Sunday, September 19 2021

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Aalderink; Derk Geert (Laren, NL), Verhoofstad; Martinus Jozef Maria (Apeldoorn, NL)
Title: Hardening of flexible trailing arms
Patent Number: 8,480,104

Inventors: Abe; Hideyuki (Wakayama, JP), Kimura; Akiyoshi (Wakayama, JP), Shigehisa; Makiko (Berlin, DE)
Title: Functional substance-releasing agent
Patent Number: 8,481,776

Inventors: Abe; Koichi (Tokyo, JP), Tsubouchi; Shogo (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Pointer controlling apparatus
Patent Number: 8,482,521

Inventors: Abe; Takashi (Kanagawa, JP), Nakamura; Nobuo (Kanagawa, JP), Umeda; Tomoyuki (Kanagawa, JP), Mabuchi; Keiji (Kanagawa, JP), Fujita; Hiroaki (Kanagawa, JP), Funatsu; Eiichi (Tokyo, JP), Sato; Hiroki (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Solid-state imaging device including a plurality of pixels and a plurality of signal lines
Patent Number: 8,482,643

Inventors: Abuzaina; Ferass (Shelton, CT), Hadba; Ahmad Robert (Wallingford, CT)
Title: Cannula system
Patent Number: 8,480,651

Inventors: Ackerman; Stanley (Venice, FL)
Title: Self-locking gear
Patent Number: 8,479,606

Inventors: Ackermanns; Leo J. P. (Schin op Geul, NL), Arnts; Wim R. E. (Kerkrade, NL), Sieben; Rene M (Sittard, NL), Souren; Rimmond H. B. (Meersen, NL)
Title: Device for receiving and separating chips and cooling liquid discharged from machine tools (drive)
Patent Number: 7,563,369

Inventors: Acosta-Cazaubon; Jesus (Atlanta, GA)
Title: Anonymous referendum system and method
Patent Number: 8,484,195

Inventors: Adachi; Ken (Wako, JP), Nakashima; Masahiro (Wako, JP)
Title: Small-sized vehicle
Patent Number: 8,479,702

Inventors: Adamis; Anthony P. (Jamaica Plain, MA), Miller; Joan W. (Winchester, MA), Gragoudas; Evangelos S. (Lexington, MA), Mescher; Mark J. (West Newton, MA), Dube; Christopher E. (Lexington, MA), Borenstein; Jeffrey T. (Hilliston, MA), Weinstein; Marcie G. (Pittsburgh, PA), Miller; Raanan A. (Chestnut Hill, MA), Hansberry; Mitchell L. (Southborough, MA)
Title: Implantable drug delivery device and use thereof
Patent Number: 7,563,255

Inventors: Adams; Aditha M (Seattle, WA), Chandley; Adrian M (Sammamish, WA), Ledbetter; Carl J (Mercer Island, WA), Crosier; Dale C (Kirkland, WA), DeMaio; Pasquale (Bellevue, WA), Beck; Taryn K (Seattle, WA), Kaneko; Steven T (Medina, WA)
Title: Methods and interactions for changing a remote control mode
Patent Number: 7,564,369

Inventors: Adams; Samuel Scott (Rutherfordton, NC), Bhattacharya; Suparna (Bangalore, IN), Friedlander; Robert R. (Southbury, CT), Kraemer; James R. (Santa Fe, NM)
Title: Stored data with temporal proximity analysis for very large scale data with very low built in latency
Patent Number: 9,703,894

Inventors: Adelmann; Todd Christopher (Boise, ID)
Title: Systems and methods for storing information to allow users to manage files
Patent Number: 7,562,089

Inventors: Aemisegger; Steve (Neuchatel, CH), Hodel; Thomas (Hagendorn, CH), Lang; Markus (Wabern, CH), Mori; Peter (Walperswil, CH), Moser; Renzo (Gummenen, CH), Schenk; Rudolf (Konolfingen, CH)
Title: Water circulation system for a beverage preparation device
Patent Number: 8,479,643

