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Expired Patents

Inventors: Abbott; Kenneth H. (Kirkland, WA), Newell; Dan (Medina, WA), Robarts; James O. (Redmond, WA), Freedman; Joshua M. (Mercer Island, WA)
Title: Managing interactions between computer users' context models
Patent Number: 7,058,893

Inventors: Abbott; Kenneth H. (Kirkland, WA), Newell; Dan (Medina, WA), Robarts; James O. (Redmond, WA), Freedman; Joshua M. (Mercer Island, WA)
Title: Managing interactions between computer users' context models
Patent Number: 7,058,894

Inventors: Abdel-Hafez; Khader S. (San Franciso, CA), Wen; Xiaoqing (Sunnyvale, CA), Wang; Laung-Terng (Sunnyvale, CA), Hsu; Po-Ching (Hsinchu, TW), Kao; Shih-Chia (Taipei, TW), Chao; Hao-Jan (Taoyuan, TW), Wang; Hsin-Po (Hsinchu, TW)
Title: Method and apparatus for debug, diagnosis, and yield improvement of scan-based integrated circuits
Patent Number: 7,058,869

Inventors: Abdel-Kader; Sherif Aly (Waterloo, CA)
Title: Apparatus, and associated method, for selecting terminating communication notification handling at a communication device
Patent Number: 8,744,527

Inventors: Abir; Eli (Cross River, NY)
Title: Content conversion method and apparatus
Patent Number: 8,744,835

Inventors: Absillis; Luc (Raleigh, NC)
Title: Triggering DHCP actions from IEEE 802.1x state changes
Patent Number: 8,745,253

Inventors: Acar; Burak (Istanbul, TR), Konukoglu; Ender (Istanbul, TR), Beaulieu; Christopher F. (Los Altos, CA), Napel; Sandy A. (Menlo Park, CA), Paik; David S. (Palo Alto, CA)
Title: Heat diffusion based detection of structures of interest in medical images
Patent Number: 7,729,739

Inventors: Adams; Christian (Palo Alto, CA), Schmidt; Brian (Half Moon Bay, CA)
Title: Detergent compositions containing Geobacillus stearothermophilus lipase and methods of use thereof
Patent Number: 8,741,609

Inventors: Adams; Thomas Mark (Overland Park, KS)
Title: System and method for strategic intent mapping
Patent Number: 7,729,934

Inventors: Addison, Sr.; Fred E. (Lafayette, LA)
Title: Process for environmental pacification of drill cuttings
Patent Number: 7,059,805

Inventors: Adkinson; Dana (London, CA), Krista; Rayner (Strathroy, CA), Kulbaba; Kevin (Leverkusen, DE)
Title: Recycled butyl ionomers and recycling processes
Patent Number: 8,742,066

Inventors: Afsahi; Ali (San Diego, CA), Magoon; Vikram (San Diego, CA), Behzad; Arya (Poway, CA)
Title: Method and system for enhancing efficiency by modulating power amplifier gain
Patent Number: 7,729,671

Inventors: Agazzi; Oscar E. (Irvine, CA)
Title: Method, apparatus and system for high-speed transmission on fiber optic channel
Patent Number: 7,729,452

Inventors: Ahlborn; Tracey B. (Sayner, WI)
Title: Chainsaw protective chaps
Patent Number: 8,745,765

Inventors: Ahlers; Burkhard (Bargteheide, DE), Koch; Michael (Kalefeld, DE), Mumme; Edgar (Hildesheim, DE)
Title: Gap sealing arrangement
Patent Number: 7,059,611

Inventors: Ahn; Jong Seog (Daejeon, KR), Kim; Bo Yeon (Daejeon, KR), Oh; Won Keun (Daejeon, KR), Mheen; Tae Ick (Daejeon, KR), Kang; Dae Ook (Daejeon, KR), Ko; Hack Ryong (Tongyoung, KR)
Title: Fungal strain acremonium sp.MT70646(KCTC 0916BP), novel compounds produced by this strain and their use
Patent Number: 7,060,714

Inventors: Ahsan; Rajib (Constance, DE), Unruh; Christian (Stuttgart, DE), Hering; Marco (Munchen, DE)
Title: Method and device for processing signal data
Patent Number: 8,745,451

Inventors: Aihara; Yoshihiko (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Ink jet recording apparatus for performing recording in accordance with remaining amount of ink, and control method for the apparatus
Patent Number: 7,059,700

Inventors: Aikawa; Toshiaki (Toyonaka, JP), Yasuoka; Junichi (Kobe, JP), Ikemoto; Tetsuya (Toyonaka, JP)
Title: Method for producing optically active 1-amino-2-vinylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid ester
Patent Number: 8,742,162

Inventors: Aisenbrey; Thomas (Littleton, CO)
Title: Low cost vehicle electrical and electronic components and systems manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Patent Number: 7,726,440

Inventors: Aiso; Masaru (Hamamatsu, JP), Okabayashi; Masaaki (Hamamatsu, JP)
Title: Digital audio mixer
Patent Number: 8,744,096

Inventors: Ait-Mokhtar; Salah (Grenoble, FR), Chanod; Jean-Pierre (Grenoble, FR), Roux; Claude (Grenoble, FR)
Title: Natural language parser
Patent Number: 7,058,567

Inventors: Akino; Hiroshi (Machida, JP)
Title: Ribbon microphone
Patent Number: 8,744,090

Inventors: Akino; Hiroshi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Unidirectional dynamic microphone
Patent Number: 8,744,110

Inventors: Akiyoshi; Kunihiro (Fukuoka, JP)
Title: Image forming device, document processing method, and recording medium
Patent Number: 8,744,285

Inventors: Akram; Salman (Boise, ID), Brooks; Jerry M. (Caldwell, ID)
Title: High-density modularity for ICS
Patent Number: 7,061,092

Inventors: Al-Abed; Yousef (Locust Valley, NY)
Title: Phenolic hydrazone macrophage migration inhibitory factor inhibitors
Patent Number: 8,742,173

Inventors: Alasia; Alfred V. (Wellington, FL), Alasia; Alfred J. (Royal Palm Beach, FL), Alasia; Thomas C. (Wellington, FL)
Title: Illuminated lens device for use in object authentication
Patent Number: 7,729,509

Inventors: Alavattam; Sreedhara (Columbus, OH), Brody; Richard S. (Worthington, OH)
Title: Biodegradable microparticles that stabilize and control the release of proteins
Patent Number: 7,060,299

Inventors: Albertelli; Lawrence E. (Owego, NY), Call; Charles (Owego, NY), Ii; David L. (Owego, NY), Kung; Nina (Owego, NY)
Title: Adaptive system and method for pattern classification
Patent Number: 7,058,240

Inventors: Albright; Larry E. (Gwinner, ND), Bares; Mark F. (Oakes, ND), Shelbourn; William C. (Bismarck, ND), Mason; Scott R. (Mandan, ND)
Title: Method and apparatus for stroke position sensor for hydraulic cylinder
Patent Number: 7,059,238

Inventors: Aleotti; Alberto (Fiesole, IT), Altamura; Maria (Florence, IT), Maggi; Carlo Alberto (Florence, IT)
Title: Pharmaceutical compositions based on NK2 antagonists for pediatric use
Patent Number: 7,727,955

Inventors: Alexander; Mark A. (Austin, TX)
Title: PWM re-clocking scheme to reject accumulated asynchronous jitter
Patent Number: 8,742,841

Inventors: Algotsson; Mattias (Uppsala, SE), Bjellqvist; Bengt (Uppsala, SE), Palmgren; Ronnie (Uppsala, SE)
Title: Monomers useful in the preparation of separation matrices
Patent Number: 7,060,776

Inventors: Alitalo; Kari (Helsinki, FI), Joukov; Vladimir (Boston, MA)
Title: Vascular endothelial growth factor C (VEGF-C) protein and gene, mutants thereof, and uses thereof
Patent Number: 7,727,761

Inventors: Allen; Richard C. (Mendota Heights, MN), Kotz; Arthur L. (White Bear Lake, MN), Carlson; Lockwood W. (Stillwater, MN), Nevitt; Timothy J. (Red Wing, MN), Ouderkirk; Andrew J. (Woodbury, MN), Stover; Carl A. (St. Paul, MN), Weber; Michael F. (Shoreview, MN), Majumdar; Biswaroop (Delmar, NY)
Title: Optical film with co-continuous phases
Patent Number: 7,057,816

Inventors: Allgeier; Alan Martin (Wilmington, DE), Ostermaier; John J. (Wilmington, DE)
Title: Process for producing hexamethylenediamine and aminocapronitrile from adiponitrile, wherein the hexamethylenediamine contains less than 100 ppm tetrahydroazepine
Patent Number: 7,060,819

