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Expired Patents

Inventors: Aakjer; Thomas (Munich, DE)
Title: Memory interleaving
Patent Number: 7,228,393

Inventors: Abadeer; Wagdi William (Jericho, VT), Fifield; John Atkinson (Underhill, VT), Gauthier, Jr.; Robert J. (Hinesburg, VT), Tonti; William Robert (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Resettable fuse device and method of fabricating the same
Patent Number: 7,227,239

Inventors: Abbasi; Hamid Ali (Naperville, IL)
Title: Rotary joint for subterranean drilling
Patent Number: 9,038,750

Inventors: Abdennour; Mario (Newton, MA), Stashenko; Philip (Medfield, MA), Scrime; Michele (Manalapan, NJ), Gilad; Jack (Chestnut Hill, MA), Goodson; Max (Cambridge, MA)
Title: Characterization of an antibiotic impregnated delivery system as an intracanal medicament in endodontic therapy
Patent Number: 7,946,849

Inventors: Abdo; Abdo Esmail (Rochester, MN), Drucker; Travis Michael (Rochester, MN)
Title: Generating statistics on text pattern matching predicates for access planning
Patent Number: 9,043,307

Inventors: Abe; Hiroshi (Saitama, JP), Tanaka; Yoshinobu (Saitama, JP)
Title: Value medium processing apparatus
Patent Number: 7,946,407

Inventors: Abe; Jiro (Kanagawa, JP), Tokita; Atsuhiro (Tokyo, JP), Horino; Takeru (Tokyo, JP), Oshima; Toyoji (Tokyo, JP), Kimoto; Atsushi (Hyogo, JP)
Title: Photochromic material
Patent Number: 9,040,647

Inventors: Abe; Keiko (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and its reading method
Patent Number: 7,948,813

Inventors: Abe; Yukio (Aichi, JP), Isobe; Makoto (Aichi, JP), Okamura; Issaku (Aichi, JP), Oda; Hiroshige (Aichi, JP), Hamaguchi; Akihito (Aichi, JP), Honda; Noriyuki (Aichi, JP)
Title: Method of holding a veneer sheet
Patent Number: 7,946,321

Inventors: Abedifard; Ebrahim (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: High speed wordline decoder for driving a long wordline
Patent Number: 7,227,806

Inventors: Abend; Robert (Adairsville, GA), Okada; Hideaki (Hyogo-ken, JP), Ohashi; Ryota (Hyogo-ken, JP)
Title: Axle driving system
Patent Number: 7,225,618

Inventors: Aberg; A. K. Gunnar (Sarasota, FL), Wright; George E. (Worcester, MA), Chen; Jan L. (Shrewsbury, MA), Maioli; Andrew T. (Worcester, MA)
Title: Optically active isomers of ketotifen and therapeutically active metabolites thereof
Patent Number: 7,226,934

Inventors: Abrahmsen; Lars (Bromma, SE), Bjork; Per (Helsingborg, SE), Dohlsten; Mikael (Lund, SE), Kalland; Terje (Arese, IT)
Title: Conjugate between a modified superantigen and a target-seeking compound and the use of the conjugate
Patent Number: 7,226,601

Inventors: Abramson; Darren L. (Folsom, CA), Howard; John S. (Portland, OR)
Title: Method and apparatus for deterministic removal and reclamation of work items from an expansion bus schedule
Patent Number: 7,228,366

Inventors: Achen; Marc G. (Parkville, AU), Stacker; Steven Alan (Parkville, AU), Alitalo; Kari (Helsinki, FI)
Title: Expression vectors and cell lines expressing vascular endothelial growth factor D
Patent Number: 7,947,472

Inventors: Adam; Georgius Abidal (Edensor Park, AU)
Title: Lignin-based multipurpose fertilizers
Patent Number: 9,039,803

Inventors: Adoni; Siddique M. (Bangalore, IN), Duby; Scott (Deerfield, IL), Schwartz; Robyn R. (Chicago, IL), Shanmugam; Dhandapani (Bangalore, IN)
Title: Personalized customer shopping experience
Patent Number: 9,043,230

Inventors: Afzulpurkar; Nitin (Bangkok, TH), Phuc; Trinh Huu (Can Tho, VN)
Title: Interpreting sign language gestures
Patent Number: 7,949,157

Inventors: Agarwal; Anjana (Wilmington, DE), Jensen; Mark A. (West Chester, PA)
Title: Method to amplify nucleic acids to generate fluorescence labeled fragments of conserved and arbitrary products
Patent Number: 9,040,242

Inventors: Agevik; Markus Gustav (Malmo, SE), Johansson; David (Malmo, SE), Lundquist; Anders (Malmo, SE), Hansson; Anders (Klagerup, SE)
Title: Electronic device utilizing impedance and/or resistance identification to identify an accessory device
Patent Number: 7,948,246

Inventors: Agneray; Andre (Boulogne Billancourt, FR), Malek; Nadim (Versailles, FR), Levin; Laurent (Paris, FR)
Title: Mounting system for a resonating needle injection device
Patent Number: 9,038,602

Inventors: Ahmed; Shafaat (Yorktown Heights, NY), Deligianni; Hariklia (Tenafly, NJ), Romankiw; Lubomyr T. (Briarcliff Manor, NY), Wang; Kejia (Fishkill, NY)
Title: Structure and method of fabricating a CZTS photovoltaic device by electrodeposition
Patent Number: 9,041,141

Inventors: Ahn; Pan Soon (Gunpo-si, KR)
Title: Rail system and X-ray imaging apparatus using the same
Patent Number: 7,949,094

Inventors: Ahn; Young Ghyu (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Park; Dong Seok (Seoul, KR), Park; Sang Soo (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Park; Sung Jin (Busan-si, KR), Park; Young Sun (Gyeongsangnam-do, KR), Lim; Bong Sup (Busan-si, KR)
Title: Coupling structure for multi-layered chip filter, and multi-layered chip filter with the structure
Patent Number: 9,041,493

