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Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Aalders; Arnold (Waalwijk, NL), Van Den Bijgaart; Adrianus Wilhelmus Dionisius Maria (Helvoirt, NL), Versleegers; Jozef Christiaan Mathieu (Bree, BE), De Gier; Ronald Cornelis (Eindhoven, NL), Timmermans; Petrus Henricus Maria (Teteringen, NL)
Title: Needle interface for fluid connections
Patent Number: 9,063,108

Inventors: Aase; Jonathan (Redwood City, CA), Choiniere; Paul (Livermore, CA), Briskey; Joseph (Cupertino, CA)
Title: Extruded cable structures and systems and methods for making the same
Patent Number: 9,065,265

Inventors: Abbitt; Shane E. (Ankeny, IA), Jung; Rudolf (Des Moines, IA), Selinger; David A. (Johnston, IA)
Title: Seed-preferred promoter from Sorghum kafirin gene
Patent Number: 7,964,770

Inventors: Abe; Yoshihito (Kuroiso, JP), Hamada; Kenji (Otawara, JP)
Title: Diagnostic apparatus, ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, and operation controlling method thereof
Patent Number: 7,239,907

Inventors: Abend; Kenneth (Huntingdon Valley, PA)
Title: Pulse interleaving in doppler ultrasound imaging
Patent Number: 7,238,158

Inventors: Abraham; Charles (San Jose, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for compensating an oscillator in a location-enabled wireless device
Patent Number: 7,239,857

Inventors: Accardi; Anthony (Cambridge, MA), Scallan; Greg (Hampton, NJ), Bandhauer; John (Aptos, CA), Warren; Eryk (Montreal, CA)
Title: Routing/switching on a heterogeneous network
Patent Number: 7,965,699

Inventors: Adamczyk; Maria (Alpharetta, GA)
Title: Systems, methods, and devices for health monitoring
Patent Number: 7,238,156

Inventors: Adams; Chad A. (Byron, MN), Aipperspach; Anthony G. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Methods and apparatus for accessing memory
Patent Number: 7,239,559

Inventors: Adan; Alberto O. (Ikoma, JP)
Title: Serially RC coupled quadrature oscillator
Patent Number: 7,239,209

Inventors: Adkisson; James W. (Jericho, VT), Gambino; Jeffrey P. (Westford, VT), Jaffe; Mark D. (Shelburne, VT), Rassel; Richard J. (Colchester, VT), Sprogis; Edmund J. (Underhill, VT)
Title: High surface area aluminum bond pad for through-wafer connections to an electronic package
Patent Number: 7,964,967

Inventors: Adya; Atul (Redmond, WA), Bolosky; William J. (Issaquah, WA), Cermak; Gerald (Bothell, WA), Douceur; John R. (Bellevue, WA), Theimer; Marvin M. (Bellevue, WA), Wattenhofer; Roger P. (Zurich, CH)
Title: Serverless distributed file system
Patent Number: 7,240,060

Inventors: Agarwal; Manoj K. (Noida, IN), Bhide; Manish A. (Vasant Kunj, IN), Kotwal; Srilakshmi (Hyderabad AP, IN), Mittapalli; Srinivas Kiran (Secunderabad, IN), Padmanabhan; Sriram (San Jose, CA)
Title: Parallel processing of ETL jobs involving extensible markup language documents
Patent Number: 9,064,047

Inventors: Agarwal; Manoj K. (Noida, IN), Cotner; Curt L. (Gilroy, CA), Kundu; Amitava (Bangalore, IN), Roy; Prasan (Bangalore, IN), Sambandhan; Rajesh (Bangalore, IN)
Title: Match window size for matching multi-level transactions between log files
Patent Number: 9,063,944

Inventors: Agarwal; Samarth (Bangalore, IN), Bajaj; Mohit (Bangalore, IN), Hook; Terence B. (Jericho, VT)
Title: Modeling charge distribution on FinFET sidewalls
Patent Number: 9,064,976

Inventors: Agatsuma; Shuji (Toyohashi, JP), Teshima; Yoshinori (Toyota, JP), Suzuki; Kyoichi (Toyohashi, JP)
Title: Multiprocessor system having a plurality of control programs stored in a continuous range of addresses of a common memory and having identification registers each corresponding to a processor and containing data used in deriving a starting address of a CPU-linked interrupt handler program to be executed by the corresponding processor
Patent Number: 7,237,099