Inventors: Allgeier; Matthew Carl (Fishers, IN), Flynn; Daniel L. (Lawrence, KS), Kaufman; Michael D. (Lawrence, KS), Patel; Phenil J. (Carmel, IN), Wolfangel; Craig D. (Carmel, IN)
Title: Raf inhibitor compounds
Patent Number: 8,741,911

Inventors: Alo; Roland Kamakau (Raleigh, NC), Beauchamp; William (Raleigh, NC), Meserth; Timothy Andreas (Durham, NC), Goodman; Walter Adrian (Cary, NC)
Title: Mechanical conversion sleeve
Patent Number: 8,743,536

Inventors: Alon; Edward E. (Tarzana, CA), Sorensen; Bradford T. (Manhattan Beach, CA)
Title: Page indexing system and apparatus for forming page shapes of system
Patent Number: 7,059,226

Inventors: Altman; Ralph F. (Chattanooga, TN)
Title: Sorbent re-circulation system for mercury control
Patent Number: 7,060,229

Inventors: Altschuler; Andrew (Miami, FL)
Title: Generating multiple buy and sell transactions
Patent Number: 8,744,922

Inventors: Ames; Kenneth D. (San Jose, CA)
Title: Combination level, plumb tool with single-hand engagement
Patent Number: 7,059,059

Inventors: Amick; Darryl D. (Albany, OR)
Title: Tungsten-containing articles and methods for forming the same
Patent Number: 7,059,233

Inventors: Amiri; Payman (Walnut Creek, CA), Fantl; Wendy (San Francisco, CA), Hansen; Teresa (Danville, CA), Levine; Barry Haskell (Lafayette, CA), McBride; Christopher (Oakland, CA), Poon; Daniel J (Oakland, CA), Ramurthy; Savithri (Walnut Creek, CA), Renhowe; Paul A (Danville, CA), Shafer; Cynthia M (El Sobrante, CA), Subramanian; Sharadha (San Ramon, CA), Sung; Leonard (Irvine, CA)
Title: Substituted benz-azoles and methods of their use as inhibitors of Raf kinase
Patent Number: 7,728,010

Inventors: Amma; Achim (Richmond, VA)
Title: Polyareneazole/thermoset pulp and methods of making same
Patent Number: 7,727,357

Inventors: Amma; Achim (Richmond, VA), Levit; Mikhail R. (Glen Allen, VA)
Title: Polyareneazole/wood pulp and methods of making same
Patent Number: 7,727,356

Inventors: Andersen; Jack B. (Austin, TX), Taylor; Wilson E. (Austin, TX)
Title: Systems and methods for providing multi channel pulse width modulated audio with staggered outputs
Patent Number: 7,061,312

Inventors: Anderson; Alan H. (Placentia, CA), Bowman; Kathlene K. (Lancaster, CA), Teufel; Paul D. (Los Alamitos, CA)
Title: One-piece closed-shape structure and method of forming same
Patent Number: 7,059,034

Inventors: Anderson; Noel Wayne (Fargo, ND)
Title: System and method for monitoring a status of a member of a vehicle
Patent Number: 7,728,720

Inventors: Ando; Takayuki (Tokyo, JP), Koaizawa; Hisashi (Tokyo, JP), Shigematu; Takashi (Tokyo, JP), Tsukii; Ken (Tokyo, JP), Izumo; Masaki (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Fiber sensor and fiber sensor device
Patent Number: 7,729,565

Inventors: Ando; Toshio (Toyohashi, JP), Masugata; Hiroyuki (Toyohashi, JP)
Title: Elastic fastener
Patent Number: 7,059,815

Inventors: Andreoni; Wanda (Adliswil, CH), Curioni; Alessandro (Gattikon, CH), Shevlin; Stephen A. (Knoxville, TN)
Title: Dielectric materials
Patent Number: 7,057,244

Inventors: Andrus; Paul G. (Ancaster, Ontario, CA), Campbell-Andrus; Gayle R. (Ancaster, Ontario, CA)
Title: Medical aerosol non-diluting holding chamber
Patent Number: 7,726,310

Inventors: Andya; James (Millbrae, CA), Cleland; Jeffrey L. (San Carlos, CA), Hsu; Chung C. (Los Altos Hills, CA), Lam; Xanthe M. (San Francisco, CA), Overcashier; David E. (El Granada, CA), Shire; Steven J. (Belmont, CA), Yang; Janet Yu-Feng (San Mateo, CA), Wu; Sylvia Sau-Yan (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Protein formulation
Patent Number: 7,060,268

Inventors: Ang; Kor Seng (Singapore, SG), Liu; Shaoyong (Singapore, SG), Marimuthu; Sivalingam (Singapore, SG), Pan; Jing Fang (Singapore, SG), Yao; Yi Zhao (Singapore, SG)
Title: Application of PFPES for HDD screw lubricant
Patent Number: 7,729,082

Inventors: Angeletakis; Christos (Orange, CA)
Title: Method of curing composition by metathesis reaction using reaction control agent
Patent Number: 7,060,769

Inventors: Angeletakis; Christos (Orange, CA)
Title: Metathesis-curable composition with a reaction control agent
Patent Number: 7,060,770

Inventors: Angle; J. Michael (Norcross, GA), Whitlark; Ralph (Birmingham, AL)
Title: Determination of an entity's assets associated with an event
Patent Number: 7,729,997

Inventors: Antonini; Enrico Anthony (Edwardsville, IL)
Title: Industrial method for separation and purification of fentanyl by reverse phase preparative chromatography
Patent Number: 7,728,145

Inventors: Antrim; Todd W. (Newnan, GA), Faulkner; Max G. (Roswell, GA), Enzmann; Mark (Roswell, GA), Hudgens; James (Roswell, GA)
Title: Roaming selection services
Patent Number: 8,744,436

Inventors: Anwar; Arman Ali (Fairfax, VA)
Title: On-demand hyperlink computer search tool
Patent Number: 8,745,480

Inventors: Aoki; Katsushi (Aichi, JP), Utusmi; Hidetoshi (Saitama, JP), Hiyoshi; Yuji (Saitama, JP)
Title: Automobile sun visor stay that maintains safety in emergencies
Patent Number: 7,059,652

Inventors: Aoki; Takanori (Tokyo, JP), Yoshimura; Masayuki (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Acrolein manufacturing method and acrylic acid manufacturing method
Patent Number: 8,742,169

Inventors: Aoki; Takenori (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Integrated semiconductor device
Patent Number: 8,743,633

Inventors: Aoki; Yoshiro (Tokyo, JP), Ko; Bong-Gyun (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Method for manufacturing SIMOX wafer
Patent Number: 7,727,867

Inventors: Aoto; Hiroshi (Kanagawa, JP), Takeda; Kenichi (Kanagawa, JP), Fukui; Tetsuro (Kanagawa, JP), Ifuku; Toshihiro (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Dielectric film structure, piezoelectric actuator using dielectric element film structure and ink jet head
Patent Number: 7,059,711

Inventors: Aoyagi; Satoshi (Wako, JP), Saeki; Hibiki (Wako, JP), Asano; Yutaka (Wako, JP)
Title: Fuel cell power supply device
Patent Number: 7,060,380

Inventors: Apostolopoulos; John G. (Palo Alto, CA), Wee; Susie J. (Palo Alto, CA)
Title: Methods for scaling encoded data without requiring knowledge of the encoding scheme
Patent Number: 7,057,535

Inventors: Arakawa; Kazunobu (Tokyo, JP), Hatakeyama; Yasuhiro (Tokyo, JP), Oshiro; Takashi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Performance predictive apparatus and method
Patent Number: 7,058,560

Inventors: Arambepola; Bernard (Enfield, GB), Cowley; Nick (Wroughton, GB)
Title: Efficient tuning and demodulation techniques
Patent Number: 8,743,977

Inventors: Arcese; Mauro (Fontana Liri, IT), Ciano; Giuseppe (Rome, IT), Donatelli; Alessandro (Rome, IT)
Title: Method, system and computer program product for routing information across firewalls
Patent Number: 7,729,289

Inventors: Arellano; Nora (Ann Arbor, MI), Alawadi; Mohammed (Plymouth, MI)
Title: Headliner having a sunroof opening
Patent Number: 7,726,728

Inventors: Argumedo; Armando Jesus (Tucson, AZ), Bui; Nhan Xuan (Tucson, AZ), Dyer; William Marvin (San Jose, CA), Hancock; Reed Alan (Tucson, AZ), Harper; David Howard Flores (Vail, AZ), Imaino; Wayne Isami (San Jose, CA), Judd; Kevin Bruce (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Magnetically biased tilting roller bearing tape guidance
Patent Number: 8,743,508

