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Expired Patents

Inventors: sgeirsson; Sigurour Eggert (Beasonsfield, CA), Hamilton; Christopher Howard (Montreal, CA), Dingle; Eric (Montreal, CA), McFarlane; Roger Delano Paul (Saint-Laurent, CA)
Title: Profiling an executable
Patent Number: 8,656,380

Inventors: Aase; Jonathan (Redwood City, CA), Frazier; Cameron (San Carlos, CA), Russell-Clarke; Peter (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Multi-segment cable structures
Patent Number: 8,655,006

Inventors: Abe; Kazuhiro (Berlin, DE), Kumagai; Masayoshi (Ika-gun, JP), Murakami; Yoshiki (Konan, JP)
Title: Knee-bag and occupant leg protection apparatus
Patent Number: 7,669,895

Inventors: Abraham; Charles (San Jose, CA), Fuchs; Donald L. (Wyckoff, NJ)
Title: Method and apparatus for performing signal correlation at multiple resolutions to mitigate multipath interference
Patent Number: 7,672,358

Inventors: Abrahamian; Ivan (Hanover, NH), Hughes; Russell P. (Lebanon, NH), Yang; Yin (Hanover, NH)
Title: Molecular switches based on cis/trans isomerization of BF2-coordinated azo compounds
Patent Number: 9,896,460

Inventors: Achhammer; Roland (Beratzhausen, DE), Ante; Johannes (Regensburg, DE), Bierl; Rudolf (Regensburg, DE), Heinrich; Stephan (Pfeffenhausen, DE), Herrmann; Markus (Regensburg, DE), Lauerer; Wolfgang (Laaber, DE), Ott; Andreas (Steinsberg, DE), Reitmeier; Willibald (Hohenschambach, DE), Schadlich; Denny (Neustadt, DE), Weigl; Manfred (Viehhausen, DE), Wildgen; Andreas (Nittendorf, DE)
Title: Soot sensor
Patent Number: 8,653,838

Inventors: Adachi; Shinya (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Method for transmitting information on position on digital map and device used for the same
Patent Number: 8,655,580

Inventors: Adams; Kenneth W. (North York, Ontario, CA)
Title: Penis enlargement
Patent Number: 7,671,091

Inventors: Adderly; Darryl M. (Morrisville, NC), Allen; Corville O. (Morrisville, NC), Tucker; Robert K. (Cambridge, GB)
Title: Generating derived links
Patent Number: 9,898,541

Inventors: Adir; Allon (Kiryat Tivon, IL), Copty; Fady (Nazareth, IL), Pidan; Dmitry (Netanya, IL), Salman; Tamer (Haifa, IL)
Title: Unit-level formal verification for vehicular software systems
Patent Number: 9,898,395

Inventors: Afonso Perez; Mauro (Graz, AT), Ribic; Nikolaus (Frohnleiten, AT)
Title: Method for channel switching and device for communication
Patent Number: 8,654,783

Inventors: Agazzi; Oscar E. (Irvine, CA)
Title: PHY control module for a multi-pair gigabit transceiver
Patent Number: 7,672,368

Inventors: Aggarwal; Charu (Hawthorne, NY)
Title: Method for classification of objects in a graph data stream
Patent Number: 8,655,805

Inventors: Ahmed; Mudassir (Risalpur, PK), Masud; Jehanzeb (Islamabad, PK)
Title: Effervescent atomizer with gas injection at reduced pressures
Patent Number: 9,897,310

Inventors: Ahn; Byung Chul (Anyang, KR)
Title: Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Patent Number: 7,671,367

Inventors: Ahn; Kyoung-jin (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Digital device
Patent Number: 7,672,584

Inventors: Ai; Liangsheng (Changsha, CN)
Title: Continuous rotary injection molding machine
Patent Number: 8,651,854

Inventors: Aicher; Thomas D. (Ann Arbor, MI), Taylor; Clarke B. (Ann Arbor, MI), VanHuis; Chad A. (Hartland, MI)
Title: Tetrahydroquinoline sulfonamide and related compounds for use as agonists of ROR.gamma. and the treatment of disease
Patent Number: 9,896,441

Inventors: Aida; Kei (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Oil passage structure for transmission
Patent Number: 8,651,239

Inventors: Aigner; Herbert (Engelsberg, DE), Engl; Gabriele (Munchen, DE), Hecht; Thomas (Gauting, DE), Mobus; Helge (Oerlenbach, DE), Moller; Stefan (Munchen, DE), Sussmann; Wolfgang (Munchen, DE), Wanner; Alfred (Deisenhofen, DE)
Title: Heat exchanger with header and flow guide
Patent Number: 7,669,646

Inventors: Aisu; Katsuhiko (Hyogo-ken, JP)
Title: Semiconductor integrated circuit and amplifier for suppressing pop sound while minimizing voltage transition settling time
Patent Number: 7,671,679

Inventors: Akaiwa; Shoichi (Matsumoto, JP), Nomizo; Tomohiro (Shiojiri, JP)
Title: Projector, projection display system, and corresponding method and recording medium
Patent Number: 8,654,109

Inventors: Akasaki; Yusuke (Kanagawa, JP), Imamura; Naoya (Kanagawa, JP), Ozawa; Shin (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Adhesive sheet and protective sheet for solar cell
Patent Number: 9,899,553

Inventors: Akimoto; Tadaaki (Kyoto, JP), Kubota; Hirokazu (Shiga prefecture, JP), Murakami; Masahiro (Kyoto, JP)
Title: Optimization method and device for netlist used in logic circuit design for semiconductor integrated circuit
Patent Number: 8,656,337

Inventors: Akiyama; Tomoyuki (Yokohama, JP), Aoki; Tsuyoshi (Machida, JP)
Title: Optical fiber mounted photonic integrated circuit device for single mode optical fibers
Patent Number: 9,897,761

Inventors: Akkermans; Antonius Hermanus Maria (Eindhoven, NL), Boughorbel; Sabri (Eindhoven, NL), Breebaart; Dirk Jeroen (Eindhoven, NL), Bruekers; Alphons Antonius Maria Lambertus (Eindhoven, NL), Gokberk; Berk (Eindhoven, NL), De Groot; Koen Theo Johan (Eindhoven, NL), Kelkboom; Emile Josephus Carlos (Eindhoven, NL), Kevenaar; Thomas Andreas Maria (Sterksel, NL), Lemma; Aweke Negash (Eindhoven, NL)
Title: Robust biometric feature extraction with and without reference point
Patent Number: 8,655,026

Inventors: Al Juhaiman; Layla Abdulkareem (Riyadh, SA), Aref; Nagwa Mohamed Mohamed Amin (Riyadh, SA), Mekhamer; Waffa Kotb (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Method of using a clay suspension to prevent viral and phytoplasma diseases in plants
Patent Number: 9,894,896

Inventors: Al-Jazaeri; Ayman (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Wound closure device
Patent Number: 9,895,146

Inventors: Al-Kadi; Ghiath (Eindhoven, NL), Kapoor; Ajay (Wijchen, NL)
Title: System of devices of which some include an infared remote control interface
Patent Number: 8,655,179

Inventors: Alakuijala; Jyrki Antero (Zurich, CH), Vandevenne; Lode (Zurich, CH)
Title: Data compression optimization
Patent Number: 8,653,992

Inventors: Alameh; Rachid M. (Crystal Lake, IL), Vannatta; Louis J. (Crystal Lake, IL)
Title: Bus interface and method for conveying multi-level communication signals between a communication bus and a device coupled to a communication bus
Patent Number: 7,671,628

Inventors: Albeck; Dan (Giv'at Shmuel, IL), Galaizer; Yishai (Neve Mivtach, IL)
Title: System and method for monitoring and visualizing the output of a production process
Patent Number: 7,672,500

Inventors: Albertson; Aaron T. (Rochester, MN), Miller; Robert (Rochester, MN), Nordland; Brian A. (Rochester, MN), Thayib; Kiswanto (Rochester, MN)
Title: Implementing synchronization for remote disk mirroring
Patent Number: 9,898,210

Inventors: Albot; Andre L. (Austin, TX), Aslot; Vishal C. (Austin, TX), Rogers; Mark D. (Round Rock, TX), Swanberg; Randal C. (Round Rock, TX)
Title: Method to share a coherent accelerator context inside the kernel
Patent Number: 9,898,417

Inventors: Albrecht; Gerhard (Prien am Chiemsee, DE), Hommer; Herbert (Muhldorf, DE), Wohlhaupter; Thomas (Eggstaett, DE)
Title: Polymerization mixture that can be produced without water
Patent Number: 8,653,162

Inventors: Albrecht; Thomas E. (Cincinnati, OH), Hibner; John A. (Mason, OH), Sebern; Elizabeth L. (Cincinnati, OH)
Title: Device for tissue removal
Patent Number: 7,670,338

Inventors: Alesi; Daniel E. (Keene, NH), MacLean; David R. (Chesterfield, NH)
Title: Needle safety device with tortuous path
Patent Number: 7,670,318

Inventors: Alexander; Khary J. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Helms; Markus (Boeblingen, DE), Jacobi; Christian (Poughkeepsie, NY), Nerz; Bernd (Boeblingen, DE), Urban; Volker (Boeblingen, DE)
Title: Resource mapping in multi-threaded central processor units
Patent Number: 9,898,348

Inventors: Alexander; William C. (Spicewood, TX)
Title: Universal power conversion apparatus
Patent Number: 9,899,932

Inventors: Alkov; Christopher S. (Austin, TX), Grigsby; Travis M. (Austin, TX), Lyle; Ruthie D. (Durham, NC), DeLuca; Lisa Seacat (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Coordinated deep tagging of media content with community chat postings
Patent Number: 9,900,273

Inventors: Allan; Kevin (Seattle, WA), Huseby; Thomas S. (Seattle, WA), Munslow; William (Seattle, WA), Pratt; David (Seattle, WA), Roundtree; Brian (Seattle, WA)
Title: Method and apparatus for displaying ads directed to personas having associated characteristics
Patent Number: 9,898,756

Inventors: Allen, Jr.; John H. (Durham, ME)
Title: Range finder
Patent Number: 7,669,338

Inventors: Allen; Nicholas Alexander (Seattle, WA), Roth; Gregory B. (Seattle, WA), Dykhno; Elena (Redmond, WA)
Title: Virtual requests
Patent Number: 8,656,471

Inventors: Allen; Todd E. (Lake Orion, MI)
Title: Double wall dome seal for a vehicle
Patent Number: 8,651,527

Inventors: Alpert; Charles Jay (Austin, TX), Li; Zhuo (Austin, TX), Mets; Arjen Alexander (Yorktown Heights, NY), Zhou; Ying (Cedar Park, TX)
Title: Multiple threshold voltage cell families based integrated circuit design
Patent Number: 8,656,334

Inventors: Alshatwi; Ali Abdullah (Riyadh, SA), Athinarayanan; Jegan (Riyadh, SA), Subbarayan; Periasamy Vaiyapuri (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Synthesis of nanostructures from Phoenix dactylifera agro-wastes
Patent Number: 9,896,342

Inventors: Alshatwi; Ali Abdullah (Riyadh, SA), Athinarayanan; Jegan (Riyadh, SA), Subbarayan; Periasamy Vaiyapuri (Riyadh, SA), Alatiah; Khalid Abdulkarim (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Method of producing cellulose nanostructures
Patent Number: 9,896,661

Inventors: Altenburger; Jean-Michel (Saint Remy les Chevreuse, FR), Fossey; Valerie (Paris, FR), Galtier; Daniel (Guyancourt, FR), Petit; Frederic (Orleans, FR)
Title: 5,6-bisaryl-2-pyridine-carboxamide derivatives, preparation thereof and therapeutic application thereof as urotensin II receptor antagonists
Patent Number: 8,653,276

Inventors: Altevogt; Peter (Neckargemuend, DE), Fogel; Mina (Gedera, IL)
Title: Diagnostic and therapeutic methods based on the L1 adhesion molecule for ovarian and endometrial tumors
Patent Number: 7,670,601

Inventors: Altman; Nathan (Raanana, IL), Kedem; Noam Z. (Lachish, IL), Winebrand; Vadim (Raanana, IL), Rotem; Gal (Hod HaSharon, IL), Agassy; Meir (Ramat Gan, IL), Lerner; Arye (Kfar, IL)
Title: Magnetic synchronization for a positioning system
Patent Number: 9,897,682