Inventors: Agetsuma; Masakuni (Yokohama, JP), Nakano; Takahiro (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Method, system, and apparatus for file server resource division
Patent Number: 7,966,357

Inventors: Aguilar Fargas; Joan (Reus, ES), Puneet Kamal Singh; Teja (Vienna, AT), Combe; Anthony (Fife, GB)
Title: Methods for transmitting and receiving audiovisual content
Patent Number: 9,066,050

Inventors: Ahlert; Torsten (Furstenwalde, DE)
Title: Switching apparatus for an electrical switching device
Patent Number: 9,064,658

Inventors: Ahlgren; Mats (Taby, SE)
Title: Coated cutting inserts
Patent Number: 7,964,295

Inventors: Ahn; Yongchul (Eagan, MN), Khoueir; Antoine (Apple Valley, MN), Huang; Shuiyuan (Apple Valley, MN), Manos; Peter Nicholas (Eden Prairie, MN), Khoury; Maroun (Burnsville, MN)
Title: Active protection device for resistive random access memory (RRAM) formation
Patent Number: 7,965,538

Inventors: Aiba; Toshiyuki (Hamamatsu, JP)
Title: Electronic musical instrument
Patent Number: 7,238,875

Inventors: Aida; Hideo (Tokyo, JP), Aota; Natsuko (Tokyo, JP), Takeda; Hidetoshi (Tokyo, JP), Honjo; Keiji (Tokyo, JP), Hoshino; Hitoshi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Method for manufacturing light-emitting element, and light-emitting element
Patent Number: 9,065,032

Inventors: Aiello; Anthony Joseph (Aptos, CA), Flores; Paco Gregor (Felton, CA), Khurram; Ali (Scotts Valley, CA), Kloeppel; Klaus Dieter (Watsonville, CA)
Title: Low profile air-oil hybrid fluid dynamic bearing motor
Patent Number: 7,239,477

Inventors: Akamatsu; Hidenori (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Image forming apparatus configured to correct positional error of a written image
Patent Number: 7,965,428

Inventors: Akao; Sosuke (Tokyo, JP), Minato; Koichi (Tokyo, JP), Ohkuma; Satoshi (Tokyo, JP), Nagasaki; Yoshinori (Tokyo, JP), Itoi; Takeshi (Tokyo, JP), Hatashima; Mitsuhisa (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Color filter with perpendicular optical retardation and liquid crystal display device
Patent Number: 7,965,353

Inventors: Akatsu; Takahiro (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and recording medium storing a program includes a device control program that is updated independently from a program executed on an external apparatus
Patent Number: 9,063,690

Inventors: Akiba; Masaharu (Kanagawa, JP), Morishima; Shin-ichi (Kanagawa, JP), Inagaki; Yoshio (Kanagawa, JP), Mikoshiba; Hisashi (Kanagawa, JP), Shibata; Michihiro (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Optical information-recording medium, novel oxonol compound and method of recording information
Patent Number: 7,238,461

Inventors: Akimoto; Kengo (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Patent Number: 7,964,423

Inventors: Akirav; Shay H. (Tel Aviv, IL), Asher; Ron (Tel Aviv, IL), Bachar; Yariv (Tel Aviv, IL), Klipper; Lior (Tel Aviv, IL), Sonin; Oded (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: Deduplicated data processing rate control
Patent Number: 9,063,665

Inventors: Akita; Hidenori (Tikyo, JP), Fukuta; Masaya (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Reference sequence construction for fast cell search
Patent Number: 7,965,689

Inventors: Akiyama; Takayuki (Kokubunji, JP)
Title: Information providing system that provides information based on strenghth of desire and current situation
Patent Number: 9,064,018

Inventors: Akiyama; Yoshio (Tochigi, JP), Tokuda; Hiroaki (Tokyo, JP), Busujima; Makoto (Tokyo, JP), Koshio; Shuichi (Matsudo, JP), Sasaki; Masaaki (Matsudo, JP)
Title: Synthetic resin preform to be biaxially stretched and blow molded into a bottle
Patent Number: 7,964,257