Inventors: Arias; William (Miami, FL)
Title: Tool to replace motorcycle brake pads
Patent Number: 7,059,223

Inventors: Arita; Hitoshi (Kanagawa, JP), Kojima; Akio (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Solder alloy material layer composition, electroconductive and adhesive composition, flux material layer composition, solder ball transferring sheet, bump and bump forming process, and semiconductor device
Patent Number: 7,059,512

Inventors: Arita; Kiyoshi (Fukuoka, JP)
Title: Method of cutting semiconductor wafer and protective sheet used in the cutting method
Patent Number: 7,060,531

Inventors: Armstrong; William J. (Rochester, MN), Borkenhagen; John M. (Rochester, MN), Crippen; Martin J. (Apex, NC), Desai; Dhruv M. (Cary, NC), Engebretsen; David R. (Cannon Falls, MN), Hillier, III; Philip R. (Rochester, MN), Holland; William G. (Cary, NC), Hughes; James E. (Apex, NC), O'Connoor; James A. (Ulster Park, NY), Tri; Steven M. (Eyota, MN)
Title: Reducing impact of a switch failure in a switch fabric via switch cards
Patent Number: 8,745,438

Inventors: Arnold; Robert L. (Wrightsville, PA), Shzu; Tzu S. (Garland, TX)
Title: Reversible ratcheting tool with improved control member
Patent Number: 7,059,219

Inventors: Aronovich; Lior (Ramat Gan, IL), Toaff; Yair (Ramat Gan, IL), Paz; Gil (Yehud, IL), Asher; Ron (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: Managing global cache coherency in a distributed shared caching for clustered file systems
Patent Number: 8,745,103

Inventors: Aronovich; Lior (Toronto, CA), Levy; Asaf (Rishon le Zion, IL), Loya; Liran (Hod-Hasharon, IL)
Title: Reduction of communication and efficient failover processing in distributed shared memory-based application
Patent Number: 8,745,340

Inventors: Asakawa; Tatsuhiko (Fujimi-machi, JP), Kato; Hiroki (Suwa, JP)
Title: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Patent Number: 7,728,424

Inventors: Asami; Tadao (Tokyo, JP), Hikosaka; Masashi (Hyogo, JP), Mori; Masaki (Ibaraki, JP), Maeda; Satoru (Ibaraki, JP), Matsuda; Fumio (Hyogo, JP), Saito; Kazuki (Chiba, JP)
Title: Plant activator
Patent Number: 8,741,807

Inventors: Asher; Sanford (Pittsburgh, PA)
Title: Contact lenses colored with crystalline colloidal array technology
Patent Number: 7,059,719

Inventors: Ashibe; Yuuichi (Osaka, JP), Masuda; Takato (Osaka, JP)
Title: Terminal structure of superconducting cable
Patent Number: 7,729,731

Inventors: Atsuta; Masaki (Yokosuka, JP), Hara; Yujiro (Yokohama, JP), Nakao; Hideyuki (Setagaya-ku, JP)
Title: X-ray detector
Patent Number: 7,728,301

Inventors: Aubauer; Roland (Bocholt, DE), Klinke; Stefano Ambrosius (Kerpen, DE), Poerschmann; Christoph (Gladbeck, DE), Hulskemper; Michael (Hunxe, DE), Lorenz; Frank (Bocholt, DE)
Title: Mobile communications terminal with a hands-free mode
Patent Number: 7,058,430

Inventors: Aue; Volker (Dresden, DE), Fliess; Thomas (Dresden, DE)
Title: Method and apparatus for data communication in LTE cellular networks
Patent Number: 8,744,374

Inventors: Auger; Patrice (Beynes, FR)
Title: Arrangement of a stress transducer on one arm of welding pliers, and method for mounting said stress transducer
Patent Number: 7,728,249

Inventors: Autier; Valerie (Gif sur Ivette, FR), Arbellot De Vacqueur; Annick (Fontenay les Briis, FR), Moinet; Gerard (Orsay, FR), Mariais; Dominique (Meulan, FR), Kargar; Catherine (Versailles, FR), Kergoat; Micheline (Bures-sur-Yvette, FR)
Title: Kynurenine 3-hydroxylase inhibitors for the treatment of diabetes
Patent Number: 7,727,977

Inventors: Avivi; Rotem (Petah-Tikwa, IL)
Title: Determining whether a transmission signal block was fully transmitted based on bit error probability
Patent Number: 7,729,272

Inventors: Awaya; Tetsuro (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Cleaning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Patent Number: 7,729,654

Inventors: Axelrod; Noel (Jerusalem, IL), Lichtenstein; Amir (Tel Aviv, IL), Ofek; Eran (Modi'in, IL), Pardo-Yissar; Vered (Neve Monoson, IL)
Title: Piezoelectric composite material
Patent Number: 7,728,492

Inventors: Azimi; Masud (Belmont, MA), Vakhshoori; Daryoosh (Cambridge, MA), Knopp; Kevin J. (Newburyport, MA), Rhodes; Gregory Vander (Melrose, MA), Wang; Peidong (Carlisle, MA)
Title: Compact multipass optical isolator
Patent Number: 7,057,791

Inventors: Bachmaier; Georg (Muchen, DE), Gottlieb; Bernhard (Munchen, DE), Kappel; Andreas (Brunnthal, DE), Schwebel; Tim (Munchen, DE), Tump; Christian (Munchen, DE), Wallenhauer; Carsten (Schwarzheide, DE)
Title: Hybrid control circuit
Patent Number: 7,728,484

Inventors: Bachmann; Michel Andre (Vaux Sur Morges, CH)
Title: Closure system for surgical ring
Patent Number: 7,060,080

Inventors: Badiger; Sangamesh (Karnataka, IN), Behnke; Dirk (Grenzach-Wyhlen, DE), Betschart; Claudia (Basel, CH), Chaudhari; Vinod (Karnataka, IN), Chebrolu; Murali (Andhra Pradesh, IN), Cotesta; Simona (Basel, CH), Hintermann; Samuel (Basel, CH), Meyer; Arndt (Basel, CH), Pandit; Chetan (Karnataka, IN)
Title: Disubstituted heteroaryl-fused pyridines
Patent Number: 8,742,106

Inventors: Bae; Byeong-Soo (Daejeon, KR), Kang; Dong-Jun (Daejeon, KR), Kim; Jin-Ki (Daejeon, KR), Kim; Woo-Soo (Daejeon, KR)
Title: Method of producing planar multimode optical waveguide using direct photopatterning
Patent Number: 7,729,587

Inventors: Bailey; Simon (La Jolla, CA), Gautier; Elisabeth C. L. (Sandwich, GB), Henderson; Alan J. (Sandwich, GB), Magee; Thomas V. (Groton, CT), Marfat; Anthony (Groton, CT), Mathias; John P. (Sandwich, GB), McLeod; Dale G. (Groton, CT), Monaghan; Sandra M. (Sandwich, GB), Stammen; Blanda L. C. (Sandwich, GB)
Title: Nicotinamide derivatives useful as PDE4 inhibitors
Patent Number: 7,060,717

Inventors: Baiz Matuk; Enrique A. (Sunny Isles Beach, FL)
Title: System and method of guaranteed cognitive awareness
Patent Number: 8,744,909

Inventors: Baker, III; Rex M. (Harrisville, NH), Baker; James R. (Zionsville, PA)
Title: Implantable generating system
Patent Number: 7,729,767

Inventors: Bakka; Olav (Oslo, NO), Norman; Truls (Oslo, NO)
Title: Integrated communications and power system
Patent Number: 7,060,906

Inventors: Balconi; Luca (Bresso, IT), Bareggi; Alberto (Milan, IT), Belli; Sergio (Leghorn, IT), Veggetti; Paolo (Monza, IT)
Title: Extrusion method and apparatus for producing a cable
Patent Number: 7,060,209

Inventors: Balhiser; David D. (Fort Collins, CO), Gentry; Jason Todd (Wellington, CO)
Title: Propagation of a dynamic signal to a quasi-differential receiver biased by an ungrounded driver-side bias signal
Patent Number: 7,057,425

Inventors: Ball; Newton E. (Anaheim, CA)
Title: Zigzag topology for balancing current among paralleled gas discharge lamps
Patent Number: 7,061,183

Inventors: Ballantyne; Gary John (Christchurch, NZ)
Title: Method and apparatus for compensating for tuning nonlinearity of an oscillator
Patent Number: 7,728,690

