Sunday, September 26 2021

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Aarts; Thomas W. (Leander, TX), Broyles; Stephan O. (Austin, TX), Hoffa; William G. (Austin, TX)
Title: Hybrid platform-dependent simulation interface
Patent Number: 9,710,575

Inventors: Abadi; Aharon (Eilat, IL), Abadi; Moria (Eilat, IL), Bnayahu; Jonathan (Haifa, IL), Feldman; Yishai (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: System and/or method for computing interprocedural dominators
Patent Number: 9,710,244

Inventors: Abadi; Aharon (Eilat, IL), Abadi; Moria (Petah-Tikva, IL), Ben-Harrush; Idan (Givat-Elah, IL)
Title: Screen oriented data flow analysis
Patent Number: 9,710,264

Inventors: Abbas; Husain (Riyadh, SA), Al-Salloum; Yousef A. (Riyadh, SA), Alsayed; Saleh H. (Riyadh, SA), Alhaddad; Mohammed S. (Riyadh, SA)
Title: System for improving fire endurance of concrete-filled steel tubular columns
Patent Number: 8,484,915

Inventors: Abbassi; Saeed (Richmond Hill, CA)
Title: Wheel attachment system
Patent Number: 9,707,802

Inventors: Abbondanza; Dewey W (Pittsburgh, PA), Abbondanza; Dean (Pittsburgh, PA)
Title: Headgear system with impact reduction feature
Patent Number: 9,706,807

Inventors: Abbott; Kenneth H. (Kirkland, WA), Freedman; Joshua M. (Mercer Island, WA), Newell; Dan (Medina, WA), Robarts; James O. (Redmond, WA)
Title: Supplying notifications related to supply and consumption of user context data
Patent Number: 8,489,997

Inventors: Abe; Keiko (Tokyo, JP), Inoue; Hideki (Tokyo, JP), Sawa; Toshiyuki (Tokyo, JP), Watanabe; Masahiro (Tokyo, JP), Takabayashi; Hisaaki (Tokyo, JP), Shimoura; Ichiro (Tokyo, JP), Fukuhara; Keisuke (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Lead storage battery system
Patent Number: 9,711,976

Inventors: Abe; Kenichi (Tokyo, JP), Ezure; Yuichiro (Tokyo, JP), Iizuka; Hiroyuki (Tokyo, JP), Yamamoto; Toru (Tokyo, JP), Endou; Hidehiro (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Sensor network system, sensor network control method, sensor node, sensor node control method, and sensor node control program
Patent Number: 9,712,394

Inventors: Abe; Noriyuki (Saitama-ken, JP), Akutsu; Shigemitsu (Saitama-ken, JP), Okada; Yoshio (Saitama-ken, JP)
Title: Power plant
Patent Number: 8,485,290

Inventors: Abeloe; Kenneth A. (Carlsbad, CA)
Title: Methods and apparatuses for printing three dimensional images
Patent Number: 8,488,197

Inventors: Abjanic; John B. (San Diego, CA), Marlatt; David A. (San Diego, CA), Malo, Jr.; John A. (San Diego, CA)
Title: Scalable network apparatus for content based switching or validation acceleration
Patent Number: 9,712,505

Inventors: Acharya; Joydeep (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Systems and methods for low complexity user scheduling
Patent Number: 8,488,613

Inventors: Achlioptas; Dimitris (Seattle, WA)
Title: System and method for employing social networks for information discovery
Patent Number: 8,489,570

Inventors: Achtmann; Hans (Newport, NH)
Title: Method of treating animal's exterior for cleaning and/or insect repellency
Patent Number: 8,486,432

Inventors: Acikmese; Behcet (Altadena, CA), Blackmore; James C. L. (Los Angeles, CA), Scharf; Daniel P. (Altadena, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for powered descent guidance
Patent Number: 8,489,260

Inventors: Ackermann; Herbert (Tann, CH), Gossi; Matthias (Uster, CH), Hoefflin; Frank (Baden, CH), Keiser; Stefan (Schwarzenberg, CH), Rohrer; Roman (Sarnen, CH), Rudolf; Jean-Claude (Horw, CH)
Title: Sealing device with improved adhesion
Patent Number: 9,708,513

Inventors: Acosta-Cazaubon; Jesus (Atlanta, GA)
Title: Visual voting method
Patent Number: 8,488,848

