Sunday, September 04 2022

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: rtebjerg; Jens Nikolaj (Dubai, AE), Iversen; Ruben (Kobenhavn, DK)
Title: Method of analyzing data traffic in a telecommunication network
Patent Number: 8,762,359

Inventors: Aagaard; Claus (Cophenhagen S, DK), Rosenkrands; Ida (Vaelose, DK), Hoang; Truc Thi Kim Thanh (Glostrup, DK), Andersen; Peter Lawaetz (Bronshoj, DK)
Title: M.tuberculosis vaccines
Patent Number: 10,004,793

Inventors: Aarstad; Anne Marit (Egersund, NO)
Title: Connectable element for creating chains and spatial structures
Patent Number: 10,004,999

Inventors: Abanades Garcia; Juan Carlos (Oviedo, ES), Alonso Carreno; Monica (Oviedo, ES), Rodriguez Gomez; Nuria (Oviedo, ES)
Title: Method and device for biomass combustion without carbon dioxide emission
Patent Number: 8,757,072

Inventors: Abbas; Alexander (Oakland, CA), Bodary; Sarah (Menlo Park, CA), Clark; Hilary (San Francisco, CA), Williams; P Mickey (Half Moon Bay, CA), Wu; Thomas D (San Francisco, CA)
Title: PRO polypeptides for diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosis
Patent Number: 7,749,695

Inventors: Abd Elhamid; Mahmoud H. (Grosse Pointe Woods, MI), Vyas; Gayatri (Rochester Hills, MI), Trabold; Thomas A. (Pittsford, NY), Mikhail; Youssef M. (Sterling Heights, MI)
Title: Fuel cell separator plate coating
Patent Number: 7,749,631

Inventors: Abe; Atsushi (Ebina, JP), Masuda; Setsuko (Tokyo, JP), Ohta; Yumiko (Tokyo, JP), Watanabe; Terue (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Transferring multiple records including video data to/from host
Patent Number: 10,009,574

Inventors: Abecassis; David (Mountain View, CA), Cheng; Helen (Palo Alto, CA), Phillips; Mark (Silver Creek Valley, CA), Read; Leighton (Palo Alto, CA), Reeves; Byron (Stanford, CA), Roy; Simon (Los Altos, CA), Rubin; Daniel (Atherton, CA)
Title: Attention economy for attention to messages, tasks and resources
Patent Number: 8,757,482

Inventors: Abhishek; Kumar (Ghaziabad, IN), Rana; Manmohan (Ghaziabad, IN), Sinha; Samaksh (Singapore, SG)
Title: Power management circuit using two configuration signals to control the power modes of two circuit modules using two crosslinked multiplexers and a level shifter
Patent Number: 8,762,753

Inventors: Abraham; Dalen M. (Duvall, WA), Manchester; Scott A. (Redmond, WA)
Title: Mass storage device with near field communications
Patent Number: 7,747,797

Inventors: Abraham; Santosh (San Diego, CA), Bhushan; Naga (San Diego, CA), Jiang; Jing (San Diego, CA), Ji; Tingfang (San Diego, CA), Soriaga; Joseph Binamira (San Diego, CA)
Title: Scheduling and token bucket for communication co-existence
Patent Number: 10,009,912

Inventors: Abram; Albert Zorko (Wantirna, AU), Fuchshuber; Lilian (Narre Warren, AU)
Title: Foamable suspension gel
Patent Number: 8,758,728

Inventors: Abrams; Robert M. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Bryant; Barbara J. (Clinton Corners, NY), Durand; Donald T. (Saugerties, NY), Ng; Ming-Yin (Wappingers Falls, NY)
Title: Error identification
Patent Number: 8,762,783

Inventors: Abreu; Rual (Johannesburg, ZA)
Title: Rock wall closure detection apparatus
Patent Number: 10,006,286

Inventors: Achar; Anitha (Bangalore, IN), Unnikrishnan; Brijesh (Bangalore, IN)
Title: Data logs management in a multi-client architecture
Patent Number: 10,007,685

Inventors: Acocella; Antonio (Formigine, IT), Nassiboo; Jimmy (Formigine, IT), Gangale; Gabriele (Formigine, IT), Paltrinieri; Tullio (Formigine, IT)
Title: Burner
Patent Number: 10,006,629