Inventors: Agarwal; Niraj (Charlotte, NC)
Title: Method and apparatus for approving color samples
Patent Number: 8,482,762

Inventors: Aggen; James Bradley (Burlingame, CA), Dozzo; Paola (San Francisco, CA), Goldblum; Adam Aaron (Berkeley, CA), Hildebrandt; Darin James (Cupertino, CA), Kane; Timothy Robert (Moss Beach, CA), Gliedt; Micah James (Sunnyvale, CA), Linsell; Martin Sheringham (San Mateo, CA)
Title: Antibacterial aminoglycoside analogs
Patent Number: 8,481,502

Inventors: Aguirre Vargas; Fabio (Lake Jackson, TX)
Title: Core shell rubber modified solid epoxy resins
Patent Number: 9,701,851

Inventors: Ahlquist; Paul G. (Madison, WI), Pyeon; Dohun (Madison, WI), Lambert; Paul F. (Madison, WI)
Title: Production of packaged DNA sequences
Patent Number: 7,563,597

Inventors: Ahmed; Saleh Abdel-Mgeed (Makkah, SA), Seddigi; Zaki Shakir (Makkah, SA)
Title: Zinc-based nanohybrids, devices and methods thereof
Patent Number: 9,700,882

Inventors: Ahn; Ik-Huyn (Hwaseong-si, KR), Kim; Seon-Ki (Anyang-si, KR), Hur; Se-Huhn (Yongin-si, KR), Lee; Jun-Pyo (Asan-si, KR), Park; Bong-Im (Asan-si, KR), Son; Ho-Seok (Incheon, KR)
Title: Method of driving a display panel and display apparatus for performing the same
Patent Number: 9,706,196

Inventors: Ahn; Joon Kui (Anyang-si, KR), Yun; Young Woo (Anyang-si, KR), Kim; Ki Jun (Anyang-si, KR)
Title: Method and apparatus for acquiring resource allocation of control channel
Patent Number: 8,483,107

Inventors: Ahn; Sang-Won (Namyangju-si, KR)
Title: System and kiosk apparatus for collecting end-of-life mobile phones
Patent Number: 9,704,142

Inventors: Ahn; Young-ho (Suwon-si, KR), Cho; Han-wook (Suwon-si, KR), Kim; Kyoung-wook (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Display apparatus and control method thereof
Patent Number: 8,482,592

Inventors: Aiba; Koji (Fujisawa, JP)
Title: Image pickup apparatus capable of efficiently dissipating heat
Patent Number: 8,483,558

Inventors: Aikawa; Satoshi (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Ophthalmologic apparatus
Patent Number: 8,480,232

Inventors: Aipperspach; Anthony G. (Rochester, MN), Bushard; Louis B. (Rochester, MN), Fukui; Akihiko (Austin, TX), Koch; Garrett S. (Jeffersonville, VT)
Title: Methods and apparatus for testing a memory
Patent Number: 7,562,267

Inventors: Aizawa; Hiroaki (Anjo, JP), Sakane; Shinsuke (Handa, JP), Kishimoto; Masashi (Chiryu, JP), Imoto; Yuzo (Chita-gun, JP)
Title: Creep drive control device for driving vehicle at creep speed
Patent Number: 7,561,954

Inventors: Akagi; Kyo (Tokyo, JP), Ikekame; Hiroshi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Magnetic recording media, method for servowriting on same, and hard disk drive
Patent Number: 8,482,877

Inventors: Akahori; Tomohiko (Yokohama, JP), Namikawa; Osamu (Hadano, JP)
Title: Environmental load amount calculation method, execution program therefor, and execution apparatus therefor
Patent Number: 8,483,860

