Sunday, July 21 2019

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Abadeer; Wagdi W. (Essex Junction, VT), Kamal, legal representative; Lillian (Saratoga, CA), Chatty; Kiran V. (Essex Junction, VT), Gauthier, Jr.; Robert J. (Essex Junction, VT), Rankin; Jed H. (Essex Junction, VT), Shi; Yun (Essex Junction, VT), Tonti; William R. (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: High-voltage SOI MOS device structure and method of fabrication
Patent Number: 7,939,395

Inventors: Abadeer; Wagdi W. (Jericho, VT), Chatty; Kiran V. (Williston, VT), Gauthier, Jr.; Robert J. (Hinesburg, VT), Rankin; Jed H. (Richmond, VT), Robison; Robert (Colchester, VT), Shi; Yun (South Burlington, VT), Tonti; William R. (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Back-end-of-line resistive semiconductor structures
Patent Number: 7,939,911

Inventors: Abbasfar; Aliazam (Mountain View, CA), Aryanfar; Farshid (Allen, TX)
Title: Communication using continuous-phase modulated signals
Patent Number: 9,031,164

Inventors: Abe; Koji (Yamaguchi, JP), Miyoshi; Kazuhiro (Yamaguchi, JP), Kawabe; Kazuyuki (Yamaguchi, JP)
Title: Nonaqueous electrolyte solution and electrochemical element using same
Patent Number: 9,029,024

Inventors: Abuljadayel; Ilham Saleh (London, GB)
Title: Method of preparing an undifferentiated cell
Patent Number: 7,220,412

Inventors: Adachi; Nobuyuki (Saitama, JP)
Title: Zoom lens
Patent Number: 9,030,754

Inventors: Adameck; Markus (Lippstadt, DE)
Title: Motor vehicle camera display apparatus and method
Patent Number: 7,940,305

Inventors: Adams; Paul (Enumclaw, WA)
Title: Protective shelter
Patent Number: 7,938,134

Inventors: Adams; Phillip M. (Henderson, NV)
Title: Time-gap defect detection apparatus and method
Patent Number: 7,941,576

Inventors: Adcox; Timothy D. (Ponder, TX), Kimbrough; Mahlon D. (Bedford, TX)
Title: Media access control address translation for a fiber to the home system
Patent Number: 7,941,559

Inventors: Adriaens; Peter (Brighton, MI), Vannela; Raveender (Ann Arbor, MI)
Title: Dnazymes and sensors incorporating the same
Patent Number: 7,939,648

Inventors: Afzali-Ardakani; Ali (Ossining, NY), Sekaric; Lidija (Mount Kisco, NY)
Title: Semiconductor nanowire electromagnetic radiation sensor
Patent Number: 7,940,381

Inventors: Agata; Hideyuki (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Information processing device and program
Patent Number: 7,941,032

Inventors: Agrawal; Siddharth (Santa Clara, CA), Parker; Robert (Beijing, CN), Zhang; Dachuan (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Composition of electronic document layout
Patent Number: 7,941,749

Inventors: Ahmadi; Sassan (Portland, OR)
Title: Dynamic/static transport channel to physical channel mapping in broadband wireless access systems
Patent Number: 7,940,723

Inventors: Ahmed; Elsayed (Cairo, EG), Yousef; Nabil (Foothill Ranch, CA)
Title: Robust technique for frame synchronization in DAB-IP systems
Patent Number: 7,940,759

Inventors: Ahn; Keun Hee (Incheon-si, KR)
Title: Timing recovery device
Patent Number: 7,221,715

Inventors: Ahn; Kwang-Soon (Suwon-si, KR), Lee; Ji-Won (Suwon-si, KR), Lee; Wha-Sup (Suwon-si, KR), Choi; Jae-Man (Suwon-si, KR), Shin; Byong-Cheol (Suwon-si, KR), Park; Joung-Won (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
Patent Number: 7,939,749

Inventors: Ahuja; Bhupendra K. (Fremont, CA), Vu; Hoa (Milpitas, CA), Laber; Carlos (Los Altos, CA)
Title: Precision floating gate reference temperature coefficient compensation circuit and method
Patent Number: 7,221,209