Inventors: Ballard; David Antony (Aberdeenshire, GB)
Title: Non-aqueous gels for consolidating and stabilizing wellbore formations
Patent Number: 7,727,938

Inventors: Ballisager; Lars (Hellerup, DK), Klemmensen; Bjarne (Hellerup, DK)
Title: Hearing aid with a radio frequency receiver
Patent Number: 7,058,191

Inventors: Banas; Chris (San Antonio, TX), Edwin; Tarun J. (Chandler, AZ), McCrea; Brendan (Ballwin, MO), Kowligi; Rajagopal R. (Phoenix, AZ)
Title: Methods for making a supported graft
Patent Number: 7,060,150

Inventors: Bando; Kazuaki (Tokushima, JP)
Title: Method of and apparatus for working a glass plate
Patent Number: 7,059,938

Inventors: Banine; Vadim Yevgenyevich (Deurne, NL), Van Herpen; Maarten Marinus Johannes Wilhelmus (Heesch, NL), Soer; Wouter Anthon (Nijmwegen, NL), Jak; Martin Jacobus Johan (Eindhoven, NL)
Title: Radiation source with cleaning apparatus
Patent Number: 8,742,381

Inventors: Bansal; Ravi Prakash (Tampa, FL), Hamilton, II; Rick Allen (Charlottesville, VA), O'Connell; Brian (Cary, NC), Walker; Keith Raymond (Austin, TX)
Title: Enhanced personal firewall for dynamic computing environments
Patent Number: 8,745,720

Inventors: Barat; Eric (Limours en Hurepoix, FR), Brisset; Thomas (Rambouillet, FR), Dautremer; Thomas (Paris, FR), Trigano; Thomas (Paris, FR)
Title: Measurement and treatment of a signal comprising stacks of elementary pulses
Patent Number: 7,728,307

Inventors: Baratto; Ricardo (New York, NY), Nieh; Jason (New York, NY)
Title: Methods, media, and systems for displaying information on a thin-client in communication with a network
Patent Number: 7,730,157

Inventors: Baraty; Mohammad Reza (Vancouver, CA)
Title: Methods, apparatus, media, and signals for billing utility usage
Patent Number: 7,729,993

Inventors: Barbeau; Donald L. (Evanston, IL)
Title: Stable pharmaceutical compositions
Patent Number: 7,728,133

Inventors: Barbera; Gary (Medford, NJ), Doshi; Chetan Chhabildas (Plainsboro, NJ), Patel; Mahendra R (East Brunswick, NJ), Davila; Pablo (East Windsor, NJ), Patel; Satishkumar Ambalal (West Windsor, NJ)
Title: Solubility of hydrophobic drugs with a compound having a carboxylic acid moiety
Patent Number: 7,727,556

Inventors: Bares; Mark F. (Oakes, ND), Wright; William A. (Gwinner, ND)
Title: Hand controls for small loader
Patent Number: 7,059,434

Inventors: Barkan; Edward (Miller Place, NY), Shepard; Howard (Great River, NY), Drzymala; Mark E. (Commack, NY)
Title: Synchronous and resonant drives for producing multiple scan line pattern for electro-optically reading indicia
Patent Number: 7,059,528

Inventors: Barnes; Ronald L. (Owens Crossroads, AL)
Title: Ozone generator retrofit apparatus for jetted tubs and spas
Patent Number: 7,060,180

Inventors: Barozzini; Claude (Austin, TX), Charlston; Greg (Converse, TX), Christensen; Kurt (Lockhart, TX), Lumpkin; Troy (New Braunfels, TX)
Title: Shutter mechanism for floodlight, with drive
Patent Number: 7,059,747

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Owner: Dragonfly Forest, Inc.
Serial Number: 78902574

Serial Number: 78759803

Serial Number: 78386135

Owner: DSCI
Serial Number: 77002770

Owner: DuBarry, Suzanne
Serial Number: 78820526

Owner: Dump-It, LLC
Serial Number: 77071091

Serial Number: 78466588

Serial Number: 77083702

Owner: DuPage Children's Museum
Serial Number: 76664750

Owner: dzine it inc
Serial Number: 77118123

Serial Number: 78646294

Serial Number: 78299423

Serial Number: 78785752

Owner: EBS Healthcare, Inc.
Serial Number: 78927923

Owner: EchoStone, Inc.
Serial Number: 76521704

Owner: Educators Outlet, Inc.
Serial Number: 78705052

Owner: Electec Ltd.
Serial Number: 76617885

Owner: Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.
Serial Number: 78568998

Serial Number: 77109159

Owner: Ellis, Joseph M
Serial Number: 78671437

Owner: Emerald Spa Corporation
Serial Number: 78697662

Serial Number: 78818168

Serial Number: 78737754

Owner: Endosense SA
Serial Number: 77055007

Serial Number: 78489014

Serial Number: 77096508

Serial Number: 77091714

Serial Number: 78669157

Owner: Engineering Fluid Solutions
Serial Number: 77143808

Owner: Enlignment, Inc.
Serial Number: 77069478

Serial Number: 78628417

Serial Number: 78671084

Owner: Environmental Turf Nurseries Inc.
Serial Number: 77052295

Owner: ePayables, LLC
Serial Number: 78847635

Serial Number: 77076233

Owner: Epstein, Merel
Serial Number: 76513161

Serial Number: 77093228

Owner: Errico, Lorenzo
Serial Number: 77091005

Owner: eScholar, LLC
Serial Number: 78671136

Owner: eSnipe, Inc.
Serial Number: 78958801

Owner: Esprit IP Limited
Serial Number: 78902703

Owner: Etgon Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77078689

Owner: Excentus Corporation
Serial Number: 78653345

Owner: Excitables Inc.
Serial Number: 77081554

Owner: Exhibitors Carpet Service, Inc.
Serial Number: 78876166

Owner: Experience Hendrix, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 78866256

Owner: Experience Hendrix, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 77099676

Owner: Extendmed, Inc.
Serial Number: 78560675

Owner: EYGN Limited
Serial Number: 78736613

Serial Number: 78674123

Owner: FasTracKids International, Ltd.
Serial Number: 76665024

Owner: FasTracKids International, Ltd.
Serial Number: 76663600

Owner: FasTracKids International, Ltd.
Serial Number: 76663637

Owner: FasTracKids International, Ltd.
Serial Number: 76663649

Serial Number: 77160334

Owner: FDM, INC.
Serial Number: 77062224

Owner: Federated Human Service Cooperative and Development Center
Serial Number: 76642555

Owner: Ferguson, Elizabeth C.
Serial Number: 78686995

Owner: Fey Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 77026786

Owner: Fifteen Minutes, Inc.
Serial Number: 78746794

Owner: Fifth Third Bancorp
Serial Number: 78800172

Owner: Fifth Third Bancorp
Serial Number: 78800224

Owner: Fifth Third Bancorp
Serial Number: 78802355

Owner: Fifth Third Bancorp
Serial Number: 78802391

Owner: Fight Forever Foundation
Serial Number: 78974570

Owner: Firehouse Restaurant Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77136575

Owner: Firelead LLC
Serial Number: 77104376

Serial Number: 78725895

Owner: Firriato s.s.a. di Domenico Di Gaetano
Serial Number: 78880615

Serial Number: 78897158

Owner: First NBC Bank
Serial Number: 77079280

Serial Number: 77125174

Serial Number: 78811039

Owner: Fix Protocol Limited
Serial Number: 78690877

Owner: FleetCor Technologies Operating Company, LLC
Serial Number: 78752629

Owner: Flight Solutions, L.L.C.,
Serial Number: 78924581

Owner: Flight Solutions, L.L.C.,
Serial Number: 78924836

Owner: Flight Solutions, L.L.C., dba AirQuest
Serial Number: 78924732

Owner: Flightworks Incorporated
Serial Number: 78797874

Serial Number: 77114761

Serial Number: 77102718

Owner: Fore I'm a Versatile Entertainer Productions, LLC.
Serial Number: 77068968

Owner: Foreign Source, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77077811

Owner: Forest Products Association of Canada/Association des produits forestiers du Canada
Serial Number: 78926216

Owner: Forest Products Association of Canada/Association des produits forestiers du Canada
Serial Number: 78926225

Owner: ForeverGreen IP LLC
Serial Number: 78940187

Serial Number: 78878372

Owner: Franklin Resources, Inc.
Serial Number: 77015147

Serial Number: 77121957

Owner: Freixenet, S.A.
Serial Number: 78727115

Serial Number: 78705479

Owner: Frisky-Nineteen, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 78758111

Serial Number: 76672538

Serial Number: 78799897

Owner: G. Loomis, Inc.
Serial Number: 78862155

Owner: G3 Motorsports, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 78620649

