Sunday, September 12 2021

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Aas; Cecilia J. (Saffron Walden, GB)
Title: Crowd congestion detection
Patent Number: 9,699,615

Inventors: Abe; Masahiro (Hitachi, JP), Nagano; Masafumi (Hitachi, JP), Nakayama; Akinari (Hitachinaka, JP)
Title: Resin composition and high-frequency co-axial cable using same
Patent Number: 8,476,527

Inventors: Abe; Takeru (Saitama, JP), Yamazaki; Ryutaro (Saitama, JP)
Title: Intake air control device, and vehicle including same
Patent Number: 7,559,395

Inventors: Abel; Stefan (Zurich, CH), Fompeyrine; Jean (Waedenswil, CH), Marchiori; Chiara (Birmensdorf, CH)
Title: Semiconductor structure
Patent Number: 9,696,488

Inventors: Aboujaoude; Emad S. (Portland, OR), Scott, IV; Paul W. (San Luis Obispo, CA)
Title: Extremity surgical positioning device
Patent Number: 9,693,923

Inventors: Abram; Albert Zorko (Wantirna, AU), Fuchshuber; Lilian (Narre Warren, AU)
Title: Foamable suspension gel
Patent Number: 8,475,770

Inventors: Acharya; Parag Vishwanath (Hyderabad, IN), Boettner; Fred H. (Salem, VA)
Title: Systems, methods, and apparatus for sensing AC voltage
Patent Number: 8,477,057

Inventors: Adachi; Hiroki (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Display device
Patent Number: 8,476,665

Inventors: Adams; Mark L. (Sandy, UT), Shaw; William J. (Cambridge, MA), Hovey; Donald C. (Sherborn, MA), Maseda; Luis J. (Natick, MA)
Title: Catheter assembly and method for internally anchoring a catheter in a patient
Patent Number: 8,475,430

Inventors: Adiga; Narasimha R. (Bangalore, IN), Bonanno; James J. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Misra; Ashutosh (Lucknow, IN), Saporito; Anthony (Highland, NY)
Title: Variable updates of branch prediction states
Patent Number: 9,697,001

Inventors: Adkisson; James W. (Jericho, VT), Cohn; John M. (Richmond, VT), Huisman; Leendert M. (South Burlington, VT), Kassab; Maroun (St-Eustache, CA), Pfeifer Pastel; Leah M. (Essex, VT), Sweenor; David E. (South Burlington, VT)
Title: Learning based logic diagnosis
Patent Number: 7,558,999

Inventors: Adler; Doron (Nesher, IL), Zaretski; Alex (Nesher, IL)
Title: Medical wireless imaging device
Patent Number: 7,559,892

Inventors: Adomat; Christel (Dusseldorf, DE), Duschek; Nicole (Dusseldorf, DE), Hundeiker; Claudia (Meerbusch, DE)
Title: Toothpaste for electric toothbrushes
Patent Number: 9,693,939

Inventors: Agur; Enno E. (Toronto, CA), Bartel; Joseph A. (Dublin, CA), Burns; Patricia A. (Milton, CA), Boils-Boissier; Danielle C. (Mississauga, CA), Kao; Sheau V. (Oakville, CA)
Title: Wax emulsion for emulsion aggregation toner
Patent Number: 7,560,505

Inventors: Ahmad; Salmiah (Kajang, MY), Hoong; Soi Seng (Kajang, MY), Sattar; Mohd Norhisham (Kajang, MY), Yusof; Yusrabbil Amiyati (Kajang, MY), Hassan; Hazimah Abu (Kajang, MY), Awang; Roila (Kajang, MY)
Title: Palm-based hydroxy fatty acid
Patent Number: 7,560,578

Inventors: Ahn; Sang Tae (Daejeon, KR), Ahn; Chun Young (Daejeon, KR)
Title: Fly wheel
Patent Number: 9,695,836

Inventors: Ai; Qi (Sinjhuang, TW), Huang; Zhao-Yun (Sinjhuang, TW)
Title: Fan housing structure
Patent Number: 8,475,123

Inventors: Ai; Yu (Beijing, CN)
Title: Method and system of determining a location of a line fault of a panel
Patent Number: 9,697,757

Inventors: Aikenhead; Glen (Mooresville, NC)
Title: Radio scanner for sporting events
Patent Number: 8,478,217

Inventors: Ainspan; Herschel A. (New Hempstead, NY), Dickson; Timothy O. (Danbury, CT)
Title: Dual-mode non-return-to-zero (NRZ)/ four-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM4) receiver with digitally enhanced NRZ sensitivity
Patent Number: 9,699,009

Inventors: Aisaka; Kazuki (Kanagawa, JP), Yokokawa; Masatoshi (Kanagawa, JP), Tokunaga; Nodoka (Tokyo, JP), Murayama; Jun (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Device, method, and program for image processing
Patent Number: 8,478,072

Inventors: Akabas; Myles (Scarsdale, NY), Frame; Ithiel James (Bronx, NY), Landry; Donald W. (New York, NY), Deniskin; Roman (Bronx, NY), Deng; Shixian (White Plains, NY), Rinderspacher; Alison (Bronx, NY)
Title: Inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum equilibrative nucleoside transporter type I as anti-parasitic compounds
Patent Number: 9,695,193

Inventors: Akai; Takayuki (Nara, JP), Matsumoto; Yoshihiro (Nara, JP), Yokoyama; Masashi (Nara, JP), Tanaka; Toshiaki (Nara, JP)
Title: Machine tool
Patent Number: 9,694,427

Inventors: Akama; Junichi (Shinagawa, JP), Kusagaya; Toshihiro (Shinagawa, JP)
Title: Contact member and connector including same
Patent Number: 7,559,771

Inventors: Akamatsu; Shiro (Anan, JP), Ohmaki; Yuji (Tokushima, JP)
Title: Field effect transistor including two group III-V compound semiconductor layers
Patent Number: 7,560,752

Inventors: Akay; Veysel (Kocaeli, TR)
Title: Thermo-modified nutshells and methods of treating diarrhea, adsorbing toxins, promoting growth and improving the overall health
Patent Number: 9,694,044

Inventors: Akgul; Yeter (Fontaine, FR), Beigne; Edith (Meaudre, FR), Benoit; Pascal (Montpellier, FR), Lesecq; Suzanne (Froges, FR), Puschini Pascual; Diego (Meylan, FR)
Title: Method for controlling an electronic circuit
Patent Number: 9,698,673

Inventors: Akhavan-Toyserkani; Kasra (North Bethesda, MD), Ripple; Andrew (Lovettsville, VA), Beeler; Michael (Jefferson, MD), Mamaril; Cris (Mesa, AZ)
Title: Methods and systems for providing interference based physical-layer encryption
Patent Number: 8,477,937