Inventors: Adachi; Motoki (Ashigarakami-gun, JP), Kawasaki; Shuhei (Mishima, JP), Kawaguchi; Yuji (Mishima, JP), Tanaka; Masanori (Mishima, JP)
Title: Image forming apparatus controlling standby positions of developing devices
Patent Number: 8,488,997

Inventors: Adams; Douglas Jay Kozak (Potomac, MD), Sarpeshkar; Rahul (Arlington, MA)
Title: Inductive-element feedback-loop compensator
Patent Number: 8,487,699

Inventors: Adams; Frederick R. (Healdsburg, CA)
Title: Vehicle mounted multi-position resistance tube exercise apparatus
Patent Number: 8,485,951

Inventors: Adams; Tina M. (San Jose, CA)
Title: Evaluating user interface usability for task completion
Patent Number: 9,710,362

Inventors: Addonizio; Scott J. (Fort Lauderdale, FL), Camp, Jr.; David L. (Hillsboro Beach, FL), Becker; Gary J. (Miami, FL), Pazienza; John D. (Pompano Beach, FL)
Title: Stent having helical elements
Patent Number: 8,486,133

Inventors: Adelsberg; Lee Martin (Elmira, NY), Goller; Martin Herbert (Beaver Dams, NY), Lineman; David Myron (Painted Post, NY), Murphy; James Patrick (Corning, NY)
Title: Stirrers for minimizing erosion of refractory metal vessels in a glass making system
Patent Number: 8,485,717

Inventors: Adis; William E. (Scotia, NY), DuHaime; David Gerard (Ivyland, PA), Mack; Michael (Levittown, PA)
Title: Methods of manufacturing a segmented brush seal for sealing between stationary and rotary components
Patent Number: 7,565,729

Inventors: Aeschlimann; Marcel (Ligerz, CH), Lanci; Antonino (Bern, CH), Frely; Jean-Claude (Bienne, CH), Clavadetscher; Jurg (Ortschwaben, CH)
Title: Set and method for producing a hearing aid and hearing aid produced according to this method
Patent Number: 7,564,987

Inventors: Agarwal; Shwetav (Kolkata, IN)
Title: Systems and methods for facilitating customer acquisition by businesses
Patent Number: 8,489,450

Inventors: Agazzi; Oscar (Irvine, CA), Gopinathan; Venugopal (Irvine, CA)
Title: Methods and systems for digitally processing optical data signals
Patent Number: 7,564,866

Inventors: Aghassian; Daniel (Glendale, CA)
Title: Plug-in accessory for configuring a mobile device into an external controller for an implantable medical device
Patent Number: 9,707,402

Inventors: Ahles; Marcus (Pfullingen, DE), Benzel; Hubert (Pliezhausen, DE), Weber; Heribert (Nuertingen, DE)
Title: Sensor system, method for operating a sensor system, and method for manufacturing a sensor system
Patent Number: 8,485,041

Inventors: Aholainen; Markus (Pirkkala, FI)
Title: Push page user interface in a short range radio enabled mobile terminal
Patent Number: 7,565,158

Inventors: Aiden; Erez Lieberman (Cambridge, MA), Eckhoff; Philip A. (Kirkland, WA), Gates; William (Medina, WA), Hagelstein; Peter L. (Carlisle, MA), Hyde; Roderick A. (Redmond, WA), Kare; Jordin T. (Seattle, WA), Langer; Robert (Newton, MA), Leuthardt; Eric C. (St. Louis, MO), Myhrvold; Nathan P. (Bellevue, WA), Schnall-Levin; Michael (Cambridge, MA), Tegreene; Clarence T. (Mercer Island, WA), Wood, Jr.; Lowell L. (Bellevue, WA)
Title: Systems and methods for producing narrowband images
Patent Number: 9,709,718

Inventors: Ainciburu; Mireille (Sussargues, FR), Courty; Yves (Tours, FR), Jolivet-Reynaud; Colette (Saint Bonnet de Mure, FR), Planque; Chris (Pornichet, FR)
Title: Method for the in vitro diagnosis of bronchopulmonary carcinoma by detection of major alternative transcripts of the KLK8 gene encoding kallikrein 8 and use thereof for prognosticating survival
Patent Number: 8,486,632