Inventors: Ahner; Peter (Boeblingen, DE), Schadow; Joachim (Dettenhausen, DE), Zegelaar; Peter (Heerlen, NL)
Title: Method and device for detecting and stabilizing a fishtailing trailer using wheel forces
Patent Number: 7,226,068

Inventors: Ajram; Sami (Marseilles, FR), Strazzieri; Franck (Auriol, FR), Garcia; Florent (Fuveau, FR)
Title: Detector of differential threshold voltage
Patent Number: 7,227,399

Inventors: Akao; Sosuke (Tokyo, JP), Osato; Kazuhiro (Tokyo, JP), Suda; Hironobu (Tokyo, JP), Kubo; Yuji (Tokyo, JP), Fukunaga; Godai (Tokyo, JP), Yasu; Yuki (Tokyo, JP), Taguchi; Takao (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Retardation substrate, semi-transparent liquid crystal display, and method for manufacturing retardation substrate
Patent Number: 7,948,590

Inventors: Akashi; Tamotsu (Kawasaki, JP), Yamamoto; Tsuyoshi (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Optical attenuator
Patent Number: 7,948,670

Inventors: Akatani; Yoshiki (Tokyo, JP), Suzuki; Yuji (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Ink for inkjet textile printing and an inkjet textile printing method using the same
Patent Number: 9,040,623

Inventors: Akeno; Yasutake (Tokyo, JP), Oouchi; Takuma (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Organic EL element having at least one organic light-emitting layers formed of a mixture containing a polymer material and method for manufacturing the organic EL element
Patent Number: 9,040,977

Inventors: Akerlund; Tor Jan (Forus, NO)
Title: Apparatus for positioning a tong and drilling rig provided with such an apparatus
Patent Number: 7,225,865

Inventors: Akiba; Haruo (Saitama, JP)
Title: Valved plug for endoscopic biopsy channel
Patent Number: 7,226,411

Inventors: Akiyama; Kiyokazu (Okazaki, JP), Goto; Moriyasu (Toyohashi, JP), Kato; Takahiko (Nagoya, JP)
Title: Jet pump
Patent Number: 7,946,829

Inventors: Al-Jafar; Ahmed I. S. I. (Al-Quran, KW)
Title: Bed with integral toilet
Patent Number: 9,038,215

Inventors: Al-Mubarak; Adel A. E. (Hitteen, KW)
Title: Complementary braking system for a motor vehicle
Patent Number: 9,038,787

Inventors: Alain Creutz; Serge Firmin (Liege, BE), L'Hostis; Jacqueline (Silly, BE), Song; Haiyan (Beijing, CN), Tang; Ming (Beijing, CN), Panandiker; Rajan Keshav (West Chester, OH), DePaepe; Olivia (Dour, BE)
Title: Granulated foam control composition comprising a polyol ester and cationic polymer
Patent Number: 9,040,474

Inventors: Albright; Larry E. (Underwood, MN), Homola; Gary J. (Lisbon, ND), Homola, legal representative; Maria C. (Henning, MN), Koch; Rodney (Mooreton, ND), Frederick; Dan A. (Forman, ND), Fuss, legal representative; Nicole L. (Milnor, ND), Frederick, legal representative; Karla J. (Phoenix, AZ), Roan; Thomas J. (Fargo, ND)
Title: Operator compartment assembly
Patent Number: 7,946,370

Inventors: Aldajani; Mansour A. (Dhahran, SA)
Title: Facilities optimization method
Patent Number: 7,949,503

Inventors: Aldrich; Bradley C. (Austin, TX), Mavila; Rajith K. (Austin, TX)
Title: Image sensor interface
Patent Number: 7,948,520

Inventors: Ales; Thomas Michael (Neenah, WI), Nhan; Davis-Dang Hoang (Appleton, WI)
Title: Conductive hook and loop attachment for a printed circuit board
Patent Number: 7,946,869

Inventors: Alexander; Mark A. (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Predicting induced crosstalk for the pins of a programmable logic device
Patent Number: 7,949,979

Inventors: Alhozaimy; Abdulrahman M. (Riyadh, SA), Jaafar; Mohd. S. (Selangor, MY), Al-Negheimish; Abdulaziz (Riyadh, SA), Alawad; Omer A. (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Cement composition containing dune sand and limestone powder, concrete products and method for making concrete products
Patent Number: 9,039,830

Inventors: Alipour; Ehsan (San Francisco, CA), Strasser; Mike (Lafayette, CA), Mino; Benjamin Toru (Chicago, IL), King; Thomas (San Francisco, CA), Stone; Clinton (Stanford, CA)
Title: Hoist with detachable power and control unit
Patent Number: 7,227,322

Inventors: Aliseychik; Pavel Aleksandrovich (Moscow, RU), Evers; Petrus Sebastiaan Adrianus Daniel (Temple, PA), Parfenov; Denis Vasilevich (Moscow, RU), Filippov; Alexander Nikolaevich (Moscow, RU), Zaytsev; Denis Vladimirovich (Dzerzhinsky Moscow Region, RU)
Title: Program module applicability analyzer for software development and testing for multi-processor environments
Patent Number: 9,043,770

Inventors: Allen; Gary (Portland, OR)
Title: Interference patterning
Patent Number: 7,228,034

Inventors: Allen; Jeffrey L. (Naperville, IL), Barclay; Brian J. (Atlanta, GA), Gagner; Mark B. (West Chicago, IL), Guinn; Andrew C. (Chicago, IL)
Title: Integrating social communities and wagering games
Patent Number: 9,039,507

Inventors: Allen; Joshua (Kirkland, WA), Ranck; Jeffrey L. (Sammamish, WA)
Title: Web address converter for dynamic web pages
Patent Number: 7,228,360

Inventors: Allen; Kraig Herman (Leesburg, IN)
Title: Removable grommet device and method of using thereof
Patent Number: 9,038,239

Inventors: Alloin; Laurent Francis (Monmouth Beach, NJ), Biyani; Pravesh (Minneapolis, MN), Pierrugues; Laurent (Fort Lee, NJ), Zafaruddin; S. M. (Bangalore, IN), Kumar; Chapala Vinay (Andhra Pradesh, IN)
Title: DM-CM diversity receiver for a wireline communication system
Patent Number: 9,042,498