Inventors: Akimoto; Motoki (Tochigi, JP), Takahashi; Kuniaki (Kakunda, JP), Miura; Tatsuya (Kakuda, JP), Tanaka; Satoshi (Kakuda, JP)
Title: Fuel supply device for engine
Patent Number: 9,695,791

Inventors: Akino; Hiroshi (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Non-directional microphone
Patent Number: 9,699,547

Inventors: Akirav; Shay H. (Petach-Tikva, IL), Bachar; Yariv (Ma'abarot, IL), Budilovsky; Evgeny (Yehud, IL), Caro; Aviv (Modiin, IL), Drobchenko; Elena (Raanana, IL), Hepner; Dov N. (Hertzelyia, IL), Lazar; Aharon (Kiryat Ono, IL), Leneman; Ofer (Kfar Saba, IL), Maoz; Itay (Haifa, IL), Paz; Gil E. (Yehud, IL), Taub; Tzafrir Z. (Givaataim, IL)
Title: Disaster recovery failback
Patent Number: 8,479,041

Inventors: Akirav; Shay H. (Petach-Tikva, IL), Bachar; Yariv (Ma'abarot, IL), Hepner; Dov N. (Hertzelyia, IL), Leneman; Ofer (Kfar Saba, IL), Paz; Gil E. (Yehud, IL), Taub; Tzafrir Z. (Givaataim, IL)
Title: Disaster recovery replication throttling in deduplication systems
Patent Number: 8,479,036

Inventors: Akiyama; Teruo (Kokubunji, JP), Iida; Noboru (Chigasaki, JP), Saito; Koji (Fujisawa, JP), Watanabe; Takayuki (Hiratsuka, JP)
Title: Hydraulic drive system
Patent Number: 9,695,842

Inventors: Akizuki; Taiji (Miyagi, JP), Tanabe; Mitsuru (Osaka, JP)
Title: Transmitter
Patent Number: 7,560,984

Inventors: Aksakal; Orhan Seyfi (Ankara, TR)
Title: Remote contol mechanism for an atraumatic surgical needle
Patent Number: 8,475,475

Inventors: Al-Buaijan; Tareq Nasser (Yarmok, KW)
Title: Shut-off valve testing system
Patent Number: 8,474,301

Inventors: Al-Duwaish; Hussain N. (Dhahran, SA)
Title: Educational system and method for testing memorization
Patent Number: 8,478,186

Inventors: Al-Hawaj; Haythem Osamah (Mubarak Al-Kabeer, KW), Al-Hawaj; Osamah Mohammad (Mubarak Al-Kabeer, KW)
Title: Arm and leg exercising machine
Patent Number: 8,475,341

Inventors: Al-Maadid; Lolwa Ali Sultan (Doha, QA)
Title: Real-time solar observations
Patent Number: 8,477,189

Inventors: Al-Ruwais; Abdulaziz Salem (Riyadh, SA), Ahmed; Abobakr Sultan (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Visibility determination in environments containing airborne dust particles
Patent Number: 8,478,529

Inventors: Alcorn; Robert L. (Arlington, VA), Cane; Daniel E. (Washington, DC), Chasen; Michael L. (Washington, DC), Chi; Timothy R. (Fairfax, VA), Gilfus; Stephen R. (Woodbridge, VA), Perian; Scott (Washington, DC), Pittinsky; Matthew L. (Washington, DC)
Title: Internet-based education support system and methods
Patent Number: 7,558,853

Inventors: Aleksandrowicz; Gadi (Haifa, IL), Cohen; Doron (Mitzpe Gilon, IL), Konopnicki; David (Haifa, IL), Margalit; Oded (Ramat Gan, IL), Roitman; Haggai (Yokneam Elit, IL), Sheinwald; Dafna (Nofit, IL), Shmueli-Scheuer; Michal (Ramat Gan, IL)
Title: Large taxonomy categorization
Patent Number: 9,697,276

Inventors: Alex; Ng (Newton, MA), Liu; Brian (Somerville, MA)
Title: Biomarkers of ovarian cancer
Patent Number: 8,476,026

Inventors: Alexander; Khary J. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Hsieh; Jonathan T. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Jacobi; Christian (Poughkeepsie, NY), Mitchell; James R. (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Title: Store forwarding cache
Patent Number: 9,697,132

Inventors: Alfano; Donald E. (Round Rock, TX)
Title: Bus to MCU bridge
Patent Number: 7,558,902

Inventors: Alfonseca; Enrique (Horgen, CH), Ciaramita; Massimiliano (Zurich, CH), Hall; Keith B. (Zurich, CH)
Title: Multiple correlation measures for measuring query similarity
Patent Number: 8,478,699

Inventors: Algreatly; Cherif Atia (Newark, CA)
Title: Three-dimensional cube touchscreen with database
Patent Number: 9,696,842

Inventors: Algreatly; Cherif Atia (Palo Alto, CA)
Title: Converting a 3D model into multiple matrices
Patent Number: 9,697,646

Inventors: Allain; Emmanuelle (L'Hay les Roses, FR), Neveu; Sylvaine (Paris, FR)
Title: Process for preparing precipitated silica
Patent Number: 9,695,054

Inventors: Allais; Arnaud (Limas, FR), Fournier; Jerome (Lyons, FR), Kebbabi; Lazhar (Lyons, FR), Bayon; Lorrene (Lyons, FR), Combessis; Anthony (Marseilles, FR), Flandin; Lionel (Brens, FR)
Title: Electrical element comprising a layer of a polymeric material having an electrical conductivity gradient
Patent Number: 9,697,925

Inventors: Allen; Corville O. (Morrisville, NC), Loredo; Robert E. (North Miami Beach, FL), Rodriguez; Adrian X. (Durham, NC), Woods; Eric (New York, NY)
Title: Automated transfer of user data between applications utilizing different interaction modes
Patent Number: 9,697,057

Inventors: Allen; James Patrick (Austin, TX), Kalos; Matthew Joseph (Tucson, AZ), Mathews; Thomas Stanley (Austin, TX), Penokie; George Oliver (Rochester, MN), Russell; Lance Warren (Rosanky, TX), Spear; Gail Andrea (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Method and apparatus for controlling data flows in distributed storage systems
Patent Number: 7,558,886

Inventors: Allen; Lisa (Edmonds, WA)
Title: Lighting system
Patent Number: 9,696,017

Inventors: Allen; Mark Anthony (APO, JP)
Title: Vehicular visor visual driving aid
Patent Number: 9,694,654

Inventors: Allen; Nicholas Alexander (Seattle, WA)
Title: Cross-site scripting defense using document object model template
Patent Number: 9,699,142

Inventors: Almansa Rosales; Carmen (Barcelona, ES), Gonzalez Gonzalez; Concepcion (Cornella, ES)
Title: Process for the preparation of 4-(imidazol-1-yl)benzenesulfonamide derivatives
Patent Number: 8,476,456