Inventors: Aiache; Jean-Marc (Clermont-Ferrand, FR), Serpin; Gilbert (Clermont-Ferrand, FR), El Meski; Said (Beaumont, FR), Tourrette; Philippe (Clavette, FR)
Title: Intraocular lens containing releasable medication
Patent Number: 7,939,097

Inventors: Aikawa; Naoyuki (Shiga, JP), Morichi; Tohru (Shiga, JP), Wakasa; Yukio (Shiga, JP)
Title: Weight measurement apparatus, method of eliminating noise and method of designing digital filter
Patent Number: 7,222,144

Inventors: Akahane; Fujio (Nagano, JP), Takashima; Nagamitsu (Nagano, JP), Hakeda; Kazushige (Nagano, JP), Uesugi; Ryoji (Nagano, JP), Koike; Yasunori (Nagano, JP)
Title: Fine forging method, manufacturing method of liquid ejection head, and liquid ejection head
Patent Number: 7,219,983

Inventors: Akai; Tomonori (Tokyo, JP), Ueno; Shigehiro (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Electroluminescence device and functional device
Patent Number: 7,939,999

Inventors: Akimoto; Hajime (Kokubunji, JP), Miyazawa; Toshio (Chiba, JP)
Title: Pixel circuits and methods for displaying an image on a display device
Patent Number: 9,030,403

Inventors: Akiyoshi; Kozo (Tokyo, JP), Akiyoshi; Nobuo (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Image coding method and apparatus and image decoding method and apparatus
Patent Number: 7,221,409

Inventors: Al-Jamaan; Mansour A. KH. (Rawda, KW)
Title: Two-piece electric coffee maker
Patent Number: 9,027,464

Inventors: Al-Zahrani; Saeed Mohammed (Riyadh, SA), Rahman; Ateeq (Riyadh, SA), Ali; Ilias (Riyadh, SA), Elliethy; Rabeh H. (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Activated nano carbon and nano composite containing activated nano carbon, as well as methods for their preparation
Patent Number: 9,028,964

Inventors: Aldersley; Michael F. (Kingston, NY)
Title: Three-dimensional periodic table
Patent Number: 7,938,646

Inventors: Alex; Peter (Cloverville, CA), Chisholm; Ronald R. (Truro, CA)
Title: Container shut-off valve with venting
Patent Number: 7,219,693

Inventors: Alexander; Katharyn Maris (New Paltz, NY)
Title: Cocktail-ring with self-defense alarm
Patent Number: 9,030,317

Inventors: Alfano; James R. (Lincoln, NE), Collmer; Alan (Ithaca, NY), Cartinhour; Samuel W. (Ithaca, NY), Schneider; David J. (Trumansburg, NY)
Title: Pseudomonas avr and hop proteins, their encoding nucleic acids, and use thereof
Patent Number: 7,220,583

Inventors: Alfermann; Timothy J. (Noblesville, IN), El-Antably; Ahmed M. (Indianapolis, IN), Mc Grew, Jr.; Arthur L. (Plainfield, IN), Lucas; Charles B. (Indianapolis, IN), Holmes; Alan G. (Clarkston, MI)
Title: Method for producing a stator assembly
Patent Number: 7,937,823

Inventors: Ali; Arish (Bellevue, WA), Aust; Brian S. (Redmond, WA), Hellyar; Paul S. (Kirkland, WA), Grossman; Joel K. (Redmond, WA)
Title: Methods and systems for dynamically creating user interfaces
Patent Number: 7,222,292

Inventors: Allen; Eddie E. (Street, MD), Strade; Thomas D. (Orchard Park, NY), Coley; Christopher (Morgan Hill, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for increasing effective contrast ratio and brightness yields for digital light valve image projectors
Patent Number: 7,220,006

Inventors: Allen; Ira L. (Dallas, TX), Clevenger; Lawrence A. (LaGrangeville, NY), Petrarca; Kevin S. (Newburgh, NY), Radens; Carl J. (LaGrangeville, NY)
Title: RFID tag with environmental sensor
Patent Number: 9,030,295

Inventors: Amagasa; Yoshinori (Tokyo, JP), Michishige; Tatsuya (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Power window system for vehicle
Patent Number: 7,221,065

Inventors: Ambrozy; Rel S. (Arlington, VA), Litcher; Jade (Raleigh, NC), Jones; Raymond C. (Leesburg, VA)
Title: Stimulus indicating device employing polymer gels
Patent Number: 7,940,605