Inventors: Alper; Ozge (Bethesda, MD)
Title: Monoclonal antibodies against alpha-actinin-4 antigens, and uses therefor
Patent Number: 9,040,018

Inventors: Alper; Ozge (Bethesda, MD)
Title: Monoclonal antibodies against GMF-B antigens, and uses therefor
Patent Number: 9,040,043

Inventors: Alqudah; Mohammad (Elmwood Park, NJ)
Title: Device for preventing aspirated substance from going inside the lungs and enabling speaking
Patent Number: 9,038,637

Inventors: Altebaeumer; Thomas Heinz-Helmut (Oxford, GB), Day; Stephen (Chipping Norton, GB), Heffernan; Jonathan (Oxford, GB)
Title: Multifunctional tape
Patent Number: 7,947,548

Inventors: Amin; Neelam S. (Burlingame, CA), Collier; Katherine D. (Los Altos, CA), Estabrook; Melodie (Mountain View, CA), Estell; David A. (San Francisco, CA), Fox; Bryan P. (Pacifica, CA), Power; Scott D. (San Bruno, CA), Schmidt; Brian F. (Half Moon Bay, CA), Vogtentanz; Gudrun (Leiden, NL)
Title: Modified variant Bowman Birk protease inhibitors
Patent Number: 7,947,475

Inventors: Amit; Jonathan (Yehud, IL), Demidov; Lilia (Yehud, IL), Halowani; Nir (Yehud, IL)
Title: Table boundary detection in data blocks for compression
Patent Number: 9,043,293

Inventors: Ampoyo; Geoffrey (Alexandria, VA)
Title: Portable garage
Patent Number: 7,946,306

Inventors: An; Jong-tae (Gyeonggi-do, KR)
Title: Apparatus and method for deciding optimum recording power in a disc drive
Patent Number: 7,227,823

Inventors: An; Wen Hao (Beijing, CN), Fan; Liya (Beijing, CN), Gao; Bo (Beijing, CN), Sun; Xi (Beijing, CN), Zhang; Yuzhou (Beijing, CN)
Title: Transporting residue of vehicle position data via wireless network
Patent Number: 9,043,145

Inventors: An; Wen Hao (Beijing, CN), Gao; Bo (Beijing, CN), Gao; Peng (Beijing, CN), Sun; Wei (Beijing, CN), Sun; Xi (Beijing, CN)
Title: Radio frequency identification tag gripper device
Patent Number: 9,041,540

Inventors: Anctil; Susan (Dorval, CA), Arreaga Garza; Jose Arturo (Saltillo, MX), Tran; Lan (Montreal, CA)
Title: Enhancements to location-based services functionality in a radio telecommunication network
Patent Number: 7,228,140

Inventors: Anders; Kelley L. (East New Market, MD), Hewitt; Trudy L. (Cary, NC)
Title: Determining a replacement document owner
Patent Number: 9,043,258

Inventors: Anderson; Brent A. (Jericho, VT), Nowak; Edward J. (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Method of fabricating micro-chips
Patent Number: 7,226,825

Inventors: Anderson; Carroll L. (Maryland Hts., MO), Shahapeti; Neeta (Maryland Hts., MO)
Title: Sock snaps
Patent Number: 7,225,507

Inventors: Anderton; David O. (Austin, TX), Yiin; Jeffrey L. (Austin, TX), Gong; Xue-Mei (Austin, TX)
Title: Startup apparatus and technique for a wireless system that uses time domain isolation
Patent Number: 7,227,484

Inventors: Andoh; Fukashi (Toyota, JP)
Title: Space debris remover
Patent Number: 9,038,959

Inventors: Andreev; Alexandre (San Jose, CA), Bolotov; Anatoli (Cupertino, CA), Grinchuk; Mikhail (San Jose, CA)
Title: Address controlling in the MBIST chain architecture
Patent Number: 7,949,909

Inventors: Andresen; Bjorn (Ostbirk, DK), Kumar; Sathees (Herning, DK)
Title: Control of the distribution of electric power generated by a wind farm between an AC power transmission link and a DC power transmission link
Patent Number: 9,041,248

Inventors: Andrews; Daniel (Chatham, NJ), Zhang; Yihao (Chatham, NJ)
Title: Resource allocation in heterogeneous LTE networks via CSMA-based algorithms
Patent Number: 9,042,253

Inventors: Andrews; William H. (Reno, NV), Briggs; Laura (Reno, NV), Brown; Lancer K. (Sparks, NV), Foster; Christopher A. (Reno, NV), Piatyszek; Mieczyslaw A. (Morgan Hill, CA)
Title: Assays for TERT promoter modulatory agents using a telomerase structural RNA component
Patent Number: 7,226,744

Inventors: Andricacos; Panayotis C. (Croton-On-Hudson, NY), Boettcher; Steven H. (Fishkill, NY), Chung; Dean S. (Essex Junction, VT), Deligianni; Hariklia (Edgewater, NJ), Fluegel; James E. (Rhinebeck, NY), Horkans; Wilma Jean (Ossining, NY), Kwietniak; Keith T. (Highlandfalls, NY), Locke; Peter S. (Hopewell Junction, NY), Parks; Christopher C. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Seo; Soon-Cheon (White Plains, NY), Simon; Andrew H. (Fishkill, NY), Walton; Erick G. (Underhill, VT)
Title: Electroplated copper interconnection structure, process for making and electroplating bath
Patent Number: 7,227,265

Inventors: Andry; Paul S. (Yorktown Heights, NY), Colgan; Evan G. (Chestnut Ridge, NY), Mok; Lawrence S. (Brewster, NY), Patel; Chirag S. (Peekskill, NY), Seeger; David E. (Congers, NY)
Title: Integrated circuit chip module with microchannel cooling device having specific fluid channel arrangement
Patent Number: 7,948,077

Inventors: Angelskaar; Terje (Zurich, CH)
Title: Cement accelerator and method
Patent Number: 7,947,334