Inventors: Aipperspach; Anthony G. (Rochester, MN), Baumgartner; Steven J. (Zumbro Falls, MN), Geer; Charles P. (Rochester, MN), Paulsen; David P. (Dodge Center, MN), Siljenberg; David W. (Byron, MN), Wagstaff; Alan P. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Level-shifting latch
Patent Number: 9,712,170

Inventors: Airas; Matti (Espoo, FI)
Title: User control
Patent Number: 8,490,027

Inventors: Akahoshi; Tomoyuki (Kawasaki, JP), Sugama; Akio (Kawasaki, JP), Aoki; Shigenori (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Optical module method of manufacturing the same
Patent Number: 7,565,044

Inventors: Akiba; Toshihiko (Tokyo, JP), Shigihara; Hiromi (Tokyo, JP), Yajima; Kei (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Patent Number: 9,711,377

Inventors: Akiyama; Teruo (Kokubunji, JP), Iida; Noboru (Chigasaki, JP), Oshima; Kenji (Koto-ku, JP), Sasano; Kenji (Hiratsuka, JP)
Title: Hydraulic drive system
Patent Number: 9,709,076

Inventors: Al-Rashed; Safa Mohammed Salman (Riyadh, SA), Alotaibi; Hanan Nejer Sahil (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Device for verifying parallelism of abutment teeth for dental appliance insertion
Patent Number: 9,707,064

Inventors: Al-Saud; Turki bin Saud bin Mohammed (Riyadh, SA), Bedell; Stephen W. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Fogel; Keith E. (Hopewell Junction, NY), Lauro; Paul A. (Brewster, NY), Sadana; Devendra K. (Pleasantville, NY)
Title: Patterned metallization handle layer for controlled spalling
Patent Number: 9,713,250

Inventors: Alberth; William P (Prairie Grove, IL), Zhuang; Zhiming (Kildeer, IL)
Title: Devices and methods of user interfaces to generate a high current drain impact user notification relating to a wallpaper image
Patent Number: 8,487,951

Inventors: Albrecht; Dirk (Eschweiler, DE), Lescorail; Romuald (Saint Cyr sur Loire, FR), Liege; Frederic (Monts, FR), Tronquoy; Nicolas (Fondettes, FR)
Title: Pulley device for chain or belt
Patent Number: 9,709,154

Inventors: Alexander; Dale (Granbury, TX)
Title: Pump testing system
Patent Number: 9,709,465

Inventors: Alexis; Glenroy J. (Ellicott City, MD)
Title: Communication system for landline and wireless calls
Patent Number: 7,565,115

Inventors: Alfaro; Erick E. (Ajax, CA)
Title: Automotive fuel door assembly
Patent Number: 7,566,089

Inventors: Alghamdi; Hussam Saeed Salem (Riyadh, SA)
Title: Method for suturing small skin wounds
Patent Number: 9,706,983

Inventors: Ali; Mohamed Ikbal (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Devices and methods for enhancing bone growth
Patent Number: 8,485,820

Inventors: Ali; Sadat M. (Carol Stream, IL)
Title: Topical composition with vitamin D3
Patent Number: 9,707,243

Inventors: Alicherry; Mansoor Ali Khan (Scotch Plains, NJ), Nagesh; Harsha S. (Berkeley Heights, NJ), Phadke; Chitra (Basking Ridge, NJ), Poosala; Viswanath (Basking Ridge, NJ)
Title: Methods and apparatus for design of wireless networks to aid in location identification of mobile units
Patent Number: 7,565,148

Inventors: Allen; Corville O. (Morrisville, NC), Haggar; Jeffrey D. (Holly Springs, NC), Min; Eileen J. (Morrisville, NC), Skeen; Michael M. (Raleigh, NC), Woods; Eric (Durham, NC)
Title: Creating a dynamic aggregate group profile of users in an online collaboration session for providing tailored content delivery
Patent Number: 9,712,638

Inventors: Allen; Corville O. (Morrisville, NC), Jamrog; Daniel M. (Acton, MA), Witherspoon; Kristin A. (Somersville, MA)
Title: Handling information source ingestion in a question answering system
Patent Number: 9,710,522

Inventors: Allen; Curtis (Artesia, NM)
Title: Vertical flow cage and method of use
Patent Number: 8,485,799

Inventors: Allen; Gerald M. W. (Eastleigh, GB), Baker; Christopher J. (Eastleigh, GB), Plum; Dennis L. (Bishop's Stortford, GB), Wakelin; Philip I. (Eastleigh, GB)
Title: Flow topology of computer transactions
Patent Number: 9,710,300