Inventors: Amendola; Steven C. (Ocean, NJ), Binder; Michael (Brooklyn, NY), Sharp-Goldman; Stefanie L. (East Brunswick, NJ), Kelly; Michael T. (Plainsboro, NJ), Petillo; Phillip J. (Ocean, NJ)
Title: System for hydrogen generation
Patent Number: 7,220,290

Inventors: Ames; Steve (Westminster, MA), Bialkowski; Jan (Hopkinton, MA), Byrne; Donal (Saratoga, CA), Cave; Dennis (Acton, MA)
Title: Method and apparatus for forwarding traffic between locally attached networks using level 3 addressing information
Patent Number: 7,222,188

Inventors: Ammar; Danny F. (Windermere, FL)
Title: Multi-channel radiometer imaging system
Patent Number: 7,221,139

Inventors: Amou; Satoru (Hitachi, JP), Abe; Tomiya (Hitachi, JP), Shanai; Daisuke (Hitachi, JP), Komatsu; Hiroaki (Hitachi, JP), Murakami; Kenichi (Hitachi, JP)
Title: Adhesive composition, varnish, adhesive film and wiring film
Patent Number: 9,028,970

Inventors: Anantharaman; Sundar (Redmond, WA), Rao; Deepak (Bellevue, WA), Guo; Xin (Mill Creek, WA), Chopra; Dhruv (Bellevue, WA)
Title: Tunneling of remote desktop sessions through firewalls
Patent Number: 7,941,551

Inventors: Anders; Kelley L. (East New Market, MD), Hewitt; Trudy L. (Cary, NC)
Title: Determining a replacement document owner
Patent Number: 9,031,887

Inventors: Andersen; Per Just (Santa Barbara, CA), Hodson; Simon K. (Santa Barbara, CA)
Title: Extruded fiber reinforced cementitious products having stone-like properties and methods of making the same
Patent Number: 9,028,606

Inventors: Anderson; Frank Edward (Sadieville, KY), Bernard; David Laurier (Lexington, KY), Dryer; Paul William (Lexington, KY), Joyner, II; Burton Lee (Lexington, KY), McNees; Andrew Lee (Lexington, KY), Strunk; Timothy Lowell (Georgetown, KY), Sullivan; Carl Edmond (Stamping Ground, KY)
Title: Heater chips with silicon die bonded on silicon substrate and methods of fabricating the heater chips
Patent Number: 7,938,513

Inventors: Anderson; Frank Edward (Sadieville, KY), Dixon; Michael John (Richmond, KY), Hall; Eric Spencer (Lexington, KY), Klemo; Elios (Lexington, KY), McKinley; Bryan Dale (Lexington, KY), Singh; Jeanne Marie Saldanha (Lexington, KY)
Title: Composite ceramic substrate for micro-fluid ejection head
Patent Number: 7,937,835

Inventors: Anderson; Peter R. (Glenview, IL), Barclay; Brian J. (Atlanta, GA), Guinn; Andrew C. (Chicago, IL), Robbins; Richard B. (Glenview, IL), Schwartz; Richard T. (Chicago, IL)
Title: Autoplay mechanism for wagering game systems
Patent Number: 9,028,321

Inventors: Anderson; Robert B. (Largo, FL), Gilbert; Michael A. (Seminole, FL), Watson; Mark W. (New Port Richey, FL)
Title: Apparatus for electromagentically shielding a portion of a circuit board
Patent Number: 7,939,766

Inventors: Anderson; Shannon L. (Rocklin, CA)
Title: Short belt for pants
Patent Number: 7,937,776

Inventors: Andersson; Christian (Gotborg, SE), Grundberg; Jan (Torslanda, SE), Hjelle; Tommy (Torslanda, SE)
Title: Battery charging system for a hybrid electric vehicle
Patent Number: 9,030,162

Inventors: Andre; Kieran F. (Fairhaven, MA), Veitch; Colin W. (Fairhaven, MA), Munro; Calum H. (Wexford, PA), Merritt; Mark D. (Cranberry Township, PA)
Title: Golf products and packaging for golf products with color traveling coating
Patent Number: 7,220,192

