Sunday, June 21 2020

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Abbas; Hamed K. (Greenville, MS), Zablotowicz; Robert M. (Cleveland, MS)
Title: Non-aflatoxigenic Aspergillus flavus isolates
Patent Number: 7,361,499

Inventors: Abe; Tetsushi (Chiyoda-ku, JP), Iwamura; Mikio (Chiyoda-ku, JP), Takeda; Kazuaki (Chiyoda-ku, JP)
Title: Radio base station, mobile station, communication controller, and communication control method
Patent Number: 9,313,652

Inventors: Abiko; Yukihiro (Kawasaki, JP), Okada; Yoshiyuki (Kawasaki, JP), Kato; Hideo (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Video recording and reproducing apparatus
Patent Number: 7,362,955

Inventors: Abraham; Sunny (San Diego, CA), Chao; Qi (San Diego, CA), Hadd; Michael J. (San Diego, CA), Holladay; Mark W. (San Diego, CA), Liu; Gang (San Diego, CA), Setti; Eduardo (San Diego, CA)
Title: JAK kinase modulating compounds and methods of use thereof
Patent Number: 9,308,207

Inventors: Abrahamse; Evan (Amersfoort, NL), Kiers; Wynette Hermina Agnes (Zetten, NL), Bouritius; Houkje (Zeist, NL), Weel; Koenraad Gerard Christoffel (Bennekom, NL)
Title: Process for producing slowly digestible starch
Patent Number: 9,307,780

Inventors: Abramo; Loredana (Naperville, IL)
Title: Method and apparatus for importing digital switching system data into a spreadsheet program
Patent Number: 7,360,153

Inventors: Acton; Nicole (Churchville, NY), Caton; Michael (Oakfield, NY), White; Patrick (Mendon, NY), Wicker; David (Dansville, NY)
Title: Barcode copy protection system
Patent Number: 9,311,583

Inventors: Adam; Thomas N. (Slingerlands, NY), Cheng; Kangguo (Slingerlands, NY), Khakifirooz; Ali (Los Altos, CA), Reznicek; Alexander (Troy, NY), Sreenivasan; Raghavasimhan (Schenectady, NY)
Title: Structure and method to reduce crystal defects in epitaxial fin merge using nitride deposition
Patent Number: 9,312,273

Inventors: Adams; Julian (Boston, MA), Gao; Yun (Southborough, MA), Georges Evangelinos; Asimina T. (Chestnut Hill, MA), Grenier; Louis (Brookline, MA), Pak; Roger H. (Boxborough, MA), Porter; James R. (Brighton, MA), Wright; James L. (Lexington, MA)
Title: Analogs of benzoquinone-containing ansamycins and methods of use thereof
Patent Number: 7,361,647

Inventors: Adams; Phillip M. (Henderson, NV)
Title: Enforcement process for correction of hardware and software defects
Patent Number: 7,363,237

Inventors: Adkisson; James W. (Jericho, VT), Agnello; Paul D. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Ballantine; Arne W. (Round Lake, NY), Divakaruni; Rama (Somers, NY), Jones; Erin C. (Tuckahoe, NY), Nowak; Edward J. (Essex Junction, VT), Rankin; Jed H. (Burlington, VT)
Title: Method of fabricating semiconductor side wall fin
Patent Number: 7,361,556

Inventors: Adkisson; James W. (Jericho, VT), Amoah; Yoba (Fairfax, VT), Gambino; Jeffrey P. (Westford, VT), Leggett; Christine A. (Colchester, VT), Lifson; Max L. (S. Burlington, VT), Musante; Charles F. (Burlington, VT), Samala; Sruthi (Bangor, ME), Thomas; David C. (Richmond, VT)
Title: Methods of forming a TSV wafer with improved fracture strength
Patent Number: 9,312,205

Inventors: Adkisson; James W. (Jericho, VT), Gambino; Jeffrey P. (Westford, VT), Jaffe; Mark D. (Shelburne, VT), Rassel; Richard J. (Colchester, VT), Sprogis; Edmund J. (Underhill, VT)
Title: High surface area aluminum bond pad for through-wafer connections to an electronic package
Patent Number: 7,361,581