Inventors: Allen; John J. (Mendota Heights, MN)
Title: Adjustable suture restriction system and method
Patent Number: 9,706,985

Inventors: Allen; Matthew (Waterford, WI), Lutz; Thomas (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Title: LED track lighting
Patent Number: 9,709,254

Inventors: Allendorf; Mark D. (Pleasanton, CA), Talin; Albert Alec (Dublin, CA), Leonard; Francois (Brentwood, CA), Stavila; Vitalie (Pleasanton, CA)
Title: Reconfigurable electronics using conducting metal-organic frameworks
Patent Number: 9,711,743

Inventors: Allerheiligen; Swen (Essen, DE), Bauser; Marcus (Berlin, DE), Schirok; Hartmut (Langenfeld, DE), Rester; Ulrich (Wuppertal, DE), Heitmeier; Stefan (Wulfrath, DE), Gerdes; Christoph (Koln, DE), Von Degenfeld; Georges (Leverkusen, DE), Dittrich-Wengenroth; Elke (Wuppertal, DE), Saatmann; Uwe (Wuppertal, DE), Stra.beta.burger; Julia (Wuppertal, DE), Munter; Klaus (Wulfrath, DE), Gnoth; Mark Jean (Mettmann, DE), Lang; Dieter (Velbert, DE)
Title: Substituted oxazolidinones and their use
Patent Number: 8,487,111

Inventors: Alley; James D. (Newberg, OR), Niles; Tyler B. (Beaverton, OR)
Title: Scrolling measurement display ticker for test and measurement instruments
Patent Number: 9,709,605

Inventors: Almadani; Mazen W. (Woodbury, MN)
Title: Lost motion mechanism for movable vehicle implements
Patent Number: 7,565,756

Inventors: Alumbaugh; David (Berkeley, CA), Zhang; Ping (Albany, CA), Nichols; Edward (Berkeley, CA), Morrison; Frank (Berkeley, CA), Abubakar; Aria (North Reading, MA), Habashy; Tarek (Burlington, MA)
Title: Method and system for removing effects of conductive casings and wellbore and surface heterogeneity in electromagnetic imaging surveys
Patent Number: 7,565,244

Inventors: Alzahrani; Nasser (Chicago, IL)
Title: Biometric attendance tracking system and method using mobile devices
Patent Number: 9,710,980

Inventors: Amaya; Koichi (Fukui, JP), Urushizaki; Yukinori (Fukui, JP), Matsubara; Hideto (Fukui, JP)
Title: Apparatus for producing three-dimensional shaped product
Patent Number: 8,485,808

Inventors: Ambuehl; Rolf (Lausanne, CH), Bodenmann; Olivier F. (Echallens, CH), Chenes; Pierre H. (Eclepens, CH), Junod; Philippe (Romanel-sur-Morges, CH)
Title: Multilink receiver for multiple cordless applications
Patent Number: 7,565,583

Inventors: Ameduri; Bruno (Montpellier, FR), Alaaeddine; Ali (Beyrouth, LB)
Title: Controlled free-radical copolymerization of trifluoroethylene
Patent Number: 9,708,419

Inventors: Amies; Christopher Jude (Skyesville, MD), Beasley; Paul (Abingdon, GB), Celi; Juan Carlos (Heidelberg, DE), Heid; Oliver (Erlangen, DE), Hernandez-Guerra; Francisco Miguel (Concord, CA), Kruip; Marcel Jan Marie (Oxford, CA), Vester; Markus (Nurnberg, DE)
Title: Combined radiation therapy and magnetic resonance unit
Patent Number: 8,487,269

Inventors: An; Jae Hyuck (Daegu, KR), Lee; Woo Sung (Daegu, KR)
Title: Wiper blade
Patent Number: 9,707,932

Inventors: Anand; Ashutosh (Gangalore, IN), Bhat; Shankarnarayan (Bangalore, IN), Sudhakaran; Nikhil (Bangalore, IN), Raghuraman; Praveen (Bangalore, IN), Bhushan Singh; Nishi (Bangalore, IN), Bhat; Anand (Bangalore, IN), Kothiala; Abhinav (Bangalore, IN), Muchini; Sanjay (Bangalore, IN), Balachandar; Arun (Bangalore, IN), Bhat; Devadatta (Bangalore, IN)
Title: Method and apparatus for optimized memory test status detection and debug
Patent Number: 9,711,241

