Sunday, August 13 2017

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Abbaspour; Soroush (Ossining, NY), Akhter; Ayesha (Austin, TX), Feldmann; Peter (NY, NY), Keinert; Joachim (Altdorf, DE)
Title: Performing reliability analysis of signal wires
Patent Number: 8,463,571

Inventors: Abogabir; Ximena Munoz (Santiago, CL)
Title: Lighting system for generating light and an image
Patent Number: 7,543,976

Inventors: Achen; Marc G. (North Melbourne, AU), Stacker; Steven Alan (North Fitzroy, AU), Alitalo; Kari (Espoo, FI)
Title: Method of enhancing the acceptance and/or healing of a skin graft
Patent Number: 8,461,109

Inventors: Ackermann; Klaus (Munich, DE)
Title: Device for investigating the vicinity for a vehicle and method for its production
Patent Number: 8,465,075

Inventors: Adachi; Daisuke (Kameoka, JP), Tsuji; Hiroyasu (Sennan-gun, JP), Sumida; Keisuke (Hirakata, JP)
Title: Image display and method for evaluating glass substrate to be used in same
Patent Number: 7,545,561

Inventors: Adachi; Hiroyuki (Tsuchiura, JP), Hirata; Toichi (Ushiku, JP), Sugiyama; Genroku (Ibaraki-ken, JP), Watanabe; Hiroshi (Ushiku, JP), Shibata; Koichi (Tsuchiura, JP), Komatsu; Hideki (Ibaraki-ken, JP), Miura; Shuichi (Koshigaya, JP), Mitsuya; Koji (Kashiwa, JP), Saito; Yoshiaki (Adachi-ku, JP), Sato; Atsushi (Soka, JP)
Title: Method and system for managing construction machine, and arithmetic processing apparatus
Patent Number: 6,907,384

Inventors: Adachi; Kiyoshi (Hiratsuka, JP)
Title: Substrate connector
Patent Number: 8,460,011

Inventors: Adachi; Masaya (Hitachi, JP), Tsumura; Makoto (Hitachi, JP)
Title: Lighting unit and display provided with the same
Patent Number: 8,465,168

Inventors: Adams; Curtis W. (Flemington, NJ)
Title: Dental implant
Patent Number: 8,465,283

Inventors: Adams; Paul (Albuquerque, NM)
Title: Laptop computer desk
Patent Number: 8,459,191

Inventors: Addy; Stephan George Ayikwei (Kassel, DE)
Title: Seating device
Patent Number: 8,465,099

Inventors: Adetutu; Olubunmi O. (Austin, TX), Jawarani; Dharmesh (Round Rock, TX), Cotton; Randy W. (Pflugerville, TX)
Title: Dual metal silicide scheme using a dual spacer process
Patent Number: 7,544,575

Inventors: Adkins; Willard (Land O'Lakes, FL), Hilpert; Fredrich M. (Brooksville, FL)
Title: Method for manufacturing a railing assembly
Patent Number: 8,464,416

Inventors: Adler; Yoram Simha (Haifa, IL), Behar; Noam (Haifa, IL), Blue; Dale E. (New York, NY), Orna Raz-Pelleg; Orna X (Haifa, IL)
Title: Generating a functional coverage model from a trace
Patent Number: 8,464,103

Inventors: Agarwal; Kanak Behari (Austin, TX), Banerjee; Shayak (Austin, TX)
Title: Machine learning approach to correct lithographic hot-spots
Patent Number: 8,464,194

Inventors: Agarwal; Sheel P. (Stow, OH), Powell; Allen (Akron, OH)
Title: Air springs and vulcanizable compositions for preparing the same
Patent Number: 8,461,241

Inventors: Agarwal; Vikas (Austin, TX), Dubey; Sanjay (Austin, TX), Islam; Saiful (Austin, TX), Mittal; Gaurav (Round Rock, TX)
Title: Energy-saving circuit and method using charge equalization across complementary nodes
Patent Number: 7,545,176

Inventors: Aissi; Selim (Beaverton, OR), Smith; Ned McArthur (Beaverton, OR), Wiseman; Willard M. (Vernonia, OR)
Title: Hardware-based credential management
Patent Number: 7,546,452

Inventors: Ajioka; Yoshiki (Hitachi, JP), Ishi; Mitsuru (Hitachi, JP), Iso; Junichi (Hitachi, JP)
Title: Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element, method for forming resist pattern and method for manufacturing printed wiring board
Patent Number: 8,460,852

Inventors: Ajioka; Yoshiki (Ibaraki, JP), Ishi; Mitsuru (Ibaraki, JP), Iso; Junichi (Ibaraki, JP)
Title: Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element, resist pattern manufacturing method, and printed circuit board manufacturing method
Patent Number: 8,460,853

Inventors: Ajmera; Atul C. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Baiocco; Christopher V. (Newburgh, NY), Chen; Xiangdong (Poughquag, NY), Gao; Wenzhi (Beacon, NY), Teh; Young Way (Singapore, MY)
Title: Spacer and process to enhance the strain in the channel with stress liner
Patent Number: 8,461,009