Inventors: Alvey; John D. (Evansville, IN), Velmer; Marc S. (Evansville, IN)
Title: Compressible multi-chamber feeding tube delivery device and methods
Patent Number: 8,652,096

Inventors: Ambroladze; Ekaterina M (Wappingers Falls, NY), Berger; Deanna P (Poughkeepsie, NY), Fee; Michael F (Cold Spring, NY), O'Neill; Arthur J (Poughkeepsie, NY), Sonnelitter, III; Robert J (Wappingers Falls, NY)
Title: Configuration based cache coherency protocol selection
Patent Number: 9,898,407

Inventors: Amishige; Yasuo (Wakayama, JP), Shirasawa; Takeshi (Wakayama, JP)
Title: Material for water gas
Patent Number: 8,652,436

Inventors: Amit; Jonathan (Omer, IL), Amit; Noah (Haifa, IL), Kedem; Nadav (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: Method and system for compression of files for storage and operation on compressed files
Patent Number: 8,656,075

Inventors: Amr; Abd El-Galil E. (Riyadh, SA), Al-Omar; Mohamed A. (Riyadh, SA), Khalifa; Nagy Mahmoud Hassan (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Glycyrrhetic acid derivatives
Patent Number: 9,896,476

Inventors: Anabuki; Mahoro (Cambridge, MA), Kotake; Daisuke (Yokohama, JP), Uchiyama; Shinji (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Information processing method and apparatus
Patent Number: 7,671,875

Inventors: Ananthakrishnan; Sankaranarayanan (Waltham, MA)
Title: Automatic word alignment
Patent Number: 8,655,640

Inventors: Anchan; Kirankumar (San Diego, CA)
Title: Group communication sessions that are at least partially supported over personal area networks in a wireless communications system
Patent Number: 8,654,686

Inventors: Anderson; Marilyn Anne (Keilor, AU), Lay; Fung Tso (Reservior, AU), Heath; Robyn Louise (Northcote, AU)
Title: Defensin-encoding nucleic acid molecules derived from Nicotiana alata, uses therefor and transgenic plants comprising same
Patent Number: 9,896,697

Inventors: Anderson; Russell W. (Goshen, NY), Hanlon; Lawrence C. (Naugatuck, CT), Martin; Gordon F. (Jupiter, FL)
Title: Temperature control in an indirectly heated recycled asphalt product heater
Patent Number: 7,669,792

Inventors: Andrade; Henrique (Hawthorne, NY), Gedik; Bugra (Hawthorne, NY), Schneider; Scott A. (Hawthorne, NY), Wu; Kun-Lung (Hawthorne, NY)
Title: Performance optimization based on threshold performance measure by resuming suspended threads if present or by creating threads within elastic and data parallel operators
Patent Number: 8,656,396

Inventors: Andre; Gerald (Amberieu en Bugey, FR), Rocheblave; Laurent (Villeurbanne, FR), Ginja; Stephane (Amberieu en Bugey, FR)
Title: Motor vehicle rear door
Patent Number: 7,669,914

Inventors: Angeles; Eric S. (Leander, TX), Bennett; Megan L. (Austin, TX), Gomez Diaz; Fabio A. (Austin, TX), Mullen; Shawn P. (Buda, TX)
Title: Predictive disaster recovery system
Patent Number: 9,898,359

Inventors: Anglin; Debbie A. (Austin, TX), Ge; Li (Austin, TX), Liu; Su (Austin, TX), Yan; Shunguo (Austin, TX)
Title: Annotation data generation and overlay for enhancing readability on electronic book image stream service
Patent Number: 9,898,452

Inventors: Anguelov; Dragomir (San Francisco, CA), Rivlin; Ehud (Haifa, IL)
Title: System and method of using images to determine correspondence between locations
Patent Number: 8,655,012

Inventors: Annaka; Hidekuni (Saitama, JP)
Title: Communication device and communication system
Patent Number: 9,900,840

Inventors: Anzai; Kae (Tokyo, JP), Kusunoki; Hiromi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Medium conveyance device
Patent Number: 9,896,285

Inventors: Aoki; Takaaki (Okazaki, JP), Mizuno; Shoji (Okazaki, JP), Takahashi; Shigeki (Okazaki, JP), Nakano; Takashi (Nukata-gun, JP), Akagi; Nozomu (Nukata-gun, JP), Hattori; Yoshiyuki (Aichi-gun, JP), Kuwahara; Makoto (Nagoya, JP), Okada; Kyoko (Nagoya, JP)
Title: Switching circuit and driving circuit for transistor
Patent Number: 7,671,636

Inventors: Aoyama; Hideaki (Saitama, JP), Yagasaki; Toru (Saitama, JP), Murakami; Manabu (Saitama, JP), Kanehara; Shigeru (Saitama, JP)
Title: Continuously variable transmission metal belt, process for producing metal ring, and process for measuring shape of metal ring
Patent Number: 7,670,241

Inventors: Arai; Yuji (Kanagawa, JP), Amemiya; Ken (Tokyo, JP), Koike; Toshio (Tokyo, JP), Okamoto; Michiya (Kanagawa, JP), Iwasaki; Takuma (Kanagawa, JP), Nagashima; Hiroyuki (Kanagawa, JP), Itoh; Fumihito (Kanagawa, JP), Ono; Hiroshi (Tokyo, JP), Shakuto; Masahiko (Kanagawa, JP), Yoshino; Kaoru (Tokyo, JP), Hatori; Satoshi (Kanagawa, JP), Azeyanagi; Yuta (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Lubricant applicator, image forming apparatus, and method of mounting lubricant applicator
Patent Number: 8,655,254

Inventors: Arakelian; Richard (Arndell Park, AU), Kuo; Hsuan-chi (Arndell Park, AU)
Title: Illuminated vehicle socket
Patent Number: 9,896,027

Inventors: Arant; Michael Paul (Fenton, MI)
Title: Visual mating detector for electrical connector
Patent Number: 8,651,892

Inventors: Ariizumi; Osamu (Kanagawa, JP), Kobayashi; Kazumi (Tokyo, JP), Kobayashi; Shinji (Kanagawa, JP), Uchida; Fukutoshi (Kanagawa, JP), Enami; Takashi (Kanagawa, JP), Morimoto; Ryohta (Kanagawa, JP), Hasegawa; Shin (Kanagawa, JP), Kato; Shinji (Kanagawa, JP), Ishibashi; Hitoshi (Kanagawa, JP), Fujimori; Kohta (Kanagawa, JP), Takeuchi; Nobutaka (Kanagawa, JP), Watanabe; Naoto (Kanagawa, JP), Tanaka; Kayoko (Tokyo, JP), Hirayama; Yushi (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Developing unit and image forming apparatus which forces consumption of toner
Patent Number: 7,672,602

Inventors: Armbruster; Rainer (Wolfach, DE)
Title: Device for injection moulding and assembling plastic parts
Patent Number: 7,670,125

Inventors: Armstrong; J. Joseph (Milpitas, CA), Chuang; Yung-Ho (Cupertino, CA), Shafer; David R. (Fairfield, CT)
Title: Catadioptric imaging system exhibiting enhanced deep ultraviolet spectral bandwidth
Patent Number: 7,672,043

Inventors: Arnal; David B. (Mount Laurel, NJ), Broderick; Timothy T. (Voorhees, NJ)
Title: Fixture alignment method for antenna array foundations
Patent Number: 7,669,339

Inventors: Arsovski; Igor (Williston, VT), Braceras; George M. (Essex Juncton, VT), Pilo; Harold (Underhill, VT)
Title: Vdiff max limiter in SRAMs for improved yield and power
Patent Number: 8,654,594

Inventors: Asada; Satoshi (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Imaging apparatus and its control method displaying an electronic viewfinder screen and a frame within the screen including color information
Patent Number: 7,671,900

Inventors: Asahina; Shigetoshi (Shizuoka, JP)
Title: Printing apparatus
Patent Number: 8,654,162

Inventors: Asami; Taketomi (Kanagawa, JP), Ichijo; Mitsuhiro (Kanagawa, JP), Toriumi; Satoshi (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Patent Number: 7,670,881

Inventors: Asaoka; Junichi (Kanagawa, JP), Maeda; Shouichi (Kanagawa, JP), Koike; Yoshinori (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Image forming apparatus that controls a transporting velocity of a transporter
Patent Number: 8,655,212

Inventors: Ashibu; Kenta (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Board connector
Patent Number: 8,651,885

Inventors: Ashley; Oliver (Fort Myers, FL), Drake, II; William M. (Fort Myers, FL), Dalrymple; Omatoyo Kofi (Fort Myers, FL), Malkiel; Edwin (Naples, FL), Woods; Robert Paul (Naples, FL), Ward; Jason Keith (Estero, FL), Sweeney; Kevin (Fort Myers, FL), Miller, III; Harlan L. (Fort Myers, FL)
Title: Photobioreactor, system and method of use
Patent Number: 9,896,652

Inventors: Astrom; Anders (Alingsas, SE)
Title: Airbag module for protection of a vehicle occupant
Patent Number: 7,669,886

Inventors: Ateya; Ibrahim M. S. A. (Riyadh, SA), Nassar; Ahmed M. A. (Katy, TX), Notland; Tore (Stavanger, NO), Trim; Craig M. (Sylmar, CA)
Title: Augmenting semantic models based on morphological rules
Patent Number: 9,898,529

Inventors: Athsani; Athellina (San Jose, CA), Higgins; Chris (Portland, OR), O'Sullivan; Joseph (Oakland, CA), Davis; Marc (San Francisco, CA), Martinez; Ron (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Methods for augmenting user-generated content using a monetizable feature
Patent Number: 8,655,718

Inventors: Atia; Walid A. (Lexington, MA), Flanders; Dale C. (Lexington, MA), Jenner; Robert K. (South Hamilton, MA), McDermott; Lawrence P. (Groton, MA), Johnson; Bartley C. (North Andover, MA)
Title: System for spectroscopic carpet identification
Patent Number: 7,671,981

Inventors: Aulisio; Michael Vincent (North Ridgeville, OH), Tollis; Greg Scott (Medina, OH), Griebeler; Elmer L. (Chesterland, OH), Rowe; Neil D. (North Olmsted, OH)
Title: Integrated exciter-igniter
Patent Number: 8,653,693

Inventors: Autran; Jean-Philippe Marie (Wyoming, OH), Muslet; Iyad (Mason, OH), Bland; David G. (Mason, OH), Cancio; Leopoldo V. (Vero Beach, FL), Neton; Janet (West Chester, OH), Mansfield; Todd Leon (Cincinnati, OH)
Title: Extrusion bonded laminates for absorbent articles
Patent Number: 9,895,275

Inventors: Awatsuji; Yasuhiro (Kyoto, JP), Tahara; Tatsuki (Kyoto, JP)
Title: Interference measurement apparatus and method for measuring interference
Patent Number: 8,654,343

Inventors: Azuma; Seiji (Harima-cho, JP)
Title: Vehicle and control method of vehicle
Patent Number: 9,896,111

Inventors: Azuma; Seiji (Sagamihara, JP), Oota; Kouichi (Yamato, JP), Ueda; Masafumi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Vehicle occupant protection system
Patent Number: 7,669,891

Inventors: Azzopardi; Marc Anthony (San Gwann, MT)
Title: Method and apparatus for generating and transmitting synchronized video data
Patent Number: 8,654,251

Inventors: Babazadeh; Amir (Laguna Hills, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for phase alignment in semi-resonant power converters to avoid switching of power switches having negative current flow
Patent Number: 9,899,930

Inventors: Backer; Scott (Philadelphia, PA), Mercando; Paul (Pennsburg, PA)
Title: Automatic dishwashing detergent with synergistic scale inhibition
Patent Number: 9,896,647

Inventors: Bader; Josef (Friedrichshafen, DE)
Title: Gear box with two pinion shafts
Patent Number: 7,669,494

Inventors: Badia; Vicente Gabriel Faus (Valencia, ES)
Title: Set of one-piece angled abutments
Patent Number: 8,651,865

Inventors: Bae; Jung Sook (Daejeon, KR)
Title: Method of deciding radio link failure at base station
Patent Number: 8,654,653