Inventors: Akavaram; Vikrant (Foster City, CA), Bradley; Lisa M. (Cary, NC), Lei; Lillian Y. (Moss Beach, CA), Louie; Lawrence (San Jose, CA)
Title: Intelligent parking space identification and notification
Patent Number: 9,704,401

Inventors: Akirav; Shay H. (Petach-Tikva, IL), Bachar; Yariv (Ma'abarot, IL), Budilovsky; Evgeny (Yehud, IL), Caro; Aviv (Modiin, IL), Drobchenko; Elena (Raanana, IL), Hepner; Dov N. (Hertzelyia, IL), Lazar; Aharon (Kiryat Ono, IL), Leneman; Ofer (Kfar Saba, IL), Maoz; Itay (Haifa, IL), Paz; Gil E. (Yehud, IL), Taub; Tzafrir Z. (Givaataim, IL)
Title: Disaster recovery failback
Patent Number: 8,484,507

Inventors: Akirav; Shay H. (Petach-Tikva, IL), Bachar; Yariv (Ma'abarot, IL), Hepner; Dov N. (Hertzelyia, IL), Leneman; Ofer (Kfar Saba, IL), Paz; Gil E. (Yehud, IL), Taub; Tzafrir Z. (Givaataim, IL)
Title: Disaster recovery replication throttling in deduplication systems
Patent Number: 8,484,503

Inventors: Akiyama; Shigeki (Ichinomiya, JP)
Title: Motor control device, image forming apparatus, and motor control method
Patent Number: 7,561,829

Inventors: Akiyama; Yoshitaka (Kanagawa, JP), Kobayashi; Hirotaka (Tokyo, JP), Kawakami; Mitsuru (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Liquid containing tank, liquid-jet head unit, and image forming apparatus
Patent Number: 8,480,213

Inventors: Akutsu; Takashi (Odawara, JP), Kikuchi; Ken (Mishima, JP), Nishiuwatoko; Tsutomu (Numazu, JP)
Title: Image forming apparatus with cartridge supporting member and members for preventing movement of cartridge supporting member
Patent Number: 8,483,594

Inventors: Al-Harthi; Mamdouh Ahmed (Dhahran, SA), Zubair; Mukarram (Al-khobar, SA)
Title: Effect of modified graphene and microwave irradiation on the mechanical and thermal properties of P(S-co-MMA)/graphene nanocomposites
Patent Number: 9,701,819

Inventors: Al-Naffouri; Tareq Y. (Dhahran, SA), Al-Safadi; Eprahim B. (Dhahran, SA), Eltayeb; Mohammed E. (Dhahran, SA)
Title: OFDM peak-to-average power ratio reduction method
Patent Number: 8,483,296

Inventors: Alameldeen; Alaa R. (Hillsboro, OR), Wilkerson; Christopher B. (Portland, OR), Gorbatov; Eugene (Hillsboro, OR), Chishti; Zeshan A. (Hillsboro, OR)
Title: System and method for thread scheduling on reconfigurable processor cores
Patent Number: 9,703,708

Inventors: Alanazi; Mohammed Abdullah (Los Angeles, CA)
Title: Vehicle indicators
Patent Number: 9,704,402

Inventors: Alavoine; Olivier (San Diego, CA)
Title: Single-stage arbiter/scheduler for a memory system comprising a volatile memory and a shared cache
Patent Number: 9,703,493

Inventors: Albisetti; Nicolas (Saint Gratien, FR)
Title: Dispensing head
Patent Number: 9,700,902

Inventors: Alexander; David (Purcellville, VA), Brown; J. Michael (Washington, DC), Cabahug; Eric (Fairfax, VA), Churchill; Philip J. (Silver Spring, MD), Cohen; Robert F. (Burtonsville, MD), Cunningham; Richard L. (Arlington, VA), Feldman; Ben (McLean, VA), Fontayne; Diego (Montebello, NY), Merril; Gregory L. (Chevy Chase, MD), Turchi; Mario (Leonia, NJ)
Title: Interface device and method for interfacing instruments to medical procedure simulation systems
Patent Number: 8,480,406