Inventors: Aknin; Aharon L. (Kiryat Ono, IL), Atzitz; Shay (Rishon Le-Zion, IL), Kostan; Irena (Hehaluz, IL), Matza; Shy (Nes-Ziona, IL), Rinat; Ran (Tel Aviv, IL), Shadmi; Omer (Rehovot, IL), Yerushalmi; Raz M. (Kfar Warburg, IL)
Title: Coupling architectural and implementation/behavioral models of a computer-based system
Patent Number: 9,064,065

Inventors: Alamouti; Siavash (Newbury Berkshire, GB), Poon; Patrick (Hong Kong, HK), Tarokh; Vahid (Cambridge, MA)
Title: Low complexity maximum likelihood detection of concatenated space codes for wireless applications
Patent Number: 9,065,516

Inventors: Alexander; Wade J. (Owasso, OK)
Title: System for providing compressed substantially oxygen-free exhaust gas
Patent Number: 7,964,148

Inventors: Ali; Janid A. (Cambridge, MA), Brownell; James (Winchester, MA), Brophy; Erin (Dover, NH), Tibbitts; Thomas T. (Westford, MA)
Title: Anti-fatty acid amide hydrolase-2 antibodies and uses thereof
Patent Number: 9,062,116

Inventors: Ali; Rashad Mohammad (Plano, TX), Garbuz; Alexander G. (Plano, TX)
Title: Managing mobile execution environments
Patent Number: 9,063,792

Inventors: Allauzen; Cyril (New York, NY), Mohri; Mehryar (New York, NY)
Title: Systems and methods for determining the determinizability of finite-state automata and transducers
Patent Number: 7,240,004

Inventors: Allaway; Allan William (Graceville, AU)
Title: Apparatus for cleaning synthetic grass
Patent Number: 7,962,995

Inventors: Allemand; Alexandre (Bordeaux, FR), Beaudet Savignat; Sophie (Ballan Mire, FR), Bruneton; Eric (Fondettes, FR)
Title: Process for manufacturing elementary electrochemical cells for energy- or hydrogen-producing electrochemical systems, in particular of SOFC and HTE type
Patent Number: 9,065,104

Inventors: Allen; Robert J. (Jericho, VT), Chan; Peter K. (Union City, CA), Papadopoulou; Evanthia (New York, NY), Prue; Sarah C. (Richmond, VT), Tan; Mervyn Y. (South Burlington, VT)
Title: Integrated circuit layout critical area determination using Voronoi diagrams and shape biasing
Patent Number: 7,240,306

Inventors: Allikmets; Rando L. (Cornwall on Hudson, NY), Hageman; Gregory S. (Salt Lake City, UT), Dean; Michael C. (Frederick, MD), Gold; Albert M. (Frederick, MD)
Title: Variants in complement regulatory genes predict age-related macular degeneration
Patent Number: 9,063,139

Inventors: Allor; Jason M. (Seattle, WA), Patton; Daniel C. (Redmond, WA)
Title: Method and system for making resources available
Patent Number: 7,240,288

Inventors: Aloni; Eliezer (Zur Yigal, IL), El Zur; Uri (Irvine, CA), Shalom; Rafi (Givat Shmuel, IL), Bestler; Caitlin (Laguna Hills, CA)
Title: Method and system for transparent TCP offload (TTO) with a user space library
Patent Number: 7,966,417

Inventors: Althouse, III; James W. (Hudson, OH)
Title: Shut off valve assembly about a shaft of a device having an entry into a vessel
Patent Number: 7,237,778

Inventors: Altman; Erik R. (Danbury, CT), Srinivasan; Vijayalakshmi (New York, NY)
Title: Limiting entries in load reorder queue searched for snoop check to between snoop peril and tail pointers
Patent Number: 7,966,478

Inventors: Amador; Jose J (Cocoa, FL)
Title: Hypothesis support mechanism for mid-level visual pattern recognition
Patent Number: 7,239,751

Inventors: Ambrozy; Rel S. (Arlington, VA), Litcher; Jade (Raleigh, NC), Jones; Raymond C. (Leesburg, VA)
Title: Stimulus indication employing polymer gels
Patent Number: 9,063,015