Inventors: Ajtai; Miklos (Los Gatos, CA)
Title: Public key cryptosystem and associated method utilizing a hard lattice with O(n log n) random bits for security
Patent Number: 8,462,940

Inventors: Akimoto; Hikokazu (Aichi-gun, JP), Nishigaki; Takahiro (Nagoya, JP)
Title: Engine misfire detection apparatus for internal combustion engine and engine misfire detection method
Patent Number: 7,543,483

Inventors: Al-Dabagh; Maad A. (Sunnyvale, CA), Tetelbaum; Alexander (Hayward, CA)
Title: Integrated circuit design system and method for reducing and avoiding crosstalk
Patent Number: 6,907,590

Inventors: Al-Dabagh; Maad A. (Sunnyvale, CA), Tetelbaum; Alexander (Hayward, CA), Huang; Tammy T. (Fremont, CA)
Title: Integrated design system and method for reducing and avoiding crosstalk
Patent Number: 6,907,586

Inventors: Aldridge; James H. (Augusta, MI)
Title: Apparatus and system for vertebrae stabilization and curvature correction, and methods of making and using same
Patent Number: 8,465,523

Inventors: Alenius; Sakari Tapio (Lempaala, FI), Vehvilainen; Markku Kalevi (Tampere, FI), Bilcu; Radu Ciprian (Tampere, FI)
Title: Method and apparatus for illumination
Patent Number: 8,459,811

Inventors: Alexander; Douglas (Woodside, CA), Bucher; Tim (Los Altos, CA), Perlman; Stephen G. (Palo Alto, CA)
Title: System and method for interconnecting components that employ either composite or S-video signals
Patent Number: 6,907,615

Inventors: Alexander; Paul (San Jose, CA), Schmitzberger; Jurg (San Jose, CA), Tandon; Ashish (Sunnyvale, CA), Wieting; Robert D. (Simi Valley, CA)
Title: Quartz boat method and apparatus for thin film thermal treatment
Patent Number: 8,461,061

Inventors: Alford, II; James A. (Mesa, AZ)
Title: Shoe device with electronic graphic designs
Patent Number: 8,464,442

Inventors: Alihodzic; Admir (Graz, AT), Kargl; Walter (Graz, AT), Missoni; Albert (Graz, AT)
Title: Method and circuit for controlling the input signal for a contactless transponder
Patent Number: 7,545,892

Inventors: Allan; Matthew James (Easteigh, GB)
Title: Nest for solitary bees
Patent Number: 8,465,340

Inventors: Allan; Russell John (North Croydon, AU)
Title: Method and apparatus for measuring properties of board products
Patent Number: 8,463,560

Inventors: Allen; Robert J. (Jericho, VT), Endicott; Cam V. (Essex Junction, VT), Heng; Fook-Luen (Yorktown Heights, NY), Hibbeler; Jason D. (Williston, VT), McCullen; Kevin W. (Essex Junction, VT), Narayan; Rani (San Jose, CA), Walker; Robert F. (St. George, VT), Yuan; Xin (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Technology migration for integrated circuits with radical design restrictions
Patent Number: 8,464,189

Inventors: Allen; Thomas H. (Boise, ID), Irwin; Gregg (Nampa, ID)
Title: System and method for providing to multiple user computers concurrent telephonic access to multiple remote devices
Patent Number: 7,546,372

Inventors: Allison; Brendan Z. (Atlanta, GA), Pineda; Jaime A. (San Diego, CA)
Title: Communication methods based on brain computer interfaces
Patent Number: 7,546,158

Inventors: Almonte; Kenneth V. (Portland, OR), Bickford; Charles (Portland, OR), Barrett; Spencer (Portland, OR)
Title: Multivariate predictive insulation resistance measurement
Patent Number: 8,461,849

Inventors: Amano; Ryosuke (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method
Patent Number: 8,462,260

Inventors: Amini; Lisa Dronette (Yorktown Heights, NY), Lin; Ching-Yung (Forest Hills, NY), Verscheure; Olivier (Hopewell Junction, NY)
Title: Methods and apparatus for filtering video packets for large-scale video stream monitoring
Patent Number: 7,545,978

Inventors: Anderson, Jr.; James Daniel (Harrodsburg, KY), Greer; David Emerson (Lexington, KY)
Title: Unitary wick retainer and biasing device retainer for micro-fluid ejection head replaceable cartridge
Patent Number: 7,543,912

Inventors: Anderson; David (Aurora, IL), Ekkert; Len (Lemont, IL)
Title: Component holdback system
Patent Number: 8,459,441

Inventors: Anderson; Marilyn Anne (Keilor, AU), Lay; Fung Tso (Reservoir, AU), Heath; Robyn Louise (Clifton Hill, AU)
Title: Defensin-encoding nucleic acid molecules, uses therefor and transgenic plants comprising same
Patent Number: 7,544,861