Inventors: Alexander; Gregory W. (Pflugerville, TX), Barrick; Brian D. (Pflugerville, TX)
Title: Managing a free list of resources to decrease control complexity and reduce power consumption
Patent Number: 9,703,614

Inventors: Algreatly; Cherif Atia (Newark, CA)
Title: Remote sensing touchscreen
Patent Number: 9,703,410

Inventors: Alhadeff; Laurent Daniel (New York, NY), Smullen; Richard Adam (New York, NY)
Title: View confirmation for on-demand multimedia content
Patent Number: 8,484,563

Inventors: Alinsod; Red (San Juan Capistrano, CA), Wang; Stephen (Grand Blanc, MI), Blaudeau; Francois (Birmingham, AL), Muhlfeld; Sandra (Thousand Oaks, CA), Merade; Bryon (Thousand Oaks, CA), Erickson; Ty (Idaho Falls, ID)
Title: Implants and procedures for treatment of pelvic floor disorders
Patent Number: 8,480,558

Inventors: Allen; Corville O. (Morrisville, NC), Dettman; Elizabeth T. (Rochester, MN), Freed; Andrew R. (Cary, NC), Payne; Michael T. (Rochester, MN), Schroeder; Michael W. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Pattern identification and correction of document misinterpretations in a natural language processing system
Patent Number: 9,703,773

Inventors: Allen; Corville O. (Morrisville, NC), Haggar; Jeffrey D. (Holly Springs, NC), Min; Eileen J. (Morrisville, NC), Skeen; Michael M. (Raleigh, NC), Woods; Eric (Durham, NC)
Title: Real-time social group based bidding system
Patent Number: 9,704,181

Inventors: Allen; Corville O. (Morrisville, NC), Jamrog; Daniel M. (Acton, MA), Witherspoon; Kristin A. (Somerville, MA)
Title: Handling information source ingestion in a question answering system
Patent Number: 9,703,840

Inventors: Allen; Jeffrey (Norfolk, GB), Ravenhill; Paul Bartholomew (Norfolk, GB), Barraclough; Steven (Norfolk, GB), Hoolahan; Richard Matthew (Norfolk, GB)
Title: Internal combustion engine with a fuel injection system
Patent Number: 8,479,708

Inventors: Allison; Donald W (Tulsa, OK), Williamson; Steven C (Broken Arrow, OK), Herrington; Walter B (Tulsa, OK)
Title: Interactive program guide navigator menu system
Patent Number: 7,562,377

Inventors: Alman; Douglas (San Marcos, CA), Turner, Jr.; Charles D (San Diego, CA), Wilson; Brian (Johnston, IA)
Title: System and method for providing location-dependent emergency alert services
Patent Number: 9,706,263

Inventors: Almau; Carlos Matute (Leioa-Vizcaya, ES), Sanchez Gomez; Maria Victoria (Leioa-Vizcaya, ES), Esparza; Rosario Campos (Leoia-Vizcaya, ES), Alfonso; Elena Alberdi (Leioa-Vizcaya, ES), Gottlieb; Miroslav (Leioa-Vizcaya, ES), Bilbao; Gaskon Ibarretxe (Leioa-Vizcaya, ES), Delgado Garcia; Jose Maria (Sevilla, ES), Gruart I Masso; Agnes (Sevilla, ES), Campanario; Rocio Leal (Sevilla, ES)
Title: Compounds having neuroprotective properties
Patent Number: 8,481,500

Inventors: Alshemari; Hasan M. Sh. Sh. (Saad Al Abdulla, KW)
Title: Middle ear ventilation tube
Patent Number: 8,480,611

Inventors: Alzaher; Hussain (Dhahran, SA)
Title: Digitally programmable high-order filter
Patent Number: 8,482,343