Inventors: Ames; Bruce N. (Berkeley, CA), Jiang; Qing (Berkeley, CA)
Title: Tocopherol and tocotrienol aerosols
Patent Number: 7,964,587

Inventors: Ames; Donald J. (Campbell, NY), Brackman; Ellen K. (Painted Post, NY), Guile; Donald L. (Horseheads, NY)
Title: Creep resistant zircon refractory material used in a glass manufacturing system
Patent Number: 7,238,635

Inventors: Ami; Shahar Ben (Hod H'asharon, IL), Potyomkin; Boris (Ramat Gan, IL), Recanati; Moshe (Givat Shmuel, IL), Gafni; Ran (Givataim, IL), Domankevich; Vered (Hod H'asharon, IL)
Title: System, method, and computer program product for determining a price utilizing a pattern oriented rule implemented table
Patent Number: 7,962,977

Inventors: Amino; Yusuke (Kawasaki, JP), Yuzawa; Kazuko (Kawasaki, JP), Takemoto; Tadashi (Kawasaki, JP), Nakamura; Ryoichiro (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: N-alkylaspartyl dipeptide ester compounds
Patent Number: 7,238,830

Inventors: Amir; Arnon (Saratoga, CA), Pease; David A. (San Jose, CA), Richter; Rainer (San Jose, CA)
Title: File index, metadata storage, and file system management for magnetic tape
Patent Number: 9,063,666

Inventors: Amorim; Claudio Luis (Rio de Janeiro, BR), de Souza; Alberto Ferreira (Vitoria, BR)
Title: Distributed global clock for clusters of computers
Patent Number: 7,240,230

Inventors: Anand; Raghavendra S. (Hyderabad, IN), Manjunatha; Subbamma A. (Hyderabad, IN)
Title: Apparatus and method for enabling communication on a supplemental channel in a GSM wireless communication network
Patent Number: 9,066,288

Inventors: Anantram; Manjeri P. (Seattle, WA), Shiri; Daryoush (Waterloo, CA)
Title: Strain modulated nanostructures for optoelectronic devices and associated systems and methods
Patent Number: 9,065,253

Inventors: Andersen; Carsten Bukholdt (Gistrup, DK)
Title: Authenticating devices for communications
Patent Number: 9,065,822

Inventors: Andersen; Henning (Birkerod, DK), Nielsen; Kim Hjortgaard (Vipperod, DK)
Title: Hearing aid system and hearing aid for in-situ fitting
Patent Number: 7,239,711

Inventors: Anderson; Brent A. (Jericho, VT), Bryant; Andres (Burlington, VT), Nowak; Edward J. (Essex Junction, VT), Rankin; Jed H. (Richmond, VT)
Title: Barrier trench structure and methods of manufacture
Patent Number: 9,064,974

Inventors: Anderson; Brent A. (Jericho, VT), Nowak; Edward J. (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Method, structure and design structure for customizing history effects of soi circuits
Patent Number: 7,964,467

Inventors: Anderson; Brent A. (Jericho, VT), Nowak; Edward J. (Essex Junction, VT), Zhang; Yan (South Burlington, VT)
Title: Gate-all-around field effect transistor structures and methods
Patent Number: 9,064,943

Inventors: Anderson; Brent Alan (Jericho, VT), Bryant; Andres (Burlington, VT), Nowak; Edward Joseph (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Transistors having asymmetric strained source/drain portions
Patent Number: 7,964,465

Inventors: Anderson; Eric Richard (Galena, IL)
Title: Articulated vehicle stabilization system
Patent Number: 7,963,547

Inventors: Anderson; Gerald B. (Westminster, CA), Jimenez; Rene (Laguna Hills, CA)
Title: Spark ignition device for internal combustion engine
Patent Number: 7,963,263

Inventors: Anderson; Todd J. (Charlotte, NC), Ross; Bradley S. (Huntersville, NC), Phillipi; Mark P. (Fort Mill, SC)
Title: Systems, apparatus and methods for managing networking devices
Patent Number: 7,966,391