Inventors: Acres; John F. (Corvallis, OR)
Title: Method and apparatus for displaying player tracking information on an electronic gaming machine display
Patent Number: 7,749,081

Inventors: Adams; Phillip M. (Henderson, NV)
Title: Enforcement process for correction of hardware and software defects
Patent Number: 7,747,452

Inventors: Adcock; Christopher Mark Stevens (Cambridge, GB), Brailovskiy; Ilya Vladimirovich (Mountain View, CA), Vitsnudel; Ilia (Even Yehuda, IL), Skidmore; Ian David (Malvern, GB), Taylor; Philip James (Cambridge, GB)
Title: Image processing for merging images of a scene captured with differing camera parameters
Patent Number: 10,009,551

Inventors: Addepalli; Sateesh K. (San Jose, CA), Lee; Kevin C. (Milpitas, CA), Sudhaakar; Raghuram S. (Mountain View, CA), Vasseur; Jean-Philippe (Saint Martin d'Uriage, FR), Bonomi; Flavio (Palo Alto, CA)
Title: Application-aware dynamic bit-level error protection for modulation-based communication
Patent Number: 8,761,285

Inventors: Addy; Kenneth L (Massapequa, NY)
Title: Instant messaging applications in security systems
Patent Number: 7,746,224

Inventors: Adeloju; Samuel Bodunrin Olufemi (Beaconsfield, AU)
Title: Electrochemical nanocomposite biosensor system
Patent Number: 8,758,591

Inventors: Adent; Daniel (Bellevue, WA), West; Cory (Central Point, OR), Dublish; Ptratul (Sammamish, WA), Strom; Clifford P (Sammamish, WA), Crites; Brian D. (Redmond, WA)
Title: Advanced stream format (ASF) data stream header object protection
Patent Number: 7,747,854

Inventors: Adkins; George Ralph (Rotherham, GB), James; Michael (Rotherham, GB), Sellors; Jamie Michael (Rotherham, GB)
Title: Iron sole plate
Patent Number: 8,756,840

Inventors: Agarwal; Kanak B. (Austin, TX), Carter; John B. (Austin, TX), Dixon; Colin K. (Austin, TX), Rasley; Jeffrey T. (Providence, RI)
Title: Determining sampling rate from randomly sampled events
Patent Number: 10,009,236

Inventors: Agnew; Gerard D. (Derby, GB), Cunningham; Robert H. (Derby, GB), Butler; Philip D. (Derby, GB), Collins; Robert D. (Derby, GB)
Title: Reformer module
Patent Number: 7,749,465

Inventors: Agrawal; Ambuj (San Diego, CA), Ehsan; Navid (San Diego, CA), Sivakumar; Nagamanikandan (Telangana, IN), Bathwal; Saket (Telangana, IN), Al Khairy; Mohammed (San Diego, CA)
Title: Call continuity in high uplink interference state
Patent Number: 10,009,401

Inventors: Agrawal; Mukund (Maharashtra, IN)
Title: Preventing inappropriate data transfers based on reputation scores
Patent Number: 8,763,072

Inventors: Aharinejad; Seyedhossein (Vienna, AT)
Title: Use of GSTP1
Patent Number: 8,758,745

Inventors: Ahmed; Mallik (Columbus, GA)
Title: Electric roaster and smoker
Patent Number: 10,004,241

Inventors: Ahn; Byung Chul (Seoul, KR), Hong; Jin Woo (Gumi-si, KR)
Title: Lamp provided with external electrode section having different configuration than emitter section and backlight incorporating the lamp for use in liquid crystal displays
Patent Number: 7,750,543

Inventors: Ahn; Byung-sun (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Image forming apparatus and storage thereof
Patent Number: 7,747,179

Inventors: Ahn; Sang-kil (Suwon-si, KR)
Title: Network-based image forming device and print secure method thereof
Patent Number: 7,746,488

Inventors: Aida; Shigeru (Chiyoda-ku, JP), Yamada; Takeshi (Chiyoda-ku, JP), Yagi; Keisuke (Chiyoda-ku, JP)
Title: Fluororubber molded article
Patent Number: 10,005,888