Inventors: Alzamil; Abdullah Abdulrhman M. (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Text-based system for exchanging commands between devices, services and applications
Patent Number: 8,484,380

Inventors: Amano; Tomio (Kanagawa-ken, JP), Kurashima; Natsumi (Tokyo, JP), Matsuzawa; Hirofumi (Kanagawa-ken, JP), Suginaka; Rei (Tokyo, JP), Yamamoto; Masaru (Kanagawa-ken, JP)
Title: Defect detection using test cases generated from test models
Patent Number: 9,703,689

Inventors: Ambrefe, Jr.; Joseph T. (Indian Rocks Beach, FL), Linehan; Douglas J. (Beverly, MA)
Title: Methods and systems for efficient security screening
Patent Number: 9,704,311

Inventors: Ambroladze; Ekaterina M. (Los Angeles, CA), Blake; Michael A. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Fee; Michael (Cold Spring, NY), O'Neill, Jr.; Arthur J. (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Title: Eliminate corrupted portions of cache during runtime
Patent Number: 9,703,661

Inventors: Amei; Toshihiro (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Contact contacting structure
Patent Number: 9,704,677

Inventors: Amigo; Andrew J. (Essex, MA)
Title: System and method for increasing capacity in an insurance system through capital market participation in cell company based alternative risk transfer structure
Patent Number: 8,484,056

Inventors: Amit; Jonathan (Omer, IL), Koifman; Chaim (Rishon Lezion, IL), Raikhman; Rostislav (Rishon Lezion, IL)
Title: Transformation of logical data objects for storage
Patent Number: 8,484,256

Inventors: Amit; Jonathan (Omer, IL), Marenkov; Sergey (Yehud, IL), Sasson; Ben (Yaffo, IL), Shalev; Ori (Kiryat Ono, IL)
Title: Reducing fragmentation in compressed journal storage
Patent Number: 9,703,794

Inventors: Amit; Jonathan (Omer, IL), Marenkov; Sergey (Yehud, IL), Sasson; Ben (Yaffo, IL), Shalev; Ori (Kiryat Ono, IL)
Title: Reducing fragmentation in compressed journal storage
Patent Number: 9,703,795

Inventors: Ampofo; Andrew (Irvington, NJ), Ampofo; Joana (Irvington, NJ)
Title: Garment with removable and interchangeable components
Patent Number: 9,700,078

Inventors: Anan; Yoshihiro (Tokyo, JP), Koguchi; Masanari (Kunitachi, JP)
Title: Charged particle beam analyzer and analysis method
Patent Number: 8,481,932

Inventors: Anaya; Jaime F. (San Jose, CA), Cadarette; Paul M. (Hemet, CA), Fitzpatrick; Michael G. (Raleigh, NC), Petersen; David B. (Great Falls, VA)
Title: Variable configurations for workload distribution across multiple sites
Patent Number: 9,703,608

Inventors: Andersen; Peder C. (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: User process object code installer
Patent Number: 7,562,359

Inventors: Anderson; Beth (Brooklyn, NY), Arora; Ajay (New York, NY), Story; Guy A. (New York, NY)
Title: Synchronized digital content samples
Patent Number: 9,706,247

Inventors: Anderson; John Augustus (Superior, CO)
Title: Method of assembling a power-conditioned solar charger
Patent Number: 9,705,348

Inventors: Anderson; Kimberly A. (Eagan, MN), Langanki; Danney J. (Lino Lakes, MN)
Title: Efficient implantation of heart valve prostheses
Patent Number: 7,563,280

Inventors: Anderson; Paul E. (Ogdensburg, NJ)
Title: Remediation of fluorine and chlorine by-products in energetic formulations
Patent Number: 8,480,825

Inventors: Anderson; Ronald E. (Lakeville, MN), Herdendorf; Brett R. (Mound, MN)
Title: Head gimbal assembly alignment with compliant alignment pin
Patent Number: 8,480,066