Inventors: Almeda, Jr.; Benjamin M. (Tumwater, WA)
Title: Magnetic power generator
Patent Number: 9,698,664

Inventors: Alshemari; Hasan M. Sh. Sh. (Saad Al-Abdulla, KW)
Title: Electrosurgical midline clamping scissors
Patent Number: 8,475,454

Inventors: Alsina-Fernandez; Jorge (Indianapolis, IN), Cummins; Robert Chadwick (Carmel, IN), Guo; Lili (Carmel, IN)
Title: Peptide compound for treatment of severe hypoglycemia
Patent Number: 9,695,225

Inventors: Alston; Douglas (Fayetteville, GA)
Title: Systems and methods for a wireless messaging information service
Patent Number: 7,558,559

Inventors: Alvarez-Troncoso; Ignacio (Valls Tarragone, ES)
Title: Method and system of managing power distribution in switch based circuits
Patent Number: 7,560,904

Inventors: Amaral; Marcelo (Barcelona, ES), Doganata; Yurdaer N. (Chestnut Ridge, NJ), Mohomed; Iqbal I. (Stamford, CT), Tantawi; Asser N. (Somers, NY), Unuvar; Merve (New York, NY)
Title: Selecting resource allocation policies and resolving resource conflicts
Patent Number: 9,697,045

Inventors: Ambroise; Benoit (Nobressart, BE)
Title: Multilayer shrink films, labels made therefrom and use thereof
Patent Number: 9,695,306

Inventors: Ammann; Kelly G. (Longmont, CO), Burns; Ralph E. (Boulder, CO), Hansberry; Ernest V. (Evergreen, CO), Horner; Glenn A. (Boulder, CO), Jakub; Cheryl A. (Golden, CO), Kling; John E. (San Diego, CA), Nieglos; Donald J. (Superior, CO), Schneider; Robert E. (Erie, CO), Smith; Robert J. (Louisville, CO)
Title: Automated process for detecting the presence of a target nucleic acid in a sample
Patent Number: 7,560,255

Inventors: Ammann; Kelly G. (Longmont, CO), Burns; Ralph E. (Boulder, CO), Hansberry; Ernest V. (Evergreen, CO), Horner; Glenn A. (Boulder, CO), Jakub; Cheryl A. (Golden, CO), Kling; John E. (San Diego, CA), Nieglos; Donald J. (Superior, CO), Schneider; Robert E. (Erie, CO), Smith; Robert J. (Louisville, CO)
Title: Automated process for detecting the presence of a target nucleic acid in a sample
Patent Number: 7,560,256

Inventors: Ammon; Wilfried von (Hochburg, AT), Altmannshofer; Ludwig (Massing, DE), Riemann; Helge (Schulzendorf, DE), Fischer; Joerg (Berlin, DE)
Title: Method for producing a single crystal of semiconductor material
Patent Number: 8,475,592

Inventors: Amutham; Velayutham Kadal (Chennai, IN)
Title: Wheel motor with rotating outer rotor
Patent Number: 8,476,794

Inventors: Ananthapadmanabhan; Kavssery Parameswaran (Highland Mills, NJ), Nicholson; John Richard (Ramsey, NJ), Glynn, Jr.; John R. (Westfield, NJ), O'Connor; Stephen M. (New York, NY), Rick; Deborah Sue (Dumont, NJ), Vethamuthu; Martin (Saddle Brook, NJ), Lips; Alexander (Edgewater, NJ), Rattinger; Gail Beth (Teaneck, NJ), Pham; Quynh (Murray Hill, NJ)
Title: Personal product compositions comprising structured benefit agent premix or delivery vehicle and providing enhanced deposition of hydrophilic benefit agent
Patent Number: 7,560,125

Inventors: Anantharamaiah; Nagendra (Roanoke, VA), Freeman; William S. (Roanoke, VA), Smith; Bruce (Copper Hill, VA)
Title: Filter media including polymer compositions and blends
Patent Number: 9,694,306

Inventors: Anceau; Christine (Saint Roch, FR)
Title: Forming of trenches or wells having different destinations in a semiconductor substrate
Patent Number: 7,560,391

Inventors: Anderl; William J. (Rochester, MN), Stathakis; Karl (Rochester, MN)
Title: Variable inlet vanes
Patent Number: 9,695,829

Inventors: Andersen; Carsten (Vaerloese, DK)
Title: Stabilization of alpha-amylases towards calcium depletion and acidic pH
Patent Number: 9,695,405

Inventors: Anderson; Jon J. (Boulder, CO), Ngai; Francis (Louisville, CO), Salaman; Glenn (Boulder, CO), Gibson; Nicholson R. (Boulder, CO)
Title: Performing an idle mode handoff in a wireless communication device
Patent Number: 7,558,226

Inventors: Anderson; Timothy T. (Antioch, IL), Buckley; Rachel Lara Abigal (North Barrington, IL), Daly; Juliette C. (Chicago, IL), Hsing; John J. (Chicago, IL), Joseph; Gregory A. (Naperville, IL), Oglesby; Gary E. (Manhattan, IL), Rogus; John M. (Skokie, IL), Seaman; Robert C. (Washougal, WA), Termion; Mark C. (Winfield, IL)
Title: Stride adjustment mechanism
Patent Number: 7,559,879

Inventors: Andrew; Philip L. (Greenville, SC)
Title: Gas turbine compressor and method of operation
Patent Number: 8,475,117

Inventors: Andrews; Benjamin L. (Tucson, AZ), Ciaravella; Anthony J. (Tucson, AZ), Dain; Joseph W. (Tucson, AZ), Khandelwal; Nikhil (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Intelligent rolling upgrade for data storage systems
Patent Number: 8,479,056

Inventors: Angelhag; Anders (Lund, SE)
Title: Mobile terminals, methods, and program products that generate communication information based on characters recognized in image data
Patent Number: 7,558,595

Inventors: Anglin; Matthew J. (Tucson, AZ), Cannon; David M. (Tucson, AZ), Dawson; Colin S. (Tucson, AZ), Martin; Howard N. (Vail, AZ)
Title: Using geographical location information to provision multiple target storages for a source device
Patent Number: 9,697,083

Inventors: Anglin; Matthew J. (Tucson, AZ), Cannon; David M. (Tucson, AZ), Dawson; Colin S. (Tucson, AZ), Martin; Howard N. (Vail, AZ)
Title: Using geographical location information to provision multiple target storages for a source device
Patent Number: 9,697,084

Inventors: Angott; Paul G. (Bloomfield Hills, MI)
Title: Multi-modality breast cancer test system
Patent Number: 8,475,377

Inventors: Annapragada; Mrithyunjaya (Waltham, MA)
Title: Mechanism for co-located data placement in a parallel elastic database management system
Patent Number: 8,478,790