Inventors: Anand; Vishal (Bihar, IN), Gupta; Manish (New Delhi, IN), Kothari; Ravi (New Delhi, IN), Madduri; Venkateswara R. (New Delhi, IN)
Title: Automatic documentation of ticket execution
Patent Number: 8,489,941

Inventors: Anderson; James M. (Corcoran, MN), Sutermeister; Derek C. (Ham Lake, MN), Wang; Huisun (Maple Grove, MN)
Title: Devices and methods for nerve modulation using localized indifferent electrodes
Patent Number: 9,707,036

Inventors: Anderson; Michael (Milton-Freewater, OR)
Title: Electrolysis anode
Patent Number: 8,486,239

Inventors: Ando; Makoto (Tokyo, JP), Takagi; Kazunari (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Display and method of manufacturing the same, unit, transfer printing method, organic electroluminescence unit and method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Patent Number: 9,711,723

Inventors: Andrade; Henrique (Croton-on-Hudson, NY), Gedik; Bugra (White Plains, NY), Hildrum; Kirsten W. (Hawthorne, NY), Khandekar; Rohit M. (Elmsford, NY), Parekh; Sunjay S. (Dobbs Ferry, NY), Rajan; Deepak (Fishkill, NY), Wolf; Joel L. (Goldens Bridge, NY), Wu; Kun-Lung (Yorktown Heights, NY)
Title: Partitioning operator flow graphs
Patent Number: 8,490,072

Inventors: Andrapalliyal; Bala (Bedminster, NJ), Feather; Frank (Englishtown, NJ), Naik; Tejas (Edison, NJ)
Title: Method for optimal assignment of customer edge (CE) routers to virtual private network route forwarding (VRF) tables
Patent Number: 7,564,802

Inventors: Andres; Robert M. (Clarkston, MI), Gleacher; Jeffrey D. (West Bloomfield, MI)
Title: Method and system for detecting malfunctioning sensors
Patent Number: 7,565,229

Inventors: Antel; William Joseph (Munchen-Eching, DE), Nirmalan; Nirm Velumylum (Niskayuna, NY), Solovitz; Stephen Adam (Croton on Hudson, NY), Vats; Nishant (Jharkhand, IN), Dey; Subhrajit (Karnataka, IN), Orenstein; Robert Michael (Atlanta, GA), Moorman; Matthew (Albuquerque, NM), Manginell; Ronald P. (Albuquerque, NM)
Title: Method, sensor and system for measuring a lower heating value and a Wobbe Index of a gaseous fuel
Patent Number: 8,486,710

Inventors: Antolick; Jeffrey B. (Drums, PA)
Title: Enhanced wearable swing training apparatus
Patent Number: 8,485,913

Inventors: Anumalasetty; Kiran K. (Hyderabad, IN), Anumula; Venkata N. (Hyderabad, IN), Maddali; Sudhir (Hyderabad, IN), Rajaboina; Yadagiri (Hyderabad, IN)
Title: Live partition mobility with shared persistent reservations
Patent Number: 9,712,456

Inventors: Anwar; Mohammed S. (Houston, TX)
Title: Search engine with user activity memory
Patent Number: 7,565,363

Inventors: Aoike; Toru (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Terminal apparatus, backlight emission method and computer readable medium for terminal apparatus
Patent Number: 8,487,878

Inventors: Aono; Shigenori (Imabari, JP), Abe; Koichi (Imabari, JP), Takeda; Keigo (Imabari, JP)
Title: Bleached fiber product production method, apparatus to be used therefor, and bleached fiber product produced thereby
Patent Number: 8,486,225

Inventors: Aono; Takanori (Tokyo, JP), Ebata; Yoshisada (Tokyo, JP), Matsui; Shigeru (Tokyo, JP), Watanabe; Tetsuya (Tokyo, JP), Onoda; Yugo (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Curved face diffraction grating fabrication method, curved face diffraction grating cast, and curved face diffraction grating employing same
Patent Number: 9,709,714

Inventors: Aoyama; Tetsuya (Okazaki, JP)
Title: Cushioning clip
Patent Number: 7,566,081