Owner: Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Inc.
Serial Number: 78794797

Owner: Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Inc.
Serial Number: 78794934

Owner: Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Inc.
Serial Number: 78794947

Serial Number: 78744057

Owner: Gardner Resources, Inc.
Serial Number: 78808261

Owner: Gary L. Pifer
Serial Number: 77104309

Owner: Gates S.A.S.
Serial Number: 77088320

Serial Number: 77110010

Serial Number: 78832645

Owner: General Electric Company
Serial Number: 78853484

Owner: General Electric Company
Serial Number: 78795563

Serial Number: 76667066

Owner: Genesis Worldwide Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 78191234

Owner: Genesis Worldwide Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 78191239

Owner: George, David, M.
Serial Number: 78819035

Owner: Ginger Betty's Bakery
Serial Number: 78563708

Owner: Girls & Sports, LLC
Serial Number: 77109265

Owner: Gizmo Design Studios, LLC
Serial Number: 77063911

Owner: Glen Raven, Inc.
Serial Number: 78755377

Owner: Global Asset Advisors, LLC
Serial Number: 77103037

Owner: Global Certification Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 78914541

Serial Number: 76671565

Serial Number: 77075230

Owner: Global Strategies Group Holding S.A.
Serial Number: 78724104

Serial Number: 78831734

Serial Number: 78595956

Serial Number: 78790585

Serial Number: 78564304

Serial Number: 78437702

Owner: Goodman, Darren
Serial Number: 78940059

Serial Number: 78638073

Owner: Grace Hill Settlement House
Serial Number: 78946606

Serial Number: 77102904

Owner: Gregory, Wilbert Jr.
Serial Number: 76600166

Owner: Griffin, John E., Dr.
Serial Number: 76662210

Serial Number: 78702505

Owner: Guardsmark, LLC
Serial Number: 78713336

Owner: GUNZ Warenhandels GmbH
Serial Number: 78691803

Serial Number: 76663871

Serial Number: 74722438

Owner: Haller Schwarz
Serial Number: 78853260

Serial Number: 76670057

Owner: Hamilton Safe Company
Serial Number: 78876272

Serial Number: 76647624

Owner: Handyman Matters, Inc.
Serial Number: 76670153

Serial Number: 77058688

Serial Number: 78959701

Serial Number: 77060072

Serial Number: 76642773

Serial Number: 76660339

Owner: Hawke Mountain Ventures, LLC
Serial Number: 77095714

Owner: HBC Incorporated
Serial Number: 78761818

Owner: HCN Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 78863775

Owner: Health Communications Inc.
Serial Number: 78692849

Owner: Hecht, Michael A.
Serial Number: 77001858

Owner: Henson Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 76596864

Owner: Heritage Affinity Enterprises LLC
Serial Number: 77071570

Serial Number: 78479472

Owner: HIC Company Limited
Serial Number: 77016064

Serial Number: 78441199

Serial Number: 77140764

Owner: Highland Beef Farms
Serial Number: 78817656

Owner: Hillwood Development Company, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 76639342

Owner: Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc.
Serial Number: 78743940

Serial Number: 78681472

Owner: Hockensmith, Richard P.
Serial Number: 78668338

Owner: Hoey, Gary P.
Serial Number: 78561835

Serial Number: 78719829

Serial Number: 78719835

Serial Number: 78665414

Owner: Homer TLC, Inc.
Serial Number: 78654239

Owner: Horace Mann Life Insurance Company
Serial Number: 76652235

Owner: Hosanna
Serial Number: 77080985

Serial Number: 78733305

Owner: Houghton Mifflin Company
Serial Number: 76638654

Owner: House of Brides, Inc., The
Serial Number: 78707815

Serial Number: 76672787

Serial Number: 78757650

Serial Number: 76643259

Serial Number: 78460765

Serial Number: 78695034

Owner: Hunter Fan Company
Serial Number: 78805556

Owner: Hunter, Rachel Pritzker
Serial Number: 78683947

Owner: Huntington Country Store LLC
Serial Number: 77003845

Owner: HY-VEE, INC.
Serial Number: 78255335

Owner: Hyatt Corporation
Serial Number: 77072902

Serial Number: 77078985

Owner: IA Unlimited
Serial Number: 77151149

Serial Number: 77096819

Serial Number: 78757285

Owner: IJS Global Holdings, Inc.
Serial Number: 78833140

Serial Number: 76672650

Owner: Impladent, Ltd.
Serial Number: 76664339

Serial Number: 78876950

Serial Number: 77116715

Serial Number: 78613811

Serial Number: 77104642

Serial Number: 78813743

Owner: Information Management Team, Inc.
Serial Number: 77106586

Owner: ING Groep N.V.
Serial Number: 77019210

Owner: Inland Telephone Company
Serial Number: 78869414

Serial Number: 77100290

Serial Number: 76669187

Serial Number: 76669188

Owner: Interbake Foods LLC
Serial Number: 76582885

Owner: International Association of Infant Massage, Inc.
Serial Number: 78873881

Owner: International Paper Company
Serial Number: 78692318

Owner: International Paper Company
Serial Number: 78692320

Owner: International Paper Company
Serial Number: 78724906

Owner: International Research Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77108017

Owner: International Seaway Trading Corporation
Serial Number: 78791489

Owner: Intertrade Systems Inc.
Serial Number: 76633269

Owner: IP Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 78712693

Owner: IRIS Media, Inc.
Serial Number: 78431118

Owner: Islington Capital Partners, LLC
Serial Number: 77081244

Owner: Israel Discount Bank of New York
Serial Number: 77096235

Serial Number: 78892854

Owner: itSM Solutions LLC
Serial Number: 77050399

Owner: IVP, LLC
Serial Number: 76200244

Owner: J.I.A., Inc.
Serial Number: 77095748

Serial Number: 78627027

Owner: JAF Technical Solutions, LLC
Serial Number: 77097361

Serial Number: 77004166

Owner: Jamieson, W. Ray
Serial Number: 78651047

Owner: JB Labs, Inc.
Serial Number: 78735381

Owner: JCT Innovations, LLC
Serial Number: 77078954

Serial Number: 78323775

Owner: JetBrains, s.r.o.
Serial Number: 78550989

Owner: Joey's Only Franchising Ltd.
Serial Number: 78594767

Serial Number: 77084716

Owner: John T. Nothnagle, Inc.
Serial Number: 78883609

Serial Number: 78852633

Owner: Joie de Vivre Kabuki, LLC
Serial Number: 77068610

Owner: Jordan Power & Equipment Co.
Serial Number: 78642313

Owner: Joseph E. Gortych, Esq., P.A.
Serial Number: 78592108

Serial Number: 78729707

Owner: Junk Your Junk, Inc.
Serial Number: 77106523

Owner: K & M of Virginia, Inc.
Serial Number: 77163989

Serial Number: 76611222

Serial Number: 76611224

Serial Number: 78861167

Serial Number: 78153631

Owner: Katalyst Films, Ltd.
Serial Number: 78815762

Owner: Katz, Jose
Serial Number: 77143327

Owner: Keenan, Elaine F.
Serial Number: 77110901

Serial Number: 77052879

Owner: Keffer, David C.
Serial Number: 77108964

Owner: Kel-Gar, Inc.
Serial Number: 78271073

Owner: Kelsey Associates, LLC
Serial Number: 78639332

Serial Number: 78903346

Serial Number: 78701629

Owner: Kent Companies, Inc.
Serial Number: 77062013

Owner: Kerkhoff, Dean
Serial Number: 78563202

Serial Number: 78778855

Serial Number: 78497676

Owner: Key Source International
Serial Number: 77079749

Owner: Keyser Marston Associates, Inc.
Serial Number: 78596568

Owner: Kieffer, Susan A.
Serial Number: 78591673

Owner: KIK Holdco Company
Serial Number: 76612377

Serial Number: 77088589

Serial Number: 78946839

Serial Number: 77077061

Serial Number: 77077084

Serial Number: 78768206

Owner: Kinpel Medical, PC
Serial Number: 78849555

Owner: Knight Capital Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77084848