Inventors: Anderson; Tom (Livermore, CA), Boyd; John M. (Atascadero, CA)
Title: Distribution of energy in a high frequency resonating wafer processing system
Patent Number: 7,237,564

Inventors: Anderson; Torrence (Overland Park, KS), Uffner; Michael (Naperville, IL), Vogler; Michael R. (Oswego, IL), Donnelly; Brian C. (Naperville, IL)
Title: Gazebo structure
Patent Number: 7,963,072

Inventors: Ando; Tsutomu (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Media data processing apparatus and media data processing method
Patent Number: 7,239,661

Inventors: Andoh; Yuhji (Yamatokoriyama, JP), Irie; Toshiyuki (Kashiba, JP), Ueda; Shinya (Yamatotakada, JP), Umemoto; Masami (Amagasaki, JP), Kimura; Tadanobu (Mie, JP)
Title: Steam cooker
Patent Number: 7,238,922

Inventors: Andreas; Michael T. (Manassas, VA)
Title: Method of cleaning a surface of a cobalt-containing material, method of forming an opening to a cobalt-containing material, semiconductor processing method of forming an integrated circuit comprising a copper-containing conductive line, and a cobalt-containing film cleaning solution
Patent Number: 7,964,109

Inventors: Anger; Andre (Hamburg, DE), Schone; Wolfram (Buxtehude, DE)
Title: Method and device for supporting the take-off rotation of an aircraft
Patent Number: 7,963,481

Inventors: Angman; Per G. (Calgary, CA), Lis; Gustavo Adrian (Calgary, CA)
Title: Tubular stabbing protector and method
Patent Number: 7,237,607

Inventors: Anidjar; Joseph (Asbury, NJ), Mobin; Mohammad S. (Orefield, PA), Sheets; Gregory W. (Breinigsville, PA), Sindalovsky; Vladimir (Perkasie, PA), Smith; Lane A. (Easton, PA)
Title: Compensation techniques for reducing power consumption in digital circuitry
Patent Number: 7,965,133

Inventors: Anjanappa; Muniswamappa (Columbia, MD), Xu; Li (Woodstock, MD), Crosby; Stephen R. (Broad Brook, CT), Rescigno; Gerald (Marriottsville, MD), Timmons; Russell M (Lutherville, MD), Thomas; Rickey J (Lineboro, MD)
Title: High speed metal drill bit
Patent Number: 7,237,986

Inventors: Annapragada; Mrithyunjaya (Bolton, MA), Shelley; Douglas A. (Oakville, CA), Loi; Duk (Richmond Hill, CA), Rousseau; Benjamin (Somerville, MA)
Title: Advancements in data distribution methods and referential integrity
Patent Number: 9,064,031

Inventors: Ansari; Ahmad (Austin, TX), Hartman; David (Austin, TX)
Title: Multi-platform digital television
Patent Number: 9,066,139

Inventors: Anselmino; Philip A. (Saint Joseph, MI), Chase; Kevin M. (Saint Joseph, MI)
Title: Multi-single serve beverage dispensing apparatus, method and system
Patent Number: 9,062,912

Inventors: Ansolabehere; Paul (Minnetonka, MN)
Title: Magnetic speaker sound module and balloon with weighted side
Patent Number: 7,963,820

Inventors: Anti; Alex N. (Centreville, VA), Anti; Victor N. (Centreville, VA)
Title: High-performance extended target temperature containers
Patent Number: 9,060,508

Inventors: Anzini; David J. (Middletown, NY), Koenigkramer; Rusty (Nanuet, NY), Ausnit; Steven (New York, NY)
Title: High burst zipper assembly for large reclosable packages
Patent Number: 7,963,007

Inventors: Aoki; Hirofumi (Susono, JP), Hanita; Kiyoto (Susono, JP)
Title: Driver condition assessment device
Patent Number: 9,064,419

Inventors: Aoki; Hironori (Niiza, JP)
Title: Semiconductor device
Patent Number: 7,964,931

Inventors: Aoki; Norihito (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Communication system, child system and control method thereof, and storage medium
Patent Number: 7,965,666

Inventors: Aoki; Paul M. (Berkeley, CA)
Title: Slide-out information display
Patent Number: 7,965,258