Inventors: Baek; Wongseong (Yongin-si, KR), Yoon; Heuisang (Yongin-si, KR), Lee; Sangjoo (Yongin-si, KR)
Title: Prismatic secondary battery
Patent Number: 8,652,663

Inventors: Bahr; Bichoy (Richardson, TX), Krivokapic; Zoran (Santa Clara, CA)
Title: Fin-FET resonant body transistor
Patent Number: 9,899,363

Inventors: Bailey; Curt J. (Birmingham, MI), Chupa; Kristen W. (Avon, OH), Daunter; Dominic J. (Howell, MI), Dingler; Noah E. A. (Waterford, MI), Hawley; James K. (Sheffield Village, OH), Lean; Michael B. (Bay Village, OH), Sommers; Scott A. (Fairview Park, OH)
Title: Adhesive tape dispenser
Patent Number: 7,669,631

Inventors: Baker; Allie M. (Cypress, CA)
Title: Compact two-element infrared objective lens and IR or thermal sight for weapon having viewing optics
Patent Number: 7,672,045

Inventors: Baker; Thompson (Meridian, ID), Blad; Steven J. (Henderson, NV), Hessing; Lynn (Boise, ID), Price; Phil (Boise, ID), Price; Carl W. (Boise, ID)
Title: Automatic card shuffler
Patent Number: 7,669,852

Inventors: Baldemair; Robert (Solna, SE), Astely; David (Bromma, SE)
Title: Method and arrangement in a cellular communication system
Patent Number: 8,655,394

Inventors: Balensiefer; Eugene R. (Seymour, IN)
Title: Headrest actuator for juvenile vehicle seat
Patent Number: 7,669,926

Inventors: Balijepalli; Sudhakar (Midland, MI), Drumright; Ray E. (Midland, MI), Eckersley; Sarah T. (Midland, MI), Elwood; Brad E. (Fort Wayne, IN), Foley; Paul (Midland, MI), Li; Yanziang (Midland, MI), Nanjundiah; Kumar (Midland, MI)
Title: Coating composition
Patent Number: 8,652,568

Inventors: Ballard, Jr.; Henry Grady (Easley, SC), Wilson; Ian David (Simpsonville, SC), McCallum; Martel Alexander (Simpsonville, SC), Chieco; Stephen Christopher (Simpsonville, SC), Black; Kenneth Damon (Travelers Rest, SC), Cox; Christopher Paul (Greenville, SC)
Title: Apparatus and method for aligning a turbine casing
Patent Number: 8,651,809

Inventors: Ballie; Michel (Montigny-le-Bretonneux, FR), Poirier; Jean-Eric (Montigny-le-Bretonneux, FR), Delcroix; Thierry (Eaubonne, FR)
Title: Binder of vegetable nature for the production of materials for building and/or civil engineering
Patent Number: 7,670,420

Inventors: Balyberdin; Vladimir (Moscow, RU), Gorelik; Roudolf (Moscow, RU)
Title: Method and device for producing highly active rubber powder from rubber wastes
Patent Number: 7,669,791

Inventors: Bammel; Brian D. (Rochester Hills, MI), Smith, II; Thomas S. (Novi, MI)
Title: Cross-linking mechanism for thin organic coatings based on the Hantzsch di-hydropyridine synthesis reaction
Patent Number: 9,896,594

Inventors: Bandy; William Robert (Gambrills, MD), Davenport; Roger Allen (Plantation, FL), Okunev; Yuri (Middle Island, NY)
Title: Methods and systems for acoustic data transmission
Patent Number: 9,900,109

Inventors: Bang; Kwang-kyu (Hwaseong-si, KR), Lee; Yong-won (Incheon Metropolitan, KR), Shin; Kyeong-seon (Yongin-si, KR), Ju; Hyen-wook (Hwaseong-si, KR), Kim; Jeong-kyu (Hwaseong-si, KR)
Title: Semiconductor device including fuse focus detector, fabricating method thereof and laser repair method using the fuse focus detector
Patent Number: 7,671,361

Inventors: Bani-Hashemi; Ali (Walnut Creek, CA), Ghelmansarai; Farhad A. (Danville, CA)
Title: Multi-layer detector and method for imaging
Patent Number: 7,671,342

Inventors: Banine; Vadim Y. (Helmond, NL), Jonkers; Jeroen (Eindhoven, NL)
Title: Lithographic projection apparatus, device manufacturing method and device manufactured thereby
Patent Number: 7,671,965

Inventors: Bank; Judith H. (Cary, NC), O'Sullivan; Patrick J. (Ballsbridge, IE)
Title: Providing a requisite level of service for an electronic meeting
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Serial Number: 77182957

Serial Number: 86455779

Serial Number: 85248193

Serial Number: 85248196

Owner: AIDS Foundation of Chicago
Serial Number: 85153328

Serial Number: 72344364

Owner: Airbus S.A.S.
Serial Number: 86232301

Owner: AirNorth Communications, Inc.
Serial Number: 86505259

Serial Number: 77320868

Serial Number: 75781508

Owner: Akina, Inc.
Serial Number: 86531865

Owner: Alabama Coastal Properties, Inc.
Serial Number: 85243523

Owner: Alarm Specialist Corporation
Serial Number: 86281401

Owner: Alarm Specialist Corporation
Serial Number: 86281427

Owner: Alarm Specialist Corporation
Serial Number: 86304577

Serial Number: 86310198

Owner: Alene, Alemush
Serial Number: 86281162

Owner: Alerding Castor Hewitt, LLP
Serial Number: 86272243

Owner: Alert Marketing, Inc.
Serial Number: 86546712

Owner: Alessandra Costanzo
Serial Number: 86326850

Owner: Alexandre, Maria Tereza C.
Serial Number: 86418387

Owner: Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
Serial Number: 85413093

Owner: Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
Serial Number: 85413099

Serial Number: 86510441

Owner: Alfred Joseph Harvey
Serial Number: 86329943

Owner: ALG Ventures, LLC
Serial Number: 85582683

Serial Number: 85062915

Serial Number: 86217310

Owner: Alleyne, Khyrie
Serial Number: 86341257

Owner: Alleyne, Khyrie
Serial Number: 86341266

Owner: Alliance Metaversal Studio LLC
Serial Number: 85245818

Serial Number: 85251538

Owner: Alling, John Paul
Serial Number: 86143015

Owner: Allison Landers
Serial Number: 86506944

Serial Number: 86400546

Serial Number: 75902240

Serial Number: 85156365

Owner: Allpro Corporation
Serial Number: 86333564

Owner: Allyoga LLC
Serial Number: 86317709

Serial Number: 86407827

Owner: Alphawave Technologies, LLC
Serial Number: 86318976

Serial Number: 77665194

Serial Number: 77665209

Owner: Altaleb, Omama A
Serial Number: 86540007

Owner: Aluminum Extruders Council, Inc.
Serial Number: 74091180

Serial Number: 85676190

Owner: AM Retail Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 86976965

Owner: Amanda Love LLC
Serial Number: 86515888

Serial Number: 86226883

Serial Number: 86553443

Serial Number: 86110946

Serial Number: 72111092

Serial Number: 75876280

Owner: American Association of Intensive English Programs
Serial Number: 86480769

Serial Number: 76079652

Serial Number: 86004985

Owner: American Boat & Yacht Council, Inc.
Serial Number: 85912782

Owner: American Chemie, Inc.
Serial Number: 76717486

Owner: American Diabetes Association, Inc.
Serial Number: 85267498

Owner: American Felt & Filter Company
Serial Number: 86322349

Owner: American Funds Distributors, Inc.
Serial Number: 86531399

Owner: American Geophysical Union
Serial Number: 85250691

Serial Number: 85250813

Serial Number: 85256691

Owner: American Juices LLC
Serial Number: 86528673

Owner: American Lumping Association, Inc.
Serial Number: 86266423

Serial Number: 77615946

Owner: American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc.
Serial Number: 76717349

Owner: American Motorcyclist Association
Serial Number: 85150280

Serial Number: 74103430

Serial Number: 74103435

Serial Number: 74103431

Serial Number: 74103437

Owner: American Rugby Pro Training Center, LLC
Serial Number: 86530690

Owner: American Specialty Health Incorporated
Serial Number: 86156410

Owner: American Wine Trade, Inc.
Serial Number: 75913856

Owner: American Wine Trade, Inc.
Serial Number: 75913857

Owner: AmeriForce Publishing, Inc.
Serial Number: 86431902

Owner: Aminpour, Babak
Serial Number: 86413498

Owner: Aminpour, Babak
Serial Number: 86424995

Owner: Amorepacific Corporation
Serial Number: 86130283

Serial Number: 86404612

Owner: Amy B. Ponce
Serial Number: 86222802

Owner: Anaholaano LLC
Serial Number: 86235938

Owner: Analysts International Corporation
Serial Number: 86336197

Owner: Analyzer 1, LLC
Serial Number: 86577241

Owner: Anderson Willis Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 86342370

Owner: Anderson, Livi
Serial Number: 86597927

Owner: Andrea Celli
Serial Number: 85084787

Owner: Andujar, Jesus
Serial Number: 86413970

Serial Number: 72329844

Owner: Angel Wings Entertainment, LLC
Serial Number: 86058161

Serial Number: 85094118

Owner: Animaction America, Inc.
Serial Number: 85244347

Owner: Animal Necessity, LLC
Serial Number: 86528887

Owner: AnnAlice LLc
Serial Number: 85208531

Serial Number: 75540321

Owner: Answers Corporation
Serial Number: 86153257

Serial Number: 86204852

Owner: Anthony Liftgates, Inc.
Serial Number: 86346652

Owner: Anthony Lozano
Serial Number: 86460068

Owner: Anti-Gravity Press, LLC
Serial Number: 86273926

Owner: Antila Apps Pvt. Ltd.
Serial Number: 86550888

Serial Number: 74104546

Owner: Apex Toys (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 86532355

Owner: Apira Science Inc.
Serial Number: 85371956

Owner: Apollo Developments Ltd.
Serial Number: 77290954

Owner: Apollo Fire Detectors Limited
Serial Number: 85563307

Owner: Apollo First Aid, Inc.
Serial Number: 86531335

Serial Number: 86326379

Owner: Applied Systems Technology, Inc.
Serial Number: 86512195

Owner: Applied Systems Technology, Inc.
Serial Number: 86512210

Owner: Apprecie Limited
Serial Number: 86532971

Serial Number: 75574011

Owner: AquaFlux Media, LLC
Serial Number: 86528586

Serial Number: 76683641

Owner: Arbonne International, LLC
Serial Number: 77628855

Owner: Arc IP, Inc.
Serial Number: 85941386

Serial Number: 85066755

Serial Number: 85332592

Serial Number: 85728693

Owner: Ariens Company
Serial Number: 86298160

Serial Number: 86305909

Serial Number: 85838880

Owner: Arka Organics
Serial Number: 86488718

Owner: Armourcoat Ltd
Serial Number: 86470916

Owner: Arquero, Joshua
Serial Number: 86301797

Owner: Arsenal Offroad, Inc.
Serial Number: 86304109

Owner: Art Malone, Jr.
Serial Number: 86557284

Owner: Arthur Avenue Wood Fired Pizza Company
Serial Number: 86574555

Owner: Arthur J. Hasselbach
Serial Number: 85244735

Owner: arubymoon, LLC
Serial Number: 86534244

Owner: ARX, Accurate RX Specialty Pharmacy Corp.
Serial Number: 86234537

Serial Number: 85494908

Serial Number: 86254926

Serial Number: 86531388

Owner: ASD Solutions Ltd.
Serial Number: 86106572

Serial Number: 85250728

Serial Number: 85243576

Serial Number: 85378409

Owner: Aspire Bariatrics, Inc.
Serial Number: 86525430

Owner: Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
Serial Number: 75844141