Inventors: Angerer; Walter (Maple Grove, MN), Evans; Rebecca (Maple Grove, MN), Kaul; Eckhard (Maple Grove, MN), Ristanovic; Petar (Maple Grove, MN)
Title: HIS data compression
Patent Number: 7,228,323

Inventors: Angulo Aramburu; Jeronimo (Madrid, ES)
Title: Process for re-refining used oils by solvent extraction
Patent Number: 7,226,533

Inventors: Anteau; Mark R. (Columbus, OH)
Title: Power generator
Patent Number: 9,038,377

Inventors: Antonsson; Per (Lund, SE), Bjork; Per (Helsingborg, SE), Dohlsten; Mikael (Lund, SE), Kalland; Terje (Arese, IT), Abrahmsen; Lars (Bromma, SE), Hansson; Johan (Lund, SE), Forsberg; Goran (Lund, SE)
Title: Modified Chimeric superantigens and their use
Patent Number: 7,226,595

Inventors: Anzai; Tadashi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Fastening device with lock mechanism
Patent Number: 7,226,092

Inventors: Anziano; Paul Q. (Philadelphia, PA)
Title: Manganese superoxide dimutase exon 3-deleted isoforms and nucleic acid molecules encoding the isoforms
Patent Number: 7,227,001

Inventors: Aoki; Hiroshi (Toyota, JP), Oshita; Osamu (Toyota, JP)
Title: Terminal fitting
Patent Number: 9,039,447

Inventors: Aoyanagi; Hisakazu (Minato-ku, JP)
Title: Projector with a plurality of cameras
Patent Number: 7,226,173

Inventors: Appenzeller; Joerg (Valhalla, NY), Guha; Supratik (Chappaqua, NY), Tutuc; Emanuel (Yorktown Heights, NY)
Title: Core-shell nanowire transistor
Patent Number: 7,948,050

Inventors: Appenzeller; Joerg (West Lafayette, IN), Chen; Hong-yan (West Lafayette, IN)
Title: Graphene-based frequency tripler
Patent Number: 9,041,440

Inventors: Arai; Satoshi (Hachioji, JP)
Title: Image processing apparatus and method for processing images
Patent Number: 7,227,122

Inventors: Arai; Yasuyuki (Kanagawa, JP), Iwabuchi; Tomoyuki (Kanagawa, JP), Yamazaki; Shunpei (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Patent Number: 7,226,332

Inventors: Araki; Yuta (Osaka, JP), Tanaka; Isao (Osaka, JP), Sumita; Masaya (Hyogo, JP)
Title: Semiconductor integrated circuit device and semiconductor integrated circuit system
Patent Number: 7,227,391

Inventors: Arauza; Alexander M. (Princeton, IL)
Title: Wireless illuminated indicators for motorcycle helmets
Patent Number: 7,948,367

Inventors: Arcan; Metin (Lengerich, DE)
Title: Device for conveying a tubular film
Patent Number: 7,946,841

Inventors: Arnal; Kevin R. (Excelsior, MN)
Title: Medical screwdrivers and methods
Patent Number: 7,947,047

Inventors: Arnold; David P. (Gainesville, FL), Cheng; Shuo (Gainesville, FL)
Title: Method and apparatus for motional/vibrational energy harvesting via electromagnetic induction using a magnet array
Patent Number: 9,041,230

Inventors: Arnost; Michael J. (North Andover, MA), Bemis; Guy W. (Arlington, MA), Davies; Robert J. (Arlington, MA), Forster; Cornelia J. (Pelham, NH), Grey, Jr.; Ronald (Attleboro, MA), Ledeboer; Mark W. (Acton, MA), Ledford; Brian (Attleboro, MA), Marhefka; Craig (Rockville, MD), Messersmith; David (Somerville, MA), Pierce; Albert C. (Cambridge, MA), Salituro; Francesco G. (Marlboro, MA), Wang; Jian (Newton, MA)
Title: Aminotriazole compounds useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Patent Number: 7,226,920

Inventors: Arsovski; Igor (South Burlington, VT), Sheikholeslami; Ali (Toronto, CA)
Title: Mismatch-dependent power allocation technique for match-line sensing in content-addressable memories
Patent Number: 7,227,766

Inventors: Artini; Franck (Toulouse, FR), Calmels; Benoit (Toulouse, FR)
Title: Method and device for determining the width of a safety corridor for an aircraft and method and system for securing the automatic low-altitude flight of an aircraft
Patent Number: 7,949,438

Inventors: Artzi; Shay (Brookline, MA), Dolby; Julian (Bronx, NY), Pistoia; Marco (Amawalk, NY), Tip; Frank (Ridgewood, NJ)
Title: Fault localization using condition modeling and return value modeling
Patent Number: 9,043,761

Inventors: Arunkumar; Uma (Novi, MI)
Title: Multi-control telematics in a vehicle
Patent Number: 7,227,453

Inventors: Arya; Vijay (Bangalore, IN), Narayanaswamy; Balakrishnan (Karnataka, IN)
Title: Estimating loss rates of links in smart grids
Patent Number: 9,043,174

Inventors: Asai; Arito (Asaka, JP), Watanabe; Mikio (Asaka, JP), Suganuma; Hiroshi (Asaka, JP)
Title: Database system, database server, and method of controlling the operation of a database server
Patent Number: 7,228,297

Inventors: Asakawa; Junko (Saitama, JP)
Title: Image forming apparatus with function of toner supply amount control
Patent Number: 7,949,266

Inventors: Asakawa; Katsumi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Projector having blue light alleviating part
Patent Number: 9,039,199

Inventors: Asakawa; Yoshiyuki (Osaka, JP)
Title: Sheet conveyance apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Patent Number: 9,039,006

Inventors: Ash; Kevin J. (Tucson, AZ), Benhase; Michael T. (Tucson, AZ), Gupta; Lokesh M. (Tucson, AZ), Whitworth; David B. (Austin, TX)
Title: Efficient processing of cache segment waiters
Patent Number: 9,043,551