Inventors: Andersson; Helen Tuvesson (Lund, SE), Vellmar; Ulf (Sodra Sandby, SE), Hallin; Ingrid (Lund, SE), Svenson; Leif (Rydeback, SE), Fritzson; Ingela (Lund, SE)
Title: Anthranilic acid derivatives
Patent Number: 8,461,205

Inventors: Andersson; Johan (Vasteras, SE), Rudin; Mikael (Vasteras, SE), Pauly; Tomas (Vasteras, SE)
Title: Equipment procurement method and system
Patent Number: 7,546,253

Inventors: Andres; Thorsten (Paderborn, DE), Richter; Bjorn (Paderborn, DE)
Title: Apparatus and method for detecting deformations on a vehicle component
Patent Number: 8,462,319

Inventors: Anger; Andre (Hamburg, DE), Schone; Wolfram (Buxtehude, DE)
Title: Emergency evacuation system, in particular for a tailless aeroplane
Patent Number: 8,459,594

Inventors: Anthoine; Sebastien (Sallanches, FR)
Title: Viscoelastic transmission device for a roller shutter actuator
Patent Number: 8,464,776

Inventors: Antoline; Steven Allen (Mt. Lookout, WV), Van Es; Paul Emile (Helvoirt, NL), in 't Hout; Cornelis Wilhelm (Gouda, NL)
Title: Anchoring device and method for fixation of a launching unit for highwall mining
Patent Number: 8,459,750

Inventors: Aoki; Katsushi (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Wiring route determining apparatus, group determining apparatus, wiring route determining program storing medium and group determining program storing medium
Patent Number: 6,907,594

Inventors: Aoki; Kengou (Kirishima, JP)
Title: Liquid crystal display element, liquid crystal display device, and display equipment
Patent Number: 7,545,468

Inventors: Apostolos; John T. (Lyndeborough, NH), Zank; Paul A. (Brookline, NH), Feng; Judy (Nashua, NH), Brittain; Candice L. (Nashua, NH)
Title: Method and system for the detection and identification of explosives and/or contraband
Patent Number: 8,463,557

Inventors: Aquila; Brian (Waltham, MA), Kamhi; Victor (Waltham, MA), Peng; Bo (Waltham, MA), Pontz; Timothy (Waltham, MA), Saeh; Jamal Carlos (Waltham, MA), Thakur; Kumar (Waltham, MA), Yang; Bin (Waltham, MA)
Title: Chemical compounds
Patent Number: 8,461,170

Inventors: Arad; Oded (Rehovot, IL), Ostrovsky; Elena (Rishon Le-Zion, IL)
Title: (1R, 1'R)-atracurium salts separation process
Patent Number: 8,461,338

Inventors: Arakawa; Haruo (Toyota, JP), Yokoyama; Takahisa (Anjo, JP), Takeshita; Takayuki (Anjo, JP), Nitta; Chihiro (Anjo, JP)
Title: Brake apparatus for a vehicle
Patent Number: 7,543,688

Inventors: Arakawa; Takeshi (Naha, JP), Kikukawa; Masanao (Urasoe, JP), Shimabukuro; Isao (Naha, JP), Tadano; Masayuki (Okinawa, JP), Matsumoto; Yasunobu (Tokyo, JP), Tsuji; Naotoshi (Tsukuba, JP), Sato; Yoshiya (Okinawa, JP)
Title: Hetero type pentamer recombinant vaccine
Patent Number: 7,544,361

Inventors: Araki; Katsuhiko (Hino, JP)
Title: Content reproduction apparatus and content reproduction method
Patent Number: 8,464,305

Inventors: Araki; Satoru (San Jose, CA), Contreras; John (Palo Alto, CA), Klaassen; Klaas Berend (San Jose, CA), Patterson; Ramona Marie (San Jose, CA), Seagle; David John (Morgan Hill, CA), Zolla; Howard Gordon (San Jose, CA)
Title: Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor with impedance adjustment
Patent Number: 7,545,608

Inventors: Arendt; Scott P. (APO, AF), Bernal; Rodolfo Jesus (Fredericksburg, VA), Fabian; Vladimir (Arlington, VA), Jean; Thomas E. (Hague, VA), Lynn, IV; Carl S. (Fredericksburg, VA), Smith; Kevin G. (King George, VA)
Title: Fastener for strut channel
Patent Number: 8,465,242

Inventors: Argyres; Dimitri (San Jose, CA)
Title: Fast quaternary content addressable memory cell
Patent Number: 8,462,532

Inventors: Aridor; Yariv (Zichron-Yaakov, IL), Biran; Ofer (Haifa, IL), Krishnakumar; Srirama (White Plains, NY), Pruett; Gregory (Raleigh, NC), Yassour; Ben-Ami (Technion, IL)
Title: Method for managing multi-tier application complexes
Patent Number: 7,546,610