Inventors: Annis; Kyle Gary (Hummelstown, PA), Whiteman, Jr.; Robert Neil (Middletown, PA)
Title: Latch for a card edge connector system
Patent Number: 8,475,195

Inventors: Anson; Bruce (Scottsdale, AZ)
Title: Electric drive fuel control system and method
Patent Number: 7,560,881

Inventors: Anthony; James M. (Denver, CO), Jelic; Ralph G. (Boulder, CO), Kovach; Joseph E. (Brighton, CO), Simons; Robert A. (Littleton, CO)
Title: System for confining lift cords in coverings for architectural openings
Patent Number: 8,474,507

Inventors: Anton; Douglas Robert (Wilmington, DE), Jaycox; Gary Delmar (West Chester, PA)
Title: Materials leading to improved dental composites and dental composites made therefrom
Patent Number: 7,560,500

Inventors: Antonacci; Robert (Commack, NY), Capoor; Manu Nath (New York, NY), Kasi; Srinandan R. (New York, NY), Laumas; Sandeep (Old Greenwich, CT), Seth-Smith; Nick (Berkeley Heights, NJ), Baird; John C. (New York, NY), Srinivasan; Mahendra (New York, NY)
Title: System and method for automatically routing and storing coded information and displaying an interaction device
Patent Number: 7,561,287

Inventors: Antonucci; Donna A. (Hoboken, NJ)
Title: System and method for a multiple merchant stored value card
Patent Number: 8,478,639

Inventors: Aoki; Masaru (Numazu, JP)
Title: Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Patent Number: 7,558,492

Inventors: Aoki; Yasuhiro (Kawasaki, JP), Mizutani; Masami (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Image processing apparatus
Patent Number: 8,478,001

Inventors: Aoki; Yasunobu (Kanagawa, JP), Kasai; Hideo (Kanagawa, JP), Fujito; Masamichi (Kanagawa, JP), Inoue; Junpei (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Data processing semiconductor device
Patent Number: 8,478,929

Inventors: Aota; Kazuaki (Sagamihara, JP), Inuta; Yukiyoshi (Isehara, JP), Yamamoto; Akihiro (Hiratsuka, JP), Okuda; Takayuki (Atsugi, JP), Mueller; Joerg (Chemnitz, DE), Resch; Rico (Chemnitz, DE), Leesch; Mirko (Thum, DE)
Title: Automatic transmission
Patent Number: 8,475,322

Inventors: Apostolopoulos; John (Palo Alto, CA), Wee; Susie (Palo Alto, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for ensuring the integrity of data
Patent Number: 7,558,954

Inventors: Arai; Daisaku (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Zoom lens system
Patent Number: 7,561,342

Inventors: Arai; Yasuyuki (Atsugi, JP), Akiba; Mai (Isehara, JP), Tachimura; Yuko (Atsugi, JP), Kanno; Yohei (Atsugi, JP)
Title: ID label, ID tag, and ID card
Patent Number: 7,561,052

Inventors: Arakawa; Masaki (Hachioji, JP), Ichikawa; Keisuke (Tama, JP), Yanai; Tetsuya (Kodaira, JP)
Title: Image forming optical system and electronic image pickup apparatus using the same
Patent Number: 8,477,230

Inventors: Araki; Hiroshi (Yokohama, JP), Islam; Shah Mohammad Rezaul (Tucson, AZ), Miyoshi; Hiroyuki (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Accessing stored data
Patent Number: 9,696,943

Inventors: Araki; Satoshi (Kusatsu, JP), Suzuki; Takanori (Kusatsu, JP), Katayama; Kouichi (Kusatsu, JP)
Title: Method for production of moth orchid having modified flower color
Patent Number: 8,476,490

Inventors: Arasawa; Shinichi (Osaka, JP)
Title: Image forming apparatus
Patent Number: 8,478,162

Inventors: Aratani; Katsuhisa (Chiba, JP), Tsushima; Tomohito (Kanagawa, JP), Narisawa; Hiroaki (Tokyo, JP), Otsuka; Wataru (Tokyo, JP), Hachino; Hidenari (Nagasaki, JP)
Title: Storage device with reversible resistance change elements
Patent Number: 7,560,724

Inventors: Aratani; Sukekazu (Hitachiota, JP), Sasaki; Hiroshi (Mito, JP), Masuda; Kazuhito (Hitachi, JP)
Title: Organic electroluminescent display device
Patent Number: 8,476,618

Inventors: Arce Vera; Francia Jacqueline (Lausanne, CH), Bourqui; Bertrand (Murist, CH), Buetler; Timo (Zurich, CH), Duboux; Stephane (St-Prex, CH), Foata; Francis (Lausanne, CH), Guitard; Marjorie (Savigny, CH), Guy; Philippe Alexandre (Lucens, CH), Page; Nicolas (Lausanne, CH), Rezzi; Serge Andre Dominique (Semsales, CH)
Title: 4-oxo-2-pentenoic acid and skin pigmentation
Patent Number: 9,693,942

Inventors: Archambault; Etienne (Sherbrooke, CA), Albert; Andre (Sherbrooke, CA), L'Huillier; Etienne (Sherbrooke, CA), Laplante; Maxime (Sherbrooke, CA), Rocheleau; Mathieu (Sherbrooke, CA), Rondeau; Jimmy (Sherbrooke, CA)
Title: Seat adjustment system
Patent Number: 9,693,633

Inventors: Archambault; Martin-Luc (Montreal, CA), Paquet; Andre-Philippe (Verdun, CA)
Title: Method and system for ranking results and providing lists of experts from social networks
Patent Number: 8,478,735

Inventors: Ardanese; Raffaello (Birmingham, MI), Ardanese; Michelangelo (Ann Arbor, MI), Darr; Rebecca J. (Milford, MI), Jasinkiewicz; Paul (Northville, MI)
Title: Method of monitoring soot mass in a particulate filter and monitoring system for same with correction for active regeneration inefficiency
Patent Number: 8,478,565

Inventors: Arigony Souto; Andre (Porto Alegre, BR)
Title: Process for the preparation of a water-soluble complex having resveratrol compounds; products comprising said complex; and uses thereof
Patent Number: 8,476,248

Inventors: Arimoto; Kota (Kashiwa, JP), Suzuki; Ryo (Kashiwa, JP)
Title: Image heating apparatus
Patent Number: 8,478,180

Inventors: Arimoto; Yuichi (Tokyo, JP), Ishii; Naoyuki (Tokyo, JP), Shoda; Motoshi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Crystal forms of substituted phenylalkanoic acids and process for producing the same
Patent Number: 7,560,478

Inventors: Arispe; Nelson (Silver Spring, MD)
Title: Histidine related compounds for identifying and blocking amyloid beta ion channels
Patent Number: 8,476,240

