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Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Abbaspour; Soroush (Hopewell Junction, NY), Feldmann; Peter (Yorktown Heights, NY), Ling; David (Upper Saddle River, NJ), Visweswariah; Chandramouli (Yorktown Heights, NY)
Title: Moment-based characterization waveform for static timing analysis
Patent Number: 8,359,563

Inventors: Abdo; Ralph (Sammamish, WA), Wu; John (Seattle, WA), Chang; Vincent (Sammamish, WA), Michel; Theodore L. (Bellevue, WA), Schwebke; Thad (Woodinville, WA)
Title: System and method for auditing a network
Patent Number: 7,483,898

Inventors: Abe; Takashi (Kobe, JP), Kurosaka; Sou (Kobe, JP), Mori; Yoshinobu (Kobe, JP), Kuratani; Shinichi (Kobe, JP)
Title: Alternative fuel concentration estimating system, vehicle comprising alternative fuel concentration estimating system, and alternative fuel concentration estimating method
Patent Number: 8,356,512

Inventors: Abhishek; Abhishek (Woodinville, WA), Chen; Yue (Bellevue, WA), Shen; Hui (Issaquah, WA), Ruan; Jiandong (Bellevue, WA), Mandhana; Taroon (Redmond, WA), Lu; Yi (Bellevue, WA)
Title: Coordinating a transition of a roaming client between wireless access points using another client in physical proximity
Patent Number: 7,483,995

Inventors: Abhishek; Abhishek (Woodinville, WA), Hassan; Amer A. (Kirkland, WA), Huitema; Christian (Clyde Hill, WA), Ruan; Jiandong (Sammamish, WA), Madhavan; Poovanpilli G. (Bellevue, WA)
Title: Range extension between two wireless devices
Patent Number: 7,483,412

Inventors: Abir; Eli (Cross River, NY)
Title: Multilingual database creation system and method
Patent Number: 7,483,828

Inventors: Abou-chakra; Rabih (Cormeilles en Parisis, FR), Moulehiawy; Abdelkrim (Paris, FR)
Title: Time delay compensation device for the management of multimedia communications via an asynchronous network and a telephone network
Patent Number: 7,483,523

Inventors: Abraham; Santosh Paul (San Diego, CA), Cherian; George (San Diego, CA), Merlin; Simone (San Diego, CA), Sampath; Hemanth (San Diego, CA)
Title: Devices and methods for communication in ad-hoc networks
Patent Number: 9,553,769

Inventors: Acevedo; Daniel (Milton, NY), Jones; Steven M. (Pleasant Valley, NY), Kreig; Michael P. (White Plains, NY), Laser; Marie R. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Naphade; Deepti M. (Cupertino, CA)
Title: Freeing up mobile network for important phone calls in case of disaster
Patent Number: 9,554,402

Inventors: Achiam; Yaakov (Rockville, MD), Shpantzer; Isaac (Bethesda, MD), Greenblatt; Arthur (Silver Spring, MD), Harston; Geoffrey (Laurel, MD), Kaplan; Arkady (Rockville, MD), Cho; Pak Shing (Gaithersburg, MD)
Title: Integrated coherent optical detector
Patent Number: 7,483,600

Inventors: Ackermanns; Leo J. P. (Schin op Geul, NL), Souren; Rimmond H. B. (Meersen, NL)
Title: Device for receiving and separating chips and cooling liquid discharged from machine tools (sealing)
Patent Number: 7,485,226

Inventors: Adachi; Naoto (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: OFDM receiver, interference wave discernment method, window control apparatus and window control method
Patent Number: 8,358,710

Inventors: Adams; Camellia W. (Mountain View, CA), Presta; Leonard G. (San Francisco, CA), Sliwkowski; Mark (San Carlos, CA)
Title: Treatment with anti-ErbB2 antibodies and chemotherapeutic agents
Patent Number: 7,485,302

Inventors: Adams; Scott D. (Portage, MI), Herbert; David E. (Rochester Hills, MI), Ford; Greg E. (Detroit, MI), Jacobsen; Peter M. (Oakland Township, MI), Bowman; Harold L. (Lapeer, MI), Green; Timothy J. (Holly, MI)
Title: Closed loop adaptive fluid control system and method
Patent Number: 7,484,429

Inventors: Adje; Nathalie (Genas, FR), Brunet; Michel (Toussieu, FR), Roche; Didier (Lyons, FR), Zeiller; Jean-Jacques (Lyons, FR), Yvon; Stephane (Ste Foy les Lyons, FR), Guyard-Dangremont; Valerie (Saint Maurice de Gourdans, FR), Contard; Francis (Lyons, FR), Guerrier; Daniel (Saint Genis Laval, FR), Ferrand; Gerard (Lyons, FR), Bonhomme; Yves (Charbonnieres les Bains, FR)
Title: Carboxylic acids and derivatives for the treatment of and preventing diabetes and dyslipidaemia
Patent Number: 7,482,484

Inventors: Afar; Daniel E. (Pacific Palisades, CA), Hubert; Rene S. (Los Angeles, CA), Raitano; Arthur B. (Los Angeles, CA), Saffran; Douglas C. (Los Angeles, CA), Mitchell; Stephen Chappell (Santa Monica, CA)
Title: Serpentine transmembrane antigens expressed in human cancers and uses thereof
Patent Number: 7,485,299

Inventors: Afonina; Irina A. (Mill Creek, WA), Belousov; Yevgeniy S. (Mill Creek, WA), Dempcy; Robert O. (Kirkland, WA), Kutyavin; Igor V. (Woodinville, WA), Lokhov; Sergey G. (Kirkland, WA), Lukhtanov; Eugeny A. (Bothell, WA)
Title: Real-time linear detection probes: sensitive 5'-minor groove binder-containing probes for PCR analysis
Patent Number: 7,485,442

Inventors: Agar; Ufuk (Istanbul, TR), Bhachech; Miheer (Mountain View, CA), Herman; Gabor (New York, NY)
Title: Determining inverse transfer functions of output devices having limited bit depth
Patent Number: 7,483,171

Inventors: Agarwal; Rishabh (Noida, IN), Jha; Sumit Kumar (Delhi, IN)
Title: Integrated circuit with power network aware metal fill
Patent Number: 9,552,453

