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Expired Patents

Inventors: Abadeer; Wagdi W. (Jericho, VT), Adkisson; James W. (Jericho, VT), Brown; Jeffrey S. (Middlesex, VT), Chatty; Kiran V. (Williston, VT), Gauthier, Jr.; Robert J. (Hinesburg, VT), Hauser; Michael J. (Bolton, VT), Rankin; Jed H. (South Burlington, VT), Tonti; William R. (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: On demand circuit function execution employing optical sensing
Patent Number: 7,915,571

Inventors: Abadeer; Wagdi W. (Jerico, VT), Bonaccio; Anthony R (Shelburne, VT), Mandelman; Jack A (Flat Rock, NC), Tonti; William R. (Essex Junction, VT), Ventrone; Sebastian T (South Burlington, VT)
Title: Memory elements and methods of using the same
Patent Number: 7,916,531

Inventors: Abdallah; David G. (Akron, OH)
Title: Composite tire assembly
Patent Number: 7,913,733

Inventors: Aciicmez; Onur (Santa Clara, CA), Tang; Shuo (Urbana, IL)
Title: Safely processing and presenting documents with executable text
Patent Number: 8,997,217

Inventors: Adam; Donna J. (Littleton, CO), Wisler; James M. (Littleton, CO)
Title: Casino card games with one or more community cards
Patent Number: 7,201,375

Inventors: Adams; Animequom (Harbor Springs, MI), Gartner; Hunter (Northville, MI), Partridge; John (East Lansing, MI), Harte; Janice (Bath, MI), Emery; Keith (Kentwood, MI)
Title: Microwaveable packaging for food products including a frozen component
Patent Number: 8,993,944

Inventors: Afzali-Ardakani; Ali (Ossining, NY), D'Emic; Christopher P. (Ossining, NY), Jagtiani; Ashish (Tarrytown, NY), Zafar; Sufi (Briarcliff Manor, NY)
Title: Field effect transistor-based bio sensor
Patent Number: 8,994,077

Inventors: Agarwal; Rahul (Tampa, FL), Bhansali; Shekhar (Tampa, FL), Onishi; Shinzo (Palm Harbor, FL), Samson; Scott (Safety Harbor, FL)
Title: Corner cube retroreflector
Patent Number: 7,201,485

Inventors: Agarwal; Vivek (San Jose, CA), Lakshminarasimhan; Arvindsrinivasan (San Jose, CA), Ananthapadmanabha; Kashyap Tavarekere (San Jose, CA)
Title: Link aggregation in software-defined networks
Patent Number: 8,995,272

Inventors: Aginsky; Vladislav (Kiryat Yam, IL), Shaket; Dani (Nesher, IL)
Title: Systems and methods for remote control adaptive configuration
Patent Number: 8,995,981

Inventors: Agre; Daniel H. (Ranch Santa Fe, CA), Duggal; Nakul (San Diego, CA), Yashpal; Vikram (Carlsbad, CA)
Title: System and methods for controlling advertisements on wireless device assets
Patent Number: 8,995,963

Inventors: Ahmed; Muhammad (Austin, TX), Jamil; Sujat (Austin, TX), Plondke; Erich (Austin, TX), Codrescu; Lucian (Austin, TX), Anderson; William C. (Austin, TX)
Title: Method and system for variable thread allocation and switching in a multithreaded processor
Patent Number: 7,917,907

Inventors: Ahmed; Shahriar (Portland, OR), Bohr; Mark (Aloha, OR), Chambers; Stephen (Portland, OR), Green; Richard (Aloha, OR), Murthy; Anand (Portland, OR)
Title: Self aligned compact bipolar junction transistor layout and method of making same
Patent Number: 7,202,514

Inventors: Ahn; Hyo-Jun (Jinju-si, KR), Kim; Ki-Won (Jinju-si, KR), Ahn; Jou-Hyeon (Jinju-si, KR), Nam; Tae-Hyun (Jinju-si, KR), Cho; Kwon-Koo (Jinju-si, KR), Shin; Hwi-Beom (Jinju-si, KR), Choi; Hyun-Chil (Busan, KR), Cho; Gyu-Bong (Jinju-si, KR), Kim; Tae-Bum (Busan, KR), Ryu; Ho-Suk (Jinju-si, KR), Shin; Won-Cheol (Jinju-si, KR), Kim; Jong-Seon (Masan-si, KR)
Title: Silicon wafer for semiconductor with powersupply system on the backside of wafer
Patent Number: 7,915,725

Inventors: Ahn; Jung-Mo (Plano, TX), Sun; Xiankai (Coppell, TX)
Title: Cyclic peptide analogues for non-invasive imaging of pancreatic beta-cells
Patent Number: 8,992,886

Inventors: Ahn; Young-ho (Seoul, KR)
Title: Apparatus and method for adjusting filter tap length of adaptive equalizer by using training sequence
Patent Number: 7,203,232

Inventors: Aho; Michael E. (Rochester, MN), Attinella; John E. (Rochester, MN), Gooding; Thomas M. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Core file limiter for abnormally terminating processes
Patent Number: 8,996,911

Inventors: Aikawa; Makoto (Tokyo, JP), DeMent; Jonathan J. (Austin, TX), Dhong; Sang H. (San Jose, CA), Flachs; Brian K. (Georgetown, TX), Gervais; Gilles (Austin, TX), Takiguchi; Iwao (Tokyo, JP), Tamura; Tetsuji (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Generating a worst case current waveform for testing of integrated circuit devices
Patent Number: 7,917,347

Inventors: Ajanovic; Alosman (Forest Lake, AU)
Title: Connector assembly
Patent Number: 8,992,114

Inventors: Akahori; Sadato (Kanagawa-ken, JP)
Title: Specific scene image selecting apparatus, computer program and computer readable medium on which the computer program is recorded
Patent Number: 7,202,873

Inventors: Akane; Katsunori (Sayama, JP), Harada; Masakazu (Sayama, JP)
Title: Quartz crystal device accomodating crystal blanks of multiple shapes and sizes
Patent Number: 7,915,791

Inventors: Akino; Hiroshi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Microphone
Patent Number: 8,995,701

Inventors: Akiya; Keigo (Mishima, JP)
Title: Image fixing apparatus having end region temperature control
Patent Number: 8,995,860

Inventors: Al-Hasan; Khaled Jafar (Safat, KW), Al-Ali; Ahmad Mohammad (Bayan, KW)
Title: Apparatus for reducing pollution from a flare stack
Patent Number: 7,914,282

Inventors: Alamouti; Siavash (Kirkland, WA), Tarokh; Vahid (Cambridge, MA)
Title: Transmitter diversity technique for wireless communications
Patent Number: 7,916,806

Inventors: Alan; Mark (Portland, OR)
Title: Golf ball with material-filled grooves
Patent Number: 8,992,344

Inventors: Alanis; Francisco J. (Cedar Park, TX), Cardona; Omar (Cedar Park, TX), Torres; Pedro V. (Pflugerville, TX), Vageline; Michael P. (Austin, TX)
Title: Event driven remote direct memory access snapshots
Patent Number: 8,996,741

Inventors: Alanis; Francisco J. (Cedar Park, TX), Cardona; Omar (Cedar Park, TX), Torres; Pedro V. (Pflugerville, TX), Vageline; Michael P. (Austin, TX)
Title: Event driven remote direct memory access snapshots
Patent Number: 8,996,743

Inventors: Alber; Mark R. (Milford, CT), Newman; Jessica (Milford, CT)
Title: Asymmetrical single main rotor unmanned aerial vehicle
Patent Number: 8,991,742

Inventors: Albertsen; Marc C. (Grimes, IA), Fox; Tim (Des Moines, IA), Trimnell; Mary (West Des Moines, IA), Wu; Yongzhong (Johnston, IA), Lowe; Keith (Johnston, IA), Li; Bailin (Hockessin, DE), Faller; Marianna (Wilmington, DE)
Title: Msca1 nucleotide sequences impacting plant male fertility and method of using same
Patent Number: 7,915,478

Inventors: Aldred; Deborah Lynne (Shambrook, GB), Cox; Andrew Richard (Shambrook, GB)
Title: Low pH aerated products
Patent Number: 8,993,030