Inventors: Aoto; Jun (Kanagawa, JP), Kubo; Hidetaka (Kanagawa, JP), Mashiko; Kenichi (Kanagawa, JP), Katoh; Sayaka (Kanagawa, JP), Nitta; Shinichi (Miyagi, JP)
Title: Intermediate transfer belt and electrophotographic apparatus
Patent Number: 9,063,475

Inventors: Aoyagi; Satoshi (Shimotsuke, JP), Kimura; Kenichiro (Utsunomiya, JP), Fujimoto; Sachito (Utsunomiya, JP)
Title: Fuel efficiency display device for fuel cell vehicle, and fuel efficiency displaying method for fuel cell vehicle
Patent Number: 7,966,121

Inventors: Apostolides; John K. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Title: Methods and systems for performing, monitoring and analyzing multiple machine fluid processes
Patent Number: 9,062,575

Inventors: Arima; Hiroshi (Akisha, JP)
Title: Resin side cover for automotive seat
Patent Number: 7,237,846

Inventors: Arimatsu; Daishi (Chiba, JP)
Title: Piezoelectric vibrating piece, piezoelectric vibrator, oscillator, electronic device, and radio-controlled timepiece
Patent Number: 9,065,037

Inventors: Armbrust; Jeffrey (Palm Bay, FL), Armbrust; Kristina (Palm Bay, FL)
Title: Modular cooking and steaming system
Patent Number: 9,060,642

Inventors: Armellin; Giancarlo (Nova Milanese, IT)
Title: Method of building a tyre and tyre for a two-wheeled vehicle
Patent Number: 7,238,248

Inventors: Arnault; Benoit (Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, FR), Berruet; Nicolas (Artannes sur indre, FR), Bonnet; Michel (Tours, FR), Corbett; Richard (Fondettes, FR), Viault; Samuel (Saint Antoine du Rocher, FR)
Title: Pulley device with a damping element
Patent Number: 9,062,759

Inventors: Aronovich; Lior (Toronto, CA), Levy; Asaf (Rishon Le Zion, IL), Loya; Liran (Hod-Hasharon, IL)
Title: Restoring distributed shared memory data consistency within a recovery process from a cluster node failure
Patent Number: 9,063,887

Inventors: Arp; Zane A. (Collegeville, PA)
Title: Using thermal imaging for control of a manufacturing process
Patent Number: 9,063,000

Inventors: Aryanfar; Farshid (Allen, TX), Lee; Hae-Chang (Los Altos, CA), Chang; Kun-Yung (Los Altos, CA), Wu; Ting (Tianijin, CN), Werner; Carl (Los Gatos, CA), Koochakzadeh; Masoud (Vista, CA)
Title: Signal distribution networks and related methods
Patent Number: 9,065,453

Inventors: Ash; Kevin J. (Tucson, AZ), Benhase; Michael T. (Tucson, AZ), Gupta; Lokesh M. (Tucson, AZ), Nguyen; Trung N. (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Preferential CPU utilization for tasks
Patent Number: 9,063,786

Inventors: Ashby, Sr.; Rusty Stewart (N. Charleston, SC)
Title: Lifting apparatus
Patent Number: 7,237,815

Inventors: Ashby; Michael T. (Norman, OK)
Title: Synthesis and use of hypothiocyanite
Patent Number: 7,238,334

Inventors: Attila; Mady (Kihei, HI)
Title: Adhesive condom and deployment
Patent Number: 7,963,285

Inventors: Auclair; Jean-Michel (Chateauroux, FR)
Title: Carton with dispenser
Patent Number: 7,237,674

Inventors: Audenaert; Frans A. (Kaprijke, BE)
Title: Soil and stain resistant coating composition for finished leather substrates
Patent Number: 9,062,150

Inventors: Auslander; Judith D. (Westport, CT), Cordery; Robert A (Danbury, CT), Zeller; Claude (Monroe, CT)
Title: Method and system for validating a security marking
Patent Number: 7,966,267

Inventors: Autrey; S. Thomas (West Richland, WA), Karkamkar; Abhijeet J. (Richland, WA), Gutowska; Anna (Richland, WA), Li; Liyu (Richland, WA), Li; Xiaohong S. (Richland, WA), Shin; Yongsoon (Richland, WA)
Title: Bulk-scaffolded hydrogen storage and releasing materials and methods for preparing and using same
Patent Number: 7,963,116