Inventors: Aoyama; Tomoya (Kanagawa, JP), Seo; Satoshi (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Light-emitting device
Patent Number: 8,487,332

Inventors: Appanna; Chandrashekhar (Cupertino, CA), Ramaiah; Anantha (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Method and apparatus for preventing network reset attacks
Patent Number: 7,565,694

Inventors: Arbanas; Viktor (Baden, CH)
Title: Vehicle steering system comprising a device for altering the transmission ratio
Patent Number: 7,566,282

Inventors: Arce; Hector F. (Haverhill, MA), Mohika; Brian O. (Haverhill, MA)
Title: Ostomy undergarment
Patent Number: 8,486,035

Inventors: Arcese; Mauro (Rome, IT), Gimondo; Luca (Rome, IT), Imperia; Marco (Rome, IT), Manocchio; Stefano (Rome, IT)
Title: Application switching in a graphical operating system
Patent Number: 9,710,135

Inventors: Archambault; Roch (North York, CA), Gao; Yaoqing (North York, CA), O'Connell; Francis Patrick (Austin, TX), Tremaine; Robert Brett (Stormville, NY), Wazlowski; Michael Edward (New Fairfield, CT), White; Steven Wayne (Austin, TX), Zhang; Lixin (Austin, TX)
Title: Method and apparatus for software-assisted data cache and prefetch control
Patent Number: 8,490,065

Inventors: Arcot-Krishnamurthy; Shantha (Vadnais Heights, MN), Shuros; Allan C. (St. Paul, MN), Ding; Jiang (Shoreview, MN), Yu; Yinghong (Shoreview, MN), Stucky; Michael J. (Shoreview, MN), Hartemink; Christopher (Shoreview, MN)
Title: Method and apparatus for identification of ischemic/infarcted regions and therapy optimization
Patent Number: 8,489,204

Inventors: Arenas; Marcelo (Providencia, CL), Diaz; Gonzalo (Oxford, GB), Fokoue; Achille (White Plains, NY), Kementsietsidis; Anastasios (New York, NY), Srinivas; Kavitha (Rye, NY)
Title: Determining the schema of a graph dataset
Patent Number: 9,710,496

Inventors: Arimilli; Ravi K. (Austin, TX), Chaudhary; Piyush (Highland, NY)
Title: Dynamic monitoring of ability to reassemble streaming data across multiple channels based on history
Patent Number: 8,489,967

Inventors: Arita; Junko (Tokyo, JP), Hasebe; Takeshi (Chiba, JP), Kiyama; Ryuuichi (Kanagawa, JP), Endoh; Sanae (Tokyo, JP), Kawade; Hiroaki (Chiba, JP)
Title: Image forming system, groupware server, image forming apparatus and computer-readable storage medium
Patent Number: 8,488,146

Inventors: Arkwright; Linda Melissa (Atlanta, GA)
Title: Disposable bath brush with integral gel soap and moisturizer dispensers
Patent Number: 9,706,884

Inventors: Arlt; Tino (Regensburg, DE), Rosel; Gerd (Regensburg, DE)
Title: Method and device for determining an oxygen storage capacity of a catalytic converter of an internal combustion engine and method and device for determining a dynamic time duration for exhaust probes of an internal combustion engine
Patent Number: 8,484,946

Inventors: Aronovich; Lior (Ramat Gan, IL), Toaff; Yair (Ramat Gan, IL), Paz; Gil (Yehud, IL), Asher; Ron (Tel Aviv, IL)
Title: Restoring data segments of rolled-back transactions in a clustered file system
Patent Number: 8,489,655

Inventors: Aronovich; Lior (Toronto, CA), Levy; Asaf (Rishon Le Zion, IL), Loya; Liran (Hod-Hasharon, IL)
Title: Reduction of communication and efficient failover processing in distributed shared memory-based application
Patent Number: 8,489,829

Inventors: Arora; Rajan (Uttar Pradesh, IN), Ginetti; Arnold Jean-Marie Gustave (Antibes, FR), Kumar; Gautam (New Delhi, IN)
Title: System and method for automatic placement of contact cuts and similar structures in integrated circuit layouts
Patent Number: 8,490,038

Inventors: Arora; Rajni (Karnal, IN), Mahajan; Sachin (Maharashtra, IN), Singh; Harpreet (Punjab, IN)
Title: Mobile device financial transactions
Patent Number: 8,485,440