Inventors: Ariyoshi; Masayuki (Mitaka, JP), Doi; Nobukazu (Hachioji, JP), Shiga; Tesshin (Kodaira, JP), Ohta; Yoshito (Tokorozawa, JP)
Title: CDMA communication system and method
Patent Number: 7,545,777

Inventors: Armstrong; William Joseph (Rochester, MN), Larson; David Anthony (Rochester, MN), Nayar; Naresh (Rochester, MN)
Title: Virtualization of a global interrupt queue
Patent Number: 7,546,406

Inventors: Arns; Wilhelm (Paderborn, DE)
Title: Bumper structure
Patent Number: 7,543,866

Inventors: Aronovich; Lior (Ramat Gan, IL), Toaff; Yair (Ramat Gan, IL), Paz; Gil (Yehud, IL), Asher; Ron (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: Implementing transactional mechanisms on data segments using distributed shared memory
Patent Number: 8,463,829

Inventors: Arrell; Douglas J. (Oviedo, FL), Hoell; Harald (Wachtersbach, DE), Hunt; David W. (Orlando, FL), Kolk; Karsten (Mulheim a.d. Ruhr, DE), Nimptsch; Harald (Essen, DE)
Title: Rotor for an axial flow turbomachine
Patent Number: 8,459,951

Inventors: Au; Lawrence (Vienna, VA)
Title: System and method for analyzing text using emotional intelligence factors
Patent Number: 8,463,594

Inventors: Auclair; Dominique (Villiers-sur-Marne, FR), Lejeune; Olivier (Beynes, FR), Masson; Olivier (Rueil-Malmaison, FR)
Title: Method of estimating the duration of target wheel teeth
Patent Number: 7,543,486

Inventors: Ault; Donald F. (Hyde Park, NY)
Title: Method, system and computer program product for testing computer programs
Patent Number: 7,546,585

Inventors: Ausborn; Michael (Lorrach, DE), Lambert; Olivier (Spechbach-le-Haut, FR), Nagele; Oskar (Sissach, CH)
Title: Pharmaceutical microparticles
Patent Number: 8,460,709

Inventors: Averback; Paul (Beaconsfield, CA), Gemmell; Jack (Mississauga, CA)
Title: Protein and its use in diagnosing Alzheimer's disease
Patent Number: 7,544,771

Inventors: Avila; Ricardo (Clifton Park, NY)
Title: Method and system for measuring lung tissue damage and disease risk
Patent Number: 8,465,437

Inventors: Aydt; Ewald (Berlin, DE), Kranich; Remo (Berlin, DE)
Title: Phloroglucinol derivatives having selectin ligand activity
Patent Number: 8,461,207

Inventors: Ba-Abbad; Mazen Abdullah (Riyadh, SA), A Aljaloud; Ali Abdullah (Riyadh, SA), Alabdulkader; Ahmed Mohammed (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Method and system for treatment of biological wastes for preparation of fertilizers
Patent Number: 8,460,426

Inventors: Babu; Srinivasan (San Diego, CA), Bergeron; Phillippe (Oakland, CA), Dragovich; Peter (San Diego, CA), Dyke; Hazel Joan (Storrington, GB), Gibbons; Paul (San Francisco, CA), Gradl; Stefan (Princeton, NJ), Hanan; Emily (Redwood City, CA), Hurley; Christopher (Welwyn Garden City, GB), Johnson; Tony (Soham, GB), Koehler; Michael (Palo Alto, CA), Kulagowski; Janusz (Sawbridgeworth, GB), Labadie; Sharada (Sunnyvale, CA), Lyssikatos; Joseph (Piedmont, CA), Mendonca; Rohan (Pleasanton, CA), Pulk; Rebecca (San Francisco, CA), Ward; Stuart (Royston, GB), Waszkowycz; Bohdan (Macclesfield, GB), Zak; Mark (San Mateo, CA)
Title: Tricyclic heterocyclic compounds, compositions and methods of use thereof
Patent Number: 8,461,328

Inventors: Babudri; Francesco (Bari, IT), Farinola; Gianluca Maria (Bari, IT), Naso; Francesco (Bari, IT), Palmisano; Francesco (Bari, IT), Torsi; Luisa (Bari, IT), Tanese; Maria Cristina (Bari, IT), Zambonin; Pier Giorgio (Bari, IT), Hassan Omar; Omar (Sesto Fiorentino, IT), Valli; Ludovico (Lecce, IT)
Title: Organic thin film transistors comprising thienyl oligomers and their use as gaseous phase sensors
Patent Number: 8,461,354

Inventors: Baburao; Barath (Knoxville, TN), Schubert; Craig (Lake Jackson, TX)
Title: Advanced intercooling and recycling in CO.sub.2 absorption
Patent Number: 8,460,436

Inventors: Bach; Jon Carl (Frenchtown, NJ)
Title: Archery peep sight
Patent Number: 7,543,390