Owner: Association of Energy Engineers
Serial Number: 85112132

Serial Number: 85619827

Serial Number: 72350924

Owner: Astoria Distilling Company, LLC
Serial Number: 85970967

Serial Number: 76177685

Owner: At World Properties, LLC
Serial Number: 86315663

Owner: Athletes of Christ, Inc.
Serial Number: 86175736

Owner: Athletes With Disabilities Hall of Fame
Serial Number: 86317635

Serial Number: 72092874

Owner: Atlantic County Utilities Authority
Serial Number: 86215064

Owner: Atlas Roofing Corporation
Serial Number: 85681965

Serial Number: 76150132

Owner: Aubert, Jennifer
Serial Number: 86320616

Owner: Audi AG
Serial Number: 86398922

Owner: August Storck KG
Serial Number: 86976947

Owner: Australian Fashion Labels Pty Ltd
Serial Number: 86596540

Owner: Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.
Serial Number: 85714885

Serial Number: 75618381

Serial Number: 86148402

Serial Number: 76126299

Serial Number: 86530430

Owner: Avina Stiftung
Serial Number: 76030236

Owner: Avolead LLC
Serial Number: 85246075

Owner: Avolead LLC
Serial Number: 85246077

Serial Number: 85207896

Owner: Azteca International Corporation
Serial Number: 86249383

Owner: B and B Partners
Serial Number: 85552810

Serial Number: 86531045

Owner: Babinski, Bradley, J
Serial Number: 86533992

Owner: Backstories Studio
Serial Number: 86516936

Owner: BAE Systems Aerospace & Defense Group Inc.
Serial Number: 86586534

Owner: Baggenstos, Eliane
Serial Number: 86538428

Owner: Bagwell, Kenneth E
Serial Number: 86483039

Owner: Bailey, Eppie C.
Serial Number: 86627799

Owner: Balcones Distilling LLC
Serial Number: 86531339

Serial Number: 86494099

Owner: Bambenek Gregory P
Serial Number: 86619028

Owner: Banca Sella S.p.a.
Serial Number: 86283469

Owner: Bank of America Corporation
Serial Number: 86392415

Owner: Bank of America Corporation
Serial Number: 77815382

Owner: Banxia Holdings Limited
Serial Number: 75508038

Owner: Baptist Spanish Publishing House
Serial Number: 77519438

Owner: Barbara Barry Inc.
Serial Number: 86381164

Owner:, Inc.
Serial Number: 86335524

Serial Number: 85637938

Serial Number: 86450570

Owner: Barnie's II, Inc.
Serial Number: 86319067

Owner: Barnie's II, Inc.
Serial Number: 86319117

Owner: Bartok, Inc.
Serial Number: 86510435

Owner: Baseball Systems, LLC
Serial Number: 86501697

Owner: BASF SE
Serial Number: 74095629

Serial Number: 75575076

Owner: Bath Accessories Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77807319

Owner: Batterjee, Modia Abdalmajeed
Serial Number: 86535713

Owner: Battery Outfitters, Inc.
Serial Number: 85228409

Owner: Baudoin, Hubert P.
Serial Number: 86476929

Owner: Baughman, Stephen M.
Serial Number: 86415010

Owner: Bauli S.p.a.
Serial Number: 86531526

Serial Number: 85733959

Owner: BDG Wrap Tite, Inc.
Serial Number: 86302182

Owner: BDSRCO, Inc.
Serial Number: 85235925

Owner: Be-Thin, Inc.
Serial Number: 86547946

Owner: Beach Mobile, Inc.
Serial Number: 86525878

Owner: Bear Republic Brewing Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 85496644

Owner: Bear Republic Brewing Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 85496655

Owner: Bear Valley Communications, Inc.
Serial Number: 86073013

Owner: Beatrix Group Corporation
Serial Number: 86323808

Owner: Beats Electronics, LLC
Serial Number: 86976829

Owner: Beats Electronics, LLC
Serial Number: 86976830

Owner: Beats Electronics, LLC
Serial Number: 86976831

Owner: BECO Dairy Automation, Inc.
Serial Number: 86340154

Serial Number: 77941722

Owner: Bedford, Steven Allen
Serial Number: 85771037

Owner: Beer Bakers, Inc.
Serial Number: 86620865

Serial Number: 77933435

Owner: Behavioral & Educational Services & Therapy
Serial Number: 86332146

Serial Number: 86307430

Owner: Beijing KangZhiLeSi Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 86350662

Serial Number: 86360934

Owner: Beijing Moba Times Trading Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 86481331

Owner: Beijing sunday campers Co,. Ltd
Serial Number: 86462493

Serial Number: 86312942

Serial Number: 85113850

Serial Number: 74073836

Owner: Belledonne Communications
Serial Number: 86534016

Owner: Belledonne Communications
Serial Number: 86534024

Serial Number: 76099480

Serial Number: 86190020

Serial Number: 73789650

Owner: Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc.
Serial Number: 86251366

Owner: Ben Mankowski
Serial Number: 86541635

Owner: Benefits & Risk Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 86360681

Owner: Benway, Aaron
Serial Number: 86421428

Owner: Bernstein, Samuel W.
Serial Number: 86531561

Owner: Berry, John
Serial Number: 76715288

Owner: Besser, Steven
Serial Number: 86510136

Serial Number: 85045601

Owner: Best Restaurants of America, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 86576395

Owner: Beta Nu Technologies LLC
Serial Number: 86363064

Owner: Beth Szijarto
Serial Number: 86591954

Owner: Better Deal Printing, LLC
Serial Number: 86513093

Owner: Beyond Genetics
Serial Number: 86511293

Serial Number: 86458152

Serial Number: 77649903

Serial Number: 86513893

Owner: Biddanda, Kushalappa
Serial Number: 85250165

Owner: Bienestar Medical Center, Inc.
Serial Number: 86315319

Owner: Big Fish Games, Inc.
Serial Number: 85178420

Owner: Bilinski, Bartosz M.
Serial Number: 86534474

Owner: Bill's Barbecue, Incorporated
Serial Number: 73223305

Owner: Bill's Barbecue, Incorporated
Serial Number: 73223306

Owner: Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 86185296

Owner: Bindlestick Brewing LLC
Serial Number: 86312956

Owner: Bindlestick Brewing LLC
Serial Number: 86313956

Serial Number: 73264671

Serial Number: 75609617

Owner: Bioforward, Inc.
Serial Number: 86531819

Owner: BiologiQ, Inc.
Serial Number: 86529196

Owner: Biotix Inc.
Serial Number: 85283631

Serial Number: 86532195

Serial Number: 86532212

Owner: Bird Nest Corporation
Serial Number: 85070408

Serial Number: 85251842

Owner: Black Cloister Brewing Company
Serial Number: 86165843

Owner: Black Cloister Brewing Company
Serial Number: 86165847

Owner: Black Entertainment Television LLC
Serial Number: 85271441

Owner: Black Petticoat, LLC
Serial Number: 86546684

Owner: Black Pilots of America, Inc.
Serial Number: 86529411

Owner: Blackrock Fund Advisors
Serial Number: 86320048

Owner: Blain Supply, Inc.
Serial Number: 76182115

Owner: BLL Media, Inc.
Serial Number: 86511314

Serial Number: 76075732

Owner: Blooming Souls, LLC
Serial Number: 86329408

Owner: Blooming Souls, LLC
Serial Number: 86329413

Serial Number: 75980635

Owner: Blue Box Opco LLC
Serial Number: 86464749

Owner: Blue Core Global, LLC
Serial Number: 86385764

Serial Number: 85611499

Owner: Blue Like Neon
Serial Number: 86364584

Serial Number: 86040164

Owner: Blue Spoon Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 86130309

Owner: Blue Wave Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 86413529

Owner: Blue Wave Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 86413533

Owner: Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
Serial Number: 85496838

Owner: Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
Serial Number: 85496844

Owner: BMI Editora e Publicações Ltda.
Serial Number: 85488401

Serial Number: 85247489

Owner: Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
Serial Number: 86141528

Owner: Board of Regents, The University of Texas System
Serial Number: 85284198

Owner: Bob Bonomo, LLC
Serial Number: 85227500

Owner: Bobby Rubio
Serial Number: 86537661

Owner: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Serial Number: 85635705

Owner: Boley Corporation
Serial Number: 75704857

Owner: Bolt Creative, Inc
Serial Number: 85242106

Owner: Bonita Bay Properties, Inc.
Serial Number: 76019780

Owner: Booda Organics, Inc.
Serial Number: 86532448

Serial Number: 85810294

Owner: Bookmarks 4 Fun
Serial Number: 86531515

Serial Number: 75874988

Owner: Boot Camp Foods
Serial Number: 86528755

Serial Number: 85047763

Owner: Born Identites, LLC
Serial Number: 85676374

Owner: Borregaard AS
Serial Number: 86046855

Owner: Boston Warehouse Trading Corp.
Serial Number: 86229197

Owner: Botkin, Steve
Serial Number: 75785119

Owner: Botmetric, LLC
Serial Number: 86482651

Owner: Boudreaux, Jessica
Serial Number: 86539823

Owner: Bourette Arthur Trey
Serial Number: 86320743

Owner: Bowen, Jeff
Serial Number: 86409534

Serial Number: 86250305

Owner: Boy Scouts of America
Serial Number: 86509928

Owner: Boyd, Cassandra D.
Serial Number: 86019284

Owner: Boyd, Simon
Serial Number: 86531042

Serial Number: 85091174

Serial Number: 85474270

Serial Number: 85474289

Owner: Bragg, Winifred D.
Serial Number: 86495504

Owner: BrainSmart, Inc.
Serial Number: 86553189

Owner: Brandon Bawden1
Serial Number: 86529536

Owner: Brawny Cat
Serial Number: 77881664

Owner: Brazill, Amy
Serial Number: 86062947

Owner: Brazwell, Jeffrey M.
Serial Number: 86528659

Owner: Breindel, Michael
Serial Number: 86306540

Owner: Bridgestone Brands, LLC
Serial Number: 86538547

Owner: Bridgestone Brands, LLC
Serial Number: 86538555

Owner: Bridgestone Brands, LLC
Serial Number: 86538570

Owner: Bridgestone Brands, LLC
Serial Number: 86538598

Owner: Bridgestone Brands, LLC
Serial Number: 86541275

Owner: Bridgestone Brands, LLC
Serial Number: 86541280

Owner: Bridgestone Brands, LLC
Serial Number: 86541312

Serial Number: 86226900

Serial Number: 86468833

Owner: Briscoe, John G.
Serial Number: 86205535

Serial Number: 86451579

Owner: British American Tobacco (Brands) Limited
Serial Number: 85392323

Owner: British American Tobacco (Brands) Limited
Serial Number: 85392317

Owner: British American Tobacco (Brands) Limited
Serial Number: 85392332

Owner: British American Tobacco (Brands) Limited
Serial Number: 85458878

Owner: British-American Business Council, Chicago
Serial Number: 86538334

Owner: Broadley, Victor Phelps
Serial Number: 86452662

Owner: Brockway, Robert
Serial Number: 86293233

Owner: Broken Bow Brewery, LLC
Serial Number: 86467410

Owner: Broukman, Eitan
Serial Number: 85944526

Owner: Brown, David John
Serial Number: 86524808

Owner: Brown, Jay Michael
Serial Number: 86074407

Owner: Brown, Jeff
Serial Number: 86541277

Owner: BTS Alliance, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 85918607

Owner: Bubba Dogs
Serial Number: 86510927

Owner: Buckley, Paul C
Serial Number: 86335704

Serial Number: 85772717

Owner: Build-A-Bear Retail Management, Inc.
Serial Number: 77751066

Owner: BuildaHead, LLC
Serial Number: 85039362

Owner: Building Bridges For Business, Inc.
Serial Number: 86527892

Owner: Building Science Innovations, Inc.
Serial Number: 86249077

Owner: BuildWorks Systems Inc.
Serial Number: 86410897

Owner: BuiltSmart Resources, LLC
Serial Number: 77861748

Serial Number: 86429275

Owner: Businesskeys International, Inc.
Serial Number: 85245193

Owner: Buttermilk Inc
Serial Number: 86509523

Owner: Byrn, Anne
Serial Number: 77981121

Owner: Byrne Publishing, LLC
Serial Number: 86584535

Owner: C and A Richards Management LLC
Serial Number: 85258447

Serial Number: 85123023

Serial Number: 77842140

Owner: Caduceus Wireless, Inc.
Serial Number: 86258540

Owner: Caio Graco Serodio Portes
Serial Number: 86368360

Serial Number: 86617388

Owner: Calgon Carbon Corporation
Serial Number: 75907413

Serial Number: 86342337

Owner: California Earthquake Authority
Serial Number: 86302775

Serial Number: 86108263

Serial Number: 86109339

Owner: California Exotic Novelties, LLC
Serial Number: 85241820

Serial Number: 85866598

Owner: Calkins & Burke Limited
Serial Number: 86408724

Owner: Callahan & Associates
Serial Number: 86533072

Owner: Camo Chix
Serial Number: 85579446

Owner: Campagnolo S.r.l.
Serial Number: 86351265

Serial Number: 86252284

Owner: Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc.
Serial Number: 86344686