Inventors: Asher; Michael (Green Cove Springs, FL)
Title: Disk array synchronization using power distribution
Patent Number: 7,949,825

Inventors: Ashok; Rohith K. (Apex, NC), Brabson; Roy F. (Raleigh, NC), Burr; Michael J. (Cary, NC), Hockett; Hugh E. (Raleigh, NC), Whetstone; Kristin R. (Raleigh, NC)
Title: Using separate processes to handle short-lived and long-lived jobs to reduce failure of processes
Patent Number: 9,043,644

Inventors: Ashok; Rohith K. (Apex, NC), Brabson; Roy F. (Raleigh, NC), Gower; Barry P. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Hockett; Hugh E. (Raleigh, NC)
Title: Intelligently responding to hardware failures so as to optimize system performance
Patent Number: 9,043,648

Inventors: Ashton; Roger William Frank (Stoulton, GB), Mc Minn; Derek James Wallace (Edgbaston, GB)
Title: Fixing assembly
Patent Number: 7,947,083

Inventors: Aso; Takashi (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Dictionary management apparatus for speech conversion
Patent Number: 7,228,270

Inventors: Asuwa; Kenji (Toride, JP), Miyasaka; Toru (Tsuchiura, JP), Yamashita; Taichiro (Tsuchiura, JP), Yagi; Masahiro (Kashiwa, JP), Yamada; Shintaro (Chiyoda, JP)
Title: Electrophotograhic apparatus
Patent Number: 7,227,562

Inventors: Atkinson; Harry (Berkshire, GB)
Title: Fluid-quantity gauging
Patent Number: 7,225,671

Inventors: Attig; Michael E. (San Jose, CA), Brebner; Gordon J. (San Jose, CA)
Title: Methods of clustering actions for manipulating packets of a communication protocol
Patent Number: 7,949,007

Inventors: Atwood; Eugene R. (Housatonic, MA), Baecher; Matthew B. (Newburgh, NY), Kelly; William R. (Verbank, NY), Logan; Joseph F. (Raleigh, NC), Sun; Pinping (Fishkill, NY)
Title: Testing a digital-to-analog converter
Patent Number: 9,041,572

Inventors: Aubrey; William Alfred (Oshkosh, WI)
Title: Kayak hull/deck flares
Patent Number: 7,946,242

Inventors: Aubriat; Eric Jean (Belfort, FR), Bregy; Ludovic (Belfort, FR), Holmes; Andrew John (Baden, CH), Klein; Georg Stephan (Wettingen, CH), Veith; Eric (Offemont, FR), Verrier; Michel Claude (Essert, FR)
Title: Method for testing the thermally induced unbalance of a rotating machine part, in particular the rotor of a turbogenerator, and device for carrying out the method
Patent Number: 7,225,673

Inventors: Aukerman; Milo (Newark, DE), Allen; Stephen M (Wilmington, DE), Loussaert; Dale F. (Clive, IA), Luck; Stanley (Wilmington, DE), Sakai; Hajime (Newark, DE), Tingey; Scott V. (Wilmington, DE)
Title: Plants having altered agronomic characteristics under nitrogen limiting conditions and related constructs and methods involving genes encoding LNT1 polypeptides and homologs thereof
Patent Number: 9,040,773

Inventors: Auranen; Tommi (Turku, FI)
Title: Reducing effects of self-created interference on broadband reception
Patent Number: 7,227,917

Inventors: Austad; Brian C. (Tewksbury, MA), Grenier; Louis (Newton, MA), Holson; Edward B. (Newton Highlands, MA), Lee; John J. (Somerville, MA), Pak; Roger H. (Boxborough, MA), Porter; James R. (Rowley, MA), Wright; James L. (Lexington, MA)
Title: Ansamycin formulations and methods of use thereof
Patent Number: 7,947,670

Inventors: Auvenshine; John J. (Tucson, AZ), Klingenberg; Bernhard J. (Morgan Hill, CA), Garimella; Neeta (San Jose, CA), Clark; Thomas K. (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Temporarily providing higher privileges for computing system to user identifier
Patent Number: 9,043,877

Inventors: Azem; Khaled (Sterling, VA), Easwarachandran; Kumi (Rockville, MD)
Title: Method and apparatus for rejecting untrusted network
Patent Number: 9,043,873

Inventors: Bacher; Utz (Weil im Schoenbuch, DE), Buendgen; Reinhard (Tuebingen, DE), Lueck; Einar (Stuttgart, DE), Nunez Mencias; Angel (Stuttgart, DE)
Title: Workload migration between virtualization softwares
Patent Number: 9,043,493

Inventors: Bae; Hyun-chul (Suwon-si, KR), Kang; Jung-tae (Suwon-si, KR), Park; Jin-hee (Cheonan-si, KR), Ha; Jin-ho (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Hollow mold for receiving liquid crystal panel and diffuser plate and liquid crystal display including hollow mold
Patent Number: 7,948,572

Inventors: Bae; Jun-Su (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Voltage monitoring apparatus in a semiconductor probe station
Patent Number: 7,227,372

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Title: Method and apparatus for automated detection of target structures from medical images using a 3D morphological matching algorithm
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Serial Number: 77400044

Serial Number: 78831392

Owner: LVGV, LLC
Serial Number: 77472401

Owner: Lyons, Joseph
Serial Number: 77379421

Owner: Lyotropic Therapeutics, Inc.
Serial Number: 78792842

Serial Number: 73652908

Owner: Mad*Pow Media Solutions
Serial Number: 77419113

Owner: Madonna Physicians Services P.C.
Serial Number: 77328497

Owner: Maine Center For Creativity
Serial Number: 77413617

Owner: Maisano, Gina
Serial Number: 77006417

Serial Number: 77489657

Serial Number: 77204525

Owner: Mariani Packing Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 78594262