Owner: kohachiro h. kamimura
Serial Number: 77101064

Owner: Kohler Co.
Serial Number: 77077123

Owner: Kohler Co.
Serial Number: 77077214

Owner: Konami Gaming, Inc.
Serial Number: 78826631

Serial Number: 76670961

Owner: Krempl, Angela B
Serial Number: 77098665

Owner: Kristi C. Anderson, PC
Serial Number: 77117939

Owner: Kugel Travel & Transportation Services ltd
Serial Number: 77086198

Owner: Kwik Goal Ltd.
Serial Number: 78817619

Owner: Kwik Trip, Inc.
Serial Number: 77110683

Owner: Kwik Trip, Inc.
Serial Number: 78843847

Owner: L'Oreal
Serial Number: 78608496

Owner: L'Oreal USA Creative, Inc.
Serial Number: 78329413

Owner: L.O.F.T.M., INC.
Serial Number: 76504223

Serial Number: 76664606

Owner: Lafayette Venetian Blind, Inc.
Serial Number: 77148245

Serial Number: 78930212

Owner: Lamplight Farms, Inc.
Serial Number: 78774815

Owner: Lanyon, Inc.
Serial Number: 78726409

Owner: Lattimore, Linda
Serial Number: 77135729

Serial Number: 77117094

Owner: Learning Lens LLC
Serial Number: 78744474

Owner: Learning Lens LLC
Serial Number: 78755284

Owner: Leavitt, Carolyn R.
Serial Number: 76641585

Owner: Ledesma, Glenn N.
Serial Number: 76504409

Owner: LendingTree, LLC
Serial Number: 77142163

Owner: LendingTree, LLC
Serial Number: 77138577

Owner: LendingTree, LLC
Serial Number: 77134548

Serial Number: 77085746

Owner: Liberty Science Center
Serial Number: 77107581

Owner: Lidis, Suzanne
Serial Number: 78798105

Owner: Liebert Corporation
Serial Number: 77103300

Owner: Lifestyle Brands Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 78894182

Serial Number: 76667660

Owner: Lilienthal, David
Serial Number: 77101383

Serial Number: 78903812

Owner: Long Elegant Legs, Inc.
Serial Number: 76662201

Owner: Los Altos Food Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 78940105

Owner: Louis Berkman Company, The
Serial Number: 75084129

Owner: Louis, Mary Frances
Serial Number: 77105174

Owner: Louisiana-Pacific Corporation
Serial Number: 78940477

Owner: Lowenbaum, Julie Sloan
Serial Number: 78755051

Owner: Lubrication Engineers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77089141

Serial Number: 77106704

Serial Number: 78720292

Owner: Ma Cher (USA), Inc.
Serial Number: 78960011

Owner: Maasland N.V.
Serial Number: 76345265

Owner: Macatawa Bank Corporation
Serial Number: 78835332

Owner: Madison Holdings, Inc.
Serial Number: 78358752

Owner: Magnet Works, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77016918

Serial Number: 76642111

Owner: Majestic Marketing Inc
Serial Number: 77108786

Owner: Make-A-Wish Foundation of America
Serial Number: 78876764

Owner: Management Integration Process Corporation
Serial Number: 77052399

Owner: Manix, Paul D.
Serial Number: 78834613

Serial Number: 78868087

Serial Number: 78809819

Owner: Mark J. Thomas
Serial Number: 77014582

Owner: Marketing Results Ltd
Serial Number: 78206090

Serial Number: 77036658

Owner: Mars, Incorporated
Serial Number: 76484186

Owner: Mars, Incorporated
Serial Number: 77107864

Owner: Mars, Incorporated
Serial Number: 77041072

Owner: Martin Fletcher & Associates, LP
Serial Number: 77102358

Owner: Martin Fletcher & Associates, LP
Serial Number: 77102392

Serial Number: 77136604

Serial Number: 77070037

Owner: Massachusetts Higher Education Assistance Corporation
Serial Number: 76642472

Owner: Massachusetts Higher Education Assistance Corporation
Serial Number: 76642473

Owner: Massachusetts Higher Education Assistance Corporation
Serial Number: 76642474

Owner: MasterCard International Incorporated
Serial Number: 78170325

Owner: MasterCard International Incorporated
Serial Number: 78844671

Owner: Mathews, Alvin
Serial Number: 77101932

Owner: Matthews, Craig
Serial Number: 78564174

Owner: Mattress & Beyond Corp.
Serial Number: 78903571

Owner: MC3 Consultants, Incorporated
Serial Number: 78711291

Owner: McBee Associates, Inc.
Serial Number: 76647573

Owner: McBee Associates, Inc.
Serial Number: 76647574

Owner: McClory, Michael R.
Serial Number: 77071731

Serial Number: 78585648

Owner: Medeco Security Locks, Inc.
Serial Number: 77020669

Serial Number: 77133549

Owner: Medical Models Limited
Serial Number: 78741724

Serial Number: 78813608

Serial Number: 78687180

Serial Number: 78852501

Serial Number: 77073618

Owner: Mercantil de Comercio, S.A.
Serial Number: 78971058

Serial Number: 78570454

Owner: Merchants Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77136238

Serial Number: 78777790

Serial Number: 78950471

Serial Number: 76661751

Serial Number: 76564576

Owner: Miami Heart Research Institute, Inc.
Serial Number: 77111832

Owner: Miami Heart Research Institute, Inc.
Serial Number: 77111861

Owner: Michael C. Fina Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 78725043

Owner: Micronics, Inc.
Serial Number: 78566031

Serial Number: 78478264

Owner: Microsoft Corporation
Serial Number: 78607337

Owner: Microsoft Corporation
Serial Number: 78738448

Owner: Midfirst Bank
Serial Number: 78910252

Owner: Mighty Leaf Tea
Serial Number: 76659467

Owner: Mill Creek Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 78639962

Owner: Miller, Matthias
Serial Number: 78769906

Serial Number: 78824612

Owner: Million, Kathleen J.
Serial Number: 77062704

Owner: Milwaukee Admirals LLC
Serial Number: 78939597

Owner: Mitchell, Barbra V.
Serial Number: 77124816

Owner: MNE's Food Products
Serial Number: 77066409

Owner: Mobile Entertainment Forum
Serial Number: 78465428

Owner: Mobilisa, Inc.
Serial Number: 77058533

Owner: Moeller Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77106981

Serial Number: 78952722

Serial Number: 77066051

Serial Number: 77066052

Owner: Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc.
Serial Number: 77109314

Serial Number: 77119343

Owner: Mommy's Little Helpers, LLC
Serial Number: 78865726

Serial Number: 78428265

Owner: Monkey Joe's Franchising, LLC
Serial Number: 76648390

Serial Number: 76384469

Serial Number: 78921561

Owner: Mozilla Foundation
Serial Number: 78974764

Owner: MS Skintechnical, Inc.
Serial Number: 76670643

Owner: MTI Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 78971465

Owner: Multi-Link, Inc.
Serial Number: 78641815

Owner: Multiband Subscriber Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 78712103

Owner: Multiphase Engineering and Consulting SA de CV
Serial Number: 77111580

Serial Number: 78875130

Serial Number: 77046052

Owner: Nasty Lures LLC
Serial Number: 77132919

Owner: National Anti-Vivisection Society
Serial Number: 77100523

Owner: National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc.
Serial Number: 77100298

Serial Number: 77096042

Owner: National Chamber Litigation Center, Inc.
Serial Number: 78753364

Owner: National Geographic Society
Serial Number: 77123509

Owner: Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Serial Number: 78562431

Serial Number: 78872502

Serial Number: 76645079

Owner: Naturmed, Inc.
Serial Number: 76668215

Owner: Nautilus Hyosung Inc.
Serial Number: 78613547

Owner: Naval Research Laboratory
Serial Number: 78699184

Serial Number: 77073180

Serial Number: 77098428

Owner: NBA Development League, LLC.
Serial Number: 78688332

Serial Number: 78627817

Serial Number: 78791044

Owner: Netfocal, Incorporated
Serial Number: 76619076

Owner: New Glarus Brewing Company
Serial Number: 77033687

Serial Number: 77122976

Owner: New Vision Photography Program, Inc.
Serial Number: 78897216

Serial Number: 78694408

Serial Number: 76540921

Owner: NewsGator Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 78633093

Serial Number: 77000174

Serial Number: 78651527

Owner: Nguyen, Tuong Van
Serial Number: 78907085

Serial Number: 78564448

Serial Number: 78710116

Serial Number: 78157417

Serial Number: 78528125

Serial Number: 78528130

Owner: Normandie Club, L.P.
Serial Number: 77107844

Owner: NorthStar Travel Media, LLC
Serial Number: 78946043

Serial Number: 77112972

Serial Number: 78604769

Serial Number: 78679088

Serial Number: 78878750

Owner: OATH INC.
Serial Number: 77023798

Serial Number: 77108114

Serial Number: 77108204

Serial Number: 77100082

Owner: Oldcastle Precast, Inc.
Serial Number: 77096057

Owner: OlderWiserWomen LLC
Serial Number: 76624262

Owner: OlderWiserWomen LLC
Serial Number: 76624263

Owner: Ole Christian Amundsen
Serial Number: 78541877

Owner: Oliver, Dara
Serial Number: 78491556

Owner: Oliver, Dara
Serial Number: 78490118

Owner: Omaha Truck Center, Inc.
Serial Number: 77088672

Owner: OmniCopy Corporation
Serial Number: 78711583

Serial Number: 78958584

Owner: OnePIN, Inc.
Serial Number: 78933105

Owner: Onestopfanshop Inc
Serial Number: 77123093

Serial Number: 78909083

Serial Number: 78909098

Serial Number: 78623069

Owner: Oregon Health & Science University
Serial Number: 77110009

Serial Number: 78481881

Owner: Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 76669742

Serial Number: 76668163

Serial Number: 77107380

Owner: OurPet's Company
Serial Number: 76659980

Serial Number: 77012140

Owner: Pacesetter, Inc.
Serial Number: 77036799

Owner: Pacific Packaging Concepts, Inc.
Serial Number: 78762718

Owner: Pagliassotti, Druann Lynn
Serial Number: 77096410

Serial Number: 78630850

Serial Number: 78707466

Owner: Palm Beach Tan, Inc
Serial Number: 77100451

Owner: Pan African Management and Development Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77074152

