mollenkopf; James Douglas (Fairfax, VA)
Title: Power line communications device and method
Patent Number: 7,626,489

Inventors: Berler; Tamir (Tel Aviv, IL), Sless; Avraham (Even Yehuda, IL)
Title: Method and device for simultaneous multipoint distributing of video, voice and data
Patent Number: 7,626,949

Inventors: Bershad; Neil J. (Newport Beach, CA), Bist; Anurag (Newport Beach, CA), Hsieh; Stan (Diamond Bar, CA)
Title: Noise matching for echo cancellers
Patent Number: 7,627,111

Inventors: Bertele; Nitzan (Tel-Aviv, IL)
Title: Kits for use in forming three-dimensional articles, particularly articles of furniture, from flat cardboard sheets
Patent Number: 7,625,047

Inventors: Beschorner; William E. (Omaha, NE), Sosa; Carlos E. (Omaha, NE), Thompson; Scott C. (Omaha, NE)
Title: Growth of foreign cells in fetal animals facilitated by conditional and selective destruction of native host cells
Patent Number: 7,626,075

Inventors: Bhogal; Kulvir Singh (Fort Worth, TX), Polozoff; Alexandre (Chicago, IL)
Title: Method for providing a transient dictionary that travels with an original electronic document
Patent Number: 7,627,816

Inventors: Bicknell; Robert N. (Corvallis, OR), Benning; Paul (Corvallis, OR), Govyadinov; Alexander (Corvallis, OR)
Title: Light source module
Patent Number: 7,627,013

Inventors: Biegelsen; David K. (Portola Valley, CA), Swartz; Lars-Erik (Sunnyvale, CA), Duff; David G. (Woodside, CA)
Title: Universal variable pitch interface interconnecting fixed pitch sheet processing machines
Patent Number: 7,624,981

Inventors: Bieker; Guido (Kirchhundem, DE), Dorner; Heinz Dieter (Nistertal, DE)
Title: Reduction of torsional vibration in rail vehicle wheel sets
Patent Number: 7,625,030

Inventors: Bilyeu; Danny W. (Bozeman, MT), Fasbender; Dustin L. (Bozeman, MT), Lang; Brent L. (Belgrade, MT), Dempsey; Martin (Las Vegas, NV)
Title: Gaming apparatus and method of gaming including interactive gaming symbols for producing different outcomes
Patent Number: 7,625,281

Inventors: Blake; Charles (Jacksonville, FL)
Title: Adjustable cane with enhanced grasping mechanism, magnetic pickup, hanging tip and self-standing base
Patent Number: 7,624,746

Inventors: Bleau; Daniel (Repentigny, Quebec, CA)
Title: Biomechanical custom made foot orthosis and method for making the same
Patent Number: 7,625,349

Inventors: Blinn; Arnold N. (Bellevue, WA), Jones; Thomas C. (Redmond, WA)
Title: Method for interdependently validating a digital content package and a corresponding digital license
Patent Number: 6,973,444

Inventors: Bloom; Michael R. (Kasota, MN)
Title: Device and method for particle separation
Patent Number: 8,597,414

Inventors: Boehringer; John R. (Wynnewood, PA), Karpowicz; John (Chester Springs, PA), Radl; Christopher L. (Malvern, PA), Klocek; Kevin P. (Ardmore, PA)
Title: Apparatus and method for suction-assisted wound healing
Patent Number: 7,625,362

Inventors: Boerner; Sean T. (Cypress, TX)
Title: Apparatus to assist in removing an electrical plug from a socket
Patent Number: 7,625,230

Inventors: Boghani; Navroz (Wharton, NJ), Gebreselassie; Petros (Piscataway, NJ)
Title: Delivery system for active components as part of an edible composition including a ratio of encapsulating material and active component
Patent Number: 8,597,703

Inventors: Bonnette; Michael J. (Minneapolis, MN), Thor; Eric J. (Arden Hill, MN), Schrom; Michael (Forest Lake, MN), Kozak; Debra M. (Forest Lake, MN)
Title: Enhanced cross stream mechanical thrombectomy catheter
Patent Number: 8,597,238