Inventors: Aida; Toru (Kanagawa, JP), Hashimoto; Minoru (Kanagawa, JP), Unoki; Toshiroh (Kanagawa, JP), Kado; Mariko (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Media drive, processing method for recording data onto a medium, processing method for data read from a medium, and method for controlling a process for reading data from a medium
Patent Number: 7,746,586

Inventors: Aizawa; Satoshi (Higashi-Yamato, JP), Higashi; Kenichi (Kamakura, JP), Nishikita; Yukinobu (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Conveyor-belt wear detector
Patent Number: 7,748,521

Inventors: Aizono; Keisuke (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Image forming apparatus, method thereof, and storage medium
Patent Number: 8,761,618

Inventors: Akaike; Hirotoshi (Yokohama, JP), Fujimoto; Kazuhisa (Koganei, JP), Nakamura; Shuji (Machida, JP)
Title: Computing system, method of controlling the same, and system management unit which plan a data migration according to a computation job execution schedule
Patent Number: 8,762,995

Inventors: Akarte; Nitin (Santa Clara, CA), Rajvaidya; Santosh (Santa Clara, CA), Raghavan; Bharathi (San Jose, CA)
Title: System and method of analyzing risk in risk-based software testing
Patent Number: 7,747,987

Inventors: Akavaram; Vikrant (Foster City, CA), Bradley; Lisa M (Cary, NC), Lei; Lillian Y (Moss Beach, CA), Louie; Lawrence (San Jose, CA)
Title: Tailored interpersonal communication platform (ICP) management
Patent Number: 10,007,735

Inventors: Akazawa; Eiji (Hamamatsu, JP)
Title: Automatic rendition style determining apparatus and method
Patent Number: 7,750,230

Inventors: Akhtar; Azhar (Salwa, KW)
Title: Fracture clusters identification
Patent Number: 7,746,725

Inventors: Akieda; Shinichiro (Tokyo, JP), Okuyama; Takeshi (Tokyo, JP), Nakamura; Akio (Tokyo, JP), Iizuka; Koji (Tokyo, JP), Sekizawa; Mitsuhiro (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Operation panel whose thickness is adjustable with screw operably inserted into hole formed in clip that clips multiple boards and load sensor sandwiched therebetween
Patent Number: 10,007,373

Inventors: Akirav; Shay H. (Petach-Tikva, IL), Aronovich; Lior (Thornhill, CA)
Title: Tuning global digests caching in a data deduplication system
Patent Number: 10,007,610

Inventors: Akirav; Shay H. (Petach-Tikva, IL), Aronovich; Lior (Thornhill, CA)
Title: Global digests caching in a data deduplication system
Patent Number: 10,007,672

Inventors: Akiyama; Kazuyoshi (Mishima, JP), Ueda; Shigenori (Toride, JP), Tazawa; Daisuke (Yokohama, JP), Ozawa; Tomohito (Mishima, JP)
Title: Image-forming method
Patent Number: 8,758,971

Inventors: Alapuranen; Pertti (Deltona, FL)
Title: Interference mitigation method for single or MIMO receiver devices
Patent Number: 8,761,295

Inventors: Albee; Jeffrey M. (Franklin, TN)
Title: Support structure to enable use of tablet computer by persons with limited manual dexterity
Patent Number: 10,009,449

Inventors: Aldasouqi; Bara (East Lansing, MI), Skinkle; Philip (Jackson, MI), Burek; William (Livonia, MI), Santi; Nickolas (Washington, MI)
Title: Pill dispenser
Patent Number: 10,004,664

Inventors: Aldereguia; Alfredo (Cary, NC), Richter; Grace Ann (Chapel Hill, NC), Williams; Jeffrey B. (Raleigh, NC)
Title: Apparatus, system, and method for error assessment over a communication link
Patent Number: 7,747,734

Inventors: Alexander; Gregory W. (Pflugerville, TX), Barrick; Brian D. (Pflugerville, TX)
Title: Freelist based global completion table having both thread-specific and global completion table identifiers
Patent Number: 10,007,525

Inventors: Alexander; Gregory W. (Pflugerville, TX), Barrick; Brian D. (Pflugerville, TX)
Title: Freelist based global completion table having both thread-specific and global completion table identifiers
Patent Number: 10,007,526