Inventors: Aldridge, III; James K. (La Grange, NC)
Title: Fishing tackle and lure holder
Patent Number: 7,913,446

Inventors: Aleo; Dino D. (Windsor, CA)
Title: Adjustable picture-hanger assembly
Patent Number: 7,913,967

Inventors: Alexander; Mark A. (Austin, TX)
Title: Power converter with transient processing capability
Patent Number: 7,915,864

Inventors: Ali; Shirook M. (Waterloo, CA), Wilson; Kelce Steven (Irving, TX), Warden; James Paul (Irving, TX)
Title: Radiation power level control system and method for a wireless communication device having tunable elements
Patent Number: 8,995,938

Inventors: Allaire; Xavier (Chassieu, FR), Manin; Philippe (Lyons, FR)
Title: Combined circuit breaker and disconnector for an alternator with actuation by an assembly of a main shaft and secondaries shafts
Patent Number: 7,915,548

Inventors: Allen; Stephen M. (Wilmington, DE), Butler; Karlene H. (Newark, DE), Carlson; Thomas J. (Ann Arbor, MI), Hitz; William D. (Wilmington, DE), Stoop; Johan M. (Wilmington, DE)
Title: Plastidic phosphoglucomutase genes
Patent Number: 7,915,486

Inventors: Almonte; Kenneth V. (Porltand, OR)
Title: Laser driver subsystem
Patent Number: 8,995,487

Inventors: Altier; Daniel J. (Waukee, IA), Herrmann; Rafael (Wilmington, DE), Lu; Albert L. (Newark, DE), McCutchen; Billy F. (Clive, IA), Presnail; James K. (Avondale, PA), Weaver; Janine L. (Bear, DE), Wong; James F. H. (Johnston, IA)
Title: Rhizoc3 antimicrobial polypeptides and their uses
Patent Number: 7,202,214

Inventors: Amamiya; Hideyuki (Tokyo, JP), Nakashima; Yoshinori (Tokyo, JP), Sekiguchi; Kiminori (Tokyo, JP), Matsumoto; Junichi (Tokyo, JP), Torigoe; Yoshiaki (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Refractometer
Patent Number: 7,916,285

Inventors: Amann; Eberhard (Rottenburg, DE), Haverkamp; Frank (Tuebingen, DE), Kunigk; Jan (Nufringen, DE), Huth; Thomas (Schoenaich, DE)
Title: Integrated link calibration and multi-processor topology discovery
Patent Number: 8,996,770

Inventors: Amano; Kazuhiko (Tokyo-to, JP)
Title: Apparatus and method for biometric authentication
Patent Number: 8,995,726

Inventors: Amano; Masanori (Aichi, JP)
Title: Ultrashort pulse laser processing apparatus
Patent Number: 8,995,477

Inventors: Amis; David (Durango, CO)
Title: Systems and methods to activate a security protocol using an object with embedded safety technology
Patent Number: 8,994,530

Inventors: Amundson; John David (Greenville, WI), Wright; Alan Edward (Woodstock, GA), Abuto; Frank P. (Duluth, GA), Brunner; Michael S. (Roswell, GA), Joseph; Wael R. (Appleton, WI), Brown; Larry E. (Appleton, WI), Musil; David Charles (Appleton, WI), Daley; Michael Allen (Appleton, WI), Shelley; Jeffrey David (Atlanta, GA), Argo; Brian Patrick (Hortonville, WI), Drath; David J. (Lakeland, MN), Hendrickson; William A. (Stillwater, MN), LaFleur, III; Hal Arthur (Maplewood, MN), Krzysik; Duane G. (Appleton, WI)
Title: Wipes including microencapsulated delivery vehicles and phase change materials
Patent Number: 7,914,891

Inventors: Anand; Darren L. (Essex Junction, VT), Goss; John R. (South Burlington, VT), Jakobsen; Peter O. (Lakewood, CO), Ouellette; Michael R. (Westford, VT), Sopchak; Thomas O. (Williston, VT), Wheater; Donald L. (Hinesburg, VT)
Title: Diagnostic method and apparatus for non-destructively observing latch data
Patent Number: 7,916,826

Inventors: Anand; Darren L. (Williston, VT), Fifield; John A. (Underhill, VT), Gorman; Kevin W. (Fairfax, VT)
Title: System and method for indicating status of an on-chip power supply system
Patent Number: 7,917,806

Inventors: Anandan; Munisamy (Del Valle, TX)
Title: Metal seal packaging for organic light emitting diode device
Patent Number: 7,202,602

Inventors: Anasis; George M. (New Albany, OH), Bogaert; Joost (Lier, BE), Arellano; Ricardo (Independence, KS), Flobeck; Gregg (Monument, CO)
Title: Method of repairing a wind turbine blade
Patent Number: 8,991,047

Inventors: Anchordoquy; Thomas J. (Lakewood, CO), Lengsfeld; Corinne (Denver, CO), Brinkley; Kelly (Ellicott City, MD), Jones; Ryan (Colorado Springs, CO)
Title: Methods and apparatus using electrostatic atomization to form liquid vesicles
Patent Number: 7,914,714

Inventors: Anderson; Brent A. (Jericho, VT), Bryant; Andres (Burlington, VT), Clark, Jr.; William F. (Essex Junction, VT), Nowak; Edward J. (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Asymmetric field effect transistor structure and method
Patent Number: 7,915,670

Inventors: Anderson; Brian L. (Westfield, MA), Cuch; Simon Roberto (East Longmeadow, MA)
Title: Dual purpose receiver sheet
Patent Number: 7,915,334

Inventors: Anderson; Eric Paul (Pflugerville, TX), Johnson; Scott Conrad (Austin, TX), Perdue; David (Austin, TX), Ehresman; Luke (Holly Springs, NC), Gordon; Robert B. (Austin, TX)
Title: System for monitoring elastic cloud-based computing systems as a service
Patent Number: 8,996,695

Inventors: Anderson; Erik D. (Austin, TX), Griffith; William A. (Austin, TX), Naick; Indran (Cedar Park, TX)
Title: Managing parking space availability
Patent Number: 8,994,560

Inventors: Anderson; Noel Wayne (Fargo, ND), Paulino; Heidi (Charlotte, NC), Dickson; Monte (Charlotte, NC)
Title: Pheromone for robotic boundary
Patent Number: 8,996,171

Inventors: Anderson; Paul R. (Hermosa Beach, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for mitigating interference from terrestrial broadcasts sharing the same channel with satellite broadcasts using an antenna with posterior sidelobes
Patent Number: 7,917,080

Inventors: Ando; Hideo (Hino, JP), Morita; Seiji (Yokohama, JP), Takazawa; Koji (Tokyo, JP), Ootera; Yasuaki (Yokohama, JP), Morishita; Naoki (Yokohama, JP), Umezawa; Kazuyo (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Patent Number: 7,914,969

Inventors: Ando; Kazuhiko (Chiba Prefecture, JP), Yoshida; Keiji (Chiba Prefecture, JP), Yamadera; Toyohiko (Chiba Prefecture, JP), Morita; Yoshitsugu (Chiba Prefecture, JP), Hamada; Mitsuo (Chiba Prefecture, JP)
Title: Method for preparation of aqueous emulsion from curable silicone composition and suspension of cured silicone particles, and apparatus therefor
Patent Number: 7,202,301

Inventors: Ang; Chew Hoe (Singapore, SG), Sohn; Dong Kyun (Singapore, SG), Hsia; Liang Choo (Singapore, SG)
Title: Method to fabricate Ge and Si devices together for performance enhancement
Patent Number: 7,202,140

Inventors: Anheuser; Michael (Dienheim, DE), Griepentrog; Gerd (Gutenstetten, DE), Maier; Reinhard (Herzogenaurach, DE), Trautmann; Bernd (Erlangen, DE)
Title: Breaker device for low-voltage applications
Patent Number: 7,916,442

Inventors: Anthony; Anthony A. (Erie, PA), Anthony; William M. (Erie, PA)
Title: Arrangement for energy conditioning
Patent Number: 7,916,444