Inventors: Aggarwal; Vijay Kumar (Austin, TX), Bachmann; David Werner (Leander, TX), Hardoon; Uzi (Golden Beach, FL), Lawton; Craig M. (Raleigh, NC), Pekowski; Raymond P. (Austin, TX), Peters; Christopher Andrew (Round Rock, TX), Ramachandran; Puthukode G. (Austin, TX), Ullmann; Lorin Evan (Austin, TX), Whitfield; John Patrick (Cary, NC)
Title: Enabling user control over automated provisioning environment
Patent Number: 7,484,242

Inventors: Aguilar; Antonio (Modesto, CA)
Title: Targeting assembly
Patent Number: 9,551,145

Inventors: Ahern; David Gregory (Cambridgeshire, GB), Cocker; Robin Craig (Lancashire, GB)
Title: Thoracic access port including foldable anchor
Patent Number: 9,549,722

Inventors: Ahluwalia; Jagdeep Singh (Sutton, GB)
Title: Modified connection setup for E-UTRA radio resource control
Patent Number: 8,358,643

Inventors: Ahn; Hyeong Joon (Seoul, KR), Kim; Kyoung Rock (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Planar motor and processing apparatus and using the same
Patent Number: 9,553,498

Inventors: Ahne; Adam J. (Lexington, KY), Edwards; Mark J. (Lexington, KY), Owens; Brian K. (Lexington, KY), Robbins; Ricky E. (Danville, KY)
Title: User-selectable functions for use in output devices to generate background images
Patent Number: 7,483,165

Inventors: Aiso; Seiji (Nagano-ken, JP)
Title: Image data generation suited for output device used in image output
Patent Number: 7,483,051

Inventors: Aizaki; Shinichiro (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Image data processing apparatus, its storage medium and its method
Patent Number: 8,358,338

Inventors: Akai; Akihito (Yokohama, JP), Kudo; Yasuyuki (Fujisawa, JP), Okado; Kazuo (Kokubunji, JP)
Title: Circuit for adjusting gray-scale voltages of a self-emitting display device
Patent Number: 7,486,303

Inventors: Akaike; Fumitoshi (Nisshin, JP), Nishimura; Seiya (Okazaki, JP), Yajima; Fumio (Sakura, JP), Misaki; Nobumasa (Sakura, JP)
Title: Head rests
Patent Number: 7,484,797

Inventors: Akita; Masanori (Toride, JP)
Title: Image-forming apparatus
Patent Number: 7,486,917

Inventors: Al-Absi; Munir A. (Dhahran, SA), Al-Suhaibani; Eyas Saleh (Dhahran, SA), Abuelma'atti; Muhammad Taher (Dhahran, SA)
Title: Compact C-multiplier
Patent Number: 9,553,562

Inventors: Albericio; Fernando (Barcelona, ES), Giralt; Ernest (Barcelona, ES), Jimenez; Jose Carlos (Barcelona, ES), Lopez; Angel (Barcelona, ES), Manzanares; Ignacio (Madrid, ES), Rodrigues; Ignacio (Madrid, ES), Royo; Miriam (Barcelona, ES)
Title: Kahalalide F and related compounds
Patent Number: 7,482,429

Inventors: Albrecht; Jeffrey Allen (Rotterdam, NY), Wakulenko; Alex (Cohoes, NY), Badawi; Mohammed (Niskayuna, NY), Finn; Evan (Berkeley Heights, NJ), Nicoll; Joseph (East Greenbush, NY), Madigan; Lisa (Melrose, NY), Mysliwiec; Robert (Cohoes, NY)
Title: Fluid-isolating, self-aligning make-break electrical connection
Patent Number: 8,357,000

Inventors: Aldrich; William J. (Natick, MA)
Title: System and method for identifying and reducing model complexities affecting model verification
Patent Number: 8,359,183

Inventors: Alkove; James M. (Woodinville, WA), Klemets; Anders E. (Redmond, WA)
Title: RTP payload format
Patent Number: 7,483,532

Inventors: Allen; Corville O. (Durham, NC), Carrier; Scott Robert (Durham, NC), Woods; Eric (Durham, NC)
Title: Producing visualizations of elements in works of literature
Patent Number: 9,552,346

Inventors: Allman; Michael (Wilson, NC), Cao; Bangshu (Raleigh, NC), Yiannaki; Andrew Costas (Raleigh, NC), Sobran; Ivan (Raleigh, NC), Henderson; Randal Lee (Zebulon, NC)
Title: Unitary composite/hybrid cushioning structure(s) and profile(s) comprised of a thermoplastic foam(s) and a thermoset material(s)
Patent Number: 8,356,373

Inventors: Alt; Eckhard (Houston, TX), Gollasch; Maik (Berlin, DE)
Title: Method of detecting sleep apnea and treatment thereof
Patent Number: 8,359,097

Inventors: Alterman; Mathias (Stockholm, SE), Hallberg; Anders (Uppsala, SE), Subbaiah; Murugaiah Andappan Murugaiah (Tamil Nadu, IN)
Title: Bicyclic angiotensin II agonists
Patent Number: 8,357,710

Inventors: Alty; Adam C. (Alachua, FL), Du Boisson; Richard A. (Alachua, FL)
Title: Fluorobutene derivatives and process for producing same
Patent Number: 7,482,499

Inventors: Alverdy; John C. (Glenview, IL)
Title: Materials and methods for preventing and treating microbe-mediated epithelial disorders
Patent Number: 9,549,946

Inventors: Amakai; Makoto (Nagano, JP), Sugiura; Iwao (Nagano, JP), Negishi; Takanori (Nagano, JP), Kawashima; Yasuhiro (Nagano, JP), Kamurai; Gen (Nagano, JP), Imamura; Kazuyuki (Nagano, JP)
Title: Structural analysis program, a structural analysis method, a structural analysis apparatus, and a production process of a semiconductor integrated circuit
Patent Number: 7,483,818

Inventors: Amano; Mitsuaki (Chiba, JP)
Title: Control system for an injection molding machine and a method for controlling the injection molding machine
Patent Number: 7,485,247