Inventors: Ali; Ihab A. (Santa Clara, CA)
Title: Methods and apparatus for cooling electronic devices using thermally conductive hinge assemblies
Patent Number: 7,746,631

Inventors: Aliane; Abdelkader (Grenoble, FR), Benwadih; Mohammed (Champigny sur Marne, FR), Haon; Olivier (Saint Etienne de Crossey, FR)
Title: Touch-sensitive sensor and method for producing such a sensor
Patent Number: 10,009,026

Inventors: Alisi; Maria Alessandra (Rome, IT), Cazzolla; Nicola (Albano Laziale, IT), Coletta; Isabella (Rome, IT), Dragone; Patrizia (Rome, IT), Furlotti; Guido (Rome, IT), Garofalo; Barbara (Rome, IT), Guglielmotti; Angelo (Rome, IT), Mangano; Giorgina (Rome, IT), Maugeri; Caterina (Rome, IT)
Title: 3-aminocarbazole compound, pharmaceutical composition containing it and preparation method therefor
Patent Number: 10,005,730

Inventors: Allan; Michael A. (Oakdale, CA), Schiller; Charles T. (Alamo, CA)
Title: Subsurface soil injection method
Patent Number: 7,748,331

Inventors: Allasia; Andrea (Turin, IT), Rita; Roberto (Rome, IT), Serra; Laura (Turin, IT), Varetto; Luigi Giuseppe (Turin, IT)
Title: Method for providing extra-traffic paths with connection protection in a communication network, related network and computer program product therefor
Patent Number: 7,746,767

Inventors: Allen; Arthur Douglas (Mountain View, CA)
Title: Method for connection acceptance control and rapid determination of optimal multi-media content delivery over networks
Patent Number: 7,747,748

Inventors: Allen; Jeffrey (Attleborough, GB), Barraclough; Steven (Wymondham, GB), Ravenhill; Paul Bartholomew (Dereham, GB), Hoolahan; Richard Matthew (Bunwell, GB)
Title: Fluid injector having a novel inlet valve arrangement
Patent Number: 8,757,131

Inventors: Allen; Todd E. (Lake Orion, MI)
Title: Seal assembly
Patent Number: 10,005,484

Inventors: Almutairi; Adah (La Jolla, CA), Sankaranarayanan; Jagadis (San Diego, CA), Mahmoud; Enas (San Diego, CA), Schopf; Eric (Solana Beach, CA)
Title: Polymeric nano-carriers with a linear dual response mechanism and uses thereof
Patent Number: 8,758,778

Inventors: Alqasimi; Ahmad (Tampa, FL), Lusk; Craig (Lutz, FL)
Title: Shape-morphing space frame apparatus using linear bistable elements
Patent Number: 10,006,196

Inventors: Alsoryai; Abdulaziz Nasser (Jeddah, SA)
Title: Adhesive formulations for carpets
Patent Number: 10,005,931

Inventors: Althoff; Charles Peter (Cleveland Heights, OH), Tilk; Jason (Cleveland Heights, OH), Nottingham; John William (Bratenahl, OH), Nottingham; John Richard (Bratenahl, OH), Spirk, Jr.; John Wilford (Gates Mills, OH), Tapper; Jay (Palm Beach Gardens, FL), Midgley; Ian Stuart (Leeds, GB), Limb; David Michael (Wakerfield, GB)
Title: Fluid dispenser and locking mechanism
Patent Number: 7,748,572

Inventors: Amano; Hiroyuki (Kariya, JP), Nunami; Koji (Obu, JP), Iwaya; Takashi (Obu, JP)
Title: System for controlling valve opening/closing timing
Patent Number: 10,006,320

Inventors: Amari; Masahiko (Aichi, JP), Murata; Masami (Aichi, JP), Sogawa; Takuho (Aichi, JP)
Title: Electrostatic coating spray gun
Patent Number: 7,748,651

Inventors: Amaru; Michael (Reading, MA), Herrera; Gustavo (Cambridge, MA)
Title: Vehicle use portable heads-up display
Patent Number: 10,007,110

Inventors: Ambe; Shekhar (San Jose, CA), Kadambi; Shiri (Los Altos Hills, CA), Relan; Sandeep (Bangalore, IN)
Title: Fast flexible filter processor based architecture for a network device
Patent Number: 7,746,854