Inventors: Bose; Pradip (Yorktown Heights, NY), Buyuktosunoglu; Alper (White Plains, NY), Cher; Chen-Yong (Port Chester, NY), Gschwind; Michael Karl (Chappaqua, NY), Nair; Ravi (Briarcliff Manor, NY), Philhower; Robert Alan (Valley Cottage, NY), Sauer; Wolfram (Austin, TX), Yeung; Raymond Cheung (Round Rock, TX)
Title: Method and apparatus for conserving power by throttling instruction fetching when a processor encounters low confidence branches in an information handling system
Patent Number: 7,627,742

Inventors: Bosik; Barry S. (Marlboro, NJ), Ehlinger; James (Colts Neck, NJ), Garg; Amit (Howell, NJ), Patil; Rajeev B. (Holmdel, NJ)
Title: Method for call forwarding a call from a mobile telephone
Patent Number: 7,627,322

Inventors: Boudreault; Richard (St-Laurent, CA), Alex; Serge (Quebec, CA), Biasotto; Fabienne (Outremont, CA)
Title: Processes for extracting aluminum from aluminous ores
Patent Number: 8,597,600

Inventors: Bradley; James (Ladoga, IN)
Title: Apparatus and method for treating wastewater
Patent Number: 8,597,514

Inventors: Brady; Donald (San Diego, CA), Hunt; Mark (San Diego, CA), Elhag; Sammy I. (San Diego, CA), Rulkov; Nikolai (San Diego, CA), Lui; Steve (San Diego, CA)
Title: Monitoring device, method and system
Patent Number: 7,625,344

Inventors: Bridgwater; Anthony Victor (Solihull, GB), Peacocke; George Vernon Cordner (Belfast, GB), Robinson; Nicholas Matthew (Redditch, GB)
Title: Ablative thermolysis reactor
Patent Number: 7,625,532

Inventors: Brodsky; William L. (Binghamton, NY), McKeever; Eric J. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Torok; John G. (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Title: Electronic assemblies mating system
Patent Number: 8,597,032

Inventors: Brown; Laurie J. (Shoreview, Ramsey, MN)
Title: Method and apparatus for vending a containerized liquid product utilizing an automatic self-service refill system
Patent Number: 7,624,922

Inventors: Brown; Patrick W. (Auburn, OH), Nottingham; John R. (Bratenahl, OH), Spirk; John W. (Gates Mills, OH), Soreo; Robert F. (Cleveland Heights, OH), Day; Randall Lee (Lamar, MO), Whyman; Daniel Ray (Lamar, MO)
Title: Play system accessory with sound modules
Patent Number: 8,597,132

Inventors: Brown; Randall Jay (Puyallup, WA), Kharchenko; Semen (Taylor, MI), Coffee; Harry D. (Aurora, OH), Huang; Icheng (Ann Arbor, MI)
Title: System for producing pultruded components
Patent Number: 8,597,016

Inventors: Brown; Stuart B. (Needham, MA), Hendrickson; Brian S. (Boston, MA)
Title: Method and apparatus for energy harvesting using rotational energy storage and release
Patent Number: 7,626,279

Inventors: Bruce; Robert (Portland, ME), Snyder; Colin (Portland, ME)
Title: Method and system for implementing a virtual game
Patent Number: 8,597,117

Inventors: Brumfield; Jeffrey S. (Tullahoma, TN), Lapczynski; David (Tullahoma, TN)
Title: Validating removable fare collection system
Patent Number: 7,624,914

Inventors: Brune; Bernhard (Wiehl, DE)
Title: Fuel cell without bipolar plates
Patent Number: 8,597,850

Inventors: Bruno; Kevin J. (Colorado Springs, CO)
Title: BZFLASH subcircuit to dynamically supply BZ codes for controlled impedance buffer development, verification and system level simulations
Patent Number: 6,973,421

Inventors: Bruske; Johannes (Albstadt, DE), Emele; Robert (Ringingen, DE)
Title: Heald support bar of bent sheet metal
Patent Number: 7,624,764

Inventors: Bucheru; Bogdan Tudor (Tucson, AZ), Thongkhumrol; Pairor (Samutprakarn, TH), Huang; Jui Ching (Samutprakarn, TH), Popescu; Constanin (Bucharest, RO), Velasco, Jr.; Enrique H. (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Plug movable to a plurality of positions depending upon characteristics of a load device
Patent Number: 8,597,059

Inventors: Buchsbaum; Adam Louis (Madison, NJ), Fowler; Glenn Stephen (Scotch Plains, NJ), Krishnamurthy; Balachander (New York, NY), Wang; Jia (Summit, NJ)
Title: Method for fast network-aware clustering
Patent Number: 7,627,691