Serial Number: 77770358

Owner: Candy Ann Smith
Serial Number: 86312924

Serial Number: 86347772

Owner: Cantcha, Inc.
Serial Number: 85193997

Owner: Capitol BC Brands LLC
Serial Number: 86289748

Owner: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.
Serial Number: 75290586

Owner: CareTrader, LLC
Serial Number: 86164914

Owner: Caribbean Tourism Organization
Serial Number: 86133997

Owner: Caribbean Tourism Organization
Serial Number: 86134526

Owner: Carman, Paul MacGyver
Serial Number: 86324228

Owner: Carpenter, Jon
Serial Number: 86532200

Owner: Carrasco, Gary R
Serial Number: 85230775

Owner: Carrasco, Gary R
Serial Number: 86500075

Owner: Carrick Enterprises, Inc
Serial Number: 86517398

Serial Number: 85493792

Owner: Carvana Cloud
Serial Number: 86526314

Owner: Cashan Sales, LLC.
Serial Number: 86546319

Serial Number: 86353057

Serial Number: 75876041

Serial Number: 86459230

Serial Number: 86459239

Owner: Cataract and Laser Center Partners, LLC
Serial Number: 85157730

Owner: Caterpillar Inc.
Serial Number: 75960794

Owner: CB Designs LLC
Serial Number: 85665016

Owner: CB1 Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 86319131

Serial Number: 86156148

Serial Number: 86156173

Serial Number: 86468495

Serial Number: 86468496

Owner: CDOC, INC.
Serial Number: 86559274

Owner: Celexplorer Biotech Co.
Serial Number: 86379512

Owner: Celgene Corporation
Serial Number: 85249207

Owner: Celine Linarte
Serial Number: 85502496

Serial Number: 86095657

Owner: Center For International Education, Inc., The
Serial Number: 76094725

Serial Number: 76979171

Owner: Cervid Solutions LLC
Serial Number: 86355343

Owner: Cewig, LLC
Serial Number: 85898850

Owner: Cewig, LLC
Serial Number: 85898855

Serial Number: 77679334

Owner: Chaboche, Edmond
Serial Number: 75877888

Serial Number: 86250075

Serial Number: 86131482

Owner: Chan, David M.
Serial Number: 76143067

Owner: Chao, Long
Serial Number: 86501317

Owner: ChappellRoberts
Serial Number: 76717525

Owner: ChappellRoberts
Serial Number: 76717524

Owner: Character Crusades
Serial Number: 86425971

Owner: Charity Global, Inc.
Serial Number: 86029939

Serial Number: 78507236

Owner: Cheer360, Inc.
Serial Number: 86537379

Owner: Chegg, Inc.
Serial Number: 86976949

Serial Number: 72368685

Owner: Chemoul, Patrick
Serial Number: 86535011

Serial Number: 72362776

Serial Number: 86209900

Owner: Chen, Tao
Serial Number: 86425172

Owner: Chen, WeiLe
Serial Number: 86532507

Owner: Chengdu Shipai Technology Co., Ltd
Serial Number: 86311399

Owner: Chiarizzio, Zachary
Serial Number: 86536385

Serial Number: 85251721

Owner: Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.
Serial Number: 86488309

Owner: Childrens Educational Stories, Ltd.
Serial Number: 86228056

Owner: Chilean Sisters Imports LLC
Serial Number: 86385053

Owner: China Tyres Distribution Limited
Serial Number: 86438418

Owner: Chop & Stach Vintage Barber
Serial Number: 86504474

Owner: Christensen Building Group, LLC
Serial Number: 86512635

Owner: Christian Luis Eiroa
Serial Number: 85681344

Owner: Christina Shires
Serial Number: 86518417

Owner: Chromed Hog, Inc.
Serial Number: 86447286

Serial Number: 77957119

Owner: Ci&T, Inc.
Serial Number: 86335815

Owner: Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer
Serial Number: 86586643

Owner: Cinnober Financial Technology
Serial Number: 85585302

Owner: Circle VR, LLC
Serial Number: 86466002

Serial Number: 73238992

Serial Number: 86473929

Owner: City and County of San Francisco
Serial Number: 75868208

Owner: Civic Capital Advisors, LLC
Serial Number: 86505933

Owner: Clarvista Medical Inc.
Serial Number: 85898671

Serial Number: 85783815

Serial Number: 86298047

Owner: Clean Energy Collective LLC
Serial Number: 77957147

Owner: Clean Laundry Group, LLC
Serial Number: 86436579

Serial Number: 85245811

Serial Number: 85245847

Serial Number: 85245876

Owner: Clever Actions LLC
Serial Number: 86447198

Owner: Cleverspeck, LLC
Serial Number: 86179460

Owner: CLG International, LLC
Serial Number: 86168158

Serial Number: 85219846

Serial Number: 85219861

Owner: Climatech Industries LLC
Serial Number: 86344177

Serial Number: 85238244

Serial Number: 85238259

Serial Number: 75575630

Serial Number: 85507106

Owner: Clover Canyon, Inc.
Serial Number: 86353903

Owner: ClubCorp USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 86469985

Owner: Cluckingham Palace
Serial Number: 86360050

Serial Number: 85723593

Owner: Coastal Banking Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 85252111

Serial Number: 86536173

Owner: Cobra Stylet LLC
Serial Number: 85761094

Owner: Cocoanut Manor, LLC
Serial Number: 86462096

Owner: Coen Oil Company, LLC
Serial Number: 86322459

Owner: Cognizant Technology Solutions India Private Limited
Serial Number: 86582234

Owner: Cohen, Morris E.
Serial Number: 77206250

Owner: Cohn Lifland Pearlman Herrmann & Knopf LLP
Serial Number: 85088390

Owner: CoinWare Inc.
Serial Number: 86327752

Owner: Coker, Joseph A
Serial Number: 86309957

Owner: Coleman, James D.
Serial Number: 85939534

Owner: Colgate-Palmolive Company
Serial Number: 85150691

Owner: Collaborative Advantage Marketing
Serial Number: 86515168

Owner: Collection 2000 Cosmetics, Inc.
Serial Number: 86339893

Owner: Collective Wisdom, Inc.
Serial Number: 85949960

Owner: College Application Solutions LLC
Serial Number: 86535875

Owner: Collett, John M
Serial Number: 85639109

Owner: Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 85758338

Owner: Columbus 2020
Serial Number: 86420338

Owner: Combe Incorporated
Serial Number: 86017653

Owner: Commecci's Closet
Serial Number: 86527162

Serial Number: 74045422

Serial Number: 77868685

Serial Number: 86425690

Owner: Community Renewal Society
Serial Number: 76143177

Owner: Compas Life, LLC
Serial Number: 86330242

Owner: Compass Group USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 85806682

Owner: Competition Cams, Inc.
Serial Number: 86976751

Owner: Complete Health And Wellness
Serial Number: 86180365

Owner: CompleteSet, LLC
Serial Number: 86508221

Owner: Comprehensive Pain Solutions PLLC
Serial Number: 85238062

Owner: Computer Resource Team, Inc.
Serial Number: 77914510

Owner: Computer Resource Team, Inc.
Serial Number: 77914521

Owner: Comstice Limited
Serial Number: 86462532

Serial Number: 85056989

Owner: Concept Foods US Inc.
Serial Number: 86323581

Owner: Conch Ghost Tours Inc.
Serial Number: 86367702

Serial Number: 86476207

Owner: Condax LLC
Serial Number: 86339843

Owner: Congenital Heart Defect Coalition, Inc.
Serial Number: 86587541

Owner: Congenital Heart Defect Coalition, Inc.
Serial Number: 86587542

Owner: Connecticut Innovations Incorporated
Serial Number: 86139113

Owner: Connor Sport Court International, LLC
Serial Number: 85283726

Owner: Conopco, Inc.
Serial Number: 86378179

Serial Number: 77629259

Owner: Conquest Research & Consultancy Limited
Serial Number: 86377335

Owner: Constructibles LLC
Serial Number: 86507623

Owner: Consume Media Entertainment L.L.C.
Serial Number: 86537951

Owner: Continental Finance Company LLC
Serial Number: 86418483

Owner: Continuum Sales and Marketing Corp.
Serial Number: 85245017

Owner: Cooksey, Chris
Serial Number: 86023038

Serial Number: 86103463

Serial Number: 86038022

Owner: Core Sound Imaging, Inc.
Serial Number: 86544572

Owner: Cork Life, Inc.
Serial Number: 86526454

Owner: Cornerstone Partners of NC, LLC
Serial Number: 86372115

Serial Number: 86532618

Owner: Corpuz, Phyllis
Serial Number: 86487373

Owner: Cortopassi, Dean (Dino)
Serial Number: 86415932

Owner: Cosmos Vapor
Serial Number: 86508797

Owner: Coty US LLC
Serial Number: 86367560

Owner: Courageous Group, LLC
Serial Number: 86263578

Owner: Covance Inc.
Serial Number: 86183730

Owner: Covenant Hearts Ministries, Inc.
Serial Number: 77314233

Serial Number: 86532473

Owner: Cox Communications, Inc.
Serial Number: 86323115

Owner: Cramer, James
Serial Number: 86528779

Owner: Cranston, Andrew
Serial Number: 86534476

Owner: Crawford Communities LLC
Serial Number: 86214632

Owner: Creative Legal Solutions, LLC
Serial Number: 86245505

Owner: Creative Teaching Press, Inc.
Serial Number: 86595444

Owner: Creature Revenge Monster Studio, Inc.
Serial Number: 86477397

Owner: Crestron Electronics, Inc.
Serial Number: 85817864

Serial Number: 86538339

Owner: Cristy Cali
Serial Number: 86500774

Owner: Crosswood Homes, Inc.
Serial Number: 86509577

Owner: Croucher, Clint
Serial Number: 86490518

Serial Number: 85744086

Serial Number: 86508583

Owner: Cruz, Isabel
Serial Number: 86290314

Owner: Cruz, Isabel
Serial Number: 86290325

Owner: CSC Brands LP
Serial Number: 86397314

Owner: CSG Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 75559176

Serial Number: 77201131

Serial Number: 76157092

Serial Number: 76157096

Serial Number: 85523324

Serial Number: 78026875

Owner: Cubix Software, LTD, Inc.
Serial Number: 75833047

Owner: Cultivaris North America LLC
Serial Number: 77254445

Serial Number: 86528129

Owner: CultureShoc, LLC
Serial Number: 86532691

Owner: Culver, John
Serial Number: 86602568

Owner: Cumberland Valley Creamery
Serial Number: 86447504

Owner: Cupcake Digital, Inc.
Serial Number: 86243064

Owner: Cupcake Digital, Inc.
Serial Number: 86252462

Owner: Cure Wear Corp.
Serial Number: 86332822

Owner: Curly Girl Design, Inc.
Serial Number: 85253381

Serial Number: 75683054

Owner: Curves International, Inc.
Serial Number: 85267306

Owner: Cusson, Fabrizio, N
Serial Number: 85112373

Serial Number: 86032255

Serial Number: 86507047

Serial Number: 73237393

Owner: D-Fend-It
Serial Number: 86536218

Owner: Dadamo, Inc.
Serial Number: 86347580

Owner: Dae Chang Textile, Inc.
Serial Number: 86537027

Owner: Daimer Industries, inc.
Serial Number: 85243400

Owner: Dancing Dragonfly LLC
Serial Number: 86274461

Owner: Daniel Arthur Lucas
Serial Number: 86475414

Owner: Daniel Levin
Serial Number: 85661048

Owner: Daniel Moyer Photography, LLC
Serial Number: 86539465

Serial Number: 86317805

Owner: Danny Nguyen
Serial Number: 86506516

Owner: Danny Seo Media Ventures, Inc.
Serial Number: 86007847

Owner: Darling Distraction
Serial Number: 86497939

Owner: Data Age Business Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 86469710