Inventors: Amber; John T. (Jupiter, FL), Porter; Stephan S. (West Palm Beach, FL), Powell; Theodore M. (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
Title: Healing components for use in taking impressions and methods for making the same
Patent Number: 8,758,015

Inventors: Ammouri; Fouad (Massy, FR), Boutemy; Florence (Paris, FR), Macron; Jonathan (Paris, FR)
Title: Method for estimating the characteristic parameters of a cryogenic tank, in particular the geometric parameters of the tank
Patent Number: 8,762,079

Inventors: Amon; Michael (Vienna, AT)
Title: Intraocular lens
Patent Number: 10,004,592

Inventors: Amonette; James E. (Richland, WA), Matyas; Josef (Richland, WA)
Title: Nitride-based controlled-release fertilizers and process for making same
Patent Number: 10,005,699

Inventors: Anand; Ajay (Fishkill, NY), Sethuraman; Shriram (Briarcliff Manor, NY), Raju; Balasundar Iyyavu (Chester, NY), Li; Junbo (Eindhoven, NL)
Title: Temperature distribution determining apparatus
Patent Number: 10,004,479

Inventors: Anderson; Blaine A. (Maiden Rock, WI)
Title: Outlet detector system
Patent Number: 8,756,823

Inventors: Anderson; Carl L. (Chicora, PA)
Title: Adaptation of a front winch device on a vehicle to raise a load to the rear of a vehicle
Patent Number: 10,005,647

Inventors: Anderson; Glen J. (Beaverton, OR)
Title: Contextual activation of pharmaceuticals through wearable devices
Patent Number: 10,004,883

Inventors: Anderson; Huey (State Line, MS)
Title: Burglary prevention device and associated use thereof
Patent Number: 8,756,965

Inventors: Anderson; Niall Andrew (Stevenage, GB), Campbell-Crawford; Matthew Howard James (Stevenage, GB), Hancock; Ashley Paul (Stevenage, GB), Lemma; Seble (Stevenage, GB), MacDonald; Simon John Fawcett (Stevenage, GB), Pritchard; John Martin (Stevenage, GB), Procopiou; Panayiotis Alexandrou (Stevenage, GB), Swanson; Stephen (Stevenage, GB)
Title: Compounds alpha v beta 6 integrin antagonists
Patent Number: 10,004,724

Inventors: Anderson; Robb G. (Racine, WI), McCrickard; James P. (Racine, WI), Beck; Thomas L. (Union Grove, WI)
Title: Pneumatic biasing of a linear actuator and implementations thereof
Patent Number: 7,748,308

Inventors: Anderson; Robert G. (Aledo, TX)
Title: Sealed distal end prosthesis insertion bag
Patent Number: 10,004,534

Inventors: Anderson; Robin L. (Winchester, TN), Perholtz; Ronald J. (Jupiter, FL), Hawkins; Dennis (Loxahatchee, FL)
Title: System and method for accessing and operating personal computers remotely
Patent Number: 7,747,702

Inventors: Anderson; Terry L. (Santa Rosa Beach, FL), Berke; Neal S. (Portage, MI)
Title: Processed mineral additive for reducing concrete permeability and increasing strength
Patent Number: 8,758,503

Inventors: Anderson; Timm R. (Minneapolis, MN), Evers; Matthew J. (Buffalo, MN), Loney; Bryce A. C. (Blaine, MN), McConnon; David P. (Big Lake, MN), Madson; Kent A. (Eden Prairie, MN), Pollock; Michael Charles (Bloomington, MN), Temple; Gregg R. (Mendota Heights, MN), Meis; James R. (Stillwater, MN)
Title: Point-of-sale security activation card
Patent Number: 10,007,875

Inventors: Andersson; Mats Rickard (Horby, SE), Ivarson; Peter-Nemo Lorens Fredrik (Enskede, SE)
Title: Kneading device for post-working of a product
Patent Number: 10,004,238

Inventors: Andou; Fumitaka (Hiroshima-ken, JP), Sakamoto; Kiyoshi (Chiba-ken, JP)
Title: Air pressure information display system of vehicle tire
Patent Number: 8,760,279