Inventors: Bachmann; Charles M. (Burke, VA)
Title: Adaptive resampling classifier method and apparatus
Patent Number: 7,545,986

Inventors: Bachmann; Martin F. (Winterthur, CH), Bauer; Monika (Zurich, CH), Beerli; Roger (Adlikon b. Regensdorf, CH), Schmitz; Nicole (Urdorf, CH)
Title: Fully human influenza M2 specific antibodies
Patent Number: 8,460,670

Inventors: Bachraty; Milan (London, GB), Terlunen; Andreas (Muhlenbeck, DE), Liebetrau; Matthias (Falkensee, DE)
Title: Airbag
Patent Number: 7,543,850

Inventors: Badawi; Mahmoud (Falls Church, VA)
Title: Hookah bowl
Patent Number: 8,464,725

Inventors: Baez; Michael (Carlsbad, CA)
Title: Overhead storage system
Patent Number: 7,543,538

Inventors: Bagheri; Saeed (Croton on Hudson, NY), Chaar; Jarir K. (Tarrytown, NY), Chee; Yi-Min (Yorktown Heights, NY), Ratakonda; Krishna C. (Yorktown Heights, NY), Zhou; Nianjun (Danbury, CT)
Title: Automated allocation of resources to functional areas of an enterprise activity environment
Patent Number: 8,463,637

Inventors: Bajko; Gabor (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Method, apparatus, and computer program product for wireless network discovery through passive and active scanning
Patent Number: 8,463,175

Inventors: Bakre; Manjiri M. (Genome, SG), Stanton; Lawrence W. (Genome, SG)
Title: Methods of specifying mesodermal, endodermal and mesoendodermal cell fates
Patent Number: 8,460,928

Inventors: Balasubramanian; Balamurugan (Mountain View, CA), Lahner; Juergen (Sunnyvale, CA), Adusumalli; Srinivas (San Jose, CA)
Title: Congestion estimation for register transfer level code
Patent Number: 6,907,588

Inventors: Balazs; Laszlo (Godollo, HU), Maros; Istvan (Budapest, HU), Agod; Attila (Dunakeszi, HU), Fulop; Jozsef (Budapest, HU), Orban; Janos (Veresegyhaz, HU), Schmidt; Gabor (Kecsked, HU), Bakk; Istvan Peter (Torokbalint, HU)
Title: Thermal management of LEDS integrated to compact fluorescent lamps
Patent Number: 7,543,957

Inventors: Balogh; W. Thomas (Houston, TX)
Title: Electrodynamic accelerometer
Patent Number: 7,543,497

Inventors: Bampfer; Michael (Rotenburg, DE)
Title: Feed unit
Patent Number: 7,543,570

Inventors: Bandiera; Tiziano (Gambolo, IT), Lombardi Borgia; Andrea (Paullo, IT), Orrenius; Sten Christian (Gallarate, IT), Perrone; Ettore (Boffalora Sopra Ticino, IT), Beria; Italo (Nerviano, IT), Fancelli; Daniele (Milan, IT), Galvani; Arturo (Parabiago, IT)
Title: Substituted pyrrolo-pyrazole derivatives active as kinase inhibitors
Patent Number: 8,461,193

Inventors: Bandyopadhyay; Somenath (Santa Clara, CA), Gole; Abhijeet P. (Cupertino, CA), Bhatt; Jayesh (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Balancing caching load in a peer-to-peer based network file system
Patent Number: 8,463,788

Inventors: Banerjee; Arindam (Bangalore, IN), Sangapu; Satish (Wichita, KS)
Title: Method and system for reducing power loss to backup IO start time of a storage device in a storage virtualization environment
Patent Number: 8,464,257

Inventors: Banner; David (Basel, CH), Hilpert; Hans (Muenchenstein, CH), Humm; Roland (Auggen, DE), Mauser; Harald (Schliengen, DE), Mayweg; Alexander V. (Basel, CH), Ricklin; Fabienne (Hombourg, FR), Rogers-Evans; Mark (Bottmingen, CH)
Title: Dihydropyrimidinones
Patent Number: 8,461,160

Inventors: Banning; Jeffrey H. (Hillsboro, OR)
Title: Colorant compounds
Patent Number: 7,544,796

Inventors: Barai; Bikash (West Bengal, IN), De; Nilanjan (West Bengal, IN)
Title: Method and system simulating a hacking attack on a network
Patent Number: 8,464,346

Inventors: Barbanson; Monique (Palo Alto, CA), Fatehpuria; Pradip K. (Cupertino, CA), Darnell; Michael J. (San Jose, CA)
Title: Legibility of selected content
Patent Number: 6,907,576

Inventors: Barbeau; Claude (Saint-Bruno, CA), Messier; Patrick (Montreal, CA)
Title: Dock catway with improved nose piece, dock bumper and platform
Patent Number: 8,459,902

Inventors: Barclay; Brian J. (Atlanta, GA), Guinn; Andrew C. (Chicago, IL), Louie; Daniel P. (Chicago, IL), Schwartz; Richard T. (Chicago, IL)
Title: Controlling and presenting virtual wagering game environments
Patent Number: 8,460,107