Inventors: Amano; Noriyasu (Gamagori, JP), Takakura; Shinsuke (Kariya, JP), Kanoh; Masao (Gamagori, JP), Shiokawa; Terutoshi (Chiryu, JP)
Title: Fuel vapor treatment apparatus
Patent Number: 7,484,501

Inventors: Amidon; Jeremy (Marcellus, NY), Malak; Stephen P (Manlius, NY)
Title: Ethernet cable connector and methods of use thereof
Patent Number: 7,484,993

Inventors: Anchan; Kirankumar (San Diego, CA), Paladugu; Karthika (San Diego, CA), Santhanam; Arvind V. (San Diego, CA)
Title: Optimized always-on wireless service using network assistance and keep-alives
Patent Number: 9,554,366

Inventors: Anderberg; Goran (Landskrona, SE)
Title: Pressure resistant static and dynamic expeller shaft sealing
Patent Number: 7,484,734

Inventors: Anderegg; Roland (Olten, CH), Von Felten; Dominik (Aarau, CH)
Title: Determination of soil stiffness levels
Patent Number: 7,483,791

Inventors: Anderson, Jr.; Winfield Scott (Palm Beach Gardens, FL), Little; Tom (Pitman, NJ), Rycek; James (Pitman, NJ), Graham; Michael J. (Pitman, NJ)
Title: Scupper door systems
Patent Number: 9,551,153

Inventors: Anderson; Brent A. (Jericho, VT), Murali; Kota V. R. M. (Bangalore, IN), Nowak; Edward J. (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Doped metal-insulator-transition latch circuitry
Patent Number: 9,552,852

Inventors: Anderson; Jeffery A. (Jonesboro, ME), Alley; Mark (Jonesboro, ME)
Title: Lobster trap stabilizing system
Patent Number: 9,549,539

Inventors: Anderson; Richard A. (Cross Plains, WI), Schill; Nicholas J. (Madison, WI)
Title: Phosphatidylinositol phosphate kinase type I gamma splice variants as biomarkers and drug targets for epithelial cancers
Patent Number: 8,357,790

Inventors: Andersson; Kurt (Tyreso, SE), Rodert; Jorgen (Saltsjo-Boo, SE)
Title: Percussion device
Patent Number: 7,484,570

Inventors: Andersson; Loa (Alvsjo, SE), Felske; Kent (Kanata, CA), Wang; Guo-Qiang (Nepean, CA)
Title: Network data routing protection cycles for automatic protection switching
Patent Number: 7,486,615

Inventors: Ando; Hideo (Hino, JP), Yoshioka; You (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Patent Number: 7,483,623

Inventors: Andrei; Maria (Mediglia, IT), Del Gaudio; Lucilla (San Donato Milanese, IT), Bozzano; Giulia Luisa Eleonora (Milan, IT), Sliepcevich; Andrea (Milan, IT)
Title: Process for the recovery of bitumen from an oil sand
Patent Number: 9,550,944

Inventors: Angelle; Jeremy R. (Lafayette, LA), Brasseux; Guy R. (Houston, TX)
Title: Conductor pipe string deflector and method
Patent Number: 7,484,575

Inventors: Anglin; Matthew Joseph (Tucson, AZ), Hannigan; Ken Eugene (Tucson, AZ), Haye; Mark Alan (Tucson, AZ), Hochberg; Avishai Haim (San Jose, CA)
Title: Method for merging metadata on files in a backup storage
Patent Number: 7,483,927

Inventors: Anisimov; Nikolay (Concord, CA), Makagon; Petr (San Francisco, CA), Ristock; Herbert Willi Artur (Walnut Creek, CA), Anderson; David (Hillsborough, NC), Leonard; Colin Michael (Raleigh, NC), Zhang; Yi (Daly City, CA), Teryoshin; Vitaliy (Daly City, CA)
Title: Method for implementing and executing communication center routing strategies represented in extensible markup language
Patent Number: 9,553,755

Inventors: Annapragada; Ananth (Manvel, TX), Karathanasis; Efstathios (Atlanta, GA), Bellamkonda; Ravi V. (Marietta, GA), Lebovitz; Russell M. (Houston, TX)
Title: Nano-scale contrast agents and methods of use
Patent Number: 8,357,351

Inventors: Ansari; Arif M (Los Angeles, CA), Shiek Ansari; Yusuf Sulaiman M (Costa Mesa, CA)
Title: Processing device with intuitive learning capability
Patent Number: 7,483,867

Inventors: Anuszczyk; Jeffrey John (Framingham, MA), Barbrow; David Jay (Newton, MA), Bhathena; Firdaus (Andover, MA), Beaman; Peter Demarest (Wellesley, MA), Kowalczyk; Stanislaw (Boston, MA), Wheeler; Blair Francis (Winchester, MA)
Title: Method and apparatus for managing components in an IT system
Patent Number: 7,483,970

Inventors: Anwar; Abul F (Storrs, CT), Webster; Richard T. (Bedford, MA)
Title: Insulated gate silicon nanowire transistor and method of manufacture
Patent Number: 7,485,908

Inventors: Aoki; Tomoyuki (Atsugi, JP), Yamada; Daiki (Isehara, JP)
Title: Method for manufacturing antenna and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Patent Number: 8,357,598

Inventors: Aoki; Yasuhiko (Richardson, TX), Kinoshita; Susumu (Plano, TX)
Title: Optical network with sub-band rejection and bypass
Patent Number: 7,483,636

Inventors: Aota; Kazuaki (Sagamihara, JP), Inuta; Yukiyoshi (Sagamihara, JP), Yamamoto; Akihiro (Isehara, JP), Kobayashi; Naoki (Machida, JP), Okuda; Takayuki (Atsugi, JP), Tenberge; Peter (Chemnitz, DE), Mueller; Joerg (Chemnitz, DE), Resch; Rico (Wilsdruff, DE)
Title: Automatic transmission
Patent Number: 8,357,068

Inventors: Aouine; Tarik (Antibes, FR), Coutant; Frederic (Grasse, FR), Gaeta; Michel (La Valette du Var, FR)
Title: Demodulation method and apparatus
Patent Number: 7,482,862