Inventors: Armstrong; Randolph K. (Houston, TX), Armstrong; Scott A. (Danbury, TX)
Title: Implantable medical device charge balance assessment
Patent Number: 8,478,420

Inventors: Arndt; Horst (Canada, CA), Luo; Henry (Waterloo, CA)
Title: Apparatus and method for adaptive signal characterization and noise reduction in hearing aids and other audio devices
Patent Number: 7,558,636

Inventors: Aronovich; Lior (Toronto, CA), Asher; Ron (Tel Aviv, IL), Hirsch; Michael (Mazkeret Batya, IL), Klein; Shmuel T. (Rehovot, IL), Meiri; Ehud (Tel Aviv, IL), Toaff; Yair (Givat Shmuel, IL)
Title: Scalable deduplication system with small blocks
Patent Number: 8,478,730

Inventors: Arregoces; Mauricio (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA), Portolani; Maurizio (Milpitas, CA)
Title: Architecture and method for accessing services in a data center
Patent Number: 7,558,261

Inventors: Arroyo-Bernal; Jes s Federico (Jalisco, MX)
Title: Rock sheet and plate mix based on volcanic rock particles useful for building and decoration
Patent Number: 8,475,928

Inventors: Arroyo; Jesse P. (Rochester, MN), Bauman; Ellen M. (Rochester, MN), Block; Timothy R. (Rochester, MN), Engel; Christopher J. (Rochester, MN), Naderi; Kaveh (Austin, TX), Pross; Harald (Wildberg, DE), Sand; Thomas R. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Implementing health check for optical cable attached PCIE enclosure
Patent Number: 9,697,166

Inventors: Arroyo; Jesse P. (Rochester, MN), Bauman; Ellen M. (Rochester, MN), Block; Timothy R. (Rochester, MN), Engel; Christopher J. (Rochester, MN), Naderi; Kaveh (Austin, TX), Pross; Harald (Wildberg, DE), Sand; Thomas R. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Implementing health check for optical cable attached PCIE enclosure
Patent Number: 9,697,167

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Serial Number: 85037285

Owner: Ampac Holdings, LLC
Serial Number: 77296515

Serial Number: 85013935

Owner: Andinas Food Corp.
Serial Number: 85040417

Owner: Andrews, Mark
Serial Number: 77804573

Owner: APPLE Biomedical Inc
Serial Number: 85043296

Owner: Apppowergroup
Serial Number: 85045517

Serial Number: 77641922

Serial Number: 77641917

Owner: Arctic Rooster LLC
Serial Number: 85042337

Serial Number: 77856998

Serial Number: 77903038

Serial Number: 85042144

Owner: Associated Locksmiths of America, Inc.
Serial Number: 77912530

Serial Number: 77874024

Serial Number: 85046758

Owner: Astrid Almodovar
Serial Number: 85031611

Owner: AtGames Holdings, Ltd.
Serial Number: 78903325

Serial Number: 77928906

Owner: Aurora Plastic and Hand Surgery, P.C.
Serial Number: 85005213

Owner: Auzenne, Troy
Serial Number: 77932132

Owner: B & W Group Ltd
Serial Number: 77545142

Serial Number: 77714435

Serial Number: 85014641

Serial Number: 85042099

Serial Number: 77559254

Serial Number: 77856380

Serial Number: 77067010

Serial Number: 85038532

Owner: Beiss, Arnie
Serial Number: 85040256

Serial Number: 85044253

Owner: Belmont Trading Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 77923486

Owner: Bennett, Karie Z.
Serial Number: 77862378

Owner: BHT Franchise Corporation
Serial Number: 77884648

Serial Number: 85053055

Owner: Bio-Familia AG
Serial Number: 77677566

Owner: BioChemics Inc.
Serial Number: 77825932

Owner: BioElectronics Corporation
Serial Number: 77922562

Owner: BioRay, Inc.
Serial Number: 85053052

Owner: BioRay, Inc.
Serial Number: 85053059

Serial Number: 85036582

Serial Number: 77833033

Owner: Body Harmony, LLC
Serial Number: 77804848

Owner: Bohae Brewery Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 85038924

Owner: Boise State University
Serial Number: 77593227

Owner: Bokun Technologies Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 85037226

Owner: Bold Blue, Inc.
Serial Number: 85038506

Serial Number: 85029780

Serial Number: 75533774

Owner: Brain Sync Corporation
Serial Number: 77395374

Owner: Brands La Central, S.A. de C.V.
Serial Number: 77807766

Serial Number: 77960275

Owner: BrewHouseVFX, LLC
Serial Number: 77941452

Serial Number: 85035219

Owner: Burma-Bibas, Inc.
Serial Number: 77644552

Owner: Business Training Works, Inc.
Serial Number: 77814472

Owner: BY International Inc
Serial Number: 85037304

Owner: CAC CO., LTD.
Serial Number: 77107167

Owner: Carandang, Kathryn Ann
Serial Number: 85045578

Owner: Carey, Lyndell
Serial Number: 77610466

Serial Number: 77555954

Owner: Celluon Corporation
Serial Number: 77856872

Serial Number: 77872037

Owner: Chad Slotta
Serial Number: 85041069

Owner: Chase Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 85038465

Serial Number: 77865001

Serial Number: 85033730

Owner: City of Arlington
Serial Number: 85012613

Owner: City of St. Louis, Missouri
Serial Number: 77835145

Serial Number: 77683898

Serial Number: 85012209

Serial Number: 85012212

Serial Number: 85033426

Owner: Community Agroecology Network
Serial Number: 77739978

Serial Number: 77640422

Owner: Computer Sports Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 77920263

Serial Number: 77861459

Owner: Conserval Engineering Inc.
Serial Number: 77839287

Serial Number: 85036813

Serial Number: 85045453

Serial Number: 85045478

Owner: County Saddlery, Inc.
Serial Number: 85042572

Owner: County Saddlery, Inc.
Serial Number: 85042573

Owner: County Saddlery, Inc.
Serial Number: 85042579

Owner: County Saddlery, Inc.
Serial Number: 85042645

Owner: County Saddlery, Inc.
Serial Number: 85097402

Serial Number: 85042617

Serial Number: 77026936

Serial Number: 77854156

Serial Number: 77854165

Owner: Cryomax Cooling System Corp.
Serial Number: 77797697

Serial Number: 85041806

Serial Number: 85013759

Serial Number: 85042670

Owner: Custom Creations Unlimited, Inc.
Serial Number: 77963457

Owner: CWD, LLC
Serial Number: 85043820

Owner: Dali Studios, Inc.
Serial Number: 85054034

Owner: Database Marketing Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 85041512

Owner: David Jon Bowman LLC.
Serial Number: 77968849

Owner: David L. Hoyt
Serial Number: 85039665

Owner: DaVinci Roofscapes, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 77792140