Inventors: Barclay; Brian J. (Atlanta, GA), Guinn; Andrew C. (Chicago, IL), Robbins; Richard B. (Glenview, IL), Schwartz; Richard T. (Deerfield, IL)
Title: Integrating chat and wagering games
Patent Number: 8,460,099

Inventors: Barnes; William J. (Miami, FL)
Title: Aircraft icing detector
Patent Number: 8,462,354

Inventors: Barrow; Michael (El Dorado Hills, CA)
Title: Perimeter matrix ball grid array circuit package with a populated center
Patent Number: 7,543,377

Inventors: Barth; Matthew S. (Rochester, MN), Lee; Jason S. (Rochester, MN), Rebhahn; Jason A. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Multi-dimensional print cutting head
Patent Number: 8,459,889

Inventors: Bartlett; Allan (Newbury, GB), Law; Alan (Basingstoke, GB)
Title: Radio frequency distribution with spreading
Patent Number: 8,462,830

Inventors: Bartley; Gerald Keith (Rochester, MN), Becker; Darryl John (Rochester, MN), Borkenhagen; John Michael (Rochester, MN), Dahlen; Paul Eric (Rochester, MN), Germann; Philip Raymond (Oronoco, MN), Maki; Andrew Benson (Rochester, MN), Maxson; Mark Owen (Mantorville, MN)
Title: Self timed memory chip having an apportionable data bus
Patent Number: 7,546,410

Inventors: Basar; Ivan (Gerlingen, DE)
Title: Device and method for measuring the geometry of a workpiece
Patent Number: 8,464,575

Inventors: Bateman; Nicholas P. T. (Reading, MA), Anella; Steven M. (West Newbury, MA), Riordon; Benjamin B. (Newburyport, MA), Gupta; Atul (Beverly, MA)
Title: Masked ion implant with fast-slow scan
Patent Number: 8,461,553

Inventors: Baudesson; Philippe (La Boissiere, FR), Capitaneanu; Stefan (Mousseaux Neuville, FR), Loizelet; Philippe (Le Plessis Hebert, FR)
Title: Parameterization method for a converter and converter implementing the method
Patent Number: 7,545,114

Inventors: Baudisch; Andreas (Offenbach, DE), Karl; Klaus (Geinhausen, DE), Kissel; Robert Wolfgang (Egelsbach, DE), Nehm; Georg (Niedernberg, DE), Rigorth; Marcel (Babenhausen, DE), Urlaub; Gunter (Schaafheim, DE)
Title: On board screen device
Patent Number: 8,459,603

Inventors: Baudisch; Patrick (Palo Alto, CA), Good; Nathaniel S. (Palo Alto, CA), Stewart; Paul Joseph (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Methods of using mixed resolution displays
Patent Number: 7,546,540

Inventors: Bauer; Siegfried (Linz, AT), Graz; Ingrid (Linz, AT), Schwodiauer; Reinhard (Linz, AT), Keplinger; Christoph (Wilhering, AT), Kaltenbrunner; Martin (Linz, AT), Lacour; Stephanie Perichon (Cottenham, GB), Wagner; Sigurd (Princeton, NJ)
Title: Ferroic sensor having tini-film field-effect transistor and ferroic layer applied to substrate
Patent Number: 8,461,636

Inventors: Baumann; Karl-Heinz (Bondorf, DE), Fehring; Michael (Neuhausen, DE), Schaub; Norbert (Remseck, DE), Schoeneburg; Rodolfo (Hechingen, DE)
Title: Motor vehicle and braking process
Patent Number: 8,463,502

Inventors: Baumberg; Adam Michael (Berkshire, GB)
Title: Image generation method and apparatus
Patent Number: 7,545,384

Inventors: Bausch; Michael E. (Victor, NY), Dailor; Mary A. (Victor, NY), Hudson; David H. (Victor, NY), Miller; Scott W. (Victor, NY), Schneier; Michael L. (Victor, NY), Schooping; Martin P. (Victor, NY)
Title: Developer cartridge including sealing gasket
Patent Number: 6,907,208

Inventors: Bearden; John H. (Woodstock, GA)
Title: Apparatus for collecting artificial turf for recycling
Patent Number: 8,464,801

Inventors: Becerra; Lino R. (Cambridge, MA), Breiter; Hans C. (Lincoln, MA), Borsook; David (Concord, MA)
Title: Method and apparatus for objectively measuring pain, pain treatment and other related techniques
Patent Number: 6,907,280

Inventors: Beck; Robert A. (Framingham, MA), Mateer, Jr.; Robert A. (North Uxbridge, MA)
Title: Method for producing purified hematinic iron-saccharidic complex and product produced
Patent Number: 8,460,939