Inventors: Andrejko; Pamela D. (Cary, NC), Freed; Andrew R. (Cary, NC), Salmon; Richard A. (Apex, NC), Skinner; Charles S. (Cary, NC)
Title: Proactive cognitive analysis for inferring test case dependencies
Patent Number: 10,007,594

Inventors: Angus; Ian Gareth (Mercer Island, WA)
Title: Virtual machines for aircraft network data processing systems
Patent Number: 8,762,990

Inventors: Anisimovich; Konstantin Vladimirovich (Moscow, RU), Indenbom; Evgeny Mihaylovich (Moscow, RU), Novitskiy; Valery Igorevich (Moscow, RU)
Title: Multi-stage recognition of named entities in natural language text based on morphological and semantic features
Patent Number: 10,007,658

Inventors: Annati; Richard E. (Lafayette, IN), Lancaster; Robert C. (Indianapolis, IN), Adair; David R. (Valley Center, CA)
Title: Compressor assembly having a diffuser ring with tabs
Patent Number: 10,006,341

Inventors: Annau; Thomas M. (San Carlos, CA), Lindahl; Gregory B. (Sunnyvale, CA), Makonnen; Samuel (San Francisco, CA), Markson; Michael (San Francisco, CA), Peters; Keith (San Francisco, CA), Saliba; Robert Michael (San Francisco, CA), Sary; Al (Richmond, CA), Skrenta; Rich (San Carlos, CA), Swartz; Dan (Mountain View, CA), Truel; Robert N. (San Carlos, CA), Walters; Timothy (Redwood City, CA)
Title: Display of boosted slashtag results
Patent Number: 10,007,705

Inventors: Ansari; Sadiq Aziz (Mclean, VA)
Title: Dynamic user interface to reduce impact of unwanted calls
Patent Number: 10,009,461

Inventors: Aoyama; Keiichi (Tokyo, JP), Mori; Shigeki (Saitama, JP), Aratani; Shuntaro (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Operation screen controlling method, operation screen controlling program, and display device
Patent Number: 7,746,413

Inventors: Aoyama; Tomonori (Yokohama, JP), Oshiki; Yusuke (Yokohama, JP), Miyano; Kiyotaka (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Patent Number: 8,759,205

Inventors: Arakawa; Hiroshi (Sunnyvale, CA), Kano; Yoshiki (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Backup system with continuous data protection
Patent Number: 7,747,830

Inventors: Arazi; Ilan (Eilat, IL), Frenkel; Levy (D.N Hanegev, IL)
Title: Fluid discharge valve
Patent Number: 10,006,555

Inventors: Archer; Charles Jens (Rochester, MN), Pinnow; Kurt Walter (Rochester, MN), Ratterman; Joseph D. (Rochester, MN), Smith; Brian Edward (Rochester, MN)
Title: Multi-directional fault detection system
Patent Number: 7,747,895

Inventors: Arisaka; Toshihiro (Odawara, JP), Matsuka; Daisuke (Yokohama, JP), Fukuda; Hiroshi (Odawara, JP), Waizumi; Morihiro (Minamiashigara, JP), Kinoshita; Kouichirou (Hadano, JP), Wada; Naoki (Odawara, JP)
Title: Storage device
Patent Number: 8,760,798

Inventors: Aristizabal; Sergio Lopera (Belo Horizonte, BR), Maria Anacleto Luz Junior; Jose (Belo Horizonte, BR), Levermore; Peter (Darmstadt, DE)
Title: Electroluminescent device and manufacturing method thereof
Patent Number: 10,009,976

Inventors: Ariyama; Minoru (Chiba, JP)
Title: Detection device
Patent Number: 10,006,971

Inventors: Armstrong; Brooke Allysoun (Berkeley, CA), Behrens; John Robert (Emeryville, CA), Hadjitarkhani; Abie (San Francisco, CA), Ireland; Alexander Blair (East Norriton, PA), Muller; Stephen John (San Francisco, CA), Narimatsu; Nancy Kiyoko (Brisbane, CA)
Title: Method and system for providing media content over a computer network
Patent Number: 7,747,708

Inventors: Arnal Valero; Adolfo (Zaragoza, ES), Martin Gomez; Damaso (Zaragoza, ES), Pina Gadea; Carmelo (Zaragoza, ES), Torrubia Marco; Demetrio (Zaragoza, ES)
Title: Domestic appliance device
Patent Number: 10,009,962