Inventors: Adkisson; James W. (Jericho, VT), Harame; David L. (Essex Junction, VT), Kerbaugh; Michael L. (Williston, VT), Liu; Qizhi (Lexington, MA), Pekarik; John J. (Underhill, VT)
Title: Bipolar transistor with extrinsic base region and methods of fabrication
Patent Number: 9,312,370

Inventors: Adya; Atul (Redmond, WA), Chaiken; Ronnie I. (Woodinville, WA), Bolosky; William J. (Issaquah, WA)
Title: Lossless recovery for computer systems with remotely dependent data recovery
Patent Number: 7,360,111

Inventors: Agombar; John P. (Winchester, GB), Beeken; Christopher B. E. (Eastleigh, GB), Fuente; Carlos F. (Portsmouth, GB), Walsh; Simon (Hayling Island, GB)
Title: Storage system with multiple copy targeting and disk failure protection
Patent Number: 7,360,048

Inventors: Agoston; Maria (Beaverton, OR), Dobos; Laszlo J. (Beaverton, OR), Zivny; Pavel R. (Portland, OR)
Title: Method of characterizing parameters and removing spectral components of a spread spectrum clock in a communications signal
Patent Number: 8,155,165

Inventors: Agrawal; Dakshi (Monsey, NY), Anthony, Jr.; Bruce O. (Pine Island, MN), Le; Franck (White Plains, NY), Nicholson; Robert B. (Hampshire, GB), Pappas; Vasileios (Elmsford, NY), Verma; Dinesh C. (Mount Kisco, NY)
Title: Packet loss recovery on a wireless link in a transmission layer protocol session
Patent Number: 9,312,990

Inventors: Agrawal; Dakshi (Monsey, NY), Anthony; Bruce O. (Pine Island, MN), Le; Franck (White Plains, NY), Nicholson; Robert B. (Hampshire, GB), Pappas; Vasileios (Elmsford, NY), Verma; Dinesh C. (Mount Kisco, NY)
Title: Packet loss recovery on a wireless link in a transmission layer protocol session
Patent Number: 9,312,991

Inventors: Ahlers; Ralf (Lengerich, DE), Welp; Hans-Dieter (Lengerich, DE), Schliek; Burkhard (Lengerich, DE)
Title: System for production and subsequent palletizing of tube segments, bags or sacks
Patent Number: 7,361,130

Inventors: Ahn; Hyun Gi (Incheon, KR), Yoon; Ji Hyun (Yongin-si, KR), Kim; Seong Eun (Suwon-si, KR), Kim; Yong (Seoul, KR), Kim; Eung Sun (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Mobile device for estimating location using particle filter generated based on three-dimensional (3D) magnetic field map and method using said mobile device
Patent Number: 9,310,208

Inventors: Ajichi; Yuhsaku (Osaka, JP), Masuda; Takeshi (Osaka, JP)
Title: Light emitting element and liquid crystal display apparatus
Patent Number: 8,154,689

Inventors: Akada; Hironori (Tokyo, JP), Uchida; Masaki (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Drum brake apparatus
Patent Number: 8,151,949

Inventors: Akasaka; Yoshihiro (Kanagawa-ken, JP), Akita; Masato (Kanagawa-ken, JP), Yagi; Ryosuke (Kanagawa-ken, JP)
Title: Fuel cell
Patent Number: 9,312,543

Inventors: Akbari; Hossein (Bristo, GB)
Title: Downhole motor or pump components, method of fabrication the same, and downhole motors incorporating the same
Patent Number: 9,309,884

Inventors: Akirav; Shay H. (Petach-Tikva, IL), Drobchenko; Elena (Raanana, IL), Maoz; Itay (Haifa, IL), Paz; Gil E. (Yehud, IL), Stotland; Vadim (Petach-Tikva, IL)
Title: Protecting data segments in a computing environment
Patent Number: 9,311,325

Inventors: Akita; Koji (Iwaki, JP), Kishi; Tetsuya (Iwaki, JP)
Title: Apparatus for playing back a video content storage medium
Patent Number: 7,362,956

Inventors: Akitomi; Jou (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Method for identifying nucleotide sequence, method for acquiring secondary structure of nucleic acid molecule, apparatus for identifying nucleotide sequence, apparatus for acquiring secondary structure of nucleic acid molecule, program for identifying nucleotide sequence, and program for acquiring secondary structure of nucleic acid molecule
Patent Number: 9,311,447

Inventors: Akiyama; Yuki (Tokyo, JP), Osaka; Tadashi (Tokyo, JP), Arai; Masatsugu (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Vehicle device temperature adjustment system
Patent Number: 9,309,982

Inventors: Akizuki; Ryutan (Fukuoka, JP), Ilda; Noboru (Fukuoka, JP), Ikeda; Yutaka (Fukuoka, JP)
Title: Wireless communication system and mobile information terminal
Patent Number: 9,313,826

Inventors: Al-Omari; Hussein Khalid (Amman, JO), Khorsheed; Mohammad Sulaiman (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Multidimensional color barcode
Patent Number: 9,311,584

Inventors: Albo; Mordechay (Doar Na Heffer, IL), Bronshteyn; Boris (Netanya, IL)
Title: North finding device, system and method
Patent Number: 8,151,475

Inventors: Albu; Felix (Bucuresti, RO), Drimbarean; Alexandru (Galway, IE), Zamfir; Adrian (Bucuresti, RO), Florea; Corneliu (Bucuresti, RO)
Title: Image processing method and apparatus
Patent Number: 8,155,468

Inventors: Alexander; Clayton (Westlake Village, CA), Mundell; Brandon S. (Thousand Oaks, CA)
Title: Removable LED light module for use in a light fixture assembly
Patent Number: 8,152,336

Inventors: Allen; Corville O. (Durham, NC), Carrier; Scott Robert (Durham, NC), Gerard; Scott N. (Research Triangle Park, NC), Smith; Sterling Richardson (Research Triangle Park, NC), Styles; David Blake (Research Triangle Park, NC), Woods; Eric (Durham, NC)
Title: Enhanced answers in DeepQA system according to user preferences
Patent Number: 9,311,294

Inventors: Allen; Tim (Santa Cruz, CA), Fairman; Michael (Santa Cruz, CA), Pritchard; Jeffrey Orion (Santa Cruz, CA), Hoyer; Bryan (Santa Cruz, CA)
Title: Methods and apparatus for implementing parameterizable processors and peripherals
Patent Number: 8,156,455

Inventors: Alper; Phillip B. (San Diego, CA), Azimioara; Mihai (La Jolla, CA), Cow; Christopher (San Diego, CA), Epple; Robert (San Diego, CA), Jiang; Songchun (San Diego, CA), Lelais; Gerald (San Diego, CA), Michellys; Pierre-Yves (San Marcos, CA), Mutnick; Daniel (San Diego, CA), Nikulin; Victor (Carlsbad, CA)
Title: Compounds and compositions as modulators of GPR119 activity
Patent Number: 8,153,635

Inventors: Altvaten; Roland (Friedrichshafen, DE), Jabs; Sven (Weingarten, DE), Gluck; Martin (Brandenburg, DE)
Title: Device for optimizing the feed function of the ring gear of a differential with regard to the maximum flow rate
Patent Number: 8,152,675

Inventors: Amils; Xavier (Kortrijk, BE), Trindade De Avila; Lasley (Barueri, BR)
Title: Compacted hybrid elevator rope
Patent Number: 9,309,620

Inventors: Amon; Franz (Hessdorf, DE)
Title: User interface for a DICOM transfer configuration
Patent Number: 8,156,440

Inventors: Anai; Kimio (Fukaya, JP)
Title: Flat-panel display device
Patent Number: 8,154,557

Inventors: Andersen; Niels H. (Seattle, WA), Bowman; Jason (Quincy, IL), Erwin; Alice L. (Seattle, WA), Harwood; Eric A. (Seattle, WA), Kline; Toni (Seattle, WA), Mdluli; Khisimuzi E. (New York, NY), Ng; Simon (Emeryville, CA), Pfister; Keith B. (Emeryville, CA), Shawar; Ribhi (Phoenixville, PA), Wagman; Allan S. (Belmont, CA), Yabannavar; Asha (Emeryville, CA)
Title: Antibacterial agents
Patent Number: 8,153,843

Inventors: Anderson; James C. (Eden Prairie, MN), DeSouza; Mervyn L. (Plymouth, MN), Hicks; Paula M. (Eden Prairie, MN), Kollmann; Sherry R. (Maple Grove, MN), Laplaza; Jose (Plymouth, MN)
Title: Products and methods for in vivo secretion of monatin
Patent Number: 8,153,405

Inventors: Andersson; Matts (Lerum, SE), Tornquist; Anders (Partille, SE)
Title: Arrangement for producing complete or partial dental products
Patent Number: 7,363,239

Inventors: Ando; Shingo (Kitakyushu, JP), Tanaka; Michiharu (Kitakyushu, JP)
Title: Automatic machine system
Patent Number: 8,155,788

Inventors: Ando; Takashi (Tuckahoe, NY), Faltermeier; Johnathan E. (Delanson, NY), Fan; Su Chen (Cohoes, NY), Kanakasabapathy; Sivananda K. (Niskayuna, NY), Ok; Injo (Loudonville, NY), Yamashita; Tenko (Schenectady, NY)
Title: Replacement metal gate stack for diffusion prevention
Patent Number: 9,312,136

Inventors: Andre; Jean-Luc (Molsheim, FR)
Title: Bidirectional guidance system with lateral oscillation limiting, for road axle guided by a rail on the ground
Patent Number: 8,151,713

Inventors: Andreoni; Wanda (Adliswil, CH), Callegari; Alessandro C. (Yorktown Heights, NY), Cartier; Eduard A. (New York, NY), Curioni; Alessandro (Gattikon, CH), D'Emic; Christopher P. (Ossining, NY), Gousev; Evgeni (Mahopac, NY), Gribelyuk; Michael A. (Stamford, CT), Jamison; Paul C. (Hopewell Junction, NY), Jammy; Rajarao (Hopewell Junction, NY), Lacey; Dianne L. (Mahopac, NY), McFeely; Fenton R. (Ossining, NY), Narayanan; Vijay (New York, NY), Pignedoli; Carlo A. (Adliswil, CH), Shepard, Jr.; Joseph F. (Fishkill, NY), Zafar; Sufi (Briarcliff Manor, NY)
Title: Method of forming metal/high-.kappa. gate stacks with high mobility
Patent Number: 8,153,514

Inventors: Andresen; Bjorn (Oestbirk, DK)
Title: Wind power installation and method of modifying the blade pitch in a wind power installation
Patent Number: 8,154,141

Inventors: Andrews; Peter J. (Mahopac, NY), Faisman; Alexander (Croton-on-Hudson, NY), Grabarnik; Genady (Scarsdale, NY), Shwartz; Larisa (Scarsdale, NY)
Title: Voice response systems browsing
Patent Number: 9,313,329

Inventors: Angelopoulos; Marie (Cortlandt Manor, NY), Babich; Katherina E. (Chappaqua, NY), LaTulipe; Douglas Charles (Danbury, CT), Lin; Qinghuang (Mohegan Lake, NY), Medeiros; David R. (Dobbs Ferry, NY), Moreau; Wayne Martin (Wappingers Falls, NY), Petrillo; Karen E. (Mahopac, NY), Simons; John P. (Wappingers Falls, NY)
Title: Multilayered resist systems using tuned polymer films as underlayers and methods of fabrication thereof
Patent Number: 7,361,444

Inventors: Anumalasetty; Kiran K. (Bangalore, IN), Ham; Nicholas S. (Austin, TX), Jasti; Purna Chandra (Madhapur, IN), Maddali; Sudhir (Hyderabad, IN), Rajaboina; Yadagiri (Madhapur, IN), Rathi; Sanket (Hyderabad, IN)
Title: SCSI reservation status information on a SAN disk
Patent Number: 9,311,195

Inventors: Aoki; Toru (Shiojiri, JP)
Title: Image signal correcting circuit, image processing method, electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Patent Number: 7,362,290

Inventors: Aoyagi; Paul (Sunnyvale, CA), Flanner, III; Philip D. (Union City, CA), Poslavsky; Leonid (Belmont, CA)
Title: Film measurement using reflectance computation
Patent Number: 7,362,686

Inventors: Aptaker; Peter Simon (Wantage, GB), Beasley; Paul (Abingdon, GB), Heid; Oliver (Erlangen, DE)
Title: Deflection plate and deflection device for deflecting charged particles
Patent Number: 9,312,092

Inventors: Arai; Nobutoshi (Nara-ken, JP), Iwata; Hiroshi (Nara-ken, JP)
Title: Fine particle-containing body, fine particle-containing body manufacturing method, storage element, semiconductor device and electronic equipment
Patent Number: 8,153,207

Inventors: Arai; Noriaki (Hitachinaka, JP), Kazumi; Hideyuki (Hitachinaka, JP)
Title: Electrode unit and charged particle beam device
Patent Number: 8,153,966

Inventors: Arena; Chantal (Mesa, AZ), Letertre; Fabrice (Meylan, FR)
Title: Process for fabricating a structure for epitaxy without an exclusion zone
Patent Number: 8,154,022

Inventors: Arisa; Shigeharu (Tokyo, JP), Ozawa; Toshiyuki (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Wafer grinding method and wafer grinding machine
Patent Number: 8,152,597

Inventors: Armentano; Vincent (Glastonbury, CT), Demumbrum; Carol (Redington Shores, FL), Steingiser; Russell (Glatonbury, CT), Grivers, Jr.; Stanley (South Windsor, CT), Lawton; Lisa (Naugatuck, CT), Morgan; Julie (Lyme, CT)
Title: Method and system for enhanced medical triage
Patent Number: 7,363,240

Inventors: Armstrong; Andrew Alan (Chandlers Ford, GB), Phillips; Christopher (Southampton, GB)
Title: Automated analysis of code developer's profile
Patent Number: 9,311,056

Inventors: Arno; Michael J. (Clarence, NY), Blaszkowiak; Daniel (Cheektowaga, NY), Carlin; John (Buffalo, NY)
Title: Disposable cartridge for air/gas dryer
Patent Number: 7,361,214

Inventors: Arques; Marc (Grenoble, FR)
Title: Low-consumption voltage amplifier
Patent Number: 7,362,175

Inventors: Asada; Tetsuo (Kuwana, JP)
Title: Recording device with second conveying path configured to guide sheet to an upstream side of the recording unit
Patent Number: 8,152,391

Inventors: Asai; Motoo (Gifu, JP), Hiramatsu; Yasuji (Gifu, JP)
Title: Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Patent Number: 7,361,849

Inventors: Asakawa; Mamoru (Shizuoko-ken, JP)
Title: Stainless-steel fitting for resin tubes
Patent Number: 8,152,205

Inventors: Asano; Yukako (Kashiwa, JP), Miyamoto; Tetsuro (Kasumigaura, JP), Katou; Hajime (Tsuchiura, JP), Togashi; Shigenori (Abiko, JP)
Title: Microreactor
Patent Number: 8,153,070

Inventors: Asanuma; Daisuke (Ichihara, JP), Hidaka; Tomoya (Ichihara, JP)
Title: Process for producing organic thin film laminate using solid or oily material for organic thin film formation applications
Patent Number: 9,309,416

Inventors: Atsumi; Eiji (Kamakura, JP), Haavisto; Janne (Kevatniitynkuja, FI)
Title: Electronic device for compressing image data and producing thumbnail image, image processing apparatus, and data structure
Patent Number: 7,362,970

Inventors: Aulich; Ted R. (Grand Forks, ND), Olson; Edwin S. (Grand Forks, ND), Jiang; Junhua (Grand Forks, ND)
Title: Electrochemical process for the preparation of nitrogen fertilizers
Patent Number: 8,152,988

Inventors: Ault; Joseph M (Blairstown, NJ), Azria; Moise (Basel, CH), Bateman; Simon D (Randolph, NJ), McLeod; James F (Morristown, NJ)
Title: Orally administering parathyroid hormone and calcitonin
Patent Number: 8,153,587

Inventors: Ausserlechner; Udo (Villach, AT)
Title: Apparatus for polarity-inversion-protected supplying of an electronic component with an intermediate voltage from a supply voltage
Patent Number: 7,362,166

Inventors: Avery; Devin B. (Madbury, NH), Stoddard; Jacob H. (Somersworth, NH)
Title: User interface testing abstraction
Patent Number: 9,311,222

Inventors: Avner; Jon B. (Bellevue, WA), Terek; Soner F. (Bellevue, WA)
Title: Methods and systems for performing reliable asynchronous notification of high-level document operations
Patent Number: 7,363,322

Inventors: Avouris; Phaedon (Yorktown Heights, NY), Engel; Michael (Ossining, NY), Feger; Claudius (Poughkeepsie, NY), Giro; Ronaldo (Rio de Janeiro, BR), Ferreira; Rodrigo (Rio de Janeiro, BR), Steiner; Mathias (Rio de Janeiro, BR)
Title: Method and integrated device for analyzing liquid flow and liquid-solid interface interaction
Patent Number: 9,310,285

Inventors: Azizi; Shahrnaz (Cupertino, CA), Perahia; Eldad (Portland, OR), Kenney; Thomas J. (Portland, OR)
Title: Methods and arrangements for channel updates in wireless networks
Patent Number: 9,313,075

Inventors: Azuma; Teppei (Chiyoda-ku, JP), Suzuki; Kazunari (Chiyoda-ku, JP), Nagase; Koutarou (Chiyoda-ku, JP)
Title: Communications system, mobile communications device, transition control device, transition control method, and transition control program
Patent Number: 9,313,650

Inventors: Baba; Shunji (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Radio frequency tag and method for manufacturing radio frequency tag
Patent Number: 8,154,410

Inventors: Baccelli; Francois (Meudon, FR), Blaszczyszyn; Bartlomiej (Bagneux, FR), Karray; Mohamed Kadhem (Issy les Moulineaux, FR)
Title: Load control scheme and process with power control
Patent Number: 7,363,005

Inventors: Bae; Ju Hee (Seoul, KR), Tak; Young Ju (Seoul, KR), Howson; Christopher Hugh (Sleepy Hollow, NY), Munson; Jonathan (Putnam Valley, NY), Lee; Won Il (Seoul, KR)
Title: Scalable acquisition of telemetry data from instrumented systems enitities over a wireless network
Patent Number: 9,313,560

Inventors: Bae; Ku Young (Seoul, KR), Seong; Kim Moo (Pusan, KR)
Title: System and method for information provider communication with information requester
Patent Number: 8,156,008

Inventors: Bae; Kwang-Soo (Yongin-si, KR)
Title: Secondary battery and secondary battery assembly
Patent Number: 9,312,529

Inventors: Bae; Sun Cheol (Changwon-si, KR), Kim; Kyung Hoon (Changwon-si, KR), Jung; Han Su (Changwon-si, KR), Choi; Jae Hyeok (Changwon-si, KR), Koo; Ja In (Changwon-si, KR)
Title: Washing machine and method of controlling a washing machine
Patent Number: 8,151,393

Inventors: Bagepalli; Bharat Sampathkumaran (Niskayuna, NY), Jansen; Patrick Lee (Scotia, NY), Gadre; Aniruddha Dattatraya (Rexford, NY)
Title: Method for changing removable bearing for a wind turbine generator
Patent Number: 7,360,310

Inventors: Baijense; Cornelis Roeland (Gameren, NL), Johnson; Geoffrey (Wappingers Falls, NY), Moini; Ahmad (Princeton, NJ)
Title: Supported catalyst
Patent Number: 7,361,626

Inventors: Bajkowski; Maciej (Austin, TX), Hoekstra; George P. (Austin, TX), Kenkare; Prashant U. (Austin, TX), Ramaraju; Ravindraraj (Round Rock, TX)
Title: Circuit and method for latch bypass
Patent Number: 7,362,134

Inventors: Baker; Matthew W. (Holly Springs, NC), Bowers; Benjamin J. (Cary, NC), Correale, Jr.; Anthony (Raleigh, NC), Rashid; Irfan (Cary, NC), Steinmetz; Paul M. (Holly Springs, NC)
Title: Uniquification and parent-child constructs for 1xN VLSI design
Patent Number: 8,156,458

Inventors: Balachandran; Kumar (Cary, NC), Ernstrom; Per (Stockholm, SE), Koorapaty; Havish (Cary, NC), Ramesh; Rajaram (Cary, NC), Thakare; Kiran (Stockholm, SE)
Title: Uplink radio frames apportioned for plural multiple access technologies
Patent Number: 8,155,701

Inventors: Balakrishnan; Lalitha (Bangalore, IN), Mani; Indu (Bangalore, IN), Naik; Vijay Mukund (Mumbai, IN), Raut; Janhavi Sanjay (Bangalore, IN), Tetradis-Mairis; Georgios (Sharnbrook, GB)
Title: Colouring of keratinous fibers using a pretreatment comprising an iron salt and a colour developer comprising hydrolysable tannin
Patent Number: 8,152,859

Inventors: Baldwin; Mark W. (Saint Joseph, MI), Fischer; Marcus R. (Stevensville, MI), Hussain; Saadat (Houston, TX), McIver; Justin D. (Saint Joseph, MI), Moit; Elizabeh A. (Cleveland, TN), Schaaf; Demetrius J. (Saint Joseph, MI), Smith; Blayne C. (Saint Joseph, MI), Topp; Bryan M. (Baroda, MI), Tuller; Barry E. (Stevensville, MI), Viswanathan; Ameresh B. (Saint Joseph, MI), Welsh; Anthony B. (Saint Joseph, MI), Middleton; Andrew T. (Spring, TX)
Title: System for charging a power supply in a closure element of a household appliance
Patent Number: 9,307,888

Inventors: Balensiefer; Eugene R. (Seymour, IN), Burbrink; Philip W. (Columbus, IN), Munn; Ronald F. (Hope, IN), Horton; William (Hope, IN)
Title: Juvenile vehicle seat base with cup holder
Patent Number: 7,360,830

Inventors: Baliarda; Carles Puente (Barcelona, ES), Borau; Carmen Borja (Barcelona, ES), Pros; Jaume Anguera (Barcelona, ES), Castany; Jordi Soler (Mataro, ES)
Title: Multilevel antennae
Patent Number: 8,154,463

Inventors: Balk; Roelof (Boehl-Iggelheim, DE), Tiarks; Franca (Pudong Shimao Riviera Garden, CN)
Title: Process for the preparation of an aqueous polymer dispersion
Patent Number: 8,153,721

Inventors: Ballenger; David L. (Kirkland, WA), Brinkerhoff; Richard (Burien, WA), Brown; David (Seattle, WA), Chenault; John (Seattle, WA), Clarkson; Ian (Seattle, WA), Ho; Jason (Seattle, WA), Krause; Duane (Seattle, WA), Murray; Jason (Redmond, WA)
Title: Inventory commingling and reconciliation of inaccuracies
Patent Number: 8,156,006

Inventors: Balsdon; David William (Chatham, CA), Woods; Brian Gordon (Chatham, CA)
Title: Sensor structure for EVAP hydrocarbon concentration and flow rate
Patent Number: 9,310,349

Inventors: Banba; Toshio (Tokyo, JP), Ikeda; Takuji (Tokyo, JP), Yano; Tatsuya (Tokyo, JP), Hirano; Takashi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Positive-working photosensitive resin composition, method for producing pattern-formed resin film, semiconductor device, display device, and method for producing the semiconductor device and the display device
Patent Number: 7,361,445

Inventors: Bang; Sung Ho (Changwon-si, KR)
Title: Apparatus for manufacturing hybrid stabilizer link
Patent Number: 9,308,679

Inventors: Bank; Judith H. (Cary, NC), Bradley; Lisa M. (Cary, NC), Sun; Lin (Morrisville, NC)
Title: Intelligently detecting the leader of a co-browsing session
Patent Number: 9,313,282

Inventors: Bank; Judith H. (Morrisville, NC), Bryant; Erik S. (Wake Forest, NC), Denner; Gary (Dublin, IE), O'Sullivan; Patrick J. (Dublin, IE)
Title: Intelligent automatic expansion/contraction of abbreviations in text-based electronic communications
Patent Number: 9,311,286

Inventors: Barabash; Katherine (Haifa, IL), Cohen; Rami (Haifa, IL), Lewin-Eytan; Liane (Binyamina, IL), Rochwerger; Benny (Zichron Yaakov, IL), Wolfsthal; Yaron (Biniamina, IL)
Title: Object oriented networks
Patent Number: 9,313,096

Inventors: Barabash; Katherine (Haifa, IL), Cohen; Rami (Haifa, IL), Lewin-Eytan; Liane (Binyamina, IL), Rochwerger; Benny (Zichron Yaakov, IL), Wolfsthal; Yaron (Biniamina, IL)
Title: Object oriented networks
Patent Number: 9,313,097

Inventors: Barabash; Leonid S. (Poway, CA), Crowley; Christopher W. (San Diego, CA), Turner; Peter J. (San Diego, CA)
Title: Power amplifier
Patent Number: 7,362,182

Inventors: Baratta; Anthony (Oak Park, CA)
Title: Tools and methods for making and using tools, blades and methods of making and using blades
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