Inventors: Arriaza Munoz; Francisco Jose (Barcelona, ES)
Title: Device for neuronal therapies
Patent Number: 8,489,206

Inventors: Artola; Jury (Brooklyn, NY)
Title: Method of tanning and washing leather, canvas, cotton and any other materials, as well as the finished product
Patent Number: 9,708,675

Inventors: Arumugam; Thangavelu (San Jose, CA), Gannu; Satish K. (San Jose, CA), Mihailovici; Virgil N. (San Jose, CA), Malegaonkar; Ashutosh A. (Milpitas, CA), Posse; Christian (Foster City, CA), Sambhus; Sonali M. (Milpitas, CA), Walia; Nitasha (San Jose, CA), Zhang; Kui (Cupertino, CA)
Title: System and method for generating vocabulary from network data
Patent Number: 8,489,390

Inventors: Asaad; Sameh W. (Briarcliff Manor, NY), Min; Hong (Poughkeepsie, NY), Sukhwani; Bharat (Briarcliff Manor, NY), Thoennes; Mathew S. (West Harrison, NY)
Title: Tunable hardware sort engine for performing composite sorting algorithms
Patent Number: 9,710,503

Inventors: Asamoto; Noriaki (Shiga, JP)
Title: Exception control method, system, and program
Patent Number: 9,710,270

Inventors: Asari; Yusuke (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Positive electrode active material for secondary batteries and lithium ion secondary battery using the same
Patent Number: 9,711,792

Inventors: Ashrafzadeh; Farhad (Bowling Green, KY), Janke; Brian P. (Saint Joseph, MI), Richmond; Peter J. (Berrien Springs, MI), Silva; Marcelo C. (Joinville, BR), Stanziola Teixeira; Rodrigo (Saint Joseph, MI)
Title: Apparatus for redistributing an imbalance in a laundry treating appliance
Patent Number: 9,708,741

Inventors: Aso; Yoshiaki (Kyoto, JP)
Title: Solvent delivery pump and liquid chromatograph
Patent Number: 8,485,023

Inventors: Astrom; Henrik (Solna, SE), Spittka; Julian (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Method of transmitting data in a communication system
Patent Number: 8,489,758

Inventors: Attalla; Moetaz Ibrahim (Warners Bay, AU), Puxty; Graeme Douglas (Tighes Hill, AU), Allport; Andrew Wayne (Mount Hutton, AU), Bown; Mark (Notting Hill, AU), Yang; Qi (Wheelers Hill, AU), Rowland; Robert Cameron (Stockton, AU)
Title: Alkanolamines for CO.sub.2 removal from gas streams
Patent Number: 8,486,356

Inventors: Aubrey; Leonard S. (Hendersonville, NC)
Title: Method for filtering molten aluminum and molten aluminum alloys
Patent Number: 8,486,176

Inventors: Ausserlechner; Udo (Villach, AT)
Title: Memory error detection device and method for detecting a memory error
Patent Number: 7,565,602

Inventors: Ausserlechner; Udo (Villach, AT)
Title: Vertical hall device comprising a slot in the hall effect region
Patent Number: 9,711,712

Inventors: Austreng; Andrew (DePere, WI), Kohl; Cori K. (Appleton, WI)
Title: Flat bottom bag
Patent Number: 8,486,500

Inventors: Avanzi; Roberto (Munich, DE)
Title: Method and apparatus to encrypt plaintext data
Patent Number: 9,712,319

Inventors: Avanzo; Matej (Ljubljana, SI), Rozman Peterka; Tanja (Ljubljana, SI), Legen; Igor (Grosuplje, SI)
Title: Pharmaceutical composition
Patent Number: 9,707,178

Inventors: Awad; Yassin Aden (Middlesex, GB), Nakamura; Michiharu (Yokosuka, JP)
Title: Adaptive modulation and coding
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Owner: Sokal, Paul J
Serial Number: 77942001

Serial Number: 77804941

Owner: South Bay International
Serial Number: 77893352

Serial Number: 77828807

Serial Number: 85093447

Owner: Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc.
Serial Number: 85068094