Inventors: Aoyagi; Masayuki (Ohhara, JP), Morika; Yasushi (Mobara, JP)
Title: Liquid crystal display device
Patent Number: 7,486,348

Inventors: Aoyagi; Satoshi (Wako, JP), Saeki; Hibiki (Wako, JP), Watanabe; Kazunori (Wako, JP), Kotaka; Kazuo (Wako, JP)
Title: Fuel cell power supply
Patent Number: 7,485,383

Inventors: Apalkov; Dmytro (Milpitas, CA), Li; Zhanjie (Santa Clara, CA)
Title: Method and system for providing a spin transfer device with improved switching characteristics
Patent Number: 7,486,552

Inventors: Apps; William P. (Alpharetta, GA), Meissen; Cynthia R. (Atlanta, GA)
Title: Tray
Patent Number: 7,484,621

Inventors: Arad; Oded (Rehovot, IL), Ostrovsky; Elena (Rishon Le-Zion, IL)
Title: (1R,1'R)-atracurium salts separation process
Patent Number: 8,357,805

Inventors: Arai; Yasuhiro (Ebina, JP)
Title: Image forming device, pattern formation method and storage medium storing its program
Patent Number: 7,486,414

Inventors: Arakawa; Tetuya (Shizuoka, JP), Fujiwara; Ryoichi (Shizuoka, JP), Sakaba; Susumu (Chiba, JP), Abe; Masanao (Aichi, JP)
Title: Shift lever apparatus
Patent Number: 7,484,433

Inventors: Arao; Hideki (Tokyo, JP), Hiromitsu; Masashi (Tokyo, JP), Goto; Takakazu (Tokyo, JP), Tanaka; Kazuya (Tokyo, JP), Shimizu; Akio (Tokyo, JP), Morita; Ryoji (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Laminate for use as outer covering of battery and secondary battery
Patent Number: 7,485,393

Inventors: Arcidiacone; Franco (Sundern, DE)
Title: Headrest support
Patent Number: 8,356,863

Inventors: Argolini; Roberto (Milan, IT), Mercuri; Davide (Turin, IT)
Title: Aftertreatment system for internal combustion engines
Patent Number: 9,551,249

Inventors: Argolini; Roberto (Milan, IT), Montinaro; Giovanni (San Pietro Vernotico, IT), Pataccia; Lorenzo (Turin, IT), Donna; Davide (Novara, IT), Johnen; Thomas (Nieder-Olm, DE)
Title: Control apparatus for optimizing the regeneration of an aftertreatment device
Patent Number: 9,551,258

Inventors: Arhab; Rabah (Saint-Brice-Sous-Foret, FR)
Title: Hydrokinetic coupling apparatus, in particular for motor vehicle
Patent Number: 7,484,604

Inventors: Arikara; Muralidharan P. (Folsom, CA), Bawden, Jr.; Lawrence R. (El Dorado Hills, CA), Berger; William Jackson (Boston, MA), Van Fleet; Barbara H. (Folsom, CA)
Title: Fuel cell power system having a master control unit and a plurality of fuel cell power units
Patent Number: 7,482,778

Inventors: Arnon; Ruth (Rechovot, IL), Jeon; Sung-Ho (Suwon-si, KR), Kayhan; Basak (Ankara, TR), Ben-Yedidia; Tamar (Mazkeret Batya, IL)
Title: Nucleic acid molecules, polypeptides, antibodies and compositions for treating and detecting influenza virus infection
Patent Number: 8,357,789

Inventors: Arora; Manish (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Method and apparatus to measure hearing ability of user of mobile device
Patent Number: 8,358,786

Inventors: Arruda; Anthony Charles (Ann Arbor, MI), Bielicki; James Bryan (Livonia, MI), Conley; Mark Douglas (Westland, MI)
Title: Air induction system with resonator bypass valve
Patent Number: 7,484,491

Inventors: Aruga; Yasuhiro (Kobe, JP), Fugono; Akira (Shimonoseki, JP), Kudo; Takeshi (Kobe, JP), Kajihara; Katsura (Kobe, JP)
Title: Copper alloy having high strength, high electric conductivity and excellent bending workability
Patent Number: 8,357,248

Inventors: Asai; Toshiaki (Shizuoka, JP), Hotta; Yoshihiko (Shizuoka, JP), Ishimi; Tomomi (Shizuoka, JP), Kawahara; Shinya (Shizuoka, JP)
Title: Image processing method, and image processing apparatus
Patent Number: 8,358,325

Inventors: Asano; Junta (Osaka, JP), Yoshiyama; Masahiko (Osaka, JP), Nakano; Takashi (Osaka, JP), Okuno; Yoshiaki (Osaka, JP)
Title: Apparatus and method for processing image
Patent Number: 8,358,334

Inventors: Aschermann; Benedikt (Wuppertal, DE)
Title: Method and system for transmission of carrier signals between first and second antenna networks
Patent Number: 7,486,968

Inventors: Ashby, Jr.; John Wiley (Austin, TX), Varadaraju; Balaji (Austin, TX)
Title: Automatic modeling of virtual resources with sizing recommendations
Patent Number: 9,553,827

Inventors: Astier; Yann (Irvington, NY), Smith; Joshua T. (Hudson, NY)
Title: Gold ion beam drilled nanopores modified with thiolated DNA origamis
Patent Number: 9,551,707

Inventors: Atarashi; Hirofumi (Wako, JP)
Title: Controller for motor
Patent Number: 7,486,043

Inventors: Aulanko; Esko (Kerava, FI), Ossendorf; Marc (Bochum, DE), Mustalahti; Jorma (Hyvinkaa, FI)
Title: Pallet arrangement
Patent Number: 7,484,614

Inventors: Aulick; Vinc L. (Scottsbluff, NE)
Title: Retractable tarp cover system for truck or trailer bodies
Patent Number: 7,484,789

Inventors: Austad; Brian C. (Tewksbury, MA), Grenier; Louis (Newton, MA), Holson; Edward B. (Newton Highlands, MA), Lee; John J. (Somerville, MA), Pak; Roger H. (Boxborough, MA), Porter; James R. (Rowley, MA), Wright; James L. (Lexington, MA)
Title: Ansamycin formulations and methods of use thereof
Patent Number: 8,357,676