Serial Number: 85278266

Serial Number: 76123792

Serial Number: 85473786

Serial Number: 86281755

Owner: LLC
Serial Number: 86507644

Owner: Daucourt, Jean Marc
Serial Number: 86261093

Owner: David Schools
Serial Number: 86470132

Owner: David Sitt
Serial Number: 85346747

Owner: David, John
Serial Number: 86283960

Owner: Davidson, Matthew G.
Serial Number: 77796680

Owner: Davis, Christe
Serial Number: 85854106

Owner: Davis, Olivia
Serial Number: 86549809

Owner: DB Latimore Professional Services Group
Serial Number: 86233735

Serial Number: 76698310

Serial Number: 85509914

Serial Number: 85509921

Owner: ddukt, llc
Serial Number: 86486568

Owner: De Luca, Robert A.
Serial Number: 86410444

Serial Number: 86509601

Owner: Deanna Marie Haberer
Serial Number: 86507117

Owner: Decada Spirits Inc
Serial Number: 86523579

Serial Number: 85911925

Owner: Decision Sciences Institute
Serial Number: 86459045

Owner: Decisionflow Inc.
Serial Number: 85483245

Owner: Dedra LLC
Serial Number: 86532908

Owner: Deep Wells Productions, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 86303900

Owner: Defying Gravity, LLC
Serial Number: 85885587

Owner: Degeorge, David
Serial Number: 85250548

Serial Number: 86400952

Owner: Deland, Aaron
Serial Number: 86528172

Owner: Deland, Aaron
Serial Number: 86528173

Serial Number: 85217918

Owner: Delta Institute International Limited
Serial Number: 86487179

Owner: Denier Electric Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 77593151

Owner: Dennery, Kitty
Serial Number: 85243593

Owner: Denver Mattress Co., LLC
Serial Number: 86168618

Owner: Deoliveira, Paul
Serial Number: 86321100

Owner: Depot Street Brewing, LLC
Serial Number: 86618940

Serial Number: 75568877

Owner: Desi Maxx Media Group
Serial Number: 86500223

Owner: DESI Telephone Labels, Inc.
Serial Number: 76110256

Owner: Designs2Express
Serial Number: 86533000

Owner: Destileria Serralles, Inc.
Serial Number: 77826573

Owner: Detour Gold Corporation
Serial Number: 86340361

Serial Number: 73144001

Serial Number: 75979370

Owner: Devoted Creations, Inc.
Serial Number: 86367086

Owner: Dexterity Technologies Corporation
Serial Number: 75385136

Owner: DeYenno, Lauren
Serial Number: 86533456

Owner: DGB (Proprietary) Limited
Serial Number: 85738722

Serial Number: 86419896

Owner: Diehm, Matthew
Serial Number: 86305571

Owner: Dietrich, Dave
Serial Number: 86534675

Serial Number: 86330923

Owner: Dinnerstein, Gillian
Serial Number: 77785830

Owner: Dinosaur Restaurants, LLC
Serial Number: 86504985

Owner: Diobox Inc.
Serial Number: 86095176

Owner: Diobox Inc.
Serial Number: 86095124

Owner: Direct Energy Business, LLC
Serial Number: 86324618

Serial Number: 85077402

Owner: Dirty Annie's, LLC
Serial Number: 86451337

Owner: Disab Vacuum Technology AB
Serial Number: 75837930

Owner: Discover Israel Ministries LLC
Serial Number: 86495201

Owner: DISH Network L.L.C.
Serial Number: 86532823

Owner: Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77656902

Owner: Displays Depot Inc.
Serial Number: 86113132

Serial Number: 76115081

Owner: DJR Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 77642013

Owner: DK New Media
Serial Number: 86366323

Owner: DNA Diagnostics Center, Inc.
Serial Number: 86452938

Owner: Dobashien Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 86334383

Owner: DocView Solutions LLC
Serial Number: 85702096

Owner: Dog Owners Outdoor Gear Pty Ltd
Serial Number: 86354474

Owner: Dog Owners Outdoor Gear Pty Ltd
Serial Number: 86357098

Owner: Dollar Agbemadon
Serial Number: 86472671

Owner: Dollar General Corporation
Serial Number: 86348161

Owner: Dollar General Corporation
Serial Number: 77767568

Serial Number: 86442390

Owner: Dominique Reese
Serial Number: 86530335

Serial Number: 86612189

Serial Number: 86541576

Owner: Don L. Kipps
Serial Number: 85394099

Owner: Donasity Inc
Serial Number: 86454022

Serial Number: 86134502

Owner: Doug Jennings
Serial Number: 85241452

Owner: Doughty International Inc
Serial Number: 86119385

Owner: Douglas County Senior Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 86530151

Owner: Dover Saddlery, Inc.
Serial Number: 86514409

Serial Number: 76704921

Owner: Dr. Jolt, LLC
Serial Number: 86382407

Owner: Dreamwell, Ltd.
Serial Number: 86198219

Serial Number: 85813827

Owner: Dromeo, Inc.
Serial Number: 86551591

Owner: DTN, LLC
Serial Number: 86483466

Owner: DTN, LLC
Serial Number: 86483530

Owner: Du, Hai
Serial Number: 86452016

Owner: Dugo, Lauren C
Serial Number: 86537573

Owner: Duhyun KANG
Serial Number: 86530300

Owner: Dundee Corporation
Serial Number: 86347970

Owner: Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc.
Serial Number: 85292257

Owner: Duraflex Print Media
Serial Number: 86516094

Owner: Duramast Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 85173232

Owner: Durante, Andrea
Serial Number: 86311201

Owner: Durrer, Donnie
Serial Number: 85662558

Owner: Dylos Corporation
Serial Number: 85250085

Serial Number: 76123656

Owner: Dyson, Amy J.
Serial Number: 86513330

Owner: E -Z Buy Motors,Inc.
Serial Number: 86509043

Serial Number: 75603081

Owner: E-Book Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 75828346

Owner: E-Liquid Inc.
Serial Number: 86504306

Serial Number: 86311618

Owner: E. & J. Gallo Winery
Serial Number: 86027260

Owner: E. REMY MARTIN & C°
Serial Number: 86363132

Owner: E. San Roman S.A.
Serial Number: 85251336

Owner: E. San Roman S.A.
Serial Number: 85251338

Owner: E.L.C. Dao of Hair, Inc.,
Serial Number: 76706185

Owner: E.P. Henry Corporation
Serial Number: 86469824

Owner: E.R. Stewart, Inc.
Serial Number: 86613811

Owner: E3Nutrition LLC
Serial Number: 85919808

Owner: Earthen, Inc.
Serial Number: 77885893

Serial Number: 86166863

Owner: Eason, Brittany
Serial Number: 86520824

Owner: East Coast Customs
Serial Number: 86356328

Owner: East County Hot Shots
Serial Number: 86533175

Owner: Eastern Kentucky University
Serial Number: 86533192

Owner: Eastern Kentucky University
Serial Number: 86533228

Owner: Eastern Kentucky University
Serial Number: 86533297

Owner: Easy Peasy Patches Inc.
Serial Number: 86510857

Owner: Echezarreta, Clarissa
Serial Number: 85676689

Owner: Echo Drugs, Inc.
Serial Number: 86307814

Serial Number: 76014220

Serial Number: 72362974

Serial Number: 72376112

Owner: EdgeRift, Inc.
Serial Number: 86418258

Owner: Editware
Serial Number: 86441406

Owner: Edward Bess Inc.
Serial Number: 86470494

Owner: Edward's Transmission Exchange Inc.
Serial Number: 85250271

Owner: Effortless Office Enterprises LLC
Serial Number: 86512255

Owner: efose Limited
Serial Number: 86288566

Owner: Eh Lensink
Serial Number: 85085648

Serial Number: 86514366

Owner: Eitan Noyze Productions, Inc.
Serial Number: 86536080

Owner: Ekvall, Christian
Serial Number: 86313515

Owner: Elana Bernstein
Serial Number: 86527740

Owner: Eldarion, Inc.
Serial Number: 86528178

Owner: Electric Visual Evolution, LLC
Serial Number: 85876639

Owner: Elegant Lux'oure Inc.
Serial Number: 86533980

Owner: Elephant Energy, Inc.
Serial Number: 85255748

Owner: Elias, Melissa
Serial Number: 86520516

Owner: Elixir Craft Cocktails, Inc.
Serial Number: 86308920

Owner: Elk Coffee LLC
Serial Number: 86531826

Owner: Ellenbogen, Robert
Serial Number: 76140717

Owner: Ellison-Walsh, Nissa
Serial Number: 86416302

Serial Number: 85095021

Owner: Emergency Care Research Institute
Serial Number: 86427274

Serial Number: 85091708

Owner: Empire Liquids
Serial Number: 86556424

Owner: Employment Development Inc.
Serial Number: 85067641

Owner: Employment Development, Inc.
Serial Number: 85067603

Owner: Empresa de Licores de Cundinamarca
Serial Number: 77734786

Serial Number: 86384451

Owner: Endeavor International Enterprise (H.K.) Limited
Serial Number: 86541195

Serial Number: 76150952

Serial Number: 86492411

Owner: Energy Seminars, Inc.
Serial Number: 75470305

Serial Number: 86314182

Serial Number: 86314188

Serial Number: 86314190

Serial Number: 86314192

Serial Number: 86314193

Serial Number: 86314204

Serial Number: 86314233

Owner: Englander Sleep Products, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 85242586

Owner: Enhanced Telecommunications, Inc.
Serial Number: 86133512

Owner: Enki Glass
Serial Number: 86516947

Owner: EnteGreat, Inc.
Serial Number: 85205928

Owner: Enterasys Networks, Inc.
Serial Number: 85065120

Serial Number: 86526069

Owner: Envoy International Limited
Serial Number: 86516429

Owner: EPE Industries USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 86517208

Owner: EPE Industries USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 86517327

Serial Number: 86537297

Owner: ePlus Inc.
Serial Number: 75841573

Owner: Epoch Trade, LLC
Serial Number: 85053712

Serial Number: 86370224

Serial Number: 77913262

Serial Number: 86363904

Owner: Erendira Tristan
Serial Number: 86529809

Owner: ESAB Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 76126288

Owner: ESI International
Serial Number: 76000911

Owner: Eskenazi Storey, Ezequiel
Serial Number: 77960834

Owner: Eslick, Nancy H.
Serial Number: 86314115

Serial Number: 85750982

Serial Number: 86358098

Owner: Estee Lauder Cosmetics Ltd.
Serial Number: 77962236

Owner: Estrada Art, LLC
Serial Number: 86508874

Serial Number: 86491086

Owner: Euphemist
Serial Number: 86510912

Owner: European Missions Society
Serial Number: 86471261

Owner: Evans & Brown Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 75833893

Serial Number: 86529953

Serial Number: 85268505

Owner: Evriholder Products, LLC
Serial Number: 86600993

Serial Number: 86125869

Serial Number: 86470789

Owner: Excelsior Brewing Company, LLC
Serial Number: 86528514

Serial Number: 86321582

Serial Number: 74669017

Owner: Exponential Interactive, Inc.
Serial Number: 85902709

Serial Number: 86372304

Serial Number: 86976632

Owner: EZ Media LLC
Serial Number: 86479396

Serial Number: 86235588

Serial Number: 85140355

Owner: Fabarrettes, LLC
Serial Number: 86528412

Serial Number: 75429322

Owner: Fabrictech 2000, LLC
Serial Number: 86378674

Owner: FaceCake Marketing Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 85499367

Serial Number: 85555282

Owner: Familyland Enterprises, LLC
Serial Number: 86249670

Serial Number: 85076320

Serial Number: 75536780

Serial Number: 74066716

Owner: FarmLink, LLC
Serial Number: 86976944

Owner: Fast Digital Signs, Inc.
Serial Number: 85245259

Serial Number: 86976478

Owner: FASTENation, Inc.
Serial Number: 86188631

Serial Number: 86196888

Serial Number: 86513133

Owner: FDC Graphic Films, Inc.
Serial Number: 76129799

Serial Number: 76019982

Owner: Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia
Serial Number: 85518413

Owner: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
Serial Number: 86435079