Owner: Mark Banschick
Serial Number: 77424440

Owner: Mark D. Sutherland
Serial Number: 77413074

Owner: Mark Minnella, Inc.
Serial Number: 77019480

Serial Number: 77413293

Owner: Market Share, Inc
Serial Number: 78917903

Serial Number: 77182489

Owner: Mary Lee LaBay, Inc.
Serial Number: 76674636

Owner: Mass Field Corporation
Serial Number: 78870440

Owner: Masterchem Industries LLC
Serial Number: 77415046

Owner: Masterfile Corporation
Serial Number: 78861534

Serial Number: 77015989

Serial Number: 77324970

Owner: Matony Productions
Serial Number: 77047141

Serial Number: 78974348

Serial Number: 78733215

Owner: Maupin, Grant W.
Serial Number: 77359625

Owner: Mavala S.A.
Serial Number: 75283398

Owner: MaxiTile, Inc.
Serial Number: 77269597

Owner: Mayala Corp.
Serial Number: 77137727

Owner: Mayan Pigments, Inc.
Serial Number: 77038945

Owner: MBSi Capital Corp., Inc.
Serial Number: 77412104

Owner: McCoy Investments, Inc.
Serial Number: 77181576

Owner: McGregor and McAllan
Serial Number: 77050431

Serial Number: 77410838

Owner: MeadWestvaco Corporation
Serial Number: 77457828

Serial Number: 77275653

Owner: Medis Medical Imaging Systems B.V.
Serial Number: 77336455

Serial Number: 76153638

Serial Number: 78564659

Owner: MERCER (US), INC.
Serial Number: 77007324

Owner: MetroChatter, Inc.
Serial Number: 78152938

Owner: MG International (MGI)
Serial Number: 78717291

Owner: MH SUB I, LLC
Serial Number: 77343671

Serial Number: 77404423

Owner: Mid America Motorworks, Inc.
Serial Number: 77124878

Serial Number: 77417404

Serial Number: 77031558

Owner: Milouisét Interiors, LLC
Serial Number: 77417651

Serial Number: 77184789

Owner: MobileSphere, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77420367

Serial Number: 77248571

Owner: Momentive Performance Materials Inc.
Serial Number: 78727681

Owner: Moneygram International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77340868

Owner: Monrovia Nursery Company
Serial Number: 77386773

Serial Number: 77308151

Serial Number: 78766769

Owner: Monty's Plant Food Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 77412065

Owner: Morgan Whitney, INC
Serial Number: 77302385

Owner: Moser, Thomas
Serial Number: 77289518

Serial Number: 75335353

Owner: Motivation Excellence, Inc.
Serial Number: 77419057

Owner: Moulinas, LLC
Serial Number: 77417760

Serial Number: 78882535

Owner: MoveMyMom, LLC
Serial Number: 77424122

Owner: MT Business Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 77308972

Owner: Muxagat Vinhos LDA
Serial Number: 77414172

Owner: Nadean Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77975893

Owner: Nannies International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77089069

Owner: National Federation of Independent Business
Serial Number: 76679717

Owner: National Geographic Society
Serial Number: 78380301

Owner: National Library of Medicine
Serial Number: 77132557

Owner: National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc.
Serial Number: 77375605

Owner: NavAcc, LLC
Serial Number: 77321427

Owner: NBA Properties, Inc.
Serial Number: 78662182

Owner: NBTV, Inc.
Serial Number: 77036908

Serial Number: 76687975

Owner: Nelson, Gunnar
Serial Number: 76687400

Serial Number: 77199664

Owner: New Pendulum Corp.
Serial Number: 77424076

Serial Number: 76667736

Owner: Nextpoint LLC
Serial Number: 77388522

Owner: NIHC, INC.
Serial Number: 78443932

Owner: Nintendo of America Inc.
Serial Number: 78980573

Owner: Nisshin Seifun Group Inc.
Serial Number: 77063488

Owner: Norpac Foods, Inc.
Serial Number: 77419913

Owner: Norpac Foods, Inc.
Serial Number: 77419924

Serial Number: 78376736

Owner: Northeast Florida Multiple Listing Service, Inc.
Serial Number: 78950428

Serial Number: 77343281

Owner: Nutrabolics, Inc.
Serial Number: 77357355

Serial Number: 77306560

Serial Number: 77306579

Owner: NXP, B.V.
Serial Number: 76532068

Serial Number: 76676395

Serial Number: 77409460

Serial Number: 77409626

Owner: OA Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 77420983

Owner: ODM Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 77230104

Owner: Office Furniture Rental Alliance LLC
Serial Number: 78910629

Serial Number: 77459391

Owner: Olin Corporation
Serial Number: 78501223

Serial Number: 77392928

Serial Number: 77392931

Owner: Openfind Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 77331081

Owner: Openfind Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 77331085

Serial Number: 77426298

Serial Number: 77048283

Owner: OrthoHelix Surgical Designs, Inc.
Serial Number: 78716765

Owner: Orthosynetics, Inc.
Serial Number: 77422339

Serial Number: 78867805

Serial Number: 77395508

Owner: Owen Greenings & Mumford Limited
Serial Number: 77120637

Owner: P.S. Pibbs, Inc.
Serial Number: 76604725

Serial Number: 77405086

Serial Number: 77388352

Serial Number: 75364874

Owner: Paralyzed Veterans of America
Serial Number: 78164860

Serial Number: 77242112

Owner: Parteaz
Serial Number: 77411122

Owner: Pathagility, LLC
Serial Number: 77975804

Serial Number: 77361897

Owner: Pebble Beach Company
Serial Number: 77369761

Owner: PEM Enterprises LLC
Serial Number: 78691122

Owner: Pensacola Christian College, Inc.
Serial Number: 77324643

Serial Number: 77125996

Serial Number: 77310189

Serial Number: 77518087

Serial Number: 77440637

Serial Number: 77362446

Owner: Pet Resorts, Inc.
Serial Number: 78788534

Serial Number: 78915656

Owner: Pet Ventures, Inc.
Serial Number: 77418025

Owner: Petras, Mary F.
Serial Number: 77332233

Owner: Pharmagel International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77467216

Owner: Pharmagel International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77468026