Inventors: Aoki; Satoshi (Tokushima, JP), Nakaya; Kenji (Tokushima, JP), Sota; Masahiro (Tokushima, JP), Ishigami; Masashi (Yoshinogari, JP)
Title: Tetomilast polymorphs
Patent Number: 8,993,601

Inventors: Aoki; Tomoyuki (Kanagawa, JP), Dairiki; Koji (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Substrate having pattern and method for manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Patent Number: 7,915,058

Inventors: Aoki; Toshihiko (Osaka, JP), Ishida; Hiroki (Osaka, JP), Nakagawa; Takashi (Osaka, JP)
Title: Oil-free chain
Patent Number: 7,914,409

Inventors: Aoyagi; Tatsuya (Tachikawa, JP), Takeguchi; Koichiro (Hachioji, JP)
Title: Information processing apparatus and sound output method
Patent Number: 7,917,239

Inventors: Appeltauer; Peter (Fellbach, DE)
Title: Hybrid drive arrangement
Patent Number: 8,992,360

Inventors: Aquino; Leonardo Jose S (Englewood Cliffs, NJ), Ben-Smail; Khaldoun Ismail (Brussels, BE), Bialek; Jadwiga Malgorzata (Vlaardingen, GB), Knight; Penelope Eileen (Bedford, GB)
Title: Low carbohydrate fiber containing emulsion
Patent Number: 7,914,838

Inventors: Arai; Fumiaki (Shizuoka, JP), Iwaoka; Takehiko (Kanagawa, JP), Natori; Yuji (Shizuoka, JP), Rimoto; Masanori (Shizuoka, JP)
Title: Thermosensitive stencil paper and method of producing the same
Patent Number: 7,201,938

Inventors: Arai; Toshihiro (Kawasaki, JP), Sakamoto; Hiroshi (Kawasaki, JP), Kobayashi; Tomoaki (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Electroconductive structure, manufacturing method therefor, and separator for fuel cell
Patent Number: 7,914,720

Inventors: Araki; Koji (Toyota, JP)
Title: Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Patent Number: 7,201,146

Inventors: Arbeiter; Jacob (Ruma, IL), Lawrence; Jon (Waterloo, IL)
Title: Canopy tensioning apparatus
Patent Number: 8,991,413

Inventors: Arbogast; Darin J. (Maple Valley, WA), Calkins; Frederick T. (Renton, WA), Clingman; Dan J. (Auburn, WA)
Title: Electrostrictive compound actuator
Patent Number: 7,202,591

Inventors: Arcella; Vincenzo (Milan, IT), Kapeliouchko; Valeri (Alessandria, IT), Ferrero; Stefano (Cuneo, IT), Gargiulo; Aniello (Alessandria, IT)
Title: Polymerisation process
Patent Number: 7,915,356

Inventors: Ariyoshi; Masayuki (Mitaka, JP), Doi; Nobukazu (Hachioji, JP), Shiga; Tesshin (Kodaira, JP), Ohta; Yoshito (Tokorozawa, JP)
Title: CDMA communication system and method
Patent Number: 7,916,699

Inventors: Arjakine; Nikolai (Berlin, DE), Wilkenhoner; Rolf (Kleinmachnow, DE)
Title: Weld filler, use of the weld filler and welding process
Patent Number: 7,915,566

Inventors: Arlotti; John C. (Cheswick, PA), Knor; Paul (Ruffsdale, PA)
Title: Three-dimensional printing glass articles
Patent Number: 8,991,211

Inventors: Arnold; Roland (Waldburg, DE)
Title: Support arm for a clamping and centering element of a gripper frame for holding three-dimensional components in the motor vehicle industry
Patent Number: 7,913,584

Inventors: Aronovich; Lior (Ramat Gan, IL), Toaff; Yair (Ramat Gan, IL), Paz; Gil (Yehud, IL), Asher; Ron (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: Managing global cache coherency in a distributed shared caching for clustered file systems
Patent Number: 8,996,591

Inventors: Arov; Gennady (Bayside, WI), Molinari; Larry M. (Mequon, WI)
Title: Check valve and shut-off reset device for liquid delivery systems
Patent Number: 7,913,714

Inventors: Asai; Katsuhiko (Takatsuki, JP), Tsuji; Sadafusa (Tondabayashi, JP), Nanba; Katsuyuki (Sakai, JP), Matsuura; Masahiko (Suita, JP), Mandai; Makiko (Takatsuki, JP), Ishibe; Hiroshi (Kyoto, JP), Komatsu; Mikihiro (Ibaraki, JP), Okumura; Kazuaki (Ikeda, JP), Masazumi; Naoki (Kobe, JP)
Title: Electronic apparatus
Patent Number: 7,917,791

Inventors: Asai; Yoshinori (Tokyo, JP), Wada; Mitsuyoshi (Tokyo, JP), Tanaka; Hidehiko (Aichi, JP), Yuzawa; Takashi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Electrical discharge machining apparatus
Patent Number: 7,202,438

Inventors: Asakura; Yoko (Kawasaki, JP), Inoue; Ippei (Kawasaki, JP), Yasueda; Hisashi (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Method for production of L-amino acid
Patent Number: 8,993,279

Inventors: Asano; Hideki (Otsu, JP), Wada; Masanori (Otsu, JP)
Title: Method for producing cell for light-emitting device and method for producing light-emitting device
Patent Number: 8,993,367

Inventors: Ashelin; Charles J. (Dubuque, IA), Hoffmann; David J. (Peosta, IA), Fleckenstein; Matt (Elmhurst, IA), Thill; Gregory J. (Dubuque, IA)
Title: Flexible room dividers
Patent Number: 8,991,467

Inventors: Ashworth; Nicholas (Dublin, OH)
Title: Color changing thermostatic controller
Patent Number: 7,913,925

Inventors: Aso; Shinji (Niiza, JP), Furukoshi; Ryuichi (Niiza, JP)
Title: DC converter
Patent Number: 7,203,080

Inventors: Atarius; Roozbeh (San Diego, CA), Tinnakornsrisuphap; Peerapol (San Diego, CA), Ott; David A. (San Diego, CA), Subramanian; Ramachandran (San Diego, CA)
Title: Network registration procedures
Patent Number: 8,995,318

Inventors: Atkinson; Jon E. (Phonenix, AZ)
Title: Latency locator
Patent Number: 7,917,446

Inventors: Atsumi; Toshiyuki (Yokohama, JP), Miyasaka; Eita (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Transmission apparatus
Patent Number: 7,916,756

Inventors: Auer; Frank (Valkenswaard, NL)
Title: Lithographic apparatus, and motor cooling device
Patent Number: 7,916,267

Inventors: Auernhammer; Florian A. (Zurich, CH), Sagmeister; Patricia M. (Zurich, CH)
Title: I/O controller and method for operating an I/O controller
Patent Number: 8,996,840

Inventors: Aulet; Jose M. (Saint Cloud, FL)
Title: Screen connection pass-through for hoses, electric/power cords, telephone and cable lines
Patent Number: 7,913,741

Inventors: Awad; Akram Jamal Masoud (Cambridge, GB), Brereton; Harrow James Edward (Cambridge, GB)
Title: Network element, integrated circuit, cellular communication system and method for correlating information
Patent Number: 8,996,014

Inventors: Ayotte; Stephen P. (Bristol, VT), Gilbert; Jeffrey D. (Fairfax, VT), Hill; David J. (Richmond, VT), Mendelson; Ronald L. (Richmond, VT), Sullivan; Timothy M. (Essex, VT)
Title: Production of integrated circuit chip packages prohibiting formation of micro solder balls
Patent Number: 7,915,732

Inventors: Azami; Munehiro (Atsugi, JP)
Title: Color image display device, method of driving the same, and electronic equipment
Patent Number: 7,202,881

Inventors: Aziz; Pervez M. (Dallas, TX), Sheets; Gregory W. (Bangor, PA)
Title: Method and apparatus for reducing latency in a clock and data recovery (CDR) circuit
Patent Number: 7,916,822

Inventors: Baba; Masashi (Chiba, JP), Nakada; Yoshikazu (Mobara, JP)
Title: Liquid crystal display
Patent Number: 7,916,116