Inventors: Andres; Dieter (Munich, DE), Happ; Thomas (Dresden, DE), Majewski; Petra (Munich, DE), Ruf; Bernhard (Sauerlach, DE)
Title: Integrated circuit including memory element with spatially stable material
Patent Number: 7,939,817

Inventors: Angelini; Marco (Bereguardo, IT), Baraldo; Natale (Paderno Dugnano, IT), Bigliati; Claudia (Trino, IT), Scodes; Luca (Sant' Angelo Lodigiano, IT)
Title: Multiple optical assembly for a LED lighting device, and red lighting device comprising such an optical assembly
Patent Number: 7,938,559

Inventors: Anno; Makoto (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
Patent Number: 7,941,844

Inventors: Anthoine; Pierre (Rueil Malmaison, FR), Rouge; Magali (Rueil Malmaison, FR), Chanson; Sebastien (Paris, FR), Kefti-Cherif; Ahmed (Trappes, FR), Kergar; Keyvan (Le Pecq, FR)
Title: Infinitely variable power branching transmission with two operating modes
Patent Number: 7,220,199

Inventors: Anzai; Aya (Tsukui, JP), Maruyama; Junya (Ebina, JP)
Title: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Patent Number: 7,939,831

Inventors: Aoki; Carl (Eden Prairie, MN), Weese; David (Brooklyn Park, MN), McCombs; Joshua (Eagan, MN), Parker; Bradley (Farmington, MN), Sexton; Joe (Minneapolis, MN), Stephens; Robert (Minneapolis, MN), Peterson; Duane (Coon Rapids, MN), Strom; Andrew (Bloomington, MN), Perfecto; Tito (Coon Rapids, MN), Griner; Gary (St. Louis Park, MN), Maurer; Kathleen (Louisville, KY), Acuna; Abelardo (Louisville, KY), Hanson; Brian (Farmington, MN), Wegehaupt; Michael (Louisville, KY), Nalezny; Chris (Maplewood, MN), Christophel; James D. (Louisville, KY)
Title: Hard disk destruction apparatus and method
Patent Number: 7,937,982

Inventors: Aoto; Hiroshi (Kanagawa, JP), Takeda; Kenichi (Kanagawa, JP), Fukui; Tetsuro (Kanagawa, JP), Ifuku; Toshihiro (Kangawa, JP)
Title: Dielectric film structure, piezoelectric actuator using dielectric element film structure and ink jet head
Patent Number: 7,938,515

Inventors: Apostolos; John T. (Lyndeborough, NH), Feng; Judy (Nashua, NH), Mouyos; William (Windham, NH), McMahon; Benjamin (Nottingham, NH)
Title: NQR detection from continuous Rabi transitions
Patent Number: 9,030,202

Inventors: Appelbaum; Moishe (Columbus, OH), Marrash; Mat (Columbus, OH), Muller; Hilgard (Felton, CA)
Title: Convertible flash bag
Patent Number: 9,031,401

Inventors: Arakawa; Hiroshi (Sagamihara, JP), Oeda; Takashi (Sagamihara, JP), Matsunami; Naoto (Hayama, JP), Ito; Ryusuke (Chigasaki, JP)
Title: Storage system having virtualized resource
Patent Number: 7,222,172

Inventors: Arakawa; Shuji (Hiratsuka, JP)
Title: Lock controller of working machine, and working machine
Patent Number: 7,940,160

Inventors: Araki; Takayuki (Settsu, JP), Tanaka; Yoshito (Settsu, JP), Komatsu; Yuzo (Settsu, JP), Ando; Yoshito (Settsu, JP)
Title: Optical material containing fluorine-containing polymer having functional group
Patent Number: 7,220,809

Inventors: Arango Del Corro; Diego (Barcelona, ES), Schwartz Navarro; Simo (Barcelona, ES), Mariadason; John Martin (Victoria, AU)
Title: Markers for selecting personalized therapies for the treatment of cancer
Patent Number: 9,028,831

Inventors: Arellano Mendoza; Ivonne (Mexico City, MX)
Title: Administration of fluocinolone acetonide, tretinoin and hydroquinone cream in melasma maintenance therapy
Patent Number: 7,939,514

Inventors: Arguelles; Carlos Alejandro (Shoreline, WA)
Title: Dynamic corpus generation
Patent Number: 7,941,418