Inventors: Awaji; Hiroshi (Settsu, JP), Kumar; Ashutosh (Settsu, JP), Kobayashi; Akira (Takasago, JP), Imai; Naohiro (Takasago, JP)
Title: Separating material and method for collecting cell or the like using the same
Patent Number: 8,357,522

Inventors: Aziz; Imran (Seattle, WA), Leung; Chi Pong Timothy (San Bruno, CA), Sun; Yan-Feng (Beijing, CN)
Title: Navigating product relationships within a search system
Patent Number: 8,359,301

Inventors: Baars; Peter (Dresden, DE), Wei; Andy (Queensbury, NY), Carter; Richard (Dresden, DE)
Title: Methods of forming semiconductor devices with replacement gate structures
Patent Number: 8,357,978

Inventors: Bacco; Edward M. (Leavenworth, WA), Prinzivalli; Domenic P. (Redmond, WA), Collins; Anthony T. (Seattle, WA)
Title: Methods and systems configured to detect and guarantee identity for the purpose of data protection and access control
Patent Number: 9,552,684

Inventors: Bach; Ingrid (Bad Soden, DE), Stossel; Philipp (Frankfurt, DE), Spreitzer; Hubert (Viernheim, DE)
Title: Method for producing high-purity organoiridium compounds
Patent Number: 7,482,450

Inventors: Backer; Ronald C. (Midland, TX), Pace; William (Baytown, TX), Patrick; Patricia (Decatur, GA), Lowry; Sybil Patricia (Houston, TX), Rau; Shesh (Naperville, IL), McEndree; Joel (Midland, TX)
Title: Method and apparatus for generating toxicology reports
Patent Number: 8,359,207

Inventors: Badre; Chantal (Millstone, NJ), Hough; Lawrence (Philadelphia, PA), Alsayed; Ahmed (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Title: Polymer compositions, polymer films, polymer gels, polymer foams, and electronic devices containing such films, gels and foams
Patent Number: 9,552,903

Inventors: Baek; In-Gyu (Seoul, KR), Sim; Hyun-Jun (Hwaseong-si, KR), Yoon; Hong-Sik (Seongnam-si, KR), Zhao; Jin-Shi (Hwaseong-si, KR), Park; Min-Young (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Multi-level nonvolatile memory devices using variable resistive elements
Patent Number: 8,358,527

Inventors: Baek; Ji-seon (Suwon-si, KR), Yamasaki; Yukihiro (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Optical reproducing apparatus connectable to optical pickups and method of controlling optical pickups
Patent Number: 8,358,139

Inventors: Bagajewicz; Miguel (Norman, OK), Nguyen; Quang (Norman, OK), Tran; Tu Oanh (Norman, OK), Cruson; Conner (Norman, OK)
Title: Treatment of natural gas to remove contaminants
Patent Number: 9,550,144

Inventors: Bahl; Pradeep (Redmond, WA)
Title: Session load balancing and use of VIP as source address for inter-cluster traffic through the use of a session identifier
Patent Number: 7,483,992

Inventors: Bai; Fan (Ann Arbor, MI), Grimm; Donald K. (Utica, MI), Nieman; Leonard C. (Warren, MI), Hrabak; Robert A. (West Bloomfield, MI)
Title: Systems and methods for enhancing privacy in connection with location-based services
Patent Number: 9,554,249

Inventors: Bai; Kun (Hartsdale, NY), Kau; Christian B. (Los Altos, CA), Schoudt; Jerald T. (Douglassville, PA)
Title: Visual voice search
Patent Number: 9,552,814

Inventors: Bai; Shwang-Shi (Hsinhua, TW), Chen; Ming-Yeong (Hsinhua, TW), Hsu; Kuo-Tung (Hsinhua, TW)
Title: Frame-varying addressing method of color sequential display
Patent Number: 7,483,010

Inventors: Baker; Henry H. (Los Altos, CA), Woodfill; John I. (San Francisco, CA), St. Hilaire; Pierre (Belmont, CA), Kalayjian; Nicholas R. (Long Beach, CA)
Title: Moving imager camera for track and range capture
Patent Number: 7,486,311

Inventors: Bala; Shantanu (Pearland, TX)
Title: Wearable device that indicates the passage of time as a tactile sensation moving across the surface of a person's skin
Patent Number: 9,552,707

Inventors: Balbo Di Vinadio; Aimone (Turin, IT)
Title: Disappearing hinging device for windows and doors with wing and swivel wing opening
Patent Number: 7,484,270

Inventors: Bando; Yosuke (Fuchu, JP), Nishida; Tomoyuki (Kashiwa, JP)
Title: Device and method for gradient domain image deconvolution
Patent Number: 8,358,865

Inventors: Bang; Yong-seok (Seoul, KR), An; Yong-il (Goyang-si, KR)
Title: Appearing and disappearing type image pickup device
Patent Number: 7,483,074

Inventors: Banthia; Ashish (San Diego, CA), Salcedo; Alberto (Chula Vista, CA), Gillespie; Alan (Farnborough, GB)
Title: Techniques for activating single wire communications
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Owner: Imperial Toy LLC
Serial Number: 77566081

Owner: INC International Company
Serial Number: 77706955

Serial Number: 77501303

Owner: INDUS Corporation
Serial Number: 77341481

Owner: Infante, Juan Antonio
Serial Number: 77885223

Owner: Infilco Degremont, Inc.
Serial Number: 77653297

Serial Number: 77525146

Owner: Institute for Mindfulness Studies, Inc.
Serial Number: 77797179

Owner: IntelliReal LLC
Serial Number: 77890297

Serial Number: 77577374

Serial Number: 77750196

Owner: International Market Access Limited
Serial Number: 77888147

Serial Number: 77628987

Owner: Invacare Corporation
Serial Number: 77685328

Owner: Invarion
Serial Number: 77889071

Serial Number: 77616548

Serial Number: 77521057

Serial Number: 77827758

Owner: Jackson Land and Cattle, LLC
Serial Number: 77978472

Serial Number: 77717742

Owner: Jane Rhodes
Serial Number: 77857581

Owner: Jarrow Formulas, Inc.
Serial Number: 77675190

Owner: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Development Corp.
Serial Number: 77604822