Inventors: Bach; Michael (Berlin, DE), Hahn; Michael (Berlin, DE)
Title: Switch contact arrangement comprising a device for increasing a contact-force acting between switch contacts
Patent Number: 7,202,427

Inventors: Bachrach; Robert Z. (Burlingame, CA)
Title: Actuatable loadport system
Patent Number: 7,914,246

Inventors: Bader; Augustinus (Immensen, DE)
Title: Method for producing a recipient-specific tissue transplant or tissue implant
Patent Number: 7,915,038

Inventors: Badilla Ohlbaum; Ricardo (La Reina, CL), Maass Sep lveda; Alejandro Eduardo (Penalolen, CL), Parada Valdecantos; Pilar Angelica (Nunoa, CL), Aravena Duarte; Andres Octavio (Nunoa, CL), Gonzalez Canales; Mauricio Alejandro (Penalolen, CL), Martinez Aguilera; Servet (La Cisterna, CL), Ehrenfeld Stolzenbach; Katia Nicole (Las Condes, CL), Moreno Cortes; Pablo Andres (Lo Barnechea, CL)
Title: DNA fragments array from biomining microorganisms and method for detection of them
Patent Number: 7,915,031

Inventors: Baek; Seung Hwan (Seoul, KR), Choi; Chang Hwe (Yongin-si, KR), Kim; Hyung Tae (Hwaseong-si, KR)
Title: Proportional to absolute temperature current generation circuit having higher temperature coefficient, display device including the same, and method thereof
Patent Number: 8,994,444

Inventors: Bagnall; Adam M (Derby, GB), Freeman; Christopher (Nottingham, GB)
Title: Arrangement for bleeding the boundary layer from an aircraft engine
Patent Number: 7,200,999

Inventors: Bagwell; Derek P. (Rochester, MN), Buttke; Joni L. (Norwalk, CT), Tollers; Gary V. (Rochester, MN), Vasudevan; Cheranellore (Austin, TX)
Title: Tuning order configurator performance by dynamic integration of manufacturing and field feedback
Patent Number: 8,996,153

Inventors: Bahuguna; Rashmi (Kokomo, IN), Mina; Mani (Ames, IA), Weber; Robert J. (Boone, IA)
Title: All fiber magneto-optic on-off switch for networking applications
Patent Number: 7,916,982

Inventors: Baik; Kwang Jun (Kyunggi-do, KR)
Title: Method and device for managing password in optical disc apparatus
Patent Number: 7,203,146

Inventors: Baik; Woon-Phil (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Kim; Young-Sam (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Hong; Hee-Jung (Seoul, KR), Jung; Sang-Gook (Gyeonggi-do, KR)
Title: Processes for preparing of 3,4-alkylenedioxythiophenes and 3,4-dialkoxythiophenes
Patent Number: 7,202,369

Inventors: Bailon; Pascal Sebastian (Florham Park, NJ), Palleroni; Alicia Vallejo (North Caldwell, NJ)
Title: Interferon conjugates
Patent Number: 7,201,897

Inventors: Baker; R. Jacob (Boise, ID)
Title: K-delta-1-sigma modulator
Patent Number: 7,916,054

Inventors: Balan; Horia Vlad (Los Angeles, CA), Psounis; Konstantinos (Pacific Palisades, CA), Caire; Giuseppe (South Pasadena, CA)
Title: Airsync: enabling distributed multiuser MIMO with full multiplexing gain
Patent Number: 8,995,410

Inventors: Balasubramanian; Swaminathan (Troy, MI), Hamilton, II; Rick A. (Charlottesville, VA), O'Connell; Brian M. (Research Triangle Park, NC), Walker; Keith R. (Austin, TX)
Title: Processing proposed program code libraries in a networked computing environment
Patent Number: 8,997,045

Inventors: Baliarda; Carles Puente (Barcelona, ES), Rozan; Edouard Jean Louis (Barcelona, ES), Pros; Jaume Anguera (Barcelona, ES)
Title: Space-filling miniature antennas
Patent Number: 7,202,822

Inventors: Ball; Darlene (Coarsegold, CA), Morris; Yvonne (Fresno, CA)
Title: Pediatric digital wrap
Patent Number: 7,914,476

Inventors: Ball; Douglas (Senneville, CA), Goldik; Leon (Beaconsfield, CA), Sokalski; Jeffrey G. (Montreal, CA), Smith; Gary C. (Holland, MI), Dame; Paul (Holland, MI), Panse; Michael (Holland, MI), Iacovoni; Joseph T. (Grand Rapids, MI), Foco; Keith E. (Holland, MI), Gartland; Paul S. (Holland, MI), Moon, Jr.; James E. (Hudsonville, MI), Roetman; Jeffrey D. (West Olive, MI), Clark; Jeffrey L. (Holland, MI), Kallio, III; Lawrence W. (Grand Haven, MI)
Title: Work space management system
Patent Number: 7,913,459

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Serial Number: 78980391

Owner: Global Auction Network, LLC
Serial Number: 77230115

Owner: Global Clothing Network, Inc.
Serial Number: 77235529

Owner: Global Corporate Services Ltd
Serial Number: 77241974

Owner: Global Corporate Services Ltd
Serial Number: 77238481

Owner: Global Corporate Services Ltd
Serial Number: 77241423

Owner: Global Corporate Services Ltd
Serial Number: 77241428

Serial Number: 77363722

Owner: Global Organic/Speciality Source, Inc.
Serial Number: 77021895

Owner: GMYL, L.P.
Serial Number: 77372497

Serial Number: 78732409

Owner: Goodman Company, L.P.
Serial Number: 78391296

Owner: Gottlieb, Theodore B.
Serial Number: 78962089

Owner: GRA-TAC, INC.
Serial Number: 77341770

Owner: Grail Partners LLC
Serial Number: 77131589

Owner: Grand Haven Homes
Serial Number: 77361762

Owner: Great Plains Flax Seeds, Inc.
Serial Number: 78857901

Owner: Great White Energy Services LLC
Serial Number: 77240416

Serial Number: 77353251

Owner: Green, C. Raymond
Serial Number: 77122771

Serial Number: 77367742

Owner: GTFM, INC.
Serial Number: 77349675

Owner: Guitar Center, Inc.
Serial Number: 77144164

Owner: GutterSuckers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77282499

Owner: GutterSuckers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77306920

Owner: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 77208691

Owner: Hamakor Judaica, Inc.
Serial Number: 77256211

Owner: Hansen Medical, Inc.
Serial Number: 78840508

Owner: Harbor Seafood, Inc.
Serial Number: 77375563

Owner: Hardy, Phillip
Serial Number: 77364054

Owner: Harman International Industries, Incorporated
Serial Number: 77252141

Owner: Harvey, Steve
Serial Number: 76654277

Owner: Hawley, M'Liss Rae
Serial Number: 76673797

Serial Number: 77071018

Owner: Hearst Communications, Inc.
Serial Number: 77423628

Owner: Hearst Communications, Inc.
Serial Number: 77423634

Owner: Hearst Communications, Inc.
Serial Number: 77426282

Serial Number: 77120679

Owner: HEBEGRACE, Inc.
Serial Number: 77362235

Owner: Henderson, Wayne C.
Serial Number: 76673662

Owner: Henley-Putnam University
Serial Number: 77200693

Owner: Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Corporation
Serial Number: 77085315

Serial Number: 76110858

Owner: Hey Cupcake!, Inc.
Serial Number: 77372666

Owner: HGCI, INC.
Serial Number: 78968918

Owner: Hi-Vac Corporation
Serial Number: 77362667

Owner: High West Distillery, LLC
Serial Number: 77367365

Owner: Highwinds Network Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77169578

Serial Number: 77112683

Owner: Historical & Genealogical Society of Somerset County
Serial Number: 77210887

Serial Number: 77228734

Owner: Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.
Serial Number: 77265412