Inventors: Arief; Hendra (Surabaya, ID), Lee; Jason Wan Leong (Enfield, AU), Prawiro; Andreas (North Adelaide, AU), Blazewicz; Antoni (Adelaide, AU)
Title: Foliage lifter
Patent Number: 7,937,888

Inventors: Armstrong; Steven M. (Nepean, CA), Parsons; Eric W. (Ashton, CA), Davies; Elwyn B. (Ely, GB), Harker; Andrew Newton (Bishops Stortford, GB), Stringer; David Robert (Knebworth, GB)
Title: Independent contact spanning multiple access networks
Patent Number: 7,221,658

Inventors: Arndt; Richard L. (Austin, TX), Buckland; Patrick A. (Austin, TX), Kiel; Harvey G. (Rochester, MN), Recio; Renato J. (Austin, TX), Srikrishnan; Jaya (Wappingers Falls, NY)
Title: Association of host translations that are associated to an access control level on a PCI bridge that supports virtualization
Patent Number: 7,941,577

Inventors: Arnon; Ruth (Rechovot, IL), Jeon; Sung-Ho (Suwon-si, KR), Kayhan; Basak (Ankara, TR), Ben-Yedidia; Tamar (Mazkeret Batya, IL)
Title: Nucleic acid molecules, polypeptides, antibodies and compositions for treating and detecting influenza virus infection
Patent Number: 9,029,526

Inventors: Aronovich; Lior (Toronto, CA), Hirsch; Michael (Mazkeret Batya, IL), Toaff; Yair (Givat Shmuel, IL)
Title: Calculating deduplication digests for a synthetic backup by a deduplication storage system
Patent Number: 9,031,921

Inventors: Arvidsson; Per-Anders (Solna, SE), Uddin; Jesper (Stockholm, SE)
Title: Antenna array arrangement and a multi band antenna
Patent Number: 9,030,367

Inventors: Asada; Hitoshi (Kawasaki, JP), Inoue; Hiroaki (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Method for fabricating semiconductor device having high withstand voltage transistor
Patent Number: 7,220,631

Inventors: Asaka; Hitoshi (Osaka, JP)
Title: Sheet conveyance device, and image forming apparatus having the same
Patent Number: 9,027,926

Inventors: Asaka; Yoshihiro (Kanagawa, JP), Sakaki; Hidetoshi (Kanagawa, JP), Furuumi; Noboru (Tokyo, JP), Maeda; Masami (Kanagawa, JP), Tsukada; Masaru (Kanagawa, JP), Muto; Junichi (Kanagawa, JP), Tamura; Misako (Shizuoka, JP)
Title: Method for managing computer system, computer executing management program, storage device, displaying device, and storage system
Patent Number: 7,222,167

Inventors: Asami; Taketomi (Atsugi, JP), Ichijo; Mitsuhiro (Atsugi, JP), Toriumi; Satoshi (Atsugi, JP), Ohtsuki; Takashi (Atsugi, JP), Yamazaki; Shunpei (Setagaya, JP)
Title: Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Patent Number: 7,220,613

Inventors: Asano; Hironori (Akiruno, JP)
Title: Semiconductor device design method and design apparatus
Patent Number: 9,032,351

Inventors: Asano; Tomoharu (Shizuoka, JP), Nakamori; Hideo (Shizuoka, JP), Sugino; Akihiro (Shizuoka, JP), Toriu; Noboru (Shizuoka, JP), Shimoyama; Keisuke (Shizuoka, JP), Hirose; Mitsuaki (Shizuoka, JP), Sakon; Yohta (Kanagawa, JP), Ohmori; Masahiro (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Patent Number: 9,031,491

Inventors: Asayama; Yoshinori (Osaka, JP), Azuma; Eiji (Osaka, JP)
Title: Pneumatic tire and manufacturing method of pneumatic tire
Patent Number: 9,028,630

Inventors: Asher; Michael L. (Green Cove Springs, FL)
Title: Algorithm for network route selection
Patent Number: 7,940,670

Inventors: Ashkenazi; Avi J. (San Mateo, CA)
Title: APO-2 receptor polypeptides
Patent Number: 7,939,631

Inventors: Asplund; Gunnar (Ludvika, SE), Heyman; Olof (Ludvika, SE), .ANG.strom; Urban (Saxdalen, SE)
Title: Land electrode
Patent Number: 7,939,751