Serial Number: 77086610

Owner: Par Four, Inc.
Serial Number: 77109523

Owner: Parker Palm Springs, LLC.
Serial Number: 76650311

Owner: Pascua, Vance J.
Serial Number: 78660366

Owner: Passion Group, Inc., The
Serial Number: 78200360

Owner: Pathsharers, LLC
Serial Number: 77064221

Owner: Patricia, Lynn K.
Serial Number: 77101577

Owner: Patriot Equities, L.P.
Serial Number: 78731328

Owner: Payne, Geoffrey S.
Serial Number: 76672761

Serial Number: 78454649

Owner: Peace Mountain Natural Beverages Corp
Serial Number: 77156986

Owner: Pearson Medical Technologies, LLC
Serial Number: 77103972

Owner: Pebble Technology, Inc.
Serial Number: 76642485

Owner: PEI Licensing, Inc.
Serial Number: 78337645

Owner: PepsiCo, Inc.
Serial Number: 76524366

Owner: Perideo S.A.
Serial Number: 78634091

Owner: Perpetual Images, Inc.
Serial Number: 78749528

Owner: Perpetual Images. Inc.
Serial Number: 78749755

Owner: Pet Food Express, Ltd.
Serial Number: 78861778

Serial Number: 76671939

Owner: Phoenix Intangibles Holding Company
Serial Number: 77066073

Owner: PICS, Inc.
Serial Number: 76667950

Owner: PICS, Inc.
Serial Number: 76667951

Serial Number: 77071368

Serial Number: 76670781

Owner: PNC Bank, N.A.
Serial Number: 78492942

Serial Number: 77073378

Serial Number: 77073395

Serial Number: 76642759

Serial Number: 77153013

Owner: Prager Moving & Storage Co.
Serial Number: 78962985

Owner: PreCheck, Inc.
Serial Number: 78947073

Owner: Precision Fabrics Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 78961444

Serial Number: 77006002

Owner: Professional Bowlers Association LLC
Serial Number: 76616580

Owner: Projects In Knowledge, Inc.
Serial Number: 77041611

Serial Number: 76657843

Serial Number: 76658067

Serial Number: 78618240

Serial Number: 78262956

Serial Number: 78262959

Serial Number: 78272541

Owner: PWG Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 78850073

Serial Number: 77126092

Serial Number: 78903419

Serial Number: 78966265

Owner: R. DeNoble Enterprises Ltd.
Serial Number: 78754783

Owner: R. Seelig & Hille oHG
Serial Number: 78948474

Owner: R.W. Block Consulting, Inc.
Serial Number: 76656377

Owner: Radio Computing Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 78758626

Serial Number: 78825431

Serial Number: 78867141

Serial Number: 78957317

Serial Number: 78784828

Serial Number: 78800317

Owner: Recreational Equipment, Inc.
Serial Number: 78573760

Owner: Reed, Rebecca A.
Serial Number: 77073791

Serial Number: 78711013

Serial Number: 78723088

Serial Number: 78843976

Serial Number: 78899328

Owner: REP Enterprises, LLC
Serial Number: 77102263

Owner: Rheem Manufacturing Company
Serial Number: 77128478

Serial Number: 78327437

Serial Number: 78360249

Owner: Rigoberto, Cuervo Rosales
Serial Number: 78630489

Owner: Ripken Baesball Inc.
Serial Number: 78761576

Serial Number: 78959153

Serial Number: 77012782

Owner: RLT Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 78760702

Owner: Robert A. Toigo Foundation
Serial Number: 77072077

Owner: Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
Serial Number: 77040765

Owner: Robert-Leslie Publishing LLC
Serial Number: 77099031

Owner: Roberts-Swope, Regina
Serial Number: 77115590

Serial Number: 76410235

Owner: Roos Foods Inc.
Serial Number: 77122458

Serial Number: 78883681

Serial Number: 78524125

Owner: Royse City Financial, Inc.
Serial Number: 78713861

Owner: Rutherford, Gary
Serial Number: 76669776

Owner: Ryan, John Patrick
Serial Number: 78818442

Owner: Safe Shredding, LLC
Serial Number: 78826665

Serial Number: 77122146

Serial Number: 77122199

Serial Number: 77092030

Serial Number: 77115292

Serial Number: 77114688

Serial Number: 77108836

Serial Number: 77108857

Owner: San Fernando Beauty Academy
Serial Number: 78864331

Owner: San Mar Corporation
Serial Number: 77099747

Owner: Sand Dune Ventures, Inc.
Serial Number: 78897807

Owner: Sanrio Company, Ltd.
Serial Number: 76510864

Owner: Sante International, Inc.
Serial Number: 76544995

Serial Number: 76625300

Serial Number: 78661733

Serial Number: 78726314

Owner: Schroeder, Teri L.
Serial Number: 78692004

Owner: Schultz, Leo A.
Serial Number: 78651187

Owner: Schwartz, Brian A.
Serial Number: 78274109

Owner: Scott, Ken
Serial Number: 78647425

Serial Number: 77103700

Owner: Sean Kerly
Serial Number: 77012768

Owner: Seattle Glass Block, Inc.
Serial Number: 76628003

Owner: Selective Insurance Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 78780310

Owner: Selective Insurance Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 78780327

Owner: Selective Insurance Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 78907186

Owner: Semmens, Christopher G.
Serial Number: 77135075

Serial Number: 75604636

Owner: Shanghai LIRI Technologies Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 77093094

Owner: Shea, Christine Anne
Serial Number: 76672060

Owner: Shepherd Neame Limited
Serial Number: 77120916

Owner: Shimano Inc.
Serial Number: 77007299

Serial Number: 77072497

Owner: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Serial Number: 78239570

Serial Number: 77102591

Serial Number: 78467254

Owner: SKL International, Inc
Serial Number: 77101716

Serial Number: 78699905

Owner: Smartlabs, Inc.
Serial Number: 77150855

Owner: Smith, Anne
Serial Number: 78764405

Owner: Smith, Elmore
Serial Number: 77107509

Owner: Smith, Elmore
Serial Number: 77107033

Owner: Smith, Gregory R
Serial Number: 77103086

Serial Number: 78637469

Owner: Societe des Produits Nestle S.A.
Serial Number: 77045257

Owner: Software Productivity Research, LLC
Serial Number: 77069704

Serial Number: 76102941

Serial Number: 78418949

Serial Number: 78877649

Owner: Sony Pictures Television Inc.
Serial Number: 77018310

Serial Number: 76571646

Serial Number: 78735003

Owner: Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc.
Serial Number: 76670755

Serial Number: 77079505

Owner: Special Libraries Association, Inc.
Serial Number: 76643322

Serial Number: 77084998

Serial Number: 77082101

Serial Number: 78901878

Serial Number: 76652752

Owner: Ssangyong Motor Company
Serial Number: 78705081

Owner: Staffing Source Personnel, Inc.
Serial Number: 77096485

Owner: Star Island Entertainment, LLC
Serial Number: 77010963

Serial Number: 77003994

Serial Number: 77003944

Owner: Stocking, Dale E.
Serial Number: 77102924

Serial Number: 78805673

Serial Number: 76604917

Serial Number: 76978267

Serial Number: 78784710

Owner: Structured Asset Funding, LLC
Serial Number: 78782427

Serial Number: 77103409

Serial Number: 78957805

Serial Number: 76671236

Serial Number: 78760166

Serial Number: 76623478

Owner: SunTrust Banks, Inc.
Serial Number: 78966949

Owner: SunTrust Banks, Inc.
Serial Number: 77122924

Owner: Superblock, LLC
Serial Number: 77071259

Owner: Superior Access Insurance Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 78862947