Owner: Davydova, Olga V.
Serial Number: 77489459

Owner: Dayscape Adult Care Center Inc.
Serial Number: 85042054

Owner: De'Longhi Appliances S.r.l.
Serial Number: 85042550

Owner: Decision Frameworks, Inc.
Serial Number: 77839164

Serial Number: 85043186

Owner: Derby City Vending, Inc.
Serial Number: 85037282

Owner: Derby Cycle Werke GmbH
Serial Number: 77816091

Owner: Desrosiers, Kathleen
Serial Number: 77891732

Owner: Detersol S.A. de C.V.
Serial Number: 77962466

Serial Number: 85038005

Owner: Ding's Inc.
Serial Number: 85046615

Owner: Dixon, Scott
Serial Number: 85040512

Owner: Docu Prep, Inc.
Serial Number: 77690982

Owner: Dodge, Deborah
Serial Number: 85003674

Owner: Donnelly, Rob M.
Serial Number: 77843407

Serial Number: 75160652

Owner: Dr Beautiful, LLC
Serial Number: 77946195

Owner: Dr Beautiful, LLC
Serial Number: 77946223

Owner: Dr. James T. Brown, PhD
Serial Number: 77684006

Owner: Dreamcatcher Bucktails and Tackle and Tooth Tamer Rods, LLC
Serial Number: 85026834

Owner: Dubuque Racing Association, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77674548

Owner: Dux LLC
Serial Number: 77677896

Owner: E. Mishan & Sons, Inc.
Serial Number: 77916050

Owner: Econ Disposable Supplies Inc.
Serial Number: 85036750

Owner: Edison Nation, LLC
Serial Number: 85067865

Serial Number: 85083276

Serial Number: 77944824

Owner: Eileen Fisher, Inc.
Serial Number: 85074559

Serial Number: 85041111

Owner: Electro-Rep Associates, Inc.
Serial Number: 85039804

Owner: Elgin Charles Inc.
Serial Number: 85035228

Owner: Elke I. Freudenberg
Serial Number: 77958316

Serial Number: 85079244

Owner: Environmental Food Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 85037996

Owner: Erik M. Pelton & Associates, PLLC
Serial Number: 85000098

Owner: Essence Japan LLC
Serial Number: 77795413

Owner: Essential Life Solutions, Ltd.
Serial Number: 85039904

Owner: Excellus Health Plan, Inc.
Serial Number: 77897921

Serial Number: 85044630

Owner: Express Messenger Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 77978466

Owner: Family Solutions Corp.
Serial Number: 77891499

Serial Number: 77209671

Owner: Fibervisions, L.P.
Serial Number: 77723145

Owner: FibroSource U.S.A. Inc.
Serial Number: 77001704

Owner: Fingersk8
Serial Number: 77924163

Serial Number: 77878220

Serial Number: 77878221

Serial Number: 85067477

Serial Number: 85067501

Serial Number: 85067508

Serial Number: 85067517

Serial Number: 85088342

Serial Number: 78877699

Owner: Flip, LLC
Serial Number: 77552904

Serial Number: 85044560

Owner: Focus Nutrition, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 85039457

Serial Number: 85023669

Owner: Fun Apparel, Inc.
Serial Number: 77890826

Serial Number: 77831966

Owner: G J Originators LLC
Serial Number: 77857830

Serial Number: 77421797

Owner: GAIA, INC.
Serial Number: 77894175

Serial Number: 76700562

Serial Number: 78633079

Serial Number: 85034701

Serial Number: 85064303

Owner: Gearhead Girls Racing, LLC
Serial Number: 85044111

Serial Number: 77873692

Serial Number: 77873694

Owner: Genomatix Software GmbH
Serial Number: 85043019

Owner: Genomatix Software GmbH
Serial Number: 85043042

Owner: Get Out of Your Cube, LLC
Serial Number: 85042941

Owner: Ghost Forge, Ltd.
Serial Number: 75889356

Serial Number: 76703151

Owner: Girls Gone Golfing, LLC
Serial Number: 77914746

Serial Number: 76700787

Serial Number: 77835520

Serial Number: 77835523

Serial Number: 77967143

Serial Number: 76685370

Owner: Global Technology Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 77089347

Owner: GND Engineering, PLLC
Serial Number: 85033811

Owner: Grindheim, Joshua
Serial Number: 85040926

Owner: Grogan, Cindy
Serial Number: 85040243

Owner: Hair Fairies, Inc
Serial Number: 77180724

Owner: HandiThings, LLC
Serial Number: 77937189

Owner: Harold Crawford Co., Inc.
Serial Number: 85042643

Owner: Headflat GmbH
Serial Number: 77882273

Owner: Heart of America Contact Lens Society, Inc.
Serial Number: 85045312

Owner: Heartland Payment Systems, LLC
Serial Number: 77702184

Owner: Hi-Rise Bread Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77882305

Serial Number: 85021466

Serial Number: 85067796

Owner: HITCO, Inc.
Serial Number: 77965563

Owner: Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Karen
Serial Number: 85045632

Owner: Honest Reporting NPO
Serial Number: 77559901

Owner: Hooaah, Inc.
Serial Number: 77835654

Serial Number: 77665733

Owner: Hudson Soft Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 85043874

Owner: Hybridge Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 77842623

Owner: IDT Netherlands, B.V. (Puerto Rico Branch)
Serial Number: 77688655

Owner: IGT
Serial Number: 77516886

Owner: IGT
Serial Number: 85026815

Owner: In The Draft Corporation
Serial Number: 85044993

Owner: Inabata America Corporation
Serial Number: 77959753

Owner: Ingram, Stephen L.
Serial Number: 85011183

Owner: Inked Out Corporation
Serial Number: 85036260

Owner: Inman Specialty Foods, LLC
Serial Number: 85028374

Owner: Innovation Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 77944474

Serial Number: 77980858

Owner: Innovative Injection Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 77861192

Owner: Innovelis, Inc.
Serial Number: 85045772

Owner: IntelliGender, LLC
Serial Number: 77802158

Owner: Interactive Services Network, Inc.
Serial Number: 85023938

Owner: International IP Holdings LLC
Serial Number: 85007006

Serial Number: 76701735

Owner: ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company
Serial Number: 85042410