Inventors: Assad; Elias (Ottawa, CA)
Title: System and method for communications over a computer network
Patent Number: 7,941,561

Inventors: Atamna; Youcef (Evans, GA), Huynh; Minh Ngoc (Virginia Beach, VA), Pool; Eric Thomas (Roswell, GA)
Title: Systems and methods for application reuse
Patent Number: 9,032,424

Inventors: Atkins; Martin Philip (Ashford, GB)
Title: Process for the conversion of synthesis gas to oxygenate
Patent Number: 7,939,571

Inventors: Atthoff; Bjorn (Uppsala, SE), Preinitz; Fredrik (Uppsala, SE)
Title: Adapter for use in connecting to a first percutaneous introducer
Patent Number: 9,028,466

Inventors: Auger; Francois A. (Quebec, CA), Germain; Lucie (Saint-Augustin, CA), Remy-Zolghadri; Murielle (Le Bouscat, FR), Hayward; Cindy J. (Sainte-Roy, CA)
Title: Method of isolating cells from umbilical cord
Patent Number: 7,939,323

Inventors: Aviles; Joaquin J. (Austin, TX)
Title: Flash DIMM in a standalone cache appliance system and methodology
Patent Number: 7,941,591

Inventors: Avins; David (Burbank, OH), Heller; Jean-Francois (Strassburg, FR)
Title: Thrust washer to take torque converter axial loading
Patent Number: 7,938,243

Inventors: Aweya; James (Kanata, CA), Ouellette; Michel (Plantagenet, CA), Montuno; Delfin Y. (Kanata, CA)
Title: Technique for implementing an admission control scheme for data flows
Patent Number: 7,221,656

Inventors: Ayalon-Soffer; Michal (Ramat-HaSharon, IL), Levine; Zurit (Herzlia, IL), Sella-Tavor; Osnat (Kfar-Kish, IL), Diber; Alex (Rishon-LeZion, IL), Shemesh; Ronen (ModiIn, IL), Toporik; Amir (Azur, IL), Rotman; Galit (Herzlia, IL), Nemzer; Sergey (RaAnana, IL), Rosenberg; Avi (Kfar Saba, IL), Dahary; Dvir (Tel-Aviv, IL), Wool; Assaf (Kiryat-Ono, IL), Cojocaru; Gad S. (Ramat-HaSharon, IL), Akiva; Pinchas (Ramat-Gan, IL), Pollock; Sarah (Tel-Aviv, IL), Savitsky; Kinneret (Tel Aviv, IL), Bernstein; Jeanne (Kfar Yona, IL)
Title: Polynucleotides encoding polypeptides and methods using same
Patent Number: 7,939,634

Inventors: Azap; Cengiz (Frankfurt, DE), Wolf; Dorit (Oberursel, DE), Abbenhuis; Hendrikus Cornelis Louis (HS Elmond, NL), Gerritsen; Gijsbert (SZ Eindhoven, NL), Grela; Karol (Warszawa, PL), Wilting; Jos B. M. (JD Eindhoven, NL), Leszczynska; Kinga (Warszawa, PL), Czaban; Justyna (Michalowo, PL), Wojtasiewicz; Anna (Warszawa, PL)
Title: Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS)-linked ligands
Patent Number: 9,029,483

Inventors: Bachar; Yariv (Tel Aviv, IL), Kuvent; Aviv (Raanana, IL), Levy; Asaf (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: Preserving past states of file system nodes
Patent Number: 9,031,911

Inventors: Backhaus-Ricoult; Monika (Horseheads, NY), Ketcham; Thomas Dale (Horseheads, NY)
Title: Trough filter with integrated thermoelectric generator, vehicle including trough filter, and method of treating exhaust gas
Patent Number: 9,027,334

Inventors: Bae; Jeong Hyo (Gimhae-si, KR), Kim; Dae Kyeong (Gimhae-si, KR), Ha; Tae Hyun (Changwon-si, KR), Lee; Hyun Goo (Changwon-si, KR), Ha; Yun Cheol (Gimhae-si, KR)
Title: Apparatus with storage for measuring stray currents from subway rails and power lines
Patent Number: 7,221,137