Inventors: Ando; Hideo (Hino, JP), Yoshioka; You (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Patent Number: 7,561,781

Inventors: Ando; Takashi (Kanagawa, JP), Minowa; Nobuto (Kanagawa, JP), Mitomi; Masaaki (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Method for producing N-substituted-2-amino-4-(hydroxymethylphosphinyl)-2-butenoic acid
Patent Number: 8,481,779

Inventors: Andrabi; Shuja Hussain (Cambridge, GB), Zare-Hoseini; Hashem (Cambridge, GB)
Title: Highly linear-gain oscillator
Patent Number: 9,705,712

Inventors: Andreasson; Anders (Vastra Frolunda, SE), Chandler; Guy Richard (Cambridge, GB), Goersmann; Claus Friedrich (Royston, GB), Warren; James Patrick (Cambridge, GB), Huethwohl; Georg (Soest, DE)
Title: Catalytic reduction of NO.sub.x
Patent Number: 8,480,986

Inventors: Andrews; Katharine M. (Medina, OH)
Title: Apparatus and method for preparing a sample from components internal to a tire
Patent Number: 9,700,946

Inventors: Anelli; Matthew (Port Melbourne, AU)
Title: Food container
Patent Number: 7,563,495

Inventors: Ang; Chew Hoe (Singapore, SG), Chen; Gang (Singapore, SG), Tan; Shyue Seng (Singapore, SG)
Title: Test structure for automatic dynamic negative-bias temperature instability testing
Patent Number: 7,562,318

Inventors: Anholt; Micha (Tel Aviv, IL), Sommer; Naftali (Rishon le-Zion, IL), Semo; Gil (Tel Aviv, IL), Inbar; Tal (Hod-Hasharon, IL)
Title: High-performance ECC decoder
Patent Number: 8,484,544

Inventors: Annavajjala; Ramesh (Quincy, MA), Liu; Wei (Syracuse, NY), Duan; Chunjie (Brookline, MA), Koike-Akino; Toshiaki (Cambirdge, MA), Wang; Yige (Natick, MA)
Title: Method for generating private keys in wireless networks
Patent Number: 8,483,387

Inventors: Annunziata; Gary (Rancho Mirage, CA), Stippick; Timothy (Phoenix, AZ)
Title: Implantable weight control device to promote early and prolonged satiety in a bariatric patient
Patent Number: 9,700,449

Inventors: Anzali; Soheila (Gross-Zimmern, DE), Contard; Francis (Lyons, FR), Zeiller; Jean Jacques (Lyons, FR)
Title: Use of indole compounds as a cosmetic
Patent Number: 9,700,501

Inventors: Aoyagi; Kenichiro (Tokyo, JP), Iwamura; Mikio (Tokyo, JP), Ishii; Minami (Tokyo, JP), Ishimoto; Mutsumi (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Method of barring network access, mobile device and processor
Patent Number: 9,706,474

Inventors: Aoyama; Toru (Okazaki, JP)
Title: Power-generator control method and apparatus using externally applied periodic signal
Patent Number: 7,564,224

Inventors: Appel; Wilhelm (Laa a.d. Thaya, AT), Peprny; Wolfgang (Vienna, AT), Schonleitner; Arnold (Vienna, AT)
Title: Method for operating a switched mode power supply with return of primary-side stray energy
Patent Number: 8,482,941

Inventors: Archer; Charles J. (Hillsboro, OR), Blocksome; Michael A. (Rochester, MN), Carey; James E. (Rochester, MN), Sanders; Philip J. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Administering virtual machines in a distributed computing environment
Patent Number: 9,703,587

Inventors: Arevalo; Abraham (Shakopee, MN), Dixon; Robert C. (Austin, TX), Singletary; Alan G. (Austin, TX)
Title: Creating a behavioral model of a hardware device for use in a simulation environment
Patent Number: 7,562,001