Owner: Sparitual, L.L.C.
Serial Number: 77946087

Serial Number: 78560868

Owner: Spin Master Ltd.
Serial Number: 77306196

Serial Number: 77797939

Owner: Steven Doletzky
Serial Number: 77731667

Owner: Stewart, Kimberly
Serial Number: 85052229

Owner: Stoopid Monkey, LLC
Serial Number: 78793994

Owner: Strick, Christopher Mark
Serial Number: 77835753

Serial Number: 85056036

Serial Number: 85056044

Serial Number: 77869180

Owner: Superfeet Worldwide, Inc.
Serial Number: 77888057

Owner: Superline, Inc.
Serial Number: 85057359

Owner: SX Holdings L.L.C.
Serial Number: 77188952

Owner: Syscom Inc.
Serial Number: 77021023

Owner: T. Marzetti Company
Serial Number: 85017955

Serial Number: 77863950

Owner: Tangraph Technologies, Inc.
Serial Number: 85067099

Owner: tarte, inc.
Serial Number: 77832230

Owner: Tennessee Rural Health Improvement Association
Serial Number: 85047898

Owner: Texas Art Supply Co.
Serial Number: 77851489

Serial Number: 76700341

Serial Number: 76979093

Serial Number: 77835056

Serial Number: 85051838

Serial Number: 77898307

Serial Number: 85056937

Owner: THE HUN B.V.
Serial Number: 85056598

Owner: The Nelrod Company
Serial Number: 85061169

Owner: The Protectorate Group Insurance Agency, Inc.
Serial Number: 77914752

Owner: The Solar Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 85059936

Serial Number: 77869902

Owner: The Vanguard Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77761869

Serial Number: 85055382

Owner: Throckmorton Enterprises, Inc.
Serial Number: 77835958

Owner: THRYV, INC.
Serial Number: 77900534

Owner: Time Warner Inc.
Serial Number: 77839075

Owner: Time Warner Inc.
Serial Number: 77839087

Owner: TNR Communications, LLC
Serial Number: 77890561

Owner: Tops Markets, LLC
Serial Number: 85056951

Serial Number: 77857498

Serial Number: 77877665

Owner: Tremendous Entertainment, Inc.
Serial Number: 85054176

Serial Number: 77822415

Owner: Trustee of the Trust 10055
Serial Number: 85054182

Owner: Trustee of the Trust 10055
Serial Number: 85054254

Owner: Trustee of the Trust 10055
Serial Number: 85054291

Owner: UHS of Delaware, Inc.
Serial Number: 77858243

Owner: ULLICO, Inc.
Serial Number: 77766379

Serial Number: 77889161

Serial Number: 85038222

Owner: Uncle Barn's Cue Sheet Exchange LLC
Serial Number: 85056626

Serial Number: 77818733

Owner: United American Insurance Company
Serial Number: 77922063

Owner: United States Anti-Doping Agency
Serial Number: 77970110

Owner: United States Anti-Doping Agency
Serial Number: 77970112

Serial Number: 77956425

Owner: Universal Life Force, Inc.
Serial Number: 77921961

Owner: University of Northern Iowa
Serial Number: 77759731

Owner: Vans, Inc.
Serial Number: 77921690

Owner: Victor Alfaro, LLC
Serial Number: 77869154

Owner: Viscot Medical, LLC
Serial Number: 85068638

Owner: Vuzix Corporation
Serial Number: 77766237

Owner: Washington Apple Commission
Serial Number: 77280139

Owner: Webb Properties, LLC
Serial Number: 85051854

Owner: Weiman Products, LLC
Serial Number: 76702387

Owner: Weiman Products, LLC
Serial Number: 76702390

Owner: WellPet LLC
Serial Number: 85029666

Owner: Wellzher Corp
Serial Number: 85054664

Owner: West Coast Shoe Co.
Serial Number: 77892650

Owner: Westminster Cracker Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 85043497

Owner: Whole World Botanicals, Inc.
Serial Number: 85022259

Owner: WHYY, Inc.
Serial Number: 77954400

Owner: WildAid, Inc.
Serial Number: 77980967

Owner: Wise, Cynthia
Serial Number: 77824346

Owner: Wise, Joseph
Serial Number: 77813681

Owner: Wyeth LLC
Serial Number: 77922377

Owner: X-Ray Grafix, LLC
Serial Number: 85057906

Serial Number: 77714310

Owner: Yamato Transport U.S.A., Inc.
Serial Number: 85057765

Owner: Yamato Transport U.S.A., Inc.
Serial Number: 85057788

Owner: Z&Z Optoelectronics Tech Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 85048370

Serial Number: 77797279