Owner: Jeri Lynn Sunok
Serial Number: 77555714

Owner: JKHM Corp.
Serial Number: 77883790

Owner: Joe Snyder S.A. de C.V.
Serial Number: 77722844

Owner: John Crane Inc.
Serial Number: 77612172

Owner: John Gray Publications, Inc.
Serial Number: 77592127

Serial Number: 77636671

Owner: Johnson, Arron
Serial Number: 77954754

Serial Number: 77566224

Owner: Jonhaw Pei
Serial Number: 77560397

Owner: JORDAN SCHUR LIVING TRUST, dated 3/24/2003
Serial Number: 77856449

Owner: Joseph Cyril Callaghan
Serial Number: 77860183

Owner: Joseph Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77490209

Serial Number: 78934325

Serial Number: 77190194

Owner: Kahn Lucas Lancaster, Inc.
Serial Number: 77728030

Owner: Kaplan, Leonora
Serial Number: 77867717

Owner: Kay Partnership
Serial Number: 77710965

Owner: Kelly, Anne M.
Serial Number: 77626731

Serial Number: 77573904

Owner: Kent Moore Cabinets, LLC
Serial Number: 76700659

Owner: Key Electronics, Inc.
Serial Number: 77757196

Owner: Kinetic Technologies, LLC
Serial Number: 77817157

Owner: Kollman, John
Serial Number: 77884858

Serial Number: 77565378

Serial Number: 77594712

Serial Number: 77598651

Owner: Konami Gaming, Inc.
Serial Number: 77717093

Owner: Kopin Corporation
Serial Number: 77116819

Owner: Kraft Group LLC
Serial Number: 78614570

Owner: Kubik Inc.
Serial Number: 77653511

Owner: Kubik Inc.
Serial Number: 77653558

Owner: Kusuma Cooray
Serial Number: 77887810

Owner: La Reina, Inc.
Serial Number: 77615086

Serial Number: 77979634

Serial Number: 77098220

Owner: Lanzoni, William
Serial Number: 77880902

Owner: Laurent, Nancy
Serial Number: 77491648

Owner: Le Sportsac, Inc.
Serial Number: 77551254

Owner: Lewis, Duane B.
Serial Number: 77741171

Owner: Lian Huat Bakery Machinery Sdn Bhd
Serial Number: 77587041

Owner: Life Brands, LLC.
Serial Number: 77893690

Serial Number: 77775836

Owner: Living with Lions Limited
Serial Number: 77892005

Serial Number: 77892825

Serial Number: 77892847

Owner: Lockheed Martin Corporation
Serial Number: 77667027

Owner: Long Term Care Simple & Easy LLC
Serial Number: 78891602

Serial Number: 77882324

Serial Number: 77705624

Owner: LUVE, LLC
Serial Number: 77820650

Serial Number: 77890507

Serial Number: 77890449

Serial Number: 77727129

Serial Number: 76624098

Serial Number: 77518306

Owner: Manatee, Inc.
Serial Number: 77722207

Owner: MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival
Serial Number: 77875403

Owner: Mannington Mills, Inc.
Serial Number: 77571710

Owner: Marketing Partners, Inc.
Serial Number: 77646350

Serial Number: 77680165

Owner: Martin, Sandrine Nadine
Serial Number: 77893295

Owner: Martinez, Jack
Serial Number: 77667716

Serial Number: 77104662

Owner: Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association, Incorporated
Serial Number: 77814341

Owner: Masonite International Corporation
Serial Number: 77367550

Serial Number: 77535784

Owner: Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corporation
Serial Number: 77890470

Owner: May, Michelle
Serial Number: 77690485

Serial Number: 77555831

Owner: McClory, Michael R.
Serial Number: 77663268

Owner: McCormick & Company, Incorporated
Serial Number: 77601395

Owner: McDonald's Corporation
Serial Number: 77314387

Owner: McLaughlin, Barbara
Serial Number: 78926695

Serial Number: 77284913

Owner: Menza, Anthony C.
Serial Number: 77890498

Owner: Merchant Import Global LLC
Serial Number: 77822132

Owner: Merck KGaA
Serial Number: 77561602

Serial Number: 77007334

Owner: Merica Fooks
Serial Number: 77107518

Owner: Meridian Granules
Serial Number: 77556733

Serial Number: 77720058

Serial Number: 77718046

Owner: Microneil Research Corporation
Serial Number: 77884309

Owner: Micronova Manufacturing, Inc.
Serial Number: 75489294

Serial Number: 77888189

Owner: Miller-Kramer, Kathy
Serial Number: 77569652

Owner: Mind the Gap, LLC
Serial Number: 77892211

Owner: Miner, Anthony
Serial Number: 77572798

Owner: Minneapolis Christ Center, Inc.
Serial Number: 77677715

Serial Number: 77750166

Serial Number: 77341221

Serial Number: 77750190

Serial Number: 77717516

Serial Number: 77600837

Serial Number: 77815226

Serial Number: 77680790

Owner: Monarch Performance Products
Serial Number: 76700471

Serial Number: 77175253

Owner: Mooney Leasing, LLC
Serial Number: 77446644

Owner: Mooney Leasing, LLC
Serial Number: 77520464

Owner: Mooney Leasing, LLC
Serial Number: 77520466

Owner: Moonlight Packing Corporation
Serial Number: 77684849

Owner: Motu Novu LLC
Serial Number: 77719569

Owner: Mount Gay Distilleries Limited
Serial Number: 77717699

Owner: Mycone Dental Supply Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 77380298