Inventors: Bae; Seok Myoung (Seoul, KR), Lee; Sang Ick (Namyangju-si, KR), Kim; Gi Hyun (Namyangju-si, KR)
Title: Remote electrical safety diagnosis system and apparatus
Patent Number: 9,031,799

Inventors: Baele; Margo (Gent, BE), Haesebrouck; Freddy (Knokke-Heist, BE)
Title: Helicobacter species and cultivation thereof
Patent Number: 7,939,079

Inventors: Baer; Thomas M. (Mountain View, CA), Head; David F. (Los Gatos, CA), Toeppen; John (Livermore, CA)
Title: Consumable for laser capture microdissection
Patent Number: 7,221,447

Inventors: Bahl; Paramvir (Bellevue, WA), Burger; Douglas C. (Bellevue, WA), Chandra; Ranveer (Kirkland, WA), Dyor; Matthew G. (Bellevue, WA), Gates; William (Redmond, WA), Holman; Pablos (Seattle, WA), Hyde; Roderick A. (Redmond, WA), Ishikawa; Muriel Y. (Livermore, CA), Kare; Jordin T. (Seattle, WA), Levien; Royce A. (Lexington, MA), Lord; Richard T. (Tacoma, WA), Lord; Robert W. (Seattle, WA), Malamud; Mark A. (Seattle, WA), Mundie; Craig J. (Seattle, WA), Myhrvold; Nathan P. (Bellevue, WA), Paek; Tim (Sammamish, WA), Rinaldo, Jr.; John D. (Bellevue, WA), Tan; Desney S. (Kirkland, WA), Tegreene; Clarence T. (Bellevue, WA), Whitmer; Charles (North Bend, WA), Wood, Jr.; Lowell L. (Bellevue, WA), Wood; Victoria Y. H. (Livermore, CA), Zhong; Lin (Houston, TX)
Title: Computational systems and methods for locating a mobile device
Patent Number: 9,031,584

Inventors: Bai; Taixu (Katy, TX), Vinegar; Harold J. (Bellaire, TX), Hansen; Kirk Samuel (Houston, TX)
Title: Inhibiting wellbore deformation during in situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation
Patent Number: 7,219,734

Inventors: Bailey; Valerie Ann (Florence, KY), Mackey; Larry Neil (Fairfield, OH), Trokhan; Paul Dennis (Hamilton, OH)
Title: Fiber comprising unmodified and/or modified starch and a crosslinking agent
Patent Number: 7,938,908

Inventors: Bajgrowicz; Brian David (Marion, IN)
Title: Algorithm for improving transponder scanning in a satellite set-top box
Patent Number: 9,032,449

Inventors: Baker; Robert E. (Bedford, WY)
Title: Floatdown implement for small vehicles
Patent Number: 7,219,453

Inventors: Balakrishnan; Balu (Saratoga, CA)
Title: Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit with multilength power transistor elements
Patent Number: 7,220,629

Inventors: Ballard; Claudio R. (Fort Lauderdale, FL), Sargent; Andrew P. (Chittenden, VT), Seward; Jeffrey N. (Fairfax, VT)
Title: System for integrating a plurality of modules using a power/data backbone network
Patent Number: 7,940,673

Inventors: Balsdon; Julian G (Bristol, GB), Walters; Sean A (Bristol, GB)
Title: Blade tip clearance system
Patent Number: 7,938,621

Inventors: Bamberg; Joe Timothy (East Palo Alto, CA), Bartlett; Mark (Mountain View, CA), DuBois; Daisy Joe (Palo Alto, CA), Elworthy; Todd Richard (Los Altos, CA), Hendricks; Robert Than (San Carlos, CA), Hermann; Johannes Cornelius (San Francisco, CA), Kondru; Rama K. (Sunnyvale, CA), Lemoine; Remy (San Francisco, CA), Lou; Yan (San Jose, CA), Owens; Timothy D. (Mountain View, CA), Park; Jaehyeon (Sunnyvale, CA), Smith; David Bernard (San Mateo, CA), Soth; Michael (Milpitas, CA), Yang; Hanbiao (Sunnyvale, CA), Yee; Calvin Wesley (Daly City, CA)
Title: Pyrrolopyrazine kinase inhibitors
Patent Number: 7,939,531

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Title: Method and apparatus for profiling power performance of software applications
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