Owner: Hollister Incorporated
Serial Number: 77273252

Owner: Hollister Incorporated
Serial Number: 77273257

Serial Number: 78978966

Owner: Holt Hosiery Mills, Incorporated
Serial Number: 77245033

Owner: Hon, Michael
Serial Number: 77213620

Owner: Hood, K Michael
Serial Number: 77371766

Owner: Hope, Faith & Gluttony, Inc.
Serial Number: 77243528

Owner: Horseland LLC
Serial Number: 78980417

Owner: Hughes, William R.
Serial Number: 78484471

Serial Number: 78508696

Owner: Humphreys Pharmacal, Incorporated
Serial Number: 77330510

Serial Number: 77345254

Serial Number: 77238675

Serial Number: 77272798

Serial Number: 77214518

Owner: IAdea Corporation
Serial Number: 78934417

Owner: Ice Pan, Inc.
Serial Number: 77227083

Owner: Icon DE Holdings LLC
Serial Number: 77357341

Serial Number: 77366129

Owner: ID Business Solution Limited
Serial Number: 78971633

Owner: Identity Theft Resource Center
Serial Number: 78910615

Owner: IDT Netherlands, B.V. (Puerto Rico Branch)
Serial Number: 78636014

Owner: iFuel, LLC
Serial Number: 78793438

Owner: Illinois Tool Works Inc.
Serial Number: 77140084

Owner: Illinois Tool Works Inc.
Serial Number: 77312238

Owner: Immedia, LLC
Serial Number: 78914849

Serial Number: 78650655

Owner: Independence Public Media of Philadelphia, Inc.
Serial Number: 78929711

Owner: Independent Electricity System Operator
Serial Number: 78644184

Serial Number: 77074806

Owner: Information Marketing Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 77367166

Owner: Ingram Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 78663493

Owner: Inmedius, Inc.
Serial Number: 77142829

Owner: Innovation Data Processing
Serial Number: 77118506

Serial Number: 77365245

Serial Number: 77371439

Owner: INsite Architecture, Inc.
Serial Number: 77357010

Owner: Inspire Me Today, LLC
Serial Number: 77308993

Owner: Institute for Sustainable Mining
Serial Number: 77374368

Owner: Intelemage, LLC
Serial Number: 77253768

Owner: Intelemage, LLC
Serial Number: 77253778

Owner: Interactive Technologies, LLC
Serial Number: 77309219

Owner: International Autobody Marketing Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77359598

Owner: International Brotherhood of Omega Delta Phi
Serial Number: 78955634

Owner: International Tactical Officers Training Association, LLC
Serial Number: 77362510

Serial Number: 78914739

Serial Number: 78914784

Owner: interRel Consulting Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 77239199

Owner: Intimacy Management Company LLC
Serial Number: 77371307

Owner: Intimacy Management Company LLC
Serial Number: 77371317

Serial Number: 77273916

Owner: Isagenix Worldwide, LLC
Serial Number: 77367913

Owner: J&H Office Equipment, Inc.
Serial Number: 77162544

Owner: Jackson, Gloria M
Serial Number: 77229721

Serial Number: 77179119

Serial Number: 77183471

Serial Number: 78250223

Serial Number: 77127163

Serial Number: 77138223

Owner: James T. Malley
Serial Number: 77241978

Owner: Jankowski, Greg A.
Serial Number: 77087243

Owner: Jasic, Inc.
Serial Number: 78413666

Owner: JC Motors
Serial Number: 77225008

Serial Number: 77255231

Owner:, LLC
Serial Number: 77362652

Serial Number: 77292954

Owner: Jody Clark Tipton
Serial Number: 78933432

Owner: John Volpi & Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77362904

Serial Number: 76668964

Serial Number: 78393940

Owner: Jolliff, David
Serial Number: 77136087

Serial Number: 77365498

Owner: K-CLAW, INC.
Serial Number: 77358826

Owner: K. Hov IP, II, Inc.
Serial Number: 77077141

Owner: Kanady, Beth
Serial Number: 77363702

Serial Number: 78429329

Owner: Karlene's Landscaping, Michigan Division LLC
Serial Number: 77368834

Owner: KE Cellars, Inc.
Serial Number: 76673725

Serial Number: 78721659

Owner: Keel, Michael L.
Serial Number: 76672760

Serial Number: 77199452

Owner: Keuka Footwear, Inc.
Serial Number: 77001949

Owner: Key Air, LLC
Serial Number: 77231911

Owner: Keys to..., LLC
Serial Number: 77176693

Owner: King Jr., Billie R.
Serial Number: 77052850

Owner: King, Marc
Serial Number: 77353302

Owner: Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association
Serial Number: 77223459

Serial Number: 77208212

Serial Number: 77208313

Serial Number: 77335605

Serial Number: 77257255

Serial Number: 77257280

Serial Number: 77299356

Serial Number: 77208209

Serial Number: 76406685

Owner: Kwik Trip, Inc.
Serial Number: 77341001

Owner: L'Oreal
Serial Number: 77211996

Owner: L'Oreal
Serial Number: 77239125

Owner: La Costena USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 78905858

Owner: La Coupe Products Inc.
Serial Number: 78960392

Owner: La Marca Fina, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77155512

Serial Number: 77351274

Owner: La Prairie, Inc.
Serial Number: 76682569

Owner: Lafayette General Medical Center, Inc.
Serial Number: 76666179

Owner: Landis, Gary
Serial Number: 77319843

Owner: Lane Automotive
Serial Number: 77191883

Owner: Larcan Inc.
Serial Number: 77261666

Serial Number: 77369546

Owner: Leadershift Authentic Insights, Inc.
Serial Number: 77338218

Serial Number: 77353241

Owner: Legal Compliance Training, LLC
Serial Number: 77418249

Owner: Lentrade, Inc.
Serial Number: 77304385

Owner: Levy Premium Foodservice Limited Partnership
Serial Number: 77215697

Owner: Lewis Banks Ltd.
Serial Number: 77128887

Serial Number: 77222480

Owner: Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp.
Serial Number: 77247963

Owner: LidoChem Inc.
Serial Number: 77368564

Owner: Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education
Serial Number: 76678932

Owner: Linda Vega
Serial Number: 77081480

Serial Number: 77371901

Owner: Linger, LLC
Serial Number: 77239474

Owner: Linh T. Luu-Murphy
Serial Number: 77361587

Owner: Linnaea Farm
Serial Number: 77278882

Serial Number: 77975679

Owner: Listingbook, LLC
Serial Number: 77211158

Owner: Litvack, Ken
Serial Number: 78955068

Serial Number: 77264247

Serial Number: 78312339

Owner: Lorenzo De' Medici S.r.l.
Serial Number: 76679308

Serial Number: 77275706

Owner: Louvitakis, John
Serial Number: 76664940

Owner: Louvitakis, John
Serial Number: 76664942

Owner: Louvitakis, John
Serial Number: 76664943

Owner: Lowcountry Regional Transportation Authority
Serial Number: 77368618

Owner: Lubavitch Center of Essex County
Serial Number: 77317307

Owner: Luminox International Corp.
Serial Number: 77247584

Owner: LunaWebs.Com
Serial Number: 77363208

Serial Number: 78202662

Serial Number: 78514298

Owner: Lynch, Pongpun
Serial Number: 77014414

Owner: Lynn Kleiner's Music Rhapsody
Serial Number: 78834783

Serial Number: 77357566

Serial Number: 77119405

Serial Number: 76679387

Owner: Making Everlasting Memories, L.L.C
Serial Number: 77161183

Owner: Mama's Special Family, Inc.
Serial Number: 77365129

Owner: Mama's Special Family, Inc.
Serial Number: 77365130

Serial Number: 78920610

Serial Number: 78920623

Owner: Mannington Mills, Inc.
Serial Number: 77256711

Serial Number: 77283051

Owner: Margaret B. Shepley
Serial Number: 77088079

Owner: Margo Garden Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 77229081

Owner: Marin, Jaime S.
Serial Number: 78906479

Owner: Mark Overly HVAC LLC
Serial Number: 76685916

Serial Number: 77164760

Owner: Mars, Incorporated
Serial Number: 78956483

Serial Number: 75138897

Owner: Mary Ellen DiScala
Serial Number: 77280006

Owner: MasterFiles, Inc.
Serial Number: 77200661

Owner: Mastran Music Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77351790