Inventors: Becker; Markus K. (Dortmund, DE), Frohs; Peter (Velbert, DE), Marcinkowski; Maik (Bochum, DE), Holzapfel; Michael (Heidenheim, DE), Bachmann; Michael (Heidenheim, DE), Jaros; Michael (Heidenheim, DE)
Title: Rotary elastic coupling and its method of manufacture
Patent Number: 8,460,114

Inventors: Bednarek; Michael D. (Bethesda, MD)
Title: System and method for promoting commerce, including sales agent assisted commerce, in a networked economy
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Serial Number: 78453038

Serial Number: 78829881

Owner: Artist Pension Trust
Serial Number: 78405426

Serial Number: 76631008

Owner: Ascendia Medtech AB
Serial Number: 78546095

Serial Number: 76629051

Serial Number: 78829265

Owner: Austin Bancorp, Inc.
Serial Number: 78779653

Owner: Banks Fine Art, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 78755927

Owner: Barbara J. Schell M.D. PLLC
Serial Number: 78661294

Owner: Barnes, Marlene P.
Serial Number: 78782959

Serial Number: 78577955

Owner: BeautyBank Inc.
Serial Number: 78275114

Serial Number: 78779868

Owner: Bell Sports, Inc.
Serial Number: 78470444

Owner: BeWell Body Scan, LLC
Serial Number: 76369225

Owner: Bil-Jax, Inc.
Serial Number: 78563747

Owner: Bird Barrier America, Inc.
Serial Number: 78679019

Owner: Bird Barrier America, Inc.
Serial Number: 78676709

Owner: Bird Barrier America, Inc.
Serial Number: 78676721

Owner: Bird Barrier America, Inc.
Serial Number: 78676862

Serial Number: 78686891

Owner: Bowtie, Inc.
Serial Number: 78624799

Owner: Bowtie, Inc.
Serial Number: 78515483

Serial Number: 78580664

Serial Number: 78670135

Serial Number: 78627526

Serial Number: 76646524

Owner: Buzz Monkey Software, LLC
Serial Number: 78789463

Owner: Caines Hill Partners, LLC
Serial Number: 78769402

Owner: Callaway Arts & Entertainment
Serial Number: 76620979

Owner: CaptiveWorks Inc.
Serial Number: 78769920

Owner: Celestial Pictures Limited
Serial Number: 76477002

Owner: Central Janitors Supply Co. Inc.
Serial Number: 78657363

Serial Number: 76646264

Serial Number: 78233209

Owner: Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Serial Number: 76642763

Serial Number: 78675035

Serial Number: 78673685

Owner: Colgate-Palmolive Company
Serial Number: 78442760

Owner: College of Biblical Studies
Serial Number: 78584565

Owner: Combe Incorporated
Serial Number: 78752013

Owner: CompuData, Inc.
Serial Number: 78633941

Owner: Coupon Sense Inc.
Serial Number: 78791027

Serial Number: 76443934

Serial Number: 76635656

Serial Number: 78620402

Serial Number: 78759681

Owner: DeJosia, Francesca
Serial Number: 78781418

Serial Number: 78240535

Owner: DiBari, Ashley Heavenstone
Serial Number: 78745294

Owner: Dorf, Robert E
Serial Number: 78705562

Owner: Dow AgroSciences LLC
Serial Number: 78302796

Owner: Dreamgear LLC
Serial Number: 76628823

Owner: Duro Dyne Corporation
Serial Number: 78679423

Owner: Duro Dyne Corporation
Serial Number: 78674609

Owner: Dycom Identity, LLC
Serial Number: 78769020

Owner: Dycom Identity, LLC
Serial Number: 78665705

Owner: E-Net Corporation
Serial Number: 78524689

Serial Number: 78531311

Owner: Elizabeth Arden, Inc.
Serial Number: 78702246

Owner: ElizaGray LLC
Serial Number: 78607611

Owner: Encore Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 78680749

Owner: Engineered Foundation Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 78684160

Serial Number: 76603397

Serial Number: 78765635

Serial Number: 78764528

Owner: Ex'pression Center for New Media, Inc.
Serial Number: 78588418

Owner: Fairfield Line, Inc.
Serial Number: 78781061

Serial Number: 76617444

Owner: FIVE9, INC.
Serial Number: 78849620

Owner: Flat Attack Sealant Company, LLC
Serial Number: 78786289

Serial Number: 78617560

Owner: Fort James Operating Company
Serial Number: 78603832

Owner: Four Bears Winery, LLC
Serial Number: 78760583

Owner: Four Seasons Financial Partners, Inc.
Serial Number: 78574330

Owner: Freska Produce International, LLC
Serial Number: 78502442

Owner: Gagnebin, Charles L. III
Serial Number: 76592255

Owner: Giant Partners, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 78771442

Owner: Goddess Garden
Serial Number: 78605526

Serial Number: 76624752

Owner: Goods Boutique LLC
Serial Number: 78623921

Serial Number: 78695019

Serial Number: 78669332

Owner: Guangzhou Kingfa Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 78249401