Owner: J. Stella, Inc.
Serial Number: 85037115

Owner: Jacksonville Beach Pediatric Care Center, Inc.
Serial Number: 77833138

Owner: Jacobs, Ivan H.
Serial Number: 77905984

Owner: Jay Kamhi & Gale Middleton
Serial Number: 77941093

Serial Number: 85040523

Owner: Jimenez Ayud, Antonio
Serial Number: 77879524

Owner: JM Energy Corporation
Serial Number: 77825780

Owner: John Carl Pedersen
Serial Number: 85040297

Owner: Joseph, Jacqueline
Serial Number: 85038719

Owner: JoviPak Corporation
Serial Number: 77926146

Owner: Joy, Joseph R.
Serial Number: 85045627

Serial Number: 85033418

Owner: Kabushiki Kaisha Umeda Shokai
Serial Number: 77682165

Owner: Karsten Manufacturing Corporation
Serial Number: 77950991

Owner: Kelly Pipe Co., LLC
Serial Number: 77959431

Owner: Kiepersol Estate, Ltd.
Serial Number: 85031616

Serial Number: 75194417

Owner: Kit Cooper
Serial Number: 85042014

Owner: L'Oreal USA Creative, Inc.
Serial Number: 77969440

Owner: Lähteenoja, Markus N Y
Serial Number: 77895419

Owner: Lavoie, Carl
Serial Number: 85043025

Owner: Le Departique, LLC
Serial Number: 77965427

Owner: Lee and Associates, Inc.
Serial Number: 85049254

Serial Number: 85045177

Owner: Liderroll Industria e Comercio de Suportes Estruturais Ltda.
Serial Number: 77565283

Owner: Lifetime 56 Blue Jays Way Inc.
Serial Number: 77573532

Owner: Lifetime 56 Blue Jays Way Inc.
Serial Number: 77643495

Owner: Lincoln Technical Institute, Inc.
Serial Number: 85042200

Owner: Lincoln Technical Institute, Inc.
Serial Number: 85042201

Owner: Liquidnet Holdings, Inc.
Serial Number: 77371842

Serial Number: 85059340

Owner: Living Well Dallas, Inc.
Serial Number: 85092788

Owner: Lon A. Weaver
Serial Number: 85035247

Owner: Love Sam, Inc.
Serial Number: 77877137

Owner: M.H.A. SERV., S.L.
Serial Number: 85041754

Owner: M4D, LLC
Serial Number: 77793072

Serial Number: 77847785

Owner: Mana Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 77033831

Owner: Markzware
Serial Number: 77560622

Owner: Mas Natural Salud y Bienestar S de RL de CV
Serial Number: 77822297

Owner: Mas Natural Salud y Bienestar S de RL de CV
Serial Number: 77822298

Owner: Masonite International Corporation
Serial Number: 77860062

Owner: May, Whitney Ann
Serial Number: 85043277

Owner: McCleary, Inc.
Serial Number: 77807367

Owner: McHenry Metals Golf, Inc.
Serial Number: 85040189

Owner: McHenry Metals Golf, Inc.
Serial Number: 85041194

Owner: McHenry Metals Golf, Inc.
Serial Number: 85041419

Owner: McNerney, John
Serial Number: 85036898

Owner: McQueen, Chadwick
Serial Number: 77192469

Owner: Medline Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 77899688

Serial Number: 77864447

Serial Number: 85040741

Owner: Mendez, Judith
Serial Number: 85045637

Serial Number: 77811790

Owner: Metron, Inc.
Serial Number: 77944988

Owner: Metropolitan Tulsa Chamber of Commerce
Serial Number: 77963541

Owner: Michael A. Teel
Serial Number: 85041937

Serial Number: 77394985

Owner: Miele Inc.
Serial Number: 85044187

Owner: Mielnik, William H
Serial Number: 85043044

Owner: Miller Chemical & Fertilizer, LLC
Serial Number: 76673329

Owner: Miracle-Ear, Inc.
Serial Number: 77482125

Owner: MLB Advanced Media, L.P.
Serial Number: 85014892

Owner: MobileMedia Ideas LLC
Serial Number: 77944008

Owner: Mogiv Inc.
Serial Number: 85040601

Owner: Mount Franklin Foods, LLC
Serial Number: 85042268

Owner: Mr. Bamboo, Inc.
Serial Number: 85039690

Owner: Myerson, LLC
Serial Number: 77872407

Owner: NBA Properties, Inc.
Serial Number: 77836232

Owner: Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Inc.
Serial Number: 77943637

Owner: Neville V. Wright
Serial Number: 85039045

Serial Number: 77951556

Owner: Nhan Nguyen
Serial Number: 77939513

Serial Number: 85033179

Serial Number: 85049360

Owner: Nomura Securities International, Inc.
Serial Number: 85064365

Owner: Nono Cosmetics Inc.
Serial Number: 77380071

Serial Number: 85027712

Owner: North Country Seed, LLC
Serial Number: 77813318

Owner: Northcott Hospitality International, LLC
Serial Number: 77830864

Owner: Northern Granite Corporation
Serial Number: 76699943

Serial Number: 77960270

Serial Number: 85080213

Owner: Nutrability, LLC
Serial Number: 85045822

Serial Number: 77818776

Owner: OFC Express LLC
Serial Number: 85028559

Owner: OMB, Inc
Serial Number: 77819399

Serial Number: 77817751

Owner: Ooh La La! Jewelry and Accessories, Inc.
Serial Number: 77931525

Serial Number: 77592919

Owner: Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc.
Serial Number: 85068054

Owner: Pain Free Living, Inc.
Serial Number: 85048881

Owner: Pan American Properties Corporation
Serial Number: 77579717

Serial Number: 77866592

Serial Number: 77870269

Owner: Part Time Pros
Serial Number: 85041135

Owner: Paul June
Serial Number: 77944059

Owner: PayCargo, LLC
Serial Number: 85069256

Owner: PayCargo, LLC
Serial Number: 85069529

Serial Number: 77396772

Serial Number: 77396790

Owner: Periaktos Productions LLC
Serial Number: 85042856

Owner: Pet Professional's Choice, LLC
Serial Number: 77826654

Owner: Petland, Inc.
Serial Number: 77048383

Owner: Petoskey Plastics, Inc.
Serial Number: 85036624

Serial Number: 77874050

Serial Number: 77871831

Serial Number: 77871850

Owner: Plante, Thomas, Armand
Serial Number: 77957126

Serial Number: 85083954

Owner: Ply Gem Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 77371809

Owner: Polarzone NW L.L.C.
Serial Number: 77980925

Owner: Polarzone NW L.L.C.
Serial Number: 77980926

Owner: Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.
Serial Number: 77871894