Owner: Federal Transit, Inc.
Serial Number: 86293377

Owner: Felix Rauter GmbH & Co. KG
Serial Number: 86534111

Owner: Felt, LLC
Serial Number: 86436969

Owner: Fenix Outdoor AB
Serial Number: 86331132

Owner: Fenton, John
Serial Number: 86369394

Owner: Fenway Summer LLC
Serial Number: 86249050

Owner: Ferris Fare Ltd.
Serial Number: 86467688

Serial Number: 86334365

Owner: Fett Affen Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 85239424

Owner: Fett Affen Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 85239426

Serial Number: 85474146

Serial Number: 85225027

Owner: FiftyOne K, LLC
Serial Number: 86319477

Owner: FiftyOne K, LLC
Serial Number: 86319487

Owner: Figo, LLC
Serial Number: 86424335

Serial Number: 75979404

Serial Number: 86518493

Owner: FirstNet Learning, Inc.
Serial Number: 85211981

Owner: firstSTREET for Boomers and Beyond, Inc.
Serial Number: 86165335

Serial Number: 85234898

Owner: Fit Elemento, LLC
Serial Number: 86541645

Owner: Fit3D, Inc.
Serial Number: 86573500

Owner: Five Senses Foods, LLC
Serial Number: 86509544

Owner: Fjetland, G. Michael
Serial Number: 85092301

Owner: Flagstar Bank, FSB
Serial Number: 86338842

Serial Number: 74089534

Owner: Flanagan, Kellie Ann
Serial Number: 86163697

Owner: Flawless Vape Wholesale & Distribution Inc.
Serial Number: 86394769

Serial Number: 85279352

Serial Number: 85279353

Serial Number: 86154085

Owner: Flight-1, LLC
Serial Number: 85219231

Owner: Floordirekt KG
Serial Number: 86505412

Owner: Floordirekt KG
Serial Number: 86505420

Owner: Floordirekt KG
Serial Number: 86505432

Owner: Flores, Deane
Serial Number: 86209752

Owner: Florida Citrus Sports Association, Inc.
Serial Number: 86515566

Owner: Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, Inc.
Serial Number: 85242648

Owner: Floripa Producoes Inc.
Serial Number: 86534424

Serial Number: 75542336

Owner: Flycom
Serial Number: 86321194

Owner: FMR LLC
Serial Number: 85052726

Owner: Follow Dat Bag, LLC
Serial Number: 86538620

Owner: Food NYC, LLC
Serial Number: 86528418

Serial Number: 77656691

Owner: For The Love, LLC
Serial Number: 86531859

Owner: Forensic Data Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 86400218

Owner: Foresman, Virginia
Serial Number: 86214498

Owner: Foresman, Virginia
Serial Number: 86214605

Serial Number: 86436044

Serial Number: 86531837

Owner: Forever Young International Ltd
Serial Number: 86181031

Owner: Formstate Design Inc
Serial Number: 86507672

Serial Number: 86204136

Owner: Fortum Corporation
Serial Number: 85498533

Serial Number: 85245400

Serial Number: 72116809

Serial Number: 72116810

Owner: Foundation For Responsible Technology
Serial Number: 85076287

Serial Number: 86450005

Owner: FounderShare, Inc.
Serial Number: 86450009

Owner: FounderShare, Inc.
Serial Number: 86279309

Serial Number: 86453431

Serial Number: 85983751

Owner: FQC Management Services, Inc
Serial Number: 86512356

Serial Number: 86352395

Owner: Frangi Pangi, LLC
Serial Number: 77207382

Owner: Franke, Manuel
Serial Number: 85251144

Owner: Fred Fisher
Serial Number: 86587724

Owner: Fred M. Lawrence Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 86528250

Serial Number: 86206165

Owner: Freedom Hill, LLC
Serial Number: 86422124

Owner: Freeplay, LLC
Serial Number: 86535481

Owner: Freeplay, LLC
Serial Number: 86535483

Owner: Freetail Brewing Co., LLC
Serial Number: 86579111

Owner: FremantleMedia Limited
Serial Number: 86484159

Owner: French, Brian
Serial Number: 86509468

Owner: French, Scott
Serial Number: 85277836

Owner: Freshen the Bev, LLC
Serial Number: 86313429

Owner: Freybe Gourmet Foods Ltd.
Serial Number: 85738341

Serial Number: 86384465

Owner: Frontier Communications Corporation
Serial Number: 85512291

Owner: Frontier Technology, LLC
Serial Number: 73213571

Owner: FRU Restaurant Group LLC
Serial Number: 86529836

Owner: Fruit Of Life LLC
Serial Number: 86410979

Owner: Fujitsu Limited
Serial Number: 85607223

Owner: Fundy Software, Inc.
Serial Number: 86491507

Owner: Fuzhou RuiHuaZhaoFeng Network Technology Co., Ltd
Serial Number: 86454211

Owner: FXI, Inc.
Serial Number: 86525864

Serial Number: 86360894

Serial Number: 85294917

Owner: G&R Brands LLC
Serial Number: 86480348

Owner: G-Form, LLC
Serial Number: 85822820

Owner: G. Bradley Goodchild III
Serial Number: 86308249

Serial Number: 85813523

Owner: Gambling Ladies LLC
Serial Number: 86499569

Serial Number: 75564268

Owner: Gardinier, Javan
Serial Number: 86308417

Serial Number: 86531785

Owner: Gary II, Everette James
Serial Number: 86535570

Serial Number: 86533842

Serial Number: 86541205

Serial Number: 86451036

Serial Number: 86533978

Serial Number: 86583417

Owner: Geekletes
Serial Number: 86532987

Owner: Gelda Scientific and Industrial Development Corporation
Serial Number: 86193761

Owner: Gemfields, Plc
Serial Number: 85770375

Owner: General Biodiesel Inc.
Serial Number: 77658523

Serial Number: 78021286

Owner: Genesis Light Line, LLC
Serial Number: 86538990

Owner: Gengro LLC
Serial Number: 86498599

Owner: Genomma Lab Internacional, S.A.B. de C.V.
Serial Number: 77873325

Owner: Genomma Lab Internacional, S.A.B. de C.V.
Serial Number: 77880353

Owner: Genomma Lab Internacional, S.A.B. de C.V.
Serial Number: 77880371

Serial Number: 86287044

Owner: Gerald Gionet
Serial Number: 85685404

Owner: Gerald Gionet
Serial Number: 85685440

Serial Number: 78015116

Serial Number: 86266143

Owner: GF LINE CO., LTD.
Serial Number: 86532451

Serial Number: 86464760

Owner: Ghanimian Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 85236875

Serial Number: 76161632

Owner: GiftedHire, Inc.
Serial Number: 86443102

Owner: GILA, LLC
Serial Number: 85037455

Owner: Gila, LLC
Serial Number: 85037536

Owner: Gilbert, Jenny
Serial Number: 86367919

Serial Number: 86401057

Owner: Gilster-Mary Lee Corporation
Serial Number: 75741301

Owner: Ginsberg-Klemmt, Achim
Serial Number: 85243876

Owner: Glamorise Foundations, Inc.
Serial Number: 75655380

Owner: Glaxo Group Limited
Serial Number: 86349781

Owner: Glaxo Group Limited
Serial Number: 86303666

Owner: Glaxo Group Limited
Serial Number: 86303672

Owner: GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals S.A.
Serial Number: 85471691

Serial Number: 86611177

Serial Number: 85634134

Owner: Glenn Evans Enterprises, LLC
Serial Number: 86135472

Owner: Glenn Evans Enterprises, LLC
Serial Number: 86136594

Owner: Glenn Hartelius
Serial Number: 86239251

Owner: Glitzzy Hair Inc
Serial Number: 86529591

Owner: Global Agri-Trade
Serial Number: 86212926

Owner: Global Arbitration Mediation Association, Inc.
Serial Number: 76111144

Owner: Global Juices and Fruits, LLC
Serial Number: 86516596

Serial Number: 75608133

Owner: Global Lyceum, Inc.
Serial Number: 85752231

Owner: Global Technology Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 85250092

Owner: Global Vision Eyewear Corporation
Serial Number: 85247492

Owner: Glory Ltd.
Serial Number: 77666294

Owner: Gluck, Stacey Norica
Serial Number: 86084006

Owner: Go Modern, Inc.
Serial Number: 86287864

Owner: Goalbadger Services Inc.
Serial Number: 85853094

Owner: Gobidas, Faith M.
Serial Number: 86539022

Owner: Goclowski, Keith
Serial Number: 85354214

Owner: Gogeo Mobile
Serial Number: 86440539

Owner: GOJO Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 85009030

Owner: Goldfine, Adam
Serial Number: 86535368

Serial Number: 86336721

Serial Number: 85238288

Owner: Golf Hospitality Association
Serial Number: 86459691

Serial Number: 76717000

Owner: GONCAL, S.A. DE C.V.
Serial Number: 76027920

Serial Number: 86488159

Owner: Good News Publishers
Serial Number: 86399020

Owner: Good Shepherd Ministries International
Serial Number: 75689346

Owner: Good Start Genetics, Inc.
Serial Number: 85600801

Serial Number: 76080876

Serial Number: 86383607

Owner: Goodman Eric M
Serial Number: 86500309

Owner: Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, Inc.
Serial Number: 85796359

Owner: Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, Inc.
Serial Number: 85796363

Owner: Gorilla Dumpster Bag, LLC
Serial Number: 86516216

Serial Number: 86373191

Owner: GottaOtta, Inc.
Serial Number: 86532412

Owner: GottaOtta, Inc.
Serial Number: 86535109

Serial Number: 86509659

Serial Number: 85253798

Serial Number: 85253823

Owner: GPI Korea
Serial Number: 86538395

Owner: Grabbin Ash LLC
Serial Number: 86351446

Owner: Gracie, Ralek
Serial Number: 85641366

Owner: Graecrest Energy Solutions, LLC
Serial Number: 86202661

Owner: Graham, Karen Danelle Kallweit
Serial Number: 76027467

Owner: Grandchamp, Gail A
Serial Number: 86472243

Owner: Gratitude Gardens
Serial Number: 86516287

Owner: Great Curve Merchant Partners, LLC
Serial Number: 86531975

Serial Number: 76717031

Owner: Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
Serial Number: 86461529

Owner: Greektown Casino, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 86280954

Owner: Green & Green Enterprises
Serial Number: 86596139

Serial Number: 86146528

Owner: Green Technologies Holding LLC
Serial Number: 85667975

Owner: Green, David A
Serial Number: 85244506

Owner: Green, Thomas F
Serial Number: 86501513

Owner: GreenEarth Photography, LLC
Serial Number: 85239347

Serial Number: 86401612

Serial Number: 86401614

Serial Number: 85712844

Serial Number: 86503984

Owner: Griffith, Darren S.
Serial Number: 86368791

Owner: Grigoropoulos, Pierre
Serial Number: 86536397

Serial Number: 73243230

Owner: GrooveBoston, LLC
Serial Number: 85221334

Owner: Grose, Barry
Serial Number: 86536978

Owner: Grounded Management LLC
Serial Number: 86531868

Serial Number: 75675679

Owner: Groupstance Inc
Serial Number: 86522117

Owner: Growler Grips, LLC
Serial Number: 86455812

Serial Number: 72359317

Serial Number: 86267299

Owner: Gryphondale Education Services, LLC
Serial Number: 86533214

Serial Number: 76166820

Owner: Gschnitzer, Linda Sue
Serial Number: 86412676

Owner: Guangzhou Baole Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 86532464

Owner: Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company
Serial Number: 85238175

Serial Number: 86309888

Serial Number: 86309890

Serial Number: 86309891

Serial Number: 86309893

Owner: Gui Global Products, LTD
Serial Number: 85765603

Owner: Gui Global Products, LTD
Serial Number: 85765605

Owner: Gundersen Lutheran Health System, Inc.
Serial Number: 86320217

Owner: Gupta, Pankaj
Serial Number: 86492911

Owner: Gutierrez, Alexander
Serial Number: 86349678

Owner: Guzman, Jose
Serial Number: 86503583

Owner: H-E-B, LP
Serial Number: 86341619

Owner: H-E-B, LP
Serial Number: 85346938

Serial Number: 86420749

Owner: Haggerty, Justin M
Serial Number: 86535614

Serial Number: 85879145

Owner: Halaler, LLC
Serial Number: 86524039

Owner: Hall, Phyllis M.
Serial Number: 76112996

Owner: Haller, Kimberly
Serial Number: 76717610

Owner: Hallmark Licensing, LLC
Serial Number: 86376977

Owner: Hamlethub, LLC
Serial Number: 85810794

Owner: Handy Apps Pte Ltd
Serial Number: 86303596

Owner: Hansen, Christopher L.
Serial Number: 86539774

Owner: HAP Capital Advisors LLC
Serial Number: 85187634

Owner: Hard Vape llc
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Owner: Hard Way Clothing L.L.C.
Serial Number: 85039383