Serial Number: 77352057

Serial Number: 77160490

Serial Number: 77238964

Serial Number: 77196312

Owner: McClatchy U.S.A., Inc.
Serial Number: 77200195

Owner: McRae, Charles
Serial Number: 77196634

Serial Number: 76687957

Serial Number: 77217943

Owner: Media World LLC
Serial Number: 77342572

Owner: Media World LLC
Serial Number: 77342604

Serial Number: 77166520

Owner: MediSync Healthcare Solutions, LLC
Serial Number: 77261089

Owner: MedPen, Inc
Serial Number: 77373959

Serial Number: 77366965

Serial Number: 78811193

Owner: Mesa/Boogie, Ltd.
Serial Number: 78969506

Serial Number: 77238148

Serial Number: 77195304

Serial Number: 77249906

Serial Number: 78324760

Serial Number: 76663466

Owner: Miller, Scott A.
Serial Number: 78636241

Owner: Million Dollar Vixen, LLC
Serial Number: 77367336

Owner: Million Dollar Vixen, LLC
Serial Number: 77368357

Owner: minsari ltd
Serial Number: 77229846

Owner: Mirror Image Internet, Inc.
Serial Number: 77077814

Owner: Mirror Show Management Inc.
Serial Number: 78971473

Owner: Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.
Serial Number: 77206507

Owner: Mitzi Dulan, LLC
Serial Number: 77353897

Owner: Molinos de El Salvador, Sociedad Anonima de Capital Variable
Serial Number: 76638271

Owner: Molinos de El Salvador, Sociedad Anonima de Capital Variable
Serial Number: 76645048

Owner: Molinos de El Salvador, Sociedad Anonima de Capital Variable
Serial Number: 77007424

Owner: Molins PLC
Serial Number: 77201498

Serial Number: 78559365

Owner: Monster, LLC
Serial Number: 78509886

Owner: MoonMaid Botanicals
Serial Number: 77362296

Owner: Moore, Aaron
Serial Number: 77362004

Owner: Morgan Hill Music, LLC
Serial Number: 77367593

Serial Number: 78979312

Owner: Morris Visitor Publications, LLC
Serial Number: 77299065

Owner: MorrisSwitzer~Environments for Health
Serial Number: 77252017

Owner: Moving Pictures, Inc.
Serial Number: 77250743

Owner: MTI Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 78972503

Owner: Muir Capital, Inc.
Serial Number: 77192362

Serial Number: 77279321

Owner: My Talent Link, LLC
Serial Number: 77351356

Owner: My Talent Link, LLC
Serial Number: 77351367

Serial Number: 76676703

Serial Number: 77168951

Owner: National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
Serial Number: 77356944

Owner: National CASA Association
Serial Number: 78495099

Owner: National Industries for the Blind
Serial Number: 77277690

Owner: National Mango Board Inc.
Serial Number: 77324411

Owner: National Speakers Bureau, Inc.
Serial Number: 77283545

Owner: Natt, Wayne R.
Serial Number: 77181851

Owner: Natural Plant Protection S.A.
Serial Number: 78422865

Owner: NaturalCheck, LLC
Serial Number: 78671109

Serial Number: 77134586

Owner: Nautilus, Inc.
Serial Number: 77231536

Serial Number: 77371187

Owner: NBA Properties, Inc.
Serial Number: 77032945

Owner: Neil Pryde Limited
Serial Number: 78954690

Serial Number: 78631549

Serial Number: 77000452

Serial Number: 78593133

Owner: NeuStrategy, Inc.
Serial Number: 77369971

Serial Number: 77229820

Serial Number: 76653172

Owner: Nexstar, Inc.
Serial Number: 77135310

Owner: Next Generation Energy LLC
Serial Number: 77151512

Serial Number: 76438841

Owner: Nguyen, Da Van
Serial Number: 77170150

Owner: Nickle, Sarah J.
Serial Number: 77253005

Serial Number: 77421217

Serial Number: 76678059

Serial Number: 78702479

Serial Number: 76685017

Owner: Noah's Manufacturing, Inc.
Serial Number: 77336979

Serial Number: 77117199

Owner: North Texas Food Bank
Serial Number: 77201119

Owner: North Texas Food Bank
Serial Number: 77201130

Owner: Northeast Entrepreneur Fund, Inc.
Serial Number: 77291117

Owner: Northstar Ceramic Trading, LLC
Serial Number: 78964200

Serial Number: 77363120

Serial Number: 77193783

Owner: Novo Nordisk A/S
Serial Number: 78724149

Owner: Noxell Corporation
Serial Number: 77158473

Owner: NPI, INC.
Serial Number: 77364680

Owner: NSS Music
Serial Number: 78519668

Owner: NUC Electronics Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 78947326

Owner: Nutri-Stahl, Inc.
Serial Number: 77326487

Serial Number: 76192166

Serial Number: 78550065

Serial Number: 78742258

Serial Number: 78742262

Serial Number: 78742268

Owner: Ocean Distributors International Inc.
Serial Number: 77361946

Owner: Ochoa Ag Unlimited Foods, Inc.
Serial Number: 77142462

Serial Number: 77350093

Owner: Oddesse, Inc.
Serial Number: 77230550

Owner: Olan Laboratories, Inc.
Serial Number: 77245759

Owner: Olive Media Products Inc.
Serial Number: 77042524

Owner: Omega World Travel, Inc.
Serial Number: 77201087

Owner: OMNI LPS. CO., LTD.
Serial Number: 76578147

Owner: Opaltone Australasia Pty. Ltd.
Serial Number: 77363849

Owner: OpenCEL LLC
Serial Number: 77321583

Owner: OpenCEL LLC
Serial Number: 77321585

Owner: Optigenex, Inc.
Serial Number: 78909998

Owner: Organic Motion, Inc.
Serial Number: 77363745

Serial Number: 77360177

Serial Number: 77360240

Owner: Osiecki, Lori Lynn
Serial Number: 76608428

Owner: Oster, Demetria O.
Serial Number: 77145767

Owner: Oticon A/S
Serial Number: 77075015

Serial Number: 77190896

Owner: Outrigger Hotels Hawaii
Serial Number: 77228583

Serial Number: 77347965

Owner: Pacico, Inc.
Serial Number: 77251121

Serial Number: 78957080

Owner: Pacific Cornetta, Inc.
Serial Number: 75239872

Owner: Paddle Surf Hawaii, LLC
Serial Number: 77183155

Owner: Paint Creek Center for the Arts
Serial Number: 77124179

Owner: Pakistan Television Corporation Limited
Serial Number: 77338620

Owner: Pan Mellotex LLC
Serial Number: 77139896

Serial Number: 78551796

Owner: Paradox Ventures, LLC
Serial Number: 77098310

Serial Number: 78926634

Owner: Pasteuria Bioscience, Inc.
Serial Number: 77064751

Owner: Paterno Imports, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77187449

Owner: Paterno Imports, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77187456

Serial Number: 76395401

Owner: Payne, Christopher Philip
Serial Number: 78164214

Serial Number: 78934835

Serial Number: 78399592

Owner: Perfect Business Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 77373458

Serial Number: 77196475

Serial Number: 76676922

Owner: Pet Valu Canada Inc.
Serial Number: 77117216

Owner: Pet Valu Canada Inc.
Serial Number: 77117301

Serial Number: 77206957

Owner: Pflaumer Brothers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77220138

Serial Number: 78837955

Owner: Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation
Serial Number: 77209983

Owner: Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation
Serial Number: 77209664

Owner: Pierro, Joseph A.
Serial Number: 77037145

Owner: Pipetech Plumbing and Rooter, LLC.
Serial Number: 77175563

Owner: Pipeworks, Inc.
Serial Number: 77358953

Owner: Pitney Bowes Inc.
Serial Number: 78789509

Serial Number: 76678501

Owner: Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.
Serial Number: 77212310