Owner: Supress Products LLC
Serial Number: 78652073

Owner: Suzanne M. Thomas
Serial Number: 78971949

Owner: Sweet Mama Janisse
Serial Number: 78738088

Owner: Sweetwater Sound, Inc.
Serial Number: 78844243

Owner: Swinger, Truyen
Serial Number: 78670663

Serial Number: 76670599

Serial Number: 78892371

Owner: Taken Productions, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 77076934

Owner: Tannenbaum Treasures, LLC
Serial Number: 77108697

Owner: Teale Creek Associates
Serial Number: 77128609

Serial Number: 77104834

Serial Number: 78825811

Owner: Teen Mania Ministries, Inc.
Serial Number: 77052675

Serial Number: 78696780

Serial Number: 78617740

Serial Number: 77091710

Owner: Terranova, Virginie
Serial Number: 78497642

Owner: Terre Da Vino S.p.A.
Serial Number: 78830124

Serial Number: 78622528

Owner: Texas Mutual Insurance Company
Serial Number: 77100529

Owner: The Argen Corporation
Serial Number: 77092283

Owner: The Board of Trustees of the George Washington University
Serial Number: 78402011

Owner: The Burton Corporation
Serial Number: 78615939

Owner: The Championship Committee Merchandising Limited
Serial Number: 76607156

Owner: The Eclipse Group LLP
Serial Number: 78905116

Owner: The Force, Inc.
Serial Number: 78828543

Owner: The Frodis Co., LLC
Serial Number: 77017492

Owner: The Green Media Group, LLC
Serial Number: 78852265

Serial Number: 77017059

Serial Number: 77047004

Serial Number: 78506873

Owner: The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc.
Serial Number: 76664452

Owner: The Kessler Enterprise, Inc.
Serial Number: 78804052

Serial Number: 76661335

Serial Number: 76661336

Owner: The Legal Assistant, LLC
Serial Number: 77092068

Owner: The Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle in the State of New York
Serial Number: 77050750

Owner: The Neuropathy Association
Serial Number: 78916574

Owner: The Pennsylvania State University
Serial Number: 77067564

Owner: The Procter & Gamble Company
Serial Number: 78527596

Owner: The Red Elephant, LLC
Serial Number: 76670606

Owner: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 78929560

Owner: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 78929576

Serial Number: 78901264

Owner: The Steel Network, Inc.
Serial Number: 77003949

Owner: The Step Company
Serial Number: 78564028

Owner: The Step Company
Serial Number: 78564030

Owner: The Step Company
Serial Number: 78564034

Owner: The Trustees of the Bell Foundation
Serial Number: 77056656

Owner: The University of Montana
Serial Number: 76543676

Serial Number: 77045273

Serial Number: 77003883

Owner: Thoroughbred Remedies Manufacturing Ltd.
Serial Number: 78727072

Owner: ThoughtForm, Inc.
Serial Number: 78752924

Owner: Throneburg, James L.
Serial Number: 78703553

Owner: Throneburg, James L.
Serial Number: 78703995

Owner: Tiax LLC
Serial Number: 78212760

Owner: Tishcon Corp.
Serial Number: 78928789

Serial Number: 78902770

Serial Number: 77045876

Serial Number: 78698998

Serial Number: 77106536

Owner: Topco Associates, LLC
Serial Number: 78684059

Owner: Topco Associates, LLC
Serial Number: 78684066

Owner: Topco Associates, LLC
Serial Number: 78684074

Owner: Topco Associates, LLC
Serial Number: 78684080

Owner: totes Isotoner Corporation
Serial Number: 78873393

Owner: Tournament Cable, Inc
Serial Number: 77074559

Owner: TrackAbout, Inc.
Serial Number: 78758302

Serial Number: 78931230

Serial Number: 76512505

Owner: TransBorder Marketing, Inc.
Serial Number: 78749258

Owner: Tres Noir, Inc.
Serial Number: 77077800

Serial Number: 77161837

Owner: Trilegiant Corporation
Serial Number: 78460463

Serial Number: 78811802

Serial Number: 78786100

Serial Number: 76658908

Serial Number: 78718144

Serial Number: 76664670

Owner: Tudor Place Foundation, Inc.
Serial Number: 78740967

Owner: U. S. Planning Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 78916723

Owner: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Serial Number: 78785444

Owner: Ubisoft Inc.
Serial Number: 77118671

Owner: UBM LLC
Serial Number: 78748036

Serial Number: 78789147

Owner: United Comb & Novelty Corporation
Serial Number: 78776519

Owner: United Comb & Novelty Corporation
Serial Number: 78776801

Serial Number: 78573112

Serial Number: 78573114

Owner: Universal, Esperanza
Serial Number: 78794446

Owner: University Instructors, Inc
Serial Number: 77021178

Owner: Univest Corporation of Pennsylvania
Serial Number: 77103445

Serial Number: 78920577

Serial Number: 78456383

Serial Number: 78723708

Owner: USC Consulting Group, LLC
Serial Number: 78778209

Serial Number: 76670973

Owner: Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America LLC
Serial Number: 78485067

Serial Number: 77025856

Serial Number: 78416892

Owner: Vantage Business Support & Insurance Services
Serial Number: 77028554

Owner: Vasquez, Carlos F.
Serial Number: 78854000

Owner:, LLC
Serial Number: 78656252

Owner: Verde Realty Operating Partnership L.P.
Serial Number: 76665436

Owner: Verde Realty Operating Partnership L.P.
Serial Number: 76664938

Owner: Vertiflex, Inc.
Serial Number: 78676595

Owner: Vexilar, Inc.
Serial Number: 78596297

Serial Number: 78754240

Serial Number: 78754242

Owner: VIAGEN, L.C.
Serial Number: 78484411

Serial Number: 78792624

Owner: Villiger Söhne AG
Serial Number: 78767644

Owner: Villiger Söhne AG
Serial Number: 78767664

Owner: Visalus Holdings LLC
Serial Number: 78876860

Owner: VisiStat, Inc.
Serial Number: 77105889

Owner: VisiStat, Inc.
Serial Number: 77105892

Serial Number: 78913966

Owner: Vivid Entertainment, LLC
Serial Number: 77050214

Serial Number: 77070673

Serial Number: 77070691

Serial Number: 77070715

Serial Number: 78971913

Owner: Vor Keller, Albert W.
Serial Number: 78896380

Serial Number: 76667280

Owner: Walsh, Riannon
Serial Number: 78932024

Owner: Walsh-Sorensen, Kimberly
Serial Number: 78623787

Owner: Water Ride Concepts, Inc.
Serial Number: 77078283

Serial Number: 77090635

Serial Number: 76664671

Serial Number: 76655536

Serial Number: 76655537

Serial Number: 76655538

Owner: Webb Business Promotions, Inc.
Serial Number: 78883761

Serial Number: 77097325

Serial Number: 77030753

Owner: Weisner, Maureen B.
Serial Number: 78627265

Owner: Weiss, Gerald B.
Serial Number: 77095267

Owner: Wells Fargo & Company
Serial Number: 78844638

Owner: Wells Plumbing and Heating Supplies, Inc.
Serial Number: 78591569

Owner: William G. Chapman
Serial Number: 78864031

Owner: Wilson, Twyla, S.
Serial Number: 78558745

Serial Number: 76650668

Owner: Winters, Brian C
Serial Number: 78883140

Owner: Wolfensohn, James David
Serial Number: 77005073

Owner: World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Inc.
Serial Number: 78944640

Owner: World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Inc.
Serial Number: 78944662

Owner: World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Inc.
Serial Number: 77014461

Owner: World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Inc.
Serial Number: 77014462

Owner: World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Inc.
Serial Number: 77014466

Owner: World Sports Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 78913250

Owner: World Sports Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 78914284

Serial Number: 78978785

Owner: WPP Properties
Serial Number: 78892373

Owner: WTFN, Inc.
Serial Number: 78827719

Serial Number: 77098562

Owner: Wynn Resorts Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 78476861

Owner: X-spine Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 78725643

Serial Number: 78634266

Serial Number: 76643124

Owner: Yanmar Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 76641896

Serial Number: 78636144

Serial Number: 78585094

Owner: Yip, Karmon
Serial Number: 77056001

Owner: YLEM Corporation
Serial Number: 78655272

Owner: Zen Glow, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 78658653

Serial Number: 78770770

Owner: Zep IP Holding LLC
Serial Number: 76654070

Owner: Zeus Industrial Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 78763513

Serial Number: 78695863