Owner: Pheasants Forever, Inc.
Serial Number: 77415081

Serial Number: 77187477

Owner: Pick Up Photos, LLC
Serial Number: 77421455

Owner: Pinnacle Insurance Partners
Serial Number: 77387490

Owner: Pixelworks, Inc.
Serial Number: 78416407

Owner: Pixelworks, Inc.
Serial Number: 78501751

Owner: Pixelworks, Inc.
Serial Number: 78417662

Serial Number: 77366545

Owner: Poggenpohl Möbelwerke GmbH
Serial Number: 78549706

Owner: Precept Brands LLC
Serial Number: 77280674

Owner: Precious Offerings Mineral Exchange, Inc.
Serial Number: 78645826

Owner: Premier Healthcare Professionals Inc
Serial Number: 77425480

Serial Number: 77417537

Owner: Preston J. Branaugh, P.C.
Serial Number: 77413908

Serial Number: 77404288

Owner: Profera, Inc.
Serial Number: 77424804

Owner: Prospect Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77386972

Owner: PSB Shoe Group LLC
Serial Number: 78825066

Owner: PTC INC.
Serial Number: 76679350

Serial Number: 77425339

Serial Number: 77414117

Owner: Pura Vida Create Good, Inc.
Serial Number: 77414125

Serial Number: 77341375

Owner: Purnama, A. Laurentius
Serial Number: 78859965

Owner: Purvis, Thomas C.
Serial Number: 77316479

Serial Number: 77158512

Serial Number: 78980522

Owner: Ratcliff, Steven R.
Serial Number: 78923060

Serial Number: 77301264

Serial Number: 77252826

Serial Number: 77264442

Owner: Real Natural Remedies, LLC
Serial Number: 76687647

Owner: Recordables, Inc.
Serial Number: 77427546

Owner: Redrock Software Corp.
Serial Number: 77282099

Owner: Redrock Software Corp.
Serial Number: 77282103

Owner: Redrock Software Corp.
Serial Number: 77283283

Owner: Reitmans (Canada) Limited
Serial Number: 78172093

Serial Number: 78980496

Serial Number: 77433378

Serial Number: 77273938

Owner: Rich Products Corporation
Serial Number: 77417280

Owner: Rich Products Corporation
Serial Number: 77417299

Owner: RIDE-N-IT, INC.
Serial Number: 77419612

Owner: RIDE-N-IT, INC.
Serial Number: 77439860

Owner: Riiber, Mathis
Serial Number: 77099254

Owner: Rimmon, Adina
Serial Number: 77410709

Serial Number: 77427715

Owner: Robertson, Marion G.
Serial Number: 78911490

Owner: Rodenstock GmbH
Serial Number: 77419048

Owner: Ronald Bryant
Serial Number: 77356058

Owner: Rosenau Beck, Inc.
Serial Number: 77975809

Serial Number: 78840388

Serial Number: 77415459

Owner: RPB Pharmacy, Inc.
Serial Number: 77365242

Owner: Rush Sport Medical, Inc.
Serial Number: 78467267

Serial Number: 77322568

Serial Number: 77372527

Owner: Saber, David
Serial Number: 77324052

Serial Number: 76682753

Owner: Sahagun, Ruben
Serial Number: 77416645

Owner: Same Day Success, LLC
Serial Number: 78261946

Owner: Sandvik Intellectual Property AB
Serial Number: 77448868

Serial Number: 78626276

Owner: Sasaki, Yutaka
Serial Number: 77183238

Serial Number: 77427283

Owner: Schreiner, Vicki
Serial Number: 77033918

Serial Number: 77273761

Owner: Seventh Point
Serial Number: 77403618

Serial Number: 77164000

Owner: Sgrott. Cristiane A.
Serial Number: 77404676

Serial Number: 77224333

Serial Number: 77393902

Owner: Sharp BancSystems
Serial Number: 78642608

Serial Number: 77424269

Serial Number: 77415568

Serial Number: 77415573

Owner: Showtime Networks Inc.
Serial Number: 77126514

Serial Number: 76530310

Owner: Sixth Avenue Outfitters
Serial Number: 77975926

Serial Number: 77307231

Owner: SmartTalent LLC
Serial Number: 77065743

Owner: Smith, Christopher
Serial Number: 77347944

Owner: Smith, Richard S.
Serial Number: 77423262

Owner: Smooth Productions, Inc.
Serial Number: 77423067

Owner: Softlife Projects Limited
Serial Number: 77424091

Serial Number: 77183556

Owner: Sonne Partners, LLC
Serial Number: 77417308

Serial Number: 77017034

Owner: Spectrum Science Communications, Inc.
Serial Number: 77381345

Owner: Speed Channel, Inc.
Serial Number: 77341729

Owner: Spiral Silutions Ltd
Serial Number: 77206795

Owner: Sports Imaging of Utah, Inc.
Serial Number: 77203210

Owner: Spot On Square
Serial Number: 77414595

Serial Number: 78923335

Owner: Standard Microsystems Corporation
Serial Number: 77217810

Serial Number: 75976927

Owner: State Street Corporation
Serial Number: 78815413

Owner: Steigers Corporation
Serial Number: 76678630

Owner: Stellar Interactive Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 78577494

Owner: Stephen J. Sanders, Inc.
Serial Number: 76687981

Owner: Steven W. Baughman
Serial Number: 77039522

Owner: Stevies, Inc
Serial Number: 77420703

Owner: Stratatech Corporation
Serial Number: 77303394

Owner: Strategic Sports Limited
Serial Number: 78959564

Owner: Sunshine Pet Treats, Inc.
Serial Number: 77411709

Owner: Sunstar Suisse S.A.
Serial Number: 78705905

Serial Number: 77304875

Serial Number: 77349073

Serial Number: 77388920

Serial Number: 77412968

Serial Number: 77414192

Serial Number: 75175367

Owner: Swing Cat Enterprises, LLC
Serial Number: 77380932

Serial Number: 77417496

Serial Number: 77418297

Serial Number: 77416737

Serial Number: 77211810

Serial Number: 78451205

Owner: Taggart Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77416242

Owner: Taqueria Los Ocampo, Inc.
Serial Number: 77319723

Serial Number: 77366839

Serial Number: 77002262

Owner: Teknicote, Inc.
Serial Number: 77420061

Serial Number: 77173953

Owner: Telephone Technologies Inc.
Serial Number: 77304819

Serial Number: 77244734

Owner:, LLC
Serial Number: 77416289

Owner: Texas Migrant Council, Inc.
Serial Number: 77281484

Serial Number: 77212341

Owner: The Big Ten Conference, Inc.
Serial Number: 78971650

Serial Number: 77281520

Serial Number: 77265335

Owner: The Go Plate, LLC
Serial Number: 77417253

Owner: The Grapplers Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77125890