Inventors: Arimoto; Hiroshi (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Integrated circuit manufacturing method, design method and program
Patent Number: 8,484,597

Inventors: Armstrong; Lyle (Ashington, GB), James; Arthur (Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB)
Title: Alizarin-based chromogenic substrates, their uses and composition containing same
Patent Number: 7,563,592

Inventors: Arnault; Beno t (Saint-Cye-sur-Loire, FR), Varnoux; Laurent (Tours, FR)
Title: Tensioning roller or winder device and method of manufacture
Patent Number: 9,702,399

Inventors: Arnold; Adrian Christopher (Brentor, GB), Vrbka; Lubos (Langenfeld, DE), Chapple; Charles Andrew (Langenfeld, DE)
Title: Dust particles separator for seeding machine
Patent Number: 9,699,956

Inventors: Arnold; Todd W. (Charlotte, NC), Check; Mark A. (Hopewell Junction, NY), Condorelli; Vincenzo (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Title: Customer load of field programmable gate arrays
Patent Number: 9,703,973

Inventors: Arras; Burkhard (Krefeld, DE)
Title: Rail vehicle comprising an inner tank
Patent Number: 9,701,321

Inventors: Asami; Shuji (Shizuoka, JP), Kobayashi; Masao (Nagano, JP)
Title: Digital camera and image-sharing method
Patent Number: 7,561,794

Inventors: Asano; Shigehiro (Austin, TX), Johns; Charles Ray (Austin, TX), King; Matthew Edward (Pflugerville, TX), Liu; Peichun Peter (Austin, TX), Mui; David (Round Rock, TX), Qi; Jieming (Austin, TX)
Title: Controlling bandwidth reservations method and apparatus
Patent Number: 8,483,227

Inventors: Asanuma; Kenichi (Kyoto, JP), Yamamoto; Atsushi (Kyoto, JP), Sakata; Tsutomu (Osaka, JP)
Title: Information transmission apparatus and system using inductive coupling between coils
Patent Number: 9,704,642

Inventors: Asaoka; Akira (Kanagawa, JP), Muraishi; Takaya (Kanagawa, JP), Sugiura; Kenji (Kanagawa, JP), Kikuchi; Hisashi (Kanagawa, JP), Hozumi; Yoshiki (Kanagawa, JP), Sakakibara; Yuu (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Cleaning device and image forming apparatus including same
Patent Number: 8,483,605

Inventors: Asawa; Manjari (Cupertino, CA), Garakani; Mehryar K. (Westlake Village, CA), Koren; Tmima (Cupertino, CA), Wang; Rong (Cupertino, CA)
Title: System and method for code-based compression in a communications environment
Patent Number: 7,564,381

Inventors: Ash; Gerald Richard (West Long Branch, NJ), Chen; Jiayu (Morganville, NJ), Fishman; Saul Daniel (Edison, NJ), Maunder; Anurag S. (Scotch Plains, NJ)
Title: PNNI-based mult-link shortest path class-of service routing technique
Patent Number: 7,561,519

Inventors: Ashtekar; Koustubh Dnyandeo (Moon Township, PA), Benke; James Jeffery (Pittsburgh, PA), Jenkins; Zachary R. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Title: Mechanical wear, wipe and stroke measurement system for circuit breakers
Patent Number: 9,704,657

Inventors: Ashton; Gregory (Cincinnati, OH), Nishikawa; Masaharu (Cincinatti, OH)
Title: Disposable absorbent article with elastically contractible cuffs for better containment of liquid exudates
Patent Number: 9,700,465

Inventors: Asrani; Vijay (Round Lake, IL), Biggerstaff; Matthew (Spring Grove, IL), Black; Greg (Vernon Hills, IL), Leyh; Arthur Christopher (Spring Grove, IL), Nanni; Pete (Algonquin, IL), Napoles; Adrian (Lake Villa, IL), White; Ben (Crystal Lake, IL)
Title: Radiated power control systems and methods in wireless communication devices
Patent Number: 8,483,632