Inventors: Aweya; James (Kanata, CA), Ouellette; Michel (Orleans, CA), Montuno; Delfin Y. (Kanata, CA)
Title: Differential timing transfer over synchronous ethernet using digital frequency generators and control word signaling
Patent Number: 9,065,627

Inventors: Axelsson; Folke (Ramdala, SE), Severinsson; Mikael (Rodeby, SE)
Title: Cathode screen adapted to a compact fluorescent lamp
Patent Number: 7,965,038

Inventors: Ayache; Nicholas (Nice, FR), Delingette; Herve (Antibes, FR), Picinbono; Guillaume (Nice, FR)
Title: Apparatus for simulating the deformation of materials, notably of soft body tissues
Patent Number: 7,239,992

Inventors: Azevedo; Steven D. (Stockton, CA)
Title: Hard floor surface care process
Patent Number: 9,061,327

Inventors: Badarneh; Ziad (Oslo, NO), Ellis; Campbell (Oslo, NO), Hansen; Benedict J. M. (Oslo, NO)
Title: Indoor exercise cycle with tilt function
Patent Number: 7,963,889

Inventors: Bae; Bum Jin (Seoul, KR), Moon; Eun A (Seoul, KR), Cho; Young Jae (Seoul, KR), Sohn; Ji Hoon (Kyunggi-do, KR), Ryu; Byung Gil (Seoul, KR)
Title: Device and method for fabricating display panel having ink-jet printing applied thereto
Patent Number: 7,238,234

Inventors: Baecker; Michael (Koln, DE)
Title: Method for producing an HTSC strip
Patent Number: 7,964,533

Inventors: Baek; Heume Il (Seoul, KR)
Title: Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
Patent Number: 7,965,267

Inventors: Baek; Ock Kee (Unionville, CA)
Title: Software engineering system and method for self-adaptive dynamic software components
Patent Number: 9,063,711

Inventors: Baek; Woon-Seong (Yongin-si, KR), Kim; Woo-Choul (Yongin-si, KR), Yoon; Jong-Wook (Yongin-si, KR)
Title: Secondary battery
Patent Number: 9,065,092

Inventors: Bagga; Charanpreet (Phoenixville, PA), Erbe; Erik M. (Berwyn, PA), Murphy; James P. (Broomall, PA), Freid; James M. (Round Rock, TX), Pomrink; Gregory J. (Rehobeth Beach, DE)
Title: Bioactive spinal implants and method of manufacture thereof
Patent Number: 7,238,203

Inventors: Bailey; Louise (Cambridgeshire, GB)
Title: Technique and apparatus to deploy a cement plug in a well
Patent Number: 7,963,323

Inventors: Baird; Steven Lloyd (Colfax, CA)
Title: System and method for virtualized shared use environment with dynamic IP address injection
Patent Number: 9,063,905

Inventors: Bajaj; Rajni (Gurgaon, IN), Balakrishnan; Sreeram V. (Los Altos, CA), Bhandari; Mridula (Gurgaon, IN), D'Silva; Lyndon J. (Gurgaon, IN), Jindal; Sandeep (Manimajra, IN), Kumar; Pooja (New Delhi, IN), Rajput; Nitendra (New Delhi, IN), Verma; Ashish (New Delhi, IN)
Title: Methods, systems, and computer program products for spoken language grammar evaluation
Patent Number: 7,966,180

Inventors: Baker; Scott Bradley (Sherman Oaks, CA)
Title: Wheelchair
Patent Number: 7,963,539

Inventors: Balakrishnan; Balu (Saratoga, CA), Odell; Arthur B. (Morgan Hill, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus to reduce audio frequencies in a switching power supply
Patent Number: 7,965,524

Inventors: Balakrishnan; Thirumalpathy (Santa Clara, CA), Belevich; Artem (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Managing process state information in an operating system environment
Patent Number: 7,240,240

Inventors: Bangalore; Srinivas (Morristown, NJ), Riccardi; Giuseppe (Hoboken, NJ)
Title: Automatic clustering of tokens from a corpus for grammar acquisition
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