Owner: Plant Extracts International Incorporated
Serial Number: 77371351

Serial Number: 77234837

Owner: Pliszka's Adventures, LLC
Serial Number: 77254557

Serial Number: 77363543

Owner: Pollard, Albert C.
Serial Number: 78867657

Serial Number: 77304196

Serial Number: 76672154

Serial Number: 78897027

Serial Number: 78897178

Serial Number: 78897210

Owner: Population Services International
Serial Number: 77353730

Serial Number: 78565412

Serial Number: 78929937

Serial Number: 76619557

Owner: Prescriptive Music, LLC
Serial Number: 77235222

Serial Number: 78959099

Owner: Pro Step Marketing, Inc.
Serial Number: 77357041

Serial Number: 78400156

Owner: Product Quest Manufacturing, Inc.
Serial Number: 77290197

Serial Number: 77212783

Serial Number: 77236008

Owner: Proper Nutrition, Inc.
Serial Number: 77264651

Owner: PRSI Software Inc.
Serial Number: 77133359

Owner: Psallo Publications, LLC
Serial Number: 76659148

Owner: Purdue Pharma L.P.
Serial Number: 77362727

Owner: Purdue Pharma L.P.
Serial Number: 77368338

Owner: Purefit, Inc.
Serial Number: 77085300

Owner: Pyranha, Inc.
Serial Number: 77125998

Owner: Quality Edge, Inc.
Serial Number: 77204981

Owner: Quality Technology International, Inc.
Serial Number: 76683353

Owner: Quality Technology International, Inc.
Serial Number: 76683355

Serial Number: 78769241

Owner: Quintessential Media Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77075497

Owner: Quip Laboratories, Inc.
Serial Number: 77218737

Serial Number: 77283645

Owner: Rachael Ray
Serial Number: 77161867

Owner: Raffles International Limited
Serial Number: 77305274

Owner: Raia, Gabriel
Serial Number: 77344485

Serial Number: 77254201

Serial Number: 78648723

Owner: Rebelde Boot's S.A. de C.V.
Serial Number: 76662714

Serial Number: 76431392

Owner: Regco Corporation
Serial Number: 77301038

Owner: Reliance Precision Limited
Serial Number: 77165010

Owner: Rent Me Florida, LLC
Serial Number: 77362822

Owner: Retro Television, Inc.
Serial Number: 77114134

Serial Number: 77091897

Owner: Richard, Rachelle
Serial Number: 77090428

Serial Number: 77175056

Serial Number: 77089815

Owner: RNR Direct LLC
Serial Number: 77372048

Serial Number: 77364767

Serial Number: 77387322

Owner: RPD, Inc.
Serial Number: 77238056

Serial Number: 77091066

Owner: RTC Fuels, LLC
Serial Number: 77365436

Serial Number: 78951249

Owner: Sabretooth Productions, Inc.
Serial Number: 77044955

Owner: Sachs, Nate
Serial Number: 77366277

Serial Number: 77213644

Serial Number: 76646494

Owner: Sailshade, Inc.
Serial Number: 77222319

Owner: SalsaCrazy, Inc.
Serial Number: 77338308

Owner: Sam Raby Enterprises LLC
Serial Number: 77324744

Serial Number: 77204225

Serial Number: 77191686

Serial Number: 77354875

Serial Number: 78373761

Serial Number: 77368903

Owner: Sbar's Inc.
Serial Number: 77246157

Owner: Schefren Publishing, LLC
Serial Number: 77156295

Owner: Schexnailder, E. Paul
Serial Number: 78460144

Serial Number: 78433895

Serial Number: 78776312

Owner: Scientific Games International
Serial Number: 77184600

Owner: Scientific Nutritional Formulations, LLC
Serial Number: 77416842

Serial Number: 77237396

Owner: Scott Kay, Inc.
Serial Number: 77208160

Owner: Scott Kay, Inc.
Serial Number: 77157847

Owner: Sealed Air Corporation (US)
Serial Number: 77227400

Serial Number: 77216451

Serial Number: 76185636

Owner: Semmel, Neil S.
Serial Number: 77372170

Owner: Semmel, Neil S.
Serial Number: 77394109

Owner: Senske Lawn & Tree Care, Inc.
Serial Number: 77374798

Owner: Senske Lawn & Tree Care, Inc.
Serial Number: 77374823

Serial Number: 78654550

Serial Number: 77048013

Owner: Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community
Serial Number: 77406190

Owner: Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community
Serial Number: 77406201

Owner: Sheri Lynn Gaglione
Serial Number: 77223127

Serial Number: 77370050

Owner: SHIN, JAI
Serial Number: 78796572

Owner: Shooters Billiards & Sports Bar, LP
Serial Number: 77235443

Owner: Shopzilla, Inc.
Serial Number: 77127122

Owner: Siglin, Christopher
Serial Number: 77355181

Serial Number: 77209143

Owner: Silicon Genesis Corporation
Serial Number: 78961539

Owner: Silicon Informatics, Inc.
Serial Number: 76594279

Owner: Sisters, Inc.
Serial Number: 77363258

Owner: SkirtSports, Inc.
Serial Number: 77365481

Serial Number: 77281478

Serial Number: 77281482

Owner: Smallwood Jr., James
Serial Number: 77364608

Owner: SmartIcon Technologies, LLC
Serial Number: 77235591

Owner: SmartIcon Technologies, LLC
Serial Number: 77235595

Owner: SmartTalent LLC
Serial Number: 77065725

Serial Number: 76682658

Serial Number: 77975561

Serial Number: 77159282

Serial Number: 77341138

Owner: Sole Comfort, Inc.
Serial Number: 78525532

Serial Number: 77311048

Owner: South Street Capital Management L.P.
Serial Number: 77364633

Serial Number: 78963502

Owner: Southwire Company, LLC
Serial Number: 77366657

Serial Number: 76685904

Owner: SpaceNow! Corporation
Serial Number: 77371067

Serial Number: 77042572

Owner: Specialize Fitness, Inc.
Serial Number: 77323550

Owner: Specialty Promotions & Advertising, Inc.
Serial Number: 77184733

Owner: SPI Brands LLC
Serial Number: 78973349

Owner: Spirit River, Inc.
Serial Number: 77214565

Serial Number: 77359286

Serial Number: 77153567

Owner: St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School
Serial Number: 77287066

Serial Number: 77192947

Owner: Standard Ethanol, LLC
Serial Number: 78973572

Owner: Standard Homeopathic Company
Serial Number: 78956018

Owner: Star Ride Kids, Inc.
Serial Number: 77146166

Serial Number: 78931474

Owner: Stephen M. Owens, Sr.
Serial Number: 77197726

Owner: Stillwater Designs and Audio, Inc.
Serial Number: 77216723

Serial Number: 78794562

Serial Number: 78854900

Serial Number: 78854896

Owner: Stryker Corporation
Serial Number: 77069611

Owner: Sturm, Jaime
Serial Number: 77368655

Owner: Summit-USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 77221666

Serial Number: 78491661

Owner: Sunset Mountains, Inc.
Serial Number: 77166410

Owner: Supernova Coaching Enterprises
Serial Number: 77198997

Owner: Sur La Table, Inc.
Serial Number: 78722456

Owner: Swisher International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77267933

Serial Number: 77244036

Owner: Synchronous Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 76665384

Owner: Syntellect, Inc.
Serial Number: 77299458

Owner: System Wide Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 77347730

Owner: Szymkiewicz, Michael, J
Serial Number: 77368673

Owner: Talisker Mountain Incorporated
Serial Number: 76677761

Owner: TAM - Linhas Aereas S/A
Serial Number: 77012295

Owner: Tandem Entrepreneurs Management Services, LLC
Serial Number: 77236644

Serial Number: 77083798

Serial Number: 77142358

Owner: TBP Advisors, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77179569

Owner: TCS Financial Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 77213973

Owner: TEAM Fort Collins
Serial Number: 78646631

Owner: Technology Advancement Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77203632

Owner: Tecvar, Inc.
Serial Number: 77370489

Owner: Telesphere Networks Ltd.
Serial Number: 77369525

Owner: Televisa, S.A. de C.V.
Serial Number: 77130759

Owner: Tennessee Land and Lakes, LLC
Serial Number: 77415456

Owner: Terbol Inc.
Serial Number: 78928508

Owner: TerraCycle, Inc.
Serial Number: 77370670

Serial Number: 78703333

Owner: The California Endowment
Serial Number: 77373505

Owner: The Daavlin Distributing Company
Serial Number: 77357627

Serial Number: 77400742

Owner: The Equipment Superstore, LLC
Serial Number: 77364025

Owner: The Evangelical Free Church of America
Serial Number: 77107770

Owner: The Font Bureau, Inc.
Serial Number: 77370066

Serial Number: 78858581

Owner: The Frog House, Inc.
Serial Number: 77058494

Serial Number: 77056894

Owner: The Heart of America Foundation
Serial Number: 77306533

Owner: The Hercules Tire & Rubber Company
Serial Number: 78714648

Serial Number: 77235161

Owner: The John R. Elliott Foundation
Serial Number: 77371313

Owner: The John R. Elliott Foundation
Serial Number: 77372775

Serial Number: 77226978

Owner: The Meyer Resource Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77122861