Inventors: Assell; Robert L. (St. Paul, MN), Beaubien; Brian P. (St. Paul, MN), Dickhudt; Eugene A. (Lino Lakes, MN)
Title: Methods for facet joint treatment
Patent Number: 9,700,427

Inventors: Asukai; Masamichi (Kanagawa, JP), Tsuruta; Masaaki (Tokyo, JP), Ito; Taiji (Kanagawa, JP), Sako; Yoichiro (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Image processing device and image processing method
Patent Number: 8,482,651

Inventors: Atarashiya; Kenji (Tokyo, JP), Hamada; Tsutomu (Tokyo, JP), Sato; Fumiaki (Tokyo, JP), Sakaguchi; Masakazu (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Coal inactivation processing apparatus
Patent Number: 9,701,919

Inventors: Atis; Balanda (Newark, NJ), Pradier; Francois (Paris, FR), Kanji; Mohamed (Edison, NJ), Brereton; Evelyn (Ewing, NJ), Gavin; Linda (Gillette, NJ)
Title: Biodegradable moisture-impermeable packages for consumer goods
Patent Number: 8,481,134

Inventors: Atkins; Andrew Farquhar (Steying West Sussex, GB), Dalby; Joshua Jonathan (Hove East Sussex, GB)
Title: Flywheel
Patent Number: 9,704,631

Inventors: Atkinson; Ian (Ely, GB), Sherwood; John (Cambridge, GB)
Title: Determination of density for metering a fluid flow
Patent Number: 7,562,587

Inventors: Auner; Norbert (Glashuetten, DE), Bauch; Christian (Bitterfeld-Wolfen, DE), Lippold; Gerd (Leipzig, DE), Deltschew; Rumen (Leipzig, DE), Mohsseni-Ala; Seyed-Javad (Bitterfeld-Wolfen, DE)
Title: Halogenated polysilane and plasma-chemical process for producing the same
Patent Number: 9,701,795

Inventors: Awadh; Tawfik Abdo Saleh (Dhahran, SA)
Title: Plate reactor
Patent Number: 8,480,964

Inventors: Axford; Timothy (Bristol, GB)
Title: Aircraft structure comprising a skin panel
Patent Number: 9,701,391

Inventors: Ayabe; Atsushi (Nagoya, JP), Sugimura; Toshio (Nagoya, JP), Tsutsumi; Takahiko (Toyota, JP), Ishihara; Hisashi (Toyoake, JP), Iketomi; Kazuhiro (Nagoya, JP), Takaie; Yosuke (Toyota, JP)
Title: Shift control device and shift control method of automatic transmission
Patent Number: 7,563,197

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Title: Semiconductor structure and method of making
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Serial Number: 77927333

Serial Number: 77494400

Owner: Weatherbeeta Pty. Ltd.
Serial Number: 75414275

Owner: West Avenue Capital, LLC
Serial Number: 77936431

Serial Number: 77901927

Owner: White, Sonya L
Serial Number: 85036433

Serial Number: 77489031

Owner: Wilson, Bobby
Serial Number: 78892988

Owner: Wintrust Financial Corporation
Serial Number: 77802181

Serial Number: 85047052

Owner: Woo, Kimberly
Serial Number: 77950790

Owner: World Steel Dynamics Inc.
Serial Number: 77743122

Owner: Wortman, John T.
Serial Number: 77848778

Owner: XoticSpot LLC
Serial Number: 85039687

Owner: Yammer, Inc.
Serial Number: 77590780

Owner: Yellow Dog, LLC
Serial Number: 85049623

Owner: York Wallcoverings, Inc.
Serial Number: 77842583

Owner: Youth Determined to Succeed Mentor Program-TrackMinnesota Elite, Inc.
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Serial Number: 77395587

Owner: Zipbox License, LLC
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