Serial Number: 77905326

Serial Number: 77500552

Serial Number: 77639260

Owner: PREO, LLC
Serial Number: 77822417

Owner: PREO, LLC
Serial Number: 77822420

Owner: Pretty Ugly, LLC
Serial Number: 77962771

Owner: Pro Step Marketing, Inc.
Serial Number: 85112900

Serial Number: 85037666

Serial Number: 77863407

Owner: Protective Industrial Products, Inc.
Serial Number: 85041554

Serial Number: 77909921

Serial Number: 85043821

Serial Number: 85044890

Owner: Quikrip, Inc.
Serial Number: 76703181

Serial Number: 77888046

Owner: Ray Griffiths, Inc.
Serial Number: 77814334

Owner: Real Natural Remedies, LLC
Serial Number: 85033683

Owner: Reid, Sonny
Serial Number: 85033517

Owner: Reitzel (Suisse) S.A.
Serial Number: 77878979

Owner: Reitzel (Suisse) S.A.
Serial Number: 77879094

Owner: René St-Cyr (1996) Inc.
Serial Number: 77634158

Owner:, LLC
Serial Number: 85020232

Owner: Republic Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 77893058

Owner: Research Electro-Optics, Inc.
Serial Number: 78898117

Owner: Richard Fashions, Inc.
Serial Number: 85035942

Serial Number: 77116801

Owner: RMCN Credit Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 85046494

Owner: RMCN Credit Services, Inc.
Serial Number: 85056320

Owner: RNK, LLC
Serial Number: 77950810

Owner: ROSEL, INC.
Serial Number: 77682761

Owner: RTZ Distribution, LLC
Serial Number: 76700209

Serial Number: 85042956

Owner: SambaLolo
Serial Number: 85042071

Owner: San Diego Valve and Fitting Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 85034725

Owner: Saunders, Robert G.
Serial Number: 77819798

Owner: Scuba Divers Travel Network
Serial Number: 85050954

Serial Number: 77937550

Serial Number: 85053973

Owner: SFR, Inc.
Serial Number: 85040476

Serial Number: 77509372

Serial Number: 77830228

Serial Number: 77837323

Owner: Shade Structures, Inc.
Serial Number: 78483743

Owner: Shaffer, Wm. Benjamin
Serial Number: 77803494

Serial Number: 78849371

Owner: Shiseido Company, Limited
Serial Number: 77821740

Owner: Sigma Enterprises LLC
Serial Number: 77788405

Owner: Sigourney Tractor & Implement
Serial Number: 77950570

Serial Number: 85046553

Owner: Sinai Temple
Serial Number: 77860755

Owner: Sinkovich, Justin G.
Serial Number: 85013345

Owner: Sionic Mobile Corporation
Serial Number: 77928863

Owner: Skeew Apparel LLC
Serial Number: 85045660

Owner: Smartfield, Inc.
Serial Number: 85046831

Owner: SNI Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 77930764

Owner: Sobczak, Art
Serial Number: 77812701

Serial Number: 85007177

Owner: Sony Corporation
Serial Number: 77455406

Owner: Soulcraft Media LLC
Serial Number: 77019163

Owner: SpeedWorks Sports Performance Academy LLC
Serial Number: 85006932

Owner: Springfield, Inc.
Serial Number: 77300819

Owner: Spud's Inc.
Serial Number: 85024791

Owner: St. Vincent Health, Inc.
Serial Number: 77876237

Owner: St. Vincent Health, Inc.
Serial Number: 77880678

Serial Number: 77917938

Owner: Stiller's Precision Firearms, LLC
Serial Number: 85089085

Owner: Stone Street Capital, LLC
Serial Number: 85034682

Serial Number: 76696622

Owner: Successful Impressions LLC
Serial Number: 77901289

Serial Number: 77237226

Owner: Sweet Southern Ladies Designer Cakes, LLC
Serial Number: 77870292

Owner: Sweettoof Studios, Inc.
Serial Number: 77956677

Serial Number: 85036010

Owner: Tanner, Daniel, Jeremy
Serial Number: 85041916

Owner: Tara Materials, Inc.
Serial Number: 77903357

Owner: Telebrands Corp.
Serial Number: 77918013

Owner: The 17/21 Group, LLC
Serial Number: 77814731

Serial Number: 85044221

Owner: The Car Czar, Inc.
Serial Number: 77934453

Owner: The Katigbak Group
Serial Number: 85045792

Owner: The Kroger Co. of Michigan
Serial Number: 77664525

Serial Number: 77950365

Owner: The Life in Motion Group LLC
Serial Number: 77875087

Owner: The Nexxt Entrepreneur, LLC
Serial Number: 77939354

Owner: The OpenNMS Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77924420

Owner: The Procter & Gamble Company
Serial Number: 77593090

Owner: The Solomon-Page Group LLC
Serial Number: 77962222

Owner: The Solomon-Page Group LLC
Serial Number: 77962223

Serial Number: 77873220

Serial Number: 85035297

Owner: The Three Marketeeers, Inc.
Serial Number: 77882979

Owner: The Vanguard Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77959213

Owner: Tideworks Technology, Inc.
Serial Number: 77837612

Serial Number: 77532948

Serial Number: 77942071

Owner: TroutWaters, Inc.
Serial Number: 77893489

Owner: UHS of Delaware, Inc.
Serial Number: 77677154

Serial Number: 85043822

Owner: Uni-President Enterprises Corp.
Serial Number: 77821410

Owner: Unisource Worldwide, Inc.
Serial Number: 85008605

Owner: United American Insurance Company
Serial Number: 77922056

Serial Number: 77560493

Owner: Universal Mind, Inc.
Serial Number: 85038962

Owner: Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Inc.
Serial Number: 77855346

Owner: UPL NA INC.
Serial Number: 85042528

Owner: Vacation Gals, LLC, The
Serial Number: 77830562

Serial Number: 77849959

Owner: Vector Fleet Management, LLC
Serial Number: 77946951

Serial Number: 85036107

Owner: VeriFone, Inc.
Serial Number: 77317019

Owner: Versoltone, LLC
Serial Number: 77443161

Serial Number: 85040658

Serial Number: 77944263

Serial Number: 77956996

Serial Number: 77824736

Serial Number: 77827944

Owner: Volz, Lyndle
Serial Number: 85040190

Owner: Waterford Institute, Inc.
Serial Number: 77939150

Owner: WD Partners, Inc.
Serial Number: 85043354

Owner: WDS Investigations, Inc.
Serial Number: 85046812

Owner:, Inc.
Serial Number: 78920074

Serial Number: 77413513

Serial Number: 77865535

Serial Number: 77865541

Owner: Wild Blueberry Association of North America Inc.
Serial Number: 77825018

Owner: Wineries and Select Products, LLC
Serial Number: 77910394

Owner: Witherspoon Institute, LLC
Serial Number: 85106104

Owner: Wutchiett Tumblin and Associates, Inc.
Serial Number: 77946938

Owner: XL Technologies, LLC
Serial Number: 85042417

Owner: Xtreme Lashes, LLC
Serial Number: 85043111

Owner: Yaghi, Husam M.
Serial Number: 85041047

Owner: Yang, Xiaofei
Serial Number: 85035911

Owner: Yogurt Hut, LLC
Serial Number: 77886280

Serial Number: 85088535

Serial Number: 85088570

Serial Number: 85038737

Owner: YS Realty II, LLC
Serial Number: 77950479

Owner: Z Spoke, LLC
Serial Number: 77957870

Owner: Zebdi, AbdelKrim
Serial Number: 85025828

Serial Number: 77943703