Owner: The House On F Street, LLC
Serial Number: 77143066

Serial Number: 77461493

Owner: The Lovepaw Company
Serial Number: 77415029

Owner: The Mini-Time Machine, Inc.
Serial Number: 77425686

Serial Number: 77039854

Owner: The Weight Management Program of San Francisco, Inc.
Serial Number: 77389257

Serial Number: 77267624

Serial Number: 77026156

Owner: Thompson Creek Window Company
Serial Number: 77417244

Owner: Thompson Creek Window Company
Serial Number: 77417262

Owner: Throwdown Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 77373048

Serial Number: 77294265

Serial Number: 77274468

Owner: Ticketfeeder, LLC
Serial Number: 77412913

Serial Number: 77020603

Owner: Tomasello, Vincent N.
Serial Number: 77184797

Owner: Too Soon Media Inc.
Serial Number: 77404541

Owner: Top Tier Consulting
Serial Number: 77408377

Owner: Topco Associates, LLC
Serial Number: 78889212

Serial Number: 77168738

Owner: Trainco Inc.
Serial Number: 77416864

Serial Number: 77423734

Owner: Travel Caddy, Inc.
Serial Number: 77423860

Owner: Triolite, Inc.
Serial Number: 77293772

Owner: Tristar Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 78956545

Owner: Troegs Brewing Company
Serial Number: 77259653

Serial Number: 76680560

Serial Number: 77201518

Owner: True Awakenings, LLC
Serial Number: 77388829

Owner: True Value Company
Serial Number: 78827034

Serial Number: 78378267

Serial Number: 76676954

Owner: TXT Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77420569

Owner: TXT Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77462598

Serial Number: 78968207

Serial Number: 77024575

Owner: Underground Sound, LLC
Serial Number: 77403968

Owner: Underground Sound, LLC
Serial Number: 77403977

Owner: Underground Sound, LLC
Serial Number: 77403981

Owner: Underground Sound, LLC
Serial Number: 77403986

Owner: United States Gypsum Company
Serial Number: 77420964

Owner: United States Gypsum Company
Serial Number: 77261785

Owner: United States Tennis Association Incorporated
Serial Number: 77375744

Owner: Universal Construction Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77271354

Owner: University of North Alabama Board of Trustees on behalf of the University of North Alabama
Serial Number: 75183718

Serial Number: 77418168

Serial Number: 78887744

Serial Number: 77311802

Owner: Van Voast, David M.
Serial Number: 76670065

Owner:, LLC
Serial Number: 77288590

Owner:, LLC
Serial Number: 77288602

Serial Number: 77349218

Serial Number: 77421096

Serial Number: 78852437

Owner: Vickers, Timothy E.
Serial Number: 77415991

Owner: Victor, Melissa
Serial Number: 77425332

Serial Number: 77388602

Owner: Vision Care Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 77421346

Serial Number: 78493099

Owner: Vividsites, LLC
Serial Number: 77301955

Owner: Vividsites, LLC
Serial Number: 77301960

Owner: Volt Delta Resources, LLC
Serial Number: 77412974

Serial Number: 75264274

Owner: VP Racing Fuels, Inc.
Serial Number: 78970382

Owner: W.F. Young, Incorporated
Serial Number: 77331487

Serial Number: 76659681

Owner: Wakefern Food Corp.
Serial Number: 77206992

Owner: Walgreen Co.
Serial Number: 76684897

Owner: Walkers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77413763

Owner: Walsh, Todd, W.
Serial Number: 78840557

Owner: Warehouse Service Group Limited Liability Company
Serial Number: 77317697

Owner: Washington Wine Commission
Serial Number: 77391671

Owner: WebMetro
Serial Number: 77204453

Owner: Wellgate Corporation
Serial Number: 77152382

Serial Number: 77343142

Serial Number: 77343143

Owner: Wells Fargo & Company
Serial Number: 78890484

Serial Number: 75834270

Owner: Whelan, Kevin M.
Serial Number: 77384091

Owner: White, Gisele L.
Serial Number: 77035481

Serial Number: 77418284

Serial Number: 77228146

Owner: Wilzig, Ivan
Serial Number: 76550857

Owner: Winchester Capital Partners, LLC
Serial Number: 76686569

Serial Number: 77295795

Owner: Wintec Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 77099755

Serial Number: 77418919

Owner: Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
Serial Number: 77101538

Serial Number: 77415343

Owner: Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.
Serial Number: 77191320

Owner: Woodhouse Commodities Inc.
Serial Number: 76658855

Owner: World Corrosion Organization, Incorporated
Serial Number: 77152363

Owner: World Marketing, Inc.
Serial Number: 77298412

Serial Number: 77242010

Owner: Wynn Resorts Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 76597825

Serial Number: 78855369

Owner: Ying Che
Serial Number: 77357440

Owner: YMCA of Central Maryland, Inc.
Serial Number: 77414049

Serial Number: 77394719

Serial Number: 77394727

Owner: Yomega Corp.
Serial Number: 77411375

Owner: Z Spoke, LLC
Serial Number: 77259899

Owner: Z Spoke, LLC
Serial Number: 77262452

Serial Number: 77356953

Owner: ZINO Society LLC
Serial Number: 77355088

Owner: Zolopa, Andrew
Serial Number: 78780978

Owner: Zoom Information Inc.
Serial Number: 76687916

Owner: Zrii, LLC
Serial Number: 77416071