Serial Number: 77556921

Serial Number: 77907164

Owner: Nathalie Levy Dornbusch
Serial Number: 77602104

Owner: NATI, LLC
Serial Number: 76697759

Owner: National Alliance of Wound Care, Inc.
Serial Number: 77886391

Owner: National Patient Safety Foundation
Serial Number: 76700075

Owner: National Patient Safety Foundation
Serial Number: 76700074

Serial Number: 77749035

Serial Number: 77810922

Owner: Nedderman, Scott A.
Serial Number: 77509509

Owner: Neff, Kris L.
Serial Number: 77886027

Owner: Inc.
Serial Number: 77890945

Owner: New England Cognitive Center
Serial Number: 77836858

Serial Number: 77570078

Serial Number: 76700680

Serial Number: 76700682

Serial Number: 77500612

Owner: Noise Solutions Inc.
Serial Number: 77739069

Owner: Nombe Restaurant, LLC
Serial Number: 77887963

Owner: North America Packaging Corporation
Serial Number: 77577629

Owner: North American Investigations Inc.
Serial Number: 77881776

Serial Number: 76698616

Serial Number: 77758921

Serial Number: 77888459

Owner: Ocean Glass Public Company Limited
Serial Number: 77283785

Owner: Olomomo Nut Company, LLC
Serial Number: 77892802

Owner:, Inc.
Serial Number: 77586621

Serial Number: 77897236

Serial Number: 77888967

Owner: Original Piece, LLC
Serial Number: 77564225

Owner: Otis Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 77721462

Owner: Otis Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 77721452

Serial Number: 77582116

Serial Number: 77582129

Serial Number: 77592000

Serial Number: 77592004

Serial Number: 77592189

Serial Number: 77592236

Serial Number: 77592247

Serial Number: 77592951

Serial Number: 77592956

Serial Number: 77592009

Serial Number: 77592910

Owner: Pacific Vision Proprietary Ltd.
Serial Number: 77197794

Owner: PAJ, Inc.
Serial Number: 77662052

Owner: Palmer, Samuel E.
Serial Number: 77884161

Owner: Parabal Incorporated
Serial Number: 77884254

Owner: Parker Intangibles LLC
Serial Number: 76642100

Serial Number: 77788060

Serial Number: 77658994

Serial Number: 77658951

Owner: Pepperidge Farm, Incorporated
Serial Number: 77677011

Owner: Physicians Formula, Inc.
Serial Number: 77691778

Owner: Piper Larson LLC
Serial Number: 77711200

Serial Number: 77676298

Owner: Planet Bingo, Inc.
Serial Number: 77570063

Owner: Platinum Bank
Serial Number: 77721002

Serial Number: 77473641

Serial Number: 77600143

Serial Number: 77777340

Serial Number: 77570633

Serial Number: 77757331

Owner: Premier Christian Cruises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77619451

Owner: Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77704840

Serial Number: 77238225

Serial Number: 77607251

Serial Number: 77607257

Owner: Propét Global Limited
Serial Number: 77902114

Owner: Prouty, Christopher
Serial Number: 77297397

Owner: PTC INC.
Serial Number: 75238355

Owner: Public Relations Society of America, Inc.
Serial Number: 77892950

Owner: Puente Bagels, Inc.
Serial Number: 77887976

Owner: PVH CORP.
Serial Number: 77448170

Serial Number: 76700588

Owner: R. Mitchel, Inc.
Serial Number: 77715633

Owner: RC Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 77884147

Serial Number: 77714127

Owner: Recycle4U, LLC
Serial Number: 77733312

Owner: Red I Wear
Serial Number: 77758154

Owner: Red I Wear
Serial Number: 77758165

Owner: Reid, Tony
Serial Number: 77910318

Owner: Restek Corporation
Serial Number: 77709488

Owner: Retail Concepts Inc.
Serial Number: 77608729

Owner: Retail Control Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 77827934

Serial Number: 77884935

Owner: RMO, Inc.
Serial Number: 77911738

Owner: Robin Hurst Realty, LTD
Serial Number: 77609122

Owner: Robinson Bradshaw & Hinson P.A.
Serial Number: 77892676

Owner: Rodney Jennings
Serial Number: 77859436

Owner: Romman, Inc.
Serial Number: 77511512

Owner: Root, Sandra
Serial Number: 77893621

Owner: Rosalba, Sussman L
Serial Number: 77537605

Serial Number: 77451338

Serial Number: 77892181

Serial Number: 77899754

Serial Number: 77256404

Serial Number: 77889066

Serial Number: 77756903

Owner: S&G Imports
Serial Number: 77888396

Owner: S.S White Burs, Inc
Serial Number: 77598065

Serial Number: 77724890

Owner: Sammy Lee Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77939691

Owner: Sandvik Intellectual Property AB
Serial Number: 77911116

Owner: Sans Soleil LLC
Serial Number: 77719705

Serial Number: 77262359

Serial Number: 77668166

Serial Number: 77585861

Owner: Schultz Grimes Inc.
Serial Number: 77786438

Serial Number: 77876396

Serial Number: 77770407

Owner: Securian Financial Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77663669

Serial Number: 78776574

Serial Number: 78776576

Owner: Septo-Clean Limited
Serial Number: 77647395

Owner: Septodont, Inc.
Serial Number: 77586167

Serial Number: 77887454

Owner: Sesame Workshop
Serial Number: 77438044

Serial Number: 77308830

Owner: Shawnee Mission Medical Center, Inc.
Serial Number: 77892680

Owner: Sherrill, Dan
Serial Number: 77888561

Owner: Shinobi Ninja, LLC
Serial Number: 77713487

Serial Number: 77720476

Owner: Shoes For Crews, LLC
Serial Number: 77924594

Owner: Shutter Tours LLC
Serial Number: 77736289

Owner: Sierra Educational Consulting LLC
Serial Number: 76697815

Owner: SirReal Fashion LLC
Serial Number: 77510759

Owner: SIS-USA Inc.
Serial Number: 77385429

Serial Number: 77801500

Serial Number: 77835540

Serial Number: 76696214

Serial Number: 77595579

Owner: Soaring America, LLC
Serial Number: 77593125

Owner: Soaring America, LLC
Serial Number: 77593128

Owner: SoaringWords, Inc.
Serial Number: 77711430

Owner: Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.
Serial Number: 77670488