Inventors: Arndt; Christian (Munich, DE)
Title: Protection circuit and method of protecting a load circuit
Patent Number: 7,746,616

Inventors: Arnone; Miles (Sherborn, MA), Ross; Caitlyn (Watertown, MA)
Title: Sponsored hybrid games
Patent Number: 8,758,122

Inventors: Arnoult, Jr.; Kenneth M. (Fairbanks, AK), Szuberla; Curt A. L. (Fairbanks, AK), Olson; John V. (Fairbanks, AK)
Title: Method and system for conducting near-field source localization
Patent Number: 7,746,225

Inventors: Arquero; Gregg M. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Dow; Eli M. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Hossain; Syed F. (Hopewell Junction, NY), Schaeffer; Joshua (White Plains, NY), Tang; Yunli (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Title: Automated receiver message sentiment analysis, classification and prioritization
Patent Number: 10,007,661

Inventors: Arquilevich; Dan (Portland, OR), Stoumbos; Chris (Vancouver, WA)
Title: Image production using enhanced eye-marks
Patent Number: 7,746,506

Inventors: Arthur; Joseph I. (Palm Bay, FL), Bacs, Jr.; Aron (Orlando, FL)
Title: Retractable wheel assembly
Patent Number: 8,757,643

Inventors: Arvin; Charles L. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Sauter; Wolfgang (Hinesburg, VT), Schuler; Jennifer D. (Wappingers Falls, NY)
Title: Control of silver in C4 metallurgy with plating process
Patent Number: 8,759,210

Inventors: Asada; Kohei (Kanagawa, JP), Itabashi; Tetsunori (Kanagawa, JP), Ohashi; Yoshio (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Reproduction device and reproduction method
Patent Number: 8,761,414

Inventors: Asada; Tadatoshi (Anjo, JP)
Title: Method and apparatus for managing charge/discharge current of on-vehicle battery to control on-vehicle generator in consideration of offset of charge/discharge current
Patent Number: 7,750,602

Inventors: Asahi; Toshiyuki (Hirakata, JP), Karashima; Seiji (Hirakata, JP), Ichiryu; Takashi (Moriguchi, JP), Nakatani; Seiichi (Hirakata, JP), Nishiyama; Tousaku (Nara, JP), Hirano; Koichi (Hirakata, JP), Shibata; Osamu (Nishinomiya, JP), Nakayama; Takeshi (Katano, JP), Saito; Yoshiyuki (Katano, JP)
Title: Method for producing connection member
Patent Number: 7,748,110

Inventors: Ash; Kevin J. (Tucson, AZ), Benhase; Michael T. (Tucson, AZ), Gupta; Lokesh M. (Tucson, AZ), Todd; Kenneth W. (Tucson, AZ)
Title: NVS thresholding for efficient data management
Patent Number: 10,007,600

Inventors: Ashby; Darren C. (Richmond, UT), Dalebout; William T. (North Logan, UT), Watterson; Scott R. (Providence, UT)
Title: Portable physical activity sensing system
Patent Number: 8,758,201

Inventors: Ashkenazi; Avi J. (San Mateo, CA)
Title: Apo-2 receptor polynucleotides
Patent Number: 7,749,755

Inventors: Ashkenazi; Avi J. (San Mateo, CA)
Title: Apo-2 receptor polypeptides
Patent Number: 7,750,118

Inventors: Assouad; Simon (Irvine, CA), Lakhani; Vinod (Laguna Niguel, CA)
Title: Method and system for coupling a laptop or other portable or hand-held device to a docking system using an Ethernet interface
Patent Number: 7,746,629

Inventors: Athanasiadis; Konstantinos (Everton Park, AU)
Title: Water treatment
Patent Number: 8,758,607

Inventors: Athsani; Athellina (San Jose, CA), Churchill; Elizabeth F. (San Francisco, CA), O'Sullivan; Joseph (Oakland, CA)
Title: System and method for content access control
Patent Number: 8,763,087

Inventors: Atif; Mohammed Ameenuddin (Hyderabad, IN), Patnaik; Anup (Hyderabad, IN)
Title: Marketplace seller referrals
Patent Number: 10,007,937

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Title: Hand held appliance
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