Owner: Hass Avocado Board
Serial Number: 78459473

Owner: Hi-Gear Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 76651420

Owner: Hospitality Talent Scouts, Inc.
Serial Number: 78712134

Serial Number: 73065216

Owner: Humana Inc.
Serial Number: 78628786

Owner: IDT Netherlands, B.V. (Puerto Rico Branch)
Serial Number: 78778214

Serial Number: 78783756

Owner: Inspection Depot, Inc.
Serial Number: 78388562

Owner: International Business Brokers Association
Serial Number: 78458784

Serial Number: 78616853

Serial Number: 76513687

Serial Number: 76645160

Owner: Jarrow Formulas, Inc.
Serial Number: 78871588

Owner: JayDay, Inc.
Serial Number: 78630811

Serial Number: 78455068

Serial Number: 76561152

Serial Number: 78782463

Serial Number: 78782510

Serial Number: 78499238

Owner: Jones Motor Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 76605764

Owner: K-2 Corporation
Serial Number: 78754290

Serial Number: 78596845

Owner: Kenton Group.Com, LLC
Serial Number: 78512994

Serial Number: 78606730

Owner: Klosterman Baking Co.
Serial Number: 78732690

Owner: Knightsbridge Human Capital Management Inc.
Serial Number: 76625699

Serial Number: 78556654

Serial Number: 76600414

Serial Number: 78712778

Owner: L.O.F.T.M., INC.
Serial Number: 76458690

Serial Number: 76614149

Serial Number: 78502522

Serial Number: 76627381

Serial Number: 78538596

Serial Number: 78762602

Serial Number: 78593787

Owner: MacFarlane, Jenna Lynne
Serial Number: 78713699

Owner: MANOUKIAN, Boris
Serial Number: 78369659

Serial Number: 78766314

Serial Number: 78766321

Serial Number: 78781528

Serial Number: 78485755

Serial Number: 78790194

Serial Number: 78662178

Owner: Next Step Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 78166209

Owner: Pack-Rat Portable Mini-Storage, LLC
Serial Number: 78660712

Owner: Pallet Systems of America, LLC
Serial Number: 78603616

Serial Number: 78233962

Serial Number: 76483067

Owner: Planet Ventures, Inc.
Serial Number: 76298288

Serial Number: 78217131

Serial Number: 76643797

Serial Number: 78789968

Serial Number: 78541940

Serial Number: 78804035

Owner: RANCÉ & C. S.R.L.
Serial Number: 78636170

Owner: Rawlings, Ron W.
Serial Number: 76606179

Owner: Raymond James Financial, Inc.
Serial Number: 78486027

Owner: RazorGator Interactive Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 78609134

Serial Number: 78558216

Owner: Reel Life DVD, LLC
Serial Number: 78699662

Serial Number: 78702641

Owner: Ron Lee Stewart @ Associates, LLC
Serial Number: 78604558

Owner: Roytex, Inc.
Serial Number: 78461140

Owner: Sensible Software, Inc.
Serial Number: 76572180

Owner: Shane, Richard
Serial Number: 78687610

Owner: Shimano Inc.
Serial Number: 78386595

Owner: SIKA AG
Serial Number: 76652734

Owner: Silver Creek Entertainment Corporation
Serial Number: 78776442

Owner: Sitronic Gesellschaft für elektrotechnische Ausrüstung mbH & Co. KG
Serial Number: 76589813

Owner: Smart & Final Stores Corporation
Serial Number: 78765886

Serial Number: 78790802

Owner: Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc.
Serial Number: 78374983

Serial Number: 78781582

Owner: Stark, Russell J.
Serial Number: 78412888

Serial Number: 78450778

Serial Number: 76629315

Owner: Swierzewski, III, Stanley J.
Serial Number: 78746990

Owner: SWIMC, INC.
Serial Number: 78621064

Owner: Syracuse University School of Information Studies
Serial Number: 78506002

Serial Number: 78671352

Owner: Telezygology, Inc.
Serial Number: 78700147

Serial Number: 76610018

Owner: The Diller Corporation
Serial Number: 78561309

Owner: The Diller Corporation
Serial Number: 78561310

Owner: The Diller Corporation
Serial Number: 78561312

Owner: The Greater Boston Food Bank, Inc.
Serial Number: 78559389

Owner: The Kroger Co. of Michigan
Serial Number: 78609828

Serial Number: 78638011

Owner: The Nature Conservancy
Serial Number: 78738409

Owner: Thoratec Corporation
Serial Number: 76565648

Owner: Tropical Seas, Inc.
Serial Number: 78785670

Owner: United States Youth Soccer Association, Inc.
Serial Number: 78721570

Serial Number: 78552955

Owner: W.L. Butler Construction, Inc.
Serial Number: 78782884

Owner: William Schmidt, DC, Ltd.
Serial Number: 78781159

Owner: YANG, Yi-Lien
Serial Number: 78785068

Owner: Zinsser Brands Company
Serial Number: 78718731