Serial Number: 77513238

Owner: Softub, Inc.
Serial Number: 77624553

Serial Number: 78744565

Serial Number: 77979620

Serial Number: 77979622

Serial Number: 77721055

Owner: Souder, Blair V
Serial Number: 77857494

Owner: Special Kids Crusade, Inc.
Serial Number: 77762517

Owner: Spiceworks, Inc.
Serial Number: 77885859

Owner: Stair-Hold Inc.
Serial Number: 77590141

Serial Number: 77071953

Owner: Starnex
Serial Number: 77522617

Owner: State Bar of Arizona
Serial Number: 77620060

Serial Number: 76698217

Serial Number: 76698214

Owner: Strategic Analysis, Inc.
Serial Number: 77856375

Owner: Strokin, LLC
Serial Number: 77075485

Owner: Stub Media LLC
Serial Number: 77890999

Serial Number: 77636734

Owner: Suasion Group, LLC
Serial Number: 77707324

Owner: Sugar Rush, Inc.
Serial Number: 77896685

Owner: Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers LLP
Serial Number: 77891516

Serial Number: 77531682

Owner: Sybase, Inc.
Serial Number: 77732253

Owner: Synergy Productions, LLC
Serial Number: 77665285

Owner: Systems Technology Forum, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77738899

Serial Number: 77784951

Owner: Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc.
Serial Number: 77694693

Serial Number: 77578430

Serial Number: 77399354

Serial Number: 77578404

Owner: Televisa S.A. de C. V.
Serial Number: 77771253

Owner: Tennis Industry Association
Serial Number: 77678490

Owner: Tennis Universal Inc. (USA)
Serial Number: 77697601

Owner: Terry Ball
Serial Number: 77887969

Owner: Tesco Controls, Inc.
Serial Number: 76696061

Owner: Tessenderlo Chemie N.V./S.A.
Serial Number: 77764159

Owner: Texas Forever, Inc
Serial Number: 76701687

Owner: The Bradley Collection, Inc.
Serial Number: 77592333

Owner: The Corporation for the Dissemination of Teachings of Value
Serial Number: 77914464

Serial Number: 77891780

Owner: The Foundation for Art and Agriculture
Serial Number: 77979672

Serial Number: 77785066

Owner: The Natural Solution
Serial Number: 77726521

Owner: The Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77726328

Owner: The Procter & Gamble Company
Serial Number: 77327154

Owner: The Promotion Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77723037

Serial Number: 77454254

Owner: The Talbots Group, Limited Partnership
Serial Number: 77620953

Owner: The Time To Give Foundation
Serial Number: 77444219

Owner: The Wine Group LLC
Serial Number: 77674816

Serial Number: 77674385

Serial Number: 77664696

Owner: Time Capsule Press
Serial Number: 77733534

Owner: Tom Vitorino Management, Inc.
Serial Number: 77750253

Owner: Total Hockey, Inc.
Serial Number: 77708815

Owner: Toto U.S.A., Inc.
Serial Number: 77688682

Owner: Tracy Borkum
Serial Number: 77876952

Owner:, LLC
Serial Number: 77604862

Owner: Travel Guide, Inc.
Serial Number: 75655250

Owner: TRUGLO, Inc.
Serial Number: 77924751

Serial Number: 76688059

Serial Number: 77482853

Owner: Tutor Corps
Serial Number: 77884851

Owner: Twelve Gates Productions, LLC
Serial Number: 77313279

Owner: Twisted Limb Paper, LLC
Serial Number: 77888910

Owner: TXL Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77682493

Serial Number: 77887560

Owner: Uncle Dan's, Inc.
Serial Number: 77886742

Owner: United Parcel Service of America, Inc.
Serial Number: 77567992

Serial Number: 77803321

Owner: United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy
Serial Number: 77833799

Owner: United Trading Inc.
Serial Number: 77731037

Owner: United Trading Inc.
Serial Number: 77731038

Serial Number: 77667638

Owner: Urology Centers of Alabama, P.C.
Serial Number: 77871835

Serial Number: 77729523

Owner: Vance's Foods, Inc.
Serial Number: 77888382

Owner: Vans, Inc.
Serial Number: 77892978

Serial Number: 77643182

Owner: Verilan Event Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 77557874

Serial Number: 77790949

Serial Number: 77881777

Serial Number: 77562649

Owner: Vetter GmbH
Serial Number: 77507420

Serial Number: 77464376

Owner: Victor DeCastro
Serial Number: 77777289

Owner: Video Gaming Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 77603652

Owner: Village Pantry, LLC
Serial Number: 77922623

Serial Number: 77158269

Serial Number: 77694969

Owner: VP Racing Fuels, Inc.
Serial Number: 77885579

Owner: Wabash Valley Power Association
Serial Number: 77713442

Owner: Wall Street Systems Delaware, Inc.
Serial Number: 77578625

Owner: Watchdog Group LC
Serial Number: 77588835

Owner: Wearable Towel, Inc.
Serial Number: 77883993

Owner: Wearable Towel, Inc.
Serial Number: 77925898

Owner: Weathervane Studios LLC
Serial Number: 77808401

Owner: Webbing World Products Co. Ltd.
Serial Number: 77827533

Serial Number: 77233719

Serial Number: 73786411

Owner: West Coast Shoe Co.
Serial Number: 76700267

Owner: West Coast Shoe Co.
Serial Number: 76700264

Owner: Western Family Foods, Inc.
Serial Number: 77161710

Owner: Western Trailer Co.
Serial Number: 77841256

Serial Number: 77731914

Serial Number: 77184116

Owner: Whirlpool Properties, Inc.
Serial Number: 77053785

Owner: Winter, Ray A.
Serial Number: 77412315

Owner: Wisconsin Bakers Association, Inc.
Serial Number: 77870627

Owner: Wisconsin Bakers Association, Inc.
Serial Number: 77887792

Owner: Wookie Enterprises, LLC
Serial Number: 77866668

Serial Number: 77887983

Owner: World Wide Industries Ltd.
Serial Number: 77529169

Owner: Wrigleyville Sports, Inc.
Serial Number: 77747649

Serial Number: 77590093

Owner: Xtrac LLC
Serial Number: 77891052

Owner: Youth Canada Association
Serial Number: 77728582

Owner: YZY Inc
Serial Number: 77540541

Owner: YZY Inc
Serial Number: 77444871

Owner: Zeeb, Marn C.
Serial Number: 77661439

Serial Number: 77747872

Serial Number: 77747962

Owner: Zija International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77713975

Owner: Zija International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77713977

Owner: Zoho Corporation Private Limited
Serial Number: 77589141

Owner: Zoho Corporation Private Limited
Serial Number: 77589154