Inventors: Buhrman; Frederik Arnold (Santa Rosa, PH), Cui; Jingyu (Katy, TX), Joshi; Mahendra Ladharam (Houston, TX), Milam; Stanley Nemec (Katy, TX), Wellington; Scott-Lee (Bellaire, TX)
Title: Low emission power plant
Patent Number: 8,597,404

Inventors: Burgschat; Reiner (Jena, DE), Krauss; Mathias (Ammerbuch, DE)
Title: Method and circuit for correcting periodic signals of an incremental position measuring system
Patent Number: 6,973,399

Inventors: Burgyan; Lajos (Mountain View, CA)
Title: Panel-level package fabrication of 3D active semiconductor and passive circuit components
Patent Number: 8,597,979

Inventors: Bye; Charles T. (Eden Prairie, MN)
Title: Orientation transfer device and method
Patent Number: 7,626,541

Inventors: Cannon; Joseph M. (Harleysville, PA), Johanson; James A. (Macungie, PA), Mooney; Philip D. (North Wales, PA)
Title: Corded telephone dialer emulation
Patent Number: 6,973,331

Inventors: Cao; Bangshu (Raleigh, NC), Lauer; Eduardo (Zebulon, NC), Allman; Michael W. (Wilson, NC)
Title: Load bearing or cushioning elements and method of manufacture
Patent Number: 7,624,462

Inventors: Cardno; Andrew John (Wellington, NZ), Margison; Grant Frederick (Wellington, NZ), Hornsby; Michael John (Wellington, NZ)
Title: Contact center data visualization system and method
Patent Number: 7,627,668

Inventors: Carr; Dustin Wade (Albuquerque, NM)
Title: Dual cavity displacement sensor
Patent Number: 7,626,707

Inventors: Carroll; Chester (Camp Hill, AL)
Title: Digital signal averaging using parallel computation structures
Patent Number: 7,627,624

Inventors: Carter; Mark C. (Riverside, CA)
Title: Erectable canopy with reinforced roof structure
Patent Number: 7,624,747

Inventors: Casas Salva; Francisco (Sant Boi de Llobregat, ES)
Title: Sight for sporting rifles
Patent Number: 7,624,527

Inventors: Casper; Daniel F. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Oakes; Kenneth J. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Trotter; John S. (Pleasant Valley, NY)
Title: Multiple I/O path selection among disparate channel paths
Patent Number: 6,973,529

Inventors: Casper; Robert (Toronto, CA), Rogers; Ian (Toronto, CA)
Title: Cellular compositions and methods of making and using them
Patent Number: 7,625,752

Inventors: Chadwick; Lee S. (Casselberry, FL)
Title: Radial axis, spherical based rotary machines
Patent Number: 7,625,193

Inventors: Chae; Wan S. (Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, KR)
Title: Rail-type fixing apparatus for installing panels
Patent Number: 7,624,554

Inventors: Chameroy; Eric (Veronnes, FR), Murat; Pascal Roland Clement (Fontaine les Dijon, FR)
Title: Pressure cooker comprising calibrated leakage means
Patent Number: 7,624,674

Inventors: Chan; Hark C. (Cupertino, CA)
Title: Information distribution and processing system
Patent Number: 7,627,750

Inventors: Chan; Wen-Sheng (Jhubei, TW)
Title: Method of patterning mechanical layer for MEMS structures
Patent Number: 7,625,825

Inventors: Chance; Britton (Marathon, FL)
Title: Detection, imaging and characterization of breast tumors
Patent Number: 7,627,365

Inventors: Chang; Cheng-Chung (Taipei County, TW), Weng; Shi-Jun (Taipei, TW)
Title: Removable hard-disk structure without screws
Patent Number: 7,626,812

Inventors: Chang; Huan-Yung (Taichung, TW)
Title: Method and system for analyzing wafer yield against uses of a semiconductor tool
Patent Number: 6,973,390

Inventors: Chang; Wayne (Austin, TX)
Title: System and apparatus for silencing communication devices
Patent Number: 7,626,504

Inventors: Chang; Yan-Cheng (Beidou Town, TW), Lin; Ching Yu (Hsinchu, TW)
Title: Mobile communication system, mobile communication device and method for incoming-call filtering
Patent Number: 7,627,308

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