Owner: Harding, Charles E.
Serial Number: 76148701

Owner: Harduvel, Janet Sciales
Serial Number: 85241621

Serial Number: 86530209

Owner: Harpster, Michael E.
Serial Number: 86532266

Owner: Harriet Selling, Inc.
Serial Number: 85937563

Owner: Harris, Randall
Serial Number: 86536225

Owner: Harrold, Edward
Serial Number: 86540881

Owner: Harry Spurrier
Serial Number: 86414466

Owner: Hartmann, Helen Novotny
Serial Number: 86185333

Owner: Harvelle's Entertainment Corp.
Serial Number: 85234937

Serial Number: 86531587

Owner: Hawaii Virtual Vacations, Inc.
Serial Number: 86517527

Serial Number: 74034134

Owner: Hayes, Laschinski, Hayes LLC
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Serial Number: 86335519

Owner: Head Spirits, LLC
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Owner: Health Care Service Corporation
Serial Number: 85235987

Owner: Health Care Service Corporation
Serial Number: 85235995

Owner: Health Care Service Corporation
Serial Number: 85236002

Owner: Health Care Service Corporation
Serial Number: 85236012

Owner: Health Exchange Resources, Inc.
Serial Number: 86532707

Owner: Health New England, Inc.
Serial Number: 85756441

Owner: HealthCrowds
Serial Number: 86380428

Owner: Hearst Communications, Inc.
Serial Number: 86447228

Serial Number: 86005474

Serial Number: 86005493

Owner: Heather Lee Hernandez
Serial Number: 86535204

Owner: Heather, LLC
Serial Number: 86532394

Owner: Heck, Julie
Serial Number: 85244904

Owner: Heidi Hess Designs, LLC
Serial Number: 86318851

Owner: Heim, Marcy Lynn Schultz
Serial Number: 86351159

Owner: Heise, James
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Owner: Helen K Lester, DDS, FAGD, PC
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Owner: Helen M. Kizer
Serial Number: 86340107

Serial Number: 78004219

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Serial Number: 86509558

Owner: Helloworld IP Pty Limited
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Owner: Helveston, Eugene
Serial Number: 85914241

Owner: Hendricksen, Seth
Serial Number: 76706378

Owner: Hendrickson USA, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 86275414

Serial Number: 86425315

Owner: Henry-Lee and Company, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 85060622

Owner: Herald Corporation
Serial Number: 86324319

Owner: Herbaceuticals, Inc.
Serial Number: 85913182

Owner: Hercules Brand Corporation
Serial Number: 86082021

Owner: Herman, Richard A.
Serial Number: 86531999

Owner: Hernandez, Carlos M.
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Serial Number: 85127898

Owner: Hi-Coo, LLC
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Owner: Hidden Track Music, LLC
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Owner: Hidden Track Music, LLC
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Owner: Hidden Track Music, LLC
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Serial Number: 86250937

Owner: Highbrow LLC
Serial Number: 86531800

Owner: Higher Grounds Cafe, Inc.
Serial Number: 85241986

Owner: Highland Fresh Technologies, LLC
Serial Number: 86505861

Owner: Highlander Business Co
Serial Number: 86370678

Serial Number: 86589434

Owner: HikeGoo, LLC
Serial Number: 85245154

Serial Number: 86328908

Serial Number: 86328912

Owner: Hill, Scott
Serial Number: 86450313

Owner: Hill, Scott
Serial Number: 86450316

Serial Number: 85747842

Serial Number: 85747846

Serial Number: 86515918

Serial Number: 76145413

Owner: Hilton, Paris
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Owner: Hinson, Michael
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Owner: HireGenics, Inc.
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Owner: Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, Inc.
Serial Number: 85233515

Serial Number: 86226633

Owner: HK Designs, Inc.
Serial Number: 85253322

Owner: HLC Holding, Inc.
Serial Number: 86111907

Owner: Holistic Product Group, LLC
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Owner: Holland & Knight LLP
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Owner: Hollywood Hispano
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Owner: Homage, LLC
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Serial Number: 86531163

Owner: Homemade Mommy, LLC
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Owner: Howard Cross
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Owner: Howard Jr., Lorenzo
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Owner: Howden Africa (Pty) Ltd.
Serial Number: 86572022

Owner: Howdy Ink, L.L.C.
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Owner: HowUdoWin, Inc.
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Serial Number: 74095807

Owner: HPC, LLC
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Owner: HPC, LLC
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Serial Number: 85496935

Serial Number: 85544932

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Owner: HVAC Balance, LLC
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Serial Number: 75707629

Owner: Hydrobuilder, Inc.
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Owner: Hyundai Motor America
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Owner: I Kruit Staffing, Inc.
Serial Number: 85179701

Owner: I-ANGEL Co., Ltd.
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Owner: i4c Innovations Inc.
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Owner: Iberon, LLC
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Owner: Ice Cream Heads LLC
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Owner: iCooker
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Serial Number: 85273276

Owner: Idea Connection Systems, Inc.
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Owner: Idea Nuova, Inc.
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Owner: Ideal Shape, LLC
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Owner: IDIS Technologies IP, Ltd.
Serial Number: 85191640

Owner: IDIS Technologies IP, Ltd.
Serial Number: 85191855

Owner: Idunna's Harvest
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Owner: IGT
Serial Number: 77403732

Serial Number: 86426589

Owner: Illegal Civilization LLC
Serial Number: 85863004

Owner: Illinois Tool Works Inc.
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Serial Number: 75635191

Serial Number: 86330884

Owner: Imagine 1 Day International Organization
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Owner: IMAP, Inc.
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Owner: Imbue Distribution LLC
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Owner: Imexx Technologies, LLC
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Owner: Immunolight, LLC
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Owner: Impact Church of Tampa International, Inc.
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Serial Number: 75891271

Owner: IMS Software Services Ltd.
Serial Number: 86183864

Serial Number: 77925123

Owner: In Technology Corporation
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Owner: Incredible Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 86530637

Owner: Independent Printing Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 85247322

Owner: IndigoVision Limited
Serial Number: 86108362

Owner: Indivisible
Serial Number: 86527214

Serial Number: 86219828

Owner: Industrial Strength, Inc.
Serial Number: 86159204

Owner: Industrial Strength, Inc.
Serial Number: 86159233

Owner: Industries of the Blind, Inc.
Serial Number: 75899803

Owner: Infant Acid Reflux Solutions LLC
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Owner: Infinite Takes, LLC
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Serial Number: 73763634

Owner: Infrastructure Upgrade, Inc.
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Serial Number: 86508417

Owner: InnerWorkings Institute LLC
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Owner: Innisfree Corporation
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Owner: Innovative Solution Incorporated
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Serial Number: 85259270

Owner: Instant Physicians Inc
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Owner: Institute for Mindfulness Studies, Inc.
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Owner: Integral Pursuits, Inc.
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Owner: Intelati, Inc.
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Serial Number: 86535742

Owner: Intelligent Nutrients, LLC
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Serial Number: 73137276

Serial Number: 85245869

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Owner: International Business Machines Corporation
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Owner: International Data Depository, Inc.
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Serial Number: 86240196

Owner: International Gemological Institute, Inc.
Serial Number: 85244213

Owner: International Isotopes Inc.
Serial Number: 86226326

Owner: International Masters Publishers AB
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Owner: International Playground, LLC
Serial Number: 86267572

Owner: International Pleasure Incorporated
Serial Number: 86161849

Owner: International Pleasure Incorporated
Serial Number: 86167887

Owner: International Strategies LLC
Serial Number: 85492409

Owner: Intertek Consulting & Training (USA), In.
Serial Number: 85655825

Owner: Intertek Consulting & Training (USA), Inc.
Serial Number: 86297524

Owner: Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc.
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Owner: Intertex & Co Pty Ltd
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Owner: Intjenuity LLC
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Serial Number: 85161941

Serial Number: 76097356

Owner: Iovine, Vicki
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Owner: iPassMetro LLC
Serial Number: 86508731

Owner: iPeeple
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Serial Number: 73257736

Owner: Iranmanesh, Ali
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Owner: Iristree Corporaton
Serial Number: 86525726

Owner: IronLife Media Ltd
Serial Number: 86246568

Owner: ISF (USA), LLC
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Serial Number: 85975449

Serial Number: 85975479

Owner: ITA Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 85241675

Owner: ITelagen, LLC
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Owner: ItNix, LLC
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Serial Number: 76182542

Owner: Iwerks Entertainment, Inc.
Serial Number: 75662412

Owner: J & J Outdoors Inc.
Serial Number: 86530416

Owner: J&B Distributing Co.
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Owner: J. Crew International, Inc.
Serial Number: 85274606

Owner: J. P. Wiser Distillery Limited
Serial Number: 86554842

Owner: J. Skaar Productions, LLC
Serial Number: 77811700

Serial Number: 86351139

Owner: J.Geeks
Serial Number: 86559601

Serial Number: 75643255

Owner: Jacky's Collection LLC
Serial Number: 86512132

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Serial Number: 77907729

Owner: Jacobson, Paul A.
Serial Number: 86317748

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Owner: Jason Spafford
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Owner: Jeannine Dostal
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Owner: Jeff Mindell
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Owner: Jenkins, Brett
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Owner: Jewel Toned, Inc.
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Serial Number: 86440598

Owner: Jianbing Zhou
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Owner: Jo Bulls, LLC
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Owner: JoEllen Lustig
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Owner: Jones, Michael Leslie
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Owner: Jones, Tyrone D.
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Owner: Jordan Decker
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Owner: Joseph T. Pappalardo
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Owner: Joseph, Roberto
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Serial Number: 86535132

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Serial Number: 76116582

Owner: JT International SA
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Owner: Juan Andino III
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Serial Number: 86288708

Owner: Jubariss Corp.
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Serial Number: 75836809

Serial Number: 86217317

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Owner: Jump Design Group Inc.
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Owner: Juniper Grove, Inc.
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Serial Number: 86530524

Serial Number: 86404573

Owner: Juno Systems Inc
Serial Number: 86387757

Owner: Jurak Holdings Limited
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Owner: Just ASK Publications & Professional Development, Inc.
Serial Number: 85178832

Owner: Just Cool Me, Inc.
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Serial Number: 75367773

Owner: Just Resolve
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Owner: Karen's Good Deals, LLC
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Owner: Karlstad, Julia
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Owner: Kassin Enterprises LLC
Serial Number: 86474180

Owner: KAT Global, LLC
Serial Number: 86533241

Serial Number: 75607975

Owner: Kauai Motorcycle Tours LLC
Serial Number: 86593606

Owner: Kaufman, Michael
Serial Number: 86372454

Owner: Kauzbots, LLC
Serial Number: 86532915

Owner: Kayser-Roth Corporation
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Serial Number: 86432613

Owner: KBKK, LLC
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Owner: KCI USA, INC.
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Owner: Kellogg North America Company
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Serial Number: 85778817

Owner: Kelly Tekin, Inc.
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Owner: Kelly Tekin, Inc.
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Owner: Kendo Holdings, Inc.
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Owner: Kendrew Group
Serial Number: 86504404

Owner: Keneally, Scott
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Owner: Kenneth B. Emmer
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Owner: Kenneth Kaltman
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Owner: Kenney, Kristin N.
Serial Number: 86534213

Owner: Keystone Perfusion Services, PC
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Owner: Keystone Retaining Wall Systems LLC
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Serial Number: 86336321

Serial Number: 86336360

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Owner: KidzVuz, LLC
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Owner: KIK International LLC
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Owner: Kikuchi, Inc.
Serial Number: 75854365

Owner: Kim, Hyon H.
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Owner: Kimball International, Inc.
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Serial Number: 77870299

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Owner: Koch Foods Incorporated
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Owner: Kollmarc, LLC
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Serial Number:<