Owner: The Moyer Foundation
Serial Number: 77368896

Owner: The Organic Channel, Inc.
Serial Number: 77087280

Owner: The Parent Project for Muscular Dystrophy Research, Inc.
Serial Number: 77370774

Owner: The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company
Serial Number: 77380366

Owner: The Rum Cake Fairy Dessert Company, LLC
Serial Number: 78842190

Owner: The Salon People, Inc.
Serial Number: 77220153

Owner: The Shepherd Color Company
Serial Number: 77371115

Owner: The Travelers Protective Association of America
Serial Number: 77284444

Owner: The United Methodist Publishing House
Serial Number: 76679074

Owner: The United Methodist Publishing House
Serial Number: 76679178

Owner: The United Methodist Publishing House
Serial Number: 76685807

Owner: The Upper Room
Serial Number: 77184385

Owner: The Upper Room
Serial Number: 77184401

Owner: The Victor Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77216931

Owner: The Village for Families & Children, Inc.
Serial Number: 77043225

Owner: The Wine Company
Serial Number: 77353994

Owner: The Woodlands Land Development Company, L.P.
Serial Number: 76653425

Owner: Thomas P. Fornario
Serial Number: 77157110

Owner: Thomas, Burma F.
Serial Number: 77128706

Owner: Thunderbird Global Enterprises, LLC
Serial Number: 77260433

Owner: Thunderbird Global Enterprises, LLC
Serial Number: 77260806

Serial Number: 77297457

Serial Number: 77213077

Serial Number: 77245648

Serial Number: 77250130

Serial Number: 77214291

Owner: Tint World, LLC
Serial Number: 77250206

Owner: TN Marketing, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 77381930

Owner: Tofutti Brands Inc.
Serial Number: 77206909

Owner: Tomlinson, Charles
Serial Number: 77238176

Owner: Toray Kabushiki Kaisha
Serial Number: 77212356

Owner: totes Isotoner Corporation
Serial Number: 77056249

Owner: TOTO USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 78849292

Owner: Toyota Material Handling U.S.A., Inc.
Serial Number: 76675375

Serial Number: 77356817

Owner: Traditiional Medicinals, Inc.
Serial Number: 78921680

Owner: Tranquil Space Foundation
Serial Number: 77233978

Owner: Trask Industries, LLC
Serial Number: 78955807

Owner: Travelers Digest
Serial Number: 77359207

Serial Number: 77187248

Serial Number: 77157513

Serial Number: 77178562

Serial Number: 77206587

Owner: Turn Eight Group, LLC
Serial Number: 77023782

Owner: Turpin Corey W
Serial Number: 77168366

Owner: Turtle Bay Institute, Inc.
Serial Number: 78864650

Owner: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Serial Number: 77324893

Owner: Twin Tower Enterprise Corporation
Serial Number: 77068443

Owner: U-Save Holdings, Inc.
Serial Number: 77025283

Serial Number: 77365603

Owner: Umpqua Bank
Serial Number: 77062754

Owner: Uncork Pty Ltd
Serial Number: 77176067

Serial Number: 77368554

Owner: Union Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Serial Number: 77216582

Owner: Unisource Worldwide, Inc.
Serial Number: 77261616

Owner: Unisource Worldwide, Inc.
Serial Number: 77264890

Owner: Unite Eurotherapy, Inc.
Serial Number: 77302880

Owner: United Farmers Cooperative
Serial Number: 77186076

Serial Number: 78706400

Owner: United Space Alliance, LLC
Serial Number: 77354954

Serial Number: 77326573

Serial Number: 77239893

Serial Number: 77007290

Serial Number: 77007307

Owner: Universal Surveillance Corporation
Serial Number: 77173200

Owner: University of Colorado Hospital Authority, a body corporate and political subdivision
Serial Number: 77368002

Owner: University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Serial Number: 77354667

Owner: University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Serial Number: 77354674

Serial Number: 77395105

Owner: Univision Communications Inc.
Serial Number: 77261538

Serial Number: 78789037

Owner: Uno Clothing, Inc.
Serial Number: 78949386

Serial Number: 77233958

Owner: UPSCO, Inc.
Serial Number: 77366737

Owner: Upsite Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 77311738

Owner: Upsite Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 77311743

Serial Number: 77198082

Serial Number: 77367248

Serial Number: 77315849

Serial Number: 77221848

Owner: USAgriTech, Inc.
Serial Number: 77368941

Owner: USI, Inc.
Serial Number: 77256182

Owner: V. Alexander & Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 77363199

Serial Number: 77261642

Owner: Valley Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 76685882

Owner: VC Cellars, LLC
Serial Number: 76678923

Owner: Venus Laboratories, Inc.
Serial Number: 75195628

Serial Number: 77114066

Owner: Vertex Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 78955336

Serial Number: 78789235

Serial Number: 77369203

Serial Number: 77373926

Owner: Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co KG
Serial Number: 78954095

Serial Number: 77202900

Serial Number: 77005707

Owner: Vinquire, Inc.
Serial Number: 77369969

Owner:, Inc.
Serial Number: 77264018

Owner: Virtual Information Executives, LLC
Serial Number: 77201866

Serial Number: 78956605

Serial Number: 78956723

Owner: Vital Network Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 77135585

Owner: Vital Network Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 77136228

Owner: VoiceRite Inc
Serial Number: 77349057

Serial Number: 78471019

Serial Number: 77259393

Owner: W.F. Young, Incorporated
Serial Number: 77342508

Owner: Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, Inc.
Serial Number: 78937827

Serial Number: 76685739

Serial Number: 76686801

Owner: Walton County Chamber Of Commerce
Serial Number: 77328521

Owner: Warner Press, Inc.
Serial Number: 78845703

Serial Number: 77348316

Owner: Welch, Rita, A
Serial Number: 77206508

Serial Number: 77205091

Owner: West Corporation
Serial Number: 78894001

Owner: Western Family Foods, Inc.
Serial Number: 77410166

Owner: Western Union Holdings, Inc.
Serial Number: 77369479

Owner: White House Subs, Inc.
Serial Number: 78936769

Owner: White's Boots, Inc.
Serial Number: 77366553

Owner: Whitnell, Audrey L.
Serial Number: 77365305

Owner: Wicked Seasoning, LLC
Serial Number: 77274761

Owner: Wickedglow Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 77172893

Owner: Wilcox, Dina
Serial Number: 77366237

Owner: Wildman, Frank, Ph.D.
Serial Number: 77220497

Owner: Wiley Subscription Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 78782889

Owner: Wilson Sporting Goods Co.
Serial Number: 77220723

Owner: Wilsonart LLC
Serial Number: 77108862

Owner: WiMAX Forum
Serial Number: 77371643

Owner: WiMAX Forum
Serial Number: 77371646

Serial Number: 77351710

Owner: Winning Kids, Incorporated
Serial Number: 77359556

Serial Number: 73698251

Owner: Wither, Thomas A.
Serial Number: 77055990

Owner: Wollert Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77380625

Owner: Worthley, Brad
Serial Number: 77358023

Owner: WPP Properties
Serial Number: 77254521

Owner: Wynne Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 77369485

Serial Number: 77264171

Serial Number: 77153804

Owner: Yamazaki Tableware Incorporated
Serial Number: 78915192

Serial Number: 77207818

Owner: Yegg, Inc.
Serial Number: 77326779

Owner: YMCA of Central Maryland, Inc.
Serial Number: 77206397

Owner: Yoon Chool Chang
Serial Number: 77201290

Owner: Zaccagnini, Tonino
Serial Number: 76